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MirvoSoMoN: FYI I published qtbase yesterday evening, but it's stuck in proposed because a Perl update triggered something like ten thousand autopkgtests so it's taking a while still..10:58
oSoMoNMirv, thanks for the update11:00
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namaste123is there any change to access camera through terminal as /dev/video* ? i would like to setup motion on ubuntu touch but there is no /dev/video available ?12:26
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ozzzhello guys!14:05
ozzztrying to fetch the source repo14:05
ozzzgetting this error:14:05
ozzzfatal: SHA1 COLLISION FOUND WITH 965a5c9c8c608ae96c2a71ee27cfa4a94cf318c3 !14:05
ozzzthen it describes with which object is the problem14:06
ozzzerror: Cannot fetch aosp/platform/prebuilts/ndk14:06
ozzzerror: Exited sync due to fetch errors14:06
ozzzERROR:phablet-dev-bootstrap:Error while trying to sync repository14:06
ozzz maybe someone knows how to get rid of that?14:07
ozzzand also this :14:11
ozzzfatal: missing blob object '78f1a306239845a1220a1a698eca6e9ca1865591'14:11
ozzzerror: https://code-review.phablet.ubuntu.com/aosp/platform/prebuilts/ndk did not send all necessary objects14:11
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tvossnamaste123, /dev/video* is not generally available on devices, you have to rely on libybris and its compat layer to go via the android HAL14:23
ozzztvoss: hello! please maybe you can tell me better way of fetching source code of ubuntu touch14:25
ozzzphablet-dev-bootstrap phablet - does not works14:26
dobeyphablet-dev-bootstrap worked fine for me last night14:36
dobeyby which i mean ~9 hrs ago14:37
ozzzdobey: i'm trying with -c option, but nothing helps14:38
ozzzstill gettiong that eroor14:38
dobeyi don't know what -c option is14:39
ozzzor I need to delete phablett folder and sync from start14:39
dobeyi'm just saying i had no prolems pulling the tree 9-10 hrs ago, and i was even able to build for hammerhead14:40
ozzzthen even strange why I getting that error14:40
ozzzbut you agree, here is nothing that I can make wrong14:41
dobeyi don't know why you got a sha1 collision, other than the fact that sha1 has been broken and collisions are possible to create14:41
ozzzwill try to delete phablet catalog and start fetching again14:45
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jabawokgday all15:19
jabawokdoes anyone know if theres a way to play podcasts from the SD card using Music app directly? ie without it first copying them into ~/Music/Imported15:20
jabawoki seem to be getting a heap of duplicate files created under Imported15:20
ahayzen_jabawok, you should just be able to put them into ~/Music15:21
ahayzen_if you are trying to play podcasts, i would recommend Podbird15:21
jabawokis there a way to play them direct from sd card?15:21
jabawokie *without* putting them under ~15:21
ahayzen_and the music-app should be able to see any music that you have on the sd card in the Music folder15:22
[tj]jabawok: I would avoid podbird15:22
jabawoki've tried podbird, I tried adding an rss feed and it crapped out15:22
jabawokseveral feeds15:22
jabawokcant get it working15:22
ogra_make sure to file bugs if you hit such issues, so they can be fixed ;)15:23
[tj]I would love to15:23
[tj]every time I use it something different breaks15:23
ahayzen_jabawok, you asked the question on launchpad as well right ? ... I wonder if your mediascanner2 is getting stuck scanning the music on the sd card15:23
ahayzen_jabawok, are you able to see the music in the local music scope ?15:23
jabawokhave only asked here sofar, will be starting on reporting to launchpad soon15:24
ogra_cool :)15:24
jabawoktrying the scope15:24
ahayzen_ah reported something else on lp recently, just recognised the name from my recent emails :-)15:24
jabawokhi :)15:25
ahayzen_jabawok, if the scope doesn't work, then we'll have to have a look at the mediascanner log :-)15:25
jabawokroger, trying to remember how scopes work again15:25
jabawoki'm guessing the scope is working15:26
jabawoklol.. podcast directory structure looks ridiculous in this view15:26
jabawoknot suitable at all15:26
