dillondoes anyone here run DivX?00:02
EriC^^Rush2112: delete all the partitions00:02
k1lbluefive: or do you mean the LUKS in lvm full encryption?00:03
bluefiveDoes that use AES?00:03
goddardhow much memory do you guys use?00:03
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goddardI always have like 16 or 32 gigs but seems like a waste since I never go past like 5gigs00:03
Thordinor32 giga here00:04
OneM_IndustriesI am currently using 13.8GB.00:04
OneM_IndustriesOut of 16.00:04
OneM_Industries(Hoping for 32 sometime soon)00:04
k1lthere is never enough ram. if its "unused" it will be used to speed up starting programs etc00:04
OneM_IndustriesAnd with enough, you can do a RAMdisk.00:05
bluefiveDOES the Ubuntu disk encyrption use AES00:06
k1lbluefive: yes00:06
bluefiveIt does?00:06
bluefiveAny evidence of that?00:06
bluefiveIf so no wonder my 3805U was causing the fan to run so much. It is very poor at AES because it hasn't AESNI.00:07
k1lbluefive: nothing at hand now. but i bet you will find evidence in the manuals00:07
bluefivek1l: How do you know it's AES?00:07
goddardOneM_Industries: on what?00:07
k1lbluefive: if you dont believe me please look it up yourself.00:07
bluefivek1l: What do I search for?00:07
SchallaDoesnt ubuntu just use LUKS?00:07
OneM_Industriesgoddard: Sorry, what do you mean exactly?00:08
bluefiveSchalla: You're saying it doesn't use AES?00:09
OneM_Industriesgoddard: If you are wondering what a RAMdisk is, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAM_drive00:09
bluefiveHow come there's no one in here who knows>00:10
goddardOneM_Industries: no i mean why are you using so much memory?00:10
Anthony-L“could not find required OpenGL entry point 'glGetError'!" [duplicate]00:10
OneM_Industriesgoddard: A few large programs open at once.00:10
k1lbluefive: LUKS uses aes. see the luks faq00:10
bluefiveSo in that case the 5005U is going to perform much better than the 3805U because it has AESNI?00:11
k1lbluefive: i bet there are aes benchmarks00:11
bluefiveYes, but they are theoretical. They don't account for real-world performance when Ubuntu encrypts portions of the disk.00:12
bluefiveWould you expect AESNI to make a big difference there?00:12
Rush2112EriC^^: Ok, if I delete all the partitions, should I do that before, or after installing. I would assume before, but I want to be careful and not brick my system since I don't really know what I'm doing.00:12
craptalkanyway, do you know how to see the routing path, when i access the google for example/00:13
k1lbluefive: still a better question for ##hardware00:13
bluefiveNope, because they don't intimately know the software.00:15
k1lbluefive: your question still is "should i buy this or that cpu".00:16
Anthony-LCould not find required OpenGl entry poing 'glGetError'! Either your video card is unsupported, or your OpenGl Drivers needs to be updated.00:17
EriC^^Rush2112: yes, before you install windows00:17
Rush2112EriC^^: is there any specific method of it you would recommend?00:17
bluefivek1l: No it's not.00:18
EriC^^Rush2112: do you have a live usb?00:18
bluefiveI told you I ran the 3805U and it was causing the fan to run much.00:18
bluefiveI wonder if that is because I had full disk encryption enabled and the 3805U doesn't have AESNI.00:18
Rush2112not sure what you mean by that but I have a USB that I'm going to put the win10 install media onto it00:18
k1lbluefive: ok again: where is your specific ubuntu issue?00:18
bluefivek1l: Ubuntu is the OS with the full disk encryption.00:18
bluefivek1l: That's what I used.00:18
EriC^^Rush2112: ok, you can do it from the windows 10 installer probably00:18
k1lbluefive: and yes, if your cpu doesnt support encryption its a whole bunch of extra load to the system.00:19
Rush2112EriC^^: cool, thank you00:19
Rush2112EriC^^: am i in danger of bricking it if i just start the installer on it?00:19
bluefivek11, So you answered the question.00:19
EriC^^Rush2112: i meant an ubuntu live usb that you could boot to delete the partitions while they're not mounted00:19
EriC^^Rush2112: no00:19
Rush2112great, thank you so much00:19
EriC^^no problem00:20
Anthony-LCould not find required OpenGl entry poing 'glGetError'! Either your video card is unsupported, or your OpenGl Drivers needs to be updated.00:25
k1lAnthony-L: amd video card and steam?00:27
Anthony-Lnvidia and yes, steam.00:27
Anthony-Li'm using updated drivers too.00:28
Anthony-Li tried looking at those fixes online, but i couldn't find any specific.00:28
k1lsteam looks in the wrong folders for opengl stuff. but i dont know how to fix that for nvidia00:28
k1llike this http://askubuntu.com/a/592692/3126000:29
Anthony-Lyea, i was reading about that.00:29
Anthony-Lgotta love linux and nvidia...00:33
k1lits a steam issue00:33
OneM_IndustriesI use nvidia and it is fine.00:33
bluefiveDoes an AESNI CPU run Ubuntu faster?00:33
k1lbluefive: if you use full encryption of course will it be faster if the cpu can use AES00:35
craptalki am having a problem while changing my linux theme, it says adwt gtk theme is not installed? and i restarted then the errors disappear? why is that?00:35
truexfan81high since #freenode is moderated i'll ask you guys, what is best channel to ask a question about basic shell scripting?00:35
craptalktruexfan81: did you google it already?00:35
craptalktruexfan81: sometimes he knows better00:36
truexfan81most of this script came from google funny enough00:36
k1l!alis | truexfan8100:36
ubottutruexfan81: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http00:36
k1ltruexfan81: if you have issues with #freenode read the topic and ask staffers. this is not the usage for this channel00:37
craptalkwhat about my question?00:37
truexfan81but when i try to run it i get an error that i don't understand00:37
truexfan81 /bin/sh^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory  <-- the error00:37
bluefiveMy CPU without AESNI does this for AES: 114,600 MB/s00:38
bluefiveIs this a bottleneck when using disk encryption?00:38
truexfan81craptalk: ty was a simple fix, just had to run dos2unix on it since i created the script on my windows pc lol thanks all, you guys always manage to help me :) #ubuntu ftw00:40
bluefiveHow do I tell if my Ubuntu install has encryption enabled?00:47
bluefiveCan I disable encryption once it's enabled or do I need to reinstall entirely?00:47
reisiobluefive: full disk?00:47
reisioyou can disable it, but "reinstalling" might take less time00:47
truexfan81removing encryption from an entire disk...depending on the size of the disk can take a very very long time00:48
bluefivereisio: Why would reinstalling take less time?00:49
bluefivereisio: If I reinstall I lose all my settings and configurations. What's wrong with disabling?00:50
truexfan81bluefive: i just answered that question00:50
bluefiveWhat's "very very long time"?00:50
bluefive3 hours?00:50
truexfan81or more depending on size of the disk00:50
SchallaThose questions are all so vague.00:50
SchallaIts amazing.00:50
SchallaDepends on your CPU, Harddisk, etc.00:50
SchallaIs it a 6TB Harddrive? a 128GB SSD?00:51
SchallaHow fast is your CPU?00:51
bluefiveIt's 60 GB.00:51
Schalla(Dont answer these questions)00:51
bluefiveCPU is 1.9 GHz 3805U.00:51
SchallaI/We(likely) have a formula.00:51
truexfan81Schalla: too late lol00:51
Anthony-LCould not find required OpenGl entry point 'glGetError'! Either your video card is unsupported, or your OpenGl Drivers needs to be updated.00:51
reisiobluefive: removing encryption is the same as copying all the data at least once (possibly twice)00:52
SchallaDecrypting a HDD requires that the stuff is read, then decrypted and written again. That takes of course more time than just writing data from a source00:52
reisiobluefive: and then you add any extra work figuring things out on top of that00:52
bluefivereisio: Well, if the CPU has AES_NI, I imagine it wouldn't be too bad.00:54
bluefiveMaybe 2 hours for a 60 GB disk when the CPU is at 2.0 GHz.00:54
bluefive60 GB SSD.00:54
SchallaAnd maybe 5 if you run prime95 at the same time00:55
* Schalla shrugs00:55
bluefiveYou think if my disk is encrypted that the NSA is using my Internet connection to snoop my SSD contents?00:55
SchallaYou will never know.00:55
bluefiveI meant un-encrypted00:55
bluefiveThey have that creepy logo with the all-seeing eye at the top of the pyramid.00:56
bluefiveIt makes me think they consider it a goal to know everything.00:56
SchallaGuess what - Thats their goal.00:56
Anthony-Lyou guys are getting pretty superstitious.00:56
SchallaBut knowing whats on your harddrive is pretty boring.00:57
truexfan81i have a friend that a couple years ago got all his servers/computers seized by local law enforcement, he had the linux full disk encryption on all of it, the law enforcement was not able to access it lol00:57
reisiobluefive: right, you just have to compare that to a reinstall's duration00:57
bluefiveSchalla: Not if they consider me intelligent and they want a world of dumb cattle. Intelligence puts a target on yourr head when the regime is communism.00:57
reisiobluefive: only with a little extra, because you'll also have to change some configs by hand00:57
SchallaSELLING: Tin Foil Hat Kit - DIY - $2,3000:59
reisioactually pretty hard to find _tin_ foil, IME01:00
bluefiveSchalla: The point is that more and more people want to encrypt their drives to retain a sense of privacy from a totalitarian global tyranny.01:00
SchallaAnyway, in the entire time you asked questions no one could answer because they are too generic, you could've read up on LUKS and understand it.01:00
mengeleHey fellas. I am having a little bit of an issue here logging into Cinnamon. I keep on getting an error that it has crashed and is now running in fallback mode. Is there a log somewhere that Cinnamon writes to so I can try and fix the issue?01:00
reisiowell now that hardware can make the overhead not noticeable, _why not_01:00
k1lcan we drop that chitchat in here? bluefive i think your "support" questions were all answered alreads01:00
reisioit's not like it'll protect you from many people, but _why not_01:00
Schallamengele: Check ~/.cinnamon/*.log01:01
mengeleSchalla: only log is glasslog, no errors01:02
SchallaIs this Linux Mint or Ubuntu btw?01:04
Schalla^ mengele01:07
mengeleSchalla: I am sorry, just fixed the issue.01:12
SchallaGlad to hear that, no problem. :)01:12
mengeleThank you though =)01:12
MiniFridgeHi, where can I get PHP binaries? I'm a bit new to Ubuntu Server.01:13
squinty!php | MiniFridge01:17
ubottuMiniFridge: PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language. A command-line only version can be installed in Ubuntu with the "php5-cli" package. See also !lamp for integrated server PHP. The Ubuntu server PHP5 guide is found at https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/php5.html01:17
jwitkohey all, I have Cisco UCS blade running ubuntu 14.04.  It is getting stuck during reboot and I'm having a real hard time trouble shooting.  I have checked /var/log/kern.log and dmesg after a power cycle and see nothing suspicious.  I thought for a while it was rpcbind causing issues but after disabling all rpc and iscsi services the reboot still hangs.  Does anyone have any trouble shooting01:17
jwitkoadvice ?  Here is a screen shot of the console during the error:  http://i.imgur.com/rvqWTsX.jpg01:17
MiniFridgethank you squinty!01:17
squintyMiniFridge,  could also do    apt search php | less for any addition php related files in the repo's01:18
MiniFridgeokay, thank you01:18
MiniFridgeSo, what if I need PHP7? I didn't find it in the online repository search.01:19
MiniFridgeI have to go to PHP's website and download it?01:19
bluefiveHow do I tell if I have Ubuntu's disk encryption enabled?01:20
bluefiveCan i type something into the command line to see?01:20
KINgGh0sTI need help with PulseAudio not detecting anything but my HDMI and SPDIF cards but not my analog. My analog card shows up in lspci and in /proc/asound/cards01:22
squintyMiniFridge,  hmmm php7 related files are in 16.04's repo's.   try  apt search php7 | less  in terminal01:22
MiniFridgeIt didn't return anything on my 14.4.04 server01:23
bluefiveAccording to this, the home folderr is un-encrypted when you are logged in.01:24
bluefiveIt's encrypted only when logged out?01:24
bluefiveSo there should be no performance penality. Am I correct?01:24
bluefiveThe article says there IS a performance penalty to home folder encryption.01:25
daftykins14.04.4 is the number ;)01:25
MiniFridgeah, thank you daftykins :P01:25
MiniFridgeYou know. It's with a program. I'm going to try to go see if I can get help with the program specifically. I found another channel on this network for it.01:25
MiniFridgeThanks anyways.01:25
jwitkobluefive, yes if the home directory remained encrypted you would not be able to use it.01:26
jwitkobluefive, the performance penalty is paid when decrypting and encrypting01:26
daftykinswise decision01:26
bluefivejwitko: Doesn't that happen all at once when you log in and log out?01:26
bluefiveIt decrypts the whole thing on login and encrypts on logout?01:26
bluefiveAnd then it's un-encrypted the whole time you're logged in?01:26
k1lbluefive: do you use luks vill disk encryption or only encryptfs home folder encryption=01:27
bluefivek1l: The encryption that is used when you install Ubuntu and it allows you to encrypt the home folder.01:27
bluefiveThere's only one option.01:27
k1lbluefive: no, that is not "just de- and encrypting" on login and logout.01:29
bluefiveIt's more heavy duty than that?01:30
k1lbluefive: it "simulates" an uncrypted home with a tmpfs and still needs to put all the encrytpion through the cpu and disk all the time01:30
jwitkobluefive, Ubuntu uses "eCryptfs" which stores all the data in a directory (this case the home folders) as encrypted data. When a user is logged in that encrypted folder is mounted with second decryption mount (this is a temporary mount that works similar to tmpfs - it's created and run in RAM so the files are never stored in a decrypted state on the HD). The idea is - if your hard drive is01:30
jwitkostolen and the contents read those items aren't able to be read since Linux needs to be running with your authentication to create the successful mount and decryption01:30
k1lbluefive: we could answer your questions all day long. but at the end, your slow cpu is still the bootleneck of encryption at all.01:31
bluefiveSo, what kind of PERFORMANCE hit is there if the processor does't have AES_NI?01:31
bluefiveIs it noticeable?01:31
k1lyes it is01:31
jwitkoso the performance hit is during the constant read/writes going to the disk.01:31
bluefiveWhat if the processor does have AES_NI? Then it's trivial?01:31
jwitkoyes its noticable on older CPUs01:31
k1lif you want encryption dont buy cpus without aes support.01:32
bluefiveLook what he says:01:32
bluefive<catpig> bluefive, just /home shouldnt put much load on the processor, unless you run large wine games installed in ~/.wine (or somewhere else in home), i wouldnt think01:32
jwitkothe only way to truly test the performance hit on your specific setup is to do read/write testing to the encrypted directory and to a non encrypted directory on the same device with the same filesystem type01:32
reisiomerely encrypting /home/ is really just as good 99.99% of the time01:32
RoadRunnerhow to save changes to fstab after editing?01:32
reisiomerely encrypting only specific things in /home/ is really just as good 99.98% of the time01:33
reisioRoadRunner: what editor?01:33
bluefiveFolks, was I booted?01:33
bluefiveI lost my window 100%.01:33
reisiobluefive: yup01:33
k1lbluefive: i kicked you01:33
RoadRunnerreisio: Mousepad01:33
k1lbluefive: last warning for crosspostings.01:33
reisioRoadRunner: probably CTRL+s01:33
jwitko hey all, I have Cisco UCS blade running ubuntu 14.04.  It is getting stuck during reboot and I'm having a real hard time trouble shooting.  I have checked /var/log/kern.log and dmesg after a power cycle and see nothing suspicious.  I thought for a while it was rpcbind causing issues but after disabling all rpc and iscsi services the reboot still hangs.  Does anyone have any trouble shooting01:34
jwitkoadvice ?  Here is a screen shot of the console during the error:  http://i.imgur.com/rvqWTsX.jpg01:34
RoadRunnerreisio: yes but am getting "permission denied"01:34
jwitkoI've also attempted changing the grub.conf "reboot=" flag to acpi, acpi with force enabled, pci, and bios.  None assisted in finishing a reboot01:35
k1lbluefive: if you dont believe us. there are tons of benchmarks and experience writings on the internet about ecryptfs and cpu load and disk performance01:37
reisioRoadRunner: you would've wanted to have opened mousepad as root01:37
reisioRoadRunner: gksudo mousepad01:37
RoadRunnerreisio: could you explain the gksudo command?01:38
reisioRoadRunner: it's worth learning a terminal editor for system maintenance (and also, just because they're better :D)01:38
reisioRoadRunner: gksudo is a G(T)K(+) (GUI) frontend to sudo01:38
reisiosudo is meant to allow specific commands to be run via 'su', originally01:39
reisiothough Ubuntu generally uses it to run anything at all as root01:39
reisioso whereas 'sudo foo' would run 'foo' as root, 'gksudo foo' would run a graphical application 'foo' as root01:39
reisiotldr: that's how it's done by default01:40
RoadRunnerok, just never started mousepad from terminal01:40
reisioRoadRunner: you don't have to start it from terminal, you can run 'gksudo mousepad' from the ordinary launcher01:41
reisioit's easier to do it from a terminal, however01:41
reisio...but, you have every right to use only GUI tools /if you want/ :D01:41
RoadRunnerreisio: tried from terminal and got: The program 'gksudo' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:01:44
RoadRunnersudo apt-get install gksu01:44
soupnanodesukarWhat is up with the latest plasma-desktop update freezing everything?01:45
RoadRunnerreisio: did I miss something?01:45
reisioRoadRunner: that depends on whether or not you typed all that without reading it :D01:45
RoadRunnerreisio: I know my question sounds infantile but I am just asking if gksu is the same as gksudo?01:47
reisioRoadRunner: it's probably that the 'gksudo' executable is provided by the 'gksu' package01:48
reisioI doubt the package manager would be wrong in this regard01:48
reisioto confirm, you could ask apt-file about gksudo01:48
reisioand it'd probably spit out 'gksu' as the package that has it01:48
Anthony-Lsteam keeps looking in the wrong folder for drivers.01:48
reisiothat happens with closed source apps more often01:50
reisiothe cheap way to fix it is with symlinks01:50
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maddawg3uh oh.... i regret that sushi now01:51
maddawg3oh noes01:51
soupnanodesukarAnthony-L: mesa drivers are alright, i once played through almost the entirity of Portal without realizing I had forgotten to install the closed-source drivers. Consider switching to mesa if you're scared of editing system files.01:52
RoadRunnerreisio: thanks :)01:52
daftykinsmaddawg3: unless that sushi is running ubuntu, -offtopic with you ;)01:52
maddawg3i thought that was where i was01:52
Anthony-Lsoup, are mesa drivers the nouveau drivers?01:52
maddawg3the -offtopic is cut off in my client lol01:52
soupnanodesukarAnthony-L: yes, and this was with an nvidia card.01:52
daftykinsmaddawg3: shut up then please01:53
Anthony-Lok, i guess i'll switch back.01:53
KINgGh0sTMy PulseAudio only shows HDMI/SpDif and I can't get Analog Stereo01:53
Anthony-Lthanks soup01:53
ChatUser14how do I make the text larger? I'm on XChat01:53
daftykinsget hexchat01:53
squintysettings -> preferences01:54
Anthony-Lsoup, i just switched to the nouveau drivers. i clicked on Team Fortress 2 on steam and nothing comes up at all.01:57
Anthony-Lsoup, do i need to reboot to change over drivers?01:58
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Anthony-Li guess i'll just reboot and see01:59
=== realdonaldtrump is now known as Elronnd
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bluefiveHow DO I tell if I have encryption enabled for my home folder?02:30
bluefiveI can't remember if I encrypted it or not when I installed the Ubuntu.02:30
Blue1if you can;t read it, it's either not mounted or encrypted -- choose one.02:31
Loshkibluefive: you have better remember the passphrase if it's encrypted02:31
bluefiveLoshki: I use a login password02:32
bluefivebut that does't tell me if I have encryption enabled.02:32
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squintybluefive,  ~/Private   see if that directory exists    https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory02:35
auvajshi, when I run my backup script, it runs as expected, but when I run the same script from crontab, it always can't run because of some script errors, what's the problem?02:53
bluefiveWhen I run Firefox on my Ubuntu when I have HOME DIRECTORY encryption enabled02:56
reisioauvajs: probably the wrong user, or you haven't called it properly, or you're using relative assumptions02:56
bluefiveand I am surfing all around, is my home directory being accessed often?02:56
reisioauvajs: pastebin the script and your crontab entry?02:56
bluefiveI wonder if the encryption is causing significantly more load.02:56
reisiobluefive: yes02:56
reisiobluefive: if you've got aes-ni, probably not _significant_02:56
reisiobut yes02:56
reisio~/.mozilla is used by Firefox constantly02:56
bluefiveI don't have AES-NI. That's the thing.02:56
reisiobluefive: if you haven't noticed yet, then you haven't noticed yet02:56
bluefiveThat explains why the fan was running at high RPM when I was just using Firefox?02:57
reisioput another way: if you haven't experienced a problem... maybe you just don't have one02:57
bluefiveBecause I had home dir encryption enabled and my processor had no AES_NI?02:57
reisiobluefive: umm...02:57
reisiobluefive: I'm sure it is measurably slower, as measured scientifically02:57
reisiobluefive: that doesn't mean, however, it is perceptually slower, as perceived by a human being02:58
bluefivereisio: You don't think that would cause the CPU to run hotter and cause the fan to run at higher RPM?02:58
auvajsreisio: http://pastebin.com/ZB03SXPa my script02:58
bluefivereisio: Remember, CPU in question has no AES-NI. Are you saying that the amount of data involved here isn't of a magnitude where AES-NI would matter?02:59
auvajsreisio: where is crontab file ? can't find it02:59
reisioauvajs: crontab -l or sudo crontab -l03:00
auvajsreisio: 57 3 * * * . $HOME/.profile; /var/www/mediawiki_database_backup/backup03:00
reisiobluefive: again, I'm sure it _will cause_ it to run hotTER03:00
reisiobluefive: but as to exactly how much /more/, I could only speculate, which I will not do :p03:01
bluefiveI wonder if it's significant.03:01
reisiobluefive: most likely Firefox would cause a great deal more load on your system regardless of encryption03:01
reisioweb browsers are beasts03:01
bluefivereisio: Really?03:01
reisiothey're poorly made, and load huge things03:01
reisioyes, really03:01
bluefivereisio: So that itself could explain why the fan was going to such high RPM when I was just using Firefox?03:01
bluefiveEncryption in that scheme is only a mild contributor?03:02
reisioauvajs: it's best not to complicate your crontab entries, if you need to source ~/.profile, do so from within your script, and call the script alone03:02
reisioauvajs: moreover, you need to make sure the script is running as the user you think it's running as, or $HOME won't even work03:02
reisiobluefive: mmm, again, only conjecture, but my guess is Firefox alone is more resource intensive than encryption alone03:02
auvajsreisio: I have no problem running it as root03:02
auvajsreisio: how can I run it as root?03:03
bluefivereisio: Well then, why don't they get Firefox to run more cleanly?03:03
bluefivereisio: Do you suppose a CPU with hyperthreading can better handle Firefox?03:03
reisioauvajs: sure you want to run it as root?03:04
auvajsreisio: I don't care if it works03:05
reisiobluefive: ummmm, theoretically it could, but hyperthreading also has some drawbacks, it being "fake", after all03:05
reisiobluefive: there's not really a cure, besides making better software03:05
reisiobluefive: better hardware breeds sloppier coders, IME03:05
reisioauvajs: ...huh?03:05
bluefivereisio: Drawbacks such as?03:05
auvajsreisio: it's on my vps and all I do there is performed as a root.. also the crontab entry was added as a root.. but somehow it doesn't work03:06
reisiobluefive: well they're pretend extra cores, they're not real03:06
auvajsbluefive: the script runs from shell but not from cron03:06
bluefivereisio: Yes, but how does that translate into real-world drawbacks vs a CPU without HTT?03:06
benitollhi there, is there a daily without desktop that can live boot? ubuntu-server rescue mode doesn't work for what I need and the lightest the better for my purpose (remote ISO boot with IPMI)03:06
auvajsI mean reisio03:06
reisioauvajs: try just '57 3 * * * /var/www/mediawiki_database_backup_backup'03:07
reisioauvajs: if you need to source ~/.profile, do it from within the script03:07
reisiobenitoll: and once you've booted, what will you be doing?03:07
bluefiveI imagine HTT is quite a nice boost when running a browser like Firefox.03:08
benitollbasically chrooting to a root-on-ZFS to repair a "haunted" GRUB03:08
bluefiveFirefox browsing has so many things happening at once.03:08
bluefiveSurely HTT makes things snappier.03:08
reisiobluefive: I'm sure it's /meant to/03:08
bluefivereisio: You don't believe it?03:09
reisioI don't need to believe it, it's irrelevant to me03:09
auvajsreisio: http://pastebin.com/7LcXEL1E this is the output of the cron job03:09
bluefiveIrrelevant why??03:09
