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dgr_nickHi, I have received a message that I created an OAuth token consumer on launchpad, but I do not remember that I did so..09:42
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ondrejcjwatson: wow, that's cool! (and kudos to the team that made armhf builds so much faster now)10:12
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ondrejcjwatson: by any chance is there a way how to trigger a new architecture rebuild without having to bump a revision and rebuild for all archs?12:03
cjwatsonondrej: has it already been built for that arch, or does the build record not exist yet?12:15
ondrejcjwatson: nope, it hasn't12:17
ondrejcjwatson: I enabled arm64, and now I need to rebuild some deps for the new arch (arm64); new PHP was just released, so it's just a couple of packages, but generally I had the same problem when I enabled armhf12:18
cjwatsonondrej: right, so it's not obvious, but you can use the "Copy packages" UI for that PPA to copy the packages in question over the top of themselves, selecting "Copy existing binaries"12:19
cjwatsonondrej: that will generally be a no-op but it has the useful side-effect of creating the missing build records12:19
ondrejcjwatson: hmm, I tried some combination of this before, but I probably missed this combination :)12:21
cjwatsonondrej: let me know if it doesn't work and I'll have a more detailed look12:21
ondrejcjwatson: cool! it works :), that's a relief12:22
ondrejcjwatson: one more question about "Change the details" -> how does "Build & publish debug symbols" play with dbgsym packages?12:23
cjwatsonondrej: "Build debug symbols" causes dbgsym packages to be built at all; "Publish debug symbols" causes them to be published on ppa.launchpad.net, not just downloadable from LP13:05
cjwatsonondrej: if dbgsym packages are useful to you then you probably just want to check both, although note that they will count towards the archive quota13:05
rbanffyHi folks. Some time ago I was playing with LP's CSS to make some listings easier do navigate, but I never managed to properly integrate those changes to LP's official CSSs and propose a merge. I'd, however, appreciate input on a Chrome extension I built for playing with that CSS: https://github.com/rbanffy/launchpad_tweaks.13:22
rbanffyIf you want to play, you will need to download the source and use developer mode.13:23
cjwatsonrbanffy: So, it's actually much harder to review a Chrome extension than it would be if you simply pushed more commits to your branch addressing my review comments there.13:23
cjwatsonI'm unlikely to get round to doing anything with a Chrome extension, but I very likely would get round to it if you addressed my review feedback on your branch.13:23
rbanffycjwatson, true, but I couldn't make the other listing (the one you mentioned) look right.13:24
rbanffycjwatson, this allows anyone to test the CSS on top of the live LP site13:24
rbanffyfor my patches I was pasting them on top of the live website using the developer tools within the browser.13:25
cjwatsonOK, but I guess that will have to be somebody else then.  Sorry.13:25
rbanffycjwatson, no problem. I completely understand.13:25
cjwatsonI get that it may be an easier way to develop it, but it's not an easy way to review it. :-/13:26
rbanffycjwatson, once we have a reasonable set of patches (not something that's grafted on top of the live CSS) we can mode on with a proper patch.13:26
rbanffycjwatson, s/mode/move/13:27
cjwatsonrbanffy: I think you said you'd at least addressed some of my comments.  Do you think that you could at least push that subset of changes to your branch?13:28
rbanffycjwatson, certainly.13:46
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