Kiloshi superfly inetpro and others05:08
Kiloshi thatgraemeguy 05:53
Wolfeyesmorning everyone05:55
Kiloshi Wolfeyes 05:55
superflyMorning Kilos thatgraemeguy Wolfeyes 06:00
chesedomorning all06:01
Kiloshi chesedo 06:01
chesedohi oom Kilos, oom bail gister aand toe vroeg uit...06:02
* chesedo is suppose to be the old one remember :P06:02
Kilosek kan net doen wat die hoofpyn toelaat06:03
chesedoouch, hoop oom voel vandag better?06:04
Kilosdis daar maar beheerbaar op die oomblik dankie06:05
chesedosterte oom...06:05
Wolfeyeshey chesedo06:14
chesedohi Wolfeyes, you got the network up06:15
Wolfeyessomething interesting happened last night, after resetting the /etc/network/interfaces back to dhcp, when I "ifconfig" it only shows the "lo" and not the "p3p1"06:16
WolfeyesI am using my spare computer to connect to the net06:16
Wolfeyeshence me not coming back online lol06:18
WolfeyesJust another question, I understand the "p3p1" is slot 3 port 1, can't this be changed to "eth0" and my "p5p1" to "eth1", or is it correct the way it is?06:21
* chesedo does not know, they changed from eth* after the 15.04 (or 14.10) release06:25
Wolfeyesmorning superfly didn't see that up there, sorry.06:30
chesedoWolfeyes: something that fusionsparc pointed out last night is to remember to restart the networking service after making changes to the interface file06:30
WolfeyesI normally restart the pc chesedo06:31
chesedothat can also work, just takes longer06:31
WolfeyesI also noticed sometimes it keeps a swap file with the old information still in it06:31
Wolfeyeswhich I removed06:32
chesedowhat did you use to edit it?06:32
chesedogedit usually does that06:32
WolfeyesI looked at it once or twice in vi06:32
chesedothat is a better way to go (when without a GUI) just takes some time to get used to06:33
chesedowhich Ubuntu version are you using?06:33
Wolfeyesubuntu server if I am not mistaken, latest one06:33
chesedono, i mean the release version06:34
WolfeyesI added a kde desktop to it as well just for the time being, I will remove it later06:34
Wolfeyeslet me see06:34
chesedouse `sudo services restart networking` to restart the networking service06:36
WolfeyesTrusty 14.04.0406:36
Wolfeyesah ty06:36
inetprogood mornings06:36
chesedoif above... ah never mind06:36
Wolfeyeshey inetpro06:36
chesedomoring inetpro06:36
chesedoWolfeyes: one thing. How did you open gedit to be able to edit the interfaces file?06:37
Wolfeyessudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces06:37
* chesedo thought so06:38
chesedodo a quick google search for 'gksudo vs sudo'06:38
Wolfeyesgoes to look06:38
* chesedo has to go for a while... wbb06:39
Wolfeyestyped in, "sudo services restart networking" and I got "sudo:services: command not found" was the reply.06:48
Kilosuse nano man06:48
Kiloshi inetpro 06:49
chesedoWolfeyes: sorry sould be service (without the s)07:48
Wolfeyesgoes to look07:49
Wolfeyesunrecognised service07:51
Wolfeyeslet me just change back to the original file again07:51
chesedooh boy, i gave you the wrong ordering. should be `sudo service networking restart`07:53
* chesedo used to systemd07:53
Wolfeyeslol, goes to look again07:56
Wolfeyes"stop:unknown instance  start: Job failed to start"08:05
Wolfeyeshey dlPhreak08:16
dlPhreakWolfeyes: hello!08:16
WolfeyesI think everyone is busy currently 08:17
Kiloshi dlPhreak 08:17
dlPhreakI think you may be correct, Wolfeyes .08:33
dlPhreakMorning Kilos 08:33
* chesedo just had to test if the command was correct... ended up having to restart all his services08:37
chesedoWolfeyes: failing to start is prob a config error08:37
* chesedo thinks syslog should contain the error08:39
chesedo`tail /var/log/syslog` directly after trying to (re)start networking08:40
xsmchesedo: it's Wolfeyes08:57
xsmusing a network manager to connect now - not the right thing on a server - but it connects at least now08:57
chesedoxsm: it - meaning the clients?09:00
xsmMy company name - X. Services and Maintenance09:00
chesedolol, i meant do you mean the computers by it?09:01
chesedointernal ones09:01
Sxuzawhat does xsm do?09:01
xsmit = the clients server.09:02
chesedoSxuza: prob something eXcellent09:02
Sxuzaahhaha 09:02
xsmBiometrics, payroll, time and attendance - experimenting with linux lol09:02
Sxuzadoes anyone here use a Mac?09:03
xsmAccess control as well.09:03
Sxuzagood stuff xsm 09:03
chesedobiometrics... interesting.....09:03
magespawngood morning all09:46
