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Elleonik90: awesome, can you file a bug against udm and I'll get that fixed, we definitely shouldn't cause crashes on bad input00:47
popeyElleo: go to bed!00:51
* popey goes to bed00:52
Elleopopey: awww, alright :P00:56
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nik90Elleo, I already reported the bug against UDM. I also reported a bug about missing documentation about metadata properties.09:40
nik90Elleo, bug 1557772 and bug 155777109:40
ubot5bug 1557772 in ubuntu-download-manager "Documentation doesn't mention showInIndicator and title metadata properties" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/155777209:40
ubot5bug 1557771 in ubuntu-download-manager "UDM causes app to crash if passed a empty download url" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/155777109:40
nik90faenil, zsombi: I have an issue with section headers in a listview getting selected in select mode, http://imgur.com/rDwczJa. Is there a way to avoid/fix this?09:44
zsombit1mp: ^09:44
faenilnik90: let's wait for zsombi, but I think that's ListItem's feature09:44
faenilzsombi: no, not that section headers, he's talking about Listview section header09:45
faenilhe's using ListItem for the section headers, and they get the checkbox when in select mode09:45
nik90yes ^^09:45
t1mpzsombi: ?09:46
nik90I could just use an Item with a Label + Rectangle (to mock the thin divider), but I just wanted to check before going for a custom component.09:46
zsombinik90: is the sections do you use ListItem?09:46
nik90zsombi, yes09:46
zsombinik90: then don't09:46
nik90zsombi, otherwise I wouldn't be able to get the thin divider09:46
nik90the new listitems dont provide a divider like ListItems.ThinDivider{}09:47
zsombinik90: I know, we'll separate that from the ListItem at some point, but pls, don't use the ListItem as section header09:47
zsombinik90: as ListItem has no clue that you were using it for that purpose09:47
zsombithere is no way actually to detect that09:48
nik90Yeah I tried using a Loader that would remove the SectionHeaders in Select Mode...but didn't go as planned.09:48
zsombit1mp: sorry, I got sections I thought it's your bone :)09:49
t1mpzsombi: ah, sections and header in one sentence ;)09:49
zsombit1mp: yeah... being in a HO and chatting is not always the best thing :D09:50
zsombii.e. combination09:50
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dpmDanChapman, I just tested dekko on the desktop unity 8 session, works great! :)11:28
DanChapmandpm, awesome! :-)11:31
dpmDanChapman, the only thing I noticed is that the .deb package does not seem to ship the icon, so it appears as the default Ubuntu icon in the dash. I think I filed a bug about it a while ago, let me check...11:32
dpmi.e. I installed dekko from the daily PPA, not from the store (which still doesn't seem to quite work on the unity8 session)11:32
dpmit seems I didn't11:34
DanChapmandpm, It should be shipping the icon from the deb but it get's installed to /usr/share/icons/* https://git.launchpad.net/dekko/tree/CMakeLists.txt#n101511:34
dpmDanChapman, is that the right location?11:35
* dpm checks what other core apps do11:36
DanChapmannot sure but it works on unity7 ;-p11:36
dpmit does indeed11:37
dpmDanChapman, I did a comparison of what terminal and dekko do wrt the icon installation in the .deb package and added some comments - http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1540104912:09
ahayzenballoons, i see that music-app-trigger-ci is stuck again https://core-apps-jenkins.ubuntu.com/computer/ .. is the an actual issue somewhere? or should i keep cancelling the job ?12:21
DanChapmandpm, Thanks! that helps :-) i'll look into that this afternoon12:36
DanChapmandpm, Thanks! that helps :-) i'll look into that this afternoon12:37
dpmDanChapman, great, thanks! I've filed bug 1558059 to keep track of it12:40
ubot5bug 1558059 in Dekko "Icon not being shown on the unity8 desktop session, .deb install" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/155805912:40
balloonsahayzen, I saw it again too. Keep cancelling but I'm concerned13:10
ahayzenballoons, ok13:12
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ahayzenballoons, i hit cancel, and the new job instantly got stuck on the lock https://core-apps-jenkins.ubuntu.com/job/music-app-trigger-ci/59717/console13:29
ahayzensame issue with reminders13:31
