Oderushi. when i try to send email through kmail i get this error :Failed to transport message. Your SMTP server does not support PLAIN. Choose a different authentication method. The server responded: "5.0.0 Authentication Failed"03:26
Anthony-Lugh, i'm to throw my computer out the window.05:17
lordievaderGood morning.09:55
caribouHi, looks like I'm facing a regression on Xenial with external screen detection on the VGA port10:38
caribouif I disconnect my external screen off the VGA port, it is no longer detected, even if I log out of the session; only a reboot will see the screen again10:40
lotuspsychjecaribou: wich graphics card chipset and driver do you have?11:12
lotuspsychje!info gnome-software xenial11:14
ubottugnome-software (source: gnome-software): Software Center for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 3.19.92~git20160310.0c17ea0-0ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 206 kB, installed size 928 kB11:14
cariboulotuspsychje: Integrated Graphics Chipset: Intel(R) HD Graphics 440011:18
lotuspsychjecaribou: maybe try a tail -f /var/log/syslog then plug off/back on your external screen to see errors11:19
cariboulotuspsychje: yeah, did that & to Xorg.0.log too; nothing happens in syslog. Xorg.0.log reconfigures when I disconnect but nothing happens when I connect it back11:20
cariboulotuspsychje: I'll try to reboot on Wily to see how it behaves when I have a minute11:20
lotuspsychjecaribou: wait11:20
lotuspsychjecaribou: did you clean install or upgrade from wily?11:21
cariboulotuspsychje: been upgrading since Trusty afaik11:21
cariboulotuspsychje: FYI, if I log out of my session, I get both screens to display the login banner11:21
lotuspsychjecaribou: not recommended to upgrade to xenial yet11:21
lotuspsychjecaribou: its best you test it clean install, to make sure its not a weird leftover11:22
caribouwell, I've been running the dev release since Wily archive opened11:22
lotuspsychjecaribou: best to help bugging out, on a fresh install mate11:23
cariboulotuspsychje: you can't clean install Xenial when the archive opens & Core devs are expected to run the dev release :-)11:24
cariboulotuspsychje: but I can test a clean install on a thumb drive11:24
lotuspsychjedaily image11:24
cariboulotuspsychje: I'll do that when I get a chance11:24
cariboulotuspsychje: good advice though, I'll test on a live Xenial image when I get a chance11:25
cariboulotuspsychje: thanks!11:25
lotuspsychjecaribou: yeah if your external screen works there dont need a bug right11:26
cariboulotuspsychje: well, even then, users will not all install Xenial from scratch when it comes out so still useful to figure out why the upgrade path breaks11:27
lotuspsychjecaribou: when final is out, users can upgrade yes11:27
lotuspsychjecaribou: but ive tested the do-release-upgrade -d from wily and it messes up kernels11:28
lotuspsychjecaribou: and many users tried from trusty giving breakage11:28
cariboulotuspsychje: ok, I'll let you know once I get a chance to test11:28
lotuspsychjecaribou: ok tnx for testing11:28
Mathisenhello ! so i did a upgrade from 15.10 and noticed one thing ... i did " update-manager -d " and the update started fine.. BUT i went out for a smoke i come back and my screen lock has went on.. and there was no way to log back in...12:22
Mathisenis not this a bad thing ?12:22
Mathisenwhen trying to log back on , it just was thinking and thinking... and did not open my x again12:23
Mathisenso could not see what was going on12:23
jushurMathisen: i always advice people to do clean installs. even when its suposed to "work" with upgrades.12:26
Mathisenyeah i get that, but still ..12:26
Mathisenshould there not be something that prevent screen lock to go on during this...12:27
Mathisenif that would not have happend for me it will have worked great i think...12:30
lotuspsychjeMathisen: i dont think screen lock messed up your install13:22
Mathisenlotuspsychje:  ok.. any idea why it happend ?13:23