magespawni have a email sending problem to SARS, i am getting a SPF 553 error, any insight?09:47
Wolfeyeshey magespawn09:47
magespawnhi Wolfeyes 09:48
Kiloshi magespawn 09:50
MaNIyour mailserver is missing a DNS record that some receiving mailservers look for09:51
Kiloshi iqbal 10:09
iqbalhi Kilos10:20
magespawnMaNI: thanks i will check that out11:12
magespawnMaNI: spf/dns record only had op of google's ip instead of using v=spf1 include:_spf.google.com ~all11:27
Kiloshope mine never goes crazy like that. too much thinking work. write the fix down magespawn 11:29
magespawnnothing serious, that must have happened when i was fiddeling around earlier, we had some issues with spam 11:29
Kilossjoe spam is a pain , i cleared out my spam today , 300 of which 5 were ubuntu related11:30
magespawnthe mailing list stuff seems to get flagged sometimes, seems to depend who is included in the sending and recieving11:31
Kilosothers were gambling stuff, viagra adds and other sites that look like interesting stuff like car info, drive and health and they all go to sites that show females that want dates and husbands11:31
Kilosand so many offering credits cards and loans11:33
magespawnmost of mine have to do with brides, of one sort or another11:34
Kiloslovely russian ladies looking for husbands11:34
Kilosoh my goodness13:59
Kilosenabled so much stuff in d-link router and no 3g internet then let it go directly to register with d-link for a dns and internet now works14:00
* Kilos scratches head14:01
Kilosmust be a female router14:01
superflyKilos: jy sĂȘ dit van alles wat jy nie verstaan nie.14:06
Kiloshahahaha ja wel tannies is van die moeielikste wesens om te verstaan14:07
Kiloswb Wolfeyes 15:14
Kilosoh my, chased him away15:18
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
magespawngood evening18:00
Kiloshi magespawn 18:00
WolfeyesWhen someone has a moment please can you help me with checking my network, it is dhcp and It needs to be on static, I have a router, with the server connecting to it and all other internal computers connecting to the server, I have tried so much since last night I have no clue where to go from here.18:00
Wolfeyeshey magespawn18:00
magespawnhi Kilos Wolfeyes 18:00
magespawnWolfeyes: do you know much about networks:18:01
KilosWolfeyes explain what exactly you need to do18:01
Kilosand what you are using18:01
Kiloslike 2 network cards etc18:01
WolfeyesI do but not so much with ubuntu18:01
superflyWolfeyes: what are you trying to do?18:02
Wolfeyesso let me start....18:02
magespawnsame principles 18:02
Cryterionevening everyone18:03
magespawnhi Cryterion 18:03
magespawnahh thought he had gone a bit still there18:07
WolfeyesI have a router, which connects to a server, via onboard motherboard, then from the server on the 2nd network card, it must go out to the internal network computers ( about 20)18:15
Wolfeyessorry about that18:15
magespawnno worries18:15
WolfeyesThere is Arno's iptables and squid on the server to control the network18:15
WolfeyesI have tried to set the server to static ip and nothing seems to work. Secondly when booting and shutting down I see a warning of eth0 and eth1 does not exist, I thought by trying to rename p3p1 to eth0 that would solve the problem, it doesn't ( found a bug on launchpad which does this)18:15
Wolfeyes it is still p3p1 and p5p1 respectively.18:15
magespawnwhy are you going through the server to the network? is that the proxy server?18:16
magespawnwhat os?18:16
magespawnjust server/18:16
Wolfeyeswith a kde display18:17
Wolfeyesserver with a kde desktop18:17
magespawnokay, i would ask why the desktop, but lets leave that18:17
magespawnwhat is the out put of ifconfig?18:18
magespawnor sudo ifconfig18:18
Wolfeyesbefore I couldn't even see the p5p1, now at least I see that18:20
Wolfeyesbut I had to load network manager to get it there which is kind of defeating the object of a server I know but I was trying to do it without help.18:20
magespawni assume p3p1 is the one connected to the router18:21
magespawnthere are two ways you can make sure the ip address remains the same, you can set it on the computer or you can have the router assign it to the mac address that come with that network adaptor18:23
magespawni am not sure why they are called p3p1 and p5p1 though18:23
WolfeyesI think it would be best to asign it to the computer.18:24
magespawnis the server going to control the rest of the network?18:24
Wolfeyesyeah I know, I been battling all day to change it.18:24