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ahayzen_if you can see the music on your sd card from the scope, then mediascanner may not be at fault15:27
jabawoki can see some podcasts, not sure if all.15:27
jabawoki'll check that log15:27
[tj]does the music app support remembering position15:27
ahayzen_[tj], not remembering position, just your current song and the queue15:27
[tj]that won't be fun on long podcasts15:27
ahayzen_remembering the position is trickier.. as we'll be suspended soon15:28
jabawoki'll be feature requesting that once some of the showstopper bugs get fixed15:28
ahayzen_hence recommending podbird :-)15:28
[tj]ahayzen_: but podbird hasn't remembered position for me15:28
ahayzen_heh, add a feature request there as well :')15:28
nik90[tj], that's strange...it remember every podcast's position for me15:28
nik90we had it since v0.1 literally15:28
[tj]there is a bug in the tracker something along the lines of 'can't play downloaded tracks when leaving wifi'15:29
jabawokis there a way to play a file off sd card using podbird?15:29
[tj]I can't get tracks to play at all sometimes15:29
nik90jabawok, afraid not..infact no confined app can access the sd card15:29
ahayzen_jabawok, the log should be at ~/.cache/upstart/mediascanner-2.0.log15:29
nik90so its a system issue15:29
jabawokthanks ahayzen_15:30
nik90[tj], that's the bug you're hitting? I remember that bug, haven't tried reproducing it.15:30
[tj]nik90: I don't know if I am15:30
ahayzen_jabawok, if you could pastebin that, i can have a look. Just note that it will expose information about all the photos, videos and audio on your device15:30
[tj]yesterday I was unable to get a track I had played to play again15:30
[tj]i.e. listen to podcast for 10 minutes, switch to another podcast, first one just hangs15:31
nik90hmm strange15:31
jabawokahayzen_ no .log file but there is mediascanner-2.0.log.1.gz15:31
jabawoki'll pastebin that15:31
ahayzen_jabawok, yup that'll do15:31
ahayzen_jabawok, when your device restarts, it rotates the logs15:32
[tj]nik90: I am using bluetooth headphones, which might be unusual15:32
[tj]I can't think why it would be having any effect15:32
ogra_not unusual but that could be the reason :)15:32
nik90[tj], maybe you're hitting a system bug..I suggest you try with regular headphones and cross-check with bluetooth headphones15:32
ogra_BT got a lot better recently but is still far from perfect15:32
[tj]they are almost unusable right now, volume is really low15:33
nik90you provide with good testing data, and we help fix the bug15:33
ogra_(well, at least for the supported devices it got better)15:33
[tj]I will, this is day 315:33
nik90disclaimer, I'm one of Podbird devs.15:33
[tj]nik90: excellent, I know who to bother with questions15:33
jabawoknik90: is there a plan to get PodBird unconfined so it can play from SD card?15:33
[tj]nik90: two things that might look like feature requests15:33
jabawokmy podcast directory wont fit in 16G15:34
[tj]nik90: import rss feeds15:34
ahayzen_surely reading from ms2 should give you access to sd card data ?15:34
[tj]nik90: global downloaded panel15:34
nik90jabawok, if we get it unconfined, then we cannot distribute it through the store.15:34
[tj]nik90: are they not present for a reason, or are they just unimplemented?15:34
nik90[tj], global downloaded panel is next on my list..infact the devel version has it :)15:34
ogra_jabawok, it should respect a /Music folder on the SD card ... unconfined will likely not happen15:35
nik90[tj], as for import rss feeds, do you mean adding podcasts by url?15:35
ahayzen_ogra_, yeah that would be my thought15:35
nik90if yes, we already have that15:35
jabawokah that might work, thanks ogra_..  i'll rsync into /Music on sd15:35
ahayzen_jabawok, the music app should see stuff in /Music on the sd card15:36
jabawokahayzen_ I cant see any errors in the log, still want to take a look?15:36
ahayzen_jabawok, maybe you have it in the wrong location ^^ ?15:36
nik90ogra_, question, can confined apps access ~/Music?15:36
ahayzen_jabawok, but yeah i can take a look15:36
ogra_not sure it supports that yet, but technically all media playing apps should support such stuff if your SD has the respective dir ... if it doesnt, thats a bug15:36
jabawokyeah i have an /owncloud_rsync directory15:36