auvajsreisio: but when I run the script from shell it runs without a problem03:10
auvajsreisio: I removed sourcing the profile from crontab03:10
reisiobecause I don't operate under the idea that hardware pretending to be more than it is will help Firefox not be poorly programmed03:10
reisioauvajs: you got a hashbang?03:10
reisioauvajs: ah, you don't03:10
reisioauvajs: it's probably using dash and not bash03:11
reisioauvajs: try making the first line: #!/bin/bash03:11
auvajsreisio: yees, finally it works now03:13
auvajsreisio: tnx a lot :)03:13
reisioauvajs: gj :)03:14
benitollreisio: any idea on what ISO could I use for that or you were just curious?03:17
benitolllatest daily kubuntu-desktop have been a charm but it's like 15 minutes each boot03:17
reisiobenitoll: yeah... I'd probably use a sysresccd copy03:18
bluefive"because I don't operate under the idea that hardware pretending to be more than it is will help Firefox not be poorly programmed"03:18
bluefiveWhat makes you think Firefox is poorly programmed?03:18
benitollyeah I'd too but the server has a 10g card and sysresccd doesn't have the drivers03:18
bluefiveAnd do you not agree that HTT should perform better than NO HTT in terms of Firefox browsing?03:18
bluefiveIMO the talent pool that has worked on Firefox for the past 12 years has been quite phenomenal.03:19
reisiobenitoll: http://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/funtoo/distfiles/sysresccd/sysresccd-4.7.0_zfs_0.6.5.4.iso03:19
reisiobluefive: well, I've seen its source, among other things03:19
benitollyes I know I've used that for my other server were the same happened but this one has a 10g nic and it doesn't include the drivers, tried to install them by creating an iso but they can't be compiled because something about the kernel modules that's beyond my knowledge03:20
bluefivereisio: Its source is messy?03:20
bluefiveIt's not prime coding?03:20
xanguaNo software is perfect03:21
reisiobluefive: it really, really is not prime coding03:21
reisioxangua: 'cept for tex :p03:21
xanguaBut if you want to discuss Firefox code, maybe try another channel? bluefive03:21
xangua! Ot03:21
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:21
bluefiveWell then - have you seen the Ubuntu source and is IT prime coding?03:22
xangua"The Ubuntu source"?03:22
bluefivexangua: Yes.03:24
bluefivexangua: Have you seen the source code for Ubuntu?03:24
xanguabluefive: do you have an Ubuntu support question?03:25
mengeleSchmiel: Im baack =P03:25
mengele Anybody good with gtkpod? I cant seem to figure out how to get it to see my ipod. The other strange thing is when I plug in my ipod it wont get automounted but yet when I plug in any other device, it gets mounted.03:25
xanguamengele: by iPod you mean iOS device?03:25
=== laborer is now known as labrador
mengelexangua: By iPod I mean my iPod classic - yes and iPod device.03:26
mengeleDmesg sees it, it gets put to /dev/sdf03:26
mengeleIt seems nothing else can see it though =/03:27
MneuroDoes anyone know how to fix a slight overscan on Ubuntu 15.10 with an nvidia gpu03:29
Mneuroi get an overscan of just a couple pixels03:29
=== MarioW is now known as MarioWaza
=== Sprockt is now known as Sprocks
mengeleSweet, netsplit03:30
=== chu_ is now known as chu
wafflejockMneuro: think nvidia-settings has options for configuring overscan adjustments03:33
=== __raven_ is now known as __raven
Mneurowafflejock, it's strange that this only happens on linux and not on windows03:34
wafflejockdon't know if that applies to all nvidia drivers though or just proprietary or just open source I forget which ones I last installed03:34
wafflejockMneuro: eh totally different systems and drivers and all so not too weird ;)03:34
benjidasshi community, i am having a little issue (within a much bigger issue that I will spare you).  I am trying to blacklist drivers that I believe are getting in the way of other hardware working. So i am adding to the bottom of  /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf  lines such as "blacklist xhci_hcd".  However after restarting the computer I run "lspci -vv" and I still see the driver in use.  What am I doing wrong?03:54
benjidassCrispy_Ogre: hi03:55
Crispy_Ogreits my first time on irc03:55
=== The_Doctor is now known as Adran
Crispy_Ogrewhat cliet should i use?03:56
benjidassCrispy_Ogre: Saturday or Sunday was my first time.  Any idea how to blacklist drivers?03:56
benjidassCrispy_Ogre: I am using xchat bc it came with my install.  it seems to work well, and its easy to figure out.03:56
Crispy_Ogrewell my friend told me to use weechat so i dont need a gui03:57
Blue1try irssi03:57
Crispy_OgreBlue1: i did but did not like the layout03:57
Crispy_Ogreany one else using openbox?03:58
Blue1Crispy:  That was the first client I used, back in the early 90's when it was called ircii i think03:59
benjidassso no one here knows why blacklisted drivers are still being used by my system?04:00
Crispy_Ogreso uh what usually goes on around here?04:00
r2me2benjidass:what output do you get with lsmod04:03
=== blurpeace is now known as comets
=== __raven_ is now known as __raven
R13ose How come xfce4 desktop notifications don't do anything when I click show?04:04
=== vincent__ is now known as Guest4604
=== comets is now known as blurpeace
bluefiveHey guys04:04
Blue1sorry running kubuntu here.04:04
Crispy_Ogreim playing around with formating can someone pls talk twice04:05
squintycrispy_ogres taste great!04:06
squintycrispy_ogres taste great!04:06
Crispy_Ogresquinty: shit there was a break in between do u mind doing that again?04:06
=== it is now known as Guest1923
squintyCrispy_Ogre,  family channel   naughty words are discouraged04:10
squintyCrispy_Ogre,  family channel   naughty words are discouraged04:10
Crispy_Ogresquinty: k thx so much04:10
benjidassr2me2: i see some but at least not all of the drivers I have blacklisted04:21
benjidassr2me2: would it be more helpful if I pastebin the output for you?04:23
Anthony-LSteamUpdateUI: An X Error occurred04:33
Anthony-LX Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)04:33
Anthony-Lhaving trouble with drivers, i think. i can't seem to load up the steam app.04:33
boris2015hi anyone knows a fast lightweight browser for raspberry pi?04:35
Anthony-Lboris, strawberry shortcake...04:35
Anthony-Lhaha. it's a joke.04:36
Anthony-Ltough crowd...04:36
dengxinjunI have a ques....04:38
dengxinjunWho can help me04:38
Anthony-Li've been told, you're suppose to ask your question right away.04:38
boris2015dengxinjun: what is that question?04:42
dengxinjunMy wine couldn't find QQ Starting item After I had installed QQ04:42
somsip!appdb | dengxinjun (but maybe a qq linux client would be better)04:43
ubottudengxinjun (but maybe a qq linux client would be better): The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help04:43
somsipdengxinjun: also, http://askubuntu.com/questions/540875/how-to-install-qq-on-ubuntu-14-0404:44
somsipdengxinjun: finally, http://wiki.ubuntu.org.cn/QQ04:45
Anthony-LSteamUpdateUI: An X Error occurred04:48
Anthony-LX Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)04:48
Anthony-Lneed help with this error, trying to open the steam app04:48
somsipAnthony-L: try http://askubuntu.com/questions/617358/problem-starting-steam-on-ubuntu-15-04-64-bit and https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steam-for-linux/issues/382004:49
SkepticalParrotAnybody know of software that allows me to keep track of appointments and stuff like that?04:56
Anthony-Lyea, go to office depot and buy a planner.04:57
Anthony-Li'm on a roll tonight.04:58
Spideryou're running a PC off of steam?04:59
Spiderno wonder it won't work thats like 1600;s technology05:00
Anthony-Lrunning steam off a pc.05:00
Spidernow i am confused05:01
Spiderthat thing must be hot05:01
Anthony-Li like that one.05:01
Anthony-Lbe careful spider, it's a tough crowd in here.05:01
=== koneko is now known as Guest66373
Spideri know i feel the love all over my body05:02
Spiderso whats the problem with that steaming pile?05:02
Spiderseriously maybe i can help05:02
Anthony-Li fixed it.05:03
Spideroh nice05:03
Spiderwell congratulations05:03
Anthony-Lyea, i haven't loaded a game yet, so i have my fingers crossed.05:03
=== adam1 is now known as Crispy_Ogre
Crispy_OgreSpider: bored05:04
Spideryes me too05:04
=== ToneKnee_ is now known as ToneKnee
Spiderall i have to say is ubuntu mate on the pi is pretty nice05:05
Crispy_OgreSpider: What De/Wm do you use05:05
Spiderall of them05:05
Crispy_Ogrewhat do u use mainly05:05
Spiderseriously i have used about every one except maybe LMDE05:05
Crispy_Ogreive only used xfce gnome and right now im using openbox05:06
somsipCrispy_Ogre: what's your real support question?05:06
Spideri use cinnamon, mate, lxde, xfce05:06
Spidergnome cant forget that one05:06
Spideri have yet to settle down and cuddle with one exclusively05:07
Crispy_Ogresomsip: im just testing this new irc client05:07
Crispy_Ogretrying to see if i like it05:07
somsipCrispy_Ogre: ok - but can you take the non-suport chat to #ubuntu-offtopic or PM please. Here is not the place05:07
somsipCrispy_Ogre: thanks05:07
zeiothI'm having an error running the command "sudo do-release-upgrade -d"05:11
zeiothi recieve "http://es.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/xenial/main/i18n/Translation-en Has sum mismatch"05:11
somsipzeioth: http://askubuntu.com/questions/41605/trouble-downloading-packages-list-due-to-a-hash-sum-mismatch-error05:12
ngaiosomsip, that's a fine set of info :-)05:15
zeiothsomsip, works like a charm, thank you so much05:15
somsipzeioth: np05:16
JasmineTCan anyone help me?05:25
somsipJasmineT: just ask your question05:26
JasmineTBut it's related to Windows05:26
somsipJasmineT: ask in ##windows then05:26
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
JasmineTThey're not helping05:27
somsipJasmineT: nore will we :)05:27
somsipJasmineT: this is an ubuntu support channel. You really need to ask where your question belongs05:27
JasmineTI installed  .net 1 in my pc and the icon size has changed05:28
somsipJasmineT: this is still about Windows isn't it...?05:28
JasmineTIf you know how tell me please05:29
somsipJasmineT: I'm going to ignore you now, so I won't see what you type.05:29
JasmineTWho cares about you lol05:29
dax... so they went to #ubuntu-mate05:32
daxsome people confuse me a lot.05:32
teskklkeI'm on ubuntu 14.04 trying to install thinkorswim (a java program) and am getting the error Unrecognized VM option 'MetaspaceSize=128m' Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.05:37
teskklkeIt doesn't feel like a detailed error, but maybe that's enough to know what's going on05:38
somsipteskklke: someone might have an idea, but it's not supported so you might be better off with https://www.thinkorswim.com/t/contact.html05:38
Anthony-Lwow, i just loaded up team fortress 2 and was getting 2 frames per second using the nouveau drivers.05:39
Anthony-Lwhat is the problem here...05:39
somsipteskklke: but common advice seems to be to make sure you have the right version of JDK installed, or to remove the line XX:MaxPermSize=256m from the vmoptions http://askubuntu.com/questions/624199/problem-with-java-while-trying-to-run-pycharm-community-4-505:40
sebastianhello niggers05:41
Anthony-Li'm using the nouveau drivers and it's not turning out so great.05:43
Anthony-Li'm on ubuntu and using an nvidia gtx 970. i tried playing team fortress 2 and was getting like 2 frames per second.05:43
baizonAnthony-L: no its not with linux and nvidia, use the proprietary drivers05:43
bbqthis is a secure chat program?05:44
baizonAnthony-L: only intel and amd got good open source drivers, nvidia doesnt support open source drivers, so you have to use the closed source05:44
somsip!cloak | bbq (not by default)05:44
ubottubbq (not by default): To get any kind of cloak (Ubuntu member or any other kind) you first need to set up your nick as detailed in this FAQ: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup -  For Ubuntu member cloaks, ask in #ubuntu-irc and provide your launchpad page. For unaffiliated ones, ask in #freenode.05:44
baizonbbq: yes?05:44
styleshey guys, I was upgrading my sytem from 14.01 to 15.10 last night and everything was going smoothly.. until Configuring x11-xkb-utils (amd64) - it just froze there. It's not upgrading. I left it on while at work with the hopes that it would finish.. nothing05:44
Anthony-Lbaizon, i'll try proprietary, but i was having bugs with those too. my steam would randomly close just being in the UI.05:44
baizonAnthony-L: try the PPA, it has the latest nvidia drivers05:45
bbqjust checking05:46
baizonAnthony-L: https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa05:46
bbqwould this be a good place to meet someone to be an anonymous whistleblower?05:47
Anthony-Lit says, i should be experienced with the packaging. i'm not...05:47
somsip!alis | bbq (search)05:48
ubottubbq (search): alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http05:48
Anthony-LCould not find required OpenGL entry point 'glGetError'! Either your video card is unsupported, or your OpenGL driver needs to be updated.05:53
Anthony-Lkeep getting this error, using proprietary drivers and trying to play a game.05:53
somsipAnthony-L: I know you're new to ubuntu, but do you try to do any sort of research for yourself? It is going to help you in the long run.05:54
bbqthat's what he is doing05:54
=== sins-_s is now known as sins-
Anthony-Lsomsip, i do. i try the answer on askubuntu. they are all outdated and indecisive.05:55
bbqwhat kind of card is it?05:55
Anthony-Lnvidia gtx 97005:55
somsipAnthony-L: fair enough. it's just coming across that you do something and just post the error on here. I'm happy to apologise if I came across as terse05:55
Anthony-Li think the major problems i'm having is my machine is just too new for ubuntu.05:55
Anthony-Li should just bite the bullet and go back to windows.05:55
bbqgo to the nvidia website and look for drivers maybe?05:55
bbqhow new is your computer anthony?05:56
Anthony-Lbbq, i'm using the proprietary drivers. isn't that the same thing?05:56
daxinstalling drivers from nvidia's website isn't supported here.05:56
bbqi had the same problem around 5 years ago when I got a brand newmsi gaming computer05:56
baizonAnthony-L: i gave you the "best solution". the open source drivers are bad especially when it comes to new hardware05:56
daxAnthony-L: yes05:56
Anthony-Lbbq, my pc is maybe like a year old.05:56
bbqwell, in my experience, the proprietary drivers you download through ubuntu never work properly05:56
baizonbbq: there is a nvidia ppa with which you get a 1 click solution, so why bother with building drivers05:56
bbqI would manually download them from the nvidia website05:57
Anthony-Li'll try the ones from the website, i suppose.05:57
bbqand try installing the .deb packages05:57
somsipbbq: that's not good advice05:57
daxAnthony-L: i wouldn't recommend it05:57
bbqthanks for the constructive criticism guys!05:57
baizonbbq: why do you want to break hes system?05:57
somsipAnthony-L: what version of the nvidia drivers are you using?05:57
Anthony-LOK! you see what i mean, i can never get a straight answer.05:57
baizonbbq: there is a official nvidia drivers ppa you know05:57
bbqit's the only thing that worked on my computer when I had a fancy gpu05:57
baizonAnthony-L: i gave you the straight answer05:58
daxAnthony-L: it's a pretty straight answer when everyone in the channel except for one person is saying the same thing05:58
bbqi guess i'm just totally wrong, forgive me for trying to help05:58
daxso, Mr. Deez, how did you come to be in here?05:58
somsipAnthony-L: you have to learn to discern. Hence doing more research yourself and finding what advice seems to be best for you05:58
bbqgood luck anthony05:59
bbqsorry i gave you advice05:59
baizonbbq: no, you give wrong advices, on nvidia.com there are no .deb packages, just a .run binary that installs the drivers into the system05:59
bbqi just told him to look at the website05:59
Anthony-Li've been doing research for the past two weeks. the community needs to go on the website and clean up the darn forums. they are so outdated and all over the place.05:59
baizonbbq: therefore you have a nvidia ppa which is stable and the perfect solution06:00
bbqhow do you know that the nvidia ppa won't break his system?06:00
bbqadding it could add drivers that are stable, but not on his computer06:00
baizonAnthony-L: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2015/08/ubuntu-nvidia-graphics-drivers-ppa-is-ready-for-action06:00
Anthony-Lfor a new ubuntu user, those forums don't help anything. they expect everyone to know the CLI already. if they're going to give an answer they should be more specific.06:00
bbqeither way, i think adding the ppa is a good idea06:01
baizonbbq: everything can break the system, but the ppa got the least possibility06:01
bbqhow can you say that for sure?06:01
bbqi'm curious06:01
baizonAnthony-L: terminal and pasting 2 commands is hard?06:01
bbqhe never said anything is hard, don't put words in his mouth06:01
baizonbbq: because ppas are ubuntu specific, and they also have bug reports, and are tested06:01
bbqok, i agree with that06:02
nvizsearch software and updates -> additional drivers -> ?06:02
bbqhonestly anthony, what baizon is saying about adding the stable nvidia ppa is better than downloading the binary from the nvidia website06:02
Anthony-Lbaizon, you do know the proprietary drivers are nvidia-661?06:03
bbqusually in my experience, the additional drivers installation from the ubuntu software program just breaks the system.06:03
bbqi have never had it work06:03
bbqfor both nvidia andati cards06:03
Anthony-Land this one is for nvidia-35506:03
baizonAnthony-L: the ppa offers nvidia-graphics-drivers-36106:03
Anthony-Lsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install nvidia-35506:03
Anthony-Lwon't that install 355?06:04
baizonAnthony-L: yes it will06:04
Anthony-Lwell then, outdated.06:04
Anthony-Lthe proprietary is 36106:04
Anthony-Lunless i'm not understanding something..06:04
Anthony-Lbut i'm pretty sure 361 comes after 355...06:05
baizonAnthony-L: yes they are, thats why i pointed at the ppa, there you get the newest ones06:05
Anthony-Lhe following packages have unmet dependencies:06:05
Anthony-L nvidia-355 : Depends: xorg-video-abi-11 but it is not installable or06:05
Anthony-L                       xorg-video-abi-12 but it is not installable or06:05
Anthony-L                       xorg-video-abi-13 but it is not installable or06:05
Anthony-L                       xorg-video-abi-14 but it is not installable or06:05
Anthony-L                       xorg-video-abi-15 but it is not installable or06:05
baizon!paste | Anthony-L06:06
ubottuAnthony-L: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:06
tesakeeI did a fresh install of ubuntu yesterday wiping the drive, and now have only installed google chrome. My OS freezes and forces a restart, probably about 6 times in the last day. Is there a known issue I can read up on about this?06:06
baizontesakee: which version?06:06
=== screedoz is now known as screedo
baizontesakee: harwarde?06:06
baizontesakee: hardware?06:06
Anthony-Lmaybe, you guys don't understand my situation. Steam is looking for openGL in the WRONG folder.06:07
Anthony-Lyou guys just don't listen to my question and are fast at giving answers.06:08
somsipAnthony-L: do you want to install a stable version of the nvidia drivers?06:08
tesakeeIs there a way to auto detect from within the OS? It's a gigabyte motherboard gigabyte ga-z77x-ud5h06:08
Anthony-Lhaha, are you seriously going to say a "stable" version when they are all garbage?06:08
Anthony-Li've tried every driver and installed every PPA.06:09
nvizis linux known for gaming?06:09
somsipAnthony-L: I really dont care about arguing the toss with you. My system is fine. You're asking for help. Be civil or get ignored06:09
daxnviz: no06:09
Anthony-Lsame problems, if not when i try a different driver it's a whole new set of problems.06:09
baizonnviz: gaming is working for me :)06:09
Anthony-Lsomsip, i'm sry. just really frustrated.06:09
baizontesakee: graphics card and cpu is important06:09
somsipAnthony-L: the launchpad PPA page states that they are using nvidia's long-term stabel branch. Not bleeding edge06:09
Anthony-Li'm pretty sure steam is looking for openGL in the wrong folder.06:09
nvizso if i was having an issue with drivers to game on linux best / easiest solution would be to use windows?06:09
baizonAnthony-L: you get a steam error?06:10
daxassuming you consider setting up Windows to be easy06:10
Anthony-Lugh, that's the first thing i copy/pasted in my question....06:10
somsipdax: OT and not helpful reference to windows...06:10
nvizso Anthony-L you've answered all your own questions06:10
daxsomsip: would you prefer that i lie?06:10
Anthony-LCould not find required OpenGL entry point 'glGetError'! Either your video card is unsupported, or your OpenGL driver needs to be updated.06:10
Anthony-Land i'm updated...ready to go, baby06:11
somsipdax: no need to get personal about someone's beliefs. Help them or don't. Thats all06:11
daxsomsip: I didn't get personal about anybody's beliefs. They asked a question, and I answered it.06:11
tesakeenvidia geforce gtx 950 and intel i506:11
baizontesakee: which graphic drivers?06:11
tesakeeubuntu says Gallium 0.4 on NVE6 under about this computer06:12
jairhello all...06:12
jairI am interested in running open stack in ubuntu06:12
baizontesakee: try the nvidia closed source drivers, that should help06:12
jairbut I want to keep it the simple as possible and I am noticing that canonical is wanting for me to install MAAS, JUJU, and other things just to get openstack running in my machines for testing06:13
jairI am really dissapointed as how so many people jump desperated to try to owe openstack, mirantis, redhat, canonical, and they all want to offer the installation of OpenStack using other things for deployment :(06:14
jairwhy not keep it simple06:14
baizon!offtopic | jair06:15
ubottujair: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:15
Anthony-LCould not find required OpenGL entry point 'glGetError'! Either your video card is unsupported, or your OpenGL driver needs to be updated.06:16
Anthony-Ldrivers are up to date, dont even think about asking me.06:17
Anthony-Lthey should make a ubuntu gaming IRC06:18
Anthony-Lfor troubleshooting06:18
baizonAnthony-L: locate libGL then and make a link to /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu06:18
Anthony-Lbaizon, i already know where you're going. that's for radeon drivers with open gl problems.06:18
miilleniumhelp guys06:19
miilleniumwhy i can't turn off monitor mode06:20
baizonAnthony-L: http://steamcommunity.com/app/221410/discussions/1/882966056488160497/?l=english#c84693907144227855906:21
daxia32-libs doesn't exist any more, instructions need changing for multiarch06:22
daxalso, they advocate installing nvidia drivers from nvidia's website, which no06:22
Anthony-Lbaizon, you do realize that's a 3 year old post?06:23
daxAnthony-L: 64-bit Ubuntu install?06:23
dax'cause i get the distinct impression that you're missing the 32-bit of some nvidia mesa/opengl library, but i know pretty much nothing about nvidia's packaging06:23
dax(i only have ati and intel stuff >.>)06:24
Anthony-Li wish i had ati and intel stuff now. :(06:24
baizondax: no, thats known from bugs from steam, because it uses its own libs, so they mostly have to be removed and replaced with the system ones06:24
daxso... if you can figure out which one, it'd be installed with apt-get install whatever:i386, but that's not helpful if you don't know what the "whatever" is06:24
daxbaizon: okay. where are instructions for fixing it that work?06:24
Anthony-Li really appreciate you guys trying. i've been to all these sites also.06:25
Anthony-Li really don't want to go back to Windows either.06:26
baizondax: replacing the libs in the steam folder with the system ones. I posted a solution already06:26
nvizdual boot is where its at06:26
manish_can ubuntu create a hotspot as windows does ?06:26
miilleniumlittle help, guys?06:27
baizonAnthony-L & dax this is the valve solution https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steam-for-linux/issues/380806:27
miilleniumdoes anyone know how to disable monitor mode06:27
reisiomonitor mode?06:27
drekiMonitor mode?06:27
somsipmiillenium: you mean on a network card?06:27
nvizsudo ifconfig wlanXXX down06:28
somsipmiillenium: https://sandilands.info/sgordon/capturing-wifi-in-monitor-mode-with-iw under "Returning to Managed Mode" (possibly - I have no idea)06:28
nvizwhatever yours is named or configured as06:29
reisiostrong booze06:29
miilleniumok thx06:29
nviziwconfig to find out06:29
hateballAnthony-L: what seems to be the problem? I am using nvidia (on 361.28) with no issues06:29
Anthony-Lhateball, do you use steam?06:29
hateballAnthony-L: Yes.06:29
Anthony-Lwell, then god loves you.06:30
hateballAnthony-L: I didnt see the start of the conversation06:30
hateballAnthony-L: Is the problem launching steam, or launching games?06:30
baizonhateball: this bug https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steam-for-linux/issues/380806:30
somsiphateball: it maybe best to start with no preconceptions...06:30
Anthony-Llaunching games06:30
hateballAnthony-L: valve games like TF2 and Dota?06:31
Anthony-Li can't even find the file to delete.06:31
jerwareWhy is eth0 running at only 100Mbs when it can run at 1000Mbs?  http://codepad.org/H7l4JbYY06:31
Anthony-Ltf2 actually. :)06:32
Anthony-Lthat was my test run06:32
hateballAnthony-L: well then I have a good guess06:32
nvizjerware, only as fast as your slowest network component06:32
