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belkinsaReminder, your Checkin-in with the CC is in less than 10 minutes!16:52
belkinsaYour Check-In Meeting in #ubuntu-meeting, started but your team is in 30 minutes after the Doc Team's.17:01
belkinsaIt's 17:30 UTC, and it's time for your check-in in #ubuntu-meeting.17:30
flocculantit's 17:44 and docs still going seemingly17:45
belkinsaYes, they seem to have lots to say.17:45
belkinsaI would suggest e-mail the CC your report since there is no time.17:45
flocculantno thanks - get Nick to if he feels the urge17:46
flocculantnot sure there was much or many or more than me from QA to talk from a community perspective17:47
flocculantbut I'd think that if 17:30 is the time it's the CC's job to make it available17:47
flocculantwell - actually I know it is17:47
flocculantballoons: ^^17:48
flocculantmhall119 belkinsa: not very good meeting running perhaps17:49
belkinsaI tired to stop it for the QA team but no one spoke up/17:50
wxlwhat happened?17:50
wxli just got into the office17:50
flocculantwe got phillibustered by docs going on about how no-one does anything17:51
belkinsaYour team's check-in meeting with CC is going on but the Doc Team is hoarding the time.17:51
wxloh jeez17:51
wxlwasn't the cc check in supposed to happen like an hour ago/17:51
belkinsaNo, it's still going, 7 minutes left17:52
flocculanttoo many mails to the list with different time - not sure why we got something in Eastern time17:52
flocculantwhat the hell is that?17:52
flocculantnot that impressed tbh17:53
flocculanteven less so now17:56
balloonso/ flocculant18:36
flocculanthi balloons18:41
flocculantballoons: cc'd you to a mail to Mike19:08
balloonsflocculant, so what do you propose we should do about the ubiquity + AP test situation?19:42
balloonsit seems the changes to ubiquity keeps ensuring they fail19:42
flocculantwell if it keeps failing not much anyone can do19:44
flocculantI'm glad I made that real basic testcase - at least I can put people on that - does the image boot?19:45
flocculantjust the normal ubuntu thing going on - less than stellar communication19:45
flocculantI'll just move on and forget about it this cycle19:46
balloonswhat are you specifically hoping to test?19:52
flocculantabout all I ever expected of the autotest - that the daily booted19:53
flocculantbut I'll get people to do that19:54
flocculantjust needed to know where *we* stood19:54
flocculantmight be good to let the flavours know this died for this cycle19:54
balloonsinteresting.. You only want to know if the desktop loads?19:55
flocculantwell - I was never hopeful of the test doing more - it always missed anything people might see in vb19:55
flocculantnvm now19:56
balloonswell, I say that because we don't need autopilot for that at all19:56
flocculantballoons: it's too late in the cycle for me to start fiddling about here19:56
balloonsjust because we can't get autopilot to run, doesn't mean we couldn't do a simple test to make sure the machine boots19:56
balloonsbasically, that should be trivial to do19:57
flocculantI'd rather just send a mail to my testers - I have the testcase set up already19:57
dkesselballoons: how would one do such a test?20:38
balloonshey dkessel. we can't tell flocculant, but I gutted one of the AP tests to simply stop after the first assert. Just make sure the installer loads is all20:39
dkesselHow would that work with the normal ISO without installing first? Or would it install through something else but ubiquity?20:40
balloonsdkessel, fixing the other tests would be lovely as well of course, but just ensuring it boots works well enough20:40
balloonsdkessel, it loads an image and boots to the installer and makes sure the installer starts fine20:40
dkesselOh OK. So no installed system.20:41
balloonsright, no installed system20:41
balloonsthe tests fail at some point during the install, but if we care only about it booting ok, that's fine20:41
balloonsit should be a very resiliant test20:41
dkesselI say put up the Jenkins job for that :)20:42
* balloons is testing to make sure it works now20:43
dkesselBut better don't tell flocculant :D20:43
balloonswe can also take on any shell scripts and just run those20:48
flocculantdefinitely don't tell flocculant22:22
alexbhHi... a short question.... how can I know the difference between 20160301 and 20160303? where is it documented?22:48
wxlalexbh: do you mean how can you tell the difference between the images, or what the changes between the two are?22:49
alexbhi mean the changes... i want to test again but not sure it is the same image just renamed22:51
wxlyeah the best you can do is check the package lists against one another22:51
wxlalexbh: this is on ubuntu or which image?22:52