lotuspsychjeMathisen: hard to tell without errors or logs, but recommended to clean install 16.04 in this stage13:24
Mathisenyeah thats my plan13:25
lotuspsychjeMathisen: do-release-upgrade -d from wily messed up things on my end aswell13:25
unix4linuxI am wondering if I can do "Deja Dup + Google Drive" instead of "Deja Dup + Dropbox" considering gnome 3.18 in Ubuntu 16 will support Google Drive right out of the box. Has anyone tried this yet?17:05
nelskInstalled the 16.04 beta last night, wanted to give an alt DE a try, so I installed ubuntu-gnome-desktop...it totally blew away the ubuntu display manager, replacing it with gdm. When logging back into unity, the environment was very broken...strange window dressings or none at all, missing wallpaper, bunch of other stuff.  What's the correct way to install alternative DEs without absolutely clobbering a bunch of the default setup?17:15
lotuspsychjenelsk: you installed 16.04 desktop with unity, and afterwards install gnome desktop on it?17:17
nelsklotuspsychje: yes, finding the unity to be very sluggish. wanted to see if a different DE would perform better17:19
lotuspsychjenelsk: well if unity was sluggish there must be a reason to it17:20
lotuspsychjenelsk: did you have right graphics driver active?17:20
nelskYes, it's an i5 NUC driving a 4k monitor, so it's entirely possible the hardware is just underpowered17:21
nelskBut as a smoke test, I want to see how a non-unity DE performs to see if the performance issues remain17:21
lotuspsychjenelsk: normal behaviour its possible to install other de's on an existing install this way, but its recommended to use the one you like single17:21
lotuspsychjenelsk: can you pastebin me sudo lshw -C video please17:22
nelskcan't right now unfortunately, I'm away from the machine17:22
lotuspsychjeahh kk17:22
lotuspsychjenelsk: any idea what grafix cards inside?17:22
nelskit's just intel graphics17:22
lotuspsychjeok but i5 should at least run unity like a charm17:23
lotuspsychjeso before testing out other de's, i would findout whats laggin your fresh install17:23
nelskthat's what I was expecting, but I've never had a 4k monitor, so I'm not sure how heavy it is to drive that with a few applications running17:23
lotuspsychjenelsk: what kind of rams inside that nuc?17:24
nelskIt's valuable to know if something like XFCE or Gnome also performs poorly. That tells me unity is not alone and at fault.17:24
nelsk16GB DDR317:24
lotuspsychjessd or mechanical hd?17:24
BluesKajintel graphics on a nuc aren't capable full 4K resolution even if you hjad the source to test it17:24
nelskBluesKaj: thought that might be the case17:25
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: whats the alternative for this situation?17:25
=== trewas667 is now known as trewas
nelskI think the option is to not use a NUC :P17:26
BluesKajnelsk, it will take a dedicated GPU with 4K capability, but Idon't know of any that can be installed in an intel nuc.17:26
lotuspsychjenelsk: well should at least run fine on a vga right17:26
nelskBluesKaj: This page directly advertises 4K, is that for some reason specific to videos?17:27
lotuspsychjelets c17:27
lotuspsychjenelsk: but thats not whats inside your nuc that iris?17:28
trewasdesktop at 4k should be usable with modern intel integrated chips, though depending on the port it might be running at 30fps and feel slow for that reason17:28
lotuspsychjeinteresting trewas17:30
nelsk"It also features IntelĀ® HD Graphics 6000 with 4K display capabilities to provide visually stunning graphics. "17:30
nelsktrewas: Have it over mini-dp -> HDMI17:30
BluesKajhmm, that urk implies that the 4K capable gpu is on the mobo, maybe I'm wrong here...is this the same gpu you have, nelsk?17:30
trewasthere are even phones with 4k resolution, it does not take that much nowadays (if you forget running modern games with full resolution)17:31
nelskYes, that's the NUC model and board I'm running. Am I missing something? Intel HD 6000 graphics are integrated17:32
