ubottuIn #ubuntu, cluelessperson said: ubottu, The software is ubuntu based.00:50
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chudax: You around?06:39
daxa bit06:39
chublitz is getting redirected to ubuntu-unregged when he tries to join.06:41
chuErr, join #u-o that is06:41
daxblitz isn't identified to nickserv06:41
blitzheyo dax I'm banned ;_;06:42
blitzfrom u-ot06:42
chuNah man, you're just not identified to nickserv ^^06:42
blitzoh derp06:43
blitzI thought I identified06:43
daxta da06:43
blitzit's been a long day06:43
chuYou wouldn't be banned.06:43
blitzquassel kept telling me I was banned, it's a dirty liar06:43
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bazhangsay it aint so17:39
bazhang<JNSamuel> lol wtf did they do to ubuntu, what a mess.18:00
bazhangthe return of limcore18:01
k1l_<adeon_> can BTRFS be used in raid over the network?22:04
k1l_raid over the network?22:04

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