diddledanis mir usable yet on non-embedded systems?00:39
daftykinsi thought it burnt up in the atmosphere ;D01:22
zmoylan-pi...or so they would have us believe... :-P01:23
daftykinsdun dun duuuuun01:23
daftykinsclient is having such trouble with that surface pro 4 she wants it sent for repair now01:24
daftykinsguess muggins here is gonna have to arrange all that01:24
zmoylan-pia ms product misbehaving... say it ain't so...01:24
zmoylan-piany actual problem or just unhappy with it?01:25
daftykinsyeah it's buggy as all hell01:25
daftykinsshe says she took the risk of trying to take it to Jersey today, got to the airport... wouldn't turn on01:25
zmoylan-piwell that should do it01:25
diddledandidn't they make a movie about that? space cowboys01:25
zmoylan-pii love that movie01:26
zmoylan-pihas right level of silliness and story01:29
daftykinsah well best sleep and attack this thing in the morning i suppose01:30
daftykinsi'm feeling ultra smug at saying to avoid the things the entire time ;D01:30
zmoylan-piif the bootloader wasn't locked you could get a better os on there01:31
daftykinsi don't think that's what's up01:31
zmoylan-pii've seen them about.  i have seen people slapping them when they didn't respond or respond fast enough for the user01:32
daftykinsi think all touch is daft though :>01:33
zmoylan-pinowt like the feed back from a good button01:33
daftykinsactually i need to qualify that as tablet/laptop wannabe touch, since smartphone touch is fine - apart from the constant screen cleaning ;)01:33
daftykinsi originally championed and did get a Lenovo X1 carbon laptop and that gets the highest of praise from the same client, so yeah - surface is the pits ;)01:34
* zmoylan-pi tried moving android media player at home up to media player when out and about. battery life plunged of course but the fm radio and mp3 players on android suck01:35
daftykinswhat kind of media player? o0 not a phone i take it01:36
zmoylan-pia cheapo tesco android phone a huawei y625. got it for €60 on special01:37
zmoylan-piam using it as pedometer to encourage me to walk more01:38
zmoylan-pias fm radio it's max volume is to low to use on footpath by busy road01:38
daftykinsloudspeaker or earphones?01:39
zmoylan-piheadset. loudspeaker would be rude to others01:40
zmoylan-pigood sennheiser headset.  works great on my nokias for same purpose01:40
daftykins*nod* i didn't have you pegged as a teenager ;D01:40
zmoylan-piit's a nice device but it just reminds me how... 2nd rate android feels to me now compared to dumbphones01:43
zmoylan-pihaving to stare at screen for such simple things as changing radio stations01:43
daftykinsthing is, you're buying the worst implementation of the OS and calling that indicative of the entire platform01:44
daftykinsif i bought an Asus Eee PC netbook today and put full on unity ubuntu on it and said "this sucks" it'd be the same vibe, to my mind01:45
zmoylan-pii've had 4+ android devices now and it's no better/worse than the others... for my list of requirements which seems to differ from most it has to be said01:45
daftykinsi am annoyed by how all smartphones seem to have a set timer before they self destruct and run like a malware laden Windows machine01:46
daftykins(in the hands of a teenager, i should add, just to sharpen the blow)01:46
zmoylan-pii'd tolerate android a *lot* more if they made a real attempt at bettering the battery life instead of this obsession with thin no battery devices01:46
daftykinsheh yeah01:46
daftykinsok i should go, didn't even get much sleep last night XD woke up and found another Dell XPS13 deal on the Dell outlet UK ;D £660 for another delivered with the nice spec01:47
zmoylan-piand the control of the os never quite seems to be in the hands of the user when the os is googles and they seem intent on selling you crap and app writers ignore guides on ui01:47
daftykinsi've been fine with my Nexus devices aside from support dropping ;D01:49
daftykinsg'night all! :>01:49
