mattlachsteveibur: It would be faster than WinXP yes.   More importantly though, it will be more secure.  XP was never particularly secure to being with, but running it now that it is no longer receiving support and patches is just plain stupid.00:00
daftykinssteveiebur: it'll suck, waste of time.00:00
seraphinaPretty much the heavy part of the main Ubuntu/Kubuntu variants is Gnome/KDE both are large application suites that eat CPU and RAM for breakfast when it's tight lol00:00
mattlachsteveiebur: I can't help but wonder why you are doing this though.  I've seen newer, more capable hardware given away for free because people don't want it anymore.00:01
steveieburdaftykins: The friend bought his laptop second hand and was complaining that XP was crap.  I offered to help.  If Lubuntu will work with 1GB RAM, I'll try it00:01
seraphinaYeah will certainly be faster than XP, eye candy costs CPU cycles and RAM, XP has a rather large amount of it too.00:01
steveieburmattlach: I'm nuts, I agree, but I just wanted to help the person00:02
daftykinssteveiebur: ok, but be warned :)00:02
daftykinsturds cannot be polished.00:02
pilneas long as you have 1gb of ram, the standard install ISO will work and run fine, lubuntu used about 300megs of RAM last time i used it00:03
steveieburdaftykins: Any better ideas - except for throwing it out?00:03
mattlachsteveiebur:   System requirements are here:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu00:03
daftykinssteveiebur: is it some netbook? i didn't see the start of this00:03
mattlachAs low as 256mb of RAM will produce decent usability00:03
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daftykinsmattlach: that is completely false, i have done a test on this with a system with that much RAM - it's totally unusable.00:04
daftykinsnobody should try and enable ideas that rubbish old systems can be magically brought back to life with lubuntu, it simply does not happen.00:04
seraphinamattlach, Eh a modern browser could eat that on it's own with a few tabs open00:04
mattlachdaftykins:  I'm just quoting th eofficial lubuntu page I linked above00:04
pilneyou need to use the alternate ISO and some special instructions for less than 1gb00:05
daftykinsmattlach: ok, well please don't share their lies - i've confirmed it as wrong first hand00:05
steveieburdaftykins: He bought it in what is like a pawn shop in Belgium from where I'm talking.   He's something like 70 years old.  Any  more questions?00:05
mattlachSure, you could load it up with software to slow it down, but the system still runs on that amount of RAM.00:05
daftykinssteveiebur: that sounds more like the human spec than the system spec00:05
daftykinsmattlach: no, default boot it has nothing left00:05
daftykinsit swaps the first program you run - utter lies.00:05
pilneso he just needs basic, simple, secure internet?00:05
daftykinsyou could pick up something miles better for free / next to nothing and have a far better experience00:06
steveieburdaftykins: I've used TRK on it - to the extent I can.  It found a memory issue, even though it run Xp on it.  I'm going to do what I can to help the person00:06
steveiebursee ya later00:06
daftykinsyou're saying the RAM is also bad?00:06
steveieburand thx00:06
pilneif you are going to use that hardware, just give lubuntu a shot, try it from the install media, if you do install, give it all the hard drive except for like 3gb for a larger swap, and he should be golden until he or it croaks....00:07
daftykinsok that's a really big mistake00:07
seraphinaHell if I was going to consider messing with a 256MB RAM box for the lulz to try and make it do anything would probably be more thinking along the lines of building a diy wifi/DSL router or something with basic minimal kernel/busybox etc treat the thing like an embedded system that just happens to be rather larger and heavier than average.00:08
steveieburdaftykins: One thing in the memory was flagged.  I'm going to do what I can with what I have.  Miracles cost too much00:08
daftykinsno they come free.00:08
daftykinsbut nevermind... you can't save them all.00:08
seraphinaMy company threw away a bunch of laptops like twice as capable as that, pretty much couldn't even give the things to a charity :p00:10
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seraphinaMaybe they could have raised a few pennies stripping them down for scraps of precious metals or something but as working machines err no.00:13
daftykinsdonate to education.00:13
seraphinaThe offer was made and to a couple of hospital childrens wards lol00:13
seraphinaThough granted the latter did say that they could have made use of them but had enough to meet demand so...00:16
seraphinaBut then doesn't need a particularly huge amount to keep the littler ones amused for a little while probably lol.00:17
Plush-Teddyseraphina: i've read "penis" hmmhmmm00:19
unameHi guys00:19
daftykinsPlush-Teddy: that talk is not acceptable here.00:19
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:19
Plush-Teddy"(...) raised a few pennies stripping  (...)"00:19
Plush-Teddyi misready myself00:19
Plush-Teddycalm down00:19
nicomachusPlush-Teddy: keep it on topic and there is no problem.00:20
seraphinaNice of him to save the ops a job there probably heh00:21
daftykinskeep it on topic seraphina .00:21
daftykinschat in #ubuntu-offtopic00:21
nicomachusLooks like the Chrome repos are down across several mirrors. any way to check server status somewhere?00:22
somsipnicomachus: down on the PPA here too00:22
unamegood night00:22
seraphinaHmm, google has a PPA?00:23
k1lnot a PPA. its a repo00:23
nicomachushere's the error I'm getting: https://paste.ubuntu.com/15270898/00:24
seraphinaYeah I know they have a repo that's why I found it kinda odd that they would set up a PPA too unless they meant chromium rather than the one with the proprietary bits in it00:25
nicomachusnever seen that particular issue with "wrong sources.list entry or malformed file"00:25
k1lyeah, chrome dropped 32bit builds00:25
nicomachusk1l: recently?00:25
k1l"early march". so now it is00:26
k1lanother reason to not use 32bit ubuntus.00:26
nicomachusthis is about as early march as it gets...00:26
nicomachusI'm on 6400:26
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k1lah wait00:27
k1lhttp://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/dists is down for me too00:27
=== dipper is now known as andy96
nicomachusso do I get to blame Google?00:27
andy96it's down for me too00:28
nicomachusok, I'm gonna blame Google. yay.00:28
k1lor they are concentrating on their main business: running a nameserver :)00:28
seraphinaYeah I am getting the same error and havn't made any config changes so I'd blame the remote :p00:28
seraphinaRofl k1l00:28
nicomachusk1l: pffft. They better focus on being an awesome ISP for me. :)00:28
andy96speaking of remote, I have an ubuntu server behind NAT that I want to be able to access from the internet. other than a reverse shell, what ways can I go about reaching it?00:30
seraphinaI just did a quick double check of the sources.list file to be sure is nothing in there making any specific reference to the i386 so if google has dropped it intentionally it's something on their servers that is referring to the non existant former location.00:30
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andy96Google did drop support for 32-bit linux starting march00:31
daftykinsandy96: changing the port SSH listens on would be the best first action, followed by setting a static IP on that system (so it's always at the same internal IP), then port forward the new SSH port on your r outer.00:32
nicomachusseraphina: yea, I think that's where the "malformed file" part comes in. Whenever they removed i386 packages, they forgot to remove the references to them.00:32
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andy96thanks for the info daftykins, I'll go with that'00:33
cluelesspersonHi all, I was wondering if anyone had trouble with cups and Xerox printing in ONLY black and white before?00:33
cluelesspersonI can't get this to work00:33
seraphinaandy96, SSH would be your best bet for remote login honestly would be the only thing that I would recommend over the internet, if you want something to access the graphical desktop would recommend VNC/x-forwarding over SSH00:33
andy96It's just for shell access, so SSH will be fine00:34
nicomachuscluelessperson: You'll have to be a bit more specific, and go into a bit more detail.00:34
dtcrshrhello everyone. I have this sony SVD1321M2EB, its an ultrabook with sliding touch screen. I tried up some distros but only ubuntu 15 the mouse and touch inputs worked. But none of them the wireless were detected. It came with windows 8, but the update to 8.1 and finally 10 killed most of the funcionatilty of this ultrabook, so I would like to revive it with linux.00:35
dtcrshrany tips on getting the network working?00:35
daftykinsdtcrshr: i would bet those upgrades were at fault, fresh Windows would probably work best on a Sony device - Linux never tends to be too great.00:35
daftykinsotherwise though, i recommend you try the 16.04 daily image00:35
dtcrshrhmmm nice, ill give a shot00:36
daftykinsbut yeah - to confirm my warning, sony + touch + Linux = bad combo00:36
srulinever mind touch - sony + linux = bad news00:37
cluelesspersonnicomachus, I found another PPD file to attempt, brb. :)00:37
seraphinasruli, heh where I am sitting that sentence reads a lot like sony = bad news :p00:37
sruliyes! never had good experiance with them, even years ago on windows it had so much bloatware on it it was crap00:38
* seraphina laughs, you mean like windows itself :p00:39
srulii had 4/5 sony pc's all were a disaster with linux, toshiba almost as bad00:39
daftykinssruli: this isn't a place for historic anecdotes about Windows systems.00:39
daftykinsseraphina: i've warned you about the off topic crap already00:39
dtcrshrI personally had an windows vaio in 2009, worst computer I ever had00:39
daftykins#ubuntu-offtopic <-- do us a favour and go there.00:39
dtcrshrthe warranty was awful, i ditched it for an avell, very nice notebookk00:40
daftykinsdtcrshr: drop the chat and take it to the above channel please.00:40
dtcrshrdaftykins: im downloading the xenial daily, will give it a shot00:40
daftykinsthis is a support only channel00:40
dtcrshrI see.00:40
daftykins16.04 support will also need to be taken to #ubuntu+1 once you get that far00:40
celziis there a way to make it so that you boot into windows by default unless you hold down a button during startup? then you will boot into ubuntu?00:41
dtcrshrok, ill just come back again tomorrow when you are not here, maybe more friendly ones as usual, have a nice evening00:41
somsipdtcrshr: just go to #ubuntu-offtopic00:41
daftykinsdtcrshr: these are channel rules, all volunteers follow... deal with it.00:41
daftykinscelzi: you could set GRUB to boot Windows as default, yeah00:42
Bashing-om!grub | celzi00:42
ubottucelzi: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub200:42
srulicelzi: u need to modify the grub for that, as far as i remember not very simple, i'll have a look if i still have my notes on it00:42
daftykins/etc/default/grub change the default from 0 to the Windows entry.00:43
celzisruli:  so there isn't just like a program or something that I can download and it will work00:43
hppwould be nice if it remember what you booted last time like in manjaro00:43
cluelesspersonnicomachus,   Okay.   CUPS print test pages just come out black and white, no color.    I'm using the Xerox 755600:43
cluelesspersonwhat other details do you need?00:43
leo11086hi everyone, is there somebody who is free for help me?00:43
seraphinacelzi, The program you need is already installed on your computer, it's what starts booting your OS :)00:43
dtcrshrwhen booting the live image, I have this detections - http://snag.gy/Jyr5l.jpg wonder if any one of them may be a network00:44
srulidont have the notes and dont have a system with windows so cant check now, sorry00:44
seraphinaIs a matter of telling it what you want it to do :)00:44
dtcrshris there any where I can check if those dispositives, hashes are compatible with ubuntu?00:44
andy96yeah, go ahead and ask whatever00:44
daftykinsleo11086: just ask the channel a question00:45
leo11086how can i download files from here?00:45
somsip!list | leo1108600:45
ubottuleo11086: somsip: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».00:45
daftykinsyou mean ubuntu ISOs?00:45
k1ldtcrshr: the usb ids are easy to look up if people have issues with that and if someone solved it00:45
leo11086i used powerscript before00:45
daftykinsleo11086: it's not clear what you're talking about.00:46
celziseraphina: the reason why I am asking this is that I just completed my dream computer. This thing can boot in less than 5 seconds! it would be a real shame if I lost that fast boot time just becasue grub was waiting for me to select an os on the rare ocasion that I do use ubuntu00:46
leo11086i'm talkin about downloading files00:46
daftykinsWHAT files?00:46
celziseraphina: also sorry for the wait I am a slow typer00:46
diddledandaftykins THE files00:46
seraphinadtcrshr, Could be wrong but the realtek device stands out they make a number of network chipsets00:46
somsip!list | leo11086 (as before)00:46
ubottuleo11086 (as before): somsip: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».00:46
diddledandaftykins, probably the NOC list00:46
daftykinsleo11086: we don't help you obtain anything illegal, that's banned on this entire IRC network. Go away please.00:46
k1lleo11086: no warez here.00:46
m000gleIs there any way to prevent Ubuntu from detecting when I power off a DisplayPort connected monitor?  I am trying to prevent it from automatically rearranging all windows when a monitor is powered off.00:47
leo11086what's the meaning of warez00:47
leo11086 sorry00:47
daftykinsleo11086: go away.00:47
dtcrshrseraphina: yeah. Im wondering if maybe some of those realtek are network devices00:47
k1lleo11086: no illegal movies or other stuff in here.00:47
dtcrshrdaftykins: cant you kick / ban people on this channel as you mod it?00:47
hppfast boot is nice but then again how many times you boot. does it really matter if it's 2 sec or 2 min00:48
seraphinacelzi, Well there is that but you could set the grub timeout to like 1 sec setting it to 0 you can still get the menu if you keep hitting the key over and over and hope to catch it in the right split second.  1 sec would make it easier without making a significant difference.00:48
daftykinsdtcrshr: look, you're new here... i get that, but instead of trying to fight against volunteers who helped you, just deal with it and move on, ok?00:49
cluelesspersonI can't get CUPS to produce a color test page from Linux mint (based on 14.04)00:49
somsip!mint | cluelessperson00:49
ubottucluelessperson: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org00:49
dtcrshryeah, im new. Im on this channel for about 10 years, have seem a lot of dudes like you, they came and go00:49
cluelesspersonubottu, The software is ubuntu based.00:50
dtcrshrlittle power sindrome takes all levels, I understand00:50
cluelesspersonsomsip, ^00:50
dtcrshrill just let you bee, cheer up00:50
somsipcluelessperson: mint is not supported here. That's all.00:50
daftykinsdtcrshr: nah, just learn to take appropriate talk to the appropriate channel :) goodbye.00:50
celziseraphina: so what you are telling me is that GRUB does in fact NOT have the functionality to boot to an os by default unless an button was held down?00:50
cluelesspersonsomsip, Great, the problem isn't with mint.00:50
andy96celzi You could have grub auto-boot an specific OS without waiting unless you hold down a key00:51
andy96http://askubuntu.com/a/161693 has some info on that00:51
k1lcluelessperson: no support for mint. for mint support use the mint channels that are made autostart in the mint irc programs.00:51
srulicelzi: grub is for linux but supports windows, read the docs on how to auto boot00:51
seraphinadtcrshr, I'm sorry but I would try using lspci -vvv and lsusb -vvv it will give more information some of the other details will help give a clue which is the right one.00:52
dtcrshrthans seraphina00:52
k1ldtcrshr: drop that offences against other users. read the guidelines and if you have any issue with user come to #ubuntu-ops and tell the ops.00:52
dtcrshrI found refferences on a german forum - https://forum.ubuntuusers.de/topic/sony-vaio-duo-13-unter-ubuntu-14-04-kein-wlan/ im translating it to see it end00:52
celziandy96: it literally says right under the post you linked "I tried your method and it failed. Ubuntu 14.04 LTS"00:52
andy96I've used it in the past successfully, at the least it gives you an approach00:53
seraphinacelzi, Yes it does as I said you can set the timeout to 0 and have it start booting the OS as soon as it is ready from the MBR just that if you do set it to 0 the window of time between when grub starts and it passed control to the windows bootloader is only a fraction of a second is all.00:53
dtcrshrk1l: dont worth the time to complain about those topic nazis, its ok, ill just keep asking support questions and people with common sense will try to help, as usual.00:53
dtcrshrbut thanks00:54
propmandtcrshr, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Setup#Specific_Entries00:54
FKENHi all! I want to install ubuntu alongside a Windows that I ain't having administrative privileges (Campus's computer).   The strange fact is that windows has three partitions "OS", "RECOVERY" and "SYSTEM". Do ye have ideas?00:55
k1ldtcrshr: any more accusations or remarks against other users and you are out of the door. be warned. you are acting as a aggressor right now.00:55
dtcrshrsorry propman, cant see the relation with the realtek devices / sony networking00:55
seraphinadtcrshr, If you are still not sure after trying those commands put the output up on pastebin for me I'll take a look at it.00:55
dtcrshrsorry k1l00:55
sruliseraphina: timeout 0 does not work if there is a windows os... changes need to be made in /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober00:56
propmandtcrshr,  ohh..maybe I posted to the wrong person then.  mea cupla   thought you were the rascal asking about booting windows automatically and ubuntu manually00:56
dtcrshroh no, passed that already :D00:57
FKENI have to add: ubuntu installer does not identify windows.00:57
seraphinasruli, Ah fair enough I'll have to hand you that one since I've not actually used windows since pre grub2 lol00:57
sruliseraphina: havnt used it in 6 years, but set it up for a friend once00:58
celzipropman: no that was me00:59
srulicelzi: in /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober find and change the following "set timeout_style=menu" to "hidden" and 2 lines after change timeout=10 to whatever u want00:59
srulicelzi: then find which number ur windows os is set it to default in /etc/default/grub then update-grub01:01
propmancelzi, ahhh ok sorry :)  the information I sent tells how to set a default (either windows or linux etc)   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Setup#Specific_Entries01:01
dtcrshrseraphina: I have to close the lab now, but I'll keep the vaio here for testing. Already downloaded the daily 16.xenial to try up if it gets more things workin01:02
dtcrshrthe german post mounts the brdm  module by hand, ill try also tomorrow, thanks for the tips01:02
seraphinaFKEN, well the recovery partition will be a recovery image from the device manufacturer, as for the others though I am not a windows user anymore SYSTEM sounds like it's probably the UFEI boot partition and OS the main C: drive, what size are the OS and SYSTEM partitions does it say where you are looking?01:02
seraphinadtcrshr, Alright, good luck with it, let me know how you get on :)01:03
seraphinaOh oops my bad didn't see they had already given up01:05
celzipropman: ok thanks for the info, that is one step closer in the right direction and now that that is solved I just need to figure out a way so that it does not choose windows if a button is held down upon boot01:08
systemd0wnQuestion, I was looking for a way to set a newly installed app (/opt/appname/bin) in the path for every user. I added it to /etc/environment. I guess I should have used /etc/profile.d/ because it can't be found. What's /etc/environment for then?01:08
celzihow often is GRUB updated?01:12
k1lcelzi: on every new kernel udate01:12
celzik1l: ok, how often does that occour?01:12
k1lat least on every security issue in the kernel. but i would say every 2-3 weeks01:13
celzik1l: just for the record I know literally nothing about linux.01:13
celzik1l: will that change the etc/default/grub file back to a non modified configuration?01:14
k1lcelzi: no01:15
k1lit will read all the grub configuration files, look for kernels, look for other OS and then create the grub.cfg in /boot01:15
reisiobut it won't do your laundry, I know I've tried01:16
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celziok on to my next question I am currently running windows off of an ssd and on that ssd I have steam  and windows installed, I have another secondary drive that I keep all my game files on it. I was reading that you can play steam games via steam on linux now, is there a way to make it so that linux is able to refrence those files on the secondary d01:24
celzirive allowing me to play those linux compatible games? I was able to do this on windows by going to setting => Downloads =>  Content librarys. Is it more complicated on linux?01:24
lapyosteam should work almost like in windows01:25
k1ljust few games are linux compatible01:25
k1land will load their own files01:25
lapyobut I'm not sure if those game files are compatible with linux version of the game01:25
reisioeasy way to find out01:26
reisioand if they don't work via native steam, there's always a chance they'll work via Wine01:26
lapyobut running wine on dual boot system is ehh, kind of stupid imo01:27
reisioI might make the same argument about dual booting at all, TBH :D01:28
Ubuntu14Helpits anyone online ?01:30
lapyotbh, as long as linux game support is as "bad" as it is now, gamers are required to use windows01:30
ouroumov_Ubuntu14Help, ask your question01:30
Ubuntu14Helpok ... well im new with linux command line and .... what i want to do01:30
