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code1o6Hey guys, I'm writing my first snappy app. Could someone take a look at my snapcraft.yaml ... I'm having issues following the tutorial basically the section on extending the metadata. http://pastebin.com/smaw2XAr04:00
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dholbachgood morning07:33
zyga-phonegood morning07:52
dholbachdidrocks, I almost finished the review of the replies08:35
dholbachdidrocks, maybe you can take a look and see how we can summarise this in a mail? :)08:35
didrocksdholbach: sure, I'll have a look in 10 minutes08:38
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dholbachdidrocks, did you get to it already? :-P10:37
didrocksdholbach: I did read what you wrote10:38
didrocksdholbach: want to write the email together or me to have a first pass?10:38
dholbachas you like it10:38
didrocksdholbach: I would prefer writing this email and you debugging my systemd issue under snappy :p (good deal! ;)10:38
dholbachdid you write a mail to the list about it already?10:39
dholbachmaybe somebody there can help?10:39
didrocksdholbach: tried already with pitti and mvo, I don't see anyone else better at those systemd issues though10:40
dholbachwriting an email shouldn't take very long :-)10:47
dholbachit's worth a try, no?10:47
didrocksdholbach: I'm just afraid we'll reash those 4 hours of exploring and retrying everything10:47
dholbachI could imagine that you're not the only one to run into a problem like this10:49
dholbachso it might be worth discussing10:49
didrocksdholbach: from what pitti said he has never seen this10:49
pittiwell, it seems fairly specific to vlc, so no wonder10:49
pittirunning it under a minimal environment without $HOME and such10:50
didrockspitti: the difference between the service and the app launched from the cmdline is when it succeeds, there is a core access debug: connection succeeded (socket = 6)11:10
didrocksand 6 is /dev/urandom11:13
didrockspitti: is it something that rings a bell, like systemd preventing access to this socket? ^11:14
pittino, there is usually no access restrictiosn for services, unless you specifically request them11:15
didrocksit's in net_Connect() which is where the network issue happens!11:15
kyrofaGood morning12:27
didrocksgood morning kyrofa!12:27
kyrofaHey didrocks!12:27
pindongajdstrand, finally, crt @ 606 on prod \o/12:44
jdstrandpindonga: yay! :)13:05
jdstrandpindonga: thank you :)13:05
kyrofaMorning jdstrand! I hit that hash issue again with the owncloud snap and requested a manual review. Mind taking a look when you're able?13:06
* jdstrand wonders what versions of the tools ran13:07
* jdstrand runs automated review again13:08
jdstrandpindonga: I did 'run automated tools again' on https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/2431/rev/11/ and see that 606 was attempted, but 'Unexpected failure while running click-review. click-review'13:13
jdstrandlet me try them locally13:13
* pindonga checks and hopes he didn't break anything13:13
jdstrandPYTHONPATH=./ ./bin/click-review /tmp/owncloud.canonical_8.2.2ubuntu2_armhf.snap13:14
jdstrand - security-snap-v2:cap_exists:listener:network-listener13:14
jdstrandunsupported cap 'network-listener'13:14
jdstrand/tmp/owncloud.canonical_8.2.2ubuntu2_armhf.snap: FAIL13:14
jdstrandso, they are ok13:14
pindonga"they are ok" meaning it's ok the review failed?13:15
pindongabut it should have displayed the errors though13:15
jdstrandgranted, that is with r61013:15
jdstrandpindonga: yes13:15
jdstrandI mean, the tools didn't crash or anything. they correctly failed and corrected errored with '2'13:15
kyrofajdstrand, oh it's no longer network-listener?13:15
* pindonga checks the logs13:16
pindongajdstrand, the 'unexpected error' is bc we now avoid displaying tracebacks13:16
jdstrandkyrofa: it is for the moment13:16
