FurretUberHello, I am having a problem with the sound in my computer: the front jacks don't work, while the rear ones work. I am using Lubuntu 14.04 from a external HDD and in another computer which I tested the front jacks work. Both computers have Intel HDA, but while the one that works has a Realtek codec, mine is VIA VT1818S. I installed alsa-tools-gui and tried to override the not detected pins using HDAJackRestack, but I had no succes03:18
loptaI'm trying Lubuntu 15.10 on a Dell Optiplex 32019:11
lopta(that was laying around at the office)19:11
freddylisbonI just put it on a Dell Latitude D630.20:25
freddylisbonOnly thing I had to do was install drivers for wireless.20:26
freddylisbonIt's a really lovely laptop now.20:26
patricitasoy de venezuela20:31
loptaLooks promising now.21:55
chris349Is there any way to replace the screensaver with a shell script? I want the computer after X minutes of inactivity to exit the brower, clear the cache, etc and restart the browser22:03

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