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Mirvubuntu-qa: please prioritize ticket 1021 (unity8) because it's needed to land first before we can put silo 50 (UITK + Unity 8) into the queue05:28
Mirvubuntu-qa: or you can actually choose - 050 was already tested earlier, so maybe it makes sense to retest it first (will be in queue soon) and pass it and then on to 102105:30
* Mirv gets coffee05:30
Mirvhmm, with the autopkgtests queue being over 1000 per architecture, there might be plenty of time to review 1021 first05:35
jibelMirv, 1021 is next in the queue07:55
Mirvjibel: thanks08:15
Mirvjibel: davmor2: FYI 1068 also in queue fixes the GPS issue I had, yay for debugging \o/08:16
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morphissil2100: how far are we with your android packages?10:31
sil2100morphis: let me check10:37
sil2100morphis: oh! It's approved10:38
sil2100Let me publish10:38
morphissil2100: great10:41
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nik90rvr, hey, how's clock-app testing going? Any blockers?12:12
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rvrnik90: No blocker so far, I'm finishing with the test plan and then I am checking the changes14:08
davmor2sil2100: jibel: was the meeting cancelled and I didn't get the notification?16:34
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rvrnik90: popey: clock-app-roved16:49
popeythanks rvr16:49
* popey uploads to the store16:51
nik90rvr, thnx17:04
dbarth_hey there, i don't know if there is a way to unblock or speed up some autopkg tests on xenial17:27
dbarth_i have silo 36 blocked on xenial tests https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/923 and that further blocks building and landing silo 7717:28
dbarth_both having bug fixes for ota-1017:28
dbarth_knowing that tests pass on vivid at least, is there a way to bypass some of that and be on time?17:28
dbarth_rvr: can you advise on whether i need rebuild this silo that you just approved https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/893 ?17:41
dbarth_i admit being a bit lost with the exact status at this stage17:41
rvrdbarth_: You should ask robru or sil2100 for details17:43
rvrdbarth_: But it says it needs rebuild17:43
robrudbarth_: yes, as it says, calendar app has new commits that have not been built.17:43
* sil2100 has serious connectivity issues in his new home17:44
robrudbarth_: regarding your other question about autopkgtests, just ask qa to be added to the queue.17:46
dbarth_robru: ok, i'm rebuilding17:50
dbarth_and rvr ^^can you had the silo (36) to the queue meanwhile please?17:51
rvrdbarth_: Ok17:51
dbarth_great, thank you; if that one can land, then 77 has the nicer fixes (and UI polish) that i'd like to line up asap17:52
dbarth_knowing that 36 fixes the oxide dep. chain on ppc64 and al architectures, which will let 77 go without raising all of the test alarms again17:53
abeatosil2100, hey, I have a new device tarball in http://people.canonical.com/~abeato/avila/ubuntu/ for frieza, would it be possible to generate a new rc image (should be rc#4, bq-aquaris-pd)17:54
rvrMirv: ping18:02
kenvandinedobey, uh oh... silo 41 had mostly landed and now it needs a rebuild :/19:38
kenvandinei need to get that settings branch merged so i can build silo 6919:38
dobeykenvandine: eh?19:39
kenvandinedobey, it claims new trust-store commits19:39
dobeykenvandine: it lies19:39
kenvandinethe trust-store branches show that they were merged19:40
dobeyugh, why was the system-settings branch not merged19:41
kenvandinerobru, ^^19:41
kenvandinethat's the one i need merged19:42
kenvandinerobru, thx19:42
kenvandinealso interesting that it doesn't show as landed19:42
dobeythe ubuntu-push one isn't merged yet either19:42
robru2016-03-03 19:33:10,506 INFO Disputed revision-id: ci-train-bot@canonical.com-20160303184919-t8cxc67bld0btm9o19:42
robru2016-03-03 19:33:10,509 ERROR New commits: https://code.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/trust-store/trunk19:42
robrukenvandine: dobey: looks like a different silo landed an hour ago19:43
kenvandinerobru, but itt mergeed the trust-store branches all merged in this landing19:43
dobeywhat different silo?19:43
robruI dunno, it's just seeing a new commit on trunk it doesn't recognize19:43
kenvandinerobru, shouldn't it have complained before merging the trust-store branches into trunk?19:44
dobeyonly new things on trunk are what it put there19:44
kenvandinemaybe the train had a hicup19:44
robrunot sure19:44
robrukenvandine: try force-merging the silo? it does appear it's all merged, just confused.19:45
kenvandinerobru, this landing merged 3 branches into trust-store trunk19:45
dobeyCommitting to: /var/lib/jenkins/silos/ubuntu/landing-041/xenial/ubuntu-system-settings/ubuntu-system-settings/19:47
dobeybzr: ERROR: No changes to commit. Please 'bzr add' the files you want to commit, or use --unchanged to force an empty commit.19:47
robrudobey: it merged already, so there's nothing left to merge again. that's fine19:48
kenvandineoh man... robru ^^19:48
kenvandinerobru, no it didn't19:48