magespawni normally try to do both 18:24
Wolfeyesmakes notes18:24
magespawnlet me see what i can find, that way your network stays up even if the router is down18:25
Wolfeyesinteresting theory18:26
magespawnthat is assuming you have more than one switch etc, also i have had the dhcp onthe router fail18:26
Wolfeyesoh boy I am sure that can create chaos.18:27
magespawnif the ip and dns are set statically then the router is just the gateway18:27
WolfeyesI had that with one or two clock machines as well.18:27
magespawnif the router know about the address assignment then if that computer is down for some reason then its address does get given out to another18:28
magespawnhave you tried the offical documentation?18:28
Kilosai! internet very slow tonight18:31
Kiloshehe he has looked at that one i think and a few more18:32
magespawnand gone again18:32
Kilosmurphy is a strong follower of sharpes18:32
Kilosi have the router connecting with 3g and supplying wireless18:34
Kilosand now the lappy using that connection instead of my 3g modem here18:34
Kilosno wonder iftop stopped showing and wwan0 stuff18:34
Kilosian is really battling with that setup18:35
magespawni see that you can name the interfaces there, so that might be a place to start18:36
Kilosnetworking is not easy for newbies18:36
magespawnis the server online18:36
Kilosyes i think so18:36
Kiloshis hassle comes in with using the 2 network cards i think18:36
magespawnokay, so then he just wants the server ip to stay the same18:37
Kilosand those funny name things to stay as eth0 and eth118:37
Kilosthe bug talks about that18:37
magespawnwhy? what difference does that make?18:38
Kilossomething to do with the funny names18:38
Kilosp3p1 and p5p118:38
magespawnhere is something else http://askubuntu.com/questions/558387/what-is-the-meaning-of-p3p1-p2p1-p1p1-network-device18:40
KilosWolfeyes 18:40
Wolfeyes router will be, server (due to firewall) and the rest of the computers in the range18:40
Kilos http://askubuntu.com/questions/558387/what-is-the-meaning-of-p3p1-p2p1-p1p1-network-device18:41
Wolfeyeshi iqbal18:42
Kiloshi iqbal you winning?18:42
iqbaltried to install Google Earth18:43
Wolfeyesty Kilos, I saw that today about it being p3 slot 3 and p1 port 118:43
magespawnthe servers ipon the router side should be in the same range as the router as in 192.168.1.x18:43
Wolfeyesit currently is18:44
Wolfeyesbut the setup mentioned up there was for the full install of the firewall18:44
Wolfeyeseverything is currently on range18:44
magespawnon the other side it does not really matter, in so much as that the server should control it18:45
WolfeyesI was told the firewall can change the range for better security18:45
Wolfeyesand that it where I am trying to get to but can't even setup up the straight range magespawn18:46
Wolfeyesis where*18:46
magespawnWolfeyes you are essentially making two networks18:46
magespawnthe second ip address range can be what ever you want18:46
magespawndid you try this https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/network-configuration.html ?18:47
Wolfeyestell me..... does the firewall currently control the ipranges of the network cards?18:47
Wolfeyesgoes to look18:48
magespawnno,  that is controlled by the network configuration18:48
magespawnthe firewall controls the traffic, open ports and direction of traffic18:49
Wolfeyesthe first command doesn't even go through because it isn't looking for p3p1 but eth018:50
magespawnif you have two networks you will have to set it so that the one network is aware of the other or the traffic will not travel out to thenet and back again18:50
magespawnchange the command remove eth0and insert p3p118:51
Wolfeyescurrently I am just trying to get a single range network correct.18:51
Wolfeyesin the Ethernet Interface Logical Names, I had to go create that file, it didn't exist.18:54
magespawnmaybe that was the problem, did you install the server then add the desktop?18:55
magespawni have always had problems when doing that,seems to leave things out18:57
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
WolfeyesI don't feel so alone now :-P18:59
WolfeyesI must remind you, network-manager is still running though.19:00
Wolfeyesmmmmm only 100Mb's19:01
magespawnthe network will run at the speed of the slowest card19:03
Wolfeyesthere is only really mails, and one booking website going through the computer19:05
Wolfeyesokay now we back to static ip19:06
