smoserOdd_Bloke, i'd apprecate your reading https://code.launchpad.net/~sankaraditya/cloud-init/topic-stanguturi-vmware-support/+merge/288452 also02:07
smoserfor stanguturi02:08
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skoudehi! is it possible to define the address where cloud-init connects manually?10:13
skoudeI have a problem in openstack, that it is trying to connect with http instead of https and because of that the conection fails..10:13
waldiit tries to connect where?10:14
waldi(hint: it provides this information in the log)10:14
skoudewell it tried to connect to   instead it should connect to:
skoudeI'm just trying to undestand where the address is told in the configs?10:16
waldiwhy do you think so? the EC2 metadata service does not use https10:19
skoudeI have an openstack and it is configured to use https for metadata service10:20
skoudeWe have our private cloud running, and there was some updates to it, and the metadata service stopped working..10:20
waldihow did you configure that?10:21
skoudeor not the metadata service stopped working.. the metadata service is answering on https but for some reason the cloud-init tries to connect http.10:21
skoudeThis is suse cloud 5, and suse has done the configs..10:22
skoudeI'm just trying to figure out how cloud-init works10:22
skoudebasically if update comes to suse cloud, chef will automatically provision the updates to cloud nodes and controllers10:22
waldilook into the neutron metadata proxy config10:23
waldiand i see no knob to make serve https10:23
skoudeIt worked before, so somehow they managed to do it :) It breaked yesterday evening after the updates10:24
skoudeI have a support request open, but I would like to know how it works, for just in case.10:24
skoudeyes there is htts -option: nova_metadata_protocol = http(StrOpt) Protocol to access nova metadata, http or https10:26
waldias neutron adds an explicit and unconfigurable redirect from to the metadata proxy, i doubt that this was ever https10:27
waldiwrong side10:27
waldithis is the neutron metadata proxy (used for the EC2 endpoint) speaking to nova10:27
skoudeyes it was, because I checked from the logs before.. Before cloud-init connected to https10:27
waldii'm pretty sure it did not, as is hardcoded in cloud-init10:28
skoudemaybe it is doing somekind of redirect to https, but  in the instance logs I checked that it was https10:29
waldiwell. so what is your problem now? that an alledged redirect got missing?10:30
skoudewell the problem is that it does not work :)10:31
skoudecloud-init does not connect to metadata service correctly10:31
waldithen fix your metadata service10:32
skoudeokay thanks..  But itäs good to know that address is hardcoded to cloud-init10:34
smoserskoude, the address is "well known"14:02
smoserbut you can probably configure it, let me see.  The thing you can't do to my knowledge is tell cloud-init where it is without modifying an image.14:02
smoserskoude, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~cloud-init-dev/cloud-init/trunk/view/head:/doc/examples/cloud-config-datasources.txt14:05
smoserthe openstack metadata service (datasource['OpenStack']) should have the same configuration options as the Ec2 datasource14:06
smoserand you could give it a list of urls in 'metadata_urls'14:07
smoserthe default is14:07
smoser(DEF_MD_URL) is [""]14:07
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smoserrharper, magicalChicken around ?21:11
smoserwanted to share where i was with the cloud-inti networing21:11
smoserso in that branch, i can basically seed that network config (line 10-23)21:12
* jgrimm rides along21:13
smoserso in container the networking comes up fine21:13
smoserbut https://github.com/lxc/lxd/issues/174721:13
smosermeans that lxc's user-data / metadata get read instead of mine21:14
smoserbut that woudl be work aroundable and i think woudl work if lxc wasnt fighting me21:14
smoserthat shows the results in it too.21:16
smoserstanguturi, ^21:16
smoserthat is what i'm workign on to get networking configuration from a "local" data source into the instance.21:17
smoserharlowja_at_home, wonder if you made any progress on openstack networkign ?21:18
smoserrharper, if you could try to get that intergrated with what you have for testing, and send me a mail on how to go from there, i'd appreciate it.21:22
smoseri have to run for the night.21:22
smoserstanguturi, i pointed you at that because we'd like for vmware's data to get into instance that general way also,.21:22
rharpersmoser: yeah21:36
boreihi all23:03
boreigot confused completely, need some heads up23:03
boreii have cloud-init with NoCloud datasource23:03
boreiiso image created, and VM is picking it up23:04
boreifrom docs i found that if instance-id is changed then cloud-init will reload user-data23:04
boreibut nothing happens23:05
boreinobody ?23:55

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