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bigpetdid anything change regarding the procedure of getting intels vulkan drivers to run on the xenial preview? I got it working 3 weeks ago21:20
bigpetbut now I tried the same steps and I get a undefined symbol with a sha1 function in mesa21:21
tjaaltonit's broken21:22
tjaaltonstill haven't fixed it21:22
bigpetoh, ok. I was wondering. I recompiled mesa but didn't install the recompiled version just tried to set some env var to the vulkan loader json and got some other error21:23
bigpetbut theoretically just recompiling and then installing the recompiled version could fix it? or is there something else I'd be missing?21:24
tjaaltona commit needs to be reverted21:24
tjaaltonor figure out why it works on fedora21:25
bigpetI mean if it's just the sha1 thing, I found irc logs dating back to like october of last months of people disussing it being a bug in the configure script of mesa21:32
bigpet*of last year21:32
bigpetneat, got vkcube running23:01
bigpetthanks for the help23:02

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