Ubuntu14Helpis access my dedicated server {that runs ubuntu) remotely01:31
Ubuntu14Helpfrom my windows pc01:31
Ubuntu14Helphow can i do that01:31
ouroumov_Ubuntu14Help, you can install Putty01:31
somsipUbuntu14Help: use puTTY to ssh to the server. Please keep questions and responses on one line01:31
lapyoputty, ssh01:31
Ubuntu14Helpyes but putty only let see the console01:32
somsipUbuntu14Help: what do you want to see?01:32
Ubuntu14Helpand like i told you ... i want to see the desktop01:32
Ubuntu14Helpon my ubuntu01:32
somsipUbuntu14Help: it's unlikely that a server is running a desktop01:32
Ubuntu14Helpnot the console terminal01:32
prometdoes anyone use libsdl with c++? I am having some champion compile errors with g++01:32
prometI think it's the libsdl library location, but am not sure01:33
lapyoUbuntu14Help: if your server has a desktop installed(which would be weird), you could vnc to it01:33
prometI'm sorry, I'm actually referring to sfml01:33
somsipUbuntu14Help: if it is definitely running a desktop, looks like you need something called xming http://www.geo.mtu.edu/geoschem/docs/putty_install.html http://superuser.com/questions/299158/how-to-make-putty-do-the-equivalent-of-ssh-x or VNC as has just been mentioned01:33
Ubuntu14Helpwell this is my point ... its a brand new server i just got it .... and i have no ideea what to install and what to do to access the desktop server01:34
lapyodesktop != server01:35
reisioUbuntu14Help: you installed the 'server' version of Ubuntu?01:35
Ubuntu14Helpok sorry ..... i meant terminal or desktop01:35
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ouroumov_Ubuntu14Help, what do you want to use the server for?01:37
somsip!pm | Ubuntu14Help01:39
ubottuUbuntu14Help: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.01:39
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=== princ is now known as prince
DeithrianWhat symbol to add in rc.local so a script command executes in background? Was it & or $?!01:40
somsipDeithrian: &01:40
Deithriansomsip, in front of the line right?01:40
somsipDeithrian: end01:40
Deithriansomsip, thank you very much!01:41
somsipDeithrian: /run/some/command &01:41
=== prince is now known as Prince
Deithriansomsip, ./somescript.sh &01:42
dk188Ubuntu14help: ¿?01:42
somsipDeithrian: er, yeah, though relative paths may well cause problems when run from there01:42
Deithriansomsip, thanks! I have another line that 'cd' to the folder :)01:43
somsipDeithrian: well, don't be surprised if it doesn't work. Better to run the script with an absolute path, and cd in the script maybe?01:44
Deithriansomsip, will give it a try now :) it's a Fan control script.01:44
=== Prince is now known as king
=== king is now known as King
Deithriansomsip, worked great :) thanks!01:47
somsipDeithrian: ok - cool01:47
MneuroI am running Ubuntu Gnome with Gnome Shell.  Gnome shell keeps crashing but I don't know where to look to find if there is a way to fix it01:52
TechspectreDoes anyone know if you can install Dolphin (KDE file manager) without installing KDE? It's far better than nautilus but the last time I installed it in Ubuntu using apt-get install dolphin, it caused *a lot* of GUI errors and inconsistencies in Unity and Gnome.01:55
somsip!info dolphin01:55
ubottudolphin (source: dolphin): file manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:15.08.2-0ubuntu1 (wily), package size 1006 kB, installed size 3264 kB01:55
somsipTechspectre: so it is standalone as such, but do a dry run to see what dependencies it will pull in, maybe01:55
reisioTechspectre: technically yes, but it'll draw in a _lot_ of KDE-specific deps01:55
TechspectreI'm gonna try it a few different ways in a VM first I guess.01:56
TechspectreI'm just learning that Nautilus can't search a directory and all subfolders.01:56
Bashing-omTechspectre: To see what all will be pulled in compare ' apt-cache depends dolphin ' .01:57
reisioTechspectre: I'm sure it can do that, even if it might not be able to by default01:57
MneuroI am running Ubuntu Gnome with Gnome Shell.  Gnome shell keeps crashing but I don't know where to look to find if there is a way to fix it01:57
reisioMneuro: like, how frequently does it crash?02:01
pilneoddly enough ubuntu-gnome has been the most stable for me out of the "heavyweight" DEs02:03
darkelfjuggaloI need to install a Tarball gz on Ubuntu 15.04 [i might install one Tarball per year so I never remember how]02:04
VolundHey quick question. Anyone got a recommendation for decompressing .7z files on Ubuntu?02:04
propmanfile roller02:04
\9Volund: if you're on the command line, 7zr x <file> does it02:05
\9I think you need a 7zip package for that02:05
Mneuroreisio it has crashed twice today02:06
Mneuroit's a fresh install of 15.1002:06
Mneurothe only thing I've installed is steam02:06
Volundthere we go, now I can access them02:07
Jonno_FTW'I have a problem02:13
Jonno_FTWI want to compile mpc but I get an error saying that it can't find libmpdclient, even though I told it where I install the right version of libmpdclient02:14
pilneMneuro:: we'll assume you fully updated your install, added the appropriate proprietary video driver for steam, etc?02:14
MneuroUpdated it and did system updates, then installed Nvidia driver02:14
MneuroI've had similar issues with Unity crashing often too02:15
nacc_Ben64: interesting, just an fyi, gcc-6 is available in xenial (gcc-6-base)02:22
MneuroI guess my next question is whether it's normal that your Ubuntu Gnome/Unity desktop just randomly crashes semi-regularly.02:23
MneuroIs it just that Ubuntu is too unstable02:23
nacc_Mneuro: no, that's not normal02:23
nacc_Mneuro: although binary drivers mean that anything is possible :)02:23
Mneuronacc_, unfortunately nouveau isn't an option02:23
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nacc_Mneuro: you mean your hardware is not supported?02:24
MneuroI have a gtx 960 and an i5-459002:24
MneuroUbuntu doesn't support those?02:24
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
nacc_Mneuro: what do you mean "nouveau isn't an option"?02:24
MneuroI play video games on my pc02:24
nacc_Mneuro: ah, so it's an option02:24
nacc_you just need to not play games02:24
MneuroI know you are just being sarcastic, but if that's the only option then windows is unfortunately the only option02:25
nacc_i'd be curious if gnome is stable for you, w/o binary drivers02:25
pilneubuntu versions are some of the most stable i've delt with... only ones moreso are ubuntu LTS, centos/rhel, slack, and debian stable.02:25
Mneuronacc_, nouveau is definitely not stable on gtx 96002:25
Mneuroit barely supports it02:25
nacc_Mneuro: ok, that's a better reason, perhaps02:25
nacc_Mneuro: which is why I asked02:25
Mneuronacc_, yea it doesn't even support a 1080p resolution properly on a gtx 96002:26
Mneuroand is incredibly slow02:26
nacc_Mneuro: does dmesg indicate where the "crashes" are? what kind of crashes do you mean? graphics system dying? or kernel oops?02:27
TheNH813I keep getting switched to console and seeing messages about failing to allocate memory. After switching back to TTY7 (where X is running) I can continue to use the computer untill it finally kernel panics. It happens several times a day. I'm blaming my RAM that I got for $15.02:27
pilnei know there are several nvidia drivers availiable for most cards with various levels of stability/testing, have you tried them all?02:27
Mneuronacc_, to clarify, I've been an ubuntu user since 2007.  I have used XFCE almost the entire time.  I've recently been trying to move to a more modern desktop02:27
=== inteus_ is now known as inteus
Mneuronacc_, the crash is a error window that comes up and says that gnome-shell crashed02:27
nacc_TheNH813: if you blame your ram, run a memtest?02:27
propmanwhich version of ubuntu?  14.04 -> 14.04.4 experience video corruption and system failures on a regular basis here; seems to be limited in 16.04 beta.02:27
Mneuropilne, i've had this same issue on both the 352 and 355 driver02:27
TheNH813Yeah, it's 14.0402:28
Mneuropilne, I won't run a newer driver since they are buggy02:28
nacc_Mneuro: so xfce w/ this card + binary driver is fine?02:28
TheNH813nacc_: Can't run Memtest if I don't have it. Could grab a random live cd though.02:28
nacc_TheNH813: well, right...02:28
Mneuronacc_, Yes, I've never had xubuntu crash like this02:28
nacc_Mneuro: ok, interesting, have you looked through the bugs to see if it's a known issue?02:28
TheNH813I stuck a couple of old 512M sticks in and it hasn't died yet, but it still might.02:29
Mneuronacc_, If it is, then I can't find anything02:29
nacc_Mneuro: the popup that shows up, it doesn't give you an option to look at the logs or report the issue?02:29
nacc_Mneuro: and, does dmesg indicate anything?02:29
Mneuroi don't know what you mean by dmesg02:30
Mneurothe only pop up says to report or close the window02:30
Mneuroi report it to canonical every time02:30
propmanjust type dmesg in a terminal02:30
TheNH813type dmesg into a command terminal02:30
TheNH813LOL someone beat me to it.02:30
=== ptx0_ is now known as ptx0
propmanor if you really want to look through it then   dmesg | less02:31
Mneurookay, i'm not sure what to look for but it just looks lik ea list of my hardware02:31
propmanwhich give you pageup and pagedown for scanning02:31
Bray90820Long shot here but if anyone remembers helping me create a script in early December can you Ping me02:32
nacc_Mneuro: can you pastebin the output? feel free to skip the beginning bits about hardware02:33
Mneuronacc_, http://pastebin.com/NpNjVJ1902:33
nacc_Mneuro: has it crashed since the last time you rebooted?02:34
nacc_Mneuro: I don't think it has, but just checking02:36
nacc_Mneuro: so the next time you get the crash, if and when you do, drop to a shell (or open a terminal, whatever) and run dmesg02:36
Mneuronacc_, yes it just did before i asked about it02:37
=== sleepypc is now known as hypermist
nacc_Mneuro: hrm, weird. Anything in /var/log/syslog stick out to you? You are specifically looking for mentions of crash, or segfault. I also wonder if /var/crash has any contents?02:39
Mneuroyea i see something about a crash02:39
Mneurocan I pastebin this to you?02:40
nacc_Mneuro: yeah02:40
Mneuronacc_, http://pastebin.com/hZUwV0j202:41
MneuroI see a lot of mentions of crash reporting02:41
nacc_yeah, so the crash was in gnome-shell, looking02:41
nacc_Mneuro: it does seem sort of suspicious that steam did something just before the crash. Is that always the case?02:42
nacc_WARNING: Application 'gnome-shell.desktop' killed by signal 602:43
Mneuronacc_, I wasn't doing anything on steam before it crashed02:43
Mneuronacc_, I was browsing the internet.  Steam was probably running in the background02:43
nacc_Mneuro: right, i mean if steam isn't running at all, does it crash?02:44
nacc_Mneuro: and sorry, i may not be able to help debug for much longer, gotta go make dinner02:45
MneuroI don' t know.  I  never run my computer without steam in the background really02:45
Mneuronacc_,  I appreciate your help02:45
MneuroI've just gotten to the point that I have been thinking of leaving ubuntu02:45
MneuroI figured i'd see if anyone can figure it out02:46
=== fginther` is now known as fginther
rem505I just installed lubuntu, so now when I search for programs do I have to add 'Linux' to every search or is there a better way?02:59
reisiorem505: hrmm?02:59
BikerMikeHow does one ever get over these forever stalling dropbox updates?03:00
somsipBikerMike: there is possible an ill-defined problem hiding in that statement. What's really going on?03:00
reisioBikerMike: you could use something less silly than dropbox03:00
reisiosomething less silly with more storage, even03:00
rem505what is the most effective way to search for programs for Ubuntu?03:01
Techspectrerem505, the software center03:01
geirharem505: Open the software center, search there03:02
Bashing-omrem505: Terminal ' apt-cache search <search_item> ' .03:02
BikerMike*sigh* been trying to install it, but obviously it must've become corrupt along the way and now I'm stuck trying to fix it ~$ sudo dpkg --configure -a03:02
rem505OK I just ask b/c I wanted to watch Netflix and there is a link to a google site03:02
reisioBikerMike: proprietary apps will always be a bear to install03:02
BikerMikereisio i'm all ears!03:02
JohnnyonFlameHey, anyone here tried running Ubuntu on cheap chinese baytrail devices? I can't get my panel to display anything. Once DRM kicks in the display goes into a state that looks like it was innited wrong and displays nothing.03:03
BikerMikesomsip know anything cross-os that's like dropbox but isn't?03:03
reisiorem505: you can use chromium for that; not firefox yet, IIRC03:03
TechspectreSo recently my contextual menus (file menu, etc) have been full screen height when you first highlight them but they go to normal when you click away and come back to them.03:03
reisioBikerMike: what do you get with dropbox, 2GB?03:03
JohnnyonFlamePlugged a HDMI cable and the intel driver seems to be working fine- glxinfo looks sane, glxgear is okay, and I managed to get xrandr/dmesg logs03:03
somsipBikerMike: bittorrent sync is something I use on a LAN, syncthing, spideroak is something I used in the past. Depends what you want it for03:04
TechspectreI use spideroak. Reasonable pricing and a great Linux client03:04
rem505I can't b/c 32 bit machine.  But I noticed that I didnt have to use the Software Center to d/l03:06
karstensragehow do you find out programmatically where your multiarch directory is03:06
karstensragelike how to find i386-linux-gnu/03:07
rem505So are most of software packages in Software Center and not on random websites?03:07
reisiorem505: yup03:08
Techspectrerem505, that's what Linux is all about. Trusted repositories03:08
somsiprem505: *all* official packages are in Software Centre. Random websites will not offer official packages03:08
TechspectreThough that's not to say there aren't packages worth having that you can't get from the software center03:09
reisiothey might, for rare proprietary apps, but not generally03:09
BikerMikesomsip thanks for these alts, will check them out. And so I just deleted my lock file *fingers-crossed*03:09
somsipBikerMike: np03:10
MneuroChrome is worth having and not in the software center03:10
rem505I d/l Chrome, but not Chromium.  The package installer told me that wouldn't work03:10
TechspectreMneuro, that is true03:10
rem505told me Chromium wouldn't work on the 32 bit03:11
Bashing-omrem505: Google has dropped 32 bit support .03:12
cfhowlettMneuro, chromium is the unbranded equivalent of chrome03:12
rem505So if I delete Chrome should I get a package to clean up?  Or Ubuntu clean up?03:12
Techspectrerem505, is trying to watch Netflix, which you can't do in base Chromium. Need the Google package.03:13
rem505I mean does Ubuntu do a good job of cleaning up?03:13
Mneurocfhowlett, chromium does not work with netflix, something that was brought up03:13
TechspectreI mean there was that silverlight wrapper... but I'm not sure if it's still in development. Pipelight I think it was called03:14
rem505It doesn't matter b/c Chromium is 64 bit and I have 32 bit machine03:14
reisioincorrect, you can use chromium03:15
reisioyou do need _some_ proprietary bits, however03:15
reisiorem505: what's your processor?03:15
rem505core2 duo03:15
reisiorem505: which model?03:15
reisiogrep ' lm ' /proc/cpuinfo03:16
reisiorem505: that's a 64-bit processor, so you could use a 64-bit install if you wanted03:17
rem505ok yeah, is it difficult to install 64 bit Lubuntu over the 32 bit?03:18
cfhowlettrem505, easy but .. you don't install "over" you will clean install03:19
darkelfjuggalosudo apt-get distro-upgrade, correct?03:27
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cfhowlettdarkelfjuggalo, nope.  your upgrade windows has closed.  download .iso and clean install03:27
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
rem505I thought I found a link but it just says I need to reinstall03:27
darkelfjuggaloi just did a clean install at the beginning of this month03:27
=== Elimin8r is now known as Elimin8er
=== Chr1st1an_ is now known as Chr1st1an
reisiorem505: "reinstallation" is going to take the least amount of time03:27
cfhowlettdarkelfjuggalo, as stated in the release notes: 15.04 had only 9 months of support03:27
=== marlinc_ is now known as marlinc
reisiorem505: it's not as if you will have to do it again as long as amd64 is en vogue, which will still be some time03:27
=== logandg_ is now known as logandg
darkelfjuggaloi only have this because the last LTS wouldn't install properly.03:28
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rem505is there a ubuntu uninstall button?03:31
reisiorem505: huh?03:31
rem505Is there a way to get rid of the channel quits and joins?03:33
cfhowlett!quietirc | rem50503:33
ubotturem505: To ignore joins/parts/quits in your favorite IRC client, see http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages03:33
reisiorem505: they should calm down soon, after the netsplit's run its course03:34
reisioyou'd think the server could send a global notice when they're done so people can turn their parts back on :p03:35
Gart_Iommurem505  set conference mode on03:35
=== jimm is now known as jim
cfhowlettGart_Iommu, eh?  conference mode?03:35
cfhowletthexchat = no conference mode03:36
ramkam2013Hi there.03:38
reisiohi here03:39
ramkam2013i'm getting something weird in my script. if i do cat "$file" i get the file content03:39
ramkam2013but if i do cat "$file | while read l; echo "$l"; done i get blanks03:40
ramkam2013wtf ?03:40
somsipramkam2013: double quotes03:40
middlenameryI know it's probably not appropriate to ask for a direct solution, but how do I log all commands (root and not root) run on my ubuntu server installation? its for debugging purposes but for the life of me I cant figure out how to do it. Its pathetic but could anyone give me a step by step guide?03:41
somsipmiddlenamery: ~/.bash_history but it's easy to clear this so you may need something more robust depending on your needs03:41
ramkam2013somsip err, i too fast, it was :  cat "$file" | while read l; do echo "$l"; done03:41
cfhowlettmiddlenamery, experts in #ubuntu-server would know.  "keylogging" comes to mind, but ask anyway03:41
reisioramkam2013: while IFS='' read l ?03:42
middlenameryCool thanks guys!03:42
ramkam2013middlenamery: commands typed by the user ? checkout history03:42
ramkam2013reisio: nope, same issue03:45
jushur!ask Divanshu03:45
jushur!ask | Divanshu03:45
ubottuDivanshu: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:45
cfhowlettDivanshu, ask your questions03:45
Divanshuhow can we connect to Internet in lye 12.0403:45
cfhowlett!details | Divanshu,03:46
ubottuDivanshu,: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)03:46
Divanshuet'show to connect to Internet in Ubuntu LTS 12.04 using wifi.03:46
reisioramkam2013: what're you trying to do, again?03:48
ramkam2013reisio: apply an algo to each line of a file03:49
ramkam2013using pdfminer03:50
ramkam2013seems that the output of pdfminer has weirdo characters though03:50
ramkam2013i dump the output in a tmp file03:50
ramkam2013then process it line by line03:50
ramkam2013though, i suspect the text to contain odd chars03:51
ramkam2013how could i check or clean that ?03:51
ramkam2013oh ok, the text was in binary :D03:52
jushurramkam2013: you cant read binary? /joke03:53
ramkam2013hum. How do i pipe the output of a command as ascii ?03:53
reisioramkam2013: you might need03:53
reisioramkam2013: for example, ; do pdfminer "$foo" < /dev/null03:53
ramkam2013i might need ?03:53
reisiosome apps suck like that03:53
TechspectreFile manager that can 1. Browse FTP    2. Search for files subfolders     3. View image thumbnails?03:55
reisioTechspectre: and you're saying "files" (nautilus) can't do 2?03:56
Techspectrereisio, it seems not03:56
reisioTechspectre: you can probably give it a content menu item using catfish or the like, for example, if it truly doesn't (which I'm not sure I believe)03:57
Techspectreit can only search in the current folder only, or search all folders on the machine03:57
reisiomight ask #gnome about how it can03:57
reisionothing will be simpler than grep -ilr foo . though03:57
Techspectrereisio, while that may be true we're at the point where we really shouldn't have to use a command for that03:59
=== kudu is now known as Guest4130
reisioTechspectre: I agree, and I'd honestly be surprised if it doesn't already do what you want04:05
jushurTechspectre: you mean the world where nobody knows how to do things, and asks others how to do it? and then complain that its not "easy enough"? (lazy ppl..)04:05
reisiothough it's possible you have to toggle some magical hidden gnome pref for it04:05
reisioGNOME likes stuff like that; hence asking #gnome04:05
darkelfjuggalocfhowlett: my software updater is upgrading for me now after i manually checked for updates...04:07
Techspectrejushur, in the world where the absence of critical features like this works against Linux adoption04:08
ramkam2013reisio: didnt work. but this did the trick | tr -cd '[[:alnum:]]._-–\n'04:09
LambdaComplexjushur: sounds right04:09
reisioramkam2013: sounds like something you shouldn't have to do, but gj04:10
ramkam2013reisio: yes, it shouldnt'04:10
ramkam2013but probably the pdfmining is dumping non ascii chars (though there's a text option, but hell, it's not changing anything)04:10
ramkam2013so the fs is considering it as binary04:11
ramkam2013this is really weird04:11
ramkam2013and i wonder if i'm not going to break things04:11
reisioramkam2013: what do you mean to do with pdfminer's output?04:11
ramkam2013pdf2txt.py -t text -m 5 "$filepath" | grep -i isbn | tr "[a-z]" "[A-Z]" | sed "s/ISBN//g" | tr " " "\0" | tr -cd '[[:alnum:]]._-–\n' > "$tmp"04:12
=== droolendug is now known as infectiious
reisioto do what, in the end?04:12
LambdaComplexTechspectre: what about pcmanfm?04:12
ramkam2013grab isbn data04:13
reisioramkam2013: would pdfgrep alone not suffice?04:13
ramkam2013didnt know that one04:13
ramkam2013lemme check :)04:13
reisiosounds like a "grep" is kinda what you're after04:13
ramkam2013looks nice04:14
reisiothe only quirk I've found with pdfgrep, is sometimes you'll want 2>/dev/null for output you're reading in real-time (obviously won't matter for redirected/logged output)04:14
ramkam2013dependancies are weird, like sqlite :-)04:14
