nik90ahayzen, u freaking genius! I finally got all clock AP tests passing...00:00
* nik90 sighs a relief00:00
ahayzennik90, OMG awesome man :-)00:00
ahayzennik90, is that on jenkins though ? :')00:01
nik90ahayzen, erm no..just locally..I still need to flake and pep8 tests00:01
nik90there was a command to check that?00:01
ahayzenah cool, and if you have location allow/deny then...00:01
nik90pyflake if I remember00:01
ahayzeni usually use $ pep8 . and $ pyflakes .00:02
ahayzenbut there is $ flake8 .00:02
ahayzenas well00:02
nik90ahayzen, I am pretty sure we resolved the location issue at some point...let's see what happens.00:02
ahayzennik90, if you need the py3 version do $ python3 -m flake8 .00:02
nik90need to clean up the AP test file now that everything is passing and propose MP00:02
nik90hmm not sure if we converted to python300:03
ahayzennik90, i just wanna migrate as much as possible of ours to QUnit and then rewrite the test part of ours00:03
nik90ahayzen, so you're to use QUnit for both unit and feature testing?00:04
nik90or use both AP and QML tests?00:04
ahayzennik90, it'll usually pass for py2 as well, just depends if you have some py3 specific syntax that fails in py2 :-)00:04
ahayzennik90, QUnit for *as much as possible* :-) and then AP for probably more 'user stories' i would think00:04
nik90ahayzen, that's the way to go..keep user stories in AP if possible.00:04
ahayzenso really for us, we wouldn't remove many AP tests00:05
ahayzenbut add loads of QUnit00:05
ahayzenhowever for weather... alot could be QUnit i think00:05
nik90here's thomi's post about test coverage, http://www.tech-foo.net/on-test-levels-and-coverage.html00:05
ahayzenah cool thanks :-)00:06
nik90ahayzen, btw for weather, I migrated some of the pages to UC 1.3, thereby fixing the Silo 50 issues it had00:06
nik90still some work left for it.00:06
ahayzennik90, awesome, i saw the MP, on my list to review :-)00:06
nik90ahayzen, btw how did you come to know about the trigger_leading_action() AP functions? Are there any docs on SDK helpers?00:07
ahayzennik90, you talking of thomi reminded me, you ever seen his talk on Connascence ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwADIlIgDNA http://connascence.io/00:07
nik90ahayzen, I haven't...will check it out00:08
ahayzennik90, https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/autopilot/python/1.5.0/ubuntuuitoolkit/#ubuntuuitoolkit.UCListItem.trigger_trailing_action00:08
ahayzenthe SDK helpers from the docs :-)00:08
nik90cool thnx00:09
ahayzenAP is much easier now with all the helpers :-)00:10
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nik90ahayzen, Do you happen to know how to use the SDK helpers for the new PageHeader? With UC 1.3 every page can potentially create its own PageHeader which is what we did with clock app. I am having trouble getting a reference to that PageHeader.00:54
nik90I have a class for say WorldCityPage(Page)00:54
nik90in that how do I grab its PageHeader?00:54
nik90I can no longer do self.main_view.get_header() because it is not mainview's header.00:55
nik90looking at autopilot3 vis, I only see "PageHeader" objects and not AppHeader which is referenced in the SDK Helper docs00:55
ahayzeni haven't tried it yet, still trying to get the PageHeader to act how i want :')00:55
ahayzenbut i guess do a select_single of the header then apply as normal...but maybe not00:56
ahayzennik90, maybe talk to Tim, he may know if there are helpers00:56
ahayzennik90, otherwise, put objectName's on things and then see if it can find them00:56
nik90will ask him tomorrow00:56
nik90well for now I did just used UCAbstractButton to click the header buttons00:57
nik90but I wanted to try the SDK helpers for this.00:57
ahayzennik90, i'll be interested in the response, so could you relay to me if you find out :-)00:57
ahayzenah cool00:57
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nik90JMulholland, ping10:10
nik90faenil, I tried cpulimit -l 1 qmlscene, however I am unable to link the c++ libraries that clock needs so it just fails there10:44
faenilnik90: more details10:44
nik90that said that listview has atmost 4 items..should it really slow down on a less performant hardware ;) ?10:44
nik90usually I run clock app as, qmlscene app/ubuntu-clock-app.qml -I builddir/backend/10:45
nik90however when I do cpulimit -l 1 qmlscene, it allow me to only choose the qml file and not the backend10:45
faenilif it's asking for the qml file then it means it's not receiving the parameters10:46
