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tewardis there an issue with Launchpad and subscribing individuals to bugs?17:00
tewardgetting some odd issues when i try to (timeouts, infinite spinning circle, actually had timeouts trying to see the subscriptions list too...)17:00
cjwatsonteward: possibly one of the firewalls saturating its network links ...17:34
tewardpossibly.  looks resolved now, but that was a weird occurrence :/17:34
cjwatsonpossibly> I say that based on network graphs.  haven't worked out a root cause17:34
cjwatsonit's not resolved but has subsided a bit17:35
tewardresolved from my side, anyways :P  thanks for the info though17:35
tewardshould I just expect some weirdness then?17:36
cjwatsonthere was a spike yesterday at around a similar time17:36
cjwatsonteward: reporting what looks like a pattern of timeouts is generally sensible, we can take it from there17:46
cjwatsonworking with sysadmins17:47
HeOSHello! I have a weird error with adding a new comment to a bug. Popup windows advises me to contact a sysadmin.18:03
cjwatsonHeOS: yes, see above18:06
HeOScjwatson, thanks. :)18:07
dpmcjwatson, I'm getting quite a lot of timeout errors again in translations recently (e.g. OOPS-87f9553cee395c5625eac5319b4dc43b), is this a known issue?18:34

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