reisiohrmmm, I'm not sure that's an upstream dep04:15
* reisio shrugs04:15
reisionice util, though04:15
reisiosaves me from opening PDFs all the time04:15
reisiowhich I hate04:16
reisiobecause PDF is awful04:16
ramkam2013me too04:16
ramkam2013pdf is awfull :-)04:16
ramkam2013but, available ...04:16
reisiomost awful things are04:16
reisiowhat, after, is awful about an awful thing that isn't available :p04:16
ramkam2013that's called a nightmare04:17
reisiowhat, after all*, eben04:18
ramkam2013ya lost me :-)04:19
reisiowhat, after all, is awful about an awful thing that isn't available :p04:20
reisiowhat I meant to say, typoz04:20
ramkam2013but, googling it made me find back something i lost - https://www.ted.com/talks/eben_bayer_are_mushrooms_the_new_plastic?language=fr04:20
* ramkam2013 killall late-night-quiz-answering-deamon04:21
reisiomushrooms are the old delicious04:22
ramkam2013well, i hope that ikea makes the same mistake than adidas04:22
ramkam2013ok ops, don't kick me, trying to make some jokes04:23
=== emilsp_ is now known as emilsp
reisioI like the rare ted talks about something actually useful and not just a way for someone to make cash :p04:26
Ashokkumarhi my lenovo AIO is not booting ubuntu 14.04 after erase and install, previously it had windows 804:26
Ashokkumarany help?04:26
reisioalso I'd buy a hemp shoe if I could find one (and in my size [and affordable]); stupid hemp growing laws04:26
reisioAshokkumar: after installing ubuntu 14?04:27
Ashokkumarreisio: yes, pressing F12 (boot option) doesnot show hard disk at all04:27
django_how can i run this bashscript04:29
jushurbricked due to ereased efi fimrware. gg04:29
reisiodjango_: doubt that'd be a good idea04:30
django_reisio, why04:30
LambdaComplexdjango_: because installing things with a random shell script rather than your package manager is somewhere between dangerous and stupid04:30
django_this is heroku toolbetl cmon04:31
jushurdjango_: LambdaComplex is being a bit nice now, it realy are totaly stupid..04:31
Ben64django_: go do whatever you want, but don't come back in here if everything goes plaid04:31
django_how do i find heroku toolbelt on package manager04:32
django_synaptic package manager right?04:32
oxxenI have W7 Ultimate, and i need to install ubuntu 14.04 while keeping windows, when i boot from usb everything is ok until i get to the part i have to choose how to install, it doesn't give me the option to keep both, only to erase everything or manage partitions. Why?04:32
LambdaComplexIf there's a need to add something to the sources list then I kinda doubt it's in the official repos04:32
LambdaComplexoxxen: Lack of free space?04:33
LambdaComplexThat's my first guess04:33
oxxen330 gb's free04:33
jushurdjango_: read the script, and do it manualy? (add repo and then install the package..)04:33
oxxenWhen i enter partition manager it only shows me 2, the "windows 7 loader" and an unknown one with 330 gb free04:33
oxxenand i have 0 exp with partitionating, so i dont want to get on thing idk about04:34
oxxenpartitioning* sorry for my english u_u04:34
jushurdjango_: just so you know, the naming of that script sort of implied it was to install ubuntu. and not the application of that site.04:35
ramkam2013reisio: uh, pdfgrep has unmet deps on 14.0404:35
django_is this  safe: http://askubuntu.com/questions/556685/how-to-download-and-install-heroku04:36
Ben64django_: same amount of unsafe as you were told above04:37
ramkam2013hum. Calling it a night04:38
ramkam2013cheers all!04:38
oxxenLambdaComplex: Any idea of what can be happening there? ;;04:38
reisioramkam2013: :)04:38
jushurthe script he wanted to use was to install a repo for the site/application.04:38
ramkam2013reisio: i think i broke things when i tried to have ffmpeg04:39
reisiodjango_: what is it you want heroku for04:39
django_reisio, run an app on it04:39
reisioto do what04:39
ramkam2013heroku - reminds me of something. there's a nice little tool that allows to expose a node js to the outside world, like when you want to do oauth2 without making stuff on the router04:40
ramkam2013any1 remembers which ?04:41
BluewolfHi all, In reference to "Ubuntu on smartphones", is the software installable on any android based mobile devices or specific ones, which is determined by the manufacturers?04:45
xangua! Touch | Bluewolf04:46
ubottuBluewolf: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch04:46
reisioBluewolf: specific devices only, for to-metal installs04:47
=== munch_ is now known as Guest76274
reisiothere's also a chroot approach that can work theoretically on any android install you have the access for, but I can't say I'd recommend it04:47
Guest76274So, why does Firefox have upscaling issues with images?04:47
jushurBluewolf: http://insights.ubuntu.com/2016/02/19/community-collaborates-on-new-convergent-ubuntu-phones/04:47
Guest76274Specifically on Ubuntu?04:47
=== irra is now known as solido232
munch_MarcellDoes anyone have a fix for Firefox's scaling issue with images04:51
munch_MarcellThat doesn't exist in Chrome04:51
jushur!details | munch_Marcell04:52
ubottumunch_Marcell: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)04:52
munch_MarcellWhy does zooming on an image specifically in Firefox, despite the image being a high resolution image, not display properly in Firefox04:53
=== de-facto_ is now known as de-facto
Bluewolfreisio: Okay so it cant just be installed on any smartphone. That sucks.04:53
munch_MarcellWhy do downscaling/upscaling issues exist in Firefox?04:54
jushurBluewolf: not true, it can. but it req knowledge of great depth of the device to fix issues.04:55
jushurmunch_Marcell: i have no such issues here. 1K, 2K & 4K screen's.04:56
reisiomunch_Marcell: ?04:56
reisioBluewolf: yup, but it's an artificial problem, really04:56
reisioBluewolf: vote with your purchases, and it'll go away04:56
munch_Marcelljushur: Specifically in Google photos, I can't zoom into a photo without it looking terrible04:57
reisiomunch_Marcell: that's an unavoidable, fundamental issue with upscaling any bitmap04:57
reisiothere will only be so much resolution04:57
munch_Marcellreisio: Here's a thought, why do I have no such issues in Chrome?04:58
reisiomunch_Marcell: you do, you just aren't noticing them, because Chrome is blurring the image to make you think it isn't happening04:58
jushurmunch_Marcell: are you realy supriced? its made by google. uses their own code. is specialy tailored to use things only google chrome has support for.04:58
munch_MarcellWhy is it specifically Firefox? I'm zooming in on the same photos in two different browsers, and only one of them doesn't show it correctly04:58
Bluewolfjushur: Yeah that could prove to be an issue, again that sucks. Should be "simply" available for install on most phones.04:58
Bluewolfreisio: Indeed, I would get the phones their already work with, "big" problem is, I don't fancy them :(04:58
reisioBluewolf: some are fanciable, you'll find one04:59
lotuspsychjegood morning to all04:59
munch_Marcellreisio: So I'm just noticing it in Firefox only is what your saying?04:59
jushurBluewolf: i have oneplus one phones, one with stock android from the cyngn.com and one with ubuntu on. and am working on geting a bsd* install "working" on a third.05:00
jushurBluewolf: "simple" does not play well for me, i dislike that thinking a lot. "working" is more of my prefference.05:01
lotuspsychjejushur: #ubuntu-touch for mobile discussion05:02
Bluewolfreisio: Fingers crossed.05:02
Bluewolfjushur: I would like Ubuntu on a mobile device, but I really am not keen on spending hours on the chats trying to get it installed properly.05:02
munch_MarcellI'm not sure your understanding what I'm asking, I'm asking if there's a work around for something Chrome can do, that Firefox can't. I'm talking about high resolution images that does not show all of the information that's there05:02
munch_MarcellIt's not a problem with the image itself, because all of the information is there. It's the brower05:02
reisioBluewolf: don't get caught up with Ubuntu in your search, either; any phone that runs GNU/Linux and can have its OS replaced will suffice05:02
=== krittika is now known as m_anish___
Bluewolfreisio: cool05:03
jushurmunch_Marcell: yes, and it wont be fixed by asking us about it. its firefox developer design.05:03
munch_Marcelljushur: So in other words, I asked a question that you can't really answer, but you know who can?05:04
=== ToneKnee_ is now known as ToneKnee
reisioBluewolf: arguablly even any phone that runs Linux (even without GNU) that can have its OS replaced; as virtually all the hardware issues are covered in the kernel05:05
jushurmunch_Marcell: no, i belive the question is more of the mixed answer kind. partly depending on the page you view. and partly of the underlying application you use. in this case firefox. we are not firefox developers. so dont ask us about it. and the page is clearly not ubuntu specific.05:06
Bluewolfreisio: The software works on just about any device right?05:07
munch_Marcelljushur: It is, because even Firefox on Windows doesn't have this issue05:07
munch_MarcellIt's specifically in Ubuntu05:07
reisioBluewolf: once you have harware support, the rest is basically gravy05:07
Bluewolfreisio: Yey me! :)05:08
reisiohardddddware* meh05:08
de-factowhen using chromium browser to download large files, can i somehow reduce the bandwidth available to chromium (e.g. for using the other bandwidth for ssh or such)?05:08
lotuspsychjede-facto: maybe a download manager?05:09
reisiode-facto: yes, various ways05:09
reisiode-facto: trickle is one fairly simple approach05:10
jushurmunch_Marcell: I have machines running ubuntu/arch/gentoo/funtoo/freebsd/dragonflybsd here, and none of them has the issue you say. so its clearly on your side/config/hardware setup.05:10
Gart_Iommuit would be much simpler to use a downloader that supports throttling05:10
son-gokuhello anyone know how can i solve this issue? https://dpaste.de/pFdZ05:11
Gart_Iommubut maybe it would be enough to renice chromium to 20 ?05:11
munch_Marcelljushur: Your telling me your using Google Photos?05:11
ferrocenehey guys, xubuntu 14.04, i took a working 2TB sata drive out of my PC and stuck it in a USB3 enclosure (tested fine with another SATA drive), ubuntu detects the USB device but finds no block device on it?  http://pastebin.com/DgWgUsGU05:11
de-factoreisio hmm how can i use trickle on chromium?05:12
Ben64ferrocene: pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l"05:13
ferroceneparted doens't see it05:13
son-gokuwhen i run sudo apt-get update it shows this error : https://dpaste.de/pFdZ05:13
ferrocenenor does /dev/sd*05:14
Ben64ferrocene: plug it into usb205:14
munch_MarcellThe biggest issue people on Linux have with Chrome is that they are supposedly stealing my data, but at least the damn thing works. I've encountered issue after issue with this damn OS. Even running WoW doesn't work without a stupid issue I have to try and research and figure out05:14
munch_MarcellThis is a game that has been around for over a decade, and yet it doesn't work in an updated Linux OS with so much support that it's reaching Tablets and Phones in a big way.05:15
reisiode-facto: it has two modes, daemon-based with a list and explicit; the explicit way is, for example: trickle -d 750 chromium05:15
jushurferrocene: the port you have the usb3 connected to is usb3 and can supply the AMP it needs? (note laptop drives usualy works very well, but desktop disks may need more AMP)05:15
Ben64munch_Marcell: what is your point05:15
ferroceneWell shit, USB2 works like a champ05:15
ferrocenethanks.  any reason why?  it's a USB3 enclosure with a large fat USB3 cable (the bulge on the end) pluged into a usb3 blue port on the mobo05:16
Ben64ferrocene: some usb3 is wonky still05:16
munch_MarcellBen64: That I was told how awesome Linux was, but I was pretty much told a lie. Years ago, a friend was bragging how it could be used for gaming, but nothing has worked05:17
ferroceneok.  it's a powered enclosure, so it should be getting power05:17
jushurferrocene: out of spec usb3 implementations. they differ a lot basicly.05:17
Ben64munch_Marcell: then don't use it? this is a support channel, not a complaint department05:17
ferroceneweird that the 450GB works but the 2TB doens't.05:17
jushurferrocene: the chipset in the usb3 enclosure may be unable to handle big drives.05:18
ferrocenejushur: makes sense.  thanks!05:18
jushurferrocene: none of my desktop usb3 can handle my 8TB drives for example.05:18
BikerMikeSo in my frustration, I've gathered my newbie myself to draft something in the forum, thank you #ubuntu for allowing me to ask here. I fully appreciate your patience and support! http://j.mp/1UAr8me05:18
munch_MarcellBen64: Thanks05:19
ferroceneyeah.  i just added an additional 6TB drive, so the 2TB got bumped to the external.05:19
de-factoreisio yeah i just tried that one (explicit way), it seems to complain about trickled not running then "Using PPAPI flash.", but my already running chromium-browser still downloads with full speed05:19
de-factowoudl i have to close all instances of it and start it again via trickle or something?05:20
de-factoor somehow install that daemon from somewhere?05:20
reisiode-facto: yup05:20
reisioeither use the daemon, or restart the process/es05:20
munch_MarcellBen64: Can you at least tell me the Developer's Channels?05:20
de-factoreisio how can i use that daemon? where does it live?05:21
Ben64munch_Marcell: if you ask a question, you can get help here05:21
munch_MarcellBen64: I just did...and I have yet to get an answer05:22
Ben64munch_Marcell: developer for what, and why05:22
jushur!rude | munch_Marcell05:23
Ben64munch_Marcell: you should work on that attitude, and then maybe we can fix your issues05:23
reisiode-facto: dpkg -L would know, probably05:23
de-factosomething like "trickled -d 50 -u 5 -f -N 5" does not have any effect on download either05:24
munch_MarcellBen64: Basically was told that no one here can fix my issue05:24
son-gokuhttps://dpaste.de/pFdZ  <<< error while running sudo apt-get update. Any short and easy fix?05:24
Ben64munch_Marcell: maybe because you still haven't said what the issue is05:25
munch_MarcellLiterally asked what the Developer channel was several times05:25
munch_MarcellI did, in detail05:25
Ben64all i saw was complaining about linux, WoW, and yelling05:25
munch_MarcellBen64: Firefox does not show/downscale05:25
munch_MarcellImages in Google Photos05:25
de-factoreisio thanks for hinting me to trickle i will play around with it, sounds like exactly what i need (if it works ;)05:25
reisiode-facto: should work fine05:26
reisiode-facto: actually, now that I think about it05:26
reisiode-facto: you might /have/ to use the daemon for chromium and other browsers, which spawn multiple new processes, for new tabs and plugins and the like05:26
reisiothough it should work fine without the daemon for single instances05:26
Ben64munch_Marcell: can you explain what you mean by that05:26
munch_Marcelljushur: You haven't seen rude. You have seen irritation. I have been running into issue after issue with Ubuntu, and no help for any of them05:27
Ben64munch_Marcell: the people here are volunteers. being nice goes a long way05:27
jushurmunch_Marcell: i gave you a clear answer on why actually. you ignored it? the site/page you talk about uses code that is designed specificaly for google chrome.05:27
munch_MarcellBen64: High resolution images when I zoom are blurry. I opened up chrome, and with the same photos, was able to view them fine05:27
ferroceneson-goku: Architectures: amd6405:27
ferroceneson-goku: Unable to find expected entry 'main/binary-i386/Packages'05:28
reisiomunch_Marcell: there are only two explanations for that: 1) your imagination 2) Google giving its own browser and unfair, artificial advantage on purpose05:28
reisioI'm not sure which is more likely, or even that they're mutually exclusive05:28
reisiobrowser an* unfair05:28
* reisio sighs05:28
jushurmunch_Marcell: if i say your rude, that means i consider you to be. right? writing in all caps i do consider being rude. its like if i takea megaphone and stand in your face using it. shouting at you.05:28
munch_Marcellreisio: How is it my imagination is an explanation for why a photo does not view properly in a browser?05:29
reisiomunch_Marcell: people imagine all sorts of things05:29
Ben64munch_Marcell: i'm comparing my firefox to chrome, photo looks exactly the same05:29
reisioI wouldn't expect you or most people, for example, to be experts in comparing photo quality or rendering05:29
munch_Marcellreisio: I'm not an expert, and I can see a difference. I'm not coding, I'm looking at an image. No imagination mixed with knowledge of a programming language required05:30
dw1so on lubuntu i can just apt-get install unity and have unity?05:30
munch_MarcellBen64: Are you talking about a high resolution image in both browsers showing exactly the same zooming in?05:31
reisiomunch_Marcell: so you say :)05:31
reisiodw1: generally, yes05:31
dw1unity on liveusb runs better than LXDE :/05:31
munch_Marcellreisio: I'm sorry, are you saying I need imagination to see?05:31
dw1wonder if it's my slow SSD causing that05:31
reisiodw1: unity tends to be accelerated05:31
de-factoreisio yeah i will start that daemon before using chromium next time (right now it has too many open tabs). maybe then it has some effect05:31
reisiodw1: also, live environments tend to run from RAM, which is further accelerated05:31
reisiodw1: but only as much as you can run in ram05:31
munch_Marcellreisio: What part of light reflection, and pattern recognition done in great part by a human brain requires imagination?05:32
Ben64munch_Marcell: yep05:32
dw1this old netbook still truckin. i thought unity would be too much but it seems ok05:32
reisiomunch_Marcell: whole other topic05:32
dw1ill disable some fx if possible05:32
reisiodw1: intel has come a long way in graphics acceleration05:32
jushurdw1: unity uses compiz, wich uses composite. wich means the hardware/gpu will have to work. thus it feels faster.05:32
reisioback in the day you would've needed a dedicated amd or nvidia device05:32
munch_MarcellBen64: Perfect, then it's just me for some stupid reason05:33
reisioarguably it /is/ faster, if you're comparing unused graphics hardware to used05:33
reisiobut only if the hardware is up to it in the first place05:33
dw1so LXDE doesnt use it? :/05:35
reisiodw1: indeed not05:36
reisiopart of Lubuntu's mandate, AIUI, is for it to work on systems that haven't hardware graphics acceleration05:36
rem505so it wasn't so bad05:36
reisioso it'd not really be appropriate05:36
jushurdw1: it uses cpu cycles to do the drawing. and some gfx abilities. it does not have a backend that uses a fully hardware accelerated engine like compiz does. that is the difference.05:37
reisioalso Unity (as distinct from compiz) requires a hefty portion of GNOME05:37
munch_MarcellBen64: How about more details please? Firefox version?05:37
Ben64munch_Marcell: latest05:37
munch_MarcellBen64: .....can you verify the version please?05:38
Ben64its the latest05:39
rem505now I can watch Bad Grandpa05:39
munch_MarcellBen64: So in other words, you and I have the same browser, but yours is doing something mines is not05:40
Ben64depends if you have the latest05:41
jushurmunch_Marcell: if you launch your firefox with a "-p" and make a new profile. use  that and view the photos. (100% clean profile no addons etc) does it still look bad for you?05:42
munch_MarcellBen64: Unless 44.0.2 is not the latest, something is wrong here05:42
Ben64jushur: good idea05:42
munch_Marcelljushur: Actually a good idea, thank you05:43
munch_Marcelljushur: Where is it installed for me to open firefox in the terminal?05:44
jushurmunch_Marcell: just open a terminal, write "firefox -p"05:45
wafflejockmunch_Marcell: would be helpful if you linked to an example photo that shows the problem or take a screenshot to illustrate your issue, either way it's not really an ubuntu issue if it's a bug in firefox, they do have an issue/bug tracker though, so you can see if it's a known issue or file a bug if it is an issue https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/describecomponents.cgi05:45
munch_MarcellLet me ask you guys for your opinion, is it worth it for a gamer to use Ubuntu?05:45
yufwcould someone tell me how to install libsystemd-journal-dev?05:46
yufwapt-cache search doesn't show any result, but I can see it is in the repo on the web.05:46
loller123Im installing Ubuntu 14.04 LTS alongside Windows7 Ultimate, but i get this warning http://i63.tinypic.com/rbfynm.png05:47
loller123Should i continue_05:47
munch_Marcelljushur: Well....didn't seem to work at all05:47
ofanHello, I just installed ubuntu 15.10 in vmware workstation, got everything setup except a minor problem with the sound, if I only use ssh to login, the vm doesn't play any sound, but as soon as I login through vmware's window it starts playing, anyone knows why?05:47
wafflejockyufw: what's your lsb_release -a ?05:48
yufwwafflejock: I am using 15.1005:48
wafflejockyufw: I don't see it in the packages search here http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libsystemd-journal-dev&searchon=names&suite=wily&section=all05:49
jushurmunch_Marcell: my gaming machine i run gentoo and/or funtoo on, for performance/tweak reasons. (kinda advanced compared to ubuntu) and i run windows in a VM with a pcie gpu card passtrough to the VM. so i have full hardware accel on my games.05:49
yufwwafflejock: how about https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/wily/+package/libsystemd-journal-dev05:50
jushurmunch_Marcell: that is as i run windows only game, if you want to run say steamgames id say ubuntu is fine.05:50
munch_Marcelljushur: apparently for everyone but me05:51
yufwwafflejock: then what package should I install to provide the same function?05:51
jushurmunch_Marcell: what do you mean? steam does not work well for you?05:51
munch_Marcelljushur: Haven't tried steam. WoW doesn't run well. Settings keep reseting and can't get help for that either05:52
jushurmunch_Marcell: i dont use "wine" at all, as i dont like it. i have run it a few years back and it was some work to get it to "work" properly.05:53