robrukenvandine: somebody removed the train bot from some critical team recently and it broke a bunch of bot powers. just add ci-train-bot to whatever team owns lp:ubuntu-push, run it agian, and it'll be fine19:49
kenvandinerobru, will it merged that settings branch?19:49
kenvandineit looked like it ignored it before it blew up19:49
dobeykenvandine: i guess it blew up and didn't get to pushing system-settings19:50
robrukenvandine: everything looks totally fine to me. just needs permission to push to the trunk.19:50
kenvandineChipaca, ^^19:50
kenvandinewe need Chipaca to add the bot19:51
dobeyoh fml19:52
robruChipaca: probably a good idea if you aren't the only admin of ~ubuntu-push-hackers, please add ~ci-train-bot to the team19:52
dobeysomehow my team membership got dropped there too19:52
robrudobey: you, like the bot, probably only had indirect membership through some other team. I haven't been able to pinpoint the issue but somebody did a pretty major team reshuffle recently and the bot lost permissions to a few branches at least19:53
dobeyhmm, i guess this might be a result of the "team cleanup" that beuno did in february or january19:53
robrusounds like it19:53
dobeyrobru: yeah, beuno did some stuff with the ~ubuntuone* teams19:53
robrukenvandine: anyway if you're in a hurry, and you happen to have team membership, you can push to the trunks yourself by branching the relevant branches from https://code.launchpad.net/~ci-train-bot19:56
kenvandinecool, i'll do that for settings19:56
kenvandinei can't do that for push19:56
dobeyyeah i can't either since my membership also got dropped :(19:57
Mirvrvr: pong20:03
rvrMirv: Can you tell me how did you test this? https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/location-service/do-not-rely-on-obsolete-satellite-based-positioning-state/+merge/28779020:13
Mirvrvr: ok, let me write it up there20:14
Mirvrvr: done20:17
Mirvrvr: so the start situation is as described, which apparently might be the case for many users including me. so if you have it On, change it to Off with a text editor and reboot and verify you have non-accurate GPS (not real GPS signal)20:18
Mirvrvr: the setting in question was removed from UI or something, and what the silo does is that it does not disable real GPS even if the setting would be Off, ie it starts ignoring it since there is (some) other logic in place and the setting is not needed anymore20:18
rvrMirv: Ahh, I see. Thanks.20:19
Mirvyou may have other means to verify accurate/non-accurate location, but I used that example client application. after it was working it was very obvious also otherwise since I had actually moving dot in eg uNav when walking20:20
* rvr reflashes to check original state of /var/lib/ubuntu-location-service/config.ini20:20
Mirvrvr: if it's On by default, then you'd need to simulate this which apparently may be the case for old OTA users who have upgraded20:20
Mirvand I mean Engine::SatelliteBasedPositioningState=SatelliteBasedPositioningState::off is what I had there20:28
dobeyrobru: uhm, where is the ci-train-bot for ubuntu-push in landing-041?20:32
dobeyi can't seem to find it20:32
rvrMirv: There is no file there20:33
robrudobey: you mean the branch?20:34
dobeyrobru: yeah20:34
rvrMirv: /etc/init/ubuntu-location-service.conf20:34
robrudobey: https://code.launchpad.net/~ci-train-bot/ubuntu-push/ubuntu-push-ubuntu-xenial-landing-04120:36
robrudobey: shows up if you select 'any status' as the status is no longer active20:37
dobeyrobru: why is the status set to abandoned?!20:37
robrui dunno man jeez20:37
robrudobey: maybe there was a previous silo that was abandoned? I guess it doesn't set the status back to 'development' when it pushes new commits to it20:40
dobeyi don't think it was abandoned20:40
dobeyit's just been sitting there for 2.5 months20:41
robrudobey: well, somehow, at some point, somebody called Merge.abandon_phase(), and not necessarily on the same request. it could be the previous request was also in the same PPA but was abandoned.20:42
dobeyrobru: i don't recall ever abandoning the request and making a new one20:45
dobeykenvandine, robru: can we run the merge again on https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/780 ? i found someone to push the ubuntu-push changes up, so it should be ok now i think?21:14
robrudobey: kenvandine: on it21:15
robruugh it still needs the permission21:18
robrudobey: if you get *all* the branches merged yourself we can just abandon the silo21:18
dobeyoh, it still wants to push there anyway, i guess21:19
robruor I guess if we drop push from the request then it'll merge the other ones ok21:19
dobeywell i guess kenvandine pushed the u-s-s branch, and the push branch is pushed now21:20
dobeyso i guess they're all merged21:20
robrudobey: i'll drop push from the silo then it should work21:20
dobeyso whichever you think is best, feel free to do, i guess :)21:20
robrudobey: well it'll look better if it says 'Landed' rather than 'Abandoned' given that it is actually landed.21:21
robruok I'm off for luncj21:24
dobeythe bot getting removed from lots of teams is freaking annoying :)21:24
robruyeah whoever did that needs a smack21:24
dobeye. honda smack21:25
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