pilnei'll be back to gnome soon... i got a wild hair up my ass to try mate and i'm about to punch myself in the face00:15
pilnejust thought I'd share a laugh00:15
berglhdarkxst: i know this is kind of out of the scope of ubuntu-gnome, if i want to try a kernel patch for ubuntu gnome, do i just clone the ubutnu linux kernel git repo, patch the driver file and then build the deb (somehow)?03:04
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ricotzdarkxst, hi08:27
darkxstricotz, hey08:27
ricotzdarkxst, I am starting to play around with HiDPI08:27
darkxstdoes it work? I still dont have hidpi hardware08:27
ricotzwhile the ubuntu-gnome plymouth theme doesnt support it and also don't use the hacky solution of ubuntu ..08:28
ricotzI did this https://launchpad.net/~ricotz/+archive/ubuntu/staging/+sourcepub/6167873/+listing-archive-extra08:28
ricotzwhich surprisingly works ;)08:28
darkxstricotz, yeh we don't have the 2x themes yet08:28
darkxstby hacky I guess you mean the 2-scale08:29
ricotzdarkxst, it kind of works, but I have trouble with other hardware issues due missing proper skylake support08:29
ricotzdarkxst, yeah, that is what i mean08:29
darkxstright sjylake really needs 4.5?08:29
ricotzmore like 4.608:29
ricotzbut ubuntu's 4.4 will get the 4.6 intel stack08:30
darkxstha ok, sometime in the future ;)08:30
ricotzno already since 4.4.0-9.x08:30
ricotzaka i915_bpo08:31
ricotzanyway, I guess due the lack of hidpi on your side you havent pushed getting proper support to someones attention yet08:32
darkxstricotz, file a bug ;) and yes, hopefully I can get a new laptop soon though08:33
darkxstthough I do wonder why those patches never landed?08:35
ricotzI assume just the lack of time and testing08:35
ricotzwould be nice to have them pushed and getting a new plymouth release08:36
ricotz(with soname bump)08:36
darkxstricotz, yes, I am aware that the Ubuntu plymouth dealt with hidpi at the them level08:36
darkxstI don't about know getting a transition through this late in the cycle08:38
darkxstbut guess I could chat with halfline about pushing for an upstream release08:39
ricotzthat would be great08:39
darkxstricotz, you do realise rstrode is halfline on IRC ?08:42
darkxst(just looking the the gnome-hackers backlog)08:42
ricotzoh :\08:42
ricotzhe is08:42
darkxstnot sure he would actually be around right now, but he should respond later08:49
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darkxstricotz, I think he is west coast US, business hours...08:52
darkxstthough I often get confused by timezones ;)08:53
ricotzdarkxst, alright, let's wait08:53
darkxstricotz, what laptop did you get?08:55
darkxst(assuming its a laptop!)08:55
darkxstmy trusty thinkpad T400 is well past its time!08:56
darkxstnot sure I trust the lenovo inspired thinkpads now...08:58
ricotzI have a HP 2540p which is getting replaced by a XPS1308:59
ricotzso it will still take some time for mesa and kernel to catch up with proper support09:02
darkxstskylake does seem to have been slower than past generations in gaining mainline support09:04
ricotznot sure, I have missed some generations in between ;)09:08
* darkxst also but in general intel have been 6months ahead of hardware release09:09
ricotzyeah, but there are still newer skylake revisions coming out which need their little tweaks09:10
ricotzbefore kabylake hits the floor09:10
darkxstcertainly sandy bridge, ivy bridge, broadwell and haswell all had pretty good release day support09:11
ricotzso hoping those current issue will get fixed soon :)09:16
darkxstshould do!09:25
darkxstthough I don't have any leverage with the upstream intel guyss09:26
ricotzdarkxst, fyi the plymouth hidpi patches got pushed20:08
ricotzand of course mutter 3.18.3 and gnome-shell 3.18.420:09

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