lotuspsychjetrewas: so you think unity on his nug is sluggish due to the 30fps?17:32
BluesKajnelsk, ok, my mistake, just ignore my previous comments ;-)17:32
nelsknp, thanks for your attention.17:33
nelskIt's mainly noticeable when resizing windows to be more specific17:33
nelskbut moving them also is pretty slow17:33
trewaslotuspsychje: could be, displayport or hdmi 2.0 is required for >30hz17:33
nelskIt only has mini-DP and mini-HDMI out17:34
BluesKajno display port ?17:35
BluesKajwhy a mini17:35
nelskyou'll have to ask intel that :)17:35
trewasnelsk: it also depends what is on the other end of the cable, xrandr should tell what display mode is used including refresh rate17:35
nelskprobably because it's a mini-pc17:35
nelsktrewas: thnx, I will check. it's mini-DP->DP on the other end17:36
nelskIn the meantime, is there a recommended way to install an alternative DE without corrupting unity so badly?17:36
Foosterhi, I'm getting hangs/crashes with 16.04 :(18:48
SCHAAP137Fooster: at random? or when performing specific activities?18:59
Foosterseems to be at random18:59
Foostergot 2 since i installed it in hour or so ago :(18:59
Anthony-Lhello, i could use some help installing a PPA https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa19:00
Anthony-Li've read the installation instructions and get confused with the 'sudo add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name'19:01
BluesKajAnthony-L, why the ppa for nvidia ?19:13
Anthony-Lbecause i'm troubleshooting my system and want to see if it works19:14
BluesKajtroubleshooting, what's the issue?19:14
Anthony-LBluesKaj: at first with just the basic nouveau, i was having issues with my computer not restarting at all.19:16
Anthony-Li'd have to do a cold shutdown twice.19:16
Anthony-Lto get backk to the gui19:16
Anthony-LThe fix i was used for that was, http://askubuntu.com/questions/523638/why-does-ubuntu-freeze-during-reboot-14-04-lts19:17
Anthony-Li edited that file and now i can restart without any problem19:17
BluesKajwhich gpu?19:17
Anthony-Lhowever, when i installed the nvidia-361 from the terminal, i was back at square one without being able to reboot and shutdown without the system locking up.19:18
Anthony-Linstead of using the nvidia-361 from the terminal, i want to use that one from that launchpad website.19:18
Anthony-Lthey are different, correct?19:18
Anthony-Lso, i want to try that ppa on that website since i've already fixed the restart issue. i want to see if it works with my restart fix.19:19
Anthony-Lif it doesn't work, i have to install ubuntu and keep trying other ways to get that nvidia driver to work properly.19:20
Anthony-Lyou smell what i'm steppin in?19:20
BluesKajAnthony-L, again,  which gpu?19:20
Anthony-Lthat's my whole situation.19:20
Anthony-Lgtx 97019:20
Anthony-Lit's a pretty new/modern gpu19:21
BluesKajyup, that one's prroblematic19:21
Anthony-Lgo figure ;)19:21
BluesKajdunno if using a bleeding edge driver will help, but it's worth a try I suppose19:23
Anthony-Lyea, i have nothing to lose. i just keep resintalling ubuntu if it doesn't work.19:23
BluesKajyou mentioned the 361 not working , have you considered dropping down to the 352 , I know the 358 was also iffy19:25
Anthony-Li've tried downgrading and that brought up other issues.19:25
Anthony-Lsteam crash/game crashes etc19:25
* BluesKaj nods19:25
Anthony-Lif you read the type of that website, those crashes are pretty typical, hence the 361 update.19:26
jushurAnthony-L: intel cpu?19:27
jushurAnthony-L: do you use the apu on it?19:28
Anthony-Lwhat's an apu?19:28
jushurintegrated gfx on the cpu19:28
BluesKajyeah, AMD gpus seldomn have an intel cpu19:28
Anthony-Loh. i dont have integrated gfx.19:28
Anthony-Lmy mobo didn't come with an integrated gfx19:29
BluesKajor nvidia unless they're pci19:29
Anthony-Li'm pci19:29
jushurAnthony-L: you dont get what i talk about19:29
