* bluesabre high fives slickymaster00:06
bluesabreUnit193: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/xubuntu-default-settings/trunk/revision/601 thanks!00:17
pleia2launchpad is so slooow00:35
knomenot as slow as the wiki!00:35
slickymasterhey bluesabre 00:35
knomepleia2, did you get to look at the updated slideshow yet?00:37
pleia2trying :)00:37
knomeno hurries :)00:38
pleia2where is my cat00:38
knomei ate it00:39
knomewe can add another speech bubble saying "meow"00:39
pleia2how about a squirrel00:39
knomenot drawn yet00:39
pleia2the first slide looks a bit plain00:39
knomeit's WIP00:39
pleia2haha, ok00:40
knomethe whole slideshow, that is00:40
knomethat's why it's not in trunk00:40
* pleia2 nods00:40
pleia2the internet told me we won't have a media player00:41
knomethe vote where we decided that was on the xubuntu-devel mailing list00:41
knomei think you voted too :P00:41
pleia2go me00:42
knomethat's why i was asking you for your media manager preference too00:42
knomesince we're running an article series that presents some of the teams' favorites now that we don't ship any00:43
pleia2I didn't actually00:43
knomeaha :)00:43
knomemight be00:43
pleia2but I remember it now00:43
pleia2I had no opinion since I'd never used them really00:43
knomeyou might have been under the influence of influence or jetlag00:43
pleia2that too00:44
knomethe latter one is very likely even..00:44
* pleia2 Strategy Document homework now00:46
knomeif you are referring to the change i proposed, it's fortunately only a small one00:46
pleia2is good00:49
knomeyeah, i didn't expect much else00:50
knomeit's just describing the current situation00:50
* pleia2 nods00:51
knomewe'll have a fun meeting tomorrow00:51
knomemany things00:51
knomehmm? :)00:52
pleia2desktop background00:53
pleia2is blueman crashing make it failing test?00:53
knomeoh heh, yeah, that's the dev wallpaper we've had forever00:53
* pleia2 nods00:53
knomepleia2, not a fail, just a regular bug00:53
pleia2k, that's what I put it as00:53
knomedon't know why i'm highlighting you all the time00:54
* knome facepalms00:54
pleia2yeah, it's only us here!00:54
bluesabreoh hey, people appeared01:04
pleia2I did an iso test so flocculant will still love me for another cycle01:15
bluesabreoh good01:16
knomewe will all love you eternally01:17
knome...for doing the ISO test, of course01:18
pleia2on real hardware, too!01:18
knomeoh my, that's an upgrade to eternally*201:18
pleia2I need to look into this kernel bug now01:18
knomefix it plz01:18
pleia2I can't fix it!01:19
* knome downgrades pleia2's love level to eternity*1.501:21
pleia2hm, so the last kernel upgrade I did was to 4.2.0-27 and that worked, it's -30 that's breaking but I don't know if ones in between broke too01:25
bluesabreuh oh01:25
pleia2I don't know how we went through so many kernels01:27
pleia2wait, -27 and -30 are the only ones, there weren't ones in between01:28
* tsimonq2 is loved eternally*100 for all the ISO QA tests I've done...AHEM AHEM.../me moves along01:38
tsimonq2heheheh :P01:38
Unit193I have pings..01:40
Unit193bluesabre: I didn't touch the seed, of course.01:41
bluesabreUnit193: yeah, pushed the seed so we should be good to go01:46
Guest45173switched xubuntu-dev looking for licensing answers.  What cannot be used besides logos, icons, etc?  We want to create a custom build based on xubuntu and distribute the .iso commercially to techs, not end users02:15
Guest45173(already consulted http://xubuntu.org/dev/derivatives/)02:16
pleia2we tried to include everything on there02:16
knomebasically, the derivatives page covers everything that's essential02:16
knomeif you have specific questions, we'll happily help with them02:17
Guest45173okay good to know you're here.  thank you for your input02:20
knomeno problem02:20
knomethe guidelines are written to make your work easier, not to land a tight set of rules that you must obey02:21
=== J21_ is now known as J21
bluesabreflocculant: found a bug in gnome-software :)02:55
bluesabrebug 155251202:55
ubottubug 1552512 in gnome-software (Ubuntu) "No application data on install, No screenshots after update" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/155251202:55
bluesabretoo bad I didn't get a screenshot of the screenshots, looked pretty nice02:57
bluesabreotherwise, it looks good https://imgur.com/a/qh9v002:57