[tj]nik90: pocket casts will export a file with all my feeds, can I import that?15:36
jabawokunder sd card15:36
ahayzen_nik90, hmm you may need the music_files_read apparmor15:36
[tj]there are some podcasts the manual entry won't accept15:36
nik90[tj], ah that..no we don't support yet15:37
ahayzen_jabawok, ah, try moving to under the /Music one, then let ms2 rescan or reboot the device15:37
ogra_nik90, i think there were plans to add confinement options to support that ... not sure where that stands, you have to ask the security team15:37
jabawokroger ahayzen_15:37
nik90we do plan on adding opml importing feature15:37
ahayzen_jabawok, then if that doesn't work, we'll look at the log in greater detail :-)15:37
nik90ogra_, is jdstrand in the security team? I remember him working on apparmor confinement policies, adding exceptions etc.15:39
[tj]nik90: okay cool15:39
[tj]nik90: thanks for answering my questions15:39
jdstrandthe storage framework is not implemented yet (we reviewed the spec, it is on others to implement)15:39
ogra_nik90, yeah, jdstarnd is the security team ... (and there are some minions) :P15:40
jabawokahayzen_: how long does ms2 reindexing take?  I'm still seeing files get copied to ~/Music/Imported before playing15:42
jabawokafter moving on sd card to under /Music15:42
ahayzen_jabawok, can take a while, if you tail -f that log you can watch15:42
jabawokalso, I'm just selecting the file from file manager and opennign with music15:43
jabawokperhaps thats causing it15:43
ahayzen_jabawok, yeah that is causing the duplicates15:43
ahayzen_jabawok, they *should* just appear in the music-app and then you play from there15:43
jabawokbut i really cant use that UI15:43
ogra_yeah, file-manager will tell the app to import15:43
ahayzen_jabawok, you are being affected by bug 141382115:43
ubot5bug 1413821 in Ubuntu File Manager App "Music files are imported into the Music app, rather than simply opened" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141382115:43
jabawokfor navigating a folder structure of untagged files15:44
jabawokaha... YES15:44
jabawoki did try a few bug searches15:44
ahayzen_filemanager uses content-hub for files that have already been scanner by ms2, rather than url-handler15:44
ahayzen_causing the music-app to import it again15:44
ahayzen_jabawok, see comment #7 for my suggestion for the file manager :-)15:44
jabawokre using the Music app UI for locating a podcast file.. thats not happenning lol.15:46
jabawokI just tried it15:46
jabawokpodcasts dont fit under "artist" or "album"15:46
ahayzen_use the Songs tab and the search ? :')15:46
jabawoksearch for what?15:46
jabawoki cant remember which one i'm up to15:46
ahayzen_the title/filename15:46
jabawoki need to see the folders and files15:46
ahayzen_yeah... i feel your pain, music isn't really suited for podcasts15:46
ahayzen_if File Manager used url-handler we wouldn't have this issue :-)15:47
jabawokThanks for locating that bug # for me, good to see its being thought about15:48
ahayzen_jabawok, the other thing you could do from the music-app is create a playlist for that podcast, but that could be quite fiddly to find the tracks15:49
jabawokyeah a reasonable idea15:49
jabawokeasy to implement a cron script15:49
jabawokdoes ubuntu touch have a cron implementation?15:50
ahayzen_jabawok, our playlists are currently just a sqlite db in ~/.local/share/com.ubuntu.music/ .. eventually i want to get it to m3u's15:50
jabawokoh right15:50
jabawokthats more tricky15:50
jabawokcrontab: installing new crontab15:50
ogra_wont work15:50
jabawok ../var/spool/cron/: mkstemp: Read-only file system15:51
ogra_the crontab dir for user crontabs is readonly15:51
jabawoki could have done it on a desktop and rsynced the playlists accross via the desktop's crontab15:51
ogra_and system crontabs come from packages so they are living in the readonly space too15:51
jabawokbut sqlite..15:51
ahayzen_you could do a python script15:52
ogra_would be worth a bug against lxc-android-config to add that dir to writable dirs for cron stuff15:52
jabawokok will do15:53
jabawoknik90, while you're around.. could you try adding this feed to podbird?15:54
jabawokAm I doing something wrong?15:55
jabawokogra_: is this wording correct for the bug report:16:04