pindongaso I presume the tools crashed and didn't return a valid json13:16
jdstrandkyrofa: when interfaces land, it will be network-bind13:16
jdstrandpindonga: unfortunately, the output in the store didn't give anything useful13:16
jdstrandlet me try with --json13:17
kyrofajdstrand, ah, so that snap is okay then?13:17
pindongajdstrand, can you run the tools at 606 with --json13:17
zyga-phonejdstrand: I got connect to work via the state engine yesterday13:17
jdstrandzyga-phone: woo!13:17
zyga-phonejdstrand: disconnect is up for review, intents are almost done (I'll return to them soon),13:17
zyga-phonejdstrand: I'm waiting for snap manager to stabiliize to detect snap changes13:17
zyga-phonejdstrand: and a few more loose ends but very very much close13:17
zyga-phone(I keep saying that)13:18
jdstrandpindonga: python -mjson.tool is happy13:18
jdstrandzyga-phone: nice :)13:19
zyga-phonejdstrand: oh while you are here and I remember13:19
zyga-phonejdstrand: I'd like to land apparmor branch - I think we can do it without unloading any *.snap profiles unconditionally13:20
jdstrandwe are still using *.snap even though the security team doesn't like it and mvo and Chipaca gave us their support?13:20
zyga-phonejdstrand: let's have a hangout13:24
zyga-phonejdstrand: in a few moments, how do you feel about that?13:25
zyga-phonejdstrand: to understand what the problems are and what we want to do about it13:25
zyga-phonejdstrand: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/snappy-devel13:26
jdstrandzyga-phone: I can't come right this second13:26
zyga-phonejdstrand: when would it be convenient for you?13:26
jdstrand30 minutes?13:27
zyga-phonejdstrand: okay13:27
plarselopio: around?13:29
plarselopio: I'm a bit confused by your comment on that PR yesterday13:30
pindongajdstrand, ok, I think the problem is that the tools are returning a non-zero exit code13:31
zyga-phonejdstrand: invite sent13:31
pindongajdstrand, I know I probably asked you to do that... but I think we should return 0 if the tools succeeded (even if there are errors reported)13:32
kyrofaogra_, running gdisk -l on an amd64 image makes it pretty obvious which partition is the writable one. However, running it on a pi2 image I get "Microsoft basic data" and "Linux filesystem." I assume "Linux filesystem" is the writable one, but why doesn't it have that label?13:35
ogra_kyrofa, hmm, you probably want to look at the filesystem label for msdos (vs GPT) partitions13:36
ogra_instead of the partition label13:36
ogra_(i.e. make that check conditional based on what partition table is used)13:37
pindongajdstrand, nm that.. I'll see to adapt the store's code to cope with non-zero exit codes13:38
kyrofaogra_, I'm afraid my familiarity with such things is really limited. Does that mean for the pi2 image I should use fdisk? Or am I misunderstanding?13:39
jdstrandzyga-phone: actually, 30 minutes is not going to work for me. in 30 I have another meeting to prepare for and then attend. 2.5 hours?13:41
zyga-phonejdstrand: let's check13:41
jdstrandI have a meeting not long after that too13:41
jdstrandreally, I said what I needed to in the review13:41
zyga-phonethat could be difficult13:41
zyga-phonehow about we try quickly in 10 minutes?13:42
zyga-phonejdstrand: ^ ?13:43
ogra_kyrofa, i suspect you actually need to access the filesystem (so use kpartx to have a loop device and then inspect that with some e2fs tool)13:46
ogra_i.e. dumpe2fs should give you the label13:46
zyga-phonejdstrand: so you cannot meet in roughly two minutes for a moment just for a quick chat?13:48
kyrofaogra_, ah okay, playing with that now. Thank you!13:48
ogra_MBR is a bit more unpleasant than GPT here13:49
niemeyerjdstrand: Aroud?13:53
jdstrandwas in a meeting. gathering notes13:59
jdstrandI can meet for a few minutes13:59
jdstrandbut give me a minutes13:59
jdstrandzyga-phone: ^13:59