Unit193!info app-install-data-partner02:58
ubottuapp-install-data-partner (source: app-install-data-partner): Application Installer (data files for partner applications/repositories). In component main, is optional. Version 13.04 (wily), package size 2 kB, installed size 39 kB02:58
Unit193bluesabre: Do we need that with g-s?02:58
bluesabreUnit193: dunno :)03:02
bluesabreUnit193: looks like ubuntu-desktop still rdepends on it03:03
Unit193Sure, but as a good example, usc deps on app-install-data while g-s doesn't.03:08
bluesabreI'll check here in a bit03:08
bluesabrerunning through the iso now to see if there are any fixes needed in greybird or elementary-xfce03:09
bluesabreochosi: bug 155251803:18
ubottubug 1552518 in shimmer-themes (Ubuntu) "Linked toolbar buttons do not draw correctly in Greybird" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/155251803:18
=== meetingology` is now known as meetingology
bluesabreochosi: Printers > Help > About seems to be missing its icon, will see if I can dig that one up before reporting03:28
bluesabreeverything else seems ok03:33
bluesabreUnit193: doesn't seem to break anything by removing it03:37
bluesabrenight all03:59
flocculantbluesabre: could be too sleepy - but don't understand that bug :)07:00
knomepleia2, just saying that we don't forget; there's one more issue to solve before moving to https09:56
knomepleia2, when you load x.org with https, browsers do not apply extras.css correctly, because it's from http09:57
=== qwebirc447552 is now known as slickymasterWork
bluesabreknome: drop the leading http: and just use //11:32
bluesabre //static.xubuntu.org/www/extras.css?ver=4.4.211:34
knomebluesabre, the problem isn't that we don't get the right protocol11:44
knomethe problem is mixed content; firefox refuses to use the http css file when the site is in https11:44
knomeand we don't have https in static11:44
bluesabrethat's a problem11:45
bluesabremight just need to serve extras from xubuntu.org or add ssl to static11:46
knomeone option is to load the css from the url via php and then shove it into a <style> tag11:46
bluesabreyeah, that would work11:47
knomethe problem with serving extras from xubuntu.org is that we don't have file access there..11:47
bluesabrehacky but functional11:47
knomethe ideal situation would be that we would have file access to the whole theme on x.org11:47
knomethen i could update it on-demand11:47
knomebut since that's not going to happen, i don't think file access to one file (even via an html form) is possible11:48
bluesabrewhat's in extras?11:49
knometemporary fixes11:49
knomeso if something breaks, i'll put the fix in there first 11:49
knomethen move to main11:50
knomethis was originally set up to be able to fix things quickly11:50
knomeso not having that work in https (especially if it's the default) is as good as not have the extras included at all11:50
bluesabreguessing we depend on IS for xubuntu.org updates other than content?11:54
knomeso maybe we should raise this question up in the "switch to HTTPS" thread with them and ask for their opinion on the options11:54
knomebasically they say "it's your site, you do whatever you want with it", but i can't help but think that this loading css from a different domain/server is not the ideal situation for them either11:55
flocculantbluesabre: awesom12:37
flocculante - just thought I'd check that software was there - obviously you knew it would be :)12:38
knomeUnit193, if i create a new branch for meetingology, will you set a new bot up for testing purposes?12:40
flocculantknome: don't know if slides are in order currently - if they are - suggest swapping the support ones12:40
knomethey are12:40
knomei'd say we want the mouse to face right12:40
knomeso swapping them would mean the tail would be on some other slide than the other support12:40
knomeso: i'll have to think about that12:41
flocculantI'd say that's besides the point - someone using the live session is more likely to want real-time than a doc12:41
knomei'm not disagreeing with that part :)12:41
flocculantnot just a swap of wording ?12:41
knomewell the thing is, the live slide needs those bubbles12:42
knomeand the live one has the bubble for the main content too, kind of said by the mouse..12:42
knomea tail does not speak12:42