wafflejockyufw: sorry no good answer for ya http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libsystemd-journal-dev&searchon=names&suite=all&section=all <-- looks like available in vivid or trusty but don't see it for wily not sure why it shows on launchpad, maybe "transitional" means it was temporary?05:53
wafflejockmunch_Marcell: personal opinion on that is if it's on Steam it typically works well and isn't any sort of fiddling around, but they don't have everything (though polling is generally not allowed in here, take regular chat not direct support issues to #ubuntu-offtopic)05:55
munch_MarcellI sincerely apologize for my rudeness. Have not had a good year last year, and with all the issues I can't fix I really got worked up. No excuse05:56
loller123Im installing Ubuntu 14.04 LTS alongside Windows7 Ultimate, but i get this warning http://i63.tinypic.com/rbfynm.png // Should I proceed?05:59
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.06:01
dejavou42libc6-i386 is causing a kernel panic when dpkg atttempts to configure. I can't install anything/uninstall anything because dpkg was interupted.06:07
dejavou42what can I do to fix this broken package?06:07
Scuniziam i visible?06:07
loller123Im installing Ubuntu 14.04 LTS alongside Windows7 Ultimate, but i get this warning http://i63.tinypic.com/rbfynm.png Should i proceed? T-T06:07
dejavou42nope :)06:07
dejavou42scunizi: you would get a message saying unable to send to channel if you weren't06:08
Scunizidejavou42: :) thanks06:08
dejavou42loller123: do you have anything sensitive on the windows partition?06:10
dejavou42ie files you don't want to lose06:10
loller123It's a clean windows install06:10
dejavou42how did you format the hard drive originally?06:11
loller123Don't know, it's a new computer06:12
loller123it's not even mine06:12
dejavou42open up a terminal and run sudo fdisk -l06:12
dejavou42and pastebin the result06:12
loller123I'm on ubuntu now06:14
loller123sdb1 is the flash drive from where im booting the os06:15
dejavou42yes that was evident06:15
loller123Oh i sended a screenshot, forgot about that a_a06:16
dejavou42k so here's what will happen. windows takes up the entire partition currently. Ubuntu will try to compress the windows partition, and install ubuntu in the extra space06:16
dejavou42In a perfect world, you should continue, but make sure you have the restore cd's for windows incase it doesn't go so well06:17
loller123Netbook qwq06:17
loller123Gotta download the iso06:18
loller123Well, ill do06:18
loller123Notice if something wrong happens06:18
loller123Ty dejavou42  :306:18
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loller123I've always had a doubt, is there a way to clear ram in linux like window's Ram.vbe?06:21
Ben64loller123: no and you don't need to06:22
dejavou42hmmm why would you want to do that?06:22
loller123Who knows, just wanted to know06:22
loller123Ben64: Why not?06:23
dejavou42loller123: ram is not retentive memory, when the power goes off it clears06:23
loller123I need to learn a lot :T06:23
Ben64loller123: there just isn't a reason to06:23
loller123Well, i have 5 years to learn :v06:24
dejavou42dpkg --configure -a results in a kernel panic everytime. It is trying to set up libc6-i386, anyone know how I can fix this package?06:27
Ben64dejavou42: explain what you're doing fully06:27
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dejavou42dpkg was interrupted.06:28
dejavou42I can't install any applications without first running dpkg --configure -a06:28
dejavou42the first thing dpkg attempts to configure is libc6-i386, and it results in an immediate kernel panic every time06:29
Seveasdejavou42: your system is hosed. If *that* causes a kernel panic you either have a hardware issue or there's something seriously bonkers about the installed software.06:29
Seveasdejavou42: can you take a photo of the panic and pastebin it?06:29
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dejavou42hmmm I'm doubting hardware issue highly06:30
dejavou42I'm currently using the system right now, and nothing existing is affected06:30
dejavou42I'll try to pastebin06:30
dejavou42may take me a minute to catch it06:30
Guest19554Hello everyone06:33
Guest19554where do you come from?06:33
Guest19554btw..I'm from China06:34
loller123just kidding, Argentina06:34
Guest19554it's so glad to be here.this is my first time i chat on this channel.and i feel so excited now.06:35
Guest19554so do you speak Spanish?right?06:35
loller123But #ubuntu-es is dead qwq06:36
Guest19554that's nice06:36
lotuspsychjeGuest19554: please only use this channel for support questions06:36
lotuspsychjeGuest19554: regular chat goes to #ubuntu-offtopic06:36
loller123Time for truth, ill try windows06:40
dejavou42here is the pastebin of the kernel panic06:41
d3m0nI am trying to run chown as root from a script that's executed by a non super user by getting UID to root but still getting permission denied. Is this impossible to do?06:42
lotuspsychje!chown | d3m0n06:43
ubottud3m0n: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions06:43
Seveasdejavou42: ok, that's more likely to be a software issue. Can you please pastebin the output of: dpkg -l | grep -v '^[a-z][a-z]'06:44
d3m0nlotuspsychje thanks but I am trying to avoid sudo and I dont want the user executing to script to be a super user06:45
loller123_dejavou42: You have all the gratitude that a 13 years old boy can give to someone.06:45
Ben64d3m0n: how do you expect that to work then06:46
lotuspsychje!behelpful | loller123_06:46
d3m0nBen64: I assumed that's what setting the UID was meant for06:46
ubottuloller123_: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.06:46
dejavou42seveas: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15272246/06:46
Ben64d3m0n: what do you mean setting the uid06:46
d3m0nBen64 sticky uid as root06:48
Seveasdejavou42: time to do something drastic. in /var/lib/dpkg/info/libc6:i386.postinst, add a line just below the shbang that just says exit 006:49
Seveasdejavou42: that'll allow the dpkg --configure -A to complete. After that do an apt-get dist-upgrade to make sure you have the latest version of all packages06:50
Seveasdejavou42: and after that apt-get install --reinstall libc6:i38606:50
dejavou42k added the line. I'm going to try it06:51
dejavou42bam dpkg complete06:51
dejavou42hmm the weird thing is that I'm already on 14.04.106:53
dejavou42I upgraded distros some time back, and I have installed packages since06:54
lotuspsychjedejavou42: upgrade to 14.04.406:54
dejavou42ahhh. lol I need to keep up06:55
lotuspsychjedejavou42: your in danger like this...06:55
dejavou42Seveas: thanks for the help. my system is fixed.07:04
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[AN]onymousSellingBusiness Credit Cards Minimum $1000 Balance $50/card, 5+ Cards for $25each #CVV or PM ME Accepting BTC Only07:16
Seveasdejavou42: you're welcome :) the apt-get install --reinstall also worked?07:16
Seveas[AN]onymous: this channel does not accept illegal activity.07:16
dejavou42I didn't have to, there was a newer package installed during dist-upgrade07:16
Seveasdejavou42: maybe it even had a bugfix for this issue :)07:17
dejavou42I would think that there would be a ton of posts on a bug like that though. Maybe something just got corrupt...07:19
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Dylan____Hey guys08:02
=== lepusfelix is now known as luckybunny
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MegaManSecis there a nice way to close all notify-osd notifications via the commandline?08:19
linuxlovehello guys08:20
linuxlovedoes exist a script that handle changes in ip with domain that i have downloaded from a website i got to redirect to new website for free dns and they just offer software for windows how can i use that script for new website ?08:22
ubonehow to have different email accounts in sylpheed in Folder pane like thunderbird?08:27
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user1__Is there a limit to do 'whois' for domains on ubuntu?08:41
qwerkusHello, I setup a simple samba fileserver based on the minimal iso, and ended up with over 100 different process running in the background. Is there a way to clean this up ? How can I find which ones are required, and which are not ?08:49
irkfwhats up08:49
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Jordan_Uqwerkus: Start by running "systemctl" to see what units are running.08:55
qwerkus<Jordan_U> thanks for your reply. I m running 14.04 - no systemd yet.08:57
rillehqwerkus: 100 processes related to samba?08:59
qwerkus<rilleh> no, 106 process alltogether08:59
rillehWell, that's normal for a regular system09:00
AlexPortableHow can I Get internet to work on my laptop?09:01
AlexPortableI tried sudo modprobe e1000e EEE=009:01
qwerkus<rilleh> too bad. This is a 24/7 system, and I would have liked to optimize performance vs power usage. For an instance, I don't need 6tty consoles, do I ?09:02
rillehqwerkus: I would say Ubuntu is not the dist you should use if you want to optimize down to that level09:03
qwerkus<rilleh> good point. Back to debian, eh ?09:04
qwerkus<AlexPortable> first step: identify your NIC09:04
AlexPortableqwerkus: on windows the driver for 'Intel 82579LM and 82579V' works09:06
qwerkus<AlexPortable> well, intel NICs should work out of the box in ubuntu. Check the output of ifconfig/iwconfig to see if the driver module is properly loaded, and than move to the setup /dhcp, wpasupplicant etc)09:07
AlexPortableifconfig shows lo only09:08
AlexPortableqwerkus how do I see if the driver module is propery loaded?09:09
AlexPortablewired internet09:09
qwerkus<AlexPortable> lsmod09:09
qwerkus<AlexPortable> lsmod shows which modules are loaded, ifconfig that networks interfaces are actually working09:10
AlexPortableifconfig shows lo09:11
qwerkus<AlexPortable> that one would seriously worry me. You sure you did not disable networking somewhere, like in the Bios or nm-applet ?09:12
AlexPortablenope, it works on windows09:12
AlexPortableclean install, issue is persistant across live usb 14.04, 16.04 and 15.1009:13
AlexPortablethe pastebin is the output of lsmod09:13
qwerkusyou can alwaya try the official intel howto: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/network-and-i-o/ethernet-products/000005480.html09:14
qwerkusalso, you may try a lspci, to see what the system lists as NIC devices09:15
AlexPortableqwerkus: i did load09:20
qwerkus<AlexPortable> sure, what I mean is you could try the lastest official intel version of your NIC module. Remove the current one, download, compile and load the new module. See if that works. Please make sure beforehands that it is supposed to support your NIC.09:23
AlexPortableI did09:24
AlexPortablei followed the tutorial here09:24
AlexPortablebut im stuck on this step Assign an IP address to the interface by entering the following, where <x> is the interface number:""09:24
AlexPortablethere is no other interface than lo09:24
qwerkusthat means the driver did not load properly, and something went wrong09:25
AlexPortablehow can I repair it?09:25
qwerkusTold you: apart from try the latest internel module, I don't see how09:25
AlexPortablewhere can i get the latest official intel?09:26
AlexPortablethe e1000e you mean?09:26
hateballAlexPortable: did you try a nightly 16.04 liveboot like I suggested yesterday?09:26
AlexPortablesame issue09:26
hateballso weird, since I have the same exact model etc and it works ootb since... forever09:26
AlexPortableworks only on windows09:26
qwerkusToo me, only 2 possibilites here: 1. Your hardware is broken - odd, because it seems to work in win. 2. Wrong NIC/Module.09:27
qwerkusThough if it really doesn't work, you could always try Intel support. they should be interested in your issue.09:29
v3nd3tta``hello, i can't seem to get software raid1 over 2x1tb, uefi and lvm combined, am i just not trying the right way or is the assumption that this doesn't work together right?09:32
AlexPortableoh it works now09:32
AlexPortablechanged something in the hardware09:32
AlexPortablethanks :D09:32
v3nd3tta``this is the partition layout: http://i.imgbox.com/ba42XCHE.png09:34
v3nd3tta``oh wait, this is an older image09:35
v3nd3tta``this is the updated partiton layout - am i doing it wrong? http://i.imgbox.com/8IaTkwFd.png09:36
roposometimes I get level(3) search on chromium, is it normal?09:39
=== dooferlad_ is now known as dooferlad
=== Chetic_ is now known as Chetic
roryropo: What do you mean?09:50
roporory sometimes when i search stuff(in navbar), sometimes(very rare) i get navigated to something called level3 search engine09:51
roryropo: What DNS servers are you using, do you know?09:51
roryropo: Could you share an example page you might get redirected to?09:52
roporory sorry i forgot(and cleared hsitory too)09:52
ropowhat's a DNS server though?09:52
ropoi am connected to my college library wifi could that be the reason?09:53
CablegunmasterE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.09:54
Cablegunmasterhow to resolve?09:54
melindoI'm having a problem with a pam module, pam_mkhomedir.so. Even if it's configured correctly, and I checked a dozen times, the pam.d/common-session file is completely ignored. Any ideea?09:54
roryropo: You should see it redirect to a search page when you try to access a single word search that doesn't exist09:56
rakonfire@ropo  Sorry just saw 4 line of your chat. I get the same thing when the level3 DNS servers can't resolve your search/URL . You could be having as your dns. It is normal.09:56
roryropo: The DNS server will try to go to http://keyword and it won't exist, so it will return their search results instead09:56
roryropo: You could set your DNS servers to Google's and
ropohow do i do that?09:57
roryropo: What Ubuntu version are you on?09:57
roryGo to your network settings, there's an option for DNS servers to use09:57
roryClick the network icon in the top right09:58
ropoEdit Connections?09:59
Felishiacan someone give me a hand of migrating to x6410:01
popeyFelishia: migrate as in move from 32-bit install to 64-bit install? Basically the answer is "backup everything and reinstall"10:02
=== Sergio965_ is now known as Sergio965
Felishiapopey, yes the home folder10:02
Felishiabut what about the programs and the repositories already installed10:02
popeymake a note of them and start fresh10:02
FelishiaI have postgres, node4, and some other stuff10:02
popeyyou'll probably need to reinstall them then10:02
popeywhat's the goal of moving to 64-bit?10:03
Felishiaisn;t there a command in synaptic or something that saves my added repo10:03
popey(assuming you're happy with your 32-bit install)10:03
Felishiapopey, gotta develop10:03
popeyah okay10:03
popeyThere's not really a simple way to do this.10:03
Felishiaoh damn10:03
Felishiathere's 32 bits :D10:03
Felishianow who cares10:04
AlexPortableHow can I let UEFI autoboot?10:06
=== Guest11722 is now known as wmp
TridenRakehi. I have an old HDD connected via SATA to USB port (the one from which I am running ubuntu). I have fresh HDD in my laptop SATA bay. How do I clone the old one to new fresh HDD? I am new to linux. Help10:10
=== nisstyre_ is now known as nisstyre
v3nd3tta``well you could use "dd" but before you do the command - read the manual10:17
v3nd3tta``also, be sure to do it in the right direction10:18
no_ideaany info on qtstalker and ubuntu 15?10:19
=== hgl is now known as Guest60437
hateballTridenRake: I'd use clonezilla10:27
hateballTridenRake: It is quite straightforward and simple10:27
TridenRakehateball, I will try that now.10:29
TridenRakev3nd3tta``, Thanks, but I'm quite scared to use that. I am new and I mightg screw it up10:30
popeyTridenRake: clonezilla is pretty easy to use, and there's tutorial videos showing it, so you know what to expect10:31
AlexPortableHow can I let UEFI autoboot?10:34
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ljosberinnhi all! just recently i keep getting the error when i ssh into my ubuntu 14.04 machine:10:50
ljosberinnssh: /home/mk/.linuxbrew/lib/libcrypto.so.1.0.0: no version information available (required by ssh)10:50
ljosberinnah, wait, the path is pointing to my local machine, not the remote onw10:51
ljosberinnok, back to the drawing board... thanks for helping :)10:51
CablegunmasterI put on my robe and my wizard hat!10:51
no_ideahi lounesdh11:19
lounesdhwhere are u from?11:19
no_ideaim from the philippines. where are you from?11:20
k1l_the internet :)11:20
no_ideahe left... haha11:20
no_ideahow are you k1l_ ?11:21
k1l_i am good, thanks. for chat we have #ubuntu-offtopic there might be some conversation when this is silent in here due to no support questions11:22
no_ideai cant install qtstalker in ubuntu mate 15.04. i cant find it in synaptic. in the software center it says there are unresolvable dependencies. any ideas guys?11:23
no_ideathanks k1l_ :)11:24
_jdhey guys, don't ask me how, but someone did chmod -R 777 on usr folder. this fix is good http://askubuntu.com/questions/127446/how-to-fix-sudo-after-chmod-r-777-usr-bin?11:24
Ben64_jd: all of /usr ?11:24
haasnIt seems that in ubuntu 14.04 → 15.10 the `dpkg-reconfigure --all` flag has gone away. What is the preferred replacement?11:24
_jdBen64: yes11:24
_jdI see that symlink have 777, and binaries 75511:25
colegatronHi there is any nginx package that includes lua + syslog logging? latest stabel seems to do not come packaged with lua11:26
Ben64_jd: time to reinstall11:27
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:27
MonkeyDusthaasn  the command works here, 14.04.4, ok11:27
haasnMonkeyDust: Like I said it got removed in 15.1011:27
haasnJudging by the man pages at http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/wily/man8/dpkg-reconfigure.8.html11:27
_jdBen64: thx11:28
MonkeyDusthaasn  you said, from 14.04 to 15.10, guess i misunderstood is as: everything between 14.04 and 15.1011:28
haasnMonkeyDust: I said 14.04 → 15.10, I meant the transition :)11:29
_jdBen64: hey another question, is there a way of reinstalling all installed packages?11:32
=== ibm is now known as Guest53997
exospeciesmy terminal fails to display utf8 characters11:35
nohitallSo I got a default ubuntu install and my loopback interface has no ip adress assigned, anyone got an idea why that is? causus issues since lot of stuff wants to bind to
chotaz`wWhat standard ways(without installing 3rd party or aditional packages) does one have to setup dns servers on ubuntu? I'm asking this because I'm having lots of conflits on using my company's internal DNS, sometimes I can't reach our intranet and I'm guessing it's because I threw google's public dns somewhere, I just can't remember where and via network manager, only our internal dns are listed, so I'm assuming it must be set somewhere else. Thanks11:36
chotaz`win advance.11:36
exospeciesapparently it's impossible to update LANG11:37
hateballchotaz`w: what does cat /etc/resolv.conf say?11:37
chotaz`whateball, only lists as nameserver, but as our local domains listed as 'search'11:39
hateballchotaz`w: yeah, that is to be expected as you are likely running dnsmasq by default11:40
chotaz`whateball, could there be conflicts between resolv.conf and dnsmasq's configs, our doesn't it work that way?11:41
hateballchotaz`w: have a look in /etc/resolv.conf.d/, look in head or base if you have manually added some nameservers11:41
chotaz`wi'll take a look, thanks!11:42
=== e is now known as nighttime
Kartagis!find zipalign11:43
ubottuFound: google-android-build-tools-installer, zipalign, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W: (and 5 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=zipalign&searchon=names&suite=wily&section=all11:43
Kartagis!find zipalign trusty11:43
chotaz`whateball, theres no resolv.conf.d11:43
ubottuPackage/file zipalign does not exist in trusty11:44
MonkeyDustKartagis  looks like you're out of luck there11:44
hateballchotaz`w: ugh. I dont have a 15.10 system handy now so I can look up the proper config paths11:44
MonkeyDust!find zipalign xenial11:45
ubottuFound: google-android-build-tools-installer, zipalign, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W: (and 27 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=zipalign&searchon=names&suite=xenial&section=all11:45
KartagisMonkeyDust: yea. have you an idea about my issue error while loading shared libraries: libc++.so: cannot open shared object file?11:45
Kartagisthat is from android sdk zipalign11:45
chotaz`whi matt_matt11:46
matt_matthows it going?11:47
MonkeyDustmatt_matt  this is ubuntu support, go to #ubuntu-offtopic for nice social chat11:48
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chotaz`whateball, my bad it's /etc/resolvconf/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/ ill take a look there11:51
chotaz`whateball, files head and base are clear, only comments inside.11:53
odtwhere is the xenial discussion happening?11:53
chotaz`wodt /j #ubuntu+111:53
=== matt_matt is now known as matt_linuxlearne
matt_linuxlearnei cant join #ubuntu-offtpoic i am banned?11:56
Ben64might need to be registered11:56
hateball!register | matt_linuxlearne11:57
ubottumatt_linuxlearne: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode11:57
matt_linuxlearnekk will take a look11:57
chotaz`whateball, i dont see configs overlapping anywhere, I guess the problem is with our domain instead then?11:58
hateballchotaz`w: what was the original issue?11:59
chotaz`wi remember adding google's dns so i could listen to some youtube playlists, and ocassionally i can still reach youtube that's why I thought I had preserved the config somewhere by mistake11:59
chotaz`wthe original issue was I not being able to reach some internal websites intermittently, while nobody else is having this issue.12:00
chotaz`wsometimes i can't access our issue tracker, gitlab, etc.12:00
chotaz`wI should be bugging my sysadmn for this, be he's nowhere to be found, thanks for the tips btw!12:01
jushurchotaz`w: sounds more like a badly configured internal dns server. then your machine.12:01
jushurchotaz`w: those internal dns, have static ips right?12:01
chotaz`wjushur, yes.12:02
jushurchotaz`w: just set them in /etc/hosts then12:02
jushurchotaz`w: is this a laptop you take with you home and connect to those from home also?12:03
chotaz`wjushur, no VPNs12:04
chotaz`wjushur, given that I set those in /etc/hosts, if I still have trouble connecting sometimes, could I assume its a dns problem?12:04