zyga-phonejdstrand, niemeyer: ok, see you in the HO14:01
niemeyerOkie dokie14:01
elopioplars: I'm here. I was talking about the changes in this file: https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snappy/pull/650/files#diff-2b427437cfbad1b468fc4b05d0218bf114:07
plarselopio: yes, those came from your PR!14:10
plarselopio: but it never landed14:10
plarselopio: https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snappy/pull/650/commits/12fa9a4eb73461d4177fdfc900fe4283ef6441ba14:10
plarselopio: it was in this PR: https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snappy/pull/24214:10
elopioplars: right. What I mean is that the change in that file should be in a different PR. The one we discussed an approved is about: "Avoid autopilot stop"14:11
plarselopio: I did not requthor it, just cherry-picked it because it's needed for my PR to be of any use14:11
plarselopio: but it already is in another PR... I'm confused14:11
elopioplars: I'm just requesting to split your PR in two, to keep a better changelog.14:12
plarselopio: can't we just land your PR and rebase mine?14:12
elopioplars: sure. So let me propose the list flag in a new PR.14:13
plarselopio: ah, is there no way to just use the original one? seems like you should just be able to reopen/resubmit it rigth?14:13
elopioyou are right, I can reopen it. Give me a second to merge it with trunk and test it again.14:14
kyrofajdstrand, pindonga now the failure says "Unexpected failure while running click-review. click-review"14:24
pindongakyrofa, yes, I'm aware, just submitted a fix for that in the store14:25
pindongawill try to get it out asap14:25
pindongakyrofa, it's basically bc the store wasn't expecting a non-zero exit code from the tools14:25
pindongawhich they now do when there are errors14:25
pindongabut it swallows the actual errors (which is what I fixed)14:26
* sergiusens wants to say that if anyone PM'ed him that his computer crashed and has no idea who it was14:26
sergiusensgood morning!14:26
kyrofapindonga, but it seems that the snap shouldn't have failed, right? Because those caps are actually correct right now?14:26
kyrofaHey sergiusens! Everything okay now?14:26
sergiusenskyrofa, after a reboot you mean? :-)14:26
pindongakyrofa, if the tools returned non-zero then the store considered that as a failure14:26
kyrofapindonga, didn't jdstrand say it was because of the network-listener cap though, which is apparently still valid?14:27
kyrofaIt's like the review tools are too new or something. If I switched the snap to use network-bind I don't think it would run right now... ?14:28
sergiusenskyrofa, elopio are we standing?14:31
kyrofasergiusens, yup, on my way14:32
pindongakyrofa, the tools report an error: security-snap-v2:cap_exists:listener:network-listener (unsupported cap 'network-listener')14:33
pindongakyrofa, so the store rejects the review14:33
jdstrandkyrofa, pindonga: don't get hung up on network-listener. it is actually good that it failed because it showed a problem with the store14:54
jdstrandkyrofa: as for network-listener itself, it is understood that manually reviews will have to happen until the interfaces code lands14:55
jdstrandkyrofa: I didn't want to add a bunch of compat for 1 week when everything is changing after14:55
kyrofajdstrand, ahh, that makes total sense14:58
kyrofajdstrand, so that snap looks okay then? It can be approved?15:01
elopioplars: you are frozen.15:02
* ogra_ sighs about 90+ min turnaround time for a simple fix ....15:32
jdstrandkyrofa: I can approve it, yes15:33
jdstrandpindonga: do you need that snap to hang around? ^15:33
pindongajdstrand, nopes15:33
kyrofajdstrand, awesome, thank you!15:33
kyrofaogra_, there's the rebuilt owncloud you asked about a while back ^^15:34
ogra_v9 ?15:34
kyrofaogra_, no, though I have that one built already, there just seems to be a bug in the upgrade process that wipes out the calendar15:34
