fishcookerno worries Fudge01:24
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karstensragehow do i find the multiarch directory03:15
karstensragelike i386-linux-gnu/03:15
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marlincI want to set up automated updates on servers because the amount of server that I have to update now is getting quite out of hand08:28
marlincI've been thinking of using unattended-upgrades to automatically install updates except for packages that are important for the functioning of the system08:29
marlincLike for example mysql-server on a MySQL server, I was thinking of setting those on 'hold'08:29
marlincAny thoughts on doing it that way, is there a different route I should look at?08:30
Fudgemarlinc:  just do security so ssl kerns etc are done when they need doing08:33
sivirhow many servers?08:33
marlincAbout 20-30 I'd say08:33
marlincIts not that much but its quite a  lot to manually update every time I get a notification from our monitoring system08:34
marlincAlthough in general its only security updates which I could put on auto update safely right?08:34
smbhallyn_, I wasn't doing a "merge" after FF but I'll keep an eye on the bug report. Jamie did already reply, so right now its waiting for more info.08:34
sivirisn't landscape free till 20 servers08:35
sivirand like 300 dollars per year starting08:35
sivirfor more08:35
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sivirI'd say the video is quite comprehensive of it's features08:39
sivirI'd say it's a huge timesaver, you can do it yourself but still why invent the wheel again (especially if it saves time = money)08:43
BlackDexHello there. I have a problem with upstart. There is a process which has been defuncted/zombied. And upstart won't clear it so that i can start a new process08:44
marlincThe current issue with using Launchpad is mainly that we're a small company (a few students) doing this in our spare time. We don't have huge amounts of money to spend on managed systems like that08:44
BlackDexThe process is linked to init/pid 1, so i can't kill it's parent, and i prefere not to reboot08:45
sivirwell then I'd start by dividing the servers in separate groups08:45
sivirand start listing what each group has to do and what are critical to which functions for each one08:46
sivirmakes it way easier to plan so you can create different timetables and routines what to update and when08:46
hallyn_smb: obviously :) (not a merge)08:48
smbhallyn_, :) night08:48
marlincOkay sivir, I'll look into doing that. Thoughts on doing automated updates for only security updates?08:49
marlincOur monitoring system will still notify about any regular updates which we can do manually08:49
siviryes, if it's maintained it's all good08:50
sivirsometimes people leave the automated updates for only security updates but other software gets unattended08:50
lordievaderGood morning.08:57
Siilwyn__Good morning08:58
Siilwyn__sarnold, I guess I just found out what happened yesterday, though I have no idea why it behaves like that. Just tried to ssh with my old key and I got a prompt to unlock the new key... So apparently even if I explicitly pass the old one it uses the new one.09:00
Siilwyn__*with unlock I mean that I have to enter a password since my keys are also password protected.09:01
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Walex2Siilwyn__: depends on the order in which they are listed I think. SSH client will try all keys it has available until it finds one accepted by the SSH server, and will reuse the encryption password if it can09:22
Siilwyn__Walex2, oh wow I didn't know that! That explains what was happening yesterday.09:37
Siilwyn__It even does that when I pass a key with the `i` flag?09:37
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skyliteis it possible to stop a shellscript with start-stop daemon? I can start it fine but when trying to stop it says: No myscript.sh found running; none killed.15:18
jelly-homeskylite: sure.  It's probably easier if your script creates a pid file.15:48
linuxlovei am going to install EHCP  on my ubuntu server16:49
linuxlovemy friend use this panel for accessing to server how can i determine a username and password for him on this panel?16:50
pmatulislinuxlove: i don't see any panel17:02
naccrbasak: so, we've updated twig (in xenial) to 1.23.1-ubuntu4, which builds and passes all tests (with a short-term workaround). But it's still in excuses because there was an old binary package (php5-twig) which we no longer generate. Do I need someone to manually intervene and delete the old binary package?17:18