hateballAnthony-L: Rightclick the game, go into properties. Click the launch parameters thing, set it to be "__GLVND_DISALLOW_PATCHING=1 %command%" without the ""06:32
Anthony-Lhateball, i have to do this for every game i play??!?!?06:33
hateballAnthony-L: Nope, it can be set globally06:33
nvizjerware, your eth0 might be 1gb but that doesnt mean the cable, router, switch, or hub are 1gb capable06:33
=== dax is now known as daxcat
somsipAnthony-L: we did this days ago...remember the .profile changes with nano????06:33
hateballsomsip: oh, I remember this now06:33
somsipAnthony-L: now I know where I remember you from :-/06:33
Anthony-Lsomsip, i had to reinstall ubuntu. what a surprise! reinstalling this OS for the millionth time.06:34
somsipAnthony-L: do you remember any advice you've been given? No - forget it. Into the ignore file you go.06:34
Anthony-Lwhich means, when i reinstall, as a new ubuntu user, i have to relearn everything all over again.06:34
hateballAnthony-L: well, export __GLVND_DISALLOW_PATCHING=1 in your ~/.profile again then06:34
Anthony-Lthanks hateball.06:35
hateballAnthony-L: You might want to take notes somewhere that doesnt get destroyed when you format your machine06:35
Anthony-Li really am sorry. once i think i'm smooth sailing...my machine doesn't start back up again. i literally get the purple screen of death.06:36
somsiphateball: Anthony-L: this might help - http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/03/07/%23ubuntu.txt06:36
miilleniumit wont work06:36
miilleniumsudo ifconfig wlanx down06:37
nvizmiillenium, i should have warned you it will end your connection06:37
miilleniumdo you know why?06:37
nvizdo you see it listed?06:37
miilleniumi must restart computer06:37
jerwarenviz: thank you  I didn't think ethernet negotiates speeds on both ends06:37
nvizmiillenium, run ifconfig an see whats listed06:38
miilleniumi did06:38
miilleniumeth, lo, wlan06:38
nvizjerware, yep it will only be as fast as the slowest part. had the issue last week. had to re wire everything in my house with cat6 and swap nic's :|06:39
nvizmiillenium, wlan what?06:39
Anthony-Lsomsip, thanks for your help.06:39
Anthony-Lyou too hateball06:39
nvizmiillenium, sudo iwconfig wlan0 mode managed06:39
Anthony-Lit works!06:40
nvizmiillenium, sudo ifconfig wlan0 down06:40
Anthony-Li didn't set it globally.06:40
hateballAnthony-L: No problem, just take notes or remember for the next time ;)06:40
Anthony-Li just did the game.06:40
nvizmiillenium, sudo ifconfig wlan0 mode managed06:40
Anthony-Li don't remember how to set it globally.06:40
nvizmiillenium, ifconfig wlan0 up (if you want to use wireless again)06:40
Anthony-Lhateball, where did find __GLVND_DISALLOW_PATCHING=1 %command% online?06:40
miilleniumlets try :D06:40
nvizsee you in a few :P06:41
hateballAnthony-L: Hmm?06:41
Anthony-Lhateball, like how does a person of your intelligence figure this out?06:43
hateballAnthony-L: Google-fu06:43
Anthony-Li guess it set itself globally, all the other games are working.06:45
hateballAnthony-L: Only certain games are affected, see https://www.reddit.com/r/linux_gaming/comments/45a3ri/clearing_up_the_confusion_around_the_36128_nvidia/06:51
mcsmilesHey guys, what's goin on?06:52
hateballAnthony-L: It's mostly Valves games that put __GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATIONS=1 in the launcher scripts, so those will break06:52
Anthony-Lomg! they're talking about the steam crash.06:52
Anthony-Li was having that issue with this driver too.06:53
miilleniumhere i am...afret restarting pc...again06:53
Anthony-Li bookmarked that hateball.06:53
Anthony-Lwelcome to the club millenium, i'm terrified to restart. haha06:55
Anthony-Lmy comps been on for like a week.06:55
nvizmiillenium, didnt work?06:56
hateballAnthony-L: Why are you afraid to restart? In any case wouldnt you rather have/fix breakage now than in 6 months and lose all your data?06:57
miilleniumwlan0 wasnt there when i typed ifconfig, and after i did what you said it showed but i couldnt use internet06:57
miilleniumsorry for bad english06:57
Anthony-Lhateball, i dont really have data. this machine didn't matter 20 yrs ago. it still doesn't matter. :P06:57
TMLdoes us-west-2.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com resolve for anyone right now?06:59
somsipTML: this can be useful http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/07:00
TMLsomsip: That isn't useful here07:00
somsipTML: you want to see if it's reachable from EC2 instances?07:00
TMLsomsip: I want to see if the DNS resolves.07:00
hateballTML: It does not07:00
somsipTML: fair enough07:00
TMLI'm asking a DNS question - isup.me doesn't distinguish DNS outage from site outage.07:00
Anthony-Lhateball, thanks for the help! it's game time!07:01
TMLit resolved just fine less than an hour ago07:01
TMLsomething fishy going on with DNS07:01
jairhello there07:10
pezet91hello :]07:10
pezet91I installed ubuntu from usb, and i don't have grub now :/ does anyone know what is wrong?07:12
jairhave anyone installed successfully openstack in ubuntu?07:12
jairpezet91: you don't have grub?07:12
jairpezet91: during the installation process you are asked where to install grub, do you remember that?07:12
pezet91i have grub, but grub does not show up at the start07:13
jairahhh because it all boot really fast correct?07:13
pezet91I used to use this guide: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows07:13
jairpezet91: but are you getting the login prompt etc?07:14
jairpezet91: after the installation completed?07:14
jairthere are different ways to do that to change the splash07:14
jairyou want to see grub booting like in normal debian versions or like redhat for example07:14
pezet91i want to see grub, because i need start ubuntu with other kernel07:15
pezet91jair can You help me?07:16
jairpezet91: http://askubuntu.com/questions/87409/i-cant-get-grub-menu-to-show-up-during-boot07:16
jairpezet91: log in to your ubuntu and edit the file as show in this documentation07:17
jairpezet91: clear enough?07:18
pezet91ok, I check this solution07:18
pezet91wait ;)07:18
miilleniumdoes anyone know how to dusable monitor mode07:18
pezet91where is a grub config file?07:18
reisiopezet91: what are you up to?07:19
reisioanay_kh: hey07:19
pezet91i cant see grub during start system07:21
pezet91jair help me ;)07:21
jairpezet91: are you reading the link I sent you?07:22
pezet91yes, wait :] i must to reboot server07:23
jairpezet91: /etc/default/grub07:23
jairpezet91: all the instructions are very easy to follow and very clear07:23
Kartagishow can I make a contribution to individual files?07:27
Kartagiss/make\ contribution/contribute07:27
somsip!contribute | Kartagis07:33
ubottuKartagis: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu07:33
ABC-XYZHi, is hotplugging ESATA drives supported out of the box just by GUI means?07:35
ABC-XYZor do I need to do something like echo 1 > /sys/block/sda/device/delete manually?07:36
AxyHey all07:37
Axyis 16.04 stable enough?07:37
jimABC-XYZ, mounting is still a root-only operation (unless you have special stuff in /etc/fstab)07:37
AxyI was planning to download it http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases/16.04/beta-1/source/07:37
Axyalso which one should I be downloading07:37
jairpezet91: were you able to get grub?07:38
jimAxy, are you already running ubuntu? (if so, you could probably upgrade)07:38
Axyjim no07:38
AxyI'm going to set it up to an old macbook07:38
Axyfrom 200907:38
AxyI'm leaving home in a few minuts to get myself a new hd07:38
Axyso yeah07:38
jimoh ok...07:38
Axyjim, is it a good release ? should I use it?07:38
Axyor 14.04? or 15.10 ?07:38
Axywhich one should I be setting up07:39
jimI'm not actually familiar with it07:39
pezet91jair, it works :] thanks :)07:39
jairpezet91: excellent07:39
jimit's probably fine07:39
el_toroHi there. I'm in a bit of a pickle regarding setting up MySQL server. I'm connected via ssh and cant set it up as I don't get the "graphical" screen. Is there a way to configure via terminal?07:40
AxyHey all07:41
Axywhich 16.04 should I be downloading ?07:41
ABC-XYZI wonder if unmounting the volumes on an ESATA drive is enough to just safely remove it?07:41
somsip!16.04 | Axy07:42
ubottuAxy: Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) will be the 24th release of Ubuntu. Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1479 - Discussion in #ubuntu+107:42
Axysomsip, how does it answer my qustion07:42
somsipAxy: it doesn't. It tells you that 16.04 is discussed in #ubuntu+107:42
Axyhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases/16.04/beta-1/source/ --- which one should I be downloading07:42
Axyout of 4 images07:42
Axy(what's the difference)07:42
IdleOneAxy: none.07:43
IdleOneAxy: for more info on 16.04 please join #ubuntu+1 as it is still beta and not supported in this channel yet07:44
AxyIdleOne, I did07:44
Axythe channel seems inactive07:44
IdleOnequiet now. be patient07:45
kukurrout of topic -- but does anybody happens to know a good C programming channel07:50
somsip!alis | kukurr (but ##c IIRC)07:50
ubottukukurr (but ##c IIRC): alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http07:50
kukurrubottu , somsip thnx07:53
Nicholas1does linux rely on windows drivers?08:04
=== EriC^^ is now known as explosive
ouroumovNicholas1, no08:05
ThordinorWhen does the new ubuntu version come out ?08:05
ouroumovEnd of April08:05
ubottuUbuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) will be the 24th release of Ubuntu. Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1479 - Discussion in #ubuntu+108:05
Nicholas1 ouroumov after formatting my windows 7 installation. ubuntu failed to connect to the internet08:06
hateballNicholas1: Wireless or wired?08:06
yoggHow can I change the "/usr/lib/jvm/default-java" link to the version I need (I can do it manualy but maybe I shoud use a tool here)? update-alternatives does not change the default-java link08:06
hateballNicholas1: Some wifi chipsets require you to enable firmware that cant be enabled during install for license reasons08:07
Nicholas1why so?08:07
Nicholas1prior to the reformatting   it used to work like normal08:07
Nicholas1also the sound is not working ?08:07
Nicholas1i am wondering if linux somehow use (thorugh some bypass) windows drivers?08:08
explosiveNicholas1: no way08:08
hateballThere is the exception of wrapping wifi drivers, but generally no08:09
Nicholas1hateball its a 3g modem08:09
hateballNicholas1: Right, so you have no other means of connecting to the internet?08:09
Nicholas1explosive but just before the reformatting everything was working like normal?08:10
explosiveNicholas1: it's a coincidence08:10
Nicholas1the moment i formatted windows 7 . the changes reflected in ubuntu too08:10
Nicholas1i am confused08:10
explosiveubuntu won't even mount the windows partition08:11
Nicholas1u sure linux has no relation with windows drivers explosive ?08:11
explosiveyes, 100%08:11
explosivehow did you format windows, did you do any bios update before that or something?08:11
Nicholas1may be linux is accessing them through some way?08:11
explosivethat's the only way it could be related08:12
explosiveNicholas1: no, stop being silly :P08:12
hateballThe concept of No seems hard to grasp here08:12
Nicholas1no i didn't do any bios update. it was just like a normal reformat08:12
Nicholas1using a windows 7 cd08:13
Nicholas1i see08:13
Nicholas1might be a coincidence then explosive08:14
explosiveNicholas1: try reinstalling windows08:14
explosivemaybe it's a hardware failure?08:14
Nicholas1will do08:14
explosivei think the most logical thing is that you upgraded the kernel, formatted windows then booted into the new one08:15
explosivehold shift to get grub and then go to advanced and choose an older kernel08:15
Nicholas1explosive does reinstalling/installing windows has no effect on linux?08:16
Nicholas1no matter what u do with windows, it would have no effect on linux ?08:16
PigeonWhispererit's usually recommended to install Windows first and then Linux08:16
explosiveNicholas1: basically yes, windows doesn't have the ability to mount ext by default even08:16
explosiveNicholas1: try booting an older kernel first08:16
explosiveNicholas1: type dmesg in the terminal, check for any errors, etc08:17
PigeonWhispererGrub will correctly detect the Windows installation and let you boot on it, while if you Install Windows after linux, Windows doesn't care about your linux install08:17
Nicholas1i see explosive08:18
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub208:18
Nicholas1i see explosive08:19
Nicholas1though my hardware (3g modem ) works fine windows 7 installation08:19
Nicholas1it only misbehaves in linux08:20
explosiveNicholas1: hold shift when the pc boots when you get grub > go to advanced > choose an older kernel08:20
Nicholas1i haven't updated my kernel explosive08:20
explosiveyou don't press on the update button from the box that pops up every once in a while?08:21
ouroumovNicholas1, you've frozen your kernel manually? Because kernel updates tend to happen on a regular basis08:21
Nicholas1i do08:22
explosiveNicholas1: that updates your kernel too08:22
=== ziprar is now known as zipace
heeenhow come my clock is wrong since upgrading to 16.0408:24
heeenI noticed I used to have UTC=no in /etc/defaults/rcS08:25
ouroumovheeen, that's a question to ask in #ubuntu+108:25
Nicholas1is there anyway the linux drivers for my hardware got  corrupted somehow explosive ?08:28
pezet91hello, i want to install this 2 drivers: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/wily/man4/mrsas.4freebsd.html , http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/vivid/man4/mfi.4freebsd.html , but I do not know how to do it :/ can someone help me?08:28
Nicholas1only the 3g modem is giving problems. rest of the hardware is fine under ubuntu explosive08:28
explosiveNicholas1: by formatting windows, nope08:28
explosiveNicholas1: did you try an older kernel?08:28
Nicholas1not yet08:29
explosivegive it a shot08:29
Nicholas1will do  it later08:29
explosiveyou're booted into the pc right now next to you?08:30
Nicholas1explosive my device says it has drivers/support the linux. does it means the linux is using its own kernel drivers or the devices drivers for linux ?08:30
explosivelinux would be using its own kernel drivers08:31
pezet91hello, i want to install this 2 drivers: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/wily/man4/mrsas.4freebsd.html , http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/vivid/man4/mfi.4freebsd.html , but I do not know how to do it :/ can someone help me?08:31
explosiveNicholas1: i'd start with lspci -k08:31
explosivelook for wireless08:31
amethystgemDo I need to uninstall or remove my open-source radeon drivers before installing the fglrx drivers?08:32
explosiveamethystgem: no08:33
hateballamethystgem: If you use the additional drivers gui they should be blacklisted automatically08:33
hateball(I suppose the package does this)08:33
amethystgemby that you mean, not appearing? when i had 12.04 ubuntu, it did offer fglrx drivers in that tab. now, its not appearing at all. this could be because i have an older radeon. 4650 HD. I figure it wouldn't hurt to at least test and uninstall fglrx if need be.08:34
amethystgemno i guess it cant be cause of that, cause its still same card i had in old 12.0408:34
hateballMaybe fglrx has dropped support for your card, and that's why it's not showing08:35
hateballBut I don't use AMD so I wont speculate. Better someone that knows this replies :)08:35
amethystgemI've checked and my card is still supported by fglrx.08:36
amethystgemmy last concern is just to make sure i can safely uninstall and rollback to using the open source radeon if it doesnt work08:36
hateballamethystgem: you could also wait for 16.04 (or run beta now) to use amdgpu instead of fglrx08:37
amethystgemoh, is that supposed to be superior?08:38
hateballamethystgem: In time, anyhow. fglrx is being deprecated afaik08:38
hateballamethystgem: it should be in #ubuntu+1 but see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes#fglrx08:39
ouroumovamethystgem, 16.04 LTS will drop support for fglrx08:39
hateballamethystgem: No reason for you to potentially hose your install when 16.04 is so close08:39
=== jwitko is now known as Guest58003
amethystgemin that case, i have to figure out how to make the open-source radeon driver work properly, vsycn in particular I want to be able to change. its strange because it acts like its on for games, but off for videos...08:41
=== Guest58003 is now known as jwitk0
jwitk0hey all, I have Cisco UCS blade running ubuntu 14.04.  It is getting stuck during reboot and I'm having a real hard time trouble shooting.  I have checked /var/log/kern.log and dmesg after a power cycle and see nothing suspicious.  I thought for a while it was rpcbind causing issues but after disabling all rpc and iscsi services the reboot still hangs.  Does anyone have any trouble shooting08:41
jwitk0advice ?  Here is a screen shot of the console during the error:  http://i.imgur.com/rvqWTsX.jpg08:41
jwitk0I have attempted setting different variations of the reboot parameter in grub08:42
jwitk0 http://i.imgur.com/rvqWTsX.jpg    shows the console08:42
pezet91hello, i want to install this 2 drivers: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/wily/man4/mrsas.4freebsd.html , http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/vivid/man4/mfi.4freebsd.html , but I do not know how to do it :/ can someone help me?08:55
errakeshpdplease read "SYNOPSIS"08:57
ubuntuciao a tutti09:00
ubottuubuntu: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».09:00
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safe_Something must be wierd with my laptop when a freshly installed ubuntu-partition takes nearly triple the time it takes for windows 8 to boot. How can I troubleshoot?09:21
Ben64safe_: not necessarily. windows 8 by default doesn't shut down, but hibernates09:22
PigeonWhisperersafe_, what do you see when Ubuntu is loading? If it's the logo, press Escape to see every process that is started and possible error messages09:25
EriC^^safe_: how long are we talking?09:25
safe_PigeonWhisperer: It's all the things, from even showing the logo, to waiting for a black screen, to wait for lightdm09:26
safe_EriC^^: Not super long, but around 20-25 sec and I have a i5 2.3 ghz09:26
UbunAnyone here09:26
UbunI have problem to upgrade 10.0409:27
safe_On my desktop, it's hardly even 5 sec. Not on a SSD on either.09:27
Amm0nsafe_, ubuntu 15.10 ?09:28
safe_If anything my desktop is worse than my laptop.09:28
safe_Amm0n: Correct.09:29
UbunPlease anyone!09:30
Amm0nsafe_, try: sudo systemd-analyze blame09:30
PigeonWhispererAmm0n, that is neat09:31
Amm0nUbun, 10.04 is EOL and i don't know if there is a sane way to upgrade.. I'd recommand to backup data and fresh install 14.04 or wait for 16.0409:32
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades09:32
Ubunbut what to do with data09:32
safe_Amm0n: modemmanager.service, apparmor.service, plymouth-quit-wait.service and gpu-manager.service have the biggest differences between them09:32
safe_about 2-3 seconds each09:32
safe_maybe that's normal?09:33
Ubunits server09:33
Amm0nsafe_, sounds ok to me09:33
Ubunits 10.04 lts09:33
safe_Amm0n: Hm, what is slowing down between me pressing ubuntu on grub and until I can login?09:34
Ubuncan I paste?09:35
Amm0nUbun, move the data to another partition, backup local or encrypt and backup in a cloud09:35
Ubunits raid!09:35
Ubunso must be solution09:35
Ubunhow to upgrade09:35
liliboxi installed the latest ubuntu on friends old notebook, and i kinda forgot he wants to use such obsolete devices, like inkjet to print on medium called paper :)09:35
liliboxi am looking for the latest drivers, he had issue with color print09:36
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest92825
liliboxseems like each color is printed in different height09:36
safe_Hm, could plymouth maybe be the culprit in some way? Is it safe to uninstall per usual?09:36
hateballlilibox: Do you have a printer model?09:36
Amm0nUbun, you should have/choose an backup strategy and for eolupgrade see the link from hateball09:37
liliboxany solution for my problem? anyway he successuly adapted ubuntu, he came from windows and he is bus driver :)09:37
PigeonWhispererAmm0n, Is there an equivalent command to systemd-analyze blame for 14.04 (upstart?)09:37
liliboxhateball wait, will ask him09:37
Ubunbut no explaine there09:37
Ubunits older09:37
Ubun=== Command terminated with exit status 109:38
liliboxhateball: some Epson brand, inkjet09:40
liliboxdetails are on way09:40
Ubunwhat is the problem?09:40
craptalkhow to speed up my linux performance?09:41
hateballcraptalk: Could you be more specific?09:42
afrokarlssontere isane siiamikaksik ühines 2 poisist, kui nad sõid ära viis tüdrukut, nii et ta isa kaotas 5 muna, emane siiamikaksik ühines, kui 2 tüdrukut, sõid ära ühelt poisilt ühe, teiselt poisilt 2, kolmandalt 3, neljandalt 4, viiendalt viis ja kuuenda jätsid terveks09:42
craptalkubuntu mate 15.04 with 50gb hardisk dedicated for ubuntu, 1,7 gb ram, also intel core 2 duo chip09:42
=== matt_ is now known as Guest88249
hateballlilibox: I'm not familiar with epson, but if you have a model at least it is google-able09:48
hateballcraptalk: Those are your specs, but what are you looking to speed up? Startup times? 3D performance?09:48
Amm0nPigeonWhisperer, i don't think so^09:48
PigeonWhispererAmm0n, thx, too bad09:51
IspiraI got my mother's laptop here running ubuntu 15.10, unfortunately I've got to install windows 10 beside it for specific software use09:52
Ispirawhat's the simplest/safest way to resize the main filesystem (mounted on /, /boot is on a separate partition) to make room for microsoft's behemoth? Live USB and Gparted resize?09:53
Ben64Ispira: yes but the windows installer doesn't play nice09:53
Ben64maybe you'd have better results running windows in virtualbox?09:54
IspiraI want a long term solution09:54
Ispiraand i can't register window 10 in vbox without buying a new license09:54
Ben64yes you can09:54
Ispiraim aware i have to gfix grub afterwards if that's your point09:54
IspiraBen64: How? The 10 is OEM alreasdy registerd to the laptop09:55
Ben64Ispira: you call microsoft09:55
Ispirasorry for the typos, typing with my hands angled over a laptop09:55
Ben64oh oem09:55
Ubunhow to upgrade ubuntu 10.04 to 1209:58
EriC^^!eolupgrades | Ubun , maybe fresh install 14.04 or wait for 16.04?09:58
ubottuUbun , maybe fresh install 14.04 or wait for 16.04?: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades09:58
craptalkwhen i try to play video from the terminal[and watching on it] using mplayer, it has its blurry image? why?10:00
craptalkis it incompatible?10:00
Ben64craptalk: what do you mean terminal10:00
liliboxhateball: he said: I though Epson SX 43510:01
craptalkBen64: ubuntu terminal10:01
Ben64craptalk: right... like video using text only?10:01
craptalkBen64: text only? it is like you watching in other video player, but it is in the terminal10:01
Ben64craptalk: take a screenshot, or get a lot more specific10:02
craptalki will wait10:02
k1l_craptalk: do you mean ascii mode?10:02
EriC^^i think he just means he's launching it from the terminal10:02
kunokhas anyone successfully managed to install photoshop on ubuntu 14?10:02
Ben64EriC^^: that's what i was trying to determine10:02
Ben64it's still unclear10:03
k1l_kunok: since they dont ship a linux version see wine10:03
k1l_!wine | kunok10:03
ubottukunok: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu10:03
kunokalready went trough that10:03
kunokso i ask10:04
craptalkbasically, you watch it in terminal, no the one when you run vlc filename.avi , it will just open its video plyer10:04
kunokhas anyone managed to successfuly install photoshop via wine that works well?10:04
Ben64craptalk: do you have a graphical user interface10:04
craptalki run mplayer -vo filename.avi then it pops up another terminal acting like video player10:04
craptalkBen64: i do have it of course, i just wanna know this way10:05
Ben64craptalk: why10:05
craptalkBen64: cause it matters for my reasearch10:06
Ben64what are you researching that requires playing videos in the silliest way possible10:07
mabuskunok: https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=1710:08
craptalkBen64: because playing videos in the best way possible is now common and just in case you have so much old computer with so low resources, you can use this way since mplayer worth only less than 3 mb10:10
Ben64craptalk: no, it's actually worse for performance10:10
craptalkBen64: tell me why?10:11
akkonradhow can I force to close CLOSE_WAIT connections from tcp6 (netstat results)10:11
kunokmabus: can you confirm that you successfuly managed to install it  that way?10:11
Ben64because you're trying to push video to the framebuffer directly10:11
PigeonWhisperercraptalk, which video option are you passing after -vo ^10:11
kunokmabus: i mean, have you, yourself, managed to install it ?10:12
k1l_craptalk: -vo is for video driver. what do you select there?10:13
mabuskunok: thats the first result for "photoshop on wine" and lists the different versions and how well they work with wine (and what wine version). you wont find many people who have done this because why would you? anyone else would use gimp when on linux10:13
hateballlilibox: did you just plug and play the printer? because epson appears to provide drivers http://download.ebz.epson.net/dsc/du/02/DriverDownloadInfo.do?LG2=SV&CN2=&DSCMI=43797&DSCCHK=403576b872cd841919ef6f7b5cd4bdbe02bfcc9e10:13
Ben64craptalk: run "DISPLAY= mplayer -vo caca <path to video>" for the most ridiculous way to view video in terminal10:13
Ben64kunok: check the appdb, follow the steps there10:14