flocculantI'm not disagreeing with the head and tail thing - though of course the angular bits only look like a mouse to you ... 12:42
knomeanglish bits12:42
flocculantknome: so why not have the tail on the desktop then? 12:43
flocculantthen the bubbles will be with the head :)12:43
knomethe desktop slide has soooo much stuff already :|12:43
knomeand the point that the mouse is spanning those two slides is that it kind of binds them together better12:43
flocculantwell - sorry but that just seems like the ubuntu way of doing things - form over function12:44
flocculantas long as it looks ok - sod the content :)12:44
knomei'm not saying we can't change it... i'm explaining why i'm doing what i am12:44
flocculantyea :)12:44
flocculantI understand your points for sure12:45
flocculantthe content is the wrong way round in my opinion12:45
knomei did think about it12:45
knomebut i'm not sure how to fix it right off the bat12:46
flocculantI didn't think about them being bubbles tbh - never seen a rectangular bubble before :D12:46
knomewell, speech bubbles12:46
knomei'm sure you've seen rectangularish speech bubbles in comics12:46
flocculantI'll think about it as well - given your 'issue'12:46
knomehaha ;)12:47
flocculantjust quick thought ... if we're going to have a pure contribute slide at the end - why not move the Want to further to the front - set the mood - that could have the tail12:48
flocculanteg swap Help with Want to12:48
flocculanton the other hand - maybe over-thinking the whole slideshow anyway - who sees it for longer than 5 minutes nowadays :p12:49
flocculantexcluding Unit193 :D12:49
knomeone of the things we wanted to change was making the slideshow more graphic12:50
knomeso at least it's that now..12:50
flocculantyea - I'm not complaining about how it 'looks' at all - good improvements if you ask me12:51
knomewe should also see how the slideshow looks when we've landed the rest of the artwork12:52
flocculantbluesabre: our buildlog > libreoffice-style-breeze (1:5.1.0-0ubuntu1 ubuntu-minimal changelog  Added libreoffice-style-breeze to desktop-recommends12:53
flocculantdon't know how that impacts on bug 154864712:54
ubottubug 1548647 in xubuntu-artwork (Ubuntu) "LibreOffice uses breeze style" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154864712:54
flocculantknome: where alberto has marked the importance of medium to our artwork package12:55
knomei'll reply to him on the bug12:55
flocculantbetter you than me12:56
knomedo we think it's high?12:56
flocculantwell given that we spent a bunch of time in 15.10 getting the damn icons there :p12:57
flocculants/the/our 12:57
bluesabreknome: while you're in there, maybe mention libreoffice-style-elementary as a package Recommends so we can solve it easily13:05
knomerecommends instead of?13:05
bluesabrelibreoffice-style-breeze | libreoffice-style-tango | libreoffice-style-elementary13:06
knomesounds sensible to me13:07
bluesabregotta run, bbl13:07
ochosibluesabre: meh, yeah i knew about that linked buttons bug, and i even tried to fix it before. it's just really a lot of work and code to change...13:11
knomeooh, a wild ochosi appears!13:11
ochosiand i'm not even sure there's a straightforward way of fixing it without rebasing on adwaita13:11
ochosithe two have drifted apart for too long probably13:11
ochosiand i'd appreciate not having to rebase before gtk3.2013:12
ochosibut yeah, i see that releasing an LTS version of xubuntu with a buggy theme also isnt an option13:12
knomelet's schedule a hacking session between the two of us to rebase on adwaita then...13:12
knomegtk3.20 or not13:13
bluesabreUI freeze a week from today13:24
bluesabreBeing a bug, not that big of a deal for the freeze :)13:25
knomewell rebasing on SASS theme is a big deal13:25
ochosii mean one way to do it would be to do SASS -> css and then take out the relevant portions13:26
ochosii sort of tried that13:26
ochosibut failed, so i'm not sure whether i really know what the relevant portions are13:26
bluesabreochosi, knome: gnome software is in today's image, in case you're wanting to do any icon work13:26
ochosiicon work needed there?13:26
knomeochosi, hahah13:26
bluesabreYour call. Gnome icons != elementary icons13:27
* knome attempts to do enough SASS porting work to lure ochosi deep into the porting too13:28
bluesabreI'll try to do the upstream lo theme work this weekend13:28