haasnStill running into this issue on Ubuntu 16.04: https://serverfault.com/questions/539911/setting-debconf-selections-for-keyboard-configuration-fails-layout-ends-up-as Is there really no better solution other than hard-copying /etc/console-setup to hack around it?12:04
jushurchotaz`w: no, that be a connection issue for some reason. more likely due to vpn connection.12:05
MonkeyDusthaasn  #ubuntu+1 for 16.0412:05
MonkeyDusthaasn  16.04 is not ready yet, expect more problems12:05
jushurjushur: if the problem goes away, when you have ips there. it would be a dns issue.12:05
ppottsHello, trying to install trusty32 from mini.iso. The install fails at downloading any package. When I tried to ping from console I get a segfault everytime it tries to do a name resolution. The name server is set to
jushurchotaz`w: read my prev line.12:06
chotaz`wjushur, i'll try that, thanks, I'm not the most network-savy person , hateball you too.12:06
ppottshas anyone seen such an error before?12:09
BluesKajHowdy folks12:11
manmaticaubuntu beginners channel is called... ?12:14
hilppotts, sounds like your mini.iso has corrupted binaries. try to get a new one12:14
MonkeyDustmanmatica  ask here and wait12:15
ppottshil, will try that. Thank you.12:15
hateball!help | manmatica12:16
ubottumanmatica: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:16
manmatica??? that was the question12:17
k1l_manmatica: this is the support channel. just ask in here12:17
MonkeyDustmanmatica  what brings you here?12:17
KartagisI've got libstdc++.so.6 but zipalign says zipalign: error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory12:20
Kartagisany ideas?12:20
manmaticaRight, cool so I just installed 14.04...it asks for the encryption key everytime i boot but before it goes into that it's like the computer goes to sleep...i swipe my hand accross the keyboard, and indoing so it has actually taken the keys as an attempt to put in the key and it wakes up12:21
ppottshil, I just checked the md5sum of the iso file I downloaded. It matches what is on the website. Anything else I could try?12:22
manmaticait's not just a black screen, the screen turns off12:23
MonkeyDustmanmatica  swipe across the keyboard? is that a tablet?12:24
manmaticano, you know, like on a piano12:25
hilKartagis, take a look here: http://itsfoss.com/solve-open-shared-object-file-quick-tip/12:25
manmaticai suppose there's one mystery key that would do it?12:25
MonkeyDustmanmatica  Esc or so12:25
chotaz`wI think his playmouth goes to sleep and he has to awake his screen before being able to input the password?12:26
chotaz`wI think you're just not waiting long enough for plymouth to show you the password input screen12:26
manmaticaesc didn't work.... what's 'so'12:27
chotaz`wIts completely normal the screen blanks for a sec before asking for the boot password12:27
Kartagishil: thanks but ldconfig didn't do it :S12:27
manmaticaanyway ..I thought it might need a reinstall but it won't boot from the disc now either12:28
MonkeyDustmanmatica  a hit on the space bar or even move with the mouse wakes up the screen too12:30
manmaticaok, i'll try that, thanks but is there a way to get around having to enter the key everytime i start up... is that normal? an earlier version didn't do that12:32
xRabbitxwhat the fuck is this madness12:32
MonkeyDustxRabbitx  language12:33
xRabbitxthis is my first time using irc and im so baffled12:33
=== olli_ is now known as olli
jushurxRabbitx: why so?12:33
MonkeyDustxRabbitx  this is ubuntu suppot, ask your ubuntu questions here12:33
xRabbitxoh, cool this could come in really handy, is there another page specifically for kubuntu or is it all under the same banner?12:34
chotaz`wxRabbitx, !kubuntu12:34
chotaz`w!kubuntu | xRabbitx12:35
ubottuxRabbitx: Kubuntu is the Ubuntu flavour using KDE Software and the KDE Plasma Workspaces.  See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join  #kubuntu - See also !kde12:35
xRabbitxso only unity here? or just if i have KDE specific questions, go there?12:36
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
chotaz`wI dont know if theres #kde, but #kubuntu is a good starting point. Also, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList12:36
MonkeyDustxRabbitx  ask your question and wait12:36
hilKartagis, which version you are using?12:37
Kartagishil: ubuntu? 14.04.5 x6412:37
akikthere's #kde on freenode12:37
MonkeyDustKartagis  the latest is 14.04.412:38
Kartagissorry, yeah .412:38
hilKartagis, are you trying to compile for 32bit?12:38
Kartagisdoes that matter in the case of android?12:38
=== nikki_ is now known as Guest83572
Guest83572hi im very new to linux and i have an interview tomorrow can someone please help me solve the below question thanks12:39
=== bleepy_ is now known as bleepy
Guest83572If you were in the /home/usr/doc directory, write a shell script below where you would be in /home/admin/doc where the admin directory does not exist and delete the usr directory12:39
MonkeyDustGuest83572  #ubuntu-offtopic for that12:40
Guest83572ok thank you12:40
hilKartagis, you might miss 32bit libs tho'12:40
ouroumovAnd btw that question makes no sense.12:40
hilKartagis, sudo apt-get install -y libc6:i386 libgcc1:i386 libstdc++6:i386 libz1:i386    ...worth a try12:41
hil :)12:42
Kartagisthat worked12:42
KartagisI can't thank you enough12:42
MonkeyDust!cookie | hil12:43
ubottuhil: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!12:43
sasoooossciao a tutti!12:43
ubottusasooooss: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».12:43
chotaz`w!ask | farid_ , hey o/12:49
ubottufarid_ , hey o/: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:49
eliahi i have two question:12:55
lounesdhcan you tell me what is this Xchat exactly?12:56
phil42i am using the xchat irc client12:56
phil42it works well12:56
lounesdhfor what?12:56
elia1- how can i modify pluma  color scheme12:56
phil42for irc-ing12:57
phil42as in now12:57
ouroumovelia, pluma > Edit > Preferences > Font & Colors12:58
hillounesdh, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:IRC12:58
phil42lounesdh, is there anything else that you need to know?13:00
theruecan someone recommend  a good and minimalistic pdf+epub reader ?13:00
lounesdhno thanks13:00
JohnnyonFlameHey, anyone here tried running Ubuntu on cheap chinese baytrail devices? I can't get my panel to display anything. Once DRM kicks in the display goes into a state that looks like it was innited wrong and displays nothing.13:01
JohnnyonFlamePlugged a HDMI cable and the intel driver seems to be working fine- glxinfo looks sane, glxgear is okay, and I managed to get xrandr/dmesg logs13:01
alex10791hey guys, I am working with cache timing attacks for may MSc Thesis and I need to allocate huge pages. I have been trying but didn't manage to, can anyone point me to the right direction? I'm using lubuntu13:02
hiltherue, fbreader with pdf plugin13:03
hiltherue, i'm afraid that's just for epub , no pdf support i see13:11
hiltherue, calibre is of course the way to go.. but thats far from minimalistic13:12
therueya i used that on windows13:13
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.13:14
=== arseny is now known as nemeci
srulihow is it going?13:25
srulioops wrong window13:25
sten_hi guys!13:28
inerkickHi..I'm trying to install haskell in APtana.  Kindly help me to get Haskell  in APtana(Eclipse). I am getting this error http://lpaste.net/15393713:29
sruliis it possible to encrypt ram? i want to secure against physical access / cold boot attacks13:30
hateballsruli: probably more likely to get an answer to that in ##linux13:32
inerkickthis is how it shows http://s12.postimg.org/lv6lpnmnx/Screenshot.png when i'm trying to install haskell in aptana13:33
MonkeyDustwhat's aptana13:34
MonkeyDust!info haskell13:35
ubottuPackage haskell does not exist in wily13:35
inerkickok, ubottu. HOw to go ahead13:36
inerkickI actually upgraded aptana13:36
inerkickAptana IDE13:36
manager_Hello. xsane/simple-scan works with my scaner only under sudo. How to work with them under regular user?13:38
inerkickWhat should I do ubottu13:40
BluesKaj!ubottu | inerkick13:41
ubottuinerkick: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone13:41
Meliohe's a bot13:41
Melioor she13:41
Melionot sure13:41
inerkickoops I thought so :D later was in hurry13:41
Melioit is derogitory13:41
inerkicksearching solution online13:41
Melioif you don't find it come back and ask we're helpful sometimes13:42
BluesKajit is neutral if you're talking genders13:42
inerkicki am just trying to learn haskell and want it in Aptana Melio13:42
inerkicktried to install it but it shows that error or not sure if it installed http://lpaste.net/15393713:43
cfhowlettinerkick, start it from the terminal13:44
inerkicki'm learning it from terminal, i am actually following a tutorial Beginning with Haskell which starts with a project. Hence wanted to go with that flow13:45
cfhowlettstart haskell from the terminal13:45
hateballmanager_: is this post helpful? http://superuser.com/questions/298298/scanning-only-works-under-sudo-ubuntu13:46
inerkickI am currently using haskell in terminal cfhowlett13:46
cfhowlettso haskell IS installed13:47
inerkickyeah i already installed haskell cfhowlett and even learning it ,13:48
inerkickjust the author mentions to get this ide which helps to try with the project version. and i'm not so clear yet about the indentation and stuff like that, hence don't want to keep wondering how to in terminal or other ide's and just keep working not distracted from learning13:49
manager_When i'm trying to use scanimage: open of device epkowa:usb:001:004 failed: Access to resource has been denied13:52
manager_How to scan without sudo? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ScanningHowTo#Permission_Issues won't work13:52
ppottsCould anyone try installing trusty32 from mini.iso as a virtual machine? I get the same error across platforms with different desktop virtualization software and the iso hash is a match13:55
EriC^^what error13:56
shahar188manager_ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ScanningHowTo13:56
shahar188search for scanimage in that page and you'll get the answer13:56
ppottsEriC^^, packages don't download, and if I login to console and try to ping any domain I get a segfault13:56
ubuntu-matehey guys13:57
=== JZTech101 is now known as Guest11856
manager_shahar188: won't work.13:58
manager_but fixed by sudo chown root:manager /dev/bus/usb/001/00413:58
manager_but don't think what it best solution...13:58
=== Guest11856 is now known as JZTech101
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=== Pici` is now known as Pici
kgirthoferhey all - I set my copy to control c14:09
kgirthoferon term14:10
kgirthoferthat had a lot of unintended sideeffects.14:10
Kevin`i'm encounting what's probably a bug in grub-install, should I ask here or in wherever the grub channel is? Boot0004* ubuntulog_ HD(1,0,00000000000000000000000000000000,0x0,0x0)/File(\EFI\ubuntu\shimx64.efi)14:10
pbxkgirthofer, do you have a question or is that just a PSA :)14:10
=== linuxmodder is now known as linux-modder
pbxKevin`, http://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?group=grub14:11
kgirthoferyea how do I set it back14:11
=== linux-modder is now known as linuxmodder
kgirthoferoh never mind14:12
kgirthoferyou just remove the shortcut14:12
kgirthoferhow does elementary get around that?14:12
AlexPortableanyone can help me add an entry to efi?14:12
kgirthoferit somehow knows only to use copy if text is highlighted14:12
AlexPortableI can start Ubuntu if I 'boot from EFI file' and then select the folder \EFI\ubuntu\grubx64.efi, but not from the boot manager14:12
Kevin`are you perhaps encountering the same bug as me? that would make it easier14:13
Kevin`pastebin efibootmgr -v14:13
Cablegunmasterjust love how quickly Ubuntu reinstalls again :) /hates reinstalling the rest ;)14:15
Cablegunmaster:D such a love hate relation ship14:16
colegatronCablegunmaster, use saltstack to rebuild ;)14:16
Cablegunmastertell me :)?14:16
CablegunmasterSometimes just feels like: https://xkcd.com/1629/14:17
Cablegunmaster or https://xkcd.com/1579/14:17
colegatronhahahaah, true14:17
AlexPortableKevin`: me?14:18
Kevin`AlexPortable: yes14:18
AlexPortableno idea what bug?14:18
Kevin`grub-install generating wrong boot manager entries14:18
Cablegunmastercolegatron, Saltstack seems like overkill14:19
haasnCan I specify the values for dpkg-configure non-interactively? e.g. say I want to run dpkg-reconfigure from a script14:20
colegatronCablegunmaster, yep, for single destops vagrant + bash is enough14:20
colegatronor a single bash14:20
colegatronif you don't want VM's14:20
Cablegunmasterdont want to ruby it colegatron14:20
AlexPortableKevin`: no idea14:21
=== Guest59 is now known as Tahinihummus
RubasHello people, someone on my server deleted a whole folder the 24th of February, is it somehow possible to recover it in any way?14:27
EriC^^!recover | Rubas14:29
ubottuRubas: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel14:29
RubasThank you Eric^^ :) I'll look into it and see what I can do :)14:31
mrsqueaky21lubuntu detects my sound card but my laptop does not play any sound14:32
haasnHow do I change the keyboard layout non-interactively?14:33
EriC^^Rubas: no problem :)14:33
MonkeyDustmrsqueaky21  in a terminal, type   alsamixer    if you see MM, go there and hit m to unmute14:33
haasnI can use dpkg-reconfigure interactively, but I need it to be done from a script14:33
MonkeyDusthaasn   setxkbmap -layout xx    <-- your country code14:34
mrsqueaky21I want a cloak14:35
MonkeyDustmrsqueaky21  ask in #freenode14:35
EriC^^mrsqueaky21: i want a batmobile14:35
haasnMonkeyDust: “Cannot open display "default display"”, if I manually try it with DISPLAY=:0 I get “Cannot open display ":0"”14:36
haasn(I am logged in via ssh)14:36
haasnAnd ideally I want to be doing this from a chroot14:36
MonkeyDusthaasn  in which ubuntu version?14:36
conallhaasn: have you ssh'wd with X forwarding enabled?14:36
fooobarrrssx -X?14:37
fooobarrrand you have a server running on your local computer?14:37
haasnMonkeyDust: Either 14.04 or 16.0414:37
conallssh -Y for trusted X forwarding14:37
haasn(I cannot find a way to set the keyboard layout non-interactively in either ver, pretty much)14:37
MelioI'm going to get a raspberry pi, basicly because i have an expensive linode14:37
Meliodoes ubuntu run on linode?14:38
Melioi mean R.pi14:38
Melioi hear the later versions are more powerful and have wifi on version 314:38
MonkeyDustMelio  #raspberrypi14:38
MelioI mean you can add it14:38
MelioI'm more concerned if ubuntu runs on it14:38
hateballMelio: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/RaspberryPi14:39
AlexPortableI can start Ubuntu if I 'boot from EFI file' and then select the folder \EFI\ubuntu\grubx64.efi, but not from the boot manager14:39
hateballMelio: I don't know if anyone has tried the RPi3 yet tho14:40
Meliohateball,  yeah 2 is ot, but 3 is so new it's not imaged yet14:41
MelioI'll be happy to ditch my 300$ linode14:41
MelioI don't really need it14:41
MelioI justified it by saying, I need a good linux box for servers and experimental deployments14:41
jushurMelio: the rpi2 and rpi3 can run ubuntu very well. just get a quality sdcard. for it.14:41
Melioand having a local machine that ages and requires 2-3 year upgrades was dumb financially14:41
Meliojushur,  I plan to14:42
haasnMonkeyDust: Do you know where the debconf scripts for keyboard-configuration are located? I'm just gonna reverse engineer this script to figure out how I can fool it into thinking my keyboard is german14:42
MelioLocal builds are all i need, and virtualized stuff isnt that good14:42
Meliotoo much ram14:42
=== tc is now known as Guest36094
mrsqueaky21I want you to join me14:45
haasnMonkeyDust: Aaah, I finally found the answer: localectl set-x11-keymap de pc105 nodeadkeys && dpkg-reconfigure -f noninteractive keyboard-configuration14:47
haasnThis works :)14:47
MonkeyDusthaasn  i was away, glad you found it14:48
haasn`localectl` is where the keyboard-configuration debconf gets its results from14:48
hppeh why is ubuntu 16.04-beta1 chinese by default? changed language but recycle bin and home folde is still in chinese14:53
chotaz`whpp, its beta, never expect stable usage14:53
hil台北?  .oO( ;) )14:55
pureheart23which channel has the most visitor14:56
MonkeyDusthpp  #ubuntu+114:56
MonkeyDustpureheart23  this is ubuntu support14:56
pbxi've got two accounts on this machine (14.04). i use Synapse with both of them. super-esc is the hotkey i've been using, then one account stopped allowing it. i.e. synapse says it's already in use, but i don't see it in the hotkeys in Keyboard settings. how can i track down the conflict? (or if it's a bogus conflict message, the cause)?14:57
pureheart23MonkeyDust: why do you to be so strict? I'm not in school anymore14:57
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Es0tericanybody here?15:05
EriC^^Es0teric: sure15:05
tewardEs0teric: asking a real question helps, usually, as we respond better to actual questions.  It's not helpful to ask if anyon eis around.15:05
Es0tericok so i have this server and there is a zip file that constantly keeps injecting itself and unpacking itself causing it to crash... how do i find the source of that is causing that?15:06
EriC^^Es0teric: sounds like something is copying it over and extracting it?15:07
=== Guest18873 is now known as Gustavo6046
EriC^^Es0teric: who owns the zipfile?15:07
Es0tericEriC^^ www-data15:08
EriC^^Es0teric: ok, so something that has to do with the webserver is doing it15:08
EriC^^what's running as www-data?15:08
Es0tericthe webserver15:08
EriC^^just a normal apache webserver?15:09
EriC^^where's the file being put?15:09
Es0tericEriC^^ in the root of the site15:11
EriC^^Es0teric: what's the name of the file?15:11
MonkeyDust!details | Es0teric15:12
ubottuEs0teric: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)15:12
Es0tericEriC^^ jtvz.zip15:12
EriC^^Es0teric: you need to check your websites code15:12
EriC^^are you using php with it?15:13
Es0tericEriC^^ yeah15:13
EriC^^what does the zipfile contain?15:13
EriC^^does the site do any other zipping stuff?15:13
=== icey_ is now known as icey
Hell-Razorhey fellas... just need a litle help with patching the kernel, anybody good with editing patches?15:14
Hell-Razorthe patch off sourceforge doesnt seem to work =(15:14
MonkeyDustHell-Razor  if you don't get an answer here, try in #ubuntu-kernel15:14
Hell-Razorah ok15:14
Hell-Razorprobably better in there MonkeyDust15:14
Es0tericEriC^^ i just decided to gut the whole thing15:15
Es0tericthis is pointless right now15:15
EriC^^Es0teric: gut it?15:16
Es0tericEriC^^ yeah15:16
Es0tericchange the directory15:16
Es0terici am just moving the files15:16
EriC^^not following what you mean15:17
Es0tericEriC^^ what does it mean when there is a user called 1001 ?15:17
EriC^^it's the user's uid15:18
Es0tericEriC^^ would that appear when a user has been deleted?15:18
EriC^^are you saying a literal user called 1001?15:19
EriC^^the problem is that we're not fortune tellers15:19
Hell-Razordamn everybodys asleep in the kernel place15:19
MonkeyDustEs0teric  what are you doing, hoping to achieve and what brings you here?15:19
naccHell-Razor: just an fyi, you don't want to ever edit patches15:19
Es0tericMonkeyDust EriC^^ is helping me15:19
EriC^^Es0teric: actually i'm not understanding anything you're saying15:20
EriC^^and i feel more like i'm an info box than helping you15:20
Es0tericEriC^^ give me a sec15:20
Es0terici have to check something15:20
Hell-Razornacc well the kernel directory was incorrect15:21
Hell-Razornacc thats all i edited15:21
chotaz`wHe's completely outtee x)15:21
naccHell-Razor: hand-edit patches will tend to make them not apply15:21
naccHell-Razor: you should *hand-apply* the patch and regenerate it15:21
naccif anything15:21
Hell-Razornacc it wasnt aplying either way lol15:21
naccHell-Razor: also what do you mean the "kernel directory"?15:22
Hell-Razornacc it was looking for the kernel in /usr/src/linux-4.4/ instead of /usr/src/linux-headers-4.4.0-04040015:22
naccHell-Razor: um ... that's the kernel's headers15:25
naccHell-Razor: not the source15:25
Hell-Razornacc ah that could be the isse... where does the kernel sit then15:25
naccHell-Razor: I don't think you should be editing your kernel if this is where you are at :)15:26
=== ah is now known as androidhacker
naccHell-Razor: but you either need to download the source package for the kernel you care about, or use git15:26
naccor grab the tarball from upstream15:26
Hell-Razornacc /usr/src/linux is where it symlinks to... I am just not used to ubuntu yet15:26
=== androidhacker is now known as AndroidHacker
naccin short, "it depends" :)15:26
naccif you only have /usr/src/linux-headers, then you don't have the kernel source installed, afaict15:27
Hell-Razornope. I understand it now nacc I think... going to take a lot longer than what I was originally thinking15:27
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=== PowerKiller is now known as downtime
=== downtime is now known as uptime_
jespersonDoes anyone here know how to get my panels back via the terminal? :D I kind of removed them all15:40
jushurjesperson: panel?15:40
rillehjesperson: dpkg-reconfigure I would guess15:40
jespersonjushur, Like where my icons are and my shortcus15:40
jespersonI don't know the name is the package rilleh15:42
jespersonname of the package*15:42
jushurjust open the aps and then rightklick them and "lock to launcher"15:42
rillehdpkg -L |grep ubuntu maybe?15:43
jespersonthat returns an error15:43
BobbejaantjeIs there any way on packages.ubuntu.com to check reverse-dependencies, as in to get a list of packaes that depend on package X given package X15:45
chotaz`wjushur, set the "routes" to my issue tracker and gitlab on my hosts file still having issues. I guess i gotta take this to the sysadm.15:45
SchallaBobbejaantje: Maybe apt-cache rdepends <package>?15:46
SchallaI know, thats not on packages.ubuntu.com15:46
glassdWhat happened to pushd/popd?15:46
jushurchotaz`w: maybe you have dns bleed trough issues for your vpn config? so it tries to go over internet?15:46
BobbejaantjeSchalla, well, I don't have Ubuntu installed right now, hence I'm searching for a way to do it online15:46
chotaz`w!it | leonardo_15:47
ubottuleonardo_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)15:47