magespawnokay, so what did you do? just use p3p1 instead of ethx?19:07
WolfeyesI am going to remove the network-manager, and change the interfaces file data to static for  the p3p1, if I get thrown off , I will be back if it is longer than 30 minutes then I couldn't get back on.19:08
WolfeyesI have already done this today many times, it didn't work. But lets give it another go.19:08
magespawngood luck19:09
Kilosyeah heapsa luck19:09
Kilosmagespawn what did you guys do i missed something19:10
WolfeyesOne thing I can say this was an enjoyable learning curve coming from the koala days when I started.19:11
magespawnWolfeyes: has been posting all the time, and doing stuff in the background19:12
magespawnKilos: that bug on launchpad, describes a different problem19:15
superflyWolfeyes: eth0 and eth1 are just arbitrary names. p5p1 is just as good. don't try to change it, you'll only cause more headaches for yourself19:17
Xsmty superfly19:17
magespawnWolfeyes/Xsm all good?19:18
magespawnsuperfly: why the diffrence though?19:18
Xsmbut the system when shutting down says eth0 and eth1 not configured19:18
superflymagespawn: different device driver19:18
Xsmnot sure magespawn19:18
superflymagespawn: atheros wifi cards used to be called ath0 and ath119:18
superflyI've seen en0 and ar0 too19:18
superflyit's really arbitrary what they are called, as long as they work and they are unique19:19
magespawndecided by the driver?19:19
superflysomething like that19:19
superflymagespawn: you know our devices at work?19:20
magespawnthe airtime machines/19:20
XsmI haven't rebooted, I am sure if I do I will not come back :-P19:20
superflyso the generation 1 devices (the ones you had/have) are /dev/ttyUSBx19:20
superflyand our new generation 2 devices are /dev/ttyACMx19:20
superflydifferent drivers, different device names19:21
Xsmyay ifdown and ifup seemed to work, goes to check ifconfig19:21
magespawnXsm that will be because the network manager is not working, just a guess19:21
superflyXsm: did you install a Desktop ISO without the desktop, or did you actually install the server ISO ?19:22
Xsmit didn't work all day19:22
Xsmserver iso superfly19:22
superflyserver doesn't come with network manager19:22
superflymagespawn: ^^19:22
magespawnwhere you using eth or p3p119:22
magespawndid install kde afterwards19:23
magespawnstarnge then Xsm19:23
magespawnstrange too19:23
superflyXsm: did you install the "kde-desktop" package?19:23
XsmUuuum not sure19:24
XsmKilos was helping with that19:24
XsmI think it was just the desktop display19:24
Xsmyeah that19:24
magespawni tried that once, made a complete stuff up, borked the system nicely19:25
magespawni did try more than desktop too, so that might have something to do with it19:26
Xsmokay going to reboot and see if I can still login19:27
Kiloswhy p5p1 not static as well19:29
magespawnnot set yet19:29
Kilosmagespawn ty for helping him19:30
magespawnnot sure that i did19:30
magespawnrubber duck19:30
Kilosheavy jump into giving linux support to a client19:30
Kilosstraight into a server install thats not a standard one even19:30
Kilos but he is learning19:31
magespawnis wolfeyes setting this up for someone else?19:31
Kilosits a hotel client of his19:32
Kilosbut in the sticks so no adsl even19:32
magespawni also think that the proxy server does not need to have two network interfaces19:32
Kilosand they want to only allow a few pcs to have full internet access19:33
Kilosthe one interface is just to control who can do what on the net19:33
Kiloswb Wolfeyes 19:33
magespawnyou just have to define the proxy/gateway on the the client computers19:33
Kilostoo involved for me19:34
Kilosi have everything allow everything to me19:35
WolfeyesI have to sort the server first :-P19:35
Wolfeyesand I am back to dynamic19:35
Wolfeyesin order to get on the net19:35
Kiloscant you have static ips on the server and pcs and dynamic on the router side19:36
magespawnthen there is something that dynamic is giving the static is not19:36
Wolfeyesthey should all be static19:37
magespawnperhaps routing information19:37
magespawnbrb going to get charger19:37
Wolfeyeseasier to control and manage19:37
Kiloste router only allows the server to connect through it not so?19:37
Wolfeyesonly on dynamic19:37
magespawni forget how to check gateway 19:37
Wolfeyesnot static19:37
Kilosill go silent soon, got a meeting19:37
Wolfeyeswhere you got a meeting kilos?19:38
Kilos1 guy applying for ubuntu membership19:38
Kiloshe is in bangladesh19:39