jabawok"/var/spool/cron/ should be readwrite for phablet user"16:04
ogra_well, actually you can only mke it rw in general16:05
ubot5Launchpad bug 1552774 in lxc-android-config (Ubuntu) "/var/spool/cron/ should be readwrite for phablet user" [Undecided,New]16:05
ogra_but that will be sufficient16:05
* ogra_ confirms16:05
jabawokI'd use aplay or whatnot on commandline for podcasts, but it frigging gets suspended when you so much as switch task16:06
jabawoki'm going to sink some time into solving that, suspending background tasks is not something I ever want16:07
peat-psuwitmariogrip: does the ubports' system-image server tag stable OTA number?16:07
tvossjabawok, so what is the actual issue you are experiencing?16:08
tvossjabawok, yup16:08
jabawokplaying podcasts from sd card16:08
jabawoka few issues16:08
jabawokone of them: choosing the podcast from filemanager causes duplicates under ~/Music via the music app16:09
tvossjabawok, okay, that's the import issue iiuc16:10
ahayzen_which is basically bug 141382116:10
ubot5bug 1413821 in Ubuntu File Manager App "Music files are imported into the Music app, rather than simply opened" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141382116:10
jabawokyep that bug16:11
ahayzen_IIRC docviewer has the same issue16:11
tvossjabawok, what do you need cron for?16:11
jabawokoh was, going to script something to create playlists nightly16:12
jabawokto work around the above issue16:12
jabawokbut in general, crontab is something i'll be using a lot16:12
jabawoksyncing files etc16:12
ogra_tvoss, mny people that do scripting use cron on the phone ... and often that dir being readonly is the only reason for them to make the device writable ... i think it is valid to simply allow user crontabs to be created there (and the fix is super simple)16:13
jabawok(seasoned n900 user here)16:13
tvossjabawok, okay, so the obvious ways of cron usage then16:13
ogra_cron cant wake up the device (we tested that) so there is no risk of battery drain or any such thing16:13
jabawokoh :/16:14
jabawokthat severely limits it's usefulness then16:14
ogra_anacron will just replay missed cron events when the device wakes up16:14
jabawokeven better would be allow cron to wake up the device16:16
ogra_wont happen i guess16:16
jabawokwe should tie these "advanced" user features to dev mode or something16:16
ogra_well, happy cron patching :)16:17
jabawokthis gets rid of the whole "gotta dumb it down for the stupid users who will complain about battery drain"16:17
tvossjabawok, patches welcome, or have simple app that registers for push notifications and send those regularly from your desktop machine (have a cron job there)16:17
jabawokinteresting option16:17
ogra_i could imagine that we rather provide a hook for that in the future than allowing cron to wake up the HW16:18
ogra_i.e. long term16:18
jabawokyeah i'll have some time off from work soon, so will be looking into creating a few patches, if nothing else for myself16:18
tvossjabawok, it's actually a much nicer way of doing synchronization16:18
jabawoki'll look into the push notifications thing, that might be very useful16:19
jabawokthanks all for your help today btw16:20
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streulmahello my Nexus 6 device cannot be ported to Ubuntu Touch ?17:09
k1l_streulma: last state i heard from one year ago was: no17:11
streulmaI cannot install the generic image ?17:13
k1l_no. on arm there is no such thing like generic iso we have for the pc. you need an image made for that device matching bootloader, drivers etc.17:15
dobeystreulma: nexus 6 can be ported; it just requires work17:50
edude03dobey still not Z1 image?17:54
dobeyedude03: i don't know anything about the z117:55
edude03It's weird, they've been touting the Z1 as the next supported phone but I can't find anything about it17:55
pmcgowanmhall119, do we have a channel for the z1 yet?17:56
pmcgowanI know its not quite done17:56
mhall119pmcgowan: not that I know of, that was victorp's team working on it though17:56
pmcgowanondra, do you know17:57
ondrapmcgowan no channel17:58
ondrapmcgowan branch in gerrit, so you can build it yourself17:58
ondrapmcgowan but no official channel17:58