jushurAnthony-L: what cpu do you have specificaly19:29
Anthony-Lamd fx 4130 quad core processor x419:30
Anthony-Li'm pretty sure it doesn't have apu19:32
jushurAnthony-L: you may be correct, i see no mention of any apu in the cpu info on their page so.19:43
jushurAnthony-L: just wanted to make sure. as there is issues when running any other gpu with nvidia gpu in tandem19:44
BluesKajoptimus ?19:46
Anthony-Lhi, sorry19:51
Anthony-Lhad to do something real quick19:52
Anthony-Li just really want to try installing that ppa and need helping doing so.19:52
jushurAnthony-L: no need to stress, irc is slow. patience is key here :)19:52
Anthony-Ljushur: are you familiar with installing ppas?19:54
jushurAnthony-L: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa19:54
jushurAnthony-L: sudo apt-get update19:54
jushurAnthony-L: sudo apt-get upgrade19:55
Anthony-Li want to install a certain ppa from that website.19:55
Anthony-Ldid you see the link?19:55
jushurAnthony-L: note that id recomend you have a 100% updated system before you do this19:55
Anthony-Ljushur: how do i update the system first?19:56
jushurAnthony-L: yes? just gave the 3 lines to do it. and the fourth line would be installing the actuall package. for the nvidia (if its not pulled in auto)19:56
jushurAnthony-L: when you do sudo apt-get update it updates your local cache of the servers19:56
jushurAnthony-L: you should know this alrdy, if you going for custom/beta things.19:57
jushurAnthony-L: read the docs.19:57
Anthony-Ljushur: that was another issue. other ubuntu version do not work on my system.19:58
Anthony-L16.04 was my only choice.19:58
k1lAnthony-L: which ppa?19:59
Anthony-Li already installed it according to jushur.20:00
Anthony-Li typed in all those commands.20:00
Anthony-Lshould i do a 'sudo apt update-grub'?20:01
jushurAnthony-L: you should go read the documentation on how to manage your system.20:01
Anthony-Li have been.20:01
jushurno, i disagree20:01
Anthony-Li'm not going to learn all this in a matter of a couple days.20:01
jushurAnthony-L: true, but you need to learn basics first, and that would be to properly handle "apt"20:02
k1lbut you dont learn anything if you never start learning20:02
Anthony-Lhow long have you guys been doing this?20:03
k1llearning? :)20:03
Anthony-Li'm a week into it. i've been reading.20:04
Anthony-Lk1l: how long?20:04
k1liirc 200520:04
Anthony-Lyou're 11 yrs in...20:05
Anthony-Li'm literally a couple days in.20:05
Anthony-Li'm reading, just bare with me.20:05
Anthony-Lyou have to hand it to me anyway, i haven't given up on linux. i can easily go back to windows. ;P20:06
Anthony-Lall the crap i've put up with...haha20:06
k1lAnthony-L: yes. but best way is to learn things while you do it. the "just give me the commands because i dont care how it works" will keep you in the "i am a linux noob" stage forever20:06
Anthony-Lk1l: well in order to test out the commands i have to have a system that works. no?20:07
k1lso i learned it "hmm, i want to use apt-get so i read about the basic commands from apt-get" 5 minutes in, never have to worry about apt-get again20:07
Anthony-Lyes, but not everyone uses apt20:07
Anthony-Lso i get confused easily20:07
jushurAnthony-L: my tip is this document anything you do. (on paper preffereable)20:07
k1lyour way is: give me the commands. next day: give me the commands. the very next day: give me the commands .....20:07
jushurAnthony-L: actually its a matter of what you use. as you use a "test" version expect things to break, expect to be forced to fix it your self. and also read a lot.20:08
Anthony-Ljushur: yes, i've heard this numerous times.20:09
k1lAnthony-L: are you sure you need that ppa?20:11
Anthony-Lk1l: yes20:12
Anthony-Li've tried every other driver out there.20:12
Anthony-Li'm about to attempt a reboot. *crosses fingers*20:12
Anthony-Li'm at the gui on first reboot.20:14
Anthony-Llet me make sure i'm using nvidia drivers though.20:14
Anthony-Li'm still using nouveau drivers. gr20:15