nik90I couldn't pass the qmlfile and backend as arguments in the cpulimit command.10:47
nik90it only allow passing the processid, path to executable etc.10:47
nik90I don't have a clock-app executable to run10:47
faenilnik90: are you sure the path to the qml is correct? it works fine here10:48
faenilnik90: otherwise, just try "cpulimit -l 1 -- <qmlblabla>"10:49
nik90ah you added "--"10:49
* nik90 tried10:49
* nik90 tries*10:49
nik90ok that works10:50
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faenil:) good10:50
faenilnik90: more on the "--" here, if you're interested http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/what-does-double-dash-mean-in-ssh-command/10:54
nik90faenil, With 1% CPU, the listitem expands, the height slowly increases to match the required height10:55
nik90Did you notice it failing to bind at 1% CPU?10:55
faenilnik90: I didn't test your branch, I just reviewed the code and suggested to check places where it could fail :)10:55
nik90as in never able to reproduce the scenario where the listview has loaded, but the height is not set to its requirements.10:55
nik90Ok, I will then comment on the MP10:56
faenilmy worry was more about expansion.height changes not being reflected in the actualy ListItem logic, but it seems it's working as it should. I just wanted you to doublecheck ;)10:56
faenilinstead of suggesting something that would have broken on phones :D10:57
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balloonspopey, are you able to build the calendar app from the SDK?16:28
popeydunno, I am on 14.04 so the sdk is dead to me16:28
balloonsI realize it is just qml, but opening the cmakelists file doesn't get me a project I can do anything with16:28
popeyI only ever build using click-buddy16:29
dholbachjdstrand, popey just asked me to review com.ubuntu.clock_3.7.456_armhf.click and I'm seeing http://paste.ubuntu.com/15274605/16:56
dholbachpopey, clock moved from multi to armhf?16:56
dholbachso that's intentional?16:56
popeySorry, should I have warned someone? I apologise.16:57
dholbachjdstrand, can you maybe help popey with this review as I'm not quite sure how to respond16:57
popeyDidn't think it would impact anything16:57
dholbachand I need to run in a few16:57
dholbachpopey, so it was armhf+amd64 before?16:57
popeyall 316:57
dholbach(not sure if we have amd64 users of clock already)16:57
dholbachjdstrand, the click-review explodes in the same way for the current version in the store as well16:58
dholbachall rightie... I need to run - see you all tomorrow!16:59
dholbachsorry popey for not being more helpful17:00
popeyno prolemo!17:00
nik90balloons, hey, yes I can open calendar-app on 14.04 in qtc using cmakelist.txt17:03
nik90popey, can you push clock app to the store when're you free (added bonus of screenshots if possible)17:07
popeynik90: i have already, but it's failing click-review, dholbach asked jdstrand to look at it17:08
nik90balloons, I got a gift for you..fixed all clock app AP tests to PASS. Also added 3 stopwatch tests..and in the process of adding 3-4 settings tests.17:09
nik90popey, ah ok.17:09
balloonsnik90, you did? Awesome! Did you make a helper for the bottomedge?17:09
balloonsnik90, are the new tests AP or qml?17:09
nik90balloons, no, I saw that bottomedge hint turned out in autopilot vis as a nice rectangle that you can swipe up, so it was easy to reuse code where possible.17:10
nik90balloons, AP17:10
nik90I was in the process of fixing the AP tests in trunk, when everything just clicked and went well..so added few additional tests17:11
nik90all feature tests17:11
nik90balloons, does jenkins run the clock-app AP tests?17:11
balloonsnik90, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Jenkins#Workflow17:12
balloonsrev. 3 or so. We're now working on running post merge, but on every merge17:12
balloonsI think this may end up as the final state17:13
nik90hmm so it runs the AP test post-merge. Where do I see the test-results?17:13
nik90Does it post it in the MP still?17:14
balloonsI haven't created the jobs yet. No it doesn't post to the MP the results of AP anymore. I've removed the AP job calls from all the ci jobs.17:14
balloonsif you need to see the results for your branch, we can just kick off a job17:15
nik90yup was just looking at it.17:15
balloonsthat will get you a build and AP test run you can look at17:15
nik90let me try it myself and see if I get it right17:16