bluesabreAlso, won't be able to make the meeting today13:30
bluesabreLooks like I won't be needed for it though, so that works out13:32
ochosiyeah, i also won't be here today... :/13:44
ochosiok, i13:44
ochosi'll look at gnome software and the needed icons13:44
ochosiknome: well ok, i'll wait and see ;)13:44
ochosipotentially could take *some* time this weekend13:44
knomeyeah, let's see how this spans out13:45
knomelooks like the dev env wasn't complete anyway, i can't seem to get changes take effect13:45
knomebut i'll work on it...13:45
ochosimonday evening might also work13:51
knomeok, some progress at least now13:51
knomebut meh :)13:51
ochosi(i know that's a bit specific, but this is how my free time is structured these days...)13:51
knomei don't understand why this looks like poop since i've only changed a few colors13:51
ochosiyou can also look at the SASS branch of numix13:51
ochosibut tbh i'd rather stay in sync with adwaita directly13:51
dkesselslickymaster: nah, there's still gmb in the docs :p16:04
* dkessel uses Unit193 's excellent docs mirror site again to compare stuff on the generated docs pages16:05
pleia2knome: oh yes, I completely forgot about the external css thing, that'll be hard to solve16:12
knomepleia2, i pointed out one workaround already (load the file with php and dump into an inline <style>)16:13
pleia2good grief16:14
knomethat just leaves me with the thought: why don't we just manage the stuff in x.org in *some* way16:14
knomei don't know how strict the IS is with file access, but they don't seem to deny us any writes to the database, so we could alternatively just save the css in a wordpress option and dump that into a <style>16:16
knome...but then again that leaves me feeling like "why can't they just allow the file write"16:17
knomebut maybe they just won't16:17
flocculantwiki is great today ... 16:40
Nairwolfwhy ?16:41
flocculantyou missed the sarcasm ... 16:42
Nairwolfyes, sometimes, it's better not to know...16:46
dkesselhah, german is now the second-most complete xubuntu-docs translation :D16:56
flocculantassuming English is first? 16:58
knomeenglish isn't a translation, it's the source..16:59
flocculantwhatever :p16:59
pleia2ok, meeting time17:00
meetingologyMeeting started Thu Mar  3 17:00:03 2016 UTC.  The chair is pleia2. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.17:00
meetingologyAvailable commands: action commands idea info link nick17:00
flocculantI'm apparently available for this :)17:00
pleia2we have an angeda17:00
pleia2#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings#Agenda17:00
pleia2who all is here for our community team meeting? :)17:00
flocculantI'm apparently available for this :)17:01
knomeslickymasterWork is on and off17:01
knomeas always17:01
knomeand i'm here as well17:01
* bluesabre is watching17:01
slickymasterWorkI'll doubt I'll be able to continue logged on17:01
NairwolfI'm here17:01
flocculanthey bluesabre 17:01
pleia2#topic Open action items17:01
pleia2looks like we have just the one: knome and branau to collaborate with setting up a wordpress instance for the wallpaper submissions by sunday, feb 2117:01
pleia2knome: status update?17:02
knomewe're running testing at the moment17:02
knomeafter that's done, we can announce the contest17:02
knomeso next week17:02
pleia2#link https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/xubuntu-devel/2016-March/011059.html17:02
pleia2^^ if you want to be a guinea pig17:02
pleia2I mean help17:02
dkesselrussian is first, surprisingly... never noticed any russian here....17:03
pleia2alright, moving on17:03
pleia2#topic Updates and Announcements17:03
flocculantjust quickly17:04
flocculantknome: if you do need testing - I can 17:04
knomeflocculant, ack, i'll send you the testing info after the meeting17:04
pleia2so, any updates/announcements?17:06
pleia2#info Beta 1 happened http://xubuntu.org/news/xubuntu-16-04-lts-beta-1/17:07
knome#info knome has been working on the article series for the website: http://wiki.xubuntu.org/website/series17:07
knomere: those, the plan is to publish the frist "my media manager" article on week 1217:08
knomeschedule for the other series is still open, it depends a lot on the amount of articles we have17:08
knomeif people have ideas, feel free to add them to the wiki17:08
pleia2thanks knome 17:09