diddledanmycroft posted to their indiegogo 7 hours ago that "Those who have visited our website recently might have noticed a countdown clock. We have an exciting project to announce on the 14th." (the countdown is at https://mycroft.ai/)03:58
mappswent up the med steps today04:14
zmoylan-1iyou'd think wikipedia would mention how long the trail is... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mediterranean_Steps04:30
mappspics from it04:51
mapps<mapito> https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CdM-tqqXIAEqBWi.jpg04:51
mapps<mapito> https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CdM-scLWAAEALHo.jpg:large04:51
mapps<mapito> https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CdM-rvPXEAAOaEL.jpg:large04:51
mappsdecent view eh04:51
zmoylan-1iwell... it probably helps when the weather isn't trying to freeze/drown you... :-)04:54
MooDooMorning all06:03
diploMorning all08:29
davmor2Morning all09:15
knightwisehey davmor209:15
knightwisehow are you doing today09:15
knightwisehey popey09:15
davmor2thankfully it's friday09:16
knightwiseVery true09:16
davmor2popey: you so street09:17
knightwisepopey: and his drive-by-raspberry-pie09:19
bittinMorning :)09:19
knightwisehey bittin09:20
* popey hugs his pi ♥09:20
bittinmy pies is left at home :)09:20
popeyblimey I have 7 of them now09:20
popeygetting out of hand09:20
bittini am waiting for a train and watching AsiaBSDCon09:21
knightwisepopey: they are like tribbles09:21
knightwiseMe has 209:21
bittini got 309:21
knightwisecurrently chatting from one09:22
bittinOne Raspi 1 One 2 and One 309:22
popeythree are powered on, one is in a picade, so that's good09:22
popeyrather than them sitting in a box09:22
bittini am chatting from a CentOS vm from my Windows 8 tablet09:22
bittingonna install a more sane OS on this Asus t200ta when i am less lazy09:23
knightwiseI have a 1 and a 209:26
knightwiseI also run an elementary VM fullscreen on my mac (on a second virtual desktop-09:26
popeybittin: do you know if it's possible to put linux on it?09:27
bittinpopey: no idea but i would think so its just an intel atom and standard things :p09:27
bittincould try an ubuntu live cd when less lazy09:27
popeybrave :)09:27
bittinor live usb nowdays09:28
popeylooks like a nice device09:28
bittinbut anyways09:28
bittinheh won it at an IT Expo here a couple of years ago09:28
popeyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsp8XFcAS7o is running it09:28
bittinDustin Expo 2014 or 201509:29
popeyfree stuff \o/09:29
bittintime to listen to that Ubuntu Podcast on the train09:30
ali1234popey: have you or anyone tried unity/mir on the anholt driver?09:41
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Friday, and happy World Plumbing Day! 😃09:44
popeyali1234: hello! long time no see!09:45
popeyali1234: I have never heard of anholt09:45
popey(so probably not)09:45
ali1234you've never heard of eric anholt?09:46
ali1234well he works for broadcom and wrote a KMS driver for raspberry pi09:46
ali1234it should in theory be able to run wayland, mir, proper accelerated X... all the good stuff09:46
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5bBKsH0s5E09:51
davmor2JamesTait: I think that covers you nicely right :)09:54
JamesTaitNope. Not going to make it to the end of that one.09:54
davmor2JamesTait: light weight09:55
JamesTaitI like cheese, don't get me wrong, but that's like living in a gorgonzola factory.09:55
davmor2JamesTait: okay how about this one instead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpXPtAVdMIY&ebc=ANyPxKqutwxkFqzMSq3qcqubKqR-1xn2mmbAmedWy44y4G8ck0QSGn9Kl5lFviHiOl66kPGwM7h9i3QauQPQidnzLuKipjy2Cw10:01
Laneyok, admit it, who put me on a conservative party email list?10:22
MooDoocough cough, wasn't me cough cough10:24
brobostigonmorning boys and girls,10:31
knightwisehey brobostigon10:35
brobostigonhi knightwise10:35
knightwisehey brobostigon10:45
knightwiselistening to the podcast :)12:05
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
knightwisedamn .. almost weekend13:42
knightwisejust another grueling right of CCNA to get through13:42
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
=== ahayzen_ is now known as ahayzen