kyrofaogra_, still investigating15:34
qenghoHmm. This is new to me. "Inconsistency detected by ld.so: dl-open.c: 691: _dl_open: Assertion `_dl_debug_initialize (0, args.nsid)->r_state == RT_CONSISTENT' failed!"15:53
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beunopedronis, ^15:55
pedronisbeuno: that's a c assertion15:56
kyrofasergiusens, using the kernel plugin, do you think it's possible to have another part that builds more kernel modules?15:59
kyrofasergiusens, that builds "after" the kernel part?15:59
qengho"ldd" output doesn't look suspicious to me.15:59
sergiusenskyrofa, yeah, discussed it with ricmm already16:00
kyrofasergiusens, sweet, happy to hear it16:00
ogra_sergiusens, oh, btw ... note that i'm working on a script atm that prevents us from fully re-packing the initrd16:01
ogra_(cpio being a tape archive tool actually has a concept of "append to existing archive" ... so we only need to decompress,  append and recpmpress instead of completely unpacking and re-building)16:02
jdstrandniemeyer, zyga-phone: hey, so I had a lengthy discussion with the apparmor lead (jjohansen) and 'profile name: profile "/snaps/<name>.<app>" {}' does not behave the way I expected.16:11
jdstrandniemeyer, zyga-phone: I was thinking that 'profile' made it a profile name and not do binary attachment, but that is not the case. if '/' is the first character of the profile name, the profile does binary attachment16:12
jdstrandniemeyer, zyga-phone: so, while /snaps/<name>.<app> isn't an actually file on disk and would technically work, this is weird because there is a trap for whenever /snaps/<name>.<app> did exist16:13
jdstrandniemeyer, zyga-phone: so we revisited policy namespaces and .snap16:13
jdstrandniemeyer, zyga-phone: short answer-- consider niemeyer's excellent reasoning that we are already doing a sort of namespacing currently (since you can filter on the '_' tuple in the profile name), appending .snap is no worse16:14
jdstrandniemeyer, zyga-phone: please go with appending .snap at this time16:15
jdstrandniemeyer, zyga-phone: we also talked through policy namespaces and I created a card to explore the topic more fully after 16.04 (it would need to be prioritized)16:15
niemeyerjdstrand: Okay, thanks for following up on that16:17
jdstrandniemeyer, zyga-phone as for the filename on disk-- I have no preference other than to say I find it very convenient to have the label be the same as the filename (so '<name>.<app>.snap' now)16:18
jdstrandniemeyer, zyga-phone: but if you prefer something else, I'm ok with that16:19
jdstrandniemeyer, zyga-phone: sorry it took so long to come to a conclusion-- there were quite a few things to think through, including particulars on attachment and policy namespaces that needed to be worked out16:19
niemeyerjdstrand: No worries at all, happy we're finding some reasonable alternatives16:20
niemeyerjdstrand: Would snaps.<snap>.<app> be any better, in terms of being slightly closer to the current apparmor convention?16:20
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jdstrandwell, we are a bit outside of convention here16:21
niemeyerOr perhaps snap.<snap>.<app>, to avoid the potential conflict with an actual binary at that location in the future16:22
jdstrandwhat might be interesting to consider is what does a policy namespace look like16:22
jdstrandin the future if we do policy namespaces, the label would look like: :snappy://<name>.<app>16:22
jdstrand(where 'snappy' is whatever we choose)16:22
jdstrandso, perhaps prepending is better since in the future we might change to policy namespaces16:23
jdstrandand in this manner, it will be similar to what people will have already been looking at16:23
jdstrandI think I am leaning towards snap.<snap>.<app>16:24
niemeyerOkay deal16:24
niemeyerzyga-phone: ^^^16:24