kunokmabus: you see, i already searched google alot about this topic, watched many videos and tried to install various versions. mostly they would return error. i even managed to install one version, but fonts were broken which made program totally not usable10:14
hateballkunok: You were given a suggestion to ask in #winehq10:15
kunokmabus: that is why i ask, if you managed to install it by first hand10:15
PigeonWhisperermplayer -vo matrixview filename.mp410:15
k1l_kunok: this is not helping you or anyone else. so please see the winedb entry and for issues ask in #winehq10:15
craptalkBen64: you are right, but i dont see the heavy point here, it is mainly designed to avoid such bigger resources like using other apps to run some file, and when it is indeed accessing directly through, is it much to cost the oeverall performance?10:15
Amm0nkunok, use a vm for photoshop or give krita a try10:15
kunokI guess I will go with VM10:16
Ben64craptalk: no because it has to push the video frame by frame, no hardware support at all10:16
hateballBen64, kunok: If one is looking to play video on low resource systems, why not do it in framebuffer and ditch X?10:20
kunokhateball: i think you tagged wrong person, i asked about photoshop not videos10:21
hateballkunok: Correct! My bad10:21
liliboxhateball: yes, i did it, no luck, i installed some driver, it seems like it worked fine, but color print is messed :(10:21
hateballcraptalk: ^10:21
liliboxif you want print just black and white only, everything works nice10:22
hateballlilibox: Sorry I am not of much help, I only use HP printers since they tend to "just work".10:22
martin4If I have a problem with an archive repo, who should I contact? It is the swedish archive repo10:22
Ben64martin4: pastebin the problem10:22
liliboxhateball: ok, now, i did fast page you sent me research and it looks interesting and promissing :)10:23
martin4Ben64: It's during installation of ubuntu mini 14.04. I have a syslog10:23
liliboxi didn't find this page before, thank you for provide me this link10:24
hateballlilibox: Good luck10:24
liliboxwill try work with it and let you tell my result10:24
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Guest11524Hi all10:26
=== Guest11524 is now known as Alex87
hemlockiihello, i was trying to boot my one month old ubuntu laptop today as usual but had an unusual error. says something about fatal error during GPU init. Here's a screenshot http://oi64.tinypic.com/2jakzzn.jpg10:38
hemlockiiAnd it drops to an initramfs shell. Can anybody help?10:38
craptalkis there any harvestmoon type of game that running on linux originally? or should i use ps emu? or does linux even have ps emu?10:40
stukdevi've a folder mount by nfs protocol, how can i change the default permission of file,directory creation?10:43
hemlockiiI should add the same pc is dual boot and can boot windows without issue10:44
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pezet91hello, i add to my server LSI MegaRAID SAS-MFI device - with LSI SAS3008, it need a mrsas driver (http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/wily/man4/mrsas.4freebsd.html)10:47
pezet91how install mrsas driver to kernel without recompillation kernel?10:47
craptalkin windows we have localdisk C that stores all of its system data and applications, where does the linux keep it?10:50
pezet91 /home10:51
pezet91craptalk: /home10:51
jushur more like /10:51
hemlockiiyes, its called root10:51
Myrtticraptalk: it keeps it in the local disk, in separate directories (which may or may not be on the same partition/disk) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix_filesystem10:52
pezet91hello, i add to my server LSI MegaRAID SAS-MFI device - with LSI SAS3008, it need a mrsas driver (http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/wily/man4/mrsas.4freebsd.html)10:53
pezet91how install mrsas driver to kernel without recompillation kernel?10:53
jushur!patience | pezet9110:53
ubottupezet91: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/10:53
pezet91sorry guys :/10:54
pezet91equipment from Fujitsu is unbearable10:55
k1l_!details | Ubun11:09
ubottuUbun: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)11:09
mia_hey all11:09
mia_i am trying to install ubuntu 14.4 lts to my mackbook pro from 200911:09
mia_I bought a brand new hard disc11:10
mia_should I do anything else11:10
mia_I don't ant dual boot with osx11:10
mia_I don't have a hd with osx installed anymore11:10
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mia_I've tried installing to the hd but its problematic, it never boots the installed ubuntu :(11:10
pixern,.:) The OP k1l is a filthy c unt. :) his mother will die from breast cancer soon. S atan make this so :) his w h ore mother will be F UC KED in hell by jesus and the PrOpHeT Muhammad. they both F UCK pigs like her :) :)  The moderator k1l is a C U NT :)  :)㋛11:10
pixern_:) The OP k1l is a filthy c unt. :) his mother will die from breast cancer soon. S atan make this so :) his w h ore mother will be F UC KED in hell by jesus and the PrOpHeT Muhammad. they both F UCK pigs like her :) :)  The moderator k1l is a C U NT :)  :)㋛11:10
mia_any help is appreciated11:11
mia_anyone around?11:12
mia_this place seems extremely silent today11:12
k1l_mia_: see this site: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro11:13
mia_k1l_: I checked that not much help11:13
mia_most of the stuff is out of date11:13
mia_you linked me the same yesterday as well and I told the same11:14
k1l_what did you try? what didnt work? what is the error?11:14
k1l_"my car is broken" doesnt help anyone fixing it11:15
MatasHi. Having problem connecting to ftp server. I have Two machines on same network running Ubuntu 14.04 on VM on Windows 10 machines. From one when I try to connect I get 421 service not avaliable. From other works ok so it shouln't be ftp server problem.11:17
Mataswhat could be causing it?11:17
mia_k1l_: i created a usb live disk, installed ubuntu from there, everything worked perfectly till the installation is done11:18
mia_but when I start the laptop once again its just stuck at a purple screen11:18
mia_nothing else11:18
hemlockiiNobody here understands what may be causing a drop to initramfs shell during boot?11:19
k1l_mia_: look at the specific howto for your laptop if that needs some special booting parameter11:19
ubottuInformation about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch11:19
mia_k1l_: mine is 5.5 there is nothing specific11:21
k1l_!nomodeset | mia_ try this11:26
ubottumia_ try this: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter11:26
ThordinorWhen i try to install ubuntu on my windows 10 laptop i get the error message 0x000007b at bootup from the usb. I cant boot it up to install it. What can i do?.11:36
nulliusYou could try a cd rom image11:37
ThordinorDont have cdrom on that laptop11:37
ThordinorIts something about the bootloader is missing a file. Windows works 100 % but i cant boot up the ubuntu installer.11:37
nulliusWhat did you use to create the bootable usb? I'd reformat and use another tool to create it11:40
nulliusmaking sure the bootflag is set11:40
Thordinornullius: i used Pen Drive Linux USB installer with the ubuntu.iso i downloaded everything from ubuntu.com11:41
Thorax2015Thordinor, Try using rufus instead. The Pen Drive Linux USB program is utterly useless11:42
nulliusi'have had issues with it in the past11:42
ghostmagHello - I am new to Ubuntu and am not able to visit every website. I am using Chrome and some sites just doesn't work sometimes. Sometimes even all. Right now I can not join every IRC Server because of that problem. Any suggestions?11:43
Thorax2015ghostmag, Are you able to on another PC/OS?11:44
ghostmagYes, and it works on other systems11:44
Thordinornullius: do you remember the fix for It ?. i am going to try to make a new installation usb. but i cant understand that it is beacuse of that.11:44
ghostmagbut I am not able to switch OSs on this system right now11:44
ThordinorI have used this usb pen for another computer with no problem11:44
ghostmagThorax2015: Two days ago I used Windows on this PC and it just worked fine11:45
Thorax2015Thordinor, Sometimes it works, others it doesnt. Have a look at rufus. It pretty much just works11:45
Thordinor.OKi :)11:46
Thorax2015ghostmag, Can you try some different browsers? Or reset chrome?11:46
Thorax2015Hmm... you say its not just in chrome though11:47
ghostmagThorax2015: I am using IRC with Byrd IRC client as an Chrome App, so it may be just in Chrome11:48
Thorax2015hmmm... Try factory reset chrome, try another browser, try another irc client. HexChat is a very good irc client11:49
Thorax2015Its on the ubuntu software centre too11:50
ilevdHello, how many mb Ubuntu takes after init/restart? Mint takes about 345 mb.11:50
ghostmagI will try that. Right now it works just fine again11:50
ghostmagChrome is always able to reach my fritz.box, but there problem is just with other websites11:51
ghostmagThanx for the help, Thorax201511:51
ghostmagRight now, my only problem with Ubuntu is the missing possibility to change the speed of my cursor11:51
ghostmagI think it's a bug in Ubuntu 14.04, does anyone have a fix for that?11:52
Thorax2015ghostmag, Im using 15.10 so im not sure. But you should just be able to go to settings and then mouse/touchpad to adjust it11:53
mia_k1l_: I^ve been trying to do what is written here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MactelSupportTeam/AppleIntelInstallation11:53
mia_k1l_: I didn't understand the partition manager case11:54
ghostmagThorax2015: Sadly, that's not possible. There is no option to do that. I am just able to change the speed of douleclick11:54
Thorax2015ghostmag, You may just be able to do it via dconf. I'm grabbing it now myself, I will let you know if you like11:57
ghostmagThat would be cool. I am just able to fix the issue with the help of the terminal right now11:58
ghostmagFor example: "xset m "ZNumberA"."NumberB" 0"11:58
ghostmagbut when I restart the system it is gone11:59
ghostmagDamn it, I just tried to look through the settings and now I changed the color of the whole Desktop :D11:59
ghostmagSettings -> Colors -> wanted to try out, what it is and now everything is changed11:59
ghostmagI'll try to reboot12:02
flokahello guys12:04
mia_where should I download ubuntu 16.0412:04
mia_I want to to test it12:05
flokaI get this error etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf line 34: subnet netmask bad subnet number/mask12:05
flokahow to fix it?12:05
ghostmagDamn it, did not work >_>12:05
bezabannetwork declaration? mask
popeymia_: see #ubuntu+112:05
ghostmagAnybody here in great knowledege of the "Color" settings and is able to help? I just clicked random stuff and now my Desktop looks coloured12:06
flokadhsp range is from 100 till 15012:06
mia_thanks popey -- I checked that channel this morning but it was very empty12:06
mia_I didn't get any answers12:06
mia_that's why I'm asking here12:06
flokabezaban: I do not uderstand you12:06
flokawhy network mask is wrong?12:06
flokawhat network mask should I put for dhcp server ip and dhcp range -
bezabanfloka: you define the network using the network address (in this case
flokawhy is that?12:07
bezabanfloka: the dhcp range is defined using the range keyword within that block12:07
bezabanbecasue that is how you specify networks12:08
bezabanit needs to know how to listen to broadcasts etc12:08
bezabanwhich it derives from the network address and mask12:08
popeymia_: what model of macbook is it?12:10
mia_its 5.5, or, mid 2009 macbook pro12:10
flokai thought network address is the IP of the dhcp server12:10
popeyooh, that's quite old12:11
mia_popey: yeah sadly12:11
mia_live disk works without any problems though12:11
mia_I can boot it through the usb12:11
popeymia_: seen https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook5-1/Trusty  ?12:11
mia_and it works, but when I instlall, it's problematic12:11
popeyoh, 5,1, sorry.12:11
popeymia_: what video card does the 5,5 have?12:12
mia_Hm I have no idea frankly12:12
popeyhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro5-5/Lucid#Video_.26_Effects_.28Compiz.29 suggests it's nvidia12:12
mia_popey: I was following your link, and in connection, this one https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MactelSupportTeam/AppleIntelInstallation12:12
mia_I did the stuff I have to do in gparted12:12
popeyyeah, worth looking through those pages, although they're a bit dated12:12
flokawhen I changed the network address to the one you gave, me bezaban, dhcp server started12:12
mia_well right now when I restart my macbook its waiting on a purple page for a while then gives me a black screen with busybox text12:13
mia_and in the end initramfs12:13
flokain ifconfig I have set ip of the interface running dhcp server to be
mia_I can do help and use other commands but I dont have any ideas about any of them12:13
mia_yes nvidia it is, then12:14
k1l_mia_: did nomodeset help?12:14
mia_k1l_: I don't know where to set that command12:14
flokabezaban: thank you, but I still dont get it, how network address can be ending on 012:15
mia_k1l_: I as getting stuck at a purple screen before, now I can get past that though12:15
k1l_mia_: the bot linked you a howto12:15
mia_so I don2t think this is a screen related issue12:15
mia_k1l_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 this is what the bot linked12:15
bezabanfloka: it's basic subnetting, but yes. More so, .0 will even be a valid address for a device in a larger subnet (but not handled well by some stuff)12:16
k1l_mia_: yes, did you do this in grub?12:16
mia_so where exactly I set thouse options12:16
mia_I dont know what a grub is12:16
BluesKajHey folks12:16
mia_k1l_: sorry, I'm very, very new12:16
bezabanbut for a regular /24 subnet. = network address and = broadcast12:17
k1l_grub is a bootloader for ubuntu. but on only-ubuntu systems its hidden by default. you need to press a key after the bios to make it appear. there you can change the nomodeset parameter so the linux kernel tries another modus to start.12:17
mia_the weird thing is fedora jsut installs and works perfectly but I want ubuntu :(12:17
mia_k1l_: I dont see any boot12:18
k1l_most times its left shift key to press to see grub.12:18
popeyyeah, hold left shift as soon as you hear the apple bong!12:18
mia_when I open my computer its just a purple screen, waits a bit, then the initramfs page12:18
mia_hmm let me restart12:18
k1l_mia_: waaaaaay before the purple screen12:18
mia_yeah it ays gnu grub12:19
mia_and I have two options ubuntu and advanced options for ubuntu12:19
k1l_there press e to edit the ubuntu entry12:19
mia_OKAY lets see12:19
k1l_mia_: that is btw all explained in the link tha bot gave you.12:19
mia_Okay perfect, setparams ubuntu12:20
flokabezaban:  should I change the ip of the interface running dhcp server from to ?12:20
mia_maybe I have to look more carefully next time12:20
mia_im a bit impatient12:20
k1l_mia_: How to temporarily set kernel boot options on an installed OS (not wubi)   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161313212:20
flokabezaban:  should I change the ip of the interface running dhcp server from to ?12:21
mia_k1l_: popey okay here is the problem, I cant do ctrl x12:23
bezabanfloka: no!12:23
mia_it just types xwhen I do ctrl x12:23
bezabanfloka: in a /24 .0 is not a valid host address.12:24
flokaso the term network address in dhcp configuration is not the network ip address of the network card12:24
bezabanfloka: no :) it's a way to define the range/size of the network12:24
mia_oh f10 did it as well12:24
mia_lets see its purple screen now12:24
flokaI see12:24
flokathank you bezaban12:24
bezabanfloka: not used very often on servers, but encountered a fair bit in networking12:25
mia_k1l_: popey --- nomodeset didnt work12:25
bezabanfloka: no problem :)12:26
linuxuz3rwhois kazuka12:27
mia_popey and k1l_ ok I'm out of optiosn now?12:28
mia_what should I do12:28
miilleniumhu guys..does anyone know how to disable monitor mode12:29
popeymia_: sorry, I don't know. I don't have an old mac to test on.12:30
mia_:( okay12:30
mia_what should I do in this case12:31
k1l_you could load a livecd/usb and mount the disk and look at the syslog in /var/log/ to see what the error is12:31
ghostmagAnybody here familiar with Chrome Remote Desktop?12:35
=== anthony is now known as Guest61392
ghostmagI was able to add my ubuntu system to make it accessible, but when I access it, it just shows me the desk12:36
ghostmagno locker in the left12:36
ghostmagso i am able to use terminal commands, but I want to see the applications I installed12:37
wsdjeganyone use neovim in ubuntu 16.04?12:39
wsdjeghere is an issue about the gnome-terminal12:39
lotuspsychjewsdjeg: #ubuntu+1 for xenial12:40
k1l_wsdjeg: for 16.04 issues please ask in #ubuntu+1 until its release. and think about filing a bug or contributing to an existing onw12:40
UTAN_devHey all,I have two machines. On the first, `less` behaves the same whether the opened file is short or not -- it replaces my current bash session with its output and, when I quit, it restores the bash session on my screen. On the second, if the file is less than a screenful, less simply outputs the file like `cat` would.12:43
UTAN_devHow can I make less operate on the second machine as it does on the first?12:43
wsdjegthanks,just know there is a channal named ubuntu+112:43
MonkeyDustUTAN_dev  less lets you scroll up and down, cat doesnt ... so if the file is shorter than one screen, you don't have to scroll up and down12:46
UTAN_devMonkeyDust: I understand that. My problem is that, on machine 2, short files make less generate output as part of my bash session. I want less to work on a totally different screen than my bash session.12:48
UTAN_devi.e. if I wanted to pollute my bash session with the content of a short file I'm checking, I'd simply use cat. But with less, I can check a file and, when it returns to my bash session, the only trace is the one-line less command I just ran.12:49
MonkeyDustUTAN_dev  a new terminal tab comes to mind (ctrl shift t)12:50
MonkeyDustUTAN_dev  or even a 'screen' session, so you can use split screens12:52
UTAN_devI can't use Ctrl+T on the second machine, and I'd like to have the same behaviour on both machines so I don't have to mentally context-switch12:53
UTAN_devThe first machine does have LESSOPEN and LESSCLOSE env vars defined, which the second one doesn't. There's a difference in the environments, but I'll try duplicating that on the second.12:55
rostykHi there13:00
meaninghi there. I have a small question regarding wget...I'd like to use it to grab download links recursively  and generate a list inside a text file13:02
meaningthing is there are many links and I only want to list the ones coming from a specific host13:02
UTAN_devSetting LESSOPEN='| /usr/bin/lesspipe.sh %s' and LESSCLOSE='/usr/bin/lesspipe.sh %s %s' on the second machine had no effect, so I'm still windering where to look to explain the difference in `less` behaviour (outputting as part of the normal bash session on short files)13:02
meaningdo anyone know if I can put a filter in wget command ?13:02
wsdjegmeaning: I use neovim's job-feature run wget13:03
wsdjegjust filter the list in a file13:03
meaninghm true13:04
meaningso your advice would be to list all links13:04
meaningand then use neovim to edit / filter the output file13:04
wsdjegyes,also you can use other tools13:04
rostykI was trying to install Insync from official web page, but during that it desides to suddently wipe out my python alongside with vlc and kodi 16, how can I revert changes now?13:04
meaningwsdjeg: true, I didn't think about doing that13:05
meaningactually the idea was to put a filter directly in wget13:05
k1l_meaning: that sounds like bash scripting with find or awk/sed with regular expressions.13:05
meaningsomething like "only show me the output that countains "http://www.blablabla.com"13:05
meaningand write it to a file13:05
meaningbut you'r right13:05
meaningthat will do the trick13:06
MonkeyDustUTAN_dev  "less simply outputs the file like `cat` would" ... sure there's no alias that replaces less with cat ?13:07
UTAN_devMonkeyDust: I just checked and no alias contains "less". And on files longer than a screenful, less does behave the way I want.13:08
afrokarlssonväga hästi saetud13:10
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList13:10
UTAN_devI'll email tech support and ask them if there's anything funny about altscreen behaviour. Thanks MonkeyDust and enjoy your day.13:14
MonkeyDustUTAN_dev  good luck13:16
MonkeyDustafrokarlsson  this is the ubuntu support channel13:18
cavecanemhello there, i'm using speedtest-cli but it's not accurate at all. Do anyone know about a similar tool to use with terminal?13:19
sine0ok im loving ubuntu but I just cant get on with the _ [] X being at the top left and also the bar on the left. I would like a desktop that is similar not in look but function to windows please, any suggestions13:19
arykleincavecanem: for download, the best speed test is download some file with torrent13:20
ghodanHi guys, Newbie question:  What is the difference in Ubuntu + installing KDE , and Kubuntu? (Also applies to its other desktop flavors)13:21
cfhowlettghodan, kubuntu = kde + other default apps.   ubuntu + kde != kubuntu13:21
naise1sine0: take a look here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/65083/what-kinds-of-desktop-environments-and-shells-are-available13:22
ghodan"other default apps"  that are not in Ubuntu?13:22
pezet91anyone can install Megaraid SAS controller on ubuntu?13:22
MagentiumHello fellow Ubuntu users :D13:22
naise1ghodan: other default apps you must install manually13:22
cfhowlettnot installed in ubuntu but available ghodan13:23
cfhowlettghodan, in fact: sudo apt install kubuntu-desktop will add kubuntu experience to your ubuntu13:23
holdsworthmy metasploit installation fails on wine32 :(13:24
naise1sine0: you might like Kubuntu so I recommend taking a look at that13:24
k1l_ghodan: its about the preinstalled packages/apps.13:24
holdsworthis anyone familiar with that problem?13:24
MonkeyDust!find metasploit13:24
ubottuFile metasploit found in nmap, sqlmap, w3af-console13:24
pezet91!find megaraid_sas13:25
ubottuFile megaraid_sas found in linux-image-4.2.0-16-lowlatency, linux-image-4.2.0-17-lowlatency, linux-image-4.2.0-18-lowlatency, linux-image-4.2.0-19-lowlatency, linux-image-4.2.0-21-lowlatency, linux-image-4.2.0-22-lowlatency, linux-image-4.2.0-23-lowlatency, linux-image-4.2.0-25-lowlatency, linux-image-4.2.0-27-lowlatency, linux-image-4.2.0-30-lowlatency (and 10 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=megaraid_sas&mode=&suite=w13:25
pezet91!find mrsas13:25
ubottuFile mrsas found in freebsd-manpages13:25
jushurholdsworth: you are joking right? this is not #windows or #wine13:25
holdsworthjushur: this is an ubuntu related problem...13:26
cfhowlettholdsworth, more accurately, it's a wine probleb13:26
jushurholdsworth: you are installing it with apt-get?13:26
holdsworthjushur: in the script it uses sudo apt-get install wine32 and it fails13:27
holdsworthI have changed in the scrip the following `sudo apt-get install -y wine32` to `sudo apt-get install -y --force-yes wine32`13:27
jushurholdsworth: what script?13:27
holdsworthjushur: from their git repo13:28
MonkeyDustholdsworth  start from the beginning, what are you doing, changed, what goes wrong etc13:28
pezet91is a new megaraid_sas driver in official repo for ubuntu?13:28
myganAnyone know if i can get a keycode or something from my lenovo yoga 3 14 when i rotate my screen to/from tablet mode?13:29
cfhowlettmygan, should appear in dmesg13:29
holdsworthMonkeyDust: https://github.com/rapid7/metasploit-framework/wiki/Nightly-Installers <- I followed these instructions13:29
holdsworthMonkeyDust: and then it said that it doesn't find such package as wine32, so I added an unofficial repository that contains wine3213:29
holdsworthMonkeyDust: then it said that it cannot install because the package is not authenticated13:30
MonkeyDustholdsworth  don't address me, address the channel13:30
holdsworthso I had done sudo apt-key update13:30
holdsworthMonkeyDust: ok, sorry13:30
holdsworthI will pastebin the error in a moment13:30
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pezet91anyone can install Megaraid SAS controller on ubuntu?13:40
lotuspsychjepezet91: is this for an ubuntu server?13:42
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pezet91yes, of course13:42
lotuspsychjepezet91: i think the #ubuntu-server guys might have more experience on this13:43
marconyhello i have problem with flash player in browser.just installed ubuntu 16.0413:46
marconymaybe somebody can help?13:46
kkk123321Hi. I am trying to install restricted addibs  Ubuntu 14.04 ,. I got this error. Kindly help http://paste.ubuntu.com/15347394/13:46
cfhowlett!ubuntu+1 | marcony13:46
ubottumarcony: Xenial Xerus is the codename for Ubuntu 16.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+113:46
kkk123321and I'm not even able to install additional hardware13:46
kkk123321kindly help anyone with this issue http://paste.ubuntu.com/15347394/13:48
cfhowlett!patience | kkk12332113:48
ubottukkk123321: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:48
bluefive"I had a computer full of encrypted data defeat police forensics after a 2008 raid on my house, so I always encrypt any computer that will ever work with my photos, videos, or other material. I won't even go online with an unencrypted machine except by running the browser entirely in RAM the way a live disk does it."13:51
bluefiveWhat do you think of this?13:51
MonkeyDustbluefive  #ubuntu-offtopic13:51
cfhowlettbluefive, completely off topic13:51
cfhowlettand obsolete13:51
