netritiousgood morning16:12
wrstmorning netritious16:20
netritiousHey wrst! How are you?16:21
wrstdoing well netritious, and you?16:21
netritiousDoing well here too.16:22
netritiousstill running Arch?16:23
wrstnetritious: yeah it just keeps on going, probably wouldn't install it again as little as I use a notebook at the house but as long as it runs16:31
netritiouswhat do you use mostly at home wrst?16:32
wrstnexus 5x or an ipad mini :)16:32
netritiousnice :)16:33
wrsthave a file server set up and I just don't do a lot at home16:33
wrstif i do much I will use the laptop but the occassional document or spreadsheet a lot of times I just use an ipad and a keyboard16:33
wrstnetritious: no using debian, peole swear by freenas but it was always a pain for me so I like having something I know16:34
netritiouswrst: I totally get that.16:34
wrstfreenas is great if you know what you are doing I guess :)16:35
wrstbut have NFS and debian and I'm golden16:35
wrstalong with smb16:35
wrstfor the ipad16:35
netritiousnice. I like Debian.16:47
wrstfor a server its really hard for me to like anything else17:11
wrstbut that's what I learned to do stuff on17:11
netritiousI haven't used Debian since late 2012 I think.17:32
netritious I crashed a server so hard it left me disgusted because of all the time I put into it.17:33
netritiouscouldn't fix it, abandoned after disk images were made.17:34
netritiousafter re-reading that, it sounds sad. it was really a great learning experience though.18:33
netritiousthat's why I made disk images, so that one day maybe I could get back to it.18:33
wrstand well to me debian or ubuntu are so close I don't really make a difference in them but now that really isn't the case18:36
netritiousall the stuff I wanted to try worked in debian and was reproducible, which was the hardest thing to do on ubuntu, at least in 2011 when I setup that server I botched.18:37
netritiousthat server was fancy, but a bit buggy at times. happens when you cobble things together I guess.18:42
minasotanetritious: I've experimented with debian and ubuntu servers. What I would run into were small changes on the ubuntu side that were not the same for the debian server.18:43
netritiousminasota: exmaple?18:43
minasotasmall things like a change in where apache places a certain conf file in ubuntu but debian would place it somewhere else18:43
minasotaor create a symlink in one but not the other. both running the same apache version18:45
minasotaidk, just small little things18:45
netritiousubuntu would just be debian if the config files go int he same place :D18:46
netritiousI'm kidding...there are many more differences than that.18:46
minasotaha! good point.18:47
minasotayeah, I guess I'm just getting too old or lazy (maybe both) to invest in learning debian18:48
netritiousminasota: are you into CLI?18:53
netritious*command line interface18:54
netritiousservers and such18:54
netritiouswrst: what differences do you encounter?18:54
wrstme not any but I don't go that deep into things I have heard people say that18:55
wrstI could be totally wrong :)18:55
netritiousoh, i think I read one of your messages wrong wrst lol18:57
netritiousI like ubuntu -- just works as a server for me. 16.04 and LxD will be awesome.19:01
* netritious crosses his fingers in hopes he won't be let down again like when he tried LxC in 10.0419:02
netritiousLxD is a daemon for LxC, and made it into main for 16.04 release.19:04
wrstcontainers, I just like food in containers19:06
wrstbut they are handy :)19:06
cyberangernetritious: how's that compare to docker?19:06
netritiousit doesn't really. I see it referenced often as a Docker enhancement.19:07
netritioushow's it going cyberanger19:08
netritiouscyberanger: http://stackoverflow.com/a/3152711519:11
netritiouswrst: it's the closest thing to freebsd jails linux has to offer.20:45
netritiousit being LxC20:46
netritiousbut I too like food in containers20:46
netritiousI was going to type that as 'containers of food' but just doesn't read right lol20:47

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