zequenceI'm putting sakrecoer_ on making changes to -default-settings, so please let him do that. It's a great opportunity for him to get some insight into that package right now09:51
krytarikOvenWerk1: Was the stripping down on the Whisker Menu favorites here intended, btw?: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/245373513/ubuntustudio-default-settings_0.56_0.57.diff.gz  It's not mentioned in the changelog anyway, as well as the "hover-switch-category=true" change.18:40
zequencekrytarik: That change is not in our bzr branch, believe it or not18:44
zequenceI once forgot to update our branch after doing an upload18:45
zequenceThink maybe one change got through unintentionally18:45
zequenceThere's another change there as well18:46
zequenceNice catch. I need to go back and have a look18:46
zequenceI also just updated the branch with the latest commit18:48
zequenceA bit of chaos, to say the least18:48
OvenWerk1krytarik: probably those were meant. hover-switch-categories=true makes a lot more sense where the favourites generally do not have what the user wants.21:55
OvenWerk1The favourites selection is all stuff that people using a standard desktop would like, but are just in the way for people doing creation.21:57
OvenWerk1krytarik: as zequence says there may be things in there not meant to be there.22:00
* OvenWerk1 still finds whisker less useful than a standard/classic menu.22:01
OvenWerk1For what its worth, my wife who has xubuntu, had me change whisker back to the applications menu because she could never find what she wanted.22:02
=== sakrecoer_ is now known as sakrecoer
sakrecoerso krytarik, what the font?23:33
krytariksakrecoer: Huh?23:35
krytariksakrecoer: That is to say, a whole sentence would help here. :P23:36
sakrecoeri was trying to bring that on-topic back in to the right channel23:36
sakrecoerkrytarik: zequence told to talk to me about meta for fonts..23:37
zequencesakrecoer: fonts-noto brings in three packages, I believe. We only need one for our desktop, but we could use at least two of them for our font meta package23:39
zequencekrytarik was kindly suggesting we get rid of what we don't need by seeding only the packages we want23:39
krytariksakrecoer: Most notably, 'fonts-noto-cjk' is 112 MB installed.23:40
zequenceI already did this right in debian/control of ubuntustudio-default-settings, by making the dependency fonts-noto-hinted23:41
sakrecoeri'm getting confused hehe23:41
sakrecoer112mb for a font family?23:41
zequenceubuntustudio-desktop and ubuntustudio-font-meta still have all three, since they all depend on fonts-noto23:42
zequenceTo make changes to those two packages, you do it in seeds23:42
zequence..and then someone (me) updates ubuntustudio-meta, which is basing its dependencies on the seeds files23:42
zequenceSo, in short, seeds needs to be edited23:43
sakrecoerah! hehe ok...23:43
zequenceubuntustudio-meta is the source package which then builds all of our meta packages, such as ubuntustudio-desktop and ubuntustudio-fonts-meta, just to make that clear23:44
zequencethere's no binary package called ubuntustudio-meta23:44
sakrecoerok, and these 'fonts-noto-cjk'.. if we remove them, we are not going to exclude mandarin, arab or cyrilic or something like that?23:45
zequenceDon't know. But, if that is true, then Xubuntu should probably reconsider adding it again23:46
zequenceor, adding it in the first place, that is23:46
sakrecoerkrytarik: your link to http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/fonts-noto23:48
sakrecoernever mind..23:49
sakrecoerbut looking here: http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/fonts-noto-cjk it says 75mb23:49
krytarikYep, package size, not installed.23:49
sakrecoerof course..23:50
sakrecoerit is maintained by ChangZhuo Chen23:50
sakrecoeri wouldn't be surprised if it is that big due to mandarin/cantonese symbols being in there...23:51
krytarikWell, "CJK" means Chinese, Japanese, Korean.23:52
krytarikSo quite a lot of stuff.23:52
sakrecoercan chinese people download anything else then kylin?23:53
zequenceI'm the wrong person to ask about this kind of stuff anyway. Might be useful to discuss this with Xubuntu devs over at #xubuntu-devel23:53
zequenceOr, more generally on some Ubuntu IRC channel, like #ubuntu-devel23:54
flocculantas far as I remember - Xubuntu went right off cjk or anything remotely kylin when they couldn't care less they'd screwed ibus for 14.04 and any sort of password that wasn't just letters on a US keyboard failed23:54
zequenceThis is also why I don't put too much effort on desktop stuff. It's a lot more than I ever want to know, tbh :P23:55
sakrecoeri feel like i'm missing some piece of information again :D23:55
sakrecoerbut its probably simply to late23:55
zequenceI remember the problems with iBus. We had to scrap something in order for a non US keyboard to be able to get the selected default layout in the first place23:55
flocculantwe scrapped ibus at that point23:56
zequencesakrecoer: I would probably not worry too much about these sort of details, at least not at this stage23:56
zequencesakrecoer: Better work on the fundamentals of our flavor, and perhaps have goals of that sort for 18.04 instead23:57
zequenceWe are releasing in less than two months, and should not be adding too many changes at this point.23:57
zequenceWhile I'm sure supporting non western keyboards is not just a detail for some people, it's technically beyond our range of expertise. And, I would rather have that sort of changes in the DE specific flavors, and we just copy it23:59

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