Kilosand a loco of about 7 peeps19:39
Wolfeyeshttp://bin.snyman.info/mmm8zr95  <---- current magespawn19:40
Wolfeyesah okay Kilos19:40
Kilosand im half asleep already19:40
magespawnWolfeyes: looks the same as when you were on static19:41
WolfeyesThese things happen to us all.19:41
Wolfeyesso I have no clue what I am doing wrong19:42
Wolfeyesbrb making a sandwich the worms are whinning19:43
magespawncool beans19:44
Wolfeyesokay back19:45
magespawnokay then19:45
Wolfeyesso what do you think this could be?19:45
Wolfeyesoh I was still reading that link19:46
magespawni struggeled with this before, cannot remember what i did to solve it19:47
* magespawn gives magespawn a swift kick in the backside19:48
Kilosi always tell you to keep notes19:48
Wolfeyesokay the only other thing is dns-search and dnc-nameservers19:49
magespawnwhen on static can you ping
WolfeyesWhen in doubt as the Fly :-P19:50
WolfeyesI would if it could connect but it can't even connect to the net19:50
Wolfeyesnot that I have tried but konversation can't connect to Irc19:50
magespawnhow do measure whether it is connected or not?19:50
Wolfeyesyou see me login in or not :-P19:51
magespawnno, but if dns is not working it will not find irc.freenode.com19:51
Wolfeyesor google another page searching for info19:51
magespawnyou can be on line without dns you just need to know ip of the website19:52
magespawncannot google for pages by name if dns is broken19:53
WolfeyesI don't know what else to do.....19:54
CryterionI don't trust google19:54
WolfeyesMany don't lol19:54
WolfeyesBut kilos loves them :-P19:55
magespawnset the dns in your network config file so that the static setup knows which servers to use19:55
Cryterionwhy on earth does the google earth app require heirloom-mailx package19:55
WolfeyesNoobie here :)19:55
WolfeyesHave no clue. magespawn you reffering to dns server etc?19:56
Cryterionno prob, see magespawn is helping you out :)19:56
magespawnyes that is what translates www.website.com into the ip address on the net19:57
WolfeyesI am getting there, doing things today I have not dreamed about and getting results so lets see what happens.19:57
WolfeyesGoes to work19:57
magespawnif you can ping but not www.googl.co.za then we know your static setup does not have correct dns setup19:57
WolfeyesJust curious magespawn19:58
magespawnWolfeyes: no worries19:58
Wolfeyeslook at that please19:58
Wolfeyesbottom left19:58
Wolfeyeswhat is that?19:59
Wolfeyesis that not the destination servers on the net being used from the modem in the router?20:00
magespawn192.168.1.0 refers to all traffic that is not for your network, i think, stand to be corrected on that though20:00
magespawn169.x.x.x is usually an autoconfig address, not sure about here though20:01
Cryterionafter searching, looks as though it's a local link address, got something to do with dhcp on the local network to route only internally, will post link in in a moment20:03
CryterionSeems to give some explanation in it20:04
CryterionIt does mention it could help resolve failed dchp address allocation, which I understand is happening on 1 of your network cards20:06
Xsmok magespawn20:07
Xsmit looks like I am connected20:07
magespawnso dns?20:07
Xsmbut the minute I am sure if I reboot I will not be able to connect again and have to change the inface file again20:07
magespawnlets see20:07
magespawndhcp also assigns dns20:08
magespawnnot sure if that is the correct syntax20:09
magespawnhold on a sec20:09
Xsmlol okay20:10
Xsmgot it off the link you gave me but I am willing to change it if it will mean it will work :-P20:10
Cryterionlooking at the info, have you not allocated a static ip that is within the dynamic ip range on the router?20:11
Xsmyes for now I want it to be in the same range20:12
XsmI just want to get it working first20:12
inetprogood mornings20:12
Xsmthen we can look at splitting it up for the firewalls20:12
Xsmhey inetpro20:12
Xsmwolfeyes <-- here20:13
inetprohow goes it?20:13
CryterionI've never allocated it that way, I've always allocated outside of it, but am not sure what the effect would be if within the range20:13
XsmChallanging lol20:13
Cryterionhi inetpro20:14
XsmAll networks connect immediately if within the same range, as long as they not the same ip as the other one.20:14
magespawnthat should not make a difference, it will if the computer is off and the address get assigned to another 20:14
Cryterionyes, that what I think20:15