diploFatal road accident just outside of work :/15:24
diploNo way in or out atm15:24
davmor2knightwise: yeah and then you have to start on the left15:25
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOW
mappsanti smoking in gib20:10
mappsits 2.20 a pack they import enough for everyne to smoke 10 packs a day20:10
mappswhat a sham20:10
popey"The only way to win, is not to play"20:23
popey -- WOPR (1983)20:23
foobarrywife's out so i'm catching up on episodes of Take Me Out20:23
daftykinsi saw a big banner about no smoking day at the top of town here20:23
foobarryguilty pleasures20:23
mappsi had my silver card taking away at the casino..for gving drinks to mates20:23
mappswent in tonight20:23
mappsidiot says 'wheres your silver card' dont have it, spoke to you 2 days ago'20:24
mapps'i not remember'20:24
mappsthey shouldnt emloy spanish people that cant speak english, gib is english20:24
foobarrytrying to make vagrant work with kvm instead of virtualbox20:28
foobarryi suppose its the cross platform nature of vb that people use it, but i really not keen on it20:29
mappsstrange having no strip clubs near20:34
mappseverywhere in uk has them20:34
foobarryi only know of one. cambridge heath rd20:34
foobarrylooks grim.20:34
popeyyeah, my wife is out tonight too20:35
mappsi know of two20:35
popeyand daughter is out at a _disco_!20:35
foobarrypopey: what you watching/doing20:35
mappsst1/laces in stoke and errr that one in southsea20:35
foobarryvagrant and cheesy TV. win20:35
mappsthey are foobarry20:35
popeyconsidering playing silly computer gams20:35
mappsthey are pretty grim but i kinda like going now and again20:35
mappscasinos are pretty grim tbh , full of chavs and easy girls20:36
foobarryi actively avoid casinos20:36
foobarrybut had to eat in one recently20:36
mappsi go to them a lot, but i dont 'enjoy' them20:37
mappsi used to go after work in u as i work nights, theyre open late20:37
foobarrybecause work trip only paid for meals to certain price, and this was the only place for miles around20:37
foobarryfood was a bit like wetherspoon20:37
mappsand i get free drinks:P i pay on card and mate just pretends we paid20:37
mappsbought him 400 cigs back from gib last time20:37
foobarryi would probably have a weakness for casino games so didn't even go near20:37
mappstheyre pretty boring, i play blackjack quite a lot20:38
mappsand its dull after 30mins20:38
popeyi have never been in a casion20:38
mappsbut casinos are so boring there;'s nothing else20:38
popeyI can feel the money draining out of my bank account as I walk past20:38
foobarrywhat i thouht strange was..20:38
foobarrythey had real machines e.g. roulette and blackjack20:39
mappsno wonder im single, im a huge degenerate eh;)20:39
mappsalways at casinos or strip clubs and bars lol20:39
foobarrybut most people were in front of gaming terminal that did the same thing without the interaction or reality20:39
mappslol yea20:39
foobarrymapps: try a creative class instead20:39
mappsive been in hills when i worked at gala 8yrs ago, people queue for fobts20:39
mappsfixed odds betting terminals20:39
mappsand this is people on average-low wage..not millionaires20:40
mappsyou see people punch them etc20:40
mappsglad they took my silver card away, last time i was drunk there i lost £60020:40
mappswhen sober i wouldnt20:40
foobarrychickenpox on oldest child seems to be going. waiting for youngest one to get it next20:54
foobarryplayed with some asus chromebooks today, really nice hardware20:58
popeyarm or x86?20:58
popeyI quite fancy an arm one for doing armhf builds of stuff20:58
foobarrydidn't think to check, i assumed arm but not sure now20:59
foobarryi saw the C300MA-RO043 and the 10 inch flip  C100PA-FS000221:02
foobarrythe former one i really liked but assumed it was ARM. super thin hardware and nice feel21:03
foobarrybut ARM is preferred for battery and other reasons21:03
foobarrymy sons school just ordered 30 chromebooks for £6k. far better than the 6 macbooks they would have otherwise got21:05
foobarryfor the price21:05
popeydepends on your definition of "better"21:06