rbasaknacc: yes, please ask in #ubuntu-release.17:27
naccrbasak: ok, thanks17:27
naccrbasak: if you have a moment, i've hit a rather tricky issue with php-imagick17:35
rbasaknacc: go ahead.17:38
naccrbasak: as one would expect, there's some dependency on imagemagick from that extension. imagemagick has some "known" issues with openmp & threads. In particular segfaults (per google, not per imagemagick themselves). At some point Debian started experiencing test segfaults (https://ci.debian.net/packages/p/php-imagick/unstable/amd64/ between 12/17 and 12/21). We see those on Ubuntu too with the latest17:38
nacc builds. To test, I rebuilt imagemagick without openmp support and the tests stop segfaulting. There is an environment variable for imagemagick to only use one thread (MAGICK_THREAD_LIMIT=1), but it seems to not help and I still see threads in the test (and one of the threads is the one that is segfaulting). So far, the only "workaround" I've found is disabling openmp in imagemagick.17:38
naccrbasak: i'm going to see if maybe the latest imagemagick fixes anything (but need to rebuild php-imagick against it). In which case maybe it's a matter of backporting17:40
naccbut as I was explaining to jgrimm the other day, backporting with imagemagick is a "bad idea" -- there is an exported version string in the imagemagick headers, which php-imagick uses for various version checks (functionality existing or not, etc.) But when we/Debian backport, we don't bump the version, so it loses its meaning.17:42
rbasakBackporting what exactly? A bugfix for the segfault, or more stuff?17:42
rbasakHow reproducible are the segfaults in Ubuntu?17:43
naccbut only in the tests17:43
naccwhich is where it matters, of course17:43
naccand 100% reproducible in Debian, for that matter17:43
naccgdb is useless, sadly (doesn't show the segfault)17:43
naccand valgrind just points to a trashed address17:43
naccin theory, it'd be backporting just the fix, but that presumes I can find the fix :)17:43
naccmy concern is, though, what that in turn breaks17:44
rbasakHow sure are you that the bug is in imagemagick and not in the PHP bits?17:44
nacci (and the upstream php-imagick maintainer) are fairly sure it's not in php -- the stack isn't deep enough :)17:44
naccand like i mentioned, disabling just imagemagick's openmp support makes it work17:45
rbasakHow long have you spent on this so far?17:45
naccrbasak: far too long :/17:45
naccrbasak: but it's what's holding up php7.0 migration17:46
naccin excuses17:46
naccbecause php-imagick is failing its tests17:46
naccand that's considerd a regression17:46
rbasakWould it be difficult to do a bisection if it is fixed upstream?17:46
naccsince the old version (which had far fewer tests) passed17:46
naccrbasak: of imagemagick? probably not, as it's in git. That's what I'm hoping I can get to next17:46
naccrbasak: but if it's a race, i have to run the tests a few times to see it happen17:46
rbasakHow far behind is our packaging of imagemagick?17:46
rbasak(behind upstream's latest release that is)17:47
rbasakSorry, many questions :)17:47
rbasakI think that ideally we'd find the cause and fix it. Failing that, if it's not fixed upstream, then file a bug there, and file a bug in Ubuntu regardless with instructions on how to reproduce.17:48
nacc6.8.9.9-7ubuntu1 is what we have in xenial; debian exp is at; upstream is 6.9.3-617:48
rbasakIf we really can't fix it, I think it might be reasonable to build imagemagick in the archive with threading disabled.17:48
naccrbasak: oh, the other issue in all of this, the upstream php-imagick maintainer doesn't think we are doing the right thing in debian/ubuntu and doesnt' support us in any way :)17:48
naccso he's helping for now out of his generosity17:48
rbasakWhat does he think we should be doing instead?17:48
naccrbasak: we should never be backporting17:49
naccrbasak: as it breaks assumptions17:49
naccand means you can't reliably know what is in a version of imagemagick, across all bases17:49
rbasakIn what way are we backporting? He means we shouldn't be backporting a bugfix?17:49
naccrbasak: yeah, so we are on 6.8.9 base with patches17:49
naccwell, we/debian17:49
naccwhen we/debian patch, we just backport the fix17:49
naccwe don't bump th eversion string17:49
naccso if some code in, say, php-imagick is conditional on the version to do one thing or another17:50
naccit stops doing the expected thing, potentially17:50
rbasakI see. Well, that's what all distros must do after feature freeze, unless he maintains a stable (no features) branch of the version we have at feature freeze time.17:50