flocculantalexbh: pretty sure that if *you've* not got some data from the first to check the new one against - then changes are lost - or extremely hard to work out22:53
alexbhi did ubuntu, ubuntu-gnome and lubuntu... but it must be the same procedure, right?22:53
flocculantseem to remember this coming up in -release22:53
wxlso basically you want to go to the cdimage.ubuntu.com page for the image22:54
wxland then check the manifests against one another22:54
wxle.g. http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/daily-live/20160302/xenial-desktop-amd64.manifest22:54
alexbhahh ok... perfect..thanks22:54
wxlversus http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/daily-live/20160303/xenial-desktop-amd64.manifest22:54
flocculantwxl: oh - they keep them?22:54
wxlflocculant: well those two are up for sure122:54
wxlflocculant: but if you make sure to pull down the manifests when you grab thge image, you can check them over time, too22:54
wxlunfortunately an md5 doesn't work even with no changes because there are references to the version number (i.e. the date)22:55
flocculantof course - not sure I'd bother though :)22:55
* wxl shrugs22:55
wxlme either22:55
wxlbut i tend to be scientific like that. repeatability is key. no assumptions.22:55
flocculantha ha22:56
flocculantfrankly if it didn't work yesterday but does today then \o/22:57
wxlheh yep22:57
wxlBUT WHY WHY??????22:57
wxlin other news they set up the wiki editors to require ubuntu-etherpad membership as a way to deter spam22:58
flocculantcos there's no such thing as can't of course :p22:58
wxlhasn't been officially announced but22:58
flocculantoh that works then22:58
flocculantanother way to stop people contributing22:58
wxlit's temporary22:58
wxland easy to make people editors22:58
flocculantisn't it always22:58
wxlit seems they're still taking the media wiki migration as a serious long term solution22:58
wxlso i'm pleased about that22:58
wxland honestly this is better than the current state of things22:59
flocculantwxl obviously didn't have to wait for so long to get someone into etherpad that they grabbed rights to do so22:59
flocculantthough it is *usually* quick - but generally I would think that if someone has made the effort to edit a wiki and then has to join some thing they're likely to just wander off23:00
flocculantI would23:00
flocculantand suddenly IS care about spam?23:01
wxlbut at this point the wiki is unusable for ANYONE23:01
flocculantballoons: so this thing that you can't tell me - will it boot an image - make it try desktop and then check the desktop is there somehow?23:05
flocculantcos I've not sent the mail yet :p23:05
alexbhand.. which package is supposed to fix this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1551778 I see ubuntu-minimal and ubuntu-standardwere updated but not sure if itt fixes the issue23:06
ubot5Launchpad bug 1551778 in Ubuntu "ubuntu gnome xenial daily 20160229 not booting" [Undecided,New]23:06
flocculantalexbh: how have you built the usb or cd?23:07
flocculantbut with what tool?23:07
alexbhahh.. in ubuntu with the usb creator thingy23:07
flocculantright - known issue23:07
flocculantshould know the bug number of by heart now ...23:08
alexbhsorry... what dod you mean?23:08
flocculantalexbh: it's not new - it's an issue we know about :)23:09
alexbhok.. so should I use another tool? because for the stable images it is working23:09
flocculantalexbh: what are you creating the usb install on?23:09
alexbhlubuntu 14.0423:10
flocculantiirc unetbootin worked way back then still23:10
wxli just use dd. it never fails.23:11
wxlmkusb is pretty cool, too.23:11
flocculantwxl: yea - but because I use dd rarely I never ever tell people how to :p23:11
wxlflocculant: that's the beauty of mkusb. it's dd under the hood.23:12
flocculantand mkusb is good as a tool - but last time I looked it was way back in 1999 :D23:12
balloonsflocculant, yep, boots to live desktop, starts installer and just make sure you can interact with it23:12
wxlyeeeeeeeeeeeeah it's changed a bit :)23:12
flocculantand sudodus know's me well enough to know I am not being anything but nice :D23:12
flocculantballoons: \o/23:14
alexbhthe bug is this one, right? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/usb-creator/+bug/136082323:37
ubot5Launchpad bug 1325801 in usb-creator (Ubuntu Wily) "duplicate for #1360823 failed to boot from USB disk with error: gfxboot.c32: not a COM32R Image boot:" [Critical,Triaged]23:37
flocculantalexbh: I do apologise - I wandered off ...23:45
flocculantthe bug is the main one23:45
flocculantalexbh: so you should be able to boot from that usb - when it gets to a prompt - try live and enter23:47

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