bluefiveObsolete how?13:51
cfhowlettbluefive, ask #ubuntu-offtop;ic13:51
popeywell, it's not a question for one.13:52
lyzeHeyho, I've formatted a usb stick with 2 partitions … ext4 and fat32 … for linux and windows use distinctively. However whenever I plug the stick into the windows computer it will show as usb stick but without space. Whenever I click it I need to reformat it to access it. Did I do something wrong?13:56
cfhowlettlyze, format the entire disk as fat32.  you can store linux files on it.  ext4 is the for the linux filesystem13:57
lyzecfhowlett: isn't there a solution to have both partitions on a stick? I kinda want to have a "secret ext4" partition on it which windows users can't access …  want to distinct private (linux) stuff with school (windows) stuff13:58
lyzeOr a different example of usage would be: use one partition as live cd where the other one is data.14:01
Rochvellonyou can encrypt files and folders whom you don't want to be read from others14:10
akikwasn't there some limit with usb sticks and which partitions are shown in windows?14:14
k1l_holdsworth: you are mixing debian repos there with ubuntu. decide what you want to use: debian or ubuntu. dont use both14:14
holdsworthk1l_: I want ubuntu..14:15
k1l_then dont use debian repos. that is meant to break the packagesystem due to depency errors. like you get there14:15
akiklyze: can you try creating the fat32 partition first and after that a ext4 partition?14:16
bluefive"is the support for AES-NI hardware acceleration compiled into the kernel ? "14:16
bluefiveAny answer to this?14:16
holdsworthk1l_: where can I find this package? (wine32) ?14:16
lyzeakik: Ah thank you, I#ll give that a try!14:16
k1l_holdsworth: why "wine32"?14:16
holdsworthk1l_: for metasploit14:16
akiklyze: i'll try that too14:17
vincent42hi all in ubuntu 14.04 , btrfs property command seems to be missing14:17
Hypatia41Can anyone recommend a good VNC client?14:17
vincent42how to see attributes of a filesystem or file ? (for example how do I know if nocow is set on a file ?)14:17
k1l_holdsworth: are you following a wrong howto? like one for debian?14:18
bluefiveHey guys.14:18
bluefiveIf I am using a mini PC where heat dissipation is a significant issue because I don't want the fan running at high RPM, should I definitely avoid disk encryption?14:18
holdsworthk1l_: nope, it was supposed to work out but it is generally designed first for kali linux, since I am running ubuntu they don't bother checking the installation so I will need to find the appropiate repository/s to add14:19
k1l_holdsworth: wrong. kali uses debian14:19
holdsworthk1l_: this installation process was supposed to fit other machines which are not debian14:19
DronHypatia41: I am using UltraVNC, my colleaugue TightVNC14:19
DronCan anyone familiar with systemd clear some moment for me? Can I tune logging to hold logs not for amount of data, but hold records for last N days? Not found anything about this moment. Thanks.14:19
Hypatia41Dron: thanks14:20
bluefiveWhy is there no warning about performance overhead?14:22
akiklyze: it works that way. i split a 4 gig usb stick in two, first a 2 gig ntfs and after that a 2 gig ext314:23
lyzeakik: Ah thank you for that information! Was driving home so I got pretty excited when I heared you and that htere's a way to do it :)14:23
akiklyze: don't text and drive :)14:24
lyzeakik: bus c:14:24
Picilyze: especially if you're driving a bus!14:24
lyzeOh you >v< … shush14:24
akiki think it was having multiple ntfs or fat partitions that windows can't handle14:24
negaduckhello. how to install an unstable package from debian sid?14:25
k1l_bluefive: ask the eff who made that article. maybe its just common sense, that encryption will add another layer of workload to the CPU and is best handled by CPUs supporting it14:25
Picinegaduck: generally, you don't.14:26
bluefivek1l_: Someone with a quad core i7 said he noticed major performance issues with encryption enabled.14:26
negaduckPici: I'm probably missing something. How to install this: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vowpal-wabbit/8.1.1-1 &14:26
negaduckPici: it's in unstable, but I'm not sure how to install it14:27
flokaif an application window is too big is there a way to move it out of the screen so I can see other parts of it14:27
negaduckI've found some info on how to install it in debian, but can't find info for ubuntu14:27
flokaI tried shift and lmb and then to move it , but it does not work14:27
akikbluefive: i have an i3 processor and an ssd with fde. i really don't see a noticeable slowness14:28
k1l_negaduck: its in 16.04 universe proposed but got buidling errors for all builds except 64bit. so maybe that still needs some tweaking14:28
Picik1l_: took the words out of my mouth14:28
jushuri3 does not have the proper accel for encryption14:29
bluefivejushur: What acel?14:29
bluefivejushur: Some i3s come with AES-NI.14:29
k1l_bluefive: did you look up some benchmarks already about FDE and ecryptfs etc? there is a difference in them and yes they all have an impact.14:29
k1l_jushur: bluefive aes support.14:29
akikbluefive: i have an Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU       M 380  @ 2.53GHz14:30
jushurbluefive: give me an example if a i3 version that has aesni.14:30
bluefivei3 5005U has AES-NI.14:30
k1l_negaduck: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vowpal-wabbit/  see this overview. the 8 version is only in 16.04 proposed. proposed is meant for the automatic testing. if you want 8 in another release you might want to look after a PPA (see the green link at the bottom) or build it yourself.14:31
Wisniahi how to move buttons from left to right?14:31
k1l_Wisnia: on unity?14:31
xanguaWisnia: if you mean in unity, you don't14:31
k1l_Wisnia: that is not working anymore on unity14:32
bluefiveakik: I believe if you compared your system to one that is identical but not encrypted, you would be sorry you chose encryption.14:32
bluefiveakik: The overhead really is significant.14:32
chotaz`wI've been trying to apply an SSL redirect on my little pet project, however I've stumbled on another problem. When I try to 'a2dissite dd.myproject.local' it tells me the said site doesn't exist, but I'm sure it's under /sites-enabled/ and that it does exist by that name. Am I overlooking something?14:32
bluefiveakik: Not noticeable unless you have a control but definitely significant.14:32
negaduckk1l_: got it, thanks14:33
k1l_bluefive: that is no news. so what is the issue now?14:33
akikbluefive: i used this laptop without encryption before. but now i'm keeping it at a place that it might get stolen so i installed it with ubuntu's fde. it really can keep up with my work14:33
bluefiveWell, also for a laptop encryption can be bad because it's straining the components, causing more heat.14:34
bluefiveYour CPU really isn't very powerful.14:35
k1l_bluefive: please put your general talks and thoughts into the offtopic channel. we try to focus on real technical support in here. and not the "what if" theories about hardware and encryption14:35
akiki also have a virtualbox win8.1 vm on this box14:35
akikthe bigger problem for cpu is the windows modules installer worker which takes the cpu to hilt14:35
akikto top. i don't know the right english words14:36
Wisniahow to move buttons from left to right?14:36
k1l_Wisnia: its not possible on unity anymore. the buttons are hardcoded to the left side.14:37
Wisniano movemnt?14:37
k1l_try to use it that way. you will get used to it after some hours. or use another desktop if that is the most important thing for you. like xfce or mate.14:38
bluefivek1l_: I found this:14:39
bluefive"Under Ubuntu Linux, even for supported hardware, the Intel AES-NI capability is not taken advantage of when enabling its data encryption feature."14:39
bluefiveWhat do you make of this?14:39
cappei'm having serious problems with apt-get or dpkg reporting /var/lib/dpkg/status-open -- with no such file or directory, any ideas on this one? apt-get is completely broken14:39
mia_hey all14:40
mia_i've been trying to install and run ubuntu 15.10 on a 2009 macbook14:40
mia_I'm always getting stuck at the initial screen, after a purple full screen image it never boots in14:40
mia_but the unetbootin created usb stick works (as a live disk)14:40
mia_can anyone guide me through14:40
mia_I've also installed fedora to try out and it instantly worked eventhough ubuntu is much more user friendly14:41
mia_when I prett alt as my macbook turns on I can see fedora but when I install ubuntu in the exact same way ther is no OS to be selected14:41
cappethe error message of mine means I should check this serious problem with the developers...14:41
bluefive"Interestingly, the PostMark performance is around 25% higher when *not* using the Intel AES-NI instruction set."14:41
mia_should I configure it in a different way14:41
cappeI need to install programs to fix this but since apt-get is corrupt I cant!14:42
cappeI simply cant get the file /var/lib/dpkg/status-open to regenerate!14:43
mesamhi all14:43
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Wisniano possibility of moving theses buttons?14:43
Scunizicappe: if you created a separate /home partition when you installed, it makes it easy enough to re-install the base system without touching your data.14:43
ouroumov_Wisnia, not using standard Ubuntu Desktop14:43
bluefive"The Intel AES-NI support did not dramatically affect the performance of using Ubuntu home encryption, at least for this hardware/software configuration and benchmark workload. In some tests, loading the aesni-intel module even worsened the disk performance, but for the most part the difference was negligible. "14:44
ouroumov_Wisnia, there are other desktops you can try such as the one used in Ubuntu MATE.14:44
mesami have ubuntu...my friend have ubuntu too...we are far from toghether..how can i share my desktop too see it for her?14:44
cappeScunizi: havent done that14:44
ouroumov_bluefive, Aaron Toponce's blog is great but it's Off Topic14:44
frostschutzbluefive, aes-ni works wonders for me, biggest performance gain for me when switching from an old C2D to Haswell i5...14:45
bluefivefrostschutz: You don't know it's the AES-NI that is responsible for that gain.14:45
bluefiveouroumov_: But it's about Ubuntu home encryption.14:46
sevenup__hola a todos14:46
Scunizicappe: if the dpkg issue isn't fixable, you could create a partition for your data, change the /home reference to that partition and then proceed with the reinstall.14:46
bluefiveouroumov_: "This is a narrow set of disk-focused tests and from just a single hardware/software configuration, but it doesn't appear that the Intel AES-NI support is able to provide any advantage -- but in some cases, a disadvantage -- for the disk encryption performance in Ubuntu 11.10."14:46
frostschutzbluefive, it is. no point discussing it ;)14:46
mesamanybody cant help me?14:46
ouroumov_bluefive, ok14:46
cappeI really wanna fix this in the current system without reinstalling anything14:46
k1l_bluefive: that statement is from 2011 right?14:46
bluefivek1l_: Yes. What has changed since then?14:46
jushurbluefive: why use home dir encryption? just use whole disk luks with aes? and the aesni will work?14:47
cappethis is what I get when I try apt-get update14:47
cappeHit http://ftp.lysator.liu.se wily-backports/universe Translation-en Reading package lists... Error! E: Could not open file /var/lib/dpkg/status - open (2: No such file or directory) E14:47
bluefivejushur: Why is whole disk preferable? Home dir is a more elegant soln.14:47
cappeit keeps reporting nonsence about /var/lib/dpkg/status14:48
cappeI guess I need to reinstall dpkg?14:48
k1l_bluefive: LUKS vs ecryptfs14:48
cappehow? when I cannot use apt-get at all!14:48
bluefivek1l_: So what makes LUKS preferable to ecryptfs?14:49
cappeI had a clean install and at the very first boot this problem was present14:49
k1l_look at the benchmarks on that site about those 214:49
nicomachuscappe: what version of ubuntu?14:49
Scunizicappe: that just means something goofed on install.. I'm googleing..14:49
bluefivek1l_: www.phoronix.com14:49
bluefivek1l_: This site?14:49
jushurbluefive: i disagree on that, i use /boot on external hardware encrypted device. and full disk luks on the machine. and its blazingly fast on systems with aesni cpu support.14:50
bluefivejushur: Really?14:50
bluefivejushur: It's faster in your experience than the home dir encryption?14:50
jushurbluefive: yes, greatly.14:51
bluefivejushur: Are you sure the AES-NI on your CPU is having a beneficial effect?14:51
ThordinorTrying to boot from my USB ubuntu installer but i get the message "Windows Boot Manager". File wubildr.mbr : Status 0x000007b14:51
bluefivejushur: According to the benchmarks, AES-NI provides no improvement in some cases and decreased performance in others.14:51
ThordinorSo i cant install ubuntu on my laptop. what can i do about it ?14:51
k1l_bluefive: it definetively does have a positive affect on encyption. no matter how many days you keep asking it14:52
bluefivek1l_: Not what the 2011 benchmarks on phoronix show.14:52
k1l_bluefive: _2011_14:53
jushurbluefive: well i have noticed the heat issues on all systems that does not have aesni, basicly the cpu has to work so hard its fans are always at 100%14:53
Scunizicappe: 2 things to try.  Make a new user and try from there. 2> http://askubuntu.com/questions/659346/open-lock-file-var-lib-dpkg-lock-open-21-is-a-directory14:53
k1l_bluefive: since you dont believe us anyway please look up the kernel version and aes and encryption support build in. and look up the CPU used back then.14:53
cappeok, thanks for helping me out!14:54
k1l_bluefive: but since you dont do all this but just say "i dont believe you" please stop asking in here14:54
bluefivek11, You're saying significant changes have occurred since 2011?14:54
bluefiveAES-NI ***now*** makes a good difference?14:54
bluefiveBecause in 2011 it was a net drag.14:54
ouroumov_bluefive, the last post on pthree says with AES-NI there was a five-fold speedup.14:54
k1l_bluefive: look it up. you want to know about it and dont trust users who have answered you very lenghly already for days.14:54
AnticomHi all14:55
bluefiveouroumov_: Do you have a link?14:55
AnticomJust to make sure: dd follows symlinks by default, right? so if i do `dd if=my-symlink of=some-destination` it won't copy the link but the actual file the link is pointing at, right?14:55
ouroumov_"In this case, we see about a 5x performance improvement when using the AES-NI instruction set as compared to when not using it." - https://pthree.org/2016/03/08/linux-kernel-csprng-performance/14:55
k1l_bluefive: buy that new CPU with aes support. but please stop asking the same questions over and over again14:55
=== mosene_ is now known as mosene
bluefiveLOL. I don't need a new CPU. k11, I'm here for the Ubuntu support.14:56
ScuniziAnticom: did you ask a question? All I saw was "Hi"..14:57
AnticomScunizi: <Anticom> Just to make sure: dd follows symlinks by default, right? so if i do `dd if=my-symlink of=some-destination` it won't copy the link but the actual file the link is pointing at, right?14:57
bluefivek11, Well anyway, you're costing me a bunch of extra money and I doubt you're intending to compensate me.14:57
ScuniziAnticom: sorry can't answer that one.14:58
bluefiveouroumov_: Good URL.14:58
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bluefiveInteresting to see Luke here.14:58
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frostschutzAnticom, dd can't create symlinks, for that you have to use ln -s, cp -a, ..14:59
andreasdHi. The apt-get is nice and all, but some of the packages is realy (like really) outdated. So I have to download some by source, in case I don't want to use some 3 year old version. But where do I install the software? I am a bit confused to be honest. I know how to extract a tarball and all, but where do I install it, what directory?14:59
Anticomfrostschutz: i don't want to create symlinks. I want to know when i provide a symlink to if, whether dd copies the symlink itself or follows it and copies the file the link is pointing at15:00
frostschutzAnticom, think about it15:00
Anticomandreasd: Not really an answer to your question but you could look for ppa repos providing those packages15:00
ouroumov_andreasd, you can do that in a directory in your home folder. I usually do that. You gotta pass some specific flags to ./configure and the other build systems15:00
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Anticomfrostschutz: well in the manpage, therese a nofollow flag15:01
Anticomhence i guess by default it does follow links15:01
Scuniziandreasd: you might be better off with a prepackaged current version from a ppa that's done the compiling already.15:01
ThordinorTrying to boot from my USB ubuntu installer but i get the message "Windows Boot Manager". File wubildr.mbr : Status 0x000007b. What is wrong, and what can i do to fix this ?15:02
Scuniziandreasd: you might also read http://askubuntu.com/questions/140998/compiling-source-into-a-deb-package15:02
SchrodingersScat!latest | andreasd15:03
ubottuandreasd: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.15:03
Scuniziandreasd: g search for your program name and PPA..15:04
AnticomThordinor: maybe malfomed image on the thumb drive? Did you try copying the image to the usb stick again and retry?15:04
ThordinorI tried it on another computer , and installed it fine.15:05
ThordinorBut on my laptop, it dont work. i have tried to make a new USB installation drive with a new image and new program. but same message.15:06
ScuniziThordinor: was the other computer it installed on older? and the laptop newer?15:06
ThordinorNo, laptop is Samsung 900x, and the other computer i have made myself.15:07
ThordinorANd its on the laptop there is a problem, it have been ubuntu on it before. but now its win10 and i want win10 + ubuntu on it15:07
ScuniziThordinor: most likely there's a switch in the BIOS to change. Sounds like "secure boot" or whatever it's called is on.15:08
andreasdubottu: I also aim for stability, and not for the most cutting edge features (which I probably won't be need after all). But when the Node.js in the package directory is version 0.10.25 and the current is 4.4.0 (And that's just the LTS), then I would say the one in the package directory is too old. But I will try to find a ppa that might have it.15:11
ubottuandreasd: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:11
ThordinorANd its on the laptop there is a problem, it have been ubuntu on it before. but now its win10 and i want win10 + ubuntu on it15:13
ThordinorScunizi: Anticom do you guys have anny idea what i can do ?15:14
Scuniziandreasd: http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ppa/chris_lea_nodejs15:14
AnticomThordinor: windows is still booting w/o the usb stick?15:14
ThordinorYes, no problem with the win10 .15:14
Anticomok, so mbr is not fried15:14
k1l_is it some secureboot issue?15:15
Anticomwell did you check Scunizi recommendation?15:15
Thordinori got disconnected :S before i could read what he write15:15
ScuniziThordinor: most likely there's a switch in the BIOS to change. Sounds like "secure boot" or whatever it's called is on.15:15
tetacan somebody explain the meaning of this line? drwxrwxrwt.  21 root      root        4096 Mar 11 10:14 tmp                        what is the t.15:15
k1l_Thordinor: are you sure you boot the usb in bios?15:15
ThordinorYes, and i have tried without it too15:15
k1l_teta: its the permissions on that file/folder15:16
reisioteta: how do you mean?15:16
Scuniziteta: you have a directory owned by root in group root with world wide permisions.15:16
Anticomteta: https://www.linux.com/learn/tutorials/309527-understanding-linux-file-permissions15:17
andreasdScunizi: Thanks alot. But that version is pretty much the same as I already got. I found out that is it not that old actually (the build is like a year old). The versioning done by Node.js is just really odd I think.15:17
Scuniziandreasd: great. :)15:21
tetak1l_: reisio Scunizi Anticom   shouldn't it be           drwxrwxrwx    21   root root15:21
tetawhats the meaning of that t.15:22
reisioteta: sticky, & selinux15:22
Anticomteta: did you even read the link i've send you?15:22
k1l_Thordinor: are you trying to use wubi?15:23
reisioteta: sticky is normal, selinux is something you've opted into15:23
Scuniziteta: http://askubuntu.com/questions/432699/what-is-the-t-letter-in-the-output-of-ls-ld-tmp15:24
k1l_Thordinor: sounds like you used wubi. dont use wubi that is not working anymore and is going to make a mess out of the system. make a proper isntall into native partitions15:24
Thordinork1l_:  tried that too. but i must come back later. i must go now. thnx for all the input guys. i will be back15:25
flokahello guys, does wget have a config file somewhere?15:25
flokaI want to place option as a default one in wget so I do not need to type it every time15:26
reisiofloka: traditional ~/.wgetrc15:26
reisiothat's where configs usually go, ~/.foorc15:26
reisioalthough desktop apps are steadily moving to ~/.config/15:27
snowgogglesteta: don't mess with that permission...it's meant for root and system use15:27
vinodKindly help me to download the package for offline installing xfce15:27
SchrodingersScatfloka: can check that bu using the manual, 'man wget' and then towards the bottom there's often "FILES"15:27
Scunizifloka: http://askubuntu.com/questions/346649/how-do-i-force-wget-to-use-a-proxy-server-without-modifying-system-files15:27
flokano there is not config file in ~/.wget15:27
cappeso, guys, Im very confused about this, my computer is called "it" and my user is "it" too. even though I added 2 user accounts with other names...15:27
SchrodingersScatfloka: you would likely need to create it, and it would be .wgetrc15:28
tetasnowgoggles: it's for a dir called /tmp      and I'm trying to use that dir as another user but I'm failing miserably15:28
cappeam I on a hacked version of ubuntu or what is this?15:28
Scunizicappe: log out of user "it" and into other user.15:28
snowgogglesteta: please reread what I said...it's not for non-root use15:29
cappeIll give it a shot!15:29
cappeI have no other users at all! and account named "it" has no password neither has software-center?! I can simply download programs without any password!15:30
flokaI created .wgetrc in home but it gives me error.I want to add this option as a default one --no-check-certificate15:30
flokawhat is the syntax to do that?15:31
mesami have ubuntu...my friend have ubuntu too...we are far from toghether..how can i share my desktop too see it for her?15:33
cappeguys, I'm afraid a copy of ubuntu 15.10 is hacked, and I downloaded it from your own mirrors15:33
reisiomesam: as a one-off, teamviewer could be worse15:34
reisiocappe: oh yeah, what makes you afraid of that?15:34
cappeI have typed that15:34
Scunizicappe: that's not a reasonable assumption. you can check the validity of the download with the md5 checksum15:34
cappetell me why I have a standard user named IT and the hostname too?15:35
cappeI can access software-center without password15:35
mesam<reisio> just i want show my terminal to her15:35
cappeI can't add other accounts15:35
bluefiveWho is the user who said that AES-NI prevented the computer from running hot and the fan from being at 100%?15:35
bluefiveWhere did he go?15:36
cappeyou know about the Linux MINT hack right__15:36
cappethat could be the case15:36
mesam<reisio> just i want show my terminal to her...teamviewer is not good for me15:37
=== dummy is now known as craptalk
cappeI cant do anything about this, I have reported my findings though15:38
reisiomesam: oh okay15:39
mesam<reisio> what can i do? its neccessary for me15:39
reisiomesam: checkout asciinema / showterm15:39
reisiomesam: are you typing out '<reisio>' by hand?15:40
mesam<reisio> no cpy it :)15:40
reisiomesam: just type r-e-i, then TAB15:40
bluefivethat weasel ran away15:44
reisiomesam: it's simpler15:44
mesamreisio, tnx plz help me for share my terminal to show it to my friend15:45
reisiomesam: https://showterm.io/15:47
flokaHow to add an option as a default one in wgettc file?15:47
flokaI looked at some sample config of wget , could not find appropriate way to do it.Maybe the samples I saw are not full15:48
reisiofloka: so, if wget --foo-bar:baz does what you want, then you simply add '--foo-bar:baz' to ~/.wgetrc15:48
reisiokind of an odd rc in that regard15:48
flokaI tried and I get error15:48
reisiousually things are slightly more de-parameterized in rc files15:48
reisiowhat error?15:48
flokaI want --no-check-certificate15:49
jushur!patience | bluefive15:49
ubottubluefive: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:49
reisiookay, so add it15:49
reisiobluefive: nobody said that15:49
flokaSyntax error in /home/gw/.wgetrc at line 1.15:49
jushurbluefive: basicly dont expect instant responses..15:49
reisiofloka: pastebin your ~/.wgetrc15:49
flokaits just --no-check-cerificate line15:50
flokanothing else15:50
reisiofloka: pastebin your ~/.wgetrc15:50
jushurbluefive: what i said was that i noticed the fans on systems without aesni cpu support usually end up at 100% (mostly laptops) while using luks encryption.15:52
reisiojushur: no you didn't15:52
bluefiveSo AES-NI may not speed things up per se but frees up the processor?15:53
reisiobluefive: it speeds things up over not having it15:53
jushurreisio: -bluefive: well i have noticed the heat issues on all systems that does not have aesni, basicly the cpu has to work so hard its fans are always at 100%15:53
bluefivereisio: I'm not convined the speed gain is significant.15:53
flokamy wgetrc15:53
reisioit doesn't make more taxing situations go faster than they would have ordinarily15:53