ondrapmcgowan no time at all now, to polish Z1 more I'm afraid17:58
ondrapmcgowan once I have some time, I need to rebase, since sony pushed lot of changes I need to catch with17:59
pmcgowanok edude03 was asking earlier18:00
peter-bittnerI need some help with click to build a web app click package.18:33
peter-bittnerWhen I run `click build .` (something that worked a few months ago) I get the following error:18:33
peter-bittnerNow executing: click-review ./appear-in.peter-bittner_0.1_all.click18:33
peter-bittner - security_policy_version_matches_framework (appear-in.apparmor)18:34
peter-bittnerInvalid framework 'ubuntu-sdk-15.04'18:34
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peter-bittnerActually, the whole output is: (which may give more clue of what is wrong)18:35
peter-bittner$ click build .18:35
peter-bittnerWARNING:root:Ignoring missing framework "ubuntu-sdk-15.04"18:35
peter-bittnerNow executing: click-review ./appear-in.peter-bittner_0.1_all.click18:35
peter-bittner - lint_maintainer_domain18:35
peter-bittner(EMAIL NEEDS HUMAN REVIEW) email domain too long 'django@bittner.it' for app name 'appear-in.peter-bittner'18:35
peter-bittner - security_policy_version_matches_framework (appear-in.apparmor)18:35
peter-bittnerInvalid framework 'ubuntu-sdk-15.04'18:35
peter-bittner./appear-in.peter-bittner_0.1_all.click: FAIL18:35
peter-bittnerSuccessfully built package in './appear-in.peter-bittner_0.1_all.click'.18:35
peter-bittnerWhy `WARNING:root:Ignoring missing framework "ubuntu-sdk-15.04"`? I already built a couple of click packages in the past.18:36
mhall119mariogrip: so I asked around about debugging tools/processes to help you, and unfortunately there doesn't seem to be anything other than what you're already doing18:36
k1l_peter-bittner: better use a pastebin like paste.ubuntu.com for large numbers of lines.18:36
mhall119mariogrip: but abeato has said that you can ping him whenever you need help with it and he will try and get you through18:37
mhall119we can see if the Fairphone guys have anything on their end that might help18:38
peter-bittnerk1l_: Thanks for the hint.18:38
dobeymarlinc: where did you say the syslog was accessible from recovery at?18:44
dobeymariogrip: ^^ that was for you18:44
mariogripdobey: /data/system-data/var/log/syslog18:45
dobeymariogrip: i don't have a /data/system-data/ in recovery18:45
geniiBesides which, once they see how much you can actually get done, that will become the new normal pace18:46
mariogripmhall119: ack18:46
mariogripdobey: is /data mounted?18:46
dobeymariogrip: do i have to manually mount anything? there is a /data/ dir, and /data/media, but both empty18:47
mariogripdobey: do mount /data18:47
dobeymariogrip: what should i look for there?18:48
mariogripmhall119: I could not find any useful logs from the kernel about the screen/sleep issue... I think we need to send it to them without logs18:49
mariogripI have tried for days now...18:49
dobeymariogrip: didn't you guys have the same issue on fairphone a few weeks ago too?18:50
mariogripdobey: I has the same problem with oneplus one running on 5.1, but not fairphone18:50
mariogripbut that was some problems with the android hal18:50
mhall119mariogrip: ok18:51
mariogripand I don't think this is the same issue since it was working before18:51
dobeymariogrip: i recall mhall119 having the same issue i'm having, a few weeks ago, with maliit/unity8-dash constantly crashing, on fairphone iirc18:51
mariogripoh, what you can try is chmod 777 /dev/* (777 just to test) to see if there might be some problems with permission18:52
mariogripdobey: ^18:52
mhall119dobey: that was from quite some time ago, IIRC it was a conflict between libhybris and mir or something18:52
mariogripYeah, that issue what also in the android hal18:53
mhall119or the permission thing, mariogrip added a udev rule that fixed that, IIRC18:53
dobeyJul 27 21:39:27 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [   18.713349]  MSM8974 Media1: asoc: MSM8974 Media1 no valid capture route from source to sink18:53
mariogripthat seems like audio18:53
dobeythere are a LOT of those18:53
mariogripcould you send me the full log?18:54
peter-bittnerWhere can I find a list of available policy_groups?19:08
peter-bittnerIt's about .click package development for ubuntu touch.19:09
