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tseliotrtg: hi, I recovered all the commits from my original branch but now master-next fails to build (not my fault). Shall I base my branche on master?12:10
rtgdepends on what is failing to compile I guess. Is it in your pile or mine ?12:11
tseliotrtg: drivers/scsi/qla2xxx/tcm_qla2xxx.c:466:12: error: 'TARGET_SCF_USE_CPUID' undeclared (first use in this function)12:11
tseliotthat's not mine12:11
rtgtseliot, ok, thats mine. base on master-next and I'll figure it out.12:11
apwman i really wanted that pile to get its own upload12:12
tseliotrtg: ok, but I'm going to use master for testing, just to be sure12:12
rtgtseliot, thats fine. the stuff already on master-next is completely unrelated12:13
tseliotrtg: ok, good12:13
rtgtseliot, fixed the compile failure12:24
tseliotrtg: great, I'll rebase on that, thanks!12:59
rtgtseither one is fine13:00
rtgtseliot, either branch is fine13:00
tseliotrtg: and by either you mean master-next and...?13:01
rtgtseliot, master or master-next13:01
tseliotrtg: ok, I just wanted to be sure13:02
tseliotmaster builds. Building master-next now13:06
rtgtseliot, I'm happy with master. just send the updated pull request.13:10
tseliotrtg: a pull request of my master-based branch into master or into master-next?13:28
rtgtseliot, doesn't matter. whatever you currently have is fine13:29
rtgthere isn't enough difference between master and master-next at this point to mamke a difference13:30
tseliotrtg: ok, pull request sent. The kernel works well here13:45
rtgtseliot, ack13:45
jdstrand_jsalisbury: hey, fyi my comments in bug #1547619. I can summarize though, the new xenial kernel in the archive has the bug, and the url you gave in you last comment has kernels I previously tested14:03
ubot5bug 1547619 in linux (Ubuntu Xenial) "Intermittent screen blinking with 4k external mini display port with 4.4 kernels" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154761914:03
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tseliotrtg: here is the upstream pull request that includes the only non-upstream patch in my branch https://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/dri-devel/2016-March/102119.html (just in case)14:12
rtgtseliot, ack, thanks14:13
jsalisburyjdstrand, ack, let met make sure I uploaded the right kernel14:30
jsalisburyjdstrand, I must have copied it to the wrong place.  I'm just going to rebuild the kernel, so we're confident it's the right one.14:34
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jsalisburyjdstrand, I rebuilt that kernel and re-posted it: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~jsalisbury/lp154761915:02
Hell-Razorhey fellas... anybody good with patching kernels? I have been trying to get this patch working for an hour probably with no luck. i downloaded it from sorceforge (reiser4) trying to patch 4.415:15
jdstrandjsalisbury: thanks15:33
jtaylorhi, you updated the megaraid driver in the 4.4 kernel right?18:14
jtaylorbug 154467918:15
ubot5bug 1544679 in linux (Ubuntu Xenial) "Request to merge upstream fixes into 16.04 for megaraid driver" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154467918:15
jtaylorbecause my machine is not booting anymore due to some issue with it18:15
jtaylorsomeone interested in debugging? then I could go get a picture of the error ._.18:16
apwjtaylor, yep, if its blowing up, anything you can get ... file a new bug against linux and reference the update above and include the piccy20:18
apwjtaylor, and ... let us know the bug# here20:18
jtaylorapw: do you know if there have been updates to this driver since 4.2?20:25
jtaylorI haven't tested the 4.4 before the thing mentioned in the changelog20:25
jtaylorbut 4.2 works20:25
jtaylorI'll file a bug20:25
apwjtaylor, i do not, i just recall that bug going past ...20:25
apwyes please, and note hte bug# here please, so we can get some attnetion on it, so we can determine if it is that update20:26
apwwe should be able to offer you an old 4.4 build from just before it20:26
jtaylorapw: I have been using the recently uploaded lts-xenial build20:27
jtaylorthats ok to file a bug from?20:27
apwsure, its the same bits inside20:27
jtaylorfile against linux or the lts source package?20:28
apwfile it against the lts if you are running that, in case it is an interaction with userspace that triggers it20:28
apwand i can add a task for linux too as it is more likley general and affects both20:28
jtaylorthe root is on the raid so it shouldn't be using userspace before it fails20:29
jtaylorok starting to file it now20:29
jtaylorapw: bug 155290320:43
ubot5bug 1552903 in linux-lts-xenial (Ubuntu) "fails to boot on megaraid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/155290320:43
jtaylorups should have probably shrunk the image a little in size ..20:43
apwjtaylor, thats fine, could you also grab a dmesg from the latest kernel which worked for you20:47
apwand indicate that in the bug20:47
jtaylorapw: done20:51
apwjtaylor, passed it on to rtg as he did the update ... thanks for reporting20:55
jtaylorthanks, I'll can probably do some testing tomorrow or next week in evenings20:56
rtgjtaylor, I'll pass on your bug to the Canonical project manager that deals with these guys. The update request was in bug #1544679.21:03
ubot5bug 1544679 in linux (Ubuntu Xenial) "Request to merge upstream fixes into 16.04 for megaraid driver" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154467921:03
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cristian_cjsalisbury: hi23:18

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