balloonsindeed, go for it17:16
nik90job #91 kicked off..17:18
nik90balloons, hmm #91 didnt run AP tests..do I have to explicitly ensure that the job name ends with "run-ap-tests-*" to ensure it runs AP?17:23
nik90it commented in the MP as expected.17:23
balloonsnik90, what do you mean?17:33
balloonsthis? https://core-apps-jenkins.ubuntu.com/job/clock-app-ci/91/17:33
balloonsyes, notice the downstream projects doesn't include the run-ap-tests job anymore :-)17:33
balloonsbuild with this: https://core-apps-jenkins.ubuntu.com/view/Release/job/release-build-test/17:33
balloonsit's generic for any branch17:34
balloonsit won't leave a comment on the mp, and you'll have to view the job yourself17:34
balloonsnik90, so it's running now: https://core-apps-jenkins.ubuntu.com/view/Release/job/run-ap-tests-release/7/console17:37
nik90balloons, erm I started #5 for that17:37
balloonsit is your run.. I didn't start it17:38
nik90balloons, that said, how do I get to the release-build-test page from core-app-jenkins.com?17:38
balloonsI guess we can point anyone at the job, unless you'd like something else to build your branches more easily17:39
balloonsthe only annoying bit is having to have two jobs to do a run, because we can't build the clicks on the device17:40
nik90from https://core-apps-jenkins.ubuntu.com/view/Release/ what do I click? I tried the sidebar links like "New Item"17:40
balloonsnik90, ohh.. You click release-build-test, then 'build with parameters'17:41
nik90ah found it17:41
balloonssounds like building this is not as easy as I thought17:42
balloonsso feel free to give comments on what you'd like to see and we can discuss, then document17:42
balloonsnik90, if you want to re-test now, assuming you don't change the app itself, you can simply rebuild https://core-apps-jenkins.ubuntu.com/view/Release/job/run-ap-tests-release/7/17:44
balloonsdoes that make sense?17:44
balloonsaka, commit changes, push them to your branch, re-run17:44
nik90yup makes sense17:44
nik90already notice it failing on krillin...bah :/17:45
nik90balloons, just checkout the autopilot.subunit file with trv, 5 out of 8 tests are failing. The alarm tests are failing because the keyboard doesn't popup. Surely that's a system-bug?18:00
balloonsnik90, it is18:01
balloonsi don't know the bug offhand sadly18:01
balloonsbut it18:01
balloonsit's filed18:01
nik90it says KeyboardContainer.activeKeypadState failed:'Shifted' != dbus.String('Normal', variant_level=1)18:01
nik90balloons, well the tests pass locally for me...no flaky ones.18:02
nik90so I'm happy with that.18:02
nik90I will run my own AP tests when I review other people's branches to ensure this doesn't fail.18:02
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Guest99940hi. first attempt to create a scope by following the tutorial. when i run it I get an error saying "This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "xcb".  Reinstalling the application may fix this problem. The program has unexpectedly finished. /usr/ubuntu-sdk-ide/share/qtcreator/ubuntu/scripts/qtc_desktop_scoperunner.py crashed"18:11
Guest99940how do i add xcb?18:12
Guest99940sudo apt-get install xcb says it is already installed18:15
dobeyGuest99940: running it with unity-scope-tool?18:19
Guest99940hmm, not sure. i clcked the green play button in qt creator18:20
Guest99940i am totally new to this so i may be missing something very obvious.18:21
Guest99940@dobey no i am not running unity-scope-tool.18:28
Guest99940its working now.18:29
Guest99940i dont know if it was connected but a software update 7MB was waiting. updated it. restarted qt creator. it works18:30
Guest99940not sure what i did though. anyway. thanks.18:30
peter-bittnerI'm having trouble identifying the correct policy_groups for my webapp. It should allow WebRTC in oxide, so audio and video (i.e. camera access).19:28
peter-bittnerAccording to [1] it should be "camera", but `click-review` complains.19:33
peter-bittner[1] https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/platform/guides/app-confinement/#Usage-119:33
jdstrandpopey: fyi, com.ubuntu.clock_3.7.456_armhf.click review looks fine21:04
jdstrandpopey: as in no tracebacks21:05
jdstrandpopey: both review tools 0.38 and trunk are working correctly. I think maybe the store was in a bad spot-- it just got updated a few hours ago21:05
popeyjdstrand: would you mind reviewing it in the store so I can publish it please?21:06