knomeif people want to help with the articles, just poke me or edit the wiki page noting you are working on something17:09
Nairwolfdo you want to translate these articles ? 17:09
knomethe website doesn't support translations currently, so to begin with, no17:10
knomebut if somebody works with local teams, they can totally cooperate with us to publish translated articles on their websites17:10
NairwolfI will do that, in France xubuntu is really popular17:11
pleia2alright, drifting off topic from announcements17:11
pleia2any other updates?17:12
pleia2#topic Discussion items17:13
pleia2#subtopic The installer slideshow17:13
pleia2Full info: The installer slideshow has been kept the same for some time now, other than a few small graphical changes and some rewording of the slides. Should we keep this type of approach or should we choose a completely different approach?17:14
knomethere is a WIP branch at https://code.launchpad.net/~xubuntu-doc/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/xubuntu-160417:14
pleia2I looked at it yesterday, pretty sparse so far but shaping up nicely17:14
knomeand commentary/discussion has been ongoing on this channel as well as at http://pad.ubuntu.com/xubuntu-1604-slideshow17:14
knomeso the "WIP" part means we still lack some artwork17:14
knomeand some of the content isn't final17:14
NairwolfI can't access to this pad, is it because I'm not in xubuntu team ? 17:14
knomeand we might add one more slide that discusses the customizability17:15
flocculantNairwolf: go to offtopic17:15
flocculantI think that we should17:15
flocculantgiven it'll be live for 3 years17:16
knomethe other option is to include the content in the desktop slide17:16
flocculantoh 17:16
flocculantsorry :)17:16
knome...but so far, since we don't know what kind of content it is, it's impossible to make a judgement on whether it should have its own slide or not17:16
knomeso as always, ideas are welcome17:16
pleia2knome: oh, explain how to download and run the slideshow?17:17
flocculantI'd like to see some more on *customise* to be honest17:17
knome1) bzr branch lp:~xubuntu-doc/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/xubuntu-160417:18
knome2) cd to the branch root17:18
knome3) ./test-slideshow.sh xubuntu17:18
flocculantshould be in http://docs.xubuntu.org/contributors/documentation.html perhaps17:19
flocculantor somewhere ...17:19
knomeflocculant, yeah, we currently have none really, quite a bit of that can fit in the desktop slide if we lose the two columns at the bottom17:19
flocculantexcept you were saying it had too much anyway17:20
knomeflocculant, this branch is temporary, but yeah, we could mention the usual slideshow branch17:20
flocculantI wonder if perhaps we could17:20
flocculantslide > introduces stuff17:20
flocculantslide > expands a bit17:20
flocculantbut ofc - time constraint(s)17:20
flocculantI see about 2 slides when I install on ssd 17:21
knomewe likely don't want to add more than 1 more slide if even that17:21
flocculantI'll retract then given I want a contribute one :D17:22
knomeflocculant, there is a contribute slide...17:22
knomebasically, the idea behind these changes has been that we should move the content to the website (and other places) and mostly only point to them17:22
flocculantso we have 1 to play with :)17:22
pleia2and to remove my cat :'(17:22
knomebecause the information is valuable even for those who aren't installing17:22
knomepleia2, as i said, we can add one more bubble in the local support slide saying "Meow"17:22
flocculantin blue17:23
pleia2indeed :)17:23
pleia2but we don't translate into cat, so maybe that's confusing17:23
pleia2and my cats are too lazy to do translations17:23
knomebut isn't the vocabulary very small too, just dump in random "meow"s and "mow"s17:23
flocculantknome: if you've some time later perhaps we could thrash a few bits out - working on from the conversation earlier17:24
pleia2so, want to continue this outside a meeting?17:25
knomeno, but ok :(17:25
knome(just kidding)17:25
flocculanthah - we can carry on if people want 17:25
pleia2I don't have much to add just yet17:25
pleia2#subtopic Gnome-software update17:26
flocculantoh my17:26
pleia2Full info: Gnome-software update - aiming for decision by 7th March17:26
pleia2so, who wants to start on this one? :)17:26
flocculantso then - a few words I can start with then a link17:27
