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pstolowskicimi, morning!08:46
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cimipstolowski, morning09:06
pstolowskicimi, hey, ok to rename 'social attributes' to 'social actions' ?09:10
cimipstolowski, definitely09:10
pstolowskicimi, btw i've branches mostly ready (minus renaming) in case you missed LP emails09:10
cimipstolowski, I did miss them indeed09:11
pstolowskicimi, https://code.launchpad.net/~stolowski/unity-scopes-shell/social-attributes/+merge/28780809:11
pstolowskicimi, https://code.launchpad.net/~stolowski/unity-api/social-attributes-role/+merge/28780209:11
cimipstolowski, thanks a lot, I agree with the change to action, we might have other "actions" one day - internally I also chose "action" as signal name to pass from cards to the dash for the very same reason09:12
pstolowskicimi, okay. the internal names are not so critical, we can always change them, but "social_actions" will stay for good once public09:16
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pstolowskicimi, renamed09:54
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mterryjosharenson, heyo, how do I best test this autopilot fix?  I remember running into problems last time I ran autopilot tests on the phone15:28
josharensonmterry: I was using some of the ubuntu-keyboard autopilot tests to test it... They would fail before the fix and pass after15:29
mterryjosharenson, just using phablet-test-run?15:30
* Saviq not sure if p-t-r is in a good state these days15:31
josharensonmterry: that should work. I was just running them directly on the device (ssh + autopilot3 <test.name>)15:31
mterryjosharenson, ok easy enough15:31
mterrySaviq, yeah  :(15:31
MirvSaviq: hmm, why you have pushed stuff directly to lp:unity8, making https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/silo/076 look like it does while it's in testing?16:16
SaviqMirv, uh?16:17
SaviqMirv, sorry, wrong branch, /me undoes16:17
Mirvok, thanks16:18
SaviqMirv, thanks for noticing16:18
Mirvnow looks good :)16:19
Saviq@unity: please update your cards in trello16:30
mterrybregma, I want to investigate the failure you saw with qtmir launching libertine apps.  Are there current instructions on how to setup a phone with libertine packages and scuh?16:31
mterrybregma, oh actually, the failure you saw was with normal launches, wasn't it.  nm then I guess16:31
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Saviqmterry, hey, do you know your ways around cross-build deps and multiarch?20:20
mterrySaviq, I've messed with it a bit, but not an expert20:21
mterrySaviq, what you got?20:21
Saviqmterry, https://unity8-jenkins.ubuntu.com/job/build-2-binpkg/781/20:21
Saviqmterry, Depends: doxyqml:armhf but it is not installable20:22
Saviqmterry, doxyqml is Arch: all20:22
Saviqbut it pulls in python, so that's where it breaks most likely20:22
Saviqwhat's interesting is it works on vivid20:22
mterrySaviq, yeah I'm guessing that python3-setuptools:armhf is the real culprit20:24
mterryOr at least half of the culprit..20:25
mterryit and doxyqml are marked as uninstallable20:25
Saviqoh indeed missed that20:25
Saviqbut then, it might just be the same problem20:26
Saviqrather than either being to blame\20:26
mterrySaviq, fiar20:26
mterrysomething with python20:26
Saviqmterry, doxyqml has "Depends: python (>= 2.7), python (<< 2.8), doxygen"20:26
mterrySaviq, I've found those apt-get messages aren't super helpful.  Usually I need to chase it with "apt-get install doxyqml" and see what complains.  Then iterate20:27
* Saviq tries in amd64-armhf20:27
Saviqmterry, hmm or maybe just a red herring?20:29
mterrySaviq, it installed?20:29
Saviqmterry, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15276195/20:30
mterrySaviq, might need to try to install the same set of packages.  Might be a conflicting one in the builder20:30
Saviqmterry, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15276232/20:36
Saviqeither install fine separately, but can't install together20:37
mterrySaviq, libboost couldn't install because of g++20:37
Saviqmterry, yeah, but libboost alone installs fine20:37
mterrySaviq, are there incompatible versions of g++ requested?  (I didn't think that was possible, but maybe with cross building...)20:37
Saviqcould be20:38
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Saviqmterry, there we go http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15276258/20:40
SaviqI think it's the left-over dep on g++:native on unity-api20:40
Saviqwe've been doing away with those weren't20:41
Saviqhmm no, dummy, that's B-D20:41
Saviqyeah it's boost20:43
Saviqnot sure that's expected20:43
Saviqlibboost-dev has "Depends: g++ (>= 4:5-0), g++-5 (>= 5.2.1-11), libstdc++-5-dev (>= 5.2.1-11), libboost1.58-dev"20:46
SaviqI think those should be :native20:46
* Saviq tries20:52
Saviqor not, :native is not a thing ¿?21:01
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Saviqmterry, anyway, filed bug #155291421:05
ubot5bug 1552914 in boost-defaults (Ubuntu) "Can't install libboost-dev:armhf in a cross-build environment" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/155291421:05
Saviqlet's see where that gets us21:05
mterrySaviq, doko might be able to help with what's expected there21:06
Saviqmterry, yup21:06
Saviqmterry, especially since https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/wily/boost-defaults/wily/revision/1521:06
Saviqthe worrying thing is that got uploaded in June last year21:07
Saviqso either no one is cross building anything any more21:07
Saviqor it's actually not an issue21:07
Saviqor rather not supported or something21:08
Saviqeither case ;(21:08
josharensonwhat devices support windowed mode?23:25

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