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Trioxinto get the latest amd graphics driver on 15.10 should I add: ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa ? I saw a warning when adding the repo that it's compatible with wily 15.0403:47
TrioxinI'm having some trouble with the open source driver kubuntu installed and I'd like to try the proprietary driver03:48
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maysaraHow can I log the terminal output without having to use "script file.log" each time?05:30
garvitdelhimaysara: if you running a command through terminal you can easily do like this : "comand > output.log"05:46
maysaragarvitdelhi: OK thanks06:00
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lordievaderGood morning.09:55
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ddnHi all12:39
ddnI have deleted /etc/ld.so.conf.d/. Is there way to restote it?12:40
SmurphyNope. One does not delete a directory in /etc12:49
BluesKajHi folks13:07
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SmurphyMorning :)13:41
_shaun_hi guys is it possible when a record is deleted for postgres to verbosely state which referenced foreign keys gets deleted as well?13:44
_shaun_sorry i posted this question on the wrong forum13:44
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BluesKajPici, ?14:21
PiciBluesKaj: just remarking on the aurelie___ clones.14:21
BluesKajoh well , I see that practically everyday in here14:23
dakoslug1Hi, I'm looking to install my audio drivers are kubuntu...14:25
dakoslug1I tried Driver manager, nothing showed  up14:26
BluesKajdakoslug1, aplay -l in the terminal14:26
dakoslug1BluesKaj: alright14:27
BluesKajthat will give us your audio chip14:27
dakoslug1BluesKaj: HDA INTEL PCH?14:27
BluesKajdakoslug1, yes14:28
BluesKajwhich output are you going to use or using, analog or HDMI ?14:28
dakoslug1BluesKaj: I'm not entirely sure the difference? But I have speakers at the back and headphones at the front...but I'd prefer headphones14:29
BluesKajdakoslug1, well that would be analog for both, so open alsamixer in the terminal and for starters turn up the master , pcm and front vol ctls, then make sure the automute is disabled using the down arrow key when you navigate to it14:31
dakoslug1BluesKaj: alright so i noticed headphones was muted and so was automute and front14:33
dakoslug1BluesKaj: Anything else14:34
BluesKajdakoslug1, after you do that, use the escspe key to get back to the prompt , and run sudo alsactl store14:34
dakoslug1BluesKaj: alright14:34
BluesKajso you unmuted the headphones as well with M key ?14:34
dakoslug1BluesKaj: not with the M key but arrow key up?14:35
dakoslug1BluesKaj: ah i see the difference14:35
dakoslug1BluesKaj: Okay so I press M on it14:36
dakoslug1Sorry I mean that I did14:36
BluesKajyou should see 00 in the box where M was14:37
dakoslug1BluesKaj: I ran the alsactl store command again14:37
dakoslug1BluesKaj: It's working now :)14:37
dakoslug1BluesKaj: Thanks!14:37
BluesKajdakoslug1, np, glad you have audio :-)14:38
dakoslug1BluesKaj: Is there a GUI program for alsactl ?14:38
dakoslug1i mean14:38
dakoslug1nvm found one14:40
dakoslug1thanks again :)14:40
BluesKajthere is another app that runs as a gui called pulseaudio that also lets you control inputs and outputs, it's in system setting>multimedia , beside device prefernces14:40
dakoslug1ooh i see14:41
BluesKajdakoslug1, one has to use the combination of alsamixer and pulseaudio settings to setup audio on 'buntu, unfortunately. It's a bit of a mixed bag , but it can be setup to work properly14:44
dakoslug1BluesKaj: Yeah I guess the terminal one is fine tbh, I don't see why I'd need to use it again either14:44
BluesKajdakoslug1, the multimedia setting once stup won't change unless you change audio devices14:45
dakoslug1BluesKaj: what if I unplug and replug?14:46
BluesKajthat shouldn't matter14:46
dakoslug1ah okay good14:46
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BluesKajdakoslug1, one more thing , if after an update/upgrade your sound doesn't work , run , sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel , sometimes the audio driver fails to load upon reboot , it hasb't been a problem in 15.10 tho14:50
dakoslug1BluesKaj: Noted! Thanks14:50
BluesKajhi cycoe16:23
cycoeM from China16:24
BluesKajcycoe, ok do you have a kubuntu support question?16:25
cycoeI have tried many ways before connecting in16:26
cycoenot yet16:26
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tgBot<ovidiuflorin>: test19:23
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tgBot<Sick_Rimmit>: Hi there20:16
