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LocutusOfBorgping about virtualbox-lts-wily on trusty queue10:54
LocutusOfBorgfeel free to reject lts-vivid :)10:54
clivejoplease please please will someone from the Release team have a look at our FFe - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/meta-kde/+bug/154757111:23
ubot5Launchpad bug 1547571 in meta-kde (Ubuntu) "[FFe] KDE Meta" [Critical,Confirmed]11:23
Laneyclivejo: do you actually expect to be able to get to all of those?11:32
clivejoLaney: many of the devs are already using them and very stable11:34
clivejoit just took us longer than expected to get the merges completed and we missed the deadline11:34
Laneyclivejo: you mean they are ready to upload already?11:35
clivejoalmost, they are in different PPA's but I dont think it would take long to get them ready11:36
LaneyIt's just that it is quite disruptive when you do a KDE mass upload11:37
Laneymainly because it makes autopkgtest grind to a halt11:37
clivejoIm kinda new at this, but sgclark (who opened the FFe) would be able to tell you more11:37
clivejoshe probably wont be about until later (due to timezone)11:38
clivejocan you explain that on the bug report?11:39
Laneyclivejo: it's ok, I commented11:40
clivejothank you11:41
clivejocan you take ownship?11:41
Laneyno, it's up to someone to upload it now11:43
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coreycbhello, can an archive admin please promote python3-suds to main? this will help get some of our openstack packages out of dependency waits.14:43
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flexiondotorginfinity, Yo16:07
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cyphermoxflexiondotorg: more about core?16:24
flexiondotorgcyphermox, Yeah, I was wondering if infinity is totally addicted to Base ;-)16:36
cyphermoxoh, right, base, not core16:37
flexiondotorgI've already let infinity know that is all about the Base, no trouble.16:57
ogra_treble you mean ?16:58
naccHi all, we now have a successfully building & testing twig (1.23.1-1ubuntu4), but it's stuck in excuses because the old version of the package generated a binary package php5-twig, which has been removed from the new builds. Can someone help remove php5-twig from the archive?17:28
cjwatsonnacc: done17:32
nacccjwatson: thanks!17:32
nacccjwatson: i assume after some time, I'll now just see twig clear out of excuses?17:33
rbasaknacc: unless there's a different excuse, yes :)17:34
naccrbasak: right :)17:34
cjwatsonyeah, hopefully17:38
bdmurrayrcj: to be clear the verification is done for both T and W in bug 1540965?19:07
ubot5bug 1540965 in cloud-init (Ubuntu Wily) "Support Joyent lx-brand environment in smartos datasource" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154096519:07
mdeslaurcan someone please push openssl out of xenial-proposed? the linux and vsftpd autopkgtest failures are unrelated19:23

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