chotaz`wwell hey there :D15:47
leonardo_how old are you15:48
naccglassd: what do you mean?15:48
leonardo_how old are you15:48
chotaz`wleonardo_, that's irrelevant, just ask15:49
chotaz`w!ask | leonardo_ If you have any questions regarding ubuntu15:49
ubottuleonardo_ If you have any questions regarding ubuntu: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:49
SchallaBobbejaantje: Nothing I would be aware of.15:49
naccBobbejaantje: I don't think so, as it uses quite a bit of resources to do that serarch :)15:49
glassdnacc, I've got this script to update some firmware and it requires pushd and popd15:49
glassdbash is saying the commands are not founf15:49
naccglassd: are you sure you're on bash?15:50
glassdpretty shure15:50
naccglassd: as that sounds like a dash error15:50
Bobbejaantjenacc, they could've just generated them once and cached them though, but hmm.15:50
BobbejaantjeI'll go see if there's an ubuntu in a browser somewere or somethng15:51
glassdomg... I'm going to kill the person who designed this bs15:51
SchallaBobbejaantje: Easiest way: Get an container / vm15:51
chotaz`wBobbejaantje, or a linode, i guess15:52
naccBobbejaantje: maybe, but there is a lot of stuff to cache then ... in any case, for most users that need to know about reverse-dependencies, they can run ubuntu and use reverse-depends, apt-cach, etc15:52
glassdnacc, for some reason this thing extracts another script and then runs it in sh15:54
naccglassd: which might be dash? :)15:54
glassdsounds like that might be the case15:55
cariveriwhen after a ubuntu upgrade the speaker does nto soudn anymore. what can I do?15:56
chotaz`wcariveri, open up a terminal, run alsamixer and see if anything is listed as 'MM'15:56
cariverichotaz`w: no nothing in MM15:57
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest59268
cariverichotaz`w: testfile with audio is on for testing. but no sound on the speakers. the inline output sounds normal to the headphones.15:59
McBride36I'm trying to use grep and searching hexchat logs. The channels start with #. i've tried grep "blah" -ri \#channel.log and it returns no such file. Any idea what i should be typing instead?15:59
McBride36(i am in the correct folder as well)16:00
oscar__adios bitches16:00
Rochvellon / is root, try instead ./16:00
akikMcBride36: your grep command works fine for me (i created #channel.log with test as content)16:06
McBride36well shoot. i must be doing something wrong then. thanks for testing it16:06
Lornehey all.  I have an older win machine I'd like to use Ubuntu on...can't seem to get it to install dual-boot...so was thinking to copy the old system (C:) to a bootable USB16:07
Lorne...is that crazy?  ...or easy?16:07
akikMcBride36: usually the options come after the command but didn't matter in this case16:07
MonkeyDust!dualboot | Lorne16:08
ubottuLorne: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot16:08
McBride36akik, i got it. needed to go one level in. the recursive wasn't working for some reason16:09
TyrantelfHaving an issue with 14.04.  During the boot it drops me to an intramfs shell with an error that it can't find my LVM partition, but I've looked and it seems to be more than that.  It's not detecting any of the harddrives, period.  Any help?16:10
akikMcBride36: in that case you were in a directory which didn't have #channel.log :)16:11
McBride36akik, yup, #channel.log was present in each folder in that directory. Might have just been my inexperience working against me16:12
akikMcBride36: if you want to grep recursively from the current directory "grep -ri something ."16:12
rem505I tried to save a file and a list of about 6 things came up.  So I clicked the one I wanted, then it said 'can't open file to write' how do I save the file?16:14
jgcampbell300if i wanted to modify txt files from cli in linux would i be wantint grep or sed ?16:14
rem505it is an existing file16:14
EriC^^jgcampbell300: sed16:15
jgcampbell300EriC^^: do you have link to good list of examples ?16:15
=== rem505 is now known as day2ubuntu
EriC^^not really16:17
jgcampbell300EriC^^: ok ty16:17
ioriajgcampbell300, http://www.theunixschool.com/2014/08/sed-examples-remove-delete-chars-from-line-file.html16:18
jgcampbell300ioria: ty16:18
ioriajgcampbell300,  you're welcome16:18
day2ubuntumy headphones arent working lub15.116:20
day2ubuntucan I edit the alsa file?16:21
dretnxIs there anything for ubuntu like bottom docker of yosemite osx, which has blurred panel behind icons?16:22
dretnxI know about cairo docker, which emulates previous docker of osx16:22
MonkeyDustdretnx  15.10 has 'plank'16:23
nicomachusso I'm still getting an error from the Chrome repo. any ideas on a fix for this, besides uninstalling chrome?16:24
trunk_monkeyInstalled from the .deb?16:25
nicomachusyes. one sec, I'll re-paste the rror16:25
=== mohammad is now known as linuxlove
nicomachusapparently google killed their 32 bit packages, but didn't adjust the source listing.16:28
MonkeyDustnicomachus  open the file, it only contains amd64 md5sums16:28
MonkeyDustnicomachus  chances are, that google chrome no longer supports 32bit16:30
=== fox9hound is now known as san_tiago
nicomachusMonkeyDust: I'm using 64bit Chrome though16:30
_owlYo, is this channel 'bout Ubuntu?16:33
nicomachus_owl: that might be a good guess16:33
MonkeyDust_owl  type /topic16:33
_owlCause i'm having a lot of trouble with it :D16:33
MonkeyDust_owl  let's hear it, in one line16:34
_owlhahaha no joke16:34
_owlI am new to Ubuntu and dont really no what to do.16:34
nicomachuswell, here's a good start:16:34
MonkeyDust!manual | _owl start here16:34
ubottu_owl start here: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/16:34
linuxlovehow can i install cpanel on ubuntu 15.10?16:35
_owlMonkeyDust thanks, but how exactly do i get the !manual ?16:36
nacc_owl: it's the link in what ubottu said16:37
_owlah great thanks.16:37
jgcampbell300can sed find all the dollar ammounts in a page ?16:38
jgcampbell300sed -i -e 's/[0-9].[0-9]{2}/16:39
aryHi. I have a VGA R9 380 on my desktop. I am using the driver downloaded from ATI. The problem is with the OS windows effects. When minimize and maximize windows with to much text, some noise glitch ocour onthe screen. Another thing is when I am working on inkscape or gimp. I did not notice improvements when i am working. The time to render an effect is the same without the new VGA.16:41
jgcampbell300sed -i -e 's/[0-9].[0-9]{2}/$\d1.\d2/' that i think is what im trying to do16:41
jgcampbell300its not working so i am thining the \d1 is is wrong format16:43
tgm4883jgcampbell300: . (period) doesn't mean period in regex16:47
jgcampbell300tgm4883: oh ya ... isnt that wildcard for anything ?16:47
tgm4883jgcampbell300: "any single character" not sure if punctuation is considered a character16:48
tgm4883jgcampbell300: actually, regex101 says that should work16:48
jgcampbell300tryed sed -i 's/([0-9])(.)([0-9]{2})/($\1)(.)(\2/)' 2pagetest .. i have something wrong there to16:49
tgm4883although would only work for dollar amounts up to 916:49
Art257wich software does the ubuntu community recommend me as an alternative for total commander?16:49
jgcampbell300tgm4883: hmm ... how would i make it go up as high as needed16:49
=== Gustavo is now known as Guest58595
dejavou42after upgrade of chrome, I'm getting SSL connection error (Err_SSL_Protocol_Error) when trying to connect to google sites Other https sites work from chrome, and google sites work from firefox. So I know it isn't a library problem. Any thoughts on what I should do?16:50
nicomachusfound this, regarding the Google error: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/chrome/T1m-U8QI7bM;context-place=topicsearchin/chrome/Linux$20repo%7Csort:date16:51
chotaz`w Art257 what features are you looking to get similar to total commander, the command like is the best file explorer out there :)16:51
tgm4883jgcampbell300: [0-9]+.[0-9]{2}16:51
tgm4883jgcampbell300: note the +16:51
Art257i have a couple of mp3's scattern in many directorys, and want to put them all in one16:51
jgcampbell300tgm4883: ahh16:51
=== Guest58595 is now known as Gustavo6046
nicomachusArt257: from the terminal, you can use 'find' with .mp3 to find them all.16:52
=== percY-_ is now known as percY-
nicomachusyou could probably also do something like 'mv *.mp3 /Destination/Directory/for/all/.mp3'16:52
tgm4883nicomachus: that would only find it in the current directory. using xargs with the find command might work16:53
jgcampbell300tgm4883: so sed -i -e 's/([0-9]+.[0-9]{2})/16:53
jgcampbell300 should find all the numbers formated as ####.##16:53
Art257thx i try it16:53
tgm4883jgcampbell300: yea16:53
tgm4883jgcampbell300: would you have thousands with comma separaters?16:53
chotaz`wArt257, something like 'find ~/ -type f -name "*.mp3" | xargs cp -t ~/Music'16:54
jgcampbell300tgm4883: oh .. ya ... 100s no comma then 1000s up would add a comma16:54
dejavou42nicomachus: Regarding the google error, that is probably due to double entries of the repo in sources.list. I don't know who you were originally helping16:54
chotaz`wArt257, then all the mp3s found in your home folder will end up in $HOME/Music16:54
nicomachusdejavou42: I'm exploring it for myself. It's a widespread issue, apparently.16:54
tgm4883chotaz`w: That might cause an issue since ~/Music is inside ~/16:54
dejavou42nichomachus: ok. Check your /etc/apt/sources.list I'll guarantee that there are two entries for the google repo16:55
jgcampbell300tgm4883: i think this would work but im betting the $ is going to be seen wrong )16:56
nicomachusdejavou42: nope. just one.16:56
nicomachusand it's in sources.list.d/16:56
nicomachusgoogle-chrome.list , google-chrome.list.distUpgrade , and google-chrome.list.save16:57
nicomachuspretty standard stuff.16:57
tgm4883jgcampbell300: [0-9]?\*,?[0-9]+\.[0-9]{2}16:58
tgm4883jgcampbell300: I mean [0-9]*,?[0-9]+\.[0-9]{2}16:58
tgm4883dumb laptop keyboard16:58
dejavou42nichomachus: what is the actual error you are getting16:58
nicomachusdejavou42: https://paste.ubuntu.com/15274394/16:58
tgm4883jgcampbell300: how high of a number do you want to look for?16:58
jgcampbell300tgm4883: the highest number should not be over 100,000.0016:59
jgcampbell300hmm i need to look up the ?16:59
tgm4883jgcampbell300: ok, that should work then16:59
dejavou42nicomachus: google chrome's linux dev team decided to stop supporting 32 bit systems as of this month.17:00
jgcampbell300tgm4883: so am i looking for sed or regex when working with what you just wrote ?17:00
dejavou4232 bit linux systems that is17:00
nicomachusdejavou42: yes, I know. but I'm on 64bit, using 64bit Chrome.17:00
nicomachusdejavou42: do you have Chrome installed/17:01
dejavou42nicomachus: yes17:01
tgm4883jgcampbell300: regex17:01
dejavou42and I'm having a different problem with it17:01
nicomachusdejavou42: and do you get that error if you run apt-get update?17:01
tgm4883jgcampbell300: https://regex101.com/17:01
jgcampbell300tgm4883: tyvm17:02
dejavou42nicomachus: I had a similar error yesterday that was caused by dual entries for http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/dists/stable/Release in /etc/apt/sources.list17:02
nicomachusdejavou42: yea, it's not listed in my sources.list here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15274677/17:03
dejavou42nicomachus: today, I'm not getting any errors from apt-get update17:03
alkisgnicomachus, what's the output of this? grep -r chrome /etc/apt/sources.list*17:04
nicomachusalkisg: all normal: https://paste.ubuntu.com/15274693/17:05
jgcampbell300tgm4883: wow ... that is a great tool17:05
jgcampbell300tgm4883: so if i want to use something like . $ or other that regex is going to see as special ... isnt there a way to say that these between () are normal text like /n(text) ?17:06
Lornethe bot didn't help earlier... I'm currently running Ubuntu off a USB stick...wondering if I can clone my C: (win startup disk) to another external USB drive that I can later boot from...17:07
tgm4883jgcampbell300: you just escape the character with \17:08
nicomachusLorne: you can, with dd17:08
Lorne...I *think* Im finished with the win stuff...but to be sure - want this backup!17:08
tgm4883jgcampbell300: I did that in the one I posted, so it works as a period now17:08
=== charles_ is now known as Guest50340
jgcampbell300tgm4883: ahh ok so sed -i -e 's/([0-9]*,?[0-9]+\.[0-9]{2})/\&(\1)/' test should put a $ before any that matches17:09
nicomachusLorne: this should help. Please don't PM, ask in the channel so others can verify that you're getting good advice, and offer additional advice: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/19141/clone-a-hard-drive-using-an-ubuntu-live-cd/17:10
tgm4883jgcampbell300: no? you don't have a $ in there17:10
Lornethanks nicomaus17:10
tgm4883jgcampbell300: you can always test without -i with sed17:10
jgcampbell300tgm4883: ahh nother typo ... it came back invalid reference /117:11
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cariverioh god. installing a prop. nvidia driver crashed it all. dotn even have access to a console. can I reset to xorg driver from live ubuntu?17:18
Lornenicomachus - ok - its going...crossing my fingers... thx again...17:18
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
Art257i tryed this -> find /media/artur/TOSHIBA\ EXT/Backup/F/ -type f -name "*.mp3" and i found all my mp3's. and how to copy them into the final dastination?17:19
tgm4883cariveri: you could boot in recovery mode17:19
ubottuIf your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode17:19
Art257i mean move sry17:19
dejavou42I'm getting err_ssl_protocol_err in chrome only on google sites (so far). These sites work in firefox, so I think I can rule out a library issue. Any thoughts?17:20
trunk_monkeyArt257: find /path/to/search/ -type f -name "regular-expression-to-find-files" | xargs cp -t /target/path/17:20
akiktrunk_monkey: thanks for cp -t. learn something new every day17:21
trunk_monkeyThat's why I hang out in here; always learning, it's a blast17:21
akiktrunk_monkey: xargs also has -I {} which makes it so you can put the match at {}17:22
Art257@tunk_monkey i tryed but i get this17:23
cariveritgm4883: ok I got to the console. is there a reset to xorg driver ?17:23
Art257xargs: unmatched single quote; by default quotes are special to xargs unless you use the -0 option17:23
Art257mv: invalid option -- 'C'17:23
Art257Try 'mv --help' for more information.17:23
sjohnsonis there a any bot information about DROWN and Ubuntu, if it's anything to be worried about?17:23
sjohnsoni don't see it mentioned in the /topic.17:23
nicomachus!paste | Art25717:23
ubottuArt257: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:23
nicomachus!drown | sjohnson17:23
ubottusjohnson: Ubuntu is not vulnerable to the SSLv2 DROWN attack. Please see http://ubottu.com/y/drown and https://drownattack.com/ for more information.17:23
tgm4883cariveri: it's been awhile since I've messed with that. Do you have a /etc/X11/xorg.conf file?17:23
jgcampbell300so in regex how do i refer to a capturing group ?17:24
cariveritgm4883: yes there ius17:24
sjohnsonnicomachus: one more question.  on the link that bot gave, what does "DNE" stand for in the version list?17:25
nicomachussjohnson: I'm not entirely sure... my guess would be "Does Not Effect"17:26
sjohnsonmight be "Does Not Exist."17:27
sjohnsona legend would be helpful but, oh well.17:27
tgm4883cariveri: I believe you can just rename that file (to xorg.conf.BAK or similiar) and then reboot17:27
trunk_monkeyone sec Art25717:27
=== jvrbanac_ is now known as jvrbanac
cariveritgm4883: let me try.17:28
nicomachussjohnson: asking some folks, one sec17:28
trunk_monkeyfind /media/artur/TOSHIBA\ EXT/Backup/F/ -type f -name "*.mp3" | xargs cp -t ~/path/to/folder17:28
sjohnsonnicomachus: sweet, right on.17:28
* sjohnson waits patiently17:28
trunk_monkeyArt257: try that one17:28
ubuntu704Hi my backup program ran last night. It's supposed to save the backup to a secondary hard drive, but it ran out of space so it did not finish running. Now my primary hard drive is out of space. I think it's stored in some cache file but I can't seem to find it. I checked .cache and temp but nothing was there. Does anyone know where my hard drive space went?17:29
nicomachussjohnson: yes, it means "Does Not Exist"17:29
sjohnsonnicomachus: cool.  thanks again.  you have been very helpful!17:30
sjohnson(we need more people like you on freenode)17:30
nicomachusthis channel is full of 'em ;)17:31
ioriagoogle chrome 32bit seems dead .... anyone knows ?17:31
nicomachusioria: been struggling with it all morning17:31
iorianicomachus, ohh17:31
nicomachusGoogle killed all 32bit repos, but they messed up the 64bit repo in the process17:31
nicomachusI tried asking in #chrome but they're slow to answer, and there's only one post on the Chrome forums, with no answers yet. I bumped it.17:32
trunk_monkeyubuntu704: try du --max-depth=1 /home/ | sort -n -r17:32
iorianicomachus, have you tried to add  [arch=amd64]  in sources ?17:32
Art257it dont works if i use the "~"17:32
nicomachusioria: no... but I will17:32
Art257he dont find the destination with tabulator17:32
nicomachusmine is in sources.list.d/ though17:32
trunk_monkeyArt257: the ~ just mean /home/youruser/17:32
cariveritgm4883: no didnt work :(17:32
trunk_monkeyif you're using a direct path, just omit that17:32
trunk_monkeyexample: /home/arthur/music17:33
iorianicomachus, yes, like      deb [arch=amd64]  http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/ stable main17:33
Art257xargs unmatchesd single ....17:33
trunk_monkeyYou syntax must be wrong then Art257 can you paste the command you're running please17:34
trunk_monkeyubuntu704: also see here, that process might just be hanging on to the backup http://serverfault.com/questions/315181/df-says-disk-is-full-but-it-is-not17:34
Art257find /media/artur/TOSHIBA\ EXT/Backup/F/ -type f -name "*.mp3" | xargs cp -t /home/artur/Music/17:34
trunk_monkeyubuntu704: you can check w/ sudo lsof +L117:34
roryWhat is this weird character at the end of the lines? http://i.imgur.com/VgzEJTx.png17:35
Art257this find /media/artur/TOSHIBA\ EXT/Backup/F/ -type f -name "*.mp3" | xargs cp -t /media/artur/Musik/17:35
Art257without this17:35
nicomachusioria: that did the trick. I'll spread the fix a bit to people that were asking17:35
k1l_rory: a windows linebreak?17:35
terry_new user and need help17:35
iorianicomachus, ok17:35
k1l_terry_: just describe the issue and what system is in use. then people can try to help17:36
cariveritgm4883: filesystem is read only. xorg.conf cant be moved.17:36
tgm4883cariveri: you've got to remount it as rw17:36
tgm4883cariveri: http://askubuntu.com/questions/175739/how-do-i-remount-a-filesystem-as-read-write17:36
terry_install system but it quickly freezes - how to aproach problem17:37
trunk_monkeyArt257: your backslash should be a forward slash at the end of TOSHIBA i believe17:38
ubuntu704Hi my backup program ran last night. It's supposed to save the backup to a secondary hard drive, but it ran out of space so it did not finish running. Now my primary hard drive is out of space. I think it's stored in some cache file but I can't seem to find it. I checked .cache and temp but nothing was there. Does anyone know where my hard drive space went?17:39
TomyWorksomething is setting my umask to 002 and i dont know what. I went through /etc/{bash,profile}*, /etc/login.defs, ~/.*17:39
Art257it autocompleted17:39
TomyWorkeach recursively17:39
TomyWorki'm on kubuntu 14.0417:39
trunk_monkeyubuntu704: did you see my previous comments17:39
Art257the first command works fine17:39
Art257cp fails17:40
terry_I need help to get help17:40
tgm4883Art257: does it fail with an error?17:40
phenomenonI have installed ubuntu 15.10 and the support is like 9 month I believe. Will it be able to upgrade it to next LTS?17:40
tgm4883phenomenon: yes17:40
k1l_phenomenon: yes17:40
phenomenonSweet, thanks tgm4883 and k1l_ =)17:40
Art257unmatched single quote17:41
tgm4883phenomenon: yw17:41
k1l_phenomenon: when 16.04 is released the GUI update-manager will ask if you want to upgrade.17:41
cariveritgm4883: but would I make a mount point there? when it doesnt let me make a dir.17:41
phenomenonk1l_, wonderful =)17:41
terry_not it freezes when I do anything - sometime while coming up17:41
phenomenonim starting to like ubuntu more and more =)17:41
tgm4883cariveri: you shouldn't need to make a mountpoint. You are remounting it to the same location17:41
mekhamican someone explain to me why clipboards make no sense in ubuntu17:41
trunk_monkeyArt257: must have a ' in one of your files17:41
tgm4883mekhami: what do you mean?17:41
mekhamitgm4883: i use vim and i have to jump through hoops to be able to copy paste to/from anywhere17:42
mekhamitgm4883: also just the difference between middle click paste and ctrl v paste and all that stuff17:42
mekhamiwhy isn't there just one clipboard17:42
mekhamiwhere things go no matter how you copy no matter how you paste17:42
terry_do not know where to begin17:42
trunk_monkeyOK Art257 add -printf'"%p"\n' to your find command17:43
tgm4883mekhami: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ClipboardPersistence17:43
trunk_monkeyfind /media/artur/TOSHIBA\ EXT/Backup/F/ -type f -name "*.mp3" -printf'"%p"\n' | xargs cp -t ~/path/to/folder17:43
Art257trunk_monkey i answered17:43
tgm4883mekhami: so blame X11, but then just install an application to fix it17:43
terry_out of my domain - need to know where to start17:45
cariveritgm4883: ok. done. xorg.conf is now empty. but reboot leads to same problem still.17:46
tgm4883cariveri: empty or gone. There is a difference17:46
terry_yes rebooted for hours17:46
tgm4883cariveri: if the file doesn't exist, then ubuntu should boot with default graphics drivers17:46
cariveritgm4883: but it didnt. it somehow goes around it.17:48
tgm4883cariveri: what caused this?17:48
TomyWorkfound my answer: There's "USERGROUPS_ENAB yes" in login.defs, which modifies the umask17:49
cariveritgm4883: I dont know. but I found this to reinstall xorg : http://askubuntu.com/questions/175739/how-do-i-remount-a-filesystem-as-read-write17:49
TomyWorkso that is new in 14.04 vs. the upgraded 13.04 i had before17:49
cariveritgm4883: I dont know. but I found this to reinstall xorg : http://superuser.com/questions/909268/cant-reconfigure-xorg17:49
