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TrevinhoHi handsome_feng08:27
hikikohi Trevinho handsome_feng08:30
Trevinhohey hikiko08:30
handsome_fengIt seems a long time from last meeting08:31
Trevinhohandsome_feng: yeah, sorry about that... It happened twice that I had no notifications for the meeting and I missed it. It looks like my calendar wasn't properly synced08:33
ypwonghi there08:34
Trevinhohi ypwong08:35
Trevinhohandsome_feng: however... It's great that we got the ACK for getting all your work upstream for 16.04...08:35
handsome_fengIt does't matter, just repair your calendar ,and don't miss the next one. :)08:35
Trevinhohandsome_feng: I've been looking at your code in the past weeks, but I need to finish a proper review.08:35
Trevinhohandsome_feng: last time I checked there was still that issue for the tooltip / quicklist anchors that aren't properly centered08:36
TrevinhoI could have a look to that as well08:36
handsome_fengI think i fix that now08:36
Trevinho<handsome_feng> I found a litter problem in tooltips recently, when switch from one icon to another, the background of the new tooltip will keep the previous one's shadow...can you have a look at this btw when review the branch ?08:37
handsome_fengI still have this problem...08:37
TrevinhoI can check that08:38
handsome_fengOk, thank you !08:40
Trevinhohandsome_feng: as for the dash thing, once the dash is moved to the bottom, I think we need to disable the panel switching mode... As now the panel has only to be blurred when the dash is maximized08:41
TrevinhoAnyway, I'll do a proper review in next days, I think next week since tomorrow I'm off08:41
handsome_fengok, I will modified it...  Is there a deadline for the merge ?08:44
Trevinhohandsome_feng: well, the sooner the better08:45
Trevinhohandsome_feng: we need to preapare an FFe bug for that, maybe ypwong  can help with it?08:45
ypwongTrevinho, yes i can help08:45
handsome_fengThank you, ypwong !08:46
Trevinhohandsome_feng: however, the thing is we're already in feature freeze, so let's try to get the main thing in in two weeks window. Then you can fix and shape it in the coming weeks till the final freeze, since bug fixes are allowed08:47
handsome_fengTrevinho, so you will review the branch before you leave?08:48
Trevinhohandsome_feng: leave for what? I'm off tomorrow, but next week I'm here again08:49
Trevinhohandsome_feng: about this, I don't see why this should fix the issue... I mean, what is it doing differently?08:50
handsome_fengwithout this, when changed the scale in display, the launcher position will be at wrong place08:51
Trevinhohandsome_feng: yeah, I read the commit, but I don't see why... MHmhm08:52
TrevinhoI mean, positioning should all be done in OnMonitorChanged, which is called anyway08:52
handsome_fengthe launcherHeight get wrong value in OnMonitorChanged08:53
TrevinhoIs that maybe a race or what?08:54
TrevinhoI think we should try to understand what's going on... Not because your change is bad, but it looks like that there's something going on somewhere else that is not working as it should08:54
Trevinhoso it could be the effect of something not working properly.08:55
handsome_fengOk, I will Investigate this08:56
Trevinhoit's just a minor thing, eh.. .But...08:56
handsome_fengI  tried to find out why, but inconclusive :(08:59
Trevinhohandsome_feng: I understand..09:02
Trevinhohandsome_feng: however,  I was quickly looking at the code and I think we've the most on place now09:06
Trevinhohandsome_feng: as for the dash branch, have you given a check to the AP tests?09:06
handsome_fengnot yet ...09:06
handsome_fenger, just forgot that, I will do that ASAP09:09
Trevinhohandsome_feng: ok, thanks09:09
Trevinhohandsome_feng: so, I think we can wrap this up.. I'm happy we can continue in this path. I'll do the reviews in next days, and I'll give you some branches in case.09:14
handsome_fengOK, Thank you !09:14
handsome_fengbye ! Trevinho, hikiko, ypwong09:15
Trevinhobye handsome_feng, have a nice evening!09:15
hikikobye handsome_feng :)09:16
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