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zzarrhello! can I run apt on Ubuntu snappy core on a Dragonboard?08:18
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ogra_zzarr, nope ... there is a "classic dimension" that allows running apt in a container, but this is yet broken on arm64 ( this is bug 1543764 )10:46
* ogra_ wonders where the bot is 10:46
ogra_bug 154376410:46
ogra_zzarr, until that works, downlad and scp the arm64 core tarball from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-core/daily/current/ ... unpack it in /home/ubuntu and copy /etc/resolv.conf into place, then you can chroot10:49
ogra_(btw ... there is #snappy that is better suited for such questions)10:50
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zzarrthanks ogra11:37
zzarrI have my Dragonboard now :-)11:38
zzarrogra_, how does Ubuntu behave on the Dragonboard? like a desktop (one partition rw or lika a phone, many partitions, one system partition ro)11:40
zzarr(if I install the official vivid image)11:40
ogra_vivid ?11:41
ogra_there is no official vivid image11:41
ogra_all we have is a xenial snappy image11:41
zzarrI meant core11:41
ogra_(for which we should really go to #snappy)11:41
zzarrUbuntu core image11:41
ogra_there is no such thing, only a snappy image in beta status11:42
zzarrI remember wrong then?11:43
zzarrwell I just want an working X11 (or Mir, but Mir is broken at the moment)11:43

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