jdstrandthen in the future, we might have: :snap://<snap>.<app>16:24
fgimenezelopio, it seems that we need more executors :D
elopioI wonder why those unit tests are so slow when we build the deb.16:43
fgimenezelopio, not the best moment for the update16:44
fgimenezyep it seems to get stuck with some of them16:44
elopiofgimenez: indeed. I will prepare it when all the devs have gone to bed.16:44
elopiopindonga: do you have some time for me?16:53
elopioI want to know how can I upload a snap to edge, and then promote it to beta in our CI process.16:53
ogra_elopio, i recently asked the same and was pointed to bzr branch lp:click-toolbelt16:55
ogra_(there is a README)16:55
elopiothanks ogra_16:55
ogra_though i'm not sure you can do channel switching with it ...16:55
ogra_but the upload bit should be covered (if you cant use snapcraft upload)16:55
elopioI can use snapcraft upload, but I would be missing the publishing to edge part.16:57
ogra_isnt that the default ?16:57
ogra_i thought new uploads of an existing package automatically go to edge16:57
elopioas I understood, you first upload and the package is in no channel. Then you publish to a channel.17:00
ogra_uuh, that would be bad17:00
ogra_(if all subsequent uploads just went through)17:00
ogra_i thought you always need to publish them17:01
ogra_with an explicit step17:01
ogra_at least thats how beuno always made it sound17:01
beunosnapcraft is missing the publishing command atm, yes17:04
ogra_but there are ways 5to do it through the store api directly, right ?17:04
pindongaelopio, ogra_ we don't yet support publishing via the api17:06
pindongait's in the trello board though17:07
ogra_hmm, i kind of need that for the cdimage built kernel and os snaps ...17:07
ogra_preferably they would get uploaded to the edge channel ... then get tested in an image and only then get auto-published to stable17:08
code1o6Hello guys17:12
code1o6When you run snapcraft snap you should get a .snap file correct?17:13
ogra_(or an error message)17:13
zyga-phonejdstrand: ack, thank you for the explanation17:21
ogra_stevebiscuit, is it known that webdm doesnt auto-start after reboot anymore ?17:22
ogra_(it works fine right after install, but never comes up on boot afterwards)17:23
ogra_"sudo snappy service webdm start" starts it fine17:23
ogra_Chipaca, ^^ did anything change there recently ?17:23
elopioogra_: why is it that we don't have usb networking but debian has?17:26
ogra_elopio, gadget you mean ?17:26
elopioogra_: gadget? I mean that when I plug my bbb and boot into debian, it shares my network connection through the usb cable and I can ssh magically into the board.17:28
ogra_elopio, right, thats the usb gadget driver17:28
ogra_elopio, that would need some very BBB specific hacks, but is indeed just a setup thing (though i doubt it works on other boards that easily)17:28
elopioogra_: and that's the kind of things that we would put in the gadget snap, right?17:29
ogra_well, you need to make sure the kernel has the gadget modules you want ... you need to force-load them through /etc/modules (yes, that would be gadget) ... and then you need the proper network setup through some hacks/scripts17:30
* elopio reads about usb gadget driver.17:30
ogra_Chipaca, mvo, bug 1558181 and bug 1558179 for you guys ...17:33
ubottubug 1558181 in Snappy "services are not started on boot anymore" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/155818117:33
ubottubug 1558179 in Snappy "snappy list does not show webdm anymore, while sudo snappy list does" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/155817917:33
stevebiscuitogra_: that's the first time I've seen that behaviour, I believe mvo made some changes to how avahi is managed in Go which may affect webdm on reboot17:46
ogra_stevebiscuit, yeah, i just tried a kvm amd64 image, there it behaves ... might be that actual HW adds some slowness that triggers races17:46