naccrbasak: we could alter the version string; or we should alter php-imagick in coordination17:50
naccrbasak: in that the API dependencies are being forcibly chagned by the backports17:50
rbasakphp-imagick should not be doing anything conditional based on bugfixes.17:50
naccso let's say imagemagick X has an API that looks one way, or behaves one way17:51
naccand imagemagick Y does it differently17:51
naccphp-imagick checks for X vs. Y and does the right thing17:51
naccit sort of has to17:51
rbasakThat's fine, assuming that X and Y are different feature releases.17:51
naccbut the values of X and Y don't mean the same thing in the ubuntu versions as they do upstream17:51
naccand that's what's broken17:51
rbasakDebian is backporting features?17:52
rbasak(or feature changes?)17:52
naccwhich might change functionality, in some sense?17:52
nacci may not be explaining this very well17:52
rbasakI think I follow.17:52
rbasakIf distros patch, it's their responsibility to get it right.17:53
naccbasically, php-imagick (from git) is *only* supported on upstream imagemagick17:53
naccso once we patch one or the other, we have to patch them both :)17:53
rbasakBut we also have the power to fix php-imagick, or express versioned dependencies on imagemagick.17:53
Aleksandar86How can i set default root on ftpd, i have apache installed and I wanna upload file via ftp on /var/www/17:53
rbasakIdeally, distros wouldn't have to patch, because upstreams would maintain stable branches.17:54
naccrbasak: yeah, the issue is I don't know what to fix and where yet :) and it means we carry more delta (which is appropriate in this case) -- but this is really broken on debian and we're just inheriting it17:54
rbasakIf they're not maintaining stable branches, then we have no choice _but_ to patch.17:54
naccrbasak: right17:54
naccrbasak: i'm not saying we shouldn't backport fixes17:54
naccrbasak: i'm saying that in this case, it breaks assumptoisn in the code17:54
rbasakYou think these assumptions are causing segfaults? Or unrelated behavioural changes?17:55
rbasakI need to run in five minutes.17:55
nacci'm not 100%. I think they could be leading to segfaults (and note that I found an actual bug in the debian backport that was missing 3 upstream commits ... so not sure how much i trust the backports to begin with at this point :(17:55
naccbut it also just puts us in this gray area that is harder to figure out :)17:56
nacci might try to just build imagemagick from source at the latest git and see if it goes away17:56
naccand then that might be my best indicator of where the issue is17:56
rbasakThat's a good idea.17:56
naccok, i'll do that next, just to levelset17:56
naccrbasak: really, the issue isn't so much all this background, it's that the error is nonsensical :) and i don't know how to debug it at this point17:57
rbasakIf it does go away, then try bisecting if it's not too much effort.17:57
rbasakLet me know how it goes!17:57
naccrbasak: thanks17:57
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linuxlove            Errors were encountered while processing:18:16
linuxlove nginx-core18:16
linuxlove nginx18:16
linuxloveE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)18:16
linuxlovei get this error from sudo apt-get autoremove what should i do?18:17
linuxlovei get this error W: Failed to fetch cdrom://Ubuntu 15.10 _Wily Werewolf_ - Release amd64 (20151021)/dists/wily/main/binary-amd64/Packages  Please use apt-cdrom to make this CD-ROM recognized by APT. apt-get update cannot be used to add new CD-ROMs after updating what shou;d i do?18:24
nacclinuxlove: for the first one, i'd try a `apt-get -f install` to let dpkg get to a good state18:25
naccnot sure how/why you got to that state, with what you pasted, though (and please use pastebin rather than in the channel)O18:25
nacclinuxlove: for the second, why is there a cdrom line in your apt config? did you try to add it back after installing?18:25
linuxlovenacc, i just tried to install ehcp on my ubuntu and i get this errors after apt-get update18:26
linuxlovenacc, what should i do now?18:27
nacclinuxlove: i don't know what ehcp is and i don't see it in the ubuntu archives18:27
linuxlovenacc, http://pastebin.com/8pKY43Sq18:28
linuxlovenacc, i tried to install that from a external source18:28
nacclinuxlove: we can't help you with random external sources, sorry18:28
linuxloveit was from ubuntu comunity18:29
linuxloveplease help me to fix18:29
nacclinuxlove: as to the apt config, it seems like your /etc/apt/sources.list or a file under sources.list.d references the cdrom, comment them out, presuming you're on the network and have well-defined sources18:29