jdstrandpopey: yes, locally, but the store looks fine too: https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/121/rev/37/21:06
popeyah i see21:06
jdstrandpopey: has this always used the calendar?21:07
jdstrandit looks like it21:09
* jdstrand approves21:09
peter-bittnerI'm having problems with policy_groups with a web app I'm trying to submit. I can't take the click-review on my local machine as a reference, because it complained on version 0.1 of my package while this passed the review online.21:11
nik90ahayzen, did you by chance happen to move the Slider{} in your music=app AP tests?21:13
ahayzennik90, hmm, we definitely used to21:13
ahayzenjust a simple calc on the width then click at that x,y21:13
peter-bittnerI need additional policy_groups for the web app in order to allow access to the camera and microphone. I added that according to [1], but unfortunately the review failed after submission of version 0.2 [2].21:13
peter-bittner[1] https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/platform/guides/app-confinement/#Usage-121:14
peter-bittner[2] https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/4646/rev/2/21:14
ahayzenbut now IIRC we just do something like .position.wait_for(5000) or something21:14
ahayzenhowever i think we even managed to remove those21:14
nik90ahayzen, yup makes sense21:14
ahayzennik90, but doing a click is pretty simple if that is what you need21:14
peter-bittnerThe failing review points are:21:15
peter-bittner"found unusual policy groups: connectivity, camera, microphone security_policy_groups_webapp (appear-in.apparmor)"21:15
ahayzenjust get the vertical centre, and then calc the x position21:15
nik90ahayzen, well even I do the click, I wouldn't be to verify that the alarm volume is a certain value.21:15
nik90maybe this is a better candidate for QML tests21:16
ahayzennik90, you'd be able to verify the slider was correct...and the backend that that is setting is of the correct value21:16
ahayzenyeah, i was about to say that ;-)21:16
popeynik90: clock published21:18
nik90popey, woohoo..thnx21:19
popeyOoh! Need new screenshots!21:19
nik90wow clock only 456 kb...21:19
popeythats the bzr rev :)21:20
peter-bittnerAnyone know more about the policy_groups? The latest policy_version is 1.3, correct?21:53
nik90peter-bittner, yes 1.3 is latest21:53
peter-bittnerAnd the policy_groups listed on [1] are the ones matching version 1.3?21:54
peter-bittner[1] https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/platform/guides/app-confinement/#Usage-121:54
peter-bittnerIf yes, why is the review of my app failing with "found unusual policy groups: connectivity, camera, microphone security_policy_groups_webapp (appear-in.apparmor)"?21:57
nik90peter-bittner, I am not familiar with the last policy group (webapp) since I only work on native apps.21:59
nik90Perhaps it is best to look at an existing web-app to see how they do things21:59
nik90search https://uappexplorer.com/ for good webapps and look at their source code. Most are open-source22:00
peter-bittnerI have a bunch of web apps, but it's the first time I need to access camera and microphone (because oxide didn't support it half a year ago).22:00
peter-bittnerCan't wait to be told this is a restriction of web apps. As designed in 2014.  *nirg*  :-/22:03
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jdstrandpeter-bittner: please submit it. it will trigger a manual review and I'll get pinged. I'll talk to the oxide devs about it. they are offline now22:05
peter-bittnerDone. It's submitted. https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/4646/rev/2/22:06
peter-bittnerjdstrand: Do you have access to my app review / submission=22:07
jdstrandI've added it to me todo to talk to them tomorrow22:08
peter-bittnerIt was "automatically rejected".22:08
peter-bittnerThank you.22:08
jdstrandpeter-bittner: can you click the 'request manual review' button?22:08
peter-bittnerDone. Now the red button is gone.22:09
peter-bittnerjdstrand. Do you happen to know whether it's possible to control which camera is used by the web app (by default)?22:10
jdstrandpeter-bittner: I don't. oSoMoN might22:10
jdstrandhe is one of the people that are eod that I was going to talk to though22:11
peter-bittneroSoMoN = ?22:11
peter-bittnerAh, okay.22:11
peter-bittnerI'm asking because in the web app there will be no way to access the browser settings menu. Only there you can switch between the rear and the front camera.22:12

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