jushurAnthony-L: i didnt actually give you the line that installs the driver20:17
jushurAnthony-L: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia20:20
Anthony-L'sudo apt-get install nvidia-graphics-drivers-361'?20:20
jushurAnthony-L: yes, not sure if you need to do anything else20:20
k1lthe nvidia-361 from that repo is older than the officially ubuntu 361 driver20:22
ubottuError: Ubuntu bug 361 could not be found20:22
Anthony-Lit's dated February 11th 16'20:23
Anthony-Land it's made for ubuntu 16.0420:23
Anthony-Lk1l: ?20:24
k1liirc its the same one in the official repo20:25
Anthony-Lokay, the 10th, i was a day off.20:26
Anthony-Lthe official ubuntu driver messes up my system.20:27
jushurAnthony-L: i wonder, have you run a full system update? so you have the lastest kernel and so.20:29
Anthony-Ldidn't we just do that?20:29
jushurAnthony-L: when you ran sudo apt-get update. did it say anything about "kept back packages"?20:30
jushurAnthony-L: update/upgrade20:30
Anthony-Li didn't really look as the text was going by really fast. it installed a lot of things.20:30
Anthony-Lit took a while.20:31
jushurAnthony-L: actually it shows before you push enter on the Y/n question.20:31
Anthony-Li didn't look out for it.20:31
Anthony-Li just pushed y20:32
Anthony-Li could just do it again.20:32
Anthony-Lokay, it kept back some packages.20:34
Anthony-Ljust checked.20:34
k1lplease show a "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade" in a pastebin20:34
Anthony-Lokay, let me join the channel on the machine.20:35
k1lapt-get upgrade doesnt install all updates. use my command please20:37
Anthony-Li'll do the full upgrade now20:37
Anthony-Li was just showing jushur20:37
k1lbut those packages should not be mission critical (if it doesnt freeze while using that exact packages)20:38
andrewgkHi, I've been fighting for the last couple of hours with my ubuntu install. I'm trying to install latest LTS version on MSI Apache Ge60 2pe with nvidia 860m. After installing I can't do much. I'm unable to install nvidia/bumblebee drivers as the system crashers before I get anywhere. I suspect nouveau to be the culprit. Most of the time system boots without mousepad/keyboard working and just20:39
andrewgkshows a windows about running in low-graphics mode. Please advice.20:39
jushurandrewgk: not enough info, need logs. what you done etc to know.20:42
k1landrewgk: bumbelbee is long deprecated on ubuntu20:43
k1l!nomodeset | andrewgk20:43
ubottuandrewgk: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter20:43
k1ltry this (the one time solution) if it makes your system work to get that ubuntu nvidia driver20:44
Mikelevelandrewgk~ bumblebee its broken , you can use twice cards without it and nouveau20:44
Mikelevelandrewgk~ https://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/Optimus/20:44
k1lwait, is it a 16.04 or another version?20:45
andrewgk14.04.4 LTS20:45
k1landrewgk: then #ubuntu please20:46
andrewgkOh, sorry my bad, Thanks20:46
Anthony-2i guess i could just deal with nouveau drivers.20:57
Anthony-2i'll test out a game on the driver.20:58
Anthony-Lpurple screen of death.21:34
Anthony-Lgotta love ubuntu21:34
Anthony-Lresinstalling ubuntu21:37
snowgogglesAnthony-L: why keep re-installing?21:37
Anthony-Lcan't get into recovery mode.21:38
Anthony-Land want to start from scratch21:38
k1lAnthony-L: try nomodeset21:38
Anthony-Lk1l: nope, never works21:38
snowgogglesAnthony-L: iirc you have been re-installing over and over...there's no need to do that if you make a system restore plan?21:38
Anthony-Lsnowgoggles: the only way would be chrooting and i dont know how to do that.21:39
snowgogglesAnthony-L: completely untrue21:40
Anthony-Lsnowgoggles: are you really going to walk me along the step by step process?21:40
snowgogglesAnthony-L: yeah cause seeing you keep re-installing...it's kiiling me more than you21:41
snowgogglesAnthony-L: do you want to stick with linux OSes?21:42
