TacoGSIs there a package issue with nginx-core using the generic lubuntu sources? I keep getting depency issues00:19
TacoGSgonna try installing outside of the meta package00:21
wxlTacoGS: specifics would help00:21
TacoGSI am working on that right now00:25
TacoGSI just installed nginx-common and nginx-core manually same issue00:25
wxlwhat issue?00:25
wxlthere we go00:25
TacoGSwas working on the paste when you were saying that :P00:25
wxlis this on 14.04?00:26
TacoGSno, I just downloaded the image an hour ago. It would be 15.1000:27
wxlwhat does systemctl status nginx.service do?00:28
wxlteward: you around? got an nginx issue.00:28
TacoGSgetting that info now00:28
TacoGSno need to get teward something seems fishy00:29
wxlwell, he is the nginx maintainer :)00:29
TacoGSeven though apache2 is not installed, I have a feeling it's dead carcus is still roaming my ram00:29
TacoGShot damn, it is00:29
TacoGSit is probably failing to bind00:29
wxlthere we go00:29
wxlteward: nevermind :)00:30
wxlkill -9 the heck out of apache200:30
TacoGSI looked up apache2 and it was not in the package list, but apparently that was a lie00:31
TacoGSjust like the cake00:31
TacoGSis there no way to prevent apache2 during the install process? I must be missing something00:31
wxlyou might have had an old process running00:32
wxlyou can delete a package that includes a running process and it still may be running00:32
TacoGSlet me see if it still is00:32
TacoGSit was killed with extreme prejudice00:32
wxlyou can try `sudo dpkg --reconfigure nginx`00:34
wxlisn't that right?00:34
wxldpkg --reconfigure -i?00:34
wxldpkg-reconfigure :)00:34
TacoGSnah, I just did the cheap remove and reinstall00:40
wxlthat works too00:40
TacoGSsudo apt-get install chromium00:44
wxlapt can do what apt-get does, btw00:44
wxlsave you those four keystrokes :)00:44
TacoGSI am an old debian man with old tastes :P00:47
TacoGSI tried ubuntu and it was too... how do I say it... supermodel like00:47
TacoGSso lubuntu filled the gap of easy to install and deploy without flashy desktop manager00:48
wxloh, so you didn't think you were good enough for it, TacoGS ? XD00:48
TacoGSno, it was so flashy it made Mardi Gras goers jelous00:48
wxlwell, it's no kde00:49
TacoGSI like Lubuntu for that00:49
TacoGSit's no KDE00:49
wxlme too.00:50
wxlyou try lxqt yet?00:50
TacoGSnope, probably not00:50
TacoGSis that a heavy Qt based environment?00:51
wxlthere's no metapackage yet, but there's instructions on the lubuntu wiki on how to try it out in xenial00:51
wxlqt but not heavy00:51
wxlno kde garbage00:51
TacoGSkde would be nice on a desktop I don't use for primary production, but in a VM it is a waste of resources00:51
* wxl shrugs00:51
wxli use it at work because that's our standard desktop but it's got a lot of cruft i'll NEVER use00:52
wxllxde(qt or not) is just right.00:52
TacoGSyeah, that is why I primarily make lubuntu VMs00:52
TacoGSand my dedicated server computer is Lubuntu00:53
krytarik!info lxqt xenial | wxl01:16
ubottuwxl: lxqt (source: lxqt-metapackages): Metapackage for LXQt. In component universe, is optional. Version 4 (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 9 kB01:16
wxltsimonq2: ^^ time to test out lxqt (the metapackage!) in xenial01:17
tsimonq2wxl: I'm keeping this machine stable :P01:32
TacoGStry a virtual machine01:32
TacoGSit can die a thousand deaths and not harm your main system (we hope!(tm))01:32
tsimonq2TacoGS: not on a machine capable of that until the weekend :)01:33
tsimonq2TacoGS: I would if I could, and I thought of it ;)01:33
TacoGSmy new machine is hopefully going to be an E5 v4 processor that can host enough VMs to virtual test things away from each other01:33
tsimonq2yeah this has an 11 year old pentium in it with 3 gigs of RAM running Lubuntu, I don't expect much if it :)01:34
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alex10791hey guys, I am working with cache timing attacks for may MSc Thesis and I need to allocate huge pages. I have been trying but didn't manage to, can anyone point me to the right direction?13:00
alex10791I forgot to mention that I'm using lubuntu and thats why I'm asking here :)13:02
phil42you could try ##kernel or ##linux13:11
phil42or another irc network13:12
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james1138Hello all. Question from here in Indiana. I am looking for "speed tweaks" to make Lubuntu 14.0.4 snappier. Beside removing Apt-xapian-index and installing preload... anyone has any thoughts or suggestions?15:46
geniijames1138: You can put a one-time boot option of: profile   which will try to optimize how things get loaded during boot.15:53
james1138Is there a "global animation" turn-off tweak?15:55
james1138I managed to dump icons and use text only on about 90% of my menus.15:57
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rem505I tried to save a file and a list of about 6 things came up.  So I clicked the one I wanted, then it said 'can't open file to write' how do I save the file?16:10
rem505it is an existing file i edited16:10
rem505this is the first file I have ever tried to save16:11
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ethan42mhi I need to burn an iso file to usb stick   which software should I install????23:18
geniiethan42m: Is it an install iso for some *buntu?23:19
ethan42mit is other iso23:19
geniiIf it is a hybrid iso can just dd it over. What does the command: file   say about it?23:20
geniiLike: file isoname.iso23:20
ethan42mI dont know to use dd23:21
ethan42mis there any software?23:21
geniiThe dd command would be very simple. Like: sudo dd if=isofile.iso of=/dev/sdx23:22
geniiethan42m: Is it bootable?23:22
genii( if so then it's another issue of how to convert the booting from off the cd/dvd to off the usb )23:23
geniiIf not bootable, just loopmount it and copy the files over23:23
* genii wanders back to work23:24
ethan42mthe usb should be bootable yes23:24
ethan42mI have the iso file and wish to burn it to usb  as if  I had DVD23:25
ethan42mis there any software in lubuntu for this ?23:26
geniiethan42m: We need to see the result of that command, so we know what kind of booting it is doing normally. So the: file whatever-the-iso-name-is.iso   ...before continuing23:26
geniiBecause you can't just normally copy an iso file onto a usb when it is bootable without tinkering or using the correct application23:27
genii..but what application would depend on how it's booting now23:27
ethan42mwell the file inside the iso is not for linux, I just want to burn it and use it in another os23:28
ethan42mbut I want to burn it  when I am in linux23:29
geniiYes, I understood that..like 10 minutes ago.23:32
geniiIt's difficult to point you in the right direction without an understanding of what kind of iso image it is.23:32
ethan42mI installed multibootusb, is it good for this work?23:33
ethan42mit is bootable image23:34
* genii gets tired of going in circles and wanders off to help someone else23:34
ethan42mwell multibootusb cannot accept this iso23:39
ethan42many other iso to usb software?  it is a similar to Unetbootin23:39
ethan42mbut unetbootin cannot work in debian23:40
ethan42mwxl thanks23:40
ethan42mok it started writing23:52
ethan42mhope it works23:53

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