tgm4883cariveri: I'd attempt reconfiguring first. That's not written with ubuntu in mind17:50
doMynationI tried to update my php7.0 install to the latest version (7.0.4), so I did `sudo apt-get install php7.0`, it said `1 newly installed package`, but when I do `php -v` i still get 7.0.3. Doing `dpkg -s php7.0` says php7.0.4 is installed though. Does that ring a bell to anyone ? I did restart the php service to make sure.17:50
tgm4883cariveri: granted, I don't have the time currently to go in depth troubleshooting this with you right now17:50
cariveritgm4883: ok. then Ill go with that.17:51
riui need help wiht the siystem ubuntu mate the problim is idon't have sound17:51
dejavou42after a little more investigation with my problem here is exact error that chrome is throwing: ERROR:nss_util.cc(845)] After loading Root Certs, loaded==false: NSS error code: -801817:52
ppotts_Finally figured out the reason for trusry32 mini.iso failing to install. It is a bug and the work around is to use the isos mentioned in comment #10 on this page. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eglibc/+bug/154645917:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1546459 in eglibc (Ubuntu) "segfault at b774bd9d ip b7352a0d sp bfda8f30 error 7 in libresolv-2.19.so[b7349000+13000]" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:53
Art257cheers open source scene -> tunk_monkey *****17:57
trunk_monkeycheers mate!17:58
JNSamuellol wtf did they do to ubuntu, what a mess.18:00
cariveritgm4883: thank you so far. that did it. at least I can retry the other driver options now and see if I have to reset it all again.18:01
apattersJNSamuel why is it a mess?18:02
JNSamuelthe latest non LTS version looks like someone had a pink fetish18:03
k1l_JNSamuel: anything for the technical support in here? if not please put that chatter to the offtopic channels. and the rantings to your own blog.18:03
JNSamuelyeah, rude people as always.18:04
k1l_ragequit of a known troll, as always.18:05
mistawrighthi guys I have some servers and wanted to know the best/easiest way copy users from box to box?18:05
naccmistawright: scp / rsync?18:06
apattersIs this a tech support only channel? Are there other channels for discussing Ubuntu?18:07
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Tyrantelfapatters: #ubuntu-offtopic18:07
Guest12530wait there is a Turkish server?18:09
Pici!tr | Guest1253018:10
ubottuGuest12530: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.18:10
dax!seen bazhang18:10
ubottuI have no seen command18:10
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jbwivanyone here successfully using 15.10 on a iMac late 2013?18:12
=== uptime_ is now known as PowerKiller
fabio_Olá, teria algum canal onde eu possa tirar duvidas sobre ferramentas pentest do kali ou backbox?18:26
bazhang!kali | fabio_18:26
ubottufabio_: Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)18:26
bazhang   #kali-linux   fabio_18:27
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mistawrightnacc, is there nothing more elegant than copying over files and making sure you dont copy system users etc? you would think something would have been thought up at this point18:33
day2ubuntuhow do i get permission to edit a cfg file?18:33
naccmistawright: sorry, not sure what you mean? "copy system users"?18:33
naccmistawright: are you asking about backing up filesystems?18:34
DDRCan anyone recommend a practical guide to setting up the environment around SSH keys? I'd like to have it so my key does have a password, but I don't have to enter the password every time I open up my console again.18:34
DDRRight now, I have my .bashrc file set to run ssh-add with my passwordless key, and hoooly smokes is it nice to use with .ssh/config now.18:36
rdw200169DDR: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/ssh-passwordless-login-with-keychain-for-scripts/18:38
DDRoo, that looks excellent!18:39
DDRThank you.18:39
cariverihey. back to the old problem. I install a new audio driver manually but still no speaker soudn and no output on the alsamixers MM. how to troubleshoot this?18:49
Lornehey quick q.. I'm using dd to clone a drive... used the command sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdc ....and I THINK I missed putting the '1' 's in...18:51
Lorneits working (?)...but did I mess up?  Worry or not?18:51
geniiLorne: If sdc is smaller, you will have a problem18:52
naccLorne: you told dd to clone the disks fully18:52
naccLorne: if you had a numeric suffix, you'd be telling it to clone the specified partitions18:52
naccLorne: so it all depends18:52
Lorne...sdc is bigger...wanted EVERYTHING copied over (basically its a WIN boot disk...and I want to simply move it to external...incase I ever need it again)18:53
geniiLorne: Should be fine then. Although after both will have same UUID, so you'll have to change that18:54
Lorne...so from what you said...I'm OK?   (its been running 30 mins...already ...still going...)18:54
=== org is now known as ertz
geniiLorne: dd takes a while. Now it's just a waiting game until you get command prompt back. Maybe go grab a coffee, etc :)18:55
Lornegenii : UUID? ...I'll never use them together...I will simply test it can boot from the external drive...then I'm full installing Ubuntu onto this old laptop18:56
naccLorne: yeah, i mean it will depend on the size of the disks, and your controller's speed, etc. But can take a while for sure18:56
Lorneok cool.  thx for the confidence :)18:57
geniiLorne: The problem comes if you have both attached during boot, it will want to use the UUID of the first one matching, which might not be the one you want. Also the point of UUIDS is to be unique so can be other unexpected results19:00
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sEiNZuGood evening19:04
sEiNZuDoes anyone have a time right now and could help me with a problem?19:07
tinyalphahello ubuntu19:08
yayel59_sEiNZu : explain your problem19:08
phil42wossa motta u?19:11
sEiNZuI installed 15.04 desktop 64bit on a usb stick 32gb. Im using it for an old thin client(Fujitsu Siemens Futro s550). Im using a tv (Grundig 42 VLE 9474) as monitor. My problem is that after the bootscreen the login screen pops up very shortly and then the tv doesnt get a signal anymore19:13
sEiNZuWhen i press strg+alt+f1 i do get into the terminal tho.19:14
yayel59_sEiNZu : I suppose you use an hdmi output19:15
akikfyi strg = ctrl19:15
pilneisn't 15.04 EOL?19:15
baizonyes it is EOL19:16
naccpilne: yes, as of 2/4/201619:16
naccsEiNZu: pilne: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases19:16
naccsEiNZu: I would try with 15.10, at this point19:17
pilnei get nervous with EOL stuff, which is why i'm praying i can get the gf onto a linux before win7 goes eol, cuz she hates 8/1019:17
naccsEiNZu: as 15.04 is out of support19:17
yayel59_sEiNZu : maybe the solution is to put a monitor on the vga out put and activate the hdmi19:17
yayel59_I wonder why the support is now so short for non LTS19:19
naccyayel59_: it's always been 9 months, i think?19:19
naccor so19:19
sEiNZuyayel59_ what exactly do you mean?19:20
yayel59_for 12.10 and before it was 18 months19:20
pilnetry /quit19:20
k1l_yayel59_: it was doubled work for the longer non-LTS releases. so they shortened it to 9 months. if you want long support stay with lts19:21
daxyayel59_: so that there are fewer concurrent supported versions, which decreases workload for the security team etc.19:21
daxyayel59_: the excuse being that people who don't upgrade pretty much straight away should be on LTS19:21
yayel59_yes but just now, the last LTS is a bit old, the next is in beta, the last non-LTS will be EOF before the end of the year...19:23
yayel59_I had to make install Ubuntu to 40 students and the choice was difficult19:24
yayel59_finaly we choose 14.04 but some device was difficult to make work (wifi..)19:25
k1l_yayel59_: there is the hwe for new kernels and xorg for better hardware support on the lts path19:26
k1l_!hwe | yayel59_19:26
ubottuyayel59_: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack19:26
naccyayel59_: even with the hwe kernels and such?19:26
k1l_and, the broadcom bcm43xx crap is a pain no matter what release you use :/19:26
naccsadly, yeah19:28
yann-kaeligHi. If I donload the actual 14.04LTS I will be able to update todirectly update to the next LTS 16.xx ?19:28
k1l_yann-kaelig: yes.19:28
yann-kaeligk1l_: ok nice thx :)19:28
k1l_yann-kaelig: the official upgrade will be opened when 16.04.1 is released (might be in july)19:29
yann-kaeligk1l_: ok thx. Was not sure becaure of the 15.xx version between this two LTS19:29
=== landon_ is now known as brainard52
brainard52Would I ask for help in this channel or is there a different channel for that?19:34
Picibrainard52: this is the place.19:34
brainard52Cool. I'm sure you've heard this one before based on the gratuitous amount of askubuntu results I've found on it. Skype is refusing to install on 64 bit Ubuntu 14.04.  At the end of the day, after enabling i386, I'm still unable to install it.  " skype : Depends: skype-bin" and when I try to install skype-bin, it gives me another massive list.19:41
ed_1hi, is there any companies that can give remote support for ubuntu/linux? search showed up nothing except the tools to do the job.19:42
naccbrainard52: are you installing from partner or from skype's site?19:43
brainard52I've tried from both to the same end19:44
naccbrainard52: so you followed this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype ?19:45
naccbrainard52: can you pastebin the output of `apt-get install skype`?19:46
ed_1hi, is there any companies that can give remote support for ubuntu/linux? search showed up nothing except the tools to do the job.19:48
naccbrainard52: and that was after an `apt-get update`?19:49
naccbrainard52: if you did both methods of installation, did you clear out whateverw as done before?19:49
naccbrainard52: and can you pastebin your current /etc/apt/sources.list and any contents of files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ ?19:49
brainard52From the results I've found while searching, this occurs even on a clean installation.19:50
brainard52Independent on the method19:50
tgm4883ed_1: what kind of help are you looking for?19:50
tgm4883brainard52: what version of ubuntu is this?19:50
naccbrainard52: http://askubuntu.com/questions/504689/cant-install-skype-4-3-on-ubuntu-14-04-64-bit implies old install attempts break it19:51
pilnehas steam been "fixed" on 15.10 or should i not waste my keystrokes?19:53
baizonpilne: whats the problem? my steam is working perfect19:53
free29Hello there19:53
pilnehmmm, then i'll give it a go19:53
pilnelast time i tried about a month ago, the only way to get it working was some sneaky shit from the terminal19:54
baizonpilne: well then you did something wrong19:54
pilnesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install steam, yes to all the crap, launch steam, let it update, log out, log in, try to launch and nada19:55
killerstormHi. I use a Google-made Ubuntu 14.04 image on Google Cloud. Recently I found that it installed 20 different kernel versions. Somehow it has trusty (3.13), utopic (3.16) and vivid (3.19) kernels at that same time. Can anybody explain what is going on?19:56
popeykillerstorm: ask google :)19:56
cetexI have a bunch of scripts that heavily modifies a minimal (debootstrap minbase) installation of ubuntu, currently i'm at a point where i'm thinking of wiping /etc/init* and writing everything i need from scratch (not much we need, vs the crazy amount of stuff that is installed by default and according to my experience introduce more issues than resolve stuff), any ideas how to do this a "proper way" or is the only "proper way" to get all source deb's, write pa19:56
EriC^^killerstorm: maybe hwe kernels?19:56
tgm4883killerstorm: my guess would be HWE, but yea, you'd have to ask them19:56
baizonpilne: this was my only problem SteamUpdateUI: An X Error occurred X Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)19:56
pilnehmmm, that sounds familiar baizon19:56
baizonpilne: but that was a steam problem, got fixed using 1 command19:56
brainard52I'm just going to pick up on this later.19:57
baizonpilne: just try to install and report problems19:58
tgm4883pilne: also it's worth mentioning that we can't fix issues with closed source software, so you are complaining to the wrong people19:58
TechspectreI just upgraded from 15.04 to 15.10 and now my modified version of 10-evdev.conf doesn't work like it did. Has something about evdev changed?19:58
pilnethat is true, i just figured something might have been officially patched or somesuch, or an extra official pkg19:59
docmurI have XMING installed on Windows and putty setup to forward the X session.  When I run virt-manager, I'm not getting any errors, but nothing shows up.  This was working fine two days ago and with no alterations, it fails today20:00
tgm4883docmur: how is that a ubuntu issue?20:01
docmurThe server I'm connecting to is running 15.04 and it's what I'm launchig virt-manager from20:02
k1l_docmur: sidenote: 15.04 is dead. you need to upgrade that to 15.1020:02
tgm4883docmur: do you have another ubuntu box to test from?20:03
docmurno, we only have Windows boxes for the clients and one Ubuntu server.  I've never seen this problem before :S20:03
tgm4883docmur: and nothing changed on the ubuntu "server"?20:04
ed_1<tgm4883> i am losing my wifi card after reboot or standby. cant seem to cure it so willing to pay20:04
akikdocmur: any other programs failing to display on xming?20:04
docmursorry I lied, I'm running 14.0420:04
* tgm4883 would fire up a live disk and see if it works there20:04
armguyanyone know why ps does not show unscd in the output but status shows its running. I have tried ps aux auxm -eaH and only thing I can find is nscd , Is nscd the same thing even though two separate services?20:05
cetexhm, maybe path-exclude /etc/init* could work in dpkg.. :)20:06
tgm4883cetex: are you just looking at changing the init scripts?20:06
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cetexyeah. i'm building a pxe image, but i've spent at least a couple of weeks just troubleshooting the init scripts that fail for mysterious reasons20:07
cetexand stuff that isn't needed20:08
cetexfor example, how to disable plymouth from launching, trying to do it the "right" way, it screws up console input during boot (and we want serial console during boot since we need to be able to troubleshoot why stuff isn't booting properly for some reason, not getting an ip is one of those)20:09
hecataedocmur, there were windows updates last night, might be worth checking what microsoft "fixed"20:09
webigorIs there anyone that knows why Google deleted origin-chip?20:10
webigorfrom chrome20:10
cetexpreferrably i'd like it if i could disable some requirements easily, for example remove * depending on plymouth entirely since it's just wasting resources / consuming ramdisk20:10
ocealothow do I install arch?20:12
Linkandzeldai have a problem with one of my ubuntu servers running 14.04.3. when i use top without sudo or without being root i only get a small amount of processes shown. in 14.04.1 which was not the case. how can i change this to show all processes?20:12
akikcetex: are you still using grub to boot it?20:12
cetexcustom initscript (50lines of bash)20:12
cetexzram for ramdisk20:12
cetexit's basically what coreos does, but based on ubuntu.20:13
cetexkeeping it as close to a normal system as possible, but still very slim.20:13
cetex*keeping the feel as close to a normal system as possible20:14
akiki don't think #ubuntu wants to touch stuff that's that custom20:14
cetexyeah. probably not20:14
ioriacetex i used this, idk if fits your needs https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DisklessUbuntuHowto20:15
hppocealot: you could try manjaro or antergos if you want arch20:15
ocealotok thanks20:16
ubuntu503Hello. Can someone tell me when the Live Session User password is for ubuntu 16.04. I figured either ubuntu or password but no luck20:16
cetexioria: yeah. that's highly customized as well in our case..20:16
webigorIt's empty20:17
ubuntu503No. Unlock is not enabled without a password20:18
cetexso, let's turn the question around then. If i want to remove the dependency from mountall on plymouth, is there a way to do this while still being able to download the latest mountall from ubuntu? :)20:20
cetexsome way to override it in the system?20:20
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ubuntu503Can someone tell me when the Live Session User password is for ubuntu 16.04. I figured either ubuntu or password but no luck20:22
CutMeOwnThroatwhat are you using as the username20:22
tgm4883cetex: have you tried dpkg --ignore-depends20:23
ubuntu503CutMeOwnThroat: Live session user20:23
tgm4883ubuntu503: have you tried no password?20:23
ubuntu503tgm4883: not an option20:23
tgm4883ubuntu503: what are you trying to do?20:24
cetextgm4883: nope, but i guess that requires that i download the deb's manually somehow?20:24
ubuntu503tgm4883: unlock the screen20:24
ubuntu503tgm4883: I walked away for a meeting and now the live usb session is locked20:24
cetexi'd like some way of telling apt to ignore all dependencies on a certain package, just don't install it at any time, and don't complain about broken dependencies / force me to do apt-get -f install to install anything else..20:24
CutMeOwnThroathow did you get into the session in the first place20:25
tgm4883ubuntu503: so just hitting enter does nothing?20:25
cetexmaybe faking that it's installed could solve this20:25
CutMeOwnThroatcetex, that's not how apt works20:25
nacccetex: i don't think that's a supported or possible operation20:26
nacccetex: you can't break a fundamental expectation of the package manager and expect it to work :)20:26
cetexi kinda understand that.20:26
CutMeOwnThroatcetex, you can always build and install outside the package system in /usr/local or so ... the job of apt is to keep dependencies between its packages consistent. it's doing it.20:27
nacccetex: the only other option you have, to pare a system down, is to build packages yourself20:27
nacccetex: i mean, you're basically getting into the distro business at that point, anyways :)20:27
cetexyeah. i know20:28
cetexbut there's a huge step from heavily modifying a distro and building your own20:28
cetexone would require a couple of hacks and similar, while the other would require rebuilding the entire system20:28
cetex+ maintaining updates.20:28
cetexand i just want to heavily modify some parts of it.20:29
naccnot when you're talking about removing all of /etc/init or plymouth20:29
naccthat's basically a fork at that point20:29
naccit's no longer "modification", imo20:29
cetexright. but building all packages myself is still a huge step from where i'm at now.20:30
CutMeOwnThroatcetex, you can use equivs to make dummy packages that pretend that certain dependencies are there... or you can always unpack the package, remove the dependencies and re-pack it. Not that that's overly advisable.20:30
nacccetex: i just don't think you're going to be able to take the next step (removal of basic building blocks) without rebuilding something20:31
CutMeOwnThroatcetex, and building packages is trivial with apt-get -b source <packagename>20:31
cetexyeah.. i'll see what i end up with. maybe a couple of equivs could solve the problem.20:33
cetexdebootstrap -> install packages made with equivs to fix the dependency issues -> remove default packages -> solved.20:34
cetexanother alternative to do this "the proper way" is to basically make my own distro, but then we loose the possibility of a quick apt-get install <something> when troubleshooting a host, application or similar.20:35
CutMeOwnThroatI don't see where you get the dependencies from, though... the packages need the libraries20:35
cetexI'm just guessing here, but i don't see how mountall dpending on plymouth is neccesary for a chroot20:36
CutMeOwnThroatI guess you will find out20:38
ioriacetex, "Plymouth is a dependency of mountall which is a dependency of upstart. So upstart pulls in plymouth. "20:39
cetexyeah. but i think i've gotten what i need. i'll create a fake plymouth package and fix the dependency that way instead.20:40
cetexand a couple of others.20:40
CutMeOwnThroatcetex, mountall is linked to  libply-boot-client.so.220:40
CutMeOwnThroatif you don't recompile it without whatever functionality is provided by this, it will not run20:41
CutMeOwnThroatoh, and to libply.so.220:41
cetexbut that isn't plymouth itself, that's libplymouth2.20:42
CutMeOwnThroatbut seriously... you should be doing this research... it's not actually so hard... and if you say you cannot, maybe this isn't a task you should do20:42
CutMeOwnThroatI'm on debian... and there there is only a "plymouth" package20:43
CutMeOwnThroatand it contains said runtime libraries20:43
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CutMeOwnThroatcetex, mkdir mountall; cd mountall;  apt-get download mountall ; unar mountall; tar -xvf data.tar.xz | grep bin/ ; ldd ./sbin/mountall20:48
CutMeOwnThroatDONT show me the output of that... it's for you to look at, not for me20:49
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teaearlgraycoldSo I've got a weird issue - I probably just don't understand permissions though. So I was apache's user, www-data, to have access to the folder /var/ossec. That folder has 550 permissions, owner by root, and is in the ossec group. www-data is in the ossec group but can not read the /var/ossec folder.21:12
teaearlgraycoldShouldn't the g+r permission bit for /var/ossec allow all users in the ossec group to read the folder?21:13
Arbokhi, hows it going21:13
geirhateaearlgraycold: Yes. They'll also need execute permissions to all parent directories up to, and including /21:14
teaearlgraycoldgeirha: well / has a+x, /var has a+x, and they're all owned by root21:15
teaearlgraycoldAnd /var/ossec has g+x21:16
geirhaRight, then if  ''id''  outputs the ossec group, the current user should have access to list the directory content and enter it21:17
teaearlgraycoldgeirha: okay looks like I was mistaken in how to add users to group. I was running `adduser <user> <group>`. What is the proper command?21:19
geirhateaearlgraycold: that's correct, but it doesn't take effect in already logged in sessions21:20