nacclinuxlove: i don't know what that means18:29
nacc"from ubuntu community"?18:29
linuxlovedid you see nacc yes18:30
nacclinuxlove: did i see what?18:30
nacclinuxlove: what do you mean "from ubuntu community"18:30
linuxlovei said about pastbin that i sent18:32
nacclinuxlove: i've answered that already18:32
nacclinuxlove: please read above18:33
linuxlovei did what you said18:33
linuxlovebut i get new error18:33
linuxloveW: Duplicate sources.list18:33
naccthat's a warning not an error (hence W: prefix)18:34
naccand it's pretty clear18:34
naccyou have two entries in sources.list that are identical18:34
linuxlovenacc, http://pastebin.com/4VaxbFQ118:34
nacclinuxlove: yes?18:35
nacclinuxlove: read it, think about what it says and fix it ... remove the duplicate line18:35
linuxlovedo i remove i386?18:35
nacclinuxlove: can you pastebin your source.list file?18:36
linuxlovei am un ubuntu 64 bit18:36
linuxlovenacc, okay18:37
linuxlovenacc, http://pastebin.com/SU4brQSW18:39
linuxlovenacc, did you get it?18:41
nacclinuxlove: do you have anything under /etc/apt/sources.list.d ?18:43
linuxlovenacc, are you there18:43
linuxlovenacc, what do you mean18:44
nacclinuxlove: are there any files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ ?18:45
geniilinuxlove: When you add external repositories, they make a file in the directory /etc/apt/sources.list.d/18:45
linuxlovenacc, http://pastebin.com/JubnAJMb18:45
nacclinuxlove: that doesn't help, is there anything *in* sources.list.d ?18:46
linuxlovenacc, http://pastebin.com/HdTKZEUm18:46
geniilinuxlove: ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* | pastebinit18:47
linuxlovegenii, http://pastebin.com/HdTKZEUm18:47
nacclinuxlove: the duplicate messages are what you get when you run apt-get update?18:47
linuxlovenacc, yes18:48
naccgrep partner /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* ? not sure i see the duplicate otherwise18:49
linuxlovewhat should i do?18:49
nacc`grep partner /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*`18:51
naccin any case, it's just a warning, it doesn't mean anything is fundamentally broken18:51
linuxlovenacc, http://pastebin.com/BFgKPwDr18:52
nacclinuxlove: and there are the duplicates18:53
naccsee how your sources.list and skype.list have the same lines?18:53
linuxlovei dunno18:55
linuxlovei am confused18:56
linuxloveplease help to fix18:56
linuxlovei have not installed skype18:56
linuxlovemy apt-get update was working without warning before installing ehcp18:57
nacclinuxlove: you clearly added skype as a repository18:57
nacclinuxlove: did you append the partner repositories in sources.list as part of that process?18:57
linuxlovei added it18:57
linuxloveit was a ./install.sh script18:58
linuxloveand it did everything itself18:58
linuxlovewhat is solution now?18:59
linuxlovei installed skype but i removed it19:00
linuxlovebecause it was hang on my 64 bit ubuntu19:00
nacclinuxlove: so .... "i have not installed skype" wasn't true. And you added a duplicate entry to sources.list and are wondering why apt complains about duplicate entries?19:00
naccand an 'install.sh' script means you've altered your system to not be ubuntu any longer19:00
linuxlovei meant i have not skype now19:01
linuxlovei was wrong about external source installation19:02
nacclinuxlove: you shouldn't do stuff as root if you don't know what they are doing. and you don't seem to understand the package management side of things in this case. if you do not need skype, you could delete / rename the skype repositories and it should stop complaining.19:02
linuxloveyes you are right19:03
linuxlovenacc, excuse me for getting time19:07
linuxloveWhat server control panels are available for Ubuntu Server?19:08
linuxlovei want one19:08
tewarddefine "server control panels"19:08
linuxlovei dont want external sources19:08
linuxloveteward, what do you mean?19:09
tewardlinuxlove: what do you mean by "server control panels"?19:09
linuxlovei mean one with sudo apt-get install19:09
tewardwhat do you expect it to do?  What do you expect to see? etc.19:09
linuxloveteward, i want some controling on server19:10
linuxloveteward, my friend needs to access to my ubuntu server from him phone and he want accessing to web contents and phpmyadmin19:11
linuxlovei found one named ehcp19:11
sarnoldlinuxlove: skip those; they're universally terrible, they're reponsible for something like 50% of the reason why machines get hacked, and they prevent you from learning how to do things yourself19:11
tewardi agree with sarnold19:11