stevebiscuitogra_: iirc there was discussion to make starting webdm on boot a special case but I don't think that's been done17:46
stevebiscuitogra_: Chipaca knows the finer details of the Go/avahi trouble I think17:47
ogra_i havent seen any discussions here17:49
stevebiscuitogra_: the discussion was in the #snappy-devel Telegram channel if you want to join that17:50
ogra_stevebiscuit, no, i dont17:54
ogra_that excludes everyone17:54
zyga-phoneogra_: I know more about webdm issue17:54
stevebiscuitogra_: don't blame you ;)17:55
ogra_zyga-phone, well, as long as it is being fixed at some point, its all fine17:55
zyga-phoneogra_: it's complicated17:55
zyga-phoneogra_: long story short, webdm cannot start without having eth0/wlan0 ready17:55
zyga-phoneogra_: fixing this would require major go surgery17:55
zyga-phoneogra_: right now we don't have a way to start a particular service only after network is available17:56
ogra_zyga-phone, huh ? cant we just make the systemd unit wait ?17:56
ogra_why would go be involved at alll there17:56
zyga-phoneogra_: and AFAIR the idea is to special case webdm once and fix it after 16.0417:56
zyga-phoneogra_: webdm uses go17:56
ogra_but it ships a systemd service file17:56
zyga-phoneogra_: go has no way to set a socket option that would make this problem go-away17:56
ogra_and that can wait for the network17:56
zyga-phoneogra_: no, it doesn't17:56
zyga-phoneogra_: we generate all systemd units17:57
ogra_oh ?17:57
zyga-phoneogra_: hence the special casing to just hack that dependency in there for webdm for 16.0417:57
ogra_ok, got it :)17:57
zyga-phoneogra_: in the past that was magically tied to the network-client capability17:57
ogra_right, it should be again :)17:57
zyga-phoneogra_: but we're trying to break that coupling (as in, the coupling is gone now AFAIK)17:57
zyga-phone(I could be wrong, I don't touch that code lately)17:58
zyga-phoneogra_: the real fix is to fix go and webdm to have a way to set socket options17:58
zyga-phoneogra_: so then it can just start as soon as it can17:58
* zyga-phone has a very offtopic question17:58
zyga-phonedoes anyone have a puff instead of a chair for their daily sitting needs?17:59
zyga-phoneafter moving I didn't bring any quality chairs and the one I was using so far fell apart17:59
zyga-phoneand I'm considernig buying a puff instead of a regular char17:59
zyga-phonechair* (too much C and I cannot see chairs but chars)17:59
ogra_puff ? why not a ball ?18:00
zyga-phoneball doesn't hold your back in any way18:00
zyga-phoneand I'd rather have something that does18:00
ogra_it makes your back hold itself18:00
ogra_and trains your muscules18:00
zyga-phone+ I think it's more comfy18:00
ogra_that for sure ...18:00
zyga-phoneI only used a ball like that when my wife was pregnant - big red ball, moves around all the time, not something that works well in an office :/18:01
ogra_thats the purpose :)18:01
ogra_(moving around so your body makes the right counter movements)18:01
zyga-phonewell 15 hours a day?18:01
zyga-phoneI don't know, do you work like that?18:02
ogra_no, i have a comfy armchair in the living room and a semi-proper office chair ... and i switch between them several times per day18:03
zyga-phoneI found that they make those puffs where I live18:04
zyga-phonejust 10 minutes away from here literally18:04
zyga-phonewe've been at the factory and we'll get a quote for a custom model18:05
zyga-phonethat's somewhat bigger so it'd be more like an office chair as far as height is concerned18:05
enoch85so basically kyrofa I'll check if the app works standalone, and then talk to you about how to integrate it, right?18:16
pindongajdstrand, kyrofa can you try uploading some snap? I've deployed the "fix" for the previous issue18:17
pindongait should now display the reported errors despite the non-zero exit code18:17