reisiobluefive: I think you were told ages ago that a human being wouldn't necessarily notice either way15:53
reisiojushur: sure sure15:54
reisios/I think //15:54
reisiowhat an awful pastebin15:54
flokaI tried to download from https with that option on , disabled wgetrc, by renaming it I get another error OpenSSL: error:14077410:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:sslv3 alert handshake failure15:54
bluefivejushur: So you compared an equivalent system with AES-NI to one without AES-NI?15:54
MiaHey all15:55
jushuri have 40x office computers i maintain and about 200x laptops. and a few servers. all laptops run luks. and many of them do not have aesni.15:55
flokassl is broken or something else.15:55
Miacan someone help me with my macbook ubuntu installation15:55
Miano matter what I tried I can't get past the meaningless purple screen15:55
reisiofloka: okay, so for that one, it's 'check_certificate = off'15:55
reisiofloka: don't ask me why wget has inconsistent rc syntax :p15:55
flokahow did you find it out man15:56
jushurexactly all laptops exept the one running a custom coling system is running fans at 100% when no aesni is present.15:56
bluefiveAnd with AESNI the fans are off?15:56
jushurnot off, just not forced by monitoring tools to 100%15:56
flokathanks reisio15:57
reisiojushur: so all but the one with a significantly different hardware?15:57
reisios/ a //15:57
bluefivejushur: Did you compare to non-encrypted to see if the fans run less on that vs encrypted with AES-NI?15:57
jushurbluefive: all systems run coler without luks obviously. company policy is to run all with it tho even if its slow and makes for a lot of extra power used.15:59
bluefivehow much cooler?15:59
reisionothing like a nice pointlessly broad policy15:59
bluefiveis the difference between un-encrypted and luks with aes-ni about the same difference as between luks with aes-ni and luks without aes-ni?16:00
jushuractually the policy specialy designed to not allow weakest link to be an attack vector..16:00
bluefivesome kind of herd immunity policy.16:00
jushurthe systems with aesni is still hotter when running luks. you cant get aroound this. as its still more cpu cycles etc that will need to be used.16:01
jushurno luks is "cool" using luks those with aesni is not running cpu fans at 100% and those without is.16:02
bluefivejushur: So fans with the LUKS + AESNI are how much more than without luks?16:05
snowgogglesbluefive: you appear to be obsessed with this encryption topic...what is your actual concern?16:06
bluefivesnowgoggles: I'm doing research.16:07
bluefivesnowgoggles: No concern per se. It's technical research.16:07
snowgogglesbluefive:  i believe that is what the internet is for...is this ubuntu related?16:07
DirtyCajunI have been looking everywhere and have nothing that fixes this permenantly. I have a Virtual Server and kswapd0 is at 100 percent after a while. i dont have swap and do not want any. i did swappyness=0 but it still happens. does anyone know how to actually disable swap?16:09
DirtyCajunim using 15.1016:11
snowgogglesDirtyCajun:  why disable swap?16:11
DirtyCajunbecause it caps the cpu at 100 percent permenantly till reboot16:11
frostschutzDirtyCajun, even if you disable CONFIG_SWAP in kernel, you still have a kswapd0 process16:12
snowgogglesDirtyCajun:  how do you know it's swap causing the issue?16:12
DirtyCajuni have made the assumption from kswapd0 being at 100 percent. should i look elsewhere?16:13
jushurDirtyCajun: you run the VM with a user that has realtime hardware rights?16:14
DirtyCajunwait define?16:14
compdocseems the anwsewr is to use swap, but it can be a file instead of a partition, or zramswap16:16
=== chef_ is now known as Guest59362
Guest59362come cambio nik16:16
naccDirtyCajun: are you low on free memory in the VM? (or is this the host with kswapd0 pegged?)16:17
DirtyCajuni have plenty of memory left (50 percent)16:17
naccDirtyCajun: the host or VM kswapd0 is pegged?16:18
DirtyCajunmy host is a vm... so host?16:18
DirtyCajunits through AWS16:18
naccDirtyCajun: oh i see, i misread "Virtual Server" as a "VM Server", apologies16:18
DirtyCajunahhhh. yeah.16:19
naccDirtyCajun: are you up to date on 15.10?16:19
naccDirtyCajun: and using the stock Ubuntu kernel16:19
DirtyCajunyes sir.16:19
DirtyCajunor mam...16:19
DirtyCajunthere states all over the internet there is a "bug" causing this16:20
DirtyCajunbut no one shows how to fix it16:20
naccDirtyCajun: link or reference?16:20
cappeOk guys, this is very strange. I have downloaded a new ubuntu release from another server than before. STILL my default user is "IT" and my hostname is IT. I cant use softwarecenter cause I have no reps from clean install16:21
cappecould you please look into this??16:21
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 65201 in Other "kswapd0 randomly high cpu load" [Normal,New]16:21
compdocif ubuntu wants to install swap, I dont argue with them. its never harmed anything, and its rarely used16:21
snowgogglesDirtyCajun: I wouldn't assume it's generic ubuntu settings causing the issue if running on AWS...is it an AWS supplied image of Ubuntu?16:22
jushurDirtyCajun: cat /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches16:22
cappehow do I get a real Ubuntu dist which is not hacked?16:22
jushur!details | cappe:16:23
ubottucappe:: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)16:23
DirtyCajunjushur: 016:23
naccDirtyCajun: has your VM OOM'd at all? and cat /proc/sys/vm/overcommit_memory16:23
cappejushur: I have already discribed everything about this issue16:23
jushurDirtyCajun: echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches16:23
DirtyCajunjushur: ive tried that16:24
Picicappe: I've never seen this before. Are you sure that you're doing a clean install?16:24
DirtyCajuni can google too lol16:24
DirtyCajunnacc: 016:24
cappewhat! I'm in LIVE mode16:24
cappewith persistance-file16:24
SkyriderCan someone tell me if I plug in an external HDD, I can see it on the desktop.. how can I tell which SDA it is?16:24
cappeIm using a usb-drive for this installation.16:25
cappeI mean mode.16:25
Picicappe: and you've formatted the persistant partition?16:25
cappefrom start that is16:26
jushurSkyrider: lsblk -f16:26
jushurSkyrider: in a terminal16:26
Skyriderty, any reason why this doesn't show up in the volume's properties?16:26
SkyriderShould be default.16:27
BingoHi, I'm trying to reset windows boot manager or add entry for ubuntu.. like I had with wubi.  A direct install of Ubuntu left windows with no way to find Ubuntu boot.16:27
naccDirtyCajun: sorry, otp ... give me asecond16:27
cappecould this be a JOKE on me from some hacker or is this matter related to your end? having linked hacked files?16:29
varaindemianwhat is called the ubuntu tool for managing unity?16:29
jushurcappe: totaly possible you connect trough a compromised router or such, and therefor get bad iso.16:30
jushurcappe: lsb_release says what on your usb live session?16:30
cappeit@it:~$ uname -a Linux it 4.2.0-16-generic #19-Ubuntu SMP Thu Oct 8 15:35:06 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux16:30
BingoUnity Tweak tool16:30
cappeit@it:~$ lsb_release  No LSB modules are available.16:30
=== daxcat is now known as rwd
Bingoi got unity, got gnome, got compiz, got the metacity fallback, and it looks great in gnome.16:31
cappeshould I proceed using this system or is it compromised you think?16:32
jushurcappe: lsb_release -a , and dont paste all lines here.. use a pastebin16:32
cappeno lsb modules, dist> ubuntu, discription Ubuntu 15.10 release 15.10 codename wily16:33
=== sparklyballs_2 is now known as Sparklyballs
snowgogglescappe:  verified the iso you downloaded?16:34
cappesnowgoggles: how?16:34
snowgoggleswith the md5sum tool16:35
cappehow is it done?16:35
snowgogglesyou have a running linux box?16:36
jushurwhat iso and mirror did download from?16:36
cappeI took it from a swedish one, but I have tried others too16:36
capperunning linux-box? do you mean virtuatlization? no.16:36
snowgogglescappe: what OS you on now?16:38
cappethe md5 said this16:39
cappeit@it:/media/it/2A3A6E793A6E41C5$ md5sum ubuntu_final.iso  ece816e12f97018fa3d4974b5fd27337  ubuntu_final.iso16:39
jushurcappe: what address did you download it frm.16:39
cappeI used a swedish ftp16:40
jushuri want specific information16:40
snowgogglescappe: that .iso filename doesn't look right...get rid of it16:40
cappeim using the system from it right now16:40
nicomachusubuntu_final.iso? where'd you get that?16:40
cappeI renamed it!16:41
cappefrom a mirror in sweden from the official ubuntu site16:41
nicomachusahhh. md5 checked out, though?16:41
snowgogglescappe:  i would start over and verify the md5 from official ubuntu site16:41
snowgogglescappe: what tool is being used to create the live?16:42
cappe8044d756b7f00b695ab8dce07dce43e5 that's what it should be and this is what it is in my system: ece816e12f97018fa3d4974b5fd2733716:42
cappeyami or something like that16:42
nicomachuskill it.16:42
cappeit;s not active, i did that in windows before I installed it16:42
cappeI have used universal usb tool also16:43
snowgogglescappe: i can't assist with windows specific tools but unetbootin from github repo works cross platform16:44
jushurcappe: you dont rename isos, and epscially not whats inside them. ever. as tools may be scripted to look for that particular name and change how it behaves.16:45
cappeI have used another file to which I didnt rename!16:46
cappesame problem.16:46
naccDirtyCajun: can you pastebin `cat /proc/meminfo` and `cat /sys/devices/system/node/node*/meminfo`16:48
=== tertiary is now known as boxis
=== boxis is now known as tertiary
DirtyCajunnacc i just gave in and made a 1gb swapfile16:48
ilevdHow many megabytes of RAM does Ubuntu takes after boot?16:48
naccDirtyCajun: fair enough16:49
MiaI now know the problem I tink, by following this guide http://heeris.id.au/2014/ubuntu-plus-mac-pure-efi-boot/#boot-from-usb16:49
Miathie thing is --- with the new installer there is no "guided install" option therefore I can2t see what partitions are being created16:50
MiaI think the first option (close to the guided one) - which is "erase disk and install ubuntu" one is not creating an EFIBoot partition16:50
Miaso yeah --- can someone give me a bit of info and possibly a bit of hand to me16:50
Miak1l_, cc16:50
ilevd700 mb?16:51
jushurilevd: maybe, my system uses 1.1GB atm.16:51
nicomachusilevd: that depends on a LOT of different factors.16:51
nicomachusI'm currently using like 6gb, but most of that is chrome.16:51
ilevdAfter installation without programms16:52
BingoMia, Something els, show up on that screen/page?16:52
jushurilevd: i have a prety clean usage pattern, terminals, tmux, weechat, and firefox. on this machine.16:52
nicomachusagain, depends on a lot of factors. DE, WM, etc.16:52
MiaBingo, yes something else screen is as follows16:52
Miabut this one creates one huge partition16:52
=== tertiary is now known as primitivist
Mianot sure if this is the right path to go16:53
=== irra is now known as solido232
cappeso I have a dirty file, you say it is my router, I have no clue... still Im not sure what to do about it. I cant download another copy, it turned out the same16:53
cappemy ubuntu iso is prolly hacked16:54
BingoMia -- 7. Now it’s time to create the system partitions manually.16:54
cappeand you guys say its in my end?16:54
Miabingo can I pm you16:54
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.16:54
Miaor maybe I shoudl ask here in public chat16:54
BingoMia - first selection will.. but "Something else" lets you do16:54
jushurcappe: id say you go to a friend, have them "burn" you a copy of a fresh downloaded iso. and then use that for install.16:54
Miaso what is root partition is for16:54
Miahow many gb I need to give to it16:55
Miaand is it primary or logical ?16:55
Miahttp://www.tecmint.com/ubuntu-15-04-installation-on-uefi-firmware/ I'm following this guide and it does not note if they're primary or logical16:55
BingoMia Ubuntu root is /, Home is your folder16:55
cappeIm at my friends, I rather use USB. you could be right about the internet connection though16:55
Miaoh wait it does --- I just realized they should be all primary16:55
MiaBingo, well how much space do I have to give to root and gome16:56
cappehow should I clear my router of hackers? reset it?16:56
Miais 10 gb enough for root16:56
BingoMia - what computer ? drive, etc.. cas if you have BIOS/MBR, or UEFI, then you need to be aware16:56
Miaan old macbook pro, just bough a 120 gb ssd16:56
BingoMia 20-4016:56
Miathat's all of the disk16:56
jushurcappe: router/isp/usbmem could technicaly alter your perception of what you download. and you would not notice untill you actually boot it. (as the "it" part would point towards a nonstandard iso)16:56
Miaso 20 for root right?16:56
nemonewhello guys. i am trying to edit the Nemo background color. dconf editor doesnt seem to let me, being sudo or not. what part of my used thems do i have to edit and where? Window boprders? Controls? Icons? Desktop?16:57
BingoAbout 6-8gb for swap16:57
Miaok so I'll give 8 gb swap16:57
Mia20 gb home16:57
Mia20 gb root16:57
Miaand the remaining to gome?16:57
Miaoh and 650mb to efi16:57
popeyi wouldn't bother separating / and /home16:57
Bingoright root is home in Ubuntu16:58
Miapopey, how would you proceed16:58
popeykeep / and /home together16:58
Miahow can I keep them tohether16:58
Miahttp://www.tecmint.com/ubuntu-15-04-installation-on-uefi-firmware/ I was following this guide16:58
popeyugh tecmint16:58
popeyMia: just don't make a separate /home, that's all, just have / taking up most of the space16:59
MiaOH okay!16:59
Miaso then I first create the swap?16:59
BingoMount Point /home Partition – custom space (or all remaining space) – Formatted EXT4 journaling file system. Yeah just a / (root)16:59
Miathen give the final partition to / mount point?16:59
fedoenisn't that the default way ubuntu installs?16:59
Miaı mean depending on the orde of this tutorial (not sure if it's important or not) but root is created before the swap space16:59
Miashould I crate the swap partition first17:00
Miaor root partition first?17:00
Bingostep by step17:00
Miaor maybe just create swap to the end of the line17:00
Miaso Bingo sorry to ask once again but jsut to clarify17:00
fedoenand on ssd they recommend leaving some free space, not formatted (read that on some blog)17:00
Miado I create swap first, or / first?17:01
Mia(and does it matter)17:01
zquadI have a database of users who's password changes fairly regularly. I want each user to have an ftp location where they can upload files jailed within a folder that only them control.  I don't know where to start setting that up, can someone suggest something?17:01
popeyMia: no, it doesn't matter17:01
Miathanks popey17:01
popeyand ubuntu has an installer which does all this for you17:01
Miaok I tink this'll work now, hopefully!17:01
Miafingers crossed17:01
popeyyou shouldn't have to choose all these things17:01
skyppydippywhat does it mean this kernel error message?17:01
Miapopey, looks like ubuntu installer does not create efi partition17:01
skyppydippy[   41.067980] [drm:gen6_sanitize_pm] *ERROR* Power management discrepancy: GEN6_RP_INTERRUPT_LIMITS expected 00070000, was 1400000017:01
lotuspsychjezquad: be carefull with ftp for security reasons17:01
Miabecause my macbook never sees an efi partition in the ubuntu default install17:01
Miaso I'm creating it manualy17:02
zquadlotuspsychje: can you explain?  I can limit the filetype each user uploads plus their location is behind webroot17:02
BingoMia - unsure about MAC, but use the isox64 and be sure your mac is in uefi mode.17:03
lotuspsychjezquad: cant you just use seperate users, and tweak with chmod or so?17:03
zquadlotuspsychje: yea, any suggestion of creating and syncing all these ftp accounts?17:05
ecdheWill 16.04 have mir enabled?17:06
lotuspsychjeecdhe: #ubuntu+1 for 16.04 please17:07
jespersonHey guys, I'm having this weird steam bug I was wondering if someone could help me with.17:09
jespersonWhenever I click a link in steam it bugs out and doesn't let me click anything on my desktop (active processes and the like), the only way I've found to temporarily fix it is to pkill steam17:10
DirtyCajuni added the swap file to /etc/fstab what was the command to basically "re inialize" the fstab so it mounts that swap17:11
nemonewi am trying to edit the Nemo background color. dconf editor doesnt seem to let me, being sudo or not. what part of my used thems do i have to edit and where? Window boprders? Controls? Icons? Desktop?17:12
daftykinsDirtyCajun: mount -a17:12
DirtyCajunoh yeahhh.17:13
daftykinsjesperson: nuke the client and reinstall perhaps, but Steam is Valve's problem, not really the OSs17:13
Bingokick the bucket re-install the prog.. "turn off and on.. yada yada, wait 10 seconds.."17:14
daftykinsBingo: yep all the usual highly technical stuff ;)17:15
BingoProblems can't get resolved by turning off. Unless the bit torrent is so strong ( alot )17:16
BingoI think I feel better17:16
daftykinsBingo: i have no idea what you're talking about :)17:24
knitevision1Hi! An application can not connect via SSL because of the protocol error. What can it be connected to, apart from BIOS time?17:25
knitevision1This is the only app that does not work :/17:25
lotuspsychjeknitevision1: share the whole story to the channel please, what app are we talking about?17:29
knitevision1Upwork one17:29
knitevision1Well I just run it in the terminal and get this http://pastebin.com/LbMBVjTH17:30
knitevision12+ hrs of googling no help, BIOS time is correct, have no idea what it can be caused by17:30
daftykinsknitevision1: looks like you got upwork from a package download, it's not in the repos?17:31
knitevision1Yes, it's a .deb package from upwork.com. I don't think it should exist in the repositories17:33
Skyridermeh, screw it.. gonna install ubuntu on my pi2.17:33
lotuspsychjeknitevision1: what version of libnss3 you have?17:33
lotuspsychjeknitevision1: and wich ubuntu version17:34
knitevision1Xubuntu 15.0417:34
lotuspsychjeknitevision1: 15.04 is eol mate17:35
lotuspsychjeknitevision1: install a supported version from topic please17:35
Miaok here is a possible bug17:38
Miawhen I make custom partitioning in macbook pro, and create a efi system space, the installer displays me a popup, "force uefi installation?"17:39
MiaI can't press continue, or cancel it17:39
MiaI'm trying this for the third time and this is what happens17:39
lotuspsychje!mac | Mia following this guide?17:39
ubottuMia following this guide?: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages17:40
Miait does not freeze, but pressing the buttons does not do anything17:40
Mialotuspsychje, yes17:40
Miamy problem is not this17:40
Mialotuspsychje, I want to do custom partitioning when installing ubuntu17:40
Miabut the problem is that when you do custom partitioning it displays a mesage in the end asking you if you really want to force a uefi instlalation17:40
Miaand no matter what you press you can't get past the screen it's sort of like frozen17:40
lotuspsychjeMia: wait for EriC^^ to join, he's our uefi guy :p17:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1418706 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1433310 Vivid: UEFI: blank drive incorrectly detected as existing BIOS-mode install" [Critical,Fix released]17:41
Miaactually here it is17:41
PasNoxHi, I would need help setting up my ubuntu instalaltion on mac macbook pro. i started the installer in uefi mode and setup the partitions correctly. now i'm lost - i don't know what to do to install correct bootloade using EFI. the installer default selecting /dev/sda but my OSX EFI partition is /dev/sda1. any advice greetly aprpeciated :)17:41
lotuspsychjeMia: thats a vivid bug...17:41
Miawhat does that mean lotuspsychje17:42
lotuspsychje!vivid | Mia17:42
ubottuMia: Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) was the 22nd release of Ubuntu. Support ended on February 4, 2016. See !eol, !eolupgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/vivid17:42
lotuspsychje!mac | PasNox17:42
ubottuPasNox: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages17:42
Miawell I'm in 14.0417:42
MiaI can confirm it's happening here as well17:42
lotuspsychjeMia: file a new bug then17:42
daftykinsMia: you know that ubuntu cannot be the sole OS right? most macs will not even get past the boot chime if you don't have at least one active HFS partition17:43
MarqinAre there some Ubuntu upgrade statistics? I'd like to know how much people wait before upgrading to new Ubuntu version ( like - "I'll wait few days before they fix crucial bugs" )17:43
Miadaftykins, I want ubuntu as a single os that's right17:43
MiaI took out the osx drive and installed a brand new ssd on my 2009 macbook17:43
lotuspsychjeMarqin: impossible to know if users wait to upgrade17:44
Marqinlotuspsychje: Canonical can know it from their logs17:44
daftykinsMia: you cannot install it on its' own.17:44
Miawell you can17:44
MiaI did to fedora17:44
Marqinlotuspsychje: question is if they share those stats17:44
Miait worked17:44
MiaI tried a few other distros as well17:44
BikerMikeMia I'm on OSX too but haven't tried what you're trying, how's it going so far?17:44
Miathey all worked natively17:44
Miait's just ubuntu that's causing problems17:44
daftykinsso why didn't you just stop whilst you were ahead? :)17:44
Miadaftykins, I want ubuntu17:45
Mianot fedora17:45
Mianot anything else17:45
daftykinsi suggest you take the time to update the wiki if you're going to the effort17:45
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages17:45
Miayeah if I can succeed I will :)17:45
daftykinsi've done one of those for an old model, it sticks out like a sore thumb since nobody has updated most of them17:45
MiaI couldn't succeed yet17:45
daftykinsno you should document problems too17:45
lotuspsychjeMarqin: i dont think so mate, the ubuntu user counts is also a raw estimate of counting17:45
PasNoxlooks like ubuntu is not yet mac ready as far as i can read :D17:45
Miawell definitely not17:45
Miawifi drivers are not supported and such17:45
Miaat least fo my model17:46
Miaso I'll be sticking with wired connection probobly17:46
PasNoxho i did not see wifi driver yet during instalaltion17:46
PasNoxbut i remember having it working one year ago with an older release17:46
PasNoxmaybe u will be able to instal lthe driver after the installer finished17:46
PasNoxif wifi is not working my ubuntu install will be useless - i do not have rj45 adapter :)17:47
MarqinPasNox: working for me17:48
MarqinMBA 201317:48
PasNoxmacbookpro11,3 for me17:48
Marqinootb wifi and 3g dongle working17:49
daftykinsPasNox: it's a different case for every specific model, but essentially running Linux on a mac is frought with drama, yes17:49
PasNoxcurrently no wifi driver available, but i'm still in the install phase17:49
daftykinsquite honestly if anyone buys one to put Linux on, they are foolish17:49
Marqinstrange, mba13 had drivers17:49
Marqinmaybe mbp11 is too old17:49
Marqinto care about it17:49
* daftykins got a macbook 3,1 working, as per the above link17:49
PasNoxdaftykins: :)17:49
=== s1n4ck is now known as mra^
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: some mac lovers in uefi hell :p17:51
lotuspsychjeMia: ask your uefi stuff to EriC^^ please17:52
Bingodesktops from sysinternals, 4 work spaces?17:55
daftykinsBingo: ok, all you're doing in here is occasionally spouting nonsense - either phrase an actual ubuntu support question or take it to #ubuntu-offtopic thanks.17:56
grantsgetting things ironed out after setup of Ubuntu 15. like it a lot.17:57
grantsfunny thing, I cannot create a new ubuntu account because i cannot read the dam spam captions they require for setup17:58
Doonzhey everyone who is a good cloud vps provider?17:58
Madhumper69having issues with gufw the firewall gui i get this error anyone have any idea what it means http://paste.ubuntu.com/15349328/17:59
holdsworth!find veil-evasion18:00
ubottuFound: W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W: (and 3 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=veil-evasion&searchon=names&suite=wily&section=all18:00
holdsworthfound: no results18:01
daftykinsDoonz: digitalocean18:01
Doonzdaftykins, thanks18:02
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PasNoxhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro12-1/Wily say to check my current efi bootorder, but does not give the command, it does only give the command to change the boot order, any idea pelase ?18:05
daftykinsnot sure how well that talks to Apple's blackbox EFI though18:06
holdsworth!find wine3218:07
ubottuFound: wine32-development, wine32-development-preloader, wine32-development-tools18:07
=== Jack is now known as Guest46134
PasNoxjust calling efibootmgr i can see it is already correct so no need to chage it seems18:08
PasNoxok, rebooted, see blackscreen with artifacts :)18:11
PasNoxthen after 5 seconds i can see plasma shell :)18:11
PasNoxlet try to fix grub :)18:11
EriC^^PasNox: what's the problem?18:12
PasNoxwell i have no choice for booting other kernels, no memory check, nr osx18:12
PasNoxshould not i see some listing here ?18:12
EriC^^you don't have an "advanced option" ?18:13
PasNoxi have black screen + artifct on top :)18:13
MiaEriC^^, I'm trying to create a single boot ubuntu from my macbook18:13
Miahow should I proceed18:13
PasNoxu don't want osx on ?18:14
EriC^^Mia: you can use refind ( a uefi boot loader ) to boot ubuntu, or use uefi to boot ubuntu straight away ( a tad more involved though )18:14
mirko_oggi ho cancellato completamente windows e ho installato ubuntu 15.118:14
EriC^^Mia: it's up to you which choice18:14