dobeypeter-bittner: the SDK UI has the list19:10
peter-bittnerCommand line or website URL anybody? The UI is just horrible to find stuff. Sorry. I've looked for ages, can't find the list (anymore).19:11
peter-bittnerI've added "video" and the web app isn't asking for the permission to use the camera. That's my actual problem.19:12
pmcgowanpeter-bittner, https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/platform/guides/app-confinement/19:17
dobeyvideo isn't for using the camera i don't think19:18
dobeybut when you "open" the apparmor.json file or foo.apparmor or whatever it's called, in the SDK, it should show a list of things you can select to add to the profile19:18
dobeyfor camera, you need camera19:19
dobeyi'm not actually sure what video is for19:19
peter-bittnerpmcgowan: Thanks, that URL is cool. "camera" isn't working, `click build .` complains ("found unusual policy groups: camera")19:20
dobeymaybe because of the policy version being used19:20
dobeyalso, there is #ubuntu-app-devel which is a bit more appropriate for sdk/app devel questions like these19:21
peter-bittnerInterestingly, there is no "1.3" folder in my /usr/share/apparmor/easyprof/templates/ubuntu/19:21
dobeyin the host, or in your click chroot?19:22
peter-bittnerOh, another IRC channel? I think I read "#ubuntu-touch" on the developer website.19:22
peter-bittnerdobey: On the host.19:22
dobeyi think click-reviewer-tools is run in the chroot, and i think it uses a different cache file for policy group checking, rather than poking at the live easyprof template installs19:23
peter-bittnerdobey: Hmmm, alright. I'm just following some instructions from the online docs.19:30
peter-bittnerdobey: How can I get a list of available policy_groups from withing the chroot environment? What's the appropriate command?19:30
dobeyit's shown in the page that pmcgowan linked19:31
peter-bittnerdobey: I see. Though my local click-review complains. Whatever. It also complains about the "lengthy email address" which is none. Weird.19:34
dobeymariogrip: do you know how i could build android 5.1.1 kernel tree for hammerhead to try?20:03
mariogripdobey: I don't think the kernel is the problem (it's pretty similar to 4.4 kernel), but maybe the problem lays in the hal20:05
mariogripdobey: did you try chmod 777 /dev/* to see if it's a permission issue?20:06
dobeymariogrip: /dev/* in the android container? or /dev/* in ubuntu?20:07
mariogripdobey: in ubuntu20:07
mariogripchmod it and restart lightdm20:08
dobeymariogrip: and where is that device tree in recovery?20:08
dobeyi can't use adb while unity8 is constantly crashing20:08
mariogripdid you try the adb at boot?20:08
dobeythe hardware is too overloaded to type20:10
dobeyMar  3 13:34:17 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [   55.745668] WARNING: at /build/buildd/linux-hammerhead-3.4.0/drivers/video/msm/mdss/mdss_mdp_intf_cmd.c:440 mdss_mdp_cmd_wait4pingpong+0xbc/0x124()20:11
mariogripI wish I had a nexus 5 so I could fix this, it's kinda hard for me without something to debug on20:12
mariogripoh, I see20:13
mariogripgive me a minute to test something20:13
edude03ondra any idea what works / doesn't?20:14
edude03thanks for redirect pmcgowan20:14
mterrytedg, heyo20:28
mterrytedg, so that error about "Unable to find keyfile for legacy application: gallery" ?20:28
tedgUh oh, sounds like it might be my fault :-)20:29
mterrytedg, I tested and I'm passing "com.ubuntu.gallery_gallery_2.9.1.1260" to Application::create() before getting that20:29
tedgHmm, that sounds good. What is the appId() property afterwards?20:30
n1cky_is building on 5.1.1 more stable now?20:32
mterrytedg, it never returns I guess, it aborts with an exception20:32
n1cky_or even 5.0? I've been yearning to get shamu running ubuntu touch20:32
tedgmterry: Ah, okay. I think I understand what's happening.20:35
tedgmterry: I'm checking to see if it is a legacy app first, but since we install the backwards compatible desktop files in ~/.local/share/applications it is detecting it there.20:35
tedgmterry: And then creating that instead of a click app20:36
mterrytedg, yup, I have a desktop file there20:36
tedgWe need to kill those. They're just all problems :-(20:36