flocculantwe've now got gs in the seed17:27
flocculantI've spent most of the week playing about with it 17:27
flocculantyou can install stuff from repos now17:27
flocculantnow 17:27
flocculantI've picked up on a bunch of bugs ... 17:28
flocculantsome are being worked on. some low priority, some high17:28
flocculantI've spent some time with some in -desktop with Robert Ancell17:28
NairwolfIf Ubuntu wants to integrate gnome-software in a LTS, I suppose we can trust them and hope the package will be enough stable for a LTS, no ? 17:29
NairwolfI will test it tonight with the daily17:29
flocculantI *could* give the meeting a whole list of bug #'s - probably best though to just give us 17:29
flocculantteam perhaps can look17:30
flocculantthe couple of issues I've found very very recently are17:30
flocculantinstall some app - dependencies need apt-get autoremove > if this isn't changed - then we should at least let our people know17:31
flocculantcurrently you can run gs and synaptic at the same time > not been brave enough to kill this install - only found it just before meeting so no time to kill a vm17:32
flocculantbluesabre has picked up on a couple of points17:32
pleia2that's a fair number of bugs17:32
flocculantif people try and find bugs with gs with me as reporter - they'll be from our base17:33
flocculantI HAVE tried to confirm all in a vm17:33
flocculantpleia2: ack - BUT17:33
flocculantrobert and in fact all I've dealt with in -desktop have seemed to appreciate the bugs17:34
flocculantmany are triaged/fix commited17:34
pleia2that's wonderful to hear :)17:34
flocculantso while there *are* bugs - I think one of *us* being there helps17:34
flocculanteasy for a dev to not think about the bits elsewhere17:35
flocculantso then17:35
flocculantsumming up 17:35
flocculantI think that we should just go with it - the nasty stuff will get dealt with I'm sure - they need it a lot more than we do17:35
flocculantI hope that helps everyone :)17:36
pleia2flocculant: is there a way xubuntu testers/contributors can pitch in with testing?17:36
flocculantpleia2: well17:36
pleia2people love playing with new things17:36
flocculantbasically they should have it now - if they install from the image - they definitely will have after 10:00UTC today17:37
flocculantoh yea17:38
flocculantone thing I've noticed locally *today* and I think this is probably to do with x-defaults or something, not pinged bluesabre yet - I no longer see software (as gs) in my menu17:39
flocculantbut it works in live17:39
pleia2I guess I mean, does the desktop team have a workflow/reporting/package test that people can do?17:39
flocculantnot that I know of17:41
flocculantit wasn't seeing anything but local installed at the beginning of the week17:42
* pleia2 nods17:43
pleia2if they do come up with something, let me know so I can share it :)17:43
pleia2and maybe let them know that it could be a useful thing, if they want more testers and bugs reported17:43
pleia2thanks flocculant, nice to see this moving along17:45
pleia2anyone else have anything to add?17:46
* knome stops ranting on the doc team meeting for a minute17:46
knomepleia2, wait, was this anything to add to the pkg manager discussion or anything?17:47
pleia2knome: this topic :)17:47
knomethen nope17:47
* knome goes back to ranting17:47
NairwolfI have to leave, I will read logs after. 17:47
pleia2#topic Any other business17:48
pleia2now anything :)17:48
flocculantI guess we need to trak the icon down 17:48
flocculantfor the slideshow17:48
knomeanybody want to say anything, or should we just start the vote?17:50
pleia2oh! that wasn't on the agenda17:50
pleia2#info Strategy Document rewrite for "Xubuntu users" (and a bit more)17:50
pleia2I'm happy to vote17:51
flocculantknome: I'm good if the change I proposed went in17:51
flocculantwording iirc17:51
knomeit's in revision 53117:51
flocculantyep - thought it was 17:52
knomepleia2, start the vote then :)17:52
pleia2bluesabre: still here?17:52
knomepleia2, we'll just continue on the mailing list :)17:52
flocculantvote now wfm17:53
pleia2#vote Approve Strategy Document rewrite for "Xubuntu users" (and a bit more) (+1) or disapprove text (-1)17:54
meetingologyPlease vote on: Approve Strategy Document rewrite for "Xubuntu users" (and a bit more) (+1) or disapprove text (-1)17:54