popeybet the chromebooks won't last21:06
foobarrybetter means a whole class can use them21:08
foobarrythe hardware seems as good as anything else and cheaper to replace if something happened21:09
foobarrythey also do little chromebox things aswell21:14
foobarrysmaller than mac mini21:14
popeyfoobarry: the other option is one of those Odroid things that has a SATA connector.22:42
directhexi wish sata was more common on armhf23:01
directhexaren't there like only 2 SOCs that have it, tegra and freescale i.mx?23:01
popeyno beagleboards?23:02
popeyThose odroids look tempting23:02
directhexthere's simply no reason to put an ahci controller in most arm socs, which are trying to sell to the phone market23:03
popeyGbE too. nice little board23:05
daftykinsas long as it doesn't put it on the USB like the Pis did23:06
popey2GB RAM too23:07
popeyNo, the odroid has a real GbE23:08
daftykinsquite the high specs there, mm23:09
* popey imagines a little farm of them as build bots23:11
daftykinsthat sounds awfully like another Alan's dream that we never saw come to fruition ;)23:14
popeythere are many of those23:14
daftykinscorrect me if i'm wrong - but i was almost imagining a Pi3 as a VPN server for my uncles home recently, but it didn't look like you could have a conventional server install on them?23:14
popeydefine "conventional server"23:15
diddledanraspbian is available in a minimal format which you can then tailor to your needs with apt23:16
diddledanubuntu is only available on the pi in snappy form which requires relearning the way you do things, but AFAIK it is just as capable as a standard server23:17
popeyubuntu mate is available23:18
popeyi dont know about "server" style minimal installs23:18
daftykinsit's nothing about any minimalism angle, just wanted a standard LTS with apt23:20
daftykinsi had ready talk of snappy which i didn't fancy - already concerned on the package availability front23:21
daftykinsas mentioned the other day i had hoped i could snag OpenVPN as an app for his Netgear NAS, but it turns out that one has essentially been dropped for support23:21
popeyguess you could use the Ubuntu MATE image and remove all the graphical stuff23:23
popeyshouldn't take much, remove xserver-xorg and it'll take everything else with it23:23
diddledanI do really want to learn ubuntu snappy core and how to admin it and such. it's just that it seems a bit of a large mountain to climb with limited freetime to do so23:23
daftykinsthat's non-LTS for the mo23:23
popeydiddledan: I've been playing with it recently on a pi here23:24
daftykinsas it goes he has a second identical laptop so i threw in a spare SATA HDD and did a trial run on there23:24
popeyquite a learning curve and it shifts underneath you a bit23:24
popeyprobably good to play with in april, when it's more stable23:24
daftykinshe seems keen to have a second NAS so i might just get a synology which has an OpenVPN app properly23:24
daftykins3 SSDs and two RAM upgrades are on the way :D23:34
daftykinsthough his silly little Acer SFF desktop thing only has two SATA ports =|23:34
diddledanI don't have enough sata ports and I'm using 623:35
diddledanI need 723:35
diddledanI'm considering swapping-out my board and amd-octacore cpu (bulldozer) with a same-era i7 92023:36
popeymy desktop is getting a bit crusty23:36
diddledanI have the i7 sitting doing nothing so it's just a case of swapping them23:37
diddledanthough both are circa 2009 I think23:37
daftykinsmine too popey - core 2 quad with 8GB DDR2 built in December 200723:37
daftykinsi'm right now using my Dell XPS13 9350 to xbox one stream from the lounge XD23:38
daftykinspopey: sure is! a fine workhorse23:38
daftykinsoh i benchmarked it against the above laptop in superpi, though a single-threaded test the laptop came in at half the time :S23:38
daftykinslovely skylake23:38
popeyRight, bedlington23:42
daftykinsi've seen top end i7 skylake XPS desktops on Dell's outlet, but i don't think i could bring myself to use a factory machine ;)23:43

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