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neiljerramHi there, I'm struggling with MAAS networking after just upgrading to 1.9.1.  Is there anyone around who might be able to help?10:41
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mupBug #1558188 opened: during import images boostrap fails with gomaasapi: got error back from server: 400 BAD REQUEST ({"distro_series": ["'trusty' is not a valid distro_series.17:57
mupIt should be one of: '', 'windows/win2012hvr2', 'ubuntu/precise'..."]}) <oil> <MAAS:Triaged> <MAAS 1.9:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1558188>17:57
roaksoax4/win 718:26
jwitkohey guys, can someone help me understand how maas works once I install it?   I have it installed on a machine with about 7 servers on the same subnet.  I thought once MAAS was installed they would be able to PXE boot via obtaining a DHCP lease.  Is this the expectation?  Do I need to go through and add them manually as nodes first to MAAS?18:26
roaksoaxjwitko: you need to:18:28
roaksoax1. import images (trusty at the very least)18:28
jwitkoroadsoax,  did that18:28
roaksoax2. configure a cluster controller interface to provide DHCP (if using <= 1.9), if using >2.0alpha1, you'd need to configure a VLAN to provide DHCP18:28
jwitkoI also enabled the interface for DNS and DHCP18:29
jwitkoI'm using 1.918:29
roaksoaxjwitko: right, so then that should be all you need18:29
roaksoaxjwitko: to get it to PXE boot and register to MAAS18:29
jwitkoroaksoax, ok great thanks.  So it looks like my issue is DHCP not coming across the network18:29
jwitkoi reboot a server and it sends out a request, but tcpdump udp port 67 on my maas controller shows no traffic18:30
roaksoaxjwitko: ps faux | grep dhcpd  to ensure it is running18:30
roaksoaxjwitko: otherwise, maybe something with the networking?18:31
jwitkoroaksoax, aye it is running and i see port 67 listening on netstat18:33
jwitkoso Yea, I think the switch needs to be configured properly to allow dhcp traffic or something.  will investigate with network team18:34
jwitkoroaksoax, one more question if you don't mind18:34
jwitkowhere would i be able to see incoming DHCPD logs?  /var/log/maas/maas.log ?18:34
roaksoaxjwitko: syslog18:35
roaksoaxde nada :)18:36
jwitkoyea, I can actually see a DHCPDISCOVER and DHCPOFFER in the logs,  just not from any of my blades lol18:38
jwitkofrom some unknown MAC18:38
jwitkobut the point is it can see and act on DHCP18:38
jwitkoroaksoax, so if this is just going to start PXE booting from the standard inventory download.... is there a default user/pass its setting?18:40
roaksoaxjwitko: for IPMI based BMC's, it will create a 'maas' user with a random password, only internal to maas18:41
jwitkocan I add customizations to that sort of stuff?  like a kickstart file ?   or is the only option to build a custom image and serve that ?18:41
roaksoaxjwitko: what would you be trying to deploy ?18:42
jwitkojust trying to spin up some standard ubuntu servers18:42
jwitkonothing fancy18:42
jwitkobut I need to be able to access them once they're spun up  :)18:42
roaksoaxjwitko: so /etc/maas/preseeds/curtin_userdata allows you to customize the install18:42
jwitkoah, awesome18:42
roaksoaxjwitko: you will have to add your SSH key in MAAS18:42
roaksoaxjwitko: and maas will install the SSH key on the system for the 'ubuntu' user18:43
jwitkoroaksoax, do you have an example of this being done?  having a hard time finding one18:47
roaksoaxjwitko: under the user settings page you will be able to add your ssh public key18:49
roaksoaxjwitko: with that you will be able to deploy machines18:49
roaksoaxjwitko: maas will automatically import your key in the deployed system18:49
jwitkosorry I was trying to edit the files manually18:50
Free99hey everyone, I got my maas setup working! I have a bunch of nodes ready and deployed. Question: I need to make all of them mount an NFS share. how do I do that?19:14
roaksoaxFree99: if they are already deployed and you did it with Juju, you could create a subordinate charm to do so. If they are not deployed by juju, you'll have to do that manually19:20
roaksoaxFree99: if you ar eplanning to re-deploy them, you could customize /etc/maas/preseeds/curtin_userdata, to creata new, late_command for 'in-target' that would do something to the system, so that when it boots after it installs, it mounts the NFS share19:21
dragnell87hello everyone21:29
dragnell87there is any way to seize control of power managament for VM in Vpshere setup21:30
dragnell87i only have control over my VM using vmware cloud director, and i can find a way to properly add a note to maas cluster controller21:32
fritchieis there a way to view the porogress when importing boot images to a new MAAS install - seems to be taking longer than I would imagine22:25
roaksoaxfritchie: you can do it via the API, or hover over the spinner next to the image22:43
roaksoaxnext to the image being downloaded *22:43
DiscipulusQuick question for you guys - how do I run MAAS with high availability? I saw that it was scheduled for 14.04 but I haven't seen anything in the documentation.22:58
roaksoaxDiscipulus: HA is for 16.04 and on 2.0, which is currently alpha23:02
roaksoaxDiscipulus: sitll no documentation available yet23:02
fritchieroaksoax, ty23:03
roaksoaxfritchie: but it is fairly simple for the rack controllers23:03
roaksoaxfritchie: just add more rack controller that is connected to the same VLAN23:03
roaksoaxand when enabling DHCP you can select which one is primary and which one is secondary23:04
DiscipulusRoaksoax, thanks.23:06
fritchieroaksoax, do you know where the boot image being downloaded is stored to disk?23:14
roaksoaxfritchie: on the region controller they are stored in the DB< on the rack/cluster controller on /var/lib/maas/23:15
roaksoaxfritchie: on the region controller they are stored in the DB< on the rack/cluster controller on /var/lib/maas/boot-resources/current23:15
mupBug #1558314 opened: maas server is overloaded - twistd and postgres processes > 200% <oil> <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1558314>23:22
mupBug #1558314 changed: maas server is overloaded - twistd and postgres processes > 200% <oil> <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1558314>23:31
mupBug #1558314 opened: maas server is overloaded - twistd and postgres processes > 200% <oil> <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1558314>23:34

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