linuxlovei said to my friend this19:11
tewardsarnold: btw, i have something to poke you on, unless you tell me I should got to -hardened and poke there, for an old php5-fpm bug in Precise19:12
teward(one I poked a patch onto, but wanted Sec Team review first)19:12
linuxlovebut he is not familiar with ssh and terminal commands19:12
sarnoldteward: hmm got a bugnumber handy?19:12
tewardsarnold: standby19:12
naccteward: we were just talking about that bug on today's triage :)19:12
tewardnacc: heheh19:13
tewardnacc: you mean 1352617 ?19:13
linuxlovehe wants a panel but you are right19:13
naccteward: yep19:13
linuxlovei said to him that i cant provide a panel for him19:13
naccrbasak decided you had a handle on it :)19:13
tewardsarnold: 1352617 is the bug in question, the patch I wrote back then would 'work' but i wanted sec team review before, in case it introduces poor changes19:13
tewardnacc: "had a handle on it" as in "wanted sec team review"19:13
tewardnow I get to actually req. it :)19:13
naccteward: yeah :)19:14
tewardnacc: the big problem being a sec update was the cause of that regression, though I need to test it now19:14
tewardmake sure it still exists19:14
naccteward: Son_Goku may be able/willing to help test too19:14
tewardnacc: oh good, 'cause i don't have a Precise machine to test with until i rebuild that VM on my hypervisor xD19:14
naccteward: not sure if they do either, but wouldn't hurt to ask19:15
nacclinuxlove: sorry, i don't think we want to help you make your computer less secure. I still don't fully understand what you mean by "panel" but it's quite clear that ehcp is not something pacakged by ubuntu and thus would not be supported here.19:15
nacclinuxlove: finding random things on the internet and installing them is not a good idea19:16
sarnoldteward: oh man I rememer this from ages ago :) heh19:16
tewardsarnold: i wasn't kidding about 'old" either :)19:16
tewardcame up during a recent php7.0 discussion in -devel :)19:16
tewardsarnold: basically, i wanted the sec team to review the approach and determine if that was acceptable as a response to the regression.  at the time i never looked into how the security update related to it was ever "fixed" to fix the regression of "too tight permissions"19:18
tewardnacc: it did drop off my radar since I updated everything to Trusty+ shortly after that19:19
tewardnow it's on it with php7 and such on the radars19:19
sarnoldhonestly if it affects -only- precise it's probably not worth spending time on. we wouldn't want to issue an update that might break installed systems that are only one year away from retirement :)19:20
sarnoldwhat's the deal with php7?19:20
tewardsarnold: php7.0 i thin was going to get a MIR?  nacc might know more than I19:21
* teward only tracks it in-so-much-that nginx defaults point to php-fpm locations in the default configs' comments19:21
sarnoldI think php7 is just going in without review on the condition that php5 come out :) heh19:21
naccsarnold: it's migrated to main, now, we're help up in excuses due to imagemagick19:23
nacci hope to have that fixed today19:23
naccand then we need to proceed with rebuilding th eworld :)19:23
sarnoldnacc: oh congratulations :)19:23
sarnoldnacc: they threw you right into the deep end when you joined, hehe19:24
naccyeah, it's been a bit hairy :)19:24
nacclearning a lot (too much, sometimes? :)19:24
linuxlovenacc, you are right19:24
linuxloveit was my friend suggestion19:24
linuxlovei say that i cant do this for him19:25
tewardsarnold: with regards to precise, it *did* affect trusty and others19:46
tewardSecurity team overlooked19:46
tewardsarnold: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/php5/+bug/1334337 was the one where it was fixed Saucy, Trusty, Utopic +19:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1334337 in php5 (Ubuntu Utopic) "Regression: php5-fpm's socket should be accessible by www-data by default" [Undecided,Fix released]19:46
tewardand Marc handled htat one19:46
tewardthe regression was never addressed in Precise19:46
tewardi hear you that it might not be worth the time spent on it19:46
tewardbut, it was fixed by the Sec team in later ones19:46
tewardand Precise was never looked at19:46
sarnoldteward: ahhh19:46
teward(at the time I had precise servers)19:46
tewardnot why the bug dropped off my radar, but why i'm poking now19:47
tewardif it were a month to PRecise going EOL i'd not care19:47
tewardbut that's not the case, so...19:47
tewardno idea who still uses Precise *shrugs*19:47
* teward tasks his "sbuilder" VM on his hypervisor to build all the tools necessary for sbuild and schroots19:48