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tedgmterry: Pushed r256 that switches the checking order.20:40
mterrytedg, nice, let me try20:40
mterrytedg, fixed it for me20:46
tedgWoot! Hopefully for bregma too!20:47
ondraedude03 on Z1?20:48
edude03Yeah I want to get (another) Z1 to try Ubuntu touch on20:49
ondraedude03 you can test/dual boot it if you want20:49
ondraedude03 wifi works, telephony I think to some extend20:49
ondraedude03 don't thing audio works20:50
dobeytedg: the only real problem we have with .desktop files, is that we keep having to write new parsers for them20:50
ondraedude03 BT can't remember if I already patched kernel or not20:50
edude03I want BT/Convergence/Wifi :)20:51
edude03By Convergence I mean HDMI out I guess20:51
tedgdobey: https://github.com/mvo5/snappy/blob/feature/desktop-files/snappy/desktop.go#L4020:52
dobeyi'm not even going to look at that20:53
dobeymariogrip: did you get to test that something? :)20:54
mariogripdobey: is dbug spamming syslog on your device?20:56
dobeymariogrip: not really, no; kernel is i guess20:57
mariogripdobey: ok, I will try to build a new updated kernel for your device, but I don't know if that will work20:58
dobeymariogrip: you mean android 5?20:58
mariogripdobey: no, then i need to rebuild the hal to20:58
mariogripthen i kinda need a debug device, without it will be really hard20:58
dobeymariogrip: what changes to android 4 then?20:58
dobeymariogrip: i don't expect you to fix the problem; i'm just looking for some help on figuring it out and pointing me where to look.20:59
mariogriplogcat (/system/bin/logcat) syslog, dmesg, /home/phablet/.cache/upstart/unity8.log /var/log/lightdm/21:01
mariogripthat's some places to check21:01
mariogripbut, it's kinda hard without adb21:01
dobeyunity8-dash.log just has the fatal error message21:02
mariogripwhat do that say?21:02
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dobeyno mir socket to connect to21:03
mariogripwhat do unity8.log say?21:04
dobeymariogrip: anyway, were you going to change the tree in some way to build it? or just build a fresh checkout of phablet?21:04
mariogripdobey: I was to pull a fresh tree from google21:05
mariogripand apply the ubuntu configs21:05
mariogripthere we go!  Failed to choose EGL config: EGL_NOT_INITIALIZED21:06
mariogripthen, we need to check logcat21:06
dobeydoesn't logcat just cat logs?21:06
mariogripno, logcat is android's loger21:07
dobeyoh. can i poke it from recovery?21:07
mariogripno, we need to do that from ubuntu21:07
dobeyi'm guessing this is due to the trace i pastebined earlier though21:07
dobeywell that's a problem :(21:07
mariogriphumm, can you start ubuntu let it run a minute then do adb shell stop lightdm21:09
mariogripthen it will stop lightdm and stop unity8 and mir21:09
dobeyi can try i guess21:11
dobeymariogrip: "unknown job: lightdm"21:12
mariogripok, then just to adb /system/bin/logcat and see if you can get something out21:13
mariogripadb shell /system/bin/logcat21:13
mariogripdobey: did you see something on the screen when you ran adb shell stop lightdm21:17
dobeymariogrip: the bootsplash is on the screen is all21:17
dobeyit just sits at bootsplash forever21:17
mariogripubuntu bootsplash or google?21:17
mariogripoh, then lightdm should be running21:18
mariogripdobey: did you try adb shell /system/bin/logcat ?21:19
dobeymariogrip: not yet, if i just let it sit there whil talking on irc, it will get very hot, so i keep rebooting it to fastboot when things don't work21:21
dobeyand i'm doing other things too :)21:21
mariogripdobey: :)21:21
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dobeymariogrip: this is unbelievably slow; and it didn't output much before dropping connection21:31
dobey--------- beginning of /dev/alog/main21:31
dobeythat's all that got printed to my terminal21:31
mariogripdobey: ok, then i need to think out a different method to capture logcat logs21:34
dobeywhy would egl suddenly have stopped working? that doesn't make any sense doe sit?21:35
mariogriptbh I have no idea why it would just stop working after an update21:36
dobeymust be a hybris issue21:40
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mariogripdobey: maybe22:11
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