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tomodachihi guys,  what does "pending gpu driver availability" mean in the mir roadmap exactly09:47
alan_gtomodachi: I need a bit more context to avoid simply rephrasing. What document are you reading?09:53
duflualan_g: Try the links in the topic line :)09:59
dufluApril 2016: Pending GPU driver availability and achieving Unity8 feature parity, enable Unity8-Mir as a potential default desktop configuration.10:00
dufluThe doc may need updating10:00
dufluTo dinner and beyond...10:01
tomodachialan_g:  topic links to ubuntu mir wiki, where there is a roadmap entry. I was wondering what pending gpu driver availability meant10:04
alan_gI didn't write it but that's about ensuring a good experience with the full range of desktop gpu drivers (mostly the blobby ones).10:05
tomodachithe blobby ones i guess we cant do much about ourselves, but what about the non blobby ones?10:06
alan_gEssentially a done deal10:10
alan_gUbuntu carries some patches that want to go upstream at some point, but probably after round of updates10:11
tomodachialan_g: sweet, thanks for your answers and time ..10:29
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alan_ganpok_: are you answered on https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/mir/start-tidy-up-of-InputManager/+merge/287810?16:44
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