Xsmcurrently only this server is connected to the router20:15
Cryterionmight not affect now, but may later20:15
Xsmlater I will make the router a different range altogether from the internal network20:16
Xsmthe server will divide it20:16
magespawnyou could assign the address outside dhcp range or assign it from the router via mac address20:17
Xsmmore security.20:17
Xsmproblem is I am not using the router currently, that is at the client20:17
Xsmyet it connects the same way as my router is currently connected20:18
XsmWhat make of network card and motherboard did you have previously when you had problems magespawn?20:19
magespawnXsm my one system on centos uses the following DNS1=
magespawnthat is the two routers on my network20:20
magespawnthe routers have static dns set to google20:21
Xsmthe router dns must be set or I wouldn't be talking to you now lol20:22
Xsmbut how to find what is stopping it going through when it is on static is a whole new ball game20:23
magespawnthis is the complete setup http://bin.snyman.info/mmm58uvr20:23
XsmWhat command did you use to get that?20:24
magespawnXsm as soon as you change it to static and reboot the computer stops taking the dns from the router, and since it is not set in the network config nothing happens20:25
magespawnthat is what the ping of and www.google.co.za will show 20:25
magespawnvim /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth020:26
magespawnthis is on centos though there may be differences20:26
XsmThere was a website today that had that file20:27
Xsmand I searched for the directory of sysconfig20:28
Xsmnothing there20:28
magespawncentos is based on redhat not debian like ubuntu20:28
magespawni must say you have kept me intrigued, i have forgotten abouttwo cups of coffee20:29
Xsmyet there was an ubuntu site looking for that file20:29
Xsmha ha ha ha20:29
XsmI have given up on coffee and tea20:30
Xsmand trying to keep water intake of ph 7 and higher20:30
Xsmokay well let me reboot20:31
magespawnsystemd/ has taken over most of that functionality i think20:32
Wolfeyeswell I am back20:32
magespawnokay, working?20:33
Wolfeyescan't remember if I uninstalled the network manager again20:33
Wolfeyeslet me check20:33
Wolfeyesmaybe that was all it needed - ty magespawn20:35
magespawnif it works - pleasure20:35
magespawncool fun20:36
Wolfeyesit is yes20:36
WolfeyesI love networking.20:36
WolfeyesWas very sad they stopped the one deal in on eof the mines that would have been an awesome project.20:37
Wolfeyesbrb just trying again lol20:37
WolfeyesNice- now I have to setup the other network card and see if the other computer links to it.20:39
magespawnthe network settings will have to passed through or set up for the internal network too20:41
Wolfeyesthere is where when I spoke to the other guys a few weeks back, the two cards could be different ranges and the firewall would link them20:42
magespawnthat will control the traffic between the two20:43
magespawnthis i have not done before on a computer20:43
magespawni have setup a mikrotik router to do a similar setup20:44
Wolfeyesokay lets see if I get kicked off again20:44
Wolfeyesread in an article today the second card gets the gateway etc from the first card and when you put it in it affects boot up time.20:45
Kilosthats getting like windows20:50
Kiloswhats happening Xsm 20:51
Kilosare you getting somewhere at least20:51
Xsmslowly thanks to magespawn20:51
Xsmit would have taken me forever20:52
Kilosthis feels like forever20:52
Xsmwhere is says not configured I put it not to look for the gateway and dns20:52
Kilosmy head keeps toppling over20:52
Xsmupon changing it, it gave the "Failed to bring up p5p1."20:53
XsmYou finished with the meeting kilos?20:53
Kilospoor guy failed20:53
magespawnXsm a problem for tomorrow, my bed is screaming my name20:54
Xsmsorry bro20:54
Xsmty you very much for your help magespawn20:54
Xsmhave a good night sleep20:54
magespawnno worries, i will online tomorrow most of the day20:54
Xsmcool ty20:55
Xsmsee you then20:55
magespawnpleasure, been good to help instead of just watch20:55
Kilosnight magespawn ty20:55
Xsmnight everyone and have a good evening20:55
magespawngood night all20:55
Kilosnight boy20:55
Xsmlol @ that20:55
Kilossleep tight20:55
Xsmnight dad20:55
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:55
Kilossuperfly bed time20:56
superflybut ooom!20:56
Kilosyou needyour beauty sleep20:56
inetprogood night22:36

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