sarnoldteward: i'll kick it along to marc; we're feeling more than a bit overwhelmed lately so I can't promise anything but he doesn't like breaking old releases :)19:48
tewardsarnold: thanks, i don't expect any heavy movement19:50
tewardbut that's an old regression19:50
tewardsarnold: i'm not sure if subsequent updates addressed or not though19:52
tewardi was going to test19:52
* teward is downlading the latest 12.04 server ISO now to his hypervisor19:52
sarnoldteward: are you sure this is an issue? in a blank precise vm, apt-get install php5-fpm, sudo lsof | grep www | grep -v REG -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/15276027/20:01
tewardsarnold: as i said, when i filed it it was an issue20:05
tewardit may be resolved since then20:05
tewardhence my needing a blank Precise to test20:05
* teward doesn't keep one around20:05
tewardah, wait20:05
tewardright, i have a non-standard setup20:05
tewardsarnold: there were documents around the time which configured FPM to use a UNIX socket20:05
tewardthe issue exists when FPM is configured to use a UNIX socket20:05
tewardso, still a regression, but not a regression of the defaults20:06
tewardSINCE Precise, it was a big one since in Debian they switched FPM to unix sockets by default20:06
sarnoldteward: aha, that makes more sense20:08
patdk-lapheh, any idea how I can troubleshoot shutdown?20:49
patdk-lapso far I just get kicked off the network and console, so I cannot see what is stuck20:49
coreycbbeisner, when you get a chance, 1:5.0.2-0ubuntu1~cloud0 and 2:7.0.3-0ubuntu1~cloud0 are ready to promote to trusty-liberty-updates20:53
coreycbbeisner, and 1:2014.1.5-0ubuntu3~cloud0 is ready to promote to precise-icehouse-updates20:54
beisnercoreycb, ceilometer + neutron for liberty;  neutron for icehouse?20:57
coreycbbeisner, yep20:57
EmilienMcoreycb: just tested ceilometer and aodh, alarms do not work for me (mitaka)21:01
beisnercoreycb, ok, pushed neutron+ceilometer proposed-->updates for liberty, and neutron proposed-->updates for icehouse21:04
coreycbbeisner, thanks21:06
coreycbEmilienM, ok if you have a bug please point me to it and we'll look into it21:07
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rattkingHello, where can I find the logs for tftpd? i am not seeing anythign in the usual places like syslog21:10
rattkingI am trying to debug a pxe boot problem. its getting a dhcp addr but not connecting to the tftp server on the same machine21:13
EmilienMcoreycb: so the tests failures: http://logs.openstack.org/02/288102/1/check/gate-puppet-openstack-integration-scenario001-tempest-dsvm-trusty/9fdafe4/console.html#_2016-03-03_20_46_38_63421:16
EmilienMall logs/config are here: http://logs.openstack.org/02/288102/1/check/gate-puppet-openstack-integration-scenario001-tempest-dsvm-trusty/9fdafe4/logs/21:17
avid_fanrattking: You could try to start the tftpd daemon manually and not fork into the background for more clues.21:19
rattkingavid_fan good idea! I figured it out.. firewall, its always the firewall :) but now who changed it21:33
Aleksandar86I want migrate website with mysql from old Ubuntu 7 to new ubuntu-14.04.4 server. I had Installed, latest apache mysql with phpmyadmin and proFTPD. With PhpMyAdmin I Imported backuped mysql on new Ubuntu, i copy files to new root apach dir....21:34
Aleksandar86i need small help21:34
Aleksandar86I don't understund how DOMAIN work... My old Ubuntu server had folder of domain name /var/www/www.domain.com21:35
Aleksandar86but my new have /var/www/21:35
Aleksandar86with local IP I can open website on new server21:36
patdk-lapgot my team interface fixed up21:37
Aleksandar86if i have domain www.domain.co.uk, i must have /var/www/www.domain.co.uk    ????21:37
Aleksandar86on apach my default root is /var/www/21:38
Aleksandar86please help me21:38
avid_fanrattking: Ha! It wasn't me.21:39
mahmohhi, I'm seeing a hang with upstart, I tried init=/sbin/init --verbose on the kernel command line with 14.04 to get additional info but that's not working, any ideas?21:40
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ExecutionerI can't seem to be able to install htop-2.0 and apache-2.5 with apt-get, it can't find it within the repositories. Aren't they released now?22:11
naccrbasak: sigh, thanks for your help, it does appear imagemagick 6.9.3 fixes the segfault. will see if i can find & backport the fix easily22:13
naccrbasak: only 10 bisection steps, so hopefully won't be too bad22:31
patdk-lapExecutioner, 2.5 doesn't exist, so, unlikely to happen22:33
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