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (for private voting, private message me with 'vote +1/-1/+0 #channelname)17:54
meetingology+1 received from krytarik17:54
meetingology+1 received from flocculant17:54
meetingology+1 received from knome17:54
meetingology+1 received from pleia217:54
meetingologyVoting ended on: Approve Strategy Document rewrite for "Xubuntu users" (and a bit more) (+1) or disapprove text (-1)17:55
meetingologyVotes for:4 Votes against:0 Abstentions:017:55
meetingologyMotion carried17:55
pleia2we'll continue on list :)17:55
pleia2thanks knome 17:55
pleia2anything else?17:55
knomei don't think so17:55
pleia2#topic Schedule next meeting17:56
pleia2lucky flocculant gets to schedule it next17:56
flocculantoh woot17:57
pleia2thanks flocculant!17:57
pleia2thanks everyone, happy thursday17:57
meetingologyMeeting ended Thu Mar  3 17:57:18 2016 UTC.  17:57
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/xubuntu-devel/2016/xubuntu-devel.2016-03-03-17.00.moin.txt17:57
flocculant4/4/16 @16:2317:57
knomeso late?17:57
pleia2lol 16:2317:58
pleia2someday the wiki will stop erroring and I'll get these minutes up18:02
flocculantI would say that 'the next person up should ensure the minutes are there' 18:03
flocculantmaybe I will next meeting :D18:03
pleia2I think our Minutes magic page just doesn't work anymore18:03
* pleia2 just tries to create page18:04
pleia2moar 50018:05
pleia2I'll try this again later18:07
knomepleia2, i'm doing it18:07
Unit193knome: Going to dokuwiki meetingology then?18:07
knomeUnit193, yeah18:07
knomepleia2, minutes are up18:08
pleia2knome: thank you18:08
Unit193Might want to talk to whoever can merge code to meetingology too.18:14
knomei can handle AlanBell18:14
Unit193You sure it's him anymore?18:15
knomei can also poke jussi18:16
knomelike, poke really hard.18:16
flocculantha ha ha 18:28
flocculantpleia2: you want someone not at work to do the minutes ?18:56
flocculantoh nvm - jolly old Pasi did it :D18:57
flocculantoh meh18:58
flocculantknome: vote result looked odd before I got another 50018:58
Unit193jussi, someone even more inactive. :D19:01
Unit193Pici runs all the bots now.19:01
flocculantPici ftw then19:09
Unit193flocculant: 1516217 is done right?19:24
flocculantbug 151621719:25
ubottubug 1516217 in xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin (Ubuntu) "Shows two notifications" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151621719:25
flocculantbelieve so19:26
Nairwolfknome, I've summited two files, seems okay21:12
Nairwolfbut you can easily upload something else than .jpg .svg or .png21:13
Nairwolfyou rename a file, and it's okay21:13
knomeis the "something else" actually still an image file?21:13
knomefor example, if you rename an image called image.jpg to image.doc, it is still an image file.21:14
Nairwolfno, I've rennamed a pdf file with .jpg21:17
Nairwolfif you look, I've called it simply "pdf" 21:18
knomeok, i'll have a look at the security check21:19
Nairwolfyes, I don't know what's happen if you send a .js file. But I suppose that as soon as you don't execute the file, it's okay21:20
knomeoh. the wordpress function gets the filetype based on the filename. lazy21:25
Nairwolfyes, a lot of sotfware are cheated by that21:34
Nairwolfthey just verify the name extension21:34
NairwolfI suppose it's not really dangerous21:35
knomeNairwolf, try again; it should fail now for the pdf21:51
Unit193What about xpm? :D21:51
knomethat too21:51
knomeonly jpg, png and svg are allowed21:51
knomeand submissions from the user ~unit193 are given automatically a -1 vote21:51
knome(but no, no xpm's)21:51
Unit193About the -1 vote, that is.21:52
knomenext i should make sure svg's are shown...21:52
knomebut that's a backed woe21:52
Unit193I may have missed it, this doesn't require the user in ~xubuntu-users?21:52
knomebackend too...21:52
knomeUnit193, it doesn't.21:52
knomewe can easily make that so if we want though21:52
Nairwolfok, knome22:04
Nairwolfthat works22:07
flocculantknome: if you need testers - feel free :)22:27
knomeoh right22:29
knomeflocculant, info sent22:30
flocculantlooks like it arrived too :)22:30
NairwolfI realize it's difficult to know the licence of a specific picture22:31
Unit193Not if you made it.22:31
Nairwolfit's not like software, if you find some code source somewhere, you're almost sure to find the licence. With pictures, it's so much easy to copy and share a picture...22:32
