DrCoolmonkey_, i don't know but did you try a "-" sign?   I think boolean type searches you would put    something like bubblegum -sour  or  "bubblegum -"sour grape"00:07
monkey_Tried that00:09
DrCoolmonkey did not like my answer.  He quit right after.00:19
zachhey all02:05
zachneed a hand with something, anyone around?02:05
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Guest45173okay i'm guest 45173 now02:06
Guest45173still anyone out there?02:06
Guest45173no one but us ghosts here02:07
krytarik!ask | Guest4517302:07
ubottuGuest45173: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:07
Guest45173oh sorry.  Looking for licensing questions.  Did not mean to be rude.  I know a company that wants to use Xubuntu as the base for our portable distribution (after modifications).  Anyone know where to find all the details on whether this is okay?  It seems a little hazy and I don't know if it's covered under Ubuntu's umbrella too02:09
krytarikGuest45173: http://xubuntu.org/dev/derivatives/02:12
Guest45173okay I have been there but there's nothing else?  Should I contact the team to be sure?02:12
knomeGuest45173, you can come talk about the details on #xubuntu-devel or on the xubuntu-devel mailing list02:14
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Nckyo what a doin lads04:44
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xubuntu53dI just can't find an icon 'show desktop' to put on the panel19:15
krytarikxubuntu53d: I do.19:22
xubuntu53dI want to put a 'show desktop' icon on the panel????20:08
akxwi-daveright click on it and select add new item20:10
akxwi-davetheres a show desktop item in the list20:10
xubuntu53dwhere in the  list?21:02
xangua2:10 PM <akxwi-dave> right click on it and select add new item21:02
xubuntu53di know how to add it, but i can't find the icon21:06
xubuntu53dI just found where Cntrl+Alt+D does the job, but there sure isn't a21:15
xubuntu53dshow windows icon in my list21:16

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