teaearlgraycoldOkay I'll just restart it then21:20
geirhaif you log in as www-data again with e.g.  sudo -iu www-data21:20
geirhayikes, no restart is way overkill21:20
teaearlgraycoldWell I can't log in as www-data21:20
teaearlgraycoldI can restart apache I guess21:21
geirhaah like that, yes, restarting apache should do the trick21:21
teaearlgraycoldAwesome, that seems to have worked21:21
cetexCutMeOwnThroat: sorry for the delay, i get what you mean, but currently i'm feeling pretty happy with being able to try out faking package installations, and then doing something like path-exclude /etc/init and similar to get it to work like we need it to do.21:21
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xabbixI'm experiencing high load average figures on a brand new server (installed from image today) with almost no running processes. Here's an image: http://i.imgur.com/aV46kz0.png21:26
xabbixAny ideas how to detect where its coming from?21:26
Ben64don't worry about it21:26
xabbixBen64: Was that for me?21:27
xabbixBen64: Why shouldn't I worry? The server feels very sluggish, it's a 64GB mem with a Xeon processor, shouldn't be slow at all21:28
cetexswitch to top instead so you see irq's and stuff21:28
Ben64how is it sluggish21:28
xabbixBen64: When I accidentally type an incorrect command, the time it takes the server to respond and tell me there's no such command is about 10 seconds. And overall, feels like its overloaded when you are waiting for various commands to output21:29
cetexsee if it's sys (sy) or waiting (wa) or similar21:29
cetexshould be line 3 in top21:29
cetexmy guess is storage issue21:29
xabbixsy is at 0.0, wa is at 0.121:30
Ben64look at it while you're waiting on a command to output21:30
xabbixone sec21:30
Ben64maybe try atop too, it will show disk utilization21:30
cetexah, right. atop as well. or apt-get install sysstat and then "mpstat -P ALL 1"21:31
cetexiowait, irq, soft and steal should all be very low in mpstat21:32
xabbixYes, absolute zero on all21:32
cetexbut i'm guessing you'll see iowait :)21:32
cetexand the reason for iowait could be newly installed server and a raid controller which prioritizes syncing up the hard drives (if you run mirror, raid5 or similar) instead of giving you fast disk performance.21:33
xabbixIts been this way for a few hours now, seems to be fixed now for whatever reason.21:33
xabbixLoad is down to 0.1821:33
xabbixmaybe my server provider had some scripts running after initial load? Not sure.21:34
teaearlgraycoldcan I just edit /etc/fstab to add filesystems to mount on boot?21:34
Ben64teaearlgraycold: yep21:35
Bashing-omteaearlgraycold: ^^ See: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=283131 <- bodhi.zazen -Understanding fstab .21:35
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.21:38
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adeon_can BTRFS be used in raid over the network?22:04
=== thragor1 is now known as thragor
MonkeyDustadeon_  better ask in #btrfs22:04
adeon_thx monkeydust22:05
dillonguys, I'm trying to install PCSX2 (playstation 2 emulator) and I went to noobslab to get all the commands for terminal and when I try to get the bios files all I get is "HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found" I tried it four times and I get the same thing.  Here is the url I am using http://www.noobslab.com/2013/01/install-ps2-emulator-in-ubuntu.html could someone here help me out?22:06
hrrmphdillon: nope. Those BIOS files are pirated22:07
dillonhrrmph ok thanks, I wasn't sure22:07
hrrmphdillon: there is some way to extract them from your own machine, but I think you have to hack it22:08
dillonthat is surpass my computer expertise22:08
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ArvalmoHi all :)22:17
=== thragor1 is now known as thragor
Executioner I can't seem to be able to install htop-2.0 and apache-2.5 with apt-get, it can't find it within the repositories. Aren't they released now?22:24
BobzoneWhich ubuntu have you got installed?22:24
derpsauceanyone good with taskwarrior?22:25
LambdaComplexExecutioner: I'm on Arch and it's only up to Apache 2.4, so I highly doubt 2.5 is in Ubuntu's repos22:25
ExecutionerOh, so it's only available from sources right now?22:25
derpsauceYeah, It's not on any main ones, I found it in a website directory somewhere22:26
derpsauceI'm specifically looking for taskd22:26
naccExecutioner: xenial currently has 2.4.18 or so22:26
derpsauceAny good links for installing that?22:26
ExecutionerWhat about htop2?22:26
LambdaComplexThe Apache website itself only has 2.422:26
naccExecutioner: 1.0.3 or so22:26
LambdaComplexExecutioner: So....who said 2.5 is out?22:27
ExecutionerSaw somewhere that 2.0 was just released22:27
LambdaComplexI meant Apache22:27
naccExecutioner: yes, so "just released" has no bearing on it being in Ubuntu...22:27
naccExecutioner: and, arguably, means it is *less* likely to be there22:27
LambdaComplexArch has it :P22:28
LambdaComplexExecutioner: "Recently-released software" and "Ubuntu" don't exactly mix, you know...22:28
naccLambdaComplex: tbh, don't care about arch here :)22:29
LambdaComplexnacc: tbh, wasn't talking to you :)22:29
ExecutionerLambdaComplex: that's actually news for me22:30
ExecutionerThanks anyway22:30
ahmadI need some help. when i run apt-get update. at the end i get this kind of messages. E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.22:39
naccahmad: what version of ubuntu?22:39
ahmadand i cant find skype in ubuntu software center. i am on 15.10. new install22:39
ahmadi have enabled ubuntu partners.22:40
The_Woodsmanis this a decent place to ask about problems with SSH, or should I check somewhere else22:40
naccahmad: any 3rd party repositories? i believe that message will give you more output than that normally as to what index files actually failed22:40
naccahmad: can you pastebin the complete output of `apt get update`?22:40
ahmadyes i can. i will get back here with the link. thank you nacc22:40
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ahmadhere it is. http://pastebin.com/VYWVG5Nr22:41
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Meliodo you guys use pepperflash instead of adobeflash for chrome22:42
ahmadnacc: here it is. http://pastebin.com/VYWVG5Nr22:42
SchrodingersScatThe_Woodsman: can go ahead and ask, if it's far too ssh specific then someone will likely direct you elsewhere.22:42
ahmadSchrodingersScat: are you dead or alive ? :)22:43
SchrodingersScatahmad: If reality and I meet, both explode.22:43
naccahmad: ok, so not sure what those PPAs are from, but it would appear that at least that may not be there anymore?22:43
ahmadthis still remains a mystery22:43
naccahmad: i wonder if it's a symptom of mirroring going on right now ... does the hash sum mismatch always happen?22:43
xanguaMelio: pepper flash downloads and extracts flash from Google chrome22:43
The_WoodsmanI'm trying to SSH into a tunnel and no matter what it seems I do, i'm getting permission denied (publickey). Is there a problem on the server's end, or is there anything I should try to fix it?22:43
ahmadnacc: i just installed ubuntu after a year or so. i dont really know if its with 15.10 or if there is some other problem.22:44
Madhumper69when firewall is active and i do a wget google.com i get error "unable to resolve host address, i opened port 53 for DNS and no change???22:44
Melioxangua, i'm not sure what you mean, i don't need it? or don't run it22:44
Melioi'm trying to solve video glitchs that cause videos to stop after like a few seconds22:45
ahmadnacc: i used to use 12.4 till like last year. I am absolutely new to 15.1022:45
Meliothey forget to buffer or something22:45
naccahmad: also, does it happen with archive.ubuntu.com as opposed to pk.archive.ubuntu.com ?22:45
Meliomost solutions point to pepperflash to replace adobeflash22:45
ahmadSchrodingersScat: awesome name bro.22:45
k1l_ahmad: you got a lot of PPAs there. is that really  a new install?22:45
ahmadnacc: can i change them to archive.ubuntu.com? i think the pk is for pakistan specific ppas22:46
k1l_ahmad: one ppa ist not available for 15.1022:46
SchrodingersScatThe_Woodsman: does it have fail2ban installed, and if so did you trip fail2ban?22:46
ahmadk1l_: yes it is new installed 2 days ago. still trying to get all needed softwares installed. and skype is one of them22:46
naccahmad: it's the pakistan mirror, probably -- it's clear you have added several ppa since you installed, some of which don't support 15.1022:47
k1l_ahmad: "sudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*"   then do "sudo apt update22:47
ahmadk1l_: which one is it? sorry I am a complete noob. trying to learn these things.22:47
The_WoodsmanSchrodingersScat: i'm not 100% sure if it has fail2ban installed (admittedly I just had to look up fail2ban). But if it bans on malicious looking activity, i'm quite sure I didn't trip any of that22:47
ahmadok nacc & k1l_22:47
k1l_ahmad: http://ppa.launchpad.net/tsvetko.tsvetkov/  that one22:48
k1l_ahmad: that PPA is just useless on a 15.10. whoever said to use that on a 15.10 hasnt got any clue22:48
ahmadthat must be android studio one i guess. the first thing i installed. k1l_22:49
k1l_ahmad: i doubt it22:49
ahmadk1l_: i am still getting the same hash sum missmathes22:50
ahmadafter doing what you just guided me to do22:50
ahmadk1l_: its not just with that ppa. there are ubuntu's own ppas as well. for example :    W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/tsvetko.tsvetkov/trusty-backports/ubuntu/dists/wily/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found22:51
ahmadah sorry. wrong one coppied22:52
ahmadk1l_: like this one: W: Failed to fetch http://pk.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/wily-updates/main/binary-amd64/Packages  Hash Sum mismatch22:52
k1l_ahmad: ubuntu original repos are not PPA. PPA is just for 3rd parties22:52
ahmadk1l_: sorry, I didn't know. thought they all are same.22:53
ahmadnacc: any sugesstion?22:54
k1l_ahmad: then change to the mainservers or another mirror22:54
ahmadk1l_: please tell me how to change to main servers or other mirror which ever one you thing would be the best.22:55
naccahmad: just use archive.ubuntu.com rather than pk.archive22:55
naccahmad: it will be slower, i'm guessing22:55
ahmadnacc: how to change it to that?22:56
k1l_ahmad: open the system settings: software and updates: 1st tab22:56
ahmadk1l_: thank you22:56
ahmadchanged them to main server from there :)22:57
darkelfjuggaloi just upgraded to Ubuntu 15.10 last night and since then, my monitor is acting up... it keeps scrambling and clearing, or going black and retuning scrambled... I've possibly going out[this was bought in 2007] but the Operating system is also periodically restarting, and everything is cleared until the Unity Desktop is displayed...22:57
darkelfjuggaloit's Possibly^22:58
ahmadk1l_: i have got this error when it tried to update cache23:00
ahmadW:Failed to fetch cdrom://Ubuntu 15.10 _Wily Werewolf_ - Release amd64 (20151021)/dists/wily/main/binary-amd64/Packages  Please use apt-cdrom to make this CD-ROM recognized by APT. apt-get update cannot be used to add new CD-ROMs , W:Failed to fetch cdrom://Ubuntu 15.10 _Wily Werewolf_ - Release amd64 (20151021)/dists/wily/restricted/binary-amd64/Packages  Please use apt-cdrom to make this CD-ROM recognized by APT. apt-get update canno23:00
nicomachus!paste | ahmad23:00
ubottuahmad: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:00
Bashing-omdarkelfjuggalo: Proprietary graphic's driver in use prior to the upgrade ? - purge and re-install the driver ?23:00
ahmadubottu: sorry23:00
ubottuIt's ok, I am only a bot so I cannot stay mad at you. For apologising to humans though, take a read of http://mdzlog.alcor.net/2009/07/20/on-apologies/23:00
k1l_ahmad: open the settings again. then on2nd or 3rd tab. uncheck the cdrom repos23:00
ahmadnicomachus: sorry23:00
ahmadk1l_: ok23:01
darkelfjuggaloBashing-om what would the exact command be [i haven't had to purge since 11.04 on a different device]23:04
SchrodingersScatThe_Woodsman: and you're setting the ssh -p port properly so you're not accidentally trying to log into your real localhost?23:05
ahmadk1l_: no i am getting error about only that tsvetko ppa. i think its related to cinamon. take a look23:06
The_WoodsmanSchrodingersScat: i believe i am - the -p port should be the tunnel host's port right?23:06
ahmadk1l_: should i remove it?23:06
SchrodingersScatThe_Woodsman: correct23:06
k1l_ahmad: that PPA is useless for you since it doesnt have 15.10 packages23:07
ahmadk1l_: do you know how i can remove it?23:07
SchrodingersScatThe_Woodsman: or, the opposite side of the 22, so if you did -R 9999:localhost:22 then you'd use ssh -p 9999 user@localhost23:07
ahmadi am sticking to LTS versions from now on.23:07
The_WoodsmanSchrodingersScat: interesting... i'm pretty sure I got the port correct then23:08
k1l_!ppa-purge | ahmad23:10
ubottuahmad: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html23:10
ptx0k1l_: next time you see that guy with the XMING crap, see what he's doing with it, because it sounds so stupid, but i can't help but be curious23:10
Bashing-omDarkDevil: Depends on IF/Wahat proprietary driver was installed and from what means . to see some info ' sudo lshw -C display ' .23:10
Guest55393Hi, I've strange problem with setting global proxy. When I run my script as root it works, when I run through root tab in incrontab one part doesnt work - when I'm using su - $user -c 'gsetting set org.gnome.system.proxy ...'. Does anybody have idea where is the difference between those types of running script?23:10
ahmadk1l_: thank you23:11
ahmadubottu: thank you23:11
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)23:11
ahmadk1l_: i unchecked it from software & updates and cache update went without any errors23:13
darkelfjuggaloi was restarted, so if i missed a reply...23:13
darkelfjuggaloAlso here are my Drivers http://tinypic.com/r/10zmxkg/923:13
ahmadubottu: really? i think you are a person23:13
ubottuahmad: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:13
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".23:14
Bashing-omdarkelfjuggalo: MY reply "  Depends on IF/Wahat proprietary driver was installed and from what means . to see some info ' sudo lshw -C display ' ." // Looking at your link .23:14
Bashing-omdarkelfjuggalo: The link info not much help .. post back that 'lshw' output .. see where we go then .23:16
Bashing-omdarkelfjuggalo: No proprietary driver, the Graphics are Intel and the Intel driver is loaded "  configuration: driver=i915 " . I do not know further to advise for your ituation . Intel just works !23:20
=== sydney_untangle is now known as mozilla
darkelfjuggaloBashing-om when I reloaded the Drivers window, it insisted on updating and updated something i didn't have a chance to see [i ran an apt-get update/upgrade shortly after the distro upgrade last night, and it didn't have any changed]23:25
darkelfjuggalohopefully this fixs my problem[ so far im not scrambling or Blinking]23:27
=== mozilla is now known as sydney_untangle
Bashing-omdarkelfjuggalo: Maybe the micro-code for bios .. the hardware you have for graphics is well supported by Intel, They do peovide the driver and there is no other without going beeding edge testing from their PPA .23:28
nolsenHow do I get fglrx drivers to work on mainline kernel?23:28
nolsenShould I try compiling fglrx from source since the package doesn't work.23:29
darkelfjuggalothe screen just blinked and scrambled again, I don't know what to do regarding the BIOs...23:29
Bashing-omdarkelfjuggalo: Not to point any fingers at bios .. I guess now is the time to start reading the logs, see what the logs report for errors .23:30
darkelfjuggalohow do I pull that up?23:31
Bashing-omdarkelfjuggalo: Unity ? as the desktop ?23:31
nolsenerm, not compile from source. obtain the copy from website.23:32
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darkelfjuggaloyes, Unity... Ubuntu Default GUI... usually i have issues with the my Network Drivers[Wi-fi] or installing an Application, usually fixable almost immediately... this is knew to me...[i learn as i have the problem to work through]23:33
Bashing-omnolsen: What card ? maybe legacy and AMD has dropped support ?23:34
nolsenBashing-om: Why would they drop support for a Radeon 3 series?23:35
Bashing-omdarkelfjuggalo: Intel just works - generally - and I have little experience with the Intel chip sets. but we can look at the logs and see what we can find . ' cat /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log ' as one place to start looking .23:35
nolsenBashing-om: Now I encounter a new issue, fglrx-core is not located in the repository.23:37
nolsen(for 16.04)23:37
Bashing-omnolsen: Ouch ! That support was dropped some years back . ATI bought out AMD and shorty quit the support for the ATI cards .23:37
nolsenThis isn't an ATI card.23:38
nolsenIt's AMD A4 APU series with R3 graphics.23:38
darkelfjuggalonolsen is 16.04 in beta?23:39
nolsenI even still have the AMD sticker on here.23:39
nolsendarkelfjuggalo: Yes but it's better than 15.04 :p23:39
nolsenIt's quite stable for me.23:39
nolsen15.10 I mean23:39
nolsenI use 16.04 as my personal OS.23:40
darkelfjuggalonolsen, i just got 15.10 and i only found out it was ready becuase of a Flash issue that prevented my dad from playing his game...the flash issue is fixed but the graphics are a problems...23:40
darkelfjuggaloBashing-om i dont know what any of that log means23:41
nolsenBashing-om: Are you sure you didn't mistaken the wrong card, because this isn't an ATI card.23:41
nolsenAMD A4 APU w/ R3 Graphics.23:41
zykotick9darkelfjuggalo: are you aware ubuntu version match up to release date?  so 16.04 will be released 4th month of 2016... i think that's in the future still ;)23:42
darkelfjuggalozykotick9, i was asking Nolsen since he said he was using 16.04. i am aware that this is only the beginning of march23:43
darkelfjuggaloBashing-om I see 1 warning: Error line 83, but i dont't understand it so i have no idea if it is relevant23:44
zykotick9darkelfjuggalo: ahhh. sorry. my bad.  (/me might not be seeing both sides of that conversation)23:44
Bashing-omnolsen: I an sure I have the wrong card .. but from that info provided .. no Just need better info as " IF its an HD 2x/3x/4x then you are out of luck as AMD announced <last> summer that it is relegating these chipsets to legacy status and will not be developing new drivers for them." . Let's refocus as see what it is exaxtly that you have ' lspci -vnn | grep VGA -A 12 ' and take it from there .23:45
darkelfjuggalozykotick9 no problem23:45
nolsenBashing-om: 00:01.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Mullins [Radeon R3 Graphics] [1002:9850] (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])23:45
Bashing-omdarkelfjuggalo: What I see so far - still reading " [+1412.54s] WARNING: Error locking login1 session: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.login1.NoSuchSession: No session 'c1' known " .23:45
nolsenCapabilities: <access denied>23:45
nolsen top kek23:45
pilnei'm looking forward to 16.04, but i'm still perplexed as why mir and not wayland23:46
nolsenpilne: 16.04 doesn't use Mir yet.23:46
k1l_pilne: on 16.04 its still x1123:46
pilneno, but it is still the path being worked towards23:46
nolsenStill using ugly Unity 7 still23:47
pilnenah, i stick with ubuntu-gnome, i like a lot about unity, just not enough LOL23:47
nolsenUnity8 doesn't even have the taskbar for some reason yet.23:47
Bashing-omnolsen: Yeah .. new card .. What returns in a pastebin ' sudo lshw -C display | pastebinit ' see what I can find for support .23:47
pilnei'd be all over an actual ubuntu that was cinnamon though, not a fan of LTS stuff so no mint for me23:48
k1l_nolsen: it doesn. maybe your video card drivers are an issue there23:48
danialbehzadiHi, where to ask about ubuntu-sdk?23:48
nolsenk1l_: Maybe, settings and such doesn't work, just exits instantly on launch.23:48
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dillon could someone give me the terminal command to reformat a flash drive in FAT?23:49
Bashing-omdarkelfjuggalo: Who is " brokw: " on your system ?23:49
nolsenBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15277305/23:49
nolsenDidn't ran that command.23:49
darkelfjuggalothe computer is my Dad's he is the only User23:49
danialbehzadidillon: sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sdXY23:50
Bashing-omnolsen: Look'n .23:50
dillondanialbehzadi is that the command so just type it in just like that and it will reformat the only flash drive that is plugged into the computer?23:51
zykotick9dillon: note the XY in /dev/sdXY are variables, you need to put the correct letter and number there!23:51
danialbehzadidillon: you should specify the exact X and Y23:52
dillonwhat do you mean? i am new to terminal23:52
pilneinsert usb, type "df" note the drive/partition that is the usb, proceede with above23:53
danialbehzadidillon: run "sudo fdisk -l", you will understand the structure23:53
Bashing-omnolsen: Well .. Open source driver is loaded .. so what does the system see for available drivers, what returns ' sudo ubuntu-drivers list ' ?23:53
nolsenBashing-om: amd64-microcode23:54
danialbehzadiIs there any specific IRC channel to ask about ubuntu-sdk?23:55
dilloni did not see the flash drive when i did sudo fdisk -l23:55
dillonor at least I did not see it listed and when I plugged it in I get and error message "unable to mount"23:56
zzxcdanialbehzadi: Check out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList23:56
danialbehzadidillon: Are you on a graphical environment? So open "disks" utility23:57
danialbehzadizzxc: thanks23:57
k1l_danialbehzadi: what is the question about it? does #ubuntu-app-devel help?23:57
zzxcdillon: Do you know what the device is formatted?23:58
Bashing-omdarkelfjuggalo: brokw is your Dad's username ? .. and we follow the bread crumbs .23:58
danialbehzadik1l_: I get error every time the sdk tries to initialize the bootstrap proccess to creat a kit23:59
darkelfjuggaloit is the only nonroot user name23:59
whotooI have just installed 14.04. I can't seem to find anything on making it so I don't have to put the encryption key every time I start up. Anyone got a link or know how to do it?23:59

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