flocculantknome: point #1 - should we not make reading the terms a necessary part of submitting? 22:32
NairwolfBut, I know that without licence, it's by default copyrighted22:32
knomeflocculant, you have to check the checkbox...22:32
Nairwolfflocculant: it's necessary22:32
flocculantknome: aah cool - ignore me for a moment then :D22:33
knomeflocculant, even if we made a user scroll through a page, we couldn't know any better if they read them or not22:33
flocculantno ofc not - but we can say they agreed to them :D22:33
Unit193Make 'em as short as possible, more likely to read it.22:33
flocculantUnit193: for sure22:34
NairwolfYes, Unit193 has a good advice22:34
Unit193Every so often he does, sure. :P22:34
knomeUnit193, http://contest.xubuntu.org/help/terms/22:34
knomeUnit193, they are pretty short compared to some of the terms i've read..22:34
Unit193knome: I wasn't saying they were long, hadn't seen them.  Nice bullet points, makes skimming for the good stuff easier! :)22:35
knomeUnit193, good good22:35
NairwolfKnome, yes it was pretty short, and I've read them22:35
knomeand same terms as we had the last time...22:35
Unit193(I figured I'd not be of much help testing the contest, even more so since you know I don't create images.)22:38
flocculantUnit193: do you think I do? 22:38
flocculantI'm just testing the process :)22:38
NairwolfI've contacted the author of a really nice wallpaper in order to know the licence22:39
knomeyeah, flocculant is sending images of his dog..22:39
Unit193flocculant: Yes!  More specifically, you know how to press all the buttons and throw the spaghetti at the wall better. :P22:39
Nairwolfoh ! Seems to be the perfect wallpaper flocculant ! 22:39
NairwolfI want dog's flocculant as wallpaper !22:39
Unit193flocculant: FWIW, I actually have been following up and getting a problem with Qt5 and xenial fixed.  Just not said anything here because doesn't matter to Xubuntu.22:40
knomeflocculant, for some reason, i don't see what you sent22:40
knomeare you trolling?22:41
knomeor did i break something...22:41
flocculantknome: well it lists 3 for me22:41
knomeand do you see the images?22:41
flocculantno - should I? 22:41
flocculantknome: obviously these are just images I have kicking about in backdrops - is that going to make any difference? 22:42
knomenope, this is testing and i'll wipe them all22:43
flocculantwell just jpg's or png's22:43
knomeor svg's22:44
flocculantbut I am doing this from xenial ofc22:44
knomeflocculant, can you send them again?22:45
flocculantknome: I meant what I'm putting there - not what I could22:45
knomei think i figured out what broke22:45
flocculantknome: I just did a new one22:45
knomeoh :)22:45
flocculantoh ok22:45
knomei don't see it22:45
knomei deleted 3 of yours22:45
flocculantwell it was before you figured something out :)22:46
flocculantknome: yup - that's working now22:51
flocculantdelete works22:52
flocculantand if it works for me ... 22:54
bluesabreknome, add me, will test whatever needs tested after dinner22:54
knomebluesabre, instructions in your mail22:54
Nairwolfeverything seems to work with me knome23:01
flocculantknome: you have time to warble slideshows at all? 23:05
flocculanthi bluesabre :)23:05
knomeflocculant, i'm kind of tired, but i listen well, and can totally throw ideas around23:06
flocculantknome: no rush at all 23:07
bluesabreHey flocculant23:08
flocculantknome: I'm away tomorrow till Saturday - then around for ages again23:10
flocculantknome: how much time do we have? 23:11
knomeui freeze is next thu23:12
flocculantok - perhaps over the weekend maybe? 23:13
knomeflocculant, bluesabre: btw, since you are in the -website team, you should be able to vote and see the results on the contest site too - feel free to try that out as well23:27
flocculantknome: oh right - didn't think of logging in with website rights23:28
bluesabreknome, will do23:29
flocculantnight night23:30
knomenighty nighty flocculant 23:33
flocculantnot gone anywhere yet - thought you were :)23:49
knomei said i'm kind of tired23:51
knomemeans i'll hang out for an hour more at least23:51
flocculantoh right 23:54
flocculantyou said cheerio - implies goodbye to me :D23:55
knomeaha :D23:55

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