Anthony-Li really do, but i feel like i'm in denial. my gpu is way too new and i really think the nvidia 361 drivers are still garbage. i've tried using old drivers and those turn into other problems.21:43
k1lAnthony-L: please look at the logs what is really going on21:43
Anthony-Li feel that my problem is just flat out rare.21:44
Anthony-Land if i go back to older versions, other problems arise.21:44
Anthony-Li've scoured the internet, trust me, i'm a google master. all the answer are either misleading or really outdated.21:45
k1lAnthony-L: issue solving works that way: inspect what is why going wrong. then look up if there is a solution or alternative.21:45
snowgogglesAnthony-L: everyone's system is unique....if gaming tweaking is required for graphics...just takes time and gain experience in order to be successful21:45
k1lbut blindly reinstalling is just windows crap problem solvin21:45
Anthony-Lsnowgoggles: i agree21:45
Anthony-Lthe good part is, i am learning.21:46
snowgogglesAnthony-L:  k1l is absolutely correct no point in moving 1 step forward 2---20 steps back21:47
Anthony-Li agree with k1s statement also. it's an easy way out.21:48
snowgogglesAnthony-L: i think at your currernt level we should setup system restore snapshots on your system...that way you can screw around with settings you aren't familiar with yet and easily restore your system in less than 10 minutes21:49
Anthony-Li just really wish someone was physically at my house to see the situation. i really don't know if i'm even explaining it correctly.21:50
Anthony-Lin a nutshell, i do know that gtx 970 and nvidia 361 drivers do not get along on ubuntu 16.0421:50
snowgogglesAnthony-L: nah....see this all the time...no worries...your system just needs specific configs that's all21:51
k1lyou could see if there is a ubuntu loco or LUG in your location. that guys offer help21:51
k1lbut i still think you are burning time and effort with doing the wrong steps the whole time.21:51
Anthony-Lk1l: yea, i do waste a lot of time.21:51
snowgogglesAnthony-L: to be honest...this is a dev release and changing daily until official release in late april...so everyone should expect breakage until then21:52
k1lAnthony-L: so _why_ are you not looking into the logs why the system doesnt work now?21:52
Anthony-Lsnowgoggles: i know this.21:52
k1lit makes you look like hammering on top of a car and not looking once under the bonnet.21:53
Anthony-Lk1l: in windows there was an event viewer that recorded every crash and was readily accessible in the gui. i know this is linux and i need to learn some commands to get to those logs.21:53
k1lAnthony-L: the logs are stored in /var/log/. syslog is very good. or the Xorg.log.21:54
snowgogglesAnthony-L: i'm about to have dinner now so do me a favour....start with creating a persistent usb live stick...you will have to create one...the default live iso creation doesn't create a persistent version...so if not familiar please look it up...i will be back later21:54
Anthony-Lyea, i'm goin to do some yard work. it's a nice day. i'll be back on later.21:57
Anthony-Lsnowgoggles: i could screen share so you can see the whole process of what i do. it would make both our lives easier.21:58
Anthony-Lsnowgoggles: i'll be back later21:58
k1lAnthony-L: why in hell are you not loading thos logsfile i named to a pastebin and show them us?21:59
k1lall you do is reinstalling and saying linux is difficult and burning peoples engagement to help.21:59
Anthony-Lk1l: no one told me to do that.22:02
Anthony-Lk1l: until now22:02
Anthony-Li'm on my laptop right running windows. that's how i'm in this chat.22:03
Anthony-Li'm not on the ubuntu system.22:03
Anthony-Lright now*22:03
k1leither on recovery or you load a usb/dvd-system and grap the files from the disk.22:04
dasjoeMy Bay Trail NUC (DN2820FYKH) doesn't really like 16.04 so far, is there some way to "restart" the GPU without restarting X?23:21

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