kyrofaenoch85, yeah, sounds good18:19
kyrofapindonga, alright thank you! I'll check it out when I've rebuilt18:20
enoch85kyrofa: +1 :)18:23
Mr_CakeHello guys18:26
jdstrandpindonga: hey, sorry. fyi, kgunn uploaded this: https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/4520/rev/2/19:18
mvoogra_: is this a non-networked board maybe?19:18
jdstrandpindonga: so it looks like the store dtrt. there were review tools errors and the store handled them19:18
pindongajdstrand, so this looks a bit better than before, right?19:18
jdstrandpindonga: very much so. it is correct19:18
pindongathx jdstrand19:18
jdstrandpindonga: thank you for the quick fix! :)19:19
jdstrandand thanks kgunn for beating me to an upload :)19:19
jospoortvlietkyrofa: keep me updated on progress of the image, got a test setup here but I'm guessing 'tonight' was 'tonight Virginia time' right... ;-)19:21
kyrofajospoortvliet, ah, yes I suppose so!19:21
jospoortvlietthat's cool of course, will play with the results tomorrow or Friday.19:21
kyrofajospoortvliet, sounds good :)19:26
mviphey manik. How are things?19:29
manikhey mvip19:29
manikmvip: i am good, how are you?19:29
mvipmanik: not bad. Recoverd from BCN and a few events following that. :)19:30
mvipmanik: now there will hopefully be some time before the next one.19:30
manikmvip: that's great. how was the rpi party?19:30
mvipmanik: Great. Full house. Lots of cool DIY projects.19:31
manikthat's nice19:32
manikwas anything public?19:32
manikamongst the projects?19:32
mvipmanik: oh yeah, i think all of it was19:32
mvipmanik it's more a community event19:32
mvipmanik: with invited vendors/partners etc19:33
mvip manik: i need to step out in few to grab a bite before i starve to death, but a quick question for you19:33
maniki see19:33
mvipmanik: what's the status on the disk wear and tear things?19:33
manikthe team's reviewing it, its a little early to say19:33
manik16.04s keeping things very busy atm19:34
mvipbut it will make it into 16.04 at some point in a not too distant future?19:34
maniki'll check on it again19:34
mvipand it will be part of an OS update, correct?19:34
manikits a little early to say honestly19:38
maniklet me find out where we are and circle back19:38
mvipmanik: thanks. that's probably the most important issue for us.19:39
ogra_mvo, nope, properly networked19:55
mvoogra_: hm, hm19:56
ogra_mvo, it is a dragonboard ... so wlan ... might be that starts a bit later than wired19:57
ogra_(or slower)19:58
mvoogra_: so there is a unfortunate dependency on network for services but if its networked it should work20:00
mvoogra_: is it just webdm?20:00
mvoogra_: or also e.g. xkcd-webserver?20:00
ogra_mvo, cant tell much about xkcd-webserver since it is broken :P .- it starts but doesnt have networking allowed20:01
ogra_so it just idles in the processlist20:01
mvoogra_: uh20:01
mvoogra_: wuut? that works in the integration tests I thnk20:01
ogra_well i get errors here ....20:01
mvohm, maybe its a new issue20:02
ogra_note that i use daily images though ... i'm on todays os snap from cdimage20:02
ogra_so there might be changes in the security layer that your all-snaps images dont have yet20:02
mvocould be, little has changed in this particular area though recently20:04
mvoI will check tomorrow20:05
ogra_yeah, no hurry20:05
ogra_that snapps list thing is really curious though20:05
ogra_*snappy list20:05
jdstrandno changes in the security layer that I am aware of *except* that snappy no longer grants network-client if nothing is specified20:09
jdstrandmvo: ^20:10
jdstrandis network-client specified in old-security/caps? is it reflected in /var/lib/snappy/{apparmor,seccomp}/profiles/xkcd...?20:10
ogra_ xkcd-webserver:20:12
ogra_  interface: old-security20:12
ogra_  caps:20:12
ogra_   - network-client20:12
ogra_   - network-service20:12
ogra_thats the snap.yaml that got installed20:13