melodieI would like to know how to configure properly the gtk look of Synaptic, in Kubuntu? I can't seem to get a proper result, whatever I try?20:17
tgBot<ovidiuflorin>: what have you tried?20:17
bpromptmelodie:    gtk look of synaptic?   wass ist dat?   why not just use Muon Package Manager?  is pretty much the same thing as Synaptic, just using kde UI, is all20:18
melodiebprompt I'm not seeking for advice, but for how to do what I need to20:21
melodiethanks ^^20:21
melodiebprompt Synaptic is a powerful tool, where you can easily update, select, unselect packages without distraction.20:23
bpromptthought it was the same thing =)20:23
tgBot<athoneycutt>: no they are different 20:23
melodieMuon is more a sort of software center with suggestions of packages20:23
melodiebprompt it's really not20:23
melodieI tried to get a gtk look in synaptic, but then I can't setup the fonts properly, something is wrong about that20:24
tgBot<athoneycutt>: all the fonts are the same in the system settings?20:24
melodieand when I remove the gtk look, then the fonts can be configured from within synaptic : I've never seen that in my current Openbox environment, for example20:24
bpromptmelodie:   anyhow... gtk apps, like synaptic, use gtk theme, and you can add your themes at ~/.themes, now... it depends on your gtk version or what gtk the apps uses, some use gtk2.x and theming there is different than gtk3, gtk3 uses CSS pretty much, but whatever theme you choose for your GTK, that's what all gtk apps will use20:25
melodiebprompt this is Kubuntu Trusty.20:25
melodieI'll try putting the theme in .themes ok20:25
bpromptmelodie:      there's an app, or used to be, depends on what kubuntu version you may be I assume, the app is "gtk-chtheme"  which is a gtk theme changer20:26
melodieI think Synaptic uses gtk3 but I'm not perfectly sure about that (and putting the theme into .themes might be in /root/.themes for it to work perhaps?)20:26
melodiebprompt this is very old and would not work20:26
bpromptmelodie:    all gtk-chtheme does, is, write out a ~/.gtkrc20:28
melodiebprompt it's not a matter of configuring a gtk theme, it's a matter of doing it with the specific KDE4 setup : because when I add a settings.ini in the root directory, it works! But then the fonts are microscopic, and I don't have the hand on it !20:29
melodiethen I don't need it, I know how to copy and modify a .gtkrc-2.0 and a settings.ini for the .gtk-3.020:29
melodiemakes me think...20:29
melodiethere should be one in /etc ?20:29
melodieI'll have a look!20:30
bpromptmelodie:     well... hmm if the app using a gtk3 theme.... then what I'd do is, edit the theme at ~/.themes, as aforementioned, gtk3 uses CSS for its colors and font sizes20:30
bpromptmelodie:    you could also, just get another theme :), many out there at kde.look.org20:31
bpromptmelodie:    kde-look.org rather20:31
melodiebprompt YESS!!!20:33
melodiethat was it!20:33
melodieI looked into the content of /etc/gtk-3.0/settings.ini and the theme written there is Ambiance.20:34
melodieI installed light-themes which contains "ambiance" and that did the trick!20:34
bprompthmmm I think I've seen that theme... I think it was too dark for my taste =)20:34
melodieSynaptic is a program started with the root permissions, so the config has to be somewhere in the system, but not in the user's sector20:35
melodieit would not work20:35
melodieI guess now I can try to apply another theme in that /etc/gtk-3.0/settings.ini (doing a backup of the file first with a copy to itself-backup)20:36
bpromptmelodie:    I run it with and without root :), runs fine, when nonrooted it simply gives me a dialog box saying that it's not rooted is all20:36
melodiealso installing light-themes pulled in some gtk3-engines which were not installed20:36
bpromptI run it not as root, just to peruse for packages only20:37
melodieif you run Synaptic as simple user, you can't install or administrate packages (and normally you can't start it as simple user)20:37
melodiesorry, what does "peruse" mean?20:37
bpromptmelodie:    runs as regular user for me, and yes, that's the reason why I run it like so, just when I need to peruse around,  hmm peruse, browse for packages only :)20:38
melodiebprompt how are you not prompted for a root password?20:45
bpromptmelodie:    I simply run "synaptic"  from a .desktop shortcut :),   now when I want to run the rooted version, I simply use my "kdesudo synaptic" shortcut :)20:47
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melodieno one noticed bleachbit root does not work in Kubuntu Trusty?22:44
melodieI don't have time to report the bug today, maybe in a few days22:44
melodiegood night22:45
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