=== kalen_not-here is now known as kalen
PasNoxi use nothing more than install bootloader on the linux system partition + install efibootmgr before rebooting - and voila.18:15
EriC^^Mia: refind is just a matter of installing refind, uefi you have to have the efi partition as hfs+ and install a program to "bless" the grub efi file so mac boots it18:15
MiaEriC^^, I don2t have any osx installed, brand new hard disc on a 2009 mac18:15
Miawhicever is more possible for me18:15
EriC^^Mia: yes it's just the firmware, same thing18:15
WalterBishopjHello, I have a question. i'm running ubuntu 14.04 on my box but it has a remote disk that listen on a certain port. if i wanne use my firewall i have to add these ports to iptables else my box won't be able to be connected to. Is there a way to run a iptables script that runs on boot?18:15
MiaEriC^^, what do you mean -- I mean --- wha sohuld I do18:16
PasNoxthe scaling thing does not works (kubuntu) :'(18:16
MiaI have the ubuntu in my stick righ now and that's it18:16
EriC^^Mia: did you install ubuntu yet?18:16
MiaI've tried going through the default installation process, installer works but after that system never boots properly18:16
MiaYes I installed, I tink around 15 time since yesterday with diffeernt settings18:16
EriC^^Mia: ok, it's still installed right now?18:16
Miawell yes bur I think I might have broken it18:17
EriC^^why do you say that?18:17
Miahttp://heeris.id.au/2014/ubuntu-plus-mac-pure-efi-boot/#boot-from-usb I was following this but at soem point it started to not match any more18:17
Miaso I think I'll format and reinstall again with the default installer18:17
EriC^^Mia: ok18:17
Miawith the "erase everything and install ubuntu" option18:17
k1l_Mia: stop18:17
Miak1l_, ?18:17
k1l_Mia: does the system (on the disk) boot?18:18
Miak1l_, boots from usb live stick18:18
k1l_not even to the splash screen?18:18
Miawell when I press the option key when no usb stick is in, it shows "windows" partition18:18
Mia;I have no idea where the hell it gets that info I didn't even try to instakk anything windows related18:19
k1l_Mia: because if it boots but just doesnt boot properly you could run the usb-live version and look at the logfiles from the disk to see what is going wrong. this would be a good approach instead of making the same wrong thing over and over again.18:19
Miaso no, no boot screen, nothing18:19
Miagnu grub opens18:19
EriC^^k1l_: he/she needs to do a few stuff to boot ubuntu with mac, it's not plug and play18:19
MiaEriC^^, I would love to know what18:20
MiaI mean this is the only linuc distro I really like18:20
k1l_Mia: ok. so i would suggest doing the install that did bring you to the partial booting system like before.18:20
Miabut every other distro installed properly on y old macbook, but this..18:20
EriC^^Mia: i told you, you can use refind to boot or as i said18:20
MiaI'm there at the moment18:20
k1l_EriC^^: yes, there was a just-no-login-screen booting system some hours ago.18:20
Miacan I install refind when I don2t have any system on18:20
EriC^^k1l_: aha, not aware of that18:21
Miano not really18:21
EriC^^also, odd18:21
Miaall I see (the best I saw this far) was an empty purple screen18:21
Miait's also what I see atm18:21
Mianothing happens after this18:21
k1l_EriC^^: no problem. and i think that is a good base to start the troubleshooting. because it could be "just" a nvidia issue for x.18:21
EriC^^Mia: ok 1 sec18:21
compdocMia, its onboard video?18:21
EriC^^Mia: before you followed the steps on that website did it used to boot at all?18:22
applepiHello all..  I'm having a BEAST of a time understanding how in the world to set the date/time and timezone from the command line (I'm in a command line only Ubuntu.)  No matter what combination of hwclock and timezone settings I use, something is always coming out wrong.18:22
Miano, not at all18:22
Miaactually EriC^^ if you can give me 15 minutes I can just make another default installation18:22
EriC^^Mia: so you followed the steps on that site, and now you get a dark purple screen?18:22
Miabecause that was the most proper thing so far ı believe18:22
Miano, I just put in the stick again now and went for a disk check18:22
Miawhich brought back the purple screen18:23
applepiRight now, I have my RTC in UTC, and my /etc/localtime -> /usr/share/zoneinfo/US/Central18:23
EriC^^Mia: did the install on your hard disk ever boot?18:23
MiaMaybe, really, before complicating things further I should reformat and reinstall everything with default settings? would this help ?18:23
Miano, never.18:23
applepiBut, when I hwclock -s --localtime, it's ADDING six hours instead of subtracting.18:23
Miathe best thig I saw from my hard disc about ubuntu was, that purple screen18:23
PasNoxAfter having tuned grub config file i now have visible and good grub :)18:23
bobby_hey does anyone know if there is a good OSX emulator for unbuntu?18:23
EriC^^Mia: from the actual install on the hdd?18:23
MiaI've tried other distros though, and most of them worked perfectly18:24
Miafedora for instance18:24
EriC^^Mia: what i mean by booted is that you got something, not a "no os found" or something like that18:24
applepihwclock is showing Mar 11 18:23:51, but date is showing Mar 12 00:23:54 CST18:24
EriC^^right now do you get that purple screen?18:24
MiaEriC^^ oh well I was getting an error at some point18:24
applepiHow is that even possible?18:24
Miabut I don2t even remember what it was18:24
Miait was a one word thing in paranthesis18:24
Miaending with fs18:25
MiaEriC^^, I'll bring up that same error again, makeing a clean format and default install18:26
EriC^^Mia: ok18:29
EriC^^Mia: if you get a purple screen it might just be a graphics issu18:29
leo88fuck off18:29
compdocMia, in the bios, can you assign the amount of ram the video uses?18:29
leo88suck my ooooooooooh18:29
leo88pig porno18:29
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang18:30
leo88suck suck baby18:30
leo88o yes18:30
PasNoxshit, the wiki just turning in internal 500 error :'(18:31
EriC^^PasNox: use a cached version18:32
PasNoxi did not yet loaded the requested page18:32
EriC^^google cached18:32
=== irra is now known as solidus232
MiaEriC^^, hmmm no idea18:35
Miacompdoc, I don't even know how to check that in macbook18:35
compdocMia, ive had problems when the system doesnt give enough ram to the video by default. but if theres no setting...18:36
Miawe can check after the installation is done I believe compdoc EriC^^18:37
Miaiı just don2t know how, I've went through every guide I could find, none worked, in the lsat two days.18:37
max3what am i doing wrong here: find . -type d -exec sh -c '(cd {} && if [ -d ".hg" ]; then echo {} fi)' \;18:37
MiaI feel like I'm spamming the ubuntu channel to solve the same problem I couldn't figure out yet, but really, I just want this to work that's all18:37
max3i'm getting Syntax error: ")" unexpected (expecting "fi")18:37
Mia(if possible for sure)18:38
EriC^^Mia: same here, took me like 2-3 days to boot ubuntu after i installed it18:38
Miaeric you should be guiding me18:38
MiaEriC^^, I mean18:38
=== monk is now known as Guest88960
Superr2d2 --help18:38
EriC^^max3: you're missing a ";" after echo {}18:39
EriC^^max3: also it doesn't make sense unless i'm missing something18:39
EriC^^max3: what are you trying to do exactly?18:39
max3it could be then pwd or something18:40
max3this works find . -type d -exec sh -c '(cd {} && if [ -d .hg ]; then pwd; fi)' \;18:40
EriC^^max3: you want all dirs that another dir called .hg in them?18:40
max3yes exactly18:40
EriC^^*that have18:40
EriC^^max3: type find -type d -iname "*.hg"18:41
max3those are all the .hg dirs18:41
max3i need their parents18:42
max3 i can cut or something i guess18:42
EriC^^you want the name of the dir that has them?18:42
EriC^^find -type d -iname "*.hg" -exec dirname {} \;18:42
EriC^^try that maybe18:42
capoderrahi all. I've got ubuntu 14.04 running on a machine that I hide behind my tv. When I connect the machine to the TV via HDMI, there is a problem where I can't see the left side and top of the console (no x server). Is this called overscan?18:43
max3EriC^^, okay great now i need to execute a command that might fail, in which case just move on to the next dir18:43
capoderrai'm trying to find updated info18:44
EriC^^capoderra: maybe you need to fix the resolution of the terminal? just guessing18:47
EriC^^pass the right resolution from grub?18:47
capoderradoes grub control the resolution of the console?18:47
EriC^^Mia: should work out i guess, no worries18:47
MiaEriC^^, just finished installation18:47
Mia"restart now" - pressing it18:47
EriC^^Mia: great, try booting it18:47
EriC^^capoderra: yeah i think you can pass the resolution, what resolution is native for the tv?18:48
daftykinscapoderra: yeah pretty common on TVs that18:48
capoderranative is 1360x85018:48
daftykinscapoderra: to cope with powering the TV off and on you might have to hardcode an EDID18:48
daftykinsno that is not a TV resolution18:48
daftykins1360x768 or 1366x768 perhaps18:48
Miaok white screen, directly goes into black. then a purple screen, almost instantly. Now I'm waiting.18:48
capoderraI was looking at the fbset command but couldnt do anything productive with that18:49
Miaok now back to black screen EriC^^18:49
Mianothing else18:49
EriC^^Mia: ok, try ctrl+alt+f118:49
Miaso in macbook terms, ctrl alt fn f1 ?18:49
Miait sats ara1.00 status: drdy bunch of times EriC^^18:50
capoderradaftykins: I'm at a loss of where to start18:50
Miaata1 I mean18:50
capoderragrub? some command that passes a different resolution?18:50
Miait continues to say the same thing over and over with different values18:50
daftykinscapoderra: are you running server only?18:50
capoderradaftykins: correct18:50
capoderrano x18:50
daftykinsso why do you even use it directly? why don't you SSH in from another system?18:51
Miawait wtf, it booted, EriC^^18:51
MiaI'm in ubuntu now18:51
Miajust to confirm doing a restart18:51
daftykins!language | Mia18:51
ubottuMia: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList18:51
EriC^^Mia: nice, it sounds like it's a hdd issue18:51
capoderradaftykins: how do you set up ssh when you can't see anything you're typing?18:51
EriC^^Mia: like some setting you need to put or something, maybe it's taking long waiting for the hdd or something18:52
MiaEriC^^, hmm, this is a brand new ssd18:52
Miacan it be broken somehow ?18:52
Miawht does ctrl alt f1 do18:52
Bingo915resolution (a command from grub2 CLI)18:52
Miadaftykins, sorry, btw18:52
daftykinscapoderra: the keystrokes are easy, or you could boot a graphical desktop live session and chroot your local install18:53
EriC^^Mia: no maybe it's just a setting in the bios, try ahci maybe18:53
Miawhere can I go into the bios for mac18:54
EriC^^Mia: ctrl+alt+f1 shows tty1 ( it's a terminal )18:54
capoderradaftykins: ok, interesting approach... are you suggesting it because it's the easiest way or the only way?18:54
capoderrathere's no way to fix the resolution of the console?18:54
daftykinscapoderra: i just don't understand 1) why you would run a server on a TV 2) why you would want to interact with it directly18:54
daftykinssurely you have normal computers you interact with in a far easier way18:55
capoderra1) I want to run a server for the house and don't have a monitor 2) I'm setting it up18:55
EriC^^Mia: those msgs are like errors from the kernel, they show up on the tty, like i get ones about wifi sometimes and i have to remove the battery and hold the power button so they go away18:55
EriC^^if i shutdown the laptop suddenly sometimes they'll start18:56
EriC^^( from the button i mean without pressing shutdown )18:56
Miaok but the thing is I just realized18:56
daftykinscapoderra: right so SSH makes more sense for present and future administration, so messing around with graphical TTY parameters is a waste of time and effort18:56
Miaif I don't do ctrl alt f1, it never boots18:56
Miajust waits and waits in the black screen18:56
capoderraok daftykins thanks for your input18:56
EriC^^Mia: that's odd18:56
\9alright I got a weird one... I botched up my ubuntu install and now I'm on a live cd (or flash drive rather) trying to reinstall18:57
capoderrapeace out18:57
EriC^^Mia: press ctrl+alt+f1 then reboot it and hold shift to get the grub menu18:57
\9I'm getting the message "his machine's firmware has started the installer in UEFI mode but it looks like there may be existing operating systems already installed using "BIOS compatibility mode"." when trying to install18:57
EriC^^Mia: also maybe check the bios for any ahci stuff, it might solve the problem18:57
\9but I don't think I have an EFI system at all. I've never had this message before.18:57
Miaeric -- how do I go into ahci, or bios in general, in macbooks?18:58
\9for some reason the system boots the installer in UEFI mode...18:58
MiaI don2t think that have this option?18:58
EriC^^Mia: no idea, sorry, never owned one myself18:58
EriC^^let me google real quickly18:58
daftykins\9: you would not have gotten that far if it weren't EFI capable, you'd have seen a boot menu that's white text on a black background. Are you trying to dualboot?18:58
\9I'd like to dual boot if possible18:59
\9and yes I'm successfully on the live CD18:59
\9I have windows 7 installed and would like to keep it available if possible18:59
EriC^^Mia: it says "To access your MacBook’s Open Firmware, you must first shut off your computer.Then turn it back on, holding down the “Command,” “Option,” “0” and “F” keys simultaneously as the machine boots to access the Open Firmware interface"19:00
daftykins\9: no the specific boot menu appearance will define whether it has booted in EFI mode or not - what system type is this? laptop? what brand?19:00
daftykins\9: if you check your boot menu, which on most laptops can be invoked with a function key - you will see two boot entries for your USB flash drive - one EFI and one not - you'll need the non-EFI one19:00
\9this is an Acer Aspire X1430 desktop computer19:00
daftykinsok so i'm not sure on an Acer, maybe F9 through F1219:01
\9it's del19:01
EriC^^f11 i think on a dell19:01
\9well bios setup anyway. F12 shows the boot options19:01
daftykins\9: no that's BIOS entry, i was saying BOOT menu - please actually read the messages people type to you19:01
daftykinsit's surprisingly helpful in actually making progress19:01
\9I'll try the boot menu and see if there's indeed anything useful there19:02
daftykinsEriC^^: 12 in my experience :D19:02
daftykinsF12 that is19:02
EriC^^yeah :D19:03
nicomachusMy Dell is F12, my Acer is F1019:03
=== MobGod is now known as Mob
daftykinsah-har first hand confirmation \o/19:03
nicomachusHad to do it on both yesterday.19:04
=== RAX is now known as rax-
\9alright I selected the non-EFI option from the boot menu, but the installer still shows the same message19:06
daftykins\9: pics would be helpful - imgur.com19:06
daftykinsi suspect it's failing legacy boot then switching to EFI only based on BIOS settings19:07
edem_what is the best ubuntu  installation choice for minimal installation without X?19:07
daftykinsor if you have wired LAN, go mini.iso19:07
daftykins\9: remember what i said: EFI is white text on a black background, legacy is a more purple logo'd image which when you press a key on, asks for languages19:08
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:08
edem_does it come bare without server services?19:08
\9I see19:08
\9then indeed yes it's going into EFI19:08
daftykins\9: so if you truly are picking the legacy option on the menu, either you prepared your flash drive incorrectly by just extracting the files of the ISO onto it (which only works for EFI) or your BIOS settings are wrong19:09
\9I used unetbootin to create the flash drive19:09
\9..I'm guessing unetbootin isn't as recommended to use as it used to be...19:11
AndyC_Anyone know how to solve a uefi install problem I'm having? Read-only file system: '/target/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/5/include/mwaitxintrin.h'19:11
daftykinsit has been rubbish since the beginning in my view19:12
MonkeyDust\9  i used unetbootin today, to install 16.04... works like a charm19:12
\9I never had problems with unetbootin till now19:12
jushur!usb | \919:12
ubottu\9: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent19:12
daftykins\9: i don't even think it's the culprit right now, if you again read my actual messages in full19:12
MonkeyDustunetbootin does what it's made for19:12
daftykinsno, it used to actually fail to provide working EFI boot - so it was best avoided for the longest time :)19:14
MonkeyDustnever had to deal with u/efi boot19:15
\9hmm. it appears that my ubuntu install has unbotched itself now.19:18
\9but that unetbootin creates a misbehaving installation medium concerns me, so I'll try find out how to create a working one19:21
wafflejock\9: if you're already on ubuntu right now can typically just dd the iso file to the device19:21
wafflejock\9: just need to be careful about the source and destination with dd so you don't blow away the wrong thing19:22
\9just dd? hmm19:22
jushur\9: it maybe your hardwares firmware that is messing with it. some machines behaves badly when dualbooting.19:22
=== LegendThinker is now known as Anuj
AndyC_Anyone know if it's possible to manually create a uefi boot loader for ubuntu?19:22
mojtabaI know that I can play a video while I am downloading it using youtube-dl -q -o- $url | mplayer -cache 8192  -. But the problem is that after the download will finish it does not save it anywhere. Do you know what should I do?19:22
\9jushur: I've installed ubuntu on the system many times before and this is the first time I'm having problems like this19:22
daftykins\9: dd, cp, rufus etc.19:22
\9let's try dd then19:23
jushur\9: do "lsblk -f" in a terminal , to see what is what disks are connected and how they are mounted.19:23
daftykinsjust be careful.19:23
\9I'm aware that messing with devices like this can be nuclear to the system19:24
daftykinsif you dd the wrong drive, yeah19:24
=== beasty_ is now known as beasty
mojtabaI know that I can play a video while I am downloading it using youtube-dl -q -o- $url | mplayer -cache 8192  -. But the problem is that after the download will finish it does not save it anywhere. Do you know what should I do?19:28
EriC^^mojtaba: yeah, youtube-dl -q -o file $url & mplayer file19:29
ouroumovmojtaba, hi, are you from CERI by any chance? Anyway try to pipe the output into a tee command, then into mplayer19:29
mojtabaEriC^^: I want to watch it at the same time19:30
EriC^^mojtaba: it'll stream it while it downloads19:30
mojtabaouroumov: No.19:30
\9mojtaba: notice the one ampersand instead of two19:30
mojtabaEriC^^: thans19:30
EriC^^i mean it'll keep playing it all if you have a fast enough connection19:30
\9the two will run parallel19:30
EriC^^mojtaba: no problem19:31
mojtabaEriC^^: Cannot open file, No such file19:32
EriC^^mojtaba: what's the exact command you used?19:33
mojtabayoutube-dl -q -o file2 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57UvD2SYRpQ' & mplayer file219:33
ouroumovmy proposal works btw19:33
mojtabaouroumov: could you please tell me how to use it?19:33
ouroumovyoutube-dl -q -o- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEVlyP4_11M | tee out.mp4 | mplayer -cache 8192  -19:34
\9I'm guessing it's starting mplayer before youtube-dl begins writing the file19:34
EriC^^youtube-dl -q -o file2 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57UvD2SYRpQ' & sleep4; mplayer file219:34
EriC^^that works19:34
mojtabaouroumov: EriC^^: \9: Thanks19:34
\9alright dd is done19:35
\9computer did not combust during the process, guess that's a good sign19:36
=== nils_____ is now known as nils_
mojtabaEriC^^: The problem with that command is that, it does not play big files, until they are fully downloaded19:42
mojtabaouroumov: The problem with that command is that the output file size is about the cache size that we specified for the mplayer!19:43
mojtabaouroumov: my bad, I refreshed, it is ok19:43
=== rwd is now known as ro
ouroumovmojtaba, it's actually the first time I run that pipeline myself, so I've no idea how it'll handle error conditions. That said, I'm at 131M+ of video downloaded on the previous video with my shitty bandwidth.19:45
ouroumovmplayer did not freeze yet.19:45
hellaboltztest message19:55
ouroumovhellaboltz, received.19:55
hellaboltzweird, that one sent.19:55
daftykinshellaboltz: don't use this channel for that in future, thanks.19:55
herrkinhi. community, would you please tell me how to repair the broken dependencies? last time I was here somebody told me that I needed to get rid of external ppa19:55
daftykinsherrkin: show your current package status output in a http://paste.ubuntu.com19:56
MonkeyDustherrkin  yes, get rid of the ppa, then try sudo apt install -f19:56
herrkinhow do I do that?19:56
herrkinI just want the machine to play media but when I go to the internet it tells me to use some ppas. then it affects lots of processes in my system19:57
daftykinsherrkin: show us some evidence, we can't advise blind...19:57
herrkinfor example I had installed the linphone19:58
herrkinit got uninstalled by missing dependency19:58
MonkeyDust!find linphone19:58
ubottuFound: liblinphone-dev, liblinphone5, linphone, linphone-common, linphone-dbg19:58
herrkinlibudev1 says its a dependency missing and it wont be installed or something like that19:58
daftykinsherrkin: again, we need to see ACTUAL output - spurious statements are useless, we need the full story.19:59
herrkinI will paste the apt-get check20:00
BingoThanks for helping...20:03
=== irra is now known as solidus232
herrkinI deleted a lot of ppa that I wasnt using. let me see if that fixes it.20:09
virtuosojis anyone in here running the 16.04 beta 1?  I want to know if it's daily driver-able yet20:16
baizonvirtuosoj: #ubuntu+120:16
k1lvirtuosoj: if you need to ask, dont run development versions :)  and the proper channel for the dev releases is #ubuntu+120:17
MonkeyDustvirtuosoj  installed it today20:17
mojtabaHi, Do you know what is the extra dash after -o for? I have seen this youtube -o-20:20
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
MonkeyDustmojtaba  from the man page: '-o, --output TEMPLATE'20:21
mojtabaMonkeyDust: I know -o but what is -o-?20:21
EriC^^mojtaba: it means write the output to stdout20:22
MonkeyDustmojtaba  pattern not found in the man page ... where did you see it?20:22
EriC^^and in the other end of the pipe "-" means read from stdin20:22
mojtabaEriC^^: Thanks.20:22
mojtabaMonkeyDust: suggest before by EriC^^20:23
MonkeyDustwe hit enter at the same moment20:25
BorusHello! how can i tell debconf default values when i install packages ?20:27
BorusBasically, i want to install grub, it ask me "Continue without installing GRUB?" but its in a script so it crashes20:28
bozoniusI am getting the following error in bacula-fd on Ubuntu 12.04:  "ubuntu JobId 54910: Error: bsock.c:203 gethostbyname() for host "mystorageserver" failed: ERR=Authoritative answer for host not found.20:28
bozoniusThis is ONLY happening on Ubuntu; all my other systems continue to work correctly.  Also, I wrote a short Perl that calls gethostbyname(), ran it on the Ubuntu box, and it works.20:29
bozoniusping and nslookup work fine.20:30
dm2003Всем привет20:30
bozoniusThis only started happening about a day ago; I have made no changes to other parts of Bacula, which are running on other systems.  I am only running the file daemon on Ubuntu, nothing else20:30
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.20:31
=== joel_ is now known as Guest28792
dm2003кто юзал новую версию OpenShot 2.0?20:32
bozonius I am getting the following error in bacula-fd on Ubuntu 12.04:  "ubuntu JobId 54910: Error: bsock.c:203 gethostbyname() for host "mystorageserver" failed: ERR=Authoritative answer for host not found.  This is ONLY happening on Ubuntu; all my other systems continue to work correctly.  Also, I wrote a short Perl that calls gethostbyname(), ran it on the Ubuntu box, and it works.   This only started happening about a day ago; I have20:32
bozoniusmade no changes to other parts of Bacula, which are running on other systems.  I am only running the file daemon on Ubuntu, nothing else.  This only started happening about a day ago; I have made no changes to other parts of Bacula, which are running on other systems.  I am only running the file daemon on Ubuntu, nothing else.20:32
daftykins!ru | dm200320:33
ubottudm2003: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.20:33
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tiago_Sou novo aqui.20:37
Justin_blablab_1Hello quick question: just installed 16.04 for the first time and was a bit surprised regarding the network stack. It's a "server" install but no network manager anymore and systemd-networkd is installed but disabled. If I want to make systemd-networkd the way for connecting is it then just a matter of removing ifupdown?20:38
MonkeyDusttiago_  spanish or portuguese?20:38
gr33nbitsbrasilian seems20:38
daftykinsJustin_blablab_1: #ubuntu+1 for 16.04 thanks20:38
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.20:38
benitollhow do I know which disk, "by-id", is /dev/sda and which /dev/sdb?20:49
zaggynlso I'm having Skype issues20:50
zaggynlI try removing the folder ~/.Skype, it says device or resource busy20:50
zaggynllsof or fuser show nothing, wth?20:50
zaggynlI killed Skype20:50
bekksbenitoll: whats the actual issue behind that question?20:50
flokawhat is the opposite of this command tar xzfv20:50
popeyfloka: replace x with c20:51
flokaok thank you20:51
Bashing-omBenno-0071: ^^ ' ls /dev/disk/by-uuid -alh ' .20:51
MonkeyDustBashing-om  wrong tab completion20:51
Bashing-omMonkeyDust: Ouch ! teach me to look, please .20:52
