diddledanapparently it's illegal to lie online: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-3571277200:06
brobostigongoats cheese camenbert, :)00:07
diddledanthat was my first thought, too00:07
daftykinswell they're going at it like there's a world record attempt, over in #ubuntu00:07
brobostigona cheese i discovered this afternoon.00:08
diddledanit's all quiet in there now that I've joined00:09
brobostigonin where?00:09
daftykinsah probably for the best00:09
daftykinsjust think idiots saying lubuntu is amazing on 256MB RAM ¬_¬00:09
* brobostigon makes a note for his fiance, 'buy this cheese please honey' :)00:14
m0nkey_diddledan, you've seen this guy before, but he's done more videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSoXEtFPTfI00:50
diddledandaftykins, that dude won't let it drop00:51
diddledanm0nkey_, love that guy00:52
m0nkey_the mashable videos seem a bit forced and rushed, but i'm sure they'll get better over time00:52
daftykinstoo many idiots bite the hand that feeds00:59
* diddledan nibbles on daftykins' fingers01:00
diddledanI almost typed that with pp instead of bb01:01
diddledanI have a one-track mind01:01
zmoylan-piyou so hornby? :-P01:19
diddledannot any more. I just ate01:21
daftykinsnn \o01:48
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diddledanNSFW https://www.youtube.com/embed/U08XWOx3XYM02:59
m0nkey_The only winning move is not to play.03:43
* zmoylan-1i now wants burger king for some reason...03:44
m0nkey_How about a nice game of chess?03:44
* m0nkey_ just re-watched WarGames03:45
zmoylan-1ihaven't seen radio controlled flying dinosaurs since03:45
zmoylan-1iprobably the only hacker movie i liked i don't have on dvd03:47
diplo_Morning all08:01
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knightwisemorning popey08:52
knightwiseHmm :) Pi2 has an uptime of over a month. Not bad :)08:52
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:08
knightwisehey brobostigon , how are you todday10:33
brobostigonnot bad really, and you?10:33
brobostigonhi popey10:43
knightwisedoing ok :) listening to podcasts in my linux vm, tucked away fullscreen on a differnt virtual desktop on my mac :)10:51
knightwiseIts like having a second laptop with me at work.10:51
knightwisehey matt_linuxlearne12:03
matt_linuxlearnehows it going?12:43
knightwisehey matt_linuxlearne , doin ok here. How about you ?12:44
knightwisePutting together a nice Linux VM on my mac. Decided to go for elementary since it remains one of my favorite distro's12:44
matt_linuxlearneyeh working hard, slowly getting used to running linux12:45
knightwiseThats ok :) there is plenty to learn and its fun12:46
knightwisewhat are you currently running ?12:46
matt_linuxlearneUbu 14.04 lts12:46
davmor2matt_linuxlearne: :) that's a good starting point, nice and stable12:47
matt_linuxlearnei was using mint but decided to take a jump when there iso pool got hacked12:47
knightwisematt_linuxlearne: correct . good disto. Stick to the LTS releases to keep yourself from distro hopping.12:49
knightwiseI'm on 1404 on my Dell XPS13 and currently running an elementary VM on my macbook pro.12:49
knightwisematt_linuxlearne: I did a coulple of shows on runnign a linux laptop as a main machine on my podcast12:50
matt_linuxlearnegonna stick with buntu, trying to learn enough to start being a sys admin, currently pushing to power user12:50
knightwiseyou might want to check those out12:50
matt_linuxlearnenot really done podcast before, give me the link12:50
knightwisematt_linuxlearne: Ubuntu is just as powerfull (and power-user friendly) as any distro. Some of the geeky stuff is under the hood.12:51
knightwiseyou might also want to check out the going linux podcast. Larry does great work for people who are new12:51
matt_linuxlearnesite looks cool, will browse later12:51
matt_linuxlearnepop me a link12:52
knightwisei think.12:53
matt_linuxlearnei will g it12:53
knightwiseah ,.com12:54
knightwiseforgot about that one12:54
knightwiseso matt_linuxlearne , where are you at with your discoveries in Linuxland12:57
matt_linuxlearnegetting to grips with power use12:57
matt_linuxlearnetrying to use linux more and more in daily work life12:58
matt_linuxlearneusing gnome connection manager13:00
matt_linuxlearnevirtual box13:00
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knightwisegive zenmap a look13:09
knightwisegraphical frontend to nmap13:09
matt_linuxlearneim going to be looking closer at those types of tools soon, but i need to get a good work handle on linux first13:10
matt_linuxlearnewhat do you do for a living?13:10
knightwiseFreelance consultant13:11
matt_linuxlearnewhat security field by chance?13:12
knightwiseMostly functional / techincal analysis and solution design for companies13:12
matt_linuxlearnefair shout13:12
knightwisematt_linuxlearne: not specifically , but i do need some of those tools when I do network analysis13:12
matt_linuxlearnetcpdump, nmap13:12
knightwisenmap and wireshark13:12
matt_linuxlearneby boss would class them as not needed tools so i use wireshark13:13
knightwisenmap is very helpfull when it comes to checking out hosts on a network , wireshark mostly looks at the traffic those hosts generate13:14
matt_linuxlearneso i use angryip scanner13:15
matt_linuxlearnefor hunt out active host, but as we both know its not amazing13:15
knightwisesimple and it does the trick13:19
knightwiseyou ahve that on linux or windows ?13:19
matt_linuxlearneuse angry on win and osx13:32
matt_linuxlearnenot tried in in butu13:32
knightwisematt_linuxlearne: thanx for the tip , i'm using lanscan on OSX , kinda the same13:38
matt_linuxlearneany good?13:46
matt_linuxlearneangry ip does not resolve host names that well13:47
matt_linuxlearneanyone out there15:12
matt_linuxlearnehows it going15:14
davmor2fine thanks15:14
matt_linuxlearneyeh not bad15:14
popeyhttp://ubuntupodcast.org/2016/03/03/s09e01-raspberry-tripel/ \o/15:16
davmor2popey: is it me is that not how you spell triple15:24
davmor2popey: on what?15:27
popeyThe language :)15:27
knightwiseTripel = Perticular sort of beer15:38
knightwiseTrappist "Double" or "Tripel"15:38
knightwiseTripel = Fermentend longer then Double15:38
popeymmmm beer15:40
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