jdstrandogra_: can you paste what is in /var/lib/snappy/{apparmor,seccomp}/profiles/xkcd* ?20:14
ogra_http://paste.ubuntu.com/15404146/ is the relevant snippet from the apparmor profile20:14
* jdstrand notes that others mentioned this and that there weren't any denials20:14
ogra_looks all commented out to me20:15
jdstrandno it isn't20:15
jdstrandit is correct20:15
jdstrandthe #include lines are pulling in things20:15
jdstranddidrocks mentioned this issue. he said it was only with services and cli commands didn't have the issue20:15
jdstrandI suggest someone look at what systemd is doing20:16
ogra_ubuntu@localhost:~$ snap find pastebinit.mvo20:17
ogra_Name           Version   Summary20:17
ogra_pastebinit.mvo pastebinit20:17
ogra_ubuntu@localhost:~$ sudo snappy install pastebinit.mvo20:17
ogra_Installing pastebinit.mvo20:17
ogra_pastebinit.mvo failed to install: snappy package not found20:17
ogra_lovely ...20:17
* ogra_ wishes snap find wouldnt be full of false positives20:19
ogra_anyway ... back to doing evening stuff :)20:19
kyrofaAh ogra_ ... you're so very helpful to me. Thank you for your help on the writable stuff. It works perfectly20:22
mvoogra_: uh, that should work20:39
mvoogra_: its all going downhil20:39
* mvo goes to bed20:39
kyrofajdstrand, did you get a chance to approve that owncloud snap by any chance?20:54
jdstrandI thought I did20:57
* jdstrand checks again20:57
jdstrandI certainly meant to20:57
jdstrandthere are no packages pending for review20:57
kyrofajdstrand, oh, after the review ran again it was taken out of the manual review queue. Put it again!21:06
kyrofaPut it in again*21:06
kyrofaYou should see it now21:06
jdstrandkyrofa: let me run it one more time. please keep an eye on it and ping me21:07
kyrofajdstrand, will do21:07
jdstrandkyrofa: it seems when that review ran it didn't have pind onga's fix21:07
kyrofajdstrand, indeed, I think it was before that21:07
kyrofajdstrand, much better now: "unsupported cap 'network-listener' security-snap-v2_cap_exists (listener, network-listener) "21:12
jdstrandkyrofa: cool. can you request a manual review again?21:13
kyrofajdstrand, done21:13
jdstrandkyrofa: done21:15
kyrofajdstrand, thank you!21:15
kyrofasergiusens, will the u-d-f --install option pull from the store, or does it sideload the app?21:15
kyrofasergiusens, nevermind, from the store, awesome21:28
zyga-phonejdstrand: https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snappy/pull/658#discussion_r5643031823:10
zyga-phoneniemeyer: ^^23:11
kyrofaHuh... ogra_ you're right, u-d-f's --install option doesn't seem to create systemd units. zyga-phone, do you know anything about that?23:11
zyga-phonekyrofa: which units?23:12
zyga-phonefor services from snaps?23:12
kyrofazyga-phone, right23:12
zyga-phonethat's AFAIK expected, snappy does that23:12
zyga-phonewhen a snap is activated23:12
kyrofazyga-phone, huh... snappy-list doesn't show the snap23:13
kyrofazyga-phone, do I have to do something special after creating the image with --install?23:13
zyga-phonekyrofa: that's different, did you try snap list?23:13
zyga-phoneI don't know23:13
zyga-phonewhich u-d-f did you use23:13
zyga-phoneonly mvo's custom fork is useful23:13
kyrofazyga-phone, yeah, the one from your ubuntu-image23:14
zyga-phonehmm, then I don't know, maybe something has changed recently23:14
zyga-phonethis is a very volatile week23:15
kyrofazyga-phone, and I have a .mount file for it in /etc/systemd/system... so _something_ happened anyway :P23:16
kyrofazyga-phone, okay, I'll ping mvo tomorrow23:16
zyga-phoneI think we do write .mount files ourselves too23:16
zyga-phonebut I'm not really familiar with how we install snaps using u-d-f23:16
zyga-phoneso yeah, ask mvo perhaps23:16
kyrofazyga-phone, no problem, thanks for your thoughts!23:16

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