benitollbekks: I have a root-on-ZFS mirror taht have been working for months, and (long to explain) /dev/sda ended up overwritten and having a different partition scheme, but ZFS can't see that and thinks everything is OK, which is very weird according to #zfsonlinux users20:52
Bashing-ombenitoll:  Benno-0071: ^^ ' ls /dev/disk/by-uuid -alh '20:52
sasoooosscia a tutti!20:52
ubottusasooooss: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:52
benitollBashing-om: bekks: thank you very much20:53
=== misalias is now known as prosodyContexte
Bashing-ombenitoll: Ne aware, a bad sata cable has been driving me insane, trying to understand why my disks are so confused .20:54
goddardwhat do you guys recommend as a good virtual machine20:56
compdochost? KVM20:56
goddardjust need some windows programs20:56
compdocoh, you want to run windows? VB20:56
goddardyeah still need a few dumb programs20:57
kriskropdI am bewildered - I have a bitnami machine running ubuntu - I've never had this happen before in linux. I made a guest account with 'sudo useradd -s /bin/false guest' - a while later (today) i decided to delete this user with 'sudo userdel -r guest' - but the odd thing is, it fails returning 'userdel: user guest is currently used by process 3018' - I look it up - 3018 is MY bash process as user 'bitnami'20:57
kriskropddoes anyone know how that happens?20:57
=== ro is now known as ezri
daftykinskriskropd: is that your VPS provider? i suggest you have a chat in case they cook up a special ubuntu spin21:01
kriskropddaftykins: no, it's a virtual box vm21:01
kriskropdbitnami makes turnkey stacks for AWS and VB21:01
MonkeyDusti was thinking of analizing the 'w' and 'who' commands21:01
MonkeyDustkriskropd  ^^^21:02
daftykinskriskropd: so it's still a non-vanilla ubuntu though?21:02
smoker05i need a little help regarding Gnome music deamon21:06
smoker05I installed both mpd and gnome21:07
smoker05i am not sure, how can I add directory.21:07
smoker05There is absolute no options.21:07
kriskropddaftykins: I don't think this is specifically a distor problem - I have several other bitnami machines that I actually did the same process with (adding a guest account and later removing it) and haven't had any problems - bitnami mostly re-arranges how the stack is setup (placing apache within /opt/bitnami and coming with a preconfigured iptables, for instance)21:08
kriskropdMonkeyDust: http://sprunge.us/jbeS21:08
kriskropd /21:08
kriskropdi just have never seen or heard of this problem ever before and wondered if anyone has else has21:09
sibokHi, is there a way to reinstall system packages?21:10
siboki mean the whole system packages?21:10
MonkeyDustkriskropd  can you kill process 3084?21:11
kriskropdMonkeyDust: yeah, but it literally just kills the bash shell im in21:11
herrkinok I did remove the ppas from my system, I am trying to install linphone and it tells me it has some dependencies that wont be installed21:12
daftykinskriskropd: ok, well i'll personally avoid it.21:12
MonkeyDustkriskropd  what does 'whoami' say, guest or bitnami?21:12
herrkinliblinphone5 (>= 3.6.1) libmediastreamer-base3 (>= 3.6.1) linphone-nogtk (= 3.6.1-2.1build2)21:12
MonkeyDustkriskropd  try this: logout, ctrl-alt f1 ... then userdel21:13
=== XfceKris is now known as GnomeKris
GnomeKrishow can I keep my radeon r9 380 from overheating under load?21:15
MonkeyDustGnomeKris  install thermald daemon21:15
EssHi, y'all! Quick question... I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 and notice the Ubuntu browser doesn't have a Back button, nor can I find any way other way to go back to the previous page. Any help would be appreciated.21:16
MonkeyDustEss  backspace to go to the previous page21:16
herrkinit seems I can't install anything that is related to audio or video21:16
GnomeKrisI've tested a handful of games, and it stays stable for some, but minecraft, rust, dota 2, and other gpu intensive games cause a crash.21:16
herrkinthe dependencies break21:16
herrkinhow could I fix that?21:16
GnomeKrisI'll look into thermald daemon, thanks MonkeyDust21:16
EssAh! Thanks, MD!21:16
flokahow to browse svn links?21:18
EssOk... Backspace didn't work... I'm on a Packard Bell laptop, if that's any help to getting a resolution...21:19
xanguaEss: why aren't you just using Firefox or chrome/chromium21:19
xanguaOr any other desktop browser21:19
Abe_which driver should I take? the 340.x or 352.x, I would assume the 532 is the newer one?21:20
EssWell... Ubuntu came with the Amazon icon, so I was trying it out... so what you're saying is the Ubuntu browser isn't fit for purpose?21:20
geirhafloka: do an svn checkout, browse that?21:20
xanguaEss: I'm just saying the Ubuntu browser is just a form of preview app you can test, if you're interested in Ubuntu touch21:22
MonkeyDustEss  backspace works here, on ubuntubrowser21:22
flokasvn checkout gives me the src.But in it there are outdated links for packages.So I need to replace them21:23
EssOk... I won't waste time trying to figure it out. @Xangua, I'll take your suggestion on and use Firefox. @MonkeyDust thanks for replying, too.21:24
EriC^^Ess: touch the bottom of the screen and you'll get a link thing with a back button21:25
EriC^^(you have to click at the bottom of the screen)21:25
geirhafloka: I don't know what that means without the context21:25
flokaI want to know if there is way to browse a svn repository so I can find the right urls I need21:27
flokajust in general21:27
geirhafloka: well there's svn ls and svn cat, they can both take urls21:27
PiciTheres also #svn here on freenode.21:28
Ess@Eric^^, thanks a bunch! I got it.21:28
EriC^^no problem21:28
EssThanks again, guys!21:29
Ess.... aaaaaaaand OUT!21:29
GnomeKrisOkay, MonkeyDust. Thermald is installed. How do I use? I've checked the --help menu, but it only gives a list of commands. I want to know more about it and how it works before I dive into using it.21:29
rene_someone online?21:35
smamiryeah rene_21:36
daftykinsrene_: do that in #freenode or #test in future21:36
rene_ok thanks21:36
SkepticalParrotUhh... when it says "please remove the installation medium, then press enter" does that mean remove the flash drive first, and THEN unplug it? I ask because whenever I do that, it takes forever to shut down...21:37
SkepticalParrot*remove the flash drive FIRST, and THEN press enter21:37
daftykinsremove = unplug21:37
SkepticalParrotYeah... I know...21:38
daftykinsyou don't even have to bother21:38
daftykinsoh you corrected your sentence :) i follow21:38
daftykinssome systems do not cope with rebooting from that properly21:38
=== qwerty is now known as Guest56320
smoker05guys is there anything wrong am I doing in this : http://i.imgur.com/AVpePJW.png21:51
smoker05my music directory is not loading up.21:52
jsndhopefully this is hthe correct place to ask this but, I'm trying to install the control panel plesk on my digitalcloud droplet21:52
rochmathello bro and sis21:52
jsndbut I'm getting an error: ERROR while trying to check the hostname21:52
jsndI tried adding a line to my hosts file: ipaddress domain21:53
jsnd123.123.45.67 example.com21:53
jsndas an example21:53
jsndand it's still not working21:53
jsndI'm connecting to my digitalocean droplet using putty and running these commands: wget http://autoinstall.plesk.com/plesk-installer chmod +x plesk-installer ./plesk-installer21:54
GnomeKrisMonkeyDust. I don't see anything https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/PowerManagement/ThermalIssues there about gpu or graphics cards. only cpu.21:56
GnomeKrisI'm not having trouble with my cpu. it stays a constant 40-42c21:56
GnomeKrisgpu starts at 33c and ramps up to 55-60c before the whole system just shuts down.21:57
goddardanyone know a good USB 3 sata dock for linux?21:58
smoker05Is there any tutorial on how to install mpd with gnome on ubuntu22:00
smoker05cant find anything22:00
goddardis virtual box's kernel module open source?22:03
bazhangsmoker05, ario , cantata , and some others are the client front end for mpd22:04
bazhang!info ario | smoker0522:05
ubottusmoker05: ario (source: ario): GTK+ client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5.1-1.3 (wily), package size 167 kB, installed size 646 kB22:05
bazhangapt-cache search mpd   smoker05 to find out more22:05
Cimhi, is there any option for rhythmbox to continue playing song after rhythmbox-client disconnect?22:08
SkepticalParrotI forgot my password for unlocking the encryption on my computer. How do I retrieve it?22:10
SkepticalParrotnvm remembered it.22:11
terry__hello everyone22:17
_iambad_Anyone home ?22:23
Abe__iambad_:  hi22:25
TheNH813I have a question about compiling gcc.22:38
cfeddeask away!22:38
ezrialthough the likely answer is going to be "why on earth are you doing that"22:39
TheNH813After I compile gcc, should I recompile guile, bison, binutils, etc so they are built with the best optimizations.22:39
TheNH813Because I had to recompile them to build the new compiler22:39
bekksTheNH813: Why would you compile your compiler on Ubuntu?22:39
cfeddeTheNH813: the easy path is obviously to use the package stuff.22:39
ezriwhy are you compiling gcc in the first place22:39
SchrodingersScattorture yourself however you like22:39
TheNH813It's an odd distro I built years ago for special hardware. The repos are no longer available.22:40
cfeddeOn the other hand doing all this compilation is a bit of a rite of passage.22:40
ezriso not supported in #ubuntu then22:40
ezri(you might want ##linux)22:40
daftykinsTheNH813: yep wrong channel.22:41
TheNH813Ok, I'l go ask there. Man this will be a pain to bring lucid up to date.22:41
daftykinsTheNH813: wow why on earth are you doing something so ridiculous?22:41
bekksTheNH813: Why would upgrading lucid be painful for you?22:42
daftykinspsst EOL22:42
TheNH813I know LOL.22:42
daftykins!pm | _imbad__22:42
ubottu_imbad__: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.22:42
TheNH813Will do.22:43
rakmhey, i'm on ubuntu 12.04 and trying to run `service mysql start` and it is telling me "start: Unable to connect to Upstart: Failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart: Connection refused"22:43
rakm(this is also insde a docker container, but not sure if that matters)22:43
daftykinsyou would need to use sudo if you are not root22:43
=== alin is now known as Guest42908
rakmalso tried /etc/init.d/mysql start directly, but it jus tredirects to service command and fails the same way22:43
_imbad__ubottu: okhh22:43
rakmdaftykins trying as root and tried with sudo as well22:44
daftykinsoh containerisation, yep i'm not touching that.22:44
cfedderakm: two approaches. One is to be srue that upstart is running in the container. The other is to see how upstart gets mysqld started and do that in your RUN line in the container.22:44
rakmcfedde how do i check if it is running? initctl --version returns stuff, does that mean it's running?22:46
rakms/stuff/the version22:46
cfeddeps -ef | grep upstart22:47
rakmcfedde no, guess it's not running then22:49
=== wolf is now known as Guest8669
cfeddeso start it.22:49
cfeddethat is if you want to have a process monitor running in your container.22:50
rakmheh, googling 'start upstart' is not so straightforward22:50
rakmcfedde yeah this is a throwaway container, really just trying to get mysql started so i can debug something22:50
VenkoHey all, my grandma is using a VERY old desktop PC with Ubuntu Linux and has been using it for say 8 or so years. She's been managing to use it for a long time but the specs are ancient.22:51
cfedderakm: you probably want to look at the mysql pages and see how it wants to be started. iirc by running mysqld with some options.22:51
daftykinsVenko: can you be specific?22:51
VenkoI'd like to treat her to a more capable computer but still set it up with Ubuntu and everything. I was wondering if anyone has any recommended hardware combinations or prebuilt PCs for Ubuntu home users *In the United Kingdom*22:52
VenkoThe second is preferable but I can always build one with recommended hardware combos22:52
Canonhello wnt to install clamtk by using sudo apt-get install clamav clamtk but get errors that the file is not located there followed the link and verified that it does not exist22:53
Venkodaftykins: Basically I want to treat my grandma to some modern hardware and set up Ubuntu for her oe it22:53
daftykinsVenko: right, it would've been nice to know the existing specs though22:53
SchrodingersScatVenko: https://system76.com/shipping22:53
cfeddeVenko: almost any reasonably modern system can run ubuntu pretty well.22:53
daftykinsVenko: to be honest i've picked up some really cheap Lenovo Ideapad 305 laptops on amazon UK that've been ideal for such a task22:53
daftykinsassuming a laptop would be viable22:54
SchrodingersScatin install her a xubuntu22:54
Venkodaftykins: Is there an easy way to get all of that info in Ubuntu or via the terminal?22:54
VenkoI don't know off the top of my head22:54
daftykinsVenko: yes - do you have SSH access or are you there?22:55
Venkodaftykins: No SSH access as she changed her router but I can ask her to do it for me22:55
VenkoShe's reasonably tech literate, for a grandma at least22:55
daftykinsVenko: so is she not on some old EOL version of ubuntu right now?22:55
daftykinsVenko: cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -i model ; free -m ; lspci; df -h22:56
Venkodaftykins: Nah, she upgrades on each release herself22:56
=== arunpyasi is now known as arun--
daftykinsyou could get her to throw the above in a http://paste.ubuntu.com22:56
cfeddesudo dmidecode | mail -s "here it is" Venko@example.com22:56
daftykinsyeah, or we could stick to the readable version22:57
Venkocfedde: She uses web email though so that won't work anyway22:57
cfeddeshucks.  I generaly configure all my systems so that they send system mail somewhere.22:58
VenkoSchrodingersScat: I'd rather order from inside the EU so I don't have to worry about import duties22:58
SchrodingersScatVenko: ah, k.22:58
cfeddeVenko: nearly any dell, or lenovo will work.  Also a raspberry pi 2 is a surprisingly effective desktop.22:59
daftykinsno way to Pi - that's really a bad idea23:00
VenkoNo SSH access and she's busy at the moment but I'll let you guys know tomorrow what the specs are from the commands daftykins shared23:00
daftykinsVenko: cool23:00
VenkoYeah and I'm happy to spend a bit here23:00
VenkoI want her to have something that'll last a good amount of time with Ubuntu for her23:00
cfeddewhy no to pi?23:01
daftykinslimited packages available due to arch23:01
cfeddeyeah there is that.23:01
daftykinsVenko: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lenovo-ideapad-15-6-inch-Laptop-Notebook/dp/B015Q3BD74 could even throw in a 240GB SSD from crucial UK23:01
tgm4883which might not matter, depending on what she uses it for23:01
daftykinshardly worth limiting yourself from the word go, however23:02
tgm4883daftykins: tradeoffs, super low power, small, cheap desktop23:02
Venkodaftykins: Thanks. I was thinking more of a desktop but maybe a laptop is better23:02
tgm4883daftykins: personally, I like more power though23:02
* tgm4883 summons his inner Tim the Tool Man Taylor23:03
VenkoHow do you know if the webcam, wifi, etc works on Linux?23:03
neldogzDoes anyone know where i can locate the file that is blacklisting certain SSD's on Ubuntu 15.10?23:03
daftykinsVenko: they do have rather flexible keyboards on the above, but you could use an existing were it USB23:03
tgm4883neldogz: what are you trying to do?23:03
daftykinsVenko: yes all out of the box - as i bought one of these for a friend recently (albeit not running Linux) - though i have to say i did not test the webcam23:03
ouroumovVenko, that's not from inside the UK but well, check it out: http://www.ldlc.com/informatique/ordinateur-portable/pc-portable/ldlc/c4265-b000000888/p1e48t3o0a1+fp-l368.html23:04
tgm4883daftykins: how is the build quality on that? I've got some thinkpads that are great, but I've only seen 1 non-thinkpad (lenovos) and both of it's hinges are broke23:05
daftykinssuper cheap, keyboard flexes a bit and isn't something you'd want to write your life story on23:05
VenkoIf I ordered that laptop basically the HDD is easily accessible to replace with a SSD then, is it?23:07
VenkoI think swapping in a SSD would be important to really make it more performant23:07
daftykinsyes, couple of screws23:07
cfeddeI'd probably order it with the SSD to beginwith.23:07
daftykinsyou can't do that23:07
VenkoYeah, pretty nuts really lol23:08
daftykinswell, Lenovo refuse to ship to where i live so i never looked at their direct options23:08
daftykinsyour mileage may vary23:08
daftykinsthey're US based and only ship tot he UK from my understanding23:09
daftykinsnot worth it.23:09
VenkoYeah plus I have next day delivery with Amazon23:10
Venkoand their delivery services are WAY better than companies like Lenovo23:10
jushurthing is you vote with your valet. if you continue to buy hardware from the vendors who do not support linux, yuor working against the comunity sort of.23:11
tgm4883jushur: +123:11
daftykinsyeah you're right, Venko's gran will be the tipping point of the industry23:12
daftykinsGO Venko's gran!23:12
cfeddeI bought one of these about a year ago and I love it: http://www.dell.com/us/p/xps-13-9343-laptop-ubuntu/pd23:12
cfeddewhen it's at home it connects to a large monitor and external keyboard.23:12
daftykinsi have the 9350 :)23:12
tgm4883daftykins: that's the same argument as "my vote doesn't count because I'm only 1 person"23:12
jushurbutterfly effect.. it does matter basicly.23:13
daftykinstgm4883: heh yeah, still i couldn't care less because i don't even believe in desktop Linux23:13
tgm4883daftykins: ok23:13
Venkodaftykins: She's pretty influential in her Bridge club23:13
daftykinsjust call jushur to cover the shipping if you have to send it back to the US then ;)23:13
jushuri gave away 3 laptops so far this year. one i5 and 2x i7 based ones. tho im a bit picky with who i give stuff to ,)23:15
Venkocfedde: That looks so awesome23:15
VenkoOh it's Dell US :(23:16
VenkoThanks tgm488323:17
VenkoI'm going to email out to my local LUG and ask if anyone has experience with any of the UK vendors23:17
flokayou are generous man jushur23:18
flokagiving laptops away23:18
popeyVenko: i have bought machines from ebuyer in the uk before now. desktop, not laptop.23:19
popeyVenko: they do ubuntu preinstalled machines23:19
popey(laptops too i believe)23:19
pragmaticenigmaCould someone please help me drop an SSH connection? I've tried to stop the SSH service but the remote connection remains23:20
tgm4883yea listen to popey he know about a few Ubuntu things :)23:20
getrektHey, could somebody help me with installation?23:20
tgm4883Too bad he's English though ;P23:20
* popey tickles tgm4883 23:20
tgm4883sorry popey, I haven't seen Daviey around in awhile and couldn't resist :)23:21
getrektIt says you can delete Disk and install Ubuntu, I started it from a Live CD, will it delete my Live CD or my main computer disk (where WIndows 7 is installed)23:21
Eduard_Munteanupragmaticenigma, if it's using a particular user, you can kill all processes belonging to it23:21
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Venkopopey: Thanks23:21
VenkoMan this is really difficult to decide23:21
colignanim  new to all this. ive just got a pi 3 and got ubuntu 15.10 mate installed. does anyone know the status of the bluetooth issues?23:22
flokapragmaticenigma: what do you mean remote connection remains?23:22
popeycolignan: in progress23:22
pragmaticenigmaEduard_Munteanu, I wish I could do that, but it's my account connected from work. If I kill all, I'll lose my stuff locally23:22
colignancheers popey23:22
popeycolignan: waiting on updated binary blob from Raspberry Pi foundation23:22
* tgm4883 should order a Pi 3 to sit unused next to his Pi 2 and origin Pi23:23
colignando you know if i can use a bluetooth dongle?23:23
pragmaticenigmafloka, that means the remote computer that is using SSH to connect to my machine is still connected.23:23
popeycolignan: yes23:23
colignancool, thanks popey23:23
flokayou have a ssh server running?23:24
pragmaticenigmayes floka23:24
flokajust kill it, not sure how, but I would try service sshd restart23:24
pragmaticenigmafloka, if you read my initial comment, you would have seen that I already tried that23:25
flokaor try something /etc/init.d/ and see if there is ssh files there23:25
flokaok, then kill -9 sshd23:26
tgm4883pragmaticenigma: so someone is ssh'd into your computer and you want to drop their connection?23:26
pragmaticenigmakill only works with process ids23:26
flokaps -aux and see the process id23:26
pragmaticenigmatgm4883, I left myself connected to my machine from work. I'm trying to disconnet it23:26
popeypragmaticenigma: pkill -o -u <username> sshd23:27
popeythat kills the oldest one23:28
pragmaticenigmaI think I found it.. floka ... hoping it doesn't attempt to autoreconnect23:29
flokachange the port in ssd config23:29
flokait will not reconnect23:30
pragmaticenigmathere  isn't a way to for close a port is there?23:30
pragmaticenigmadon't really want to let it timeout on FIN_WAIT123:30
flokathere is but I do not know it23:30
pragmaticenigmaI already closed the port forward23:30
flokaprobably with iptables you can block the port23:30
pragmaticenigmabut since the connection was established, it didn't bounce the connection23:31
stacks88some files may or may not have gotten accidentally removed on my system over the network (long story), so if i reboot it may not come back up or it might be fine. but is there any way to check ? like i know theres debsums command, i ran that and everything seemed fine. but any other way to verify the "system integrity" so to speak, before i reboot ?23:31
pragmaticenigmaonce a connection is made, you can't set new rules, you still need to bounce the service... i'm trying to do that without interupting other things... about to go nuclear and reboot the system23:32
pragmaticenigmathere... finally died23:32
pragmaticenigmacomputer at work won't be happy23:32
pragmaticenigmaoh well23:32
pragmaticenigmathanks for the assist floka23:32
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vdevnullHello People23:39
neldogzDoes anyone know where i can locate the file that is blacklisting certain SSD's on Ubuntu 15.10?23:39
pragmaticenigmawasn't aware of a "blacklist" neldogz23:42
vdevnullGuys, I'm using windows i want migrate to ubuntu.23:42
_imbad_vdevnull: sure!23:42
gdoteofpragmaticenigma: https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/comments/3a58s0/dont_use_linux_on_samsung_ssds/23:42
vdevnullI've HP Laptop, But HP doesn't support Linux ubuntu.23:42
vdevnullSo i need to find drivers somehow..23:42
bekksgdoteof: a reddit link, neat :P23:43
_imbad_vdevnull: like ?23:43
bekksgdoteof: how about this instead?: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/146566323:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1338706 in linux (Ubuntu Wily) "duplicate for #1465663 Samsung SSD 840 failed to get NCQ Send/Recv Log Emask 0x1 failed to set xfermode (err_mask=0x40) on upstream kernels >= 3.12" [Medium,Fix released]23:43
vdevnullI tried to install it before. but seems some drivers missing23:43
vdevnulllike Audio / Wifi..23:43
vdevnullSo i've reinstaled windows :(((23:43
_imbad_vdevnull: which ubuntu version you tries?23:44
pragmaticenigmaSo it wouldn't be recommended that neldogz circumvent that black list... as it appears to significantly and negatively impact the device... they're on the blacklist for a reason23:44
bekksvdevnull: which 14?23:44
_imbad_vdevnull: yes23:45
vdevnullbekks Nice question23:45
vdevnulllet me check :P23:45
vdevnullAs i remember i've tried 14 / 12 but what exact versions i don't remember23:45
vdevnulli formated everything..23:45
_imbad_vdevnull: as in 14.xx ?23:46
bekksvdevnull: So type: cat /etc/issue23:46
vdevnullbekks I've removed ubuntu already. because i can't even connect to LAN/WLAN23:46
_imbad_bekks: +123:46
vdevnullSo i need to figure out. How to find drivers before migrating again23:47
pragmaticenigmavdevnull, we would need to know that exact version number to help you23:47
vdevnullIs it possible?23:47
bekksvdevnull: Is what possible?23:47
pragmaticenigmavdevnull, there are no "drivers" to be installed. it is usually a matter of finding out what hardware is in the system and making sure the system properly identifies it23:47
vdevnullpragmaticenigma, So if i get my laptop specification that would help ? to find the correct version to use?23:48
bekksvdevnull: the current ubuntu versions are: 14.04 and 15.1023:48
Ben64vdevnull: it would help to know the wireless card23:48
pragmaticenigmavdevnull, it will help us determine what may be the cause of the issue.23:48
vdevnullOkay moment. I'll get it23:48
nviz 23:49
Bray90820What doe this error mean23:49
Bray90820Unable to create new logical volume with no extents23:49
bekksBray90820: that you cannot create a 0 sized volume.23:49
Bray90820Alright thanks23:50
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lazybones_hi all23:54
lazybones_been drinking lots of whisky tonight, cant really focus on the screen, loving lubuntu just now - thanky to all @ ubuntu/lubuntu23:55
vdevnullpragmaticenigma, http://support.hp.com/us-en/product/HP-Pavilion-15-Notebook-PC-series/7486459/model/7685145/drivers23:56
lazybones_k, night..23:57
Bray90820So a while ago someone helped me create a reserved partition on my server so I could still copy files to it while a backup was going23:58
Bray90820Could they have used a data snap23:58
pragmaticenigmavdevnull, those specs shouldnt be giving you any trouble... did you try a live session before attempting to install to make sure things were working?23:59

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