balloonsWell, hmm13:36
balloonsLP issue?13:36
ahayzenunless i've somehow locked the branches ?13:41
balloonsit's weird, because it's the trigger job14:09
balloonsthey should run in seconds14:09
balloonsSo popey, ^^ see above. To fix, I changed the lock name. Something probably got stuck when we had the IS outage.14:12
balloonsAlso, there's other issues I see now. Checkout https://core-apps-jenkins.ubuntu.com/view/Launchpad/job/docviewer-app-trigger-autolanding/68656/console14:17
ahayzenah sweet something is happening now \o/ thanks balloons :-) is it still weird if jenkins isn't even marked as a reviewer for this MP? https://code.launchpad.net/~vthompson/music-app/fix-1549557/+merge/28887114:25
ahayzendo i need to flip it back to needs review or something so jenkins picks it up?14:25
balloonsno, it should be fine14:25
balloonsbut yea, those problems caused it14:25
ahayzenballoons, so if i leave it jenkins should get around to autolanding, once that job is auto-triggered ?14:26
balloonswithin 5 mins14:28
ahayzencoolio :-)14:28
balloonsit has the same issue14:29
balloonssad panda14:29
balloonsjenkins.JenkinsException: job[music-app-autolanding] does not exist14:41
popeywasn't me!14:46
balloonspopey, You'll continue to get a running commentary from me ;-) I'm not sure how to fix this issue. The trigger jobs do just what they say. Trigger the launchpad magic to comment/land mp's14:46
popeyRunning commentary most welcome :)14:47
balloonsso we tried restarting the box, but it seems the trigger jobs still can't see the existing ci and autolanding jobs14:47
balloonsso first, I'm curious if anything has landed since the outage yesterday -- in other words, we need to understand if it's a universal issue, and not limited to specific music and reminders jobs14:48
ahayzenballoons, from my emails i can see other ones having non-landed MPs ... like docviewer 19hrs ago https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/ubuntu-docviewer-app/create-cache/+merge/28871814:53
balloonsahayzen, thanks. So this is universal as I suspected14:57
sverzegnassipopey: o/15:06
sverzegnassiis there any issue with jenkins? i.e. https://core-apps-jenkins.ubuntu.com/view/Launchpad/job/docviewer-app-trigger-autolanding/lastBuild/console15:07
ahayzensverzegnassi, we are discussing that at the moment balloons is investigating :-)15:09
ahayzensverzegnassi, what was said before you came in... http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15401962/15:10
sverzegnassiahayzen, o/ huh, ok! thanks :)15:11
balloonsyes, still investigating15:39
balloonswe had an outage across canonical yesterday, and jenkins hasn't been right since15:39
balloonsso it seems15:39
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balloonswahoo! http://blog.qt.io/blog/2016/03/16/qt-5-6-released/16:55
ahayzenkenvandine, for bug 1554621, does it only happen in that dialog where you choose the apps ?17:07
ubot5bug 1554621 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Invalid use of palette apparent with new SDK in content-hub" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/155462117:07
kenvandineahayzen, yes17:07
ahayzeni'm trying to test the music-app branch, but don't think the issue can be reproduced anywhere?17:07
ahayzenbut it is still good to update the imports :-)17:07
kenvandinei didn't actually didn't verify it was broken in music-app17:08
kenvandineyou imported 1.117:08
ahayzenwe don't have a dialog to pick other apps so...17:08
kenvandinemost of the other apps imported 0.117:08
kenvandinewhich were very broken17:08
kenvandineright :)17:08
ahayzenas we are a destination or you can request an export from say clock17:08
kenvandinethen it doesn't matter much17:08
kenvandinebut good to update it17:08
kenvandineclock was broken :)17:09
nik90yup clock was broken17:09
ahayzenyeah, cool thanks kenvandine :-) i'll check nothing is broken and approve17:09
nik90just tested the fix and it looks good17:09
kenvandinenik90, thx!17:09
nik90kenvandine, can u update debian changelog and I will top-approve now17:09
kenvandinewhen silo50 lands, it'll look fine even without my fix17:09
nik90Just append to existing 3.8 entry pls17:09
kenvandinebut mixed imports is bad anyway17:09
nik90kenvandine, i though silo50 UITK already landed in rc-proposed...apps that import UC 1.1 and 1.2 are fine.17:10
nik90its just when you mix the imports with 1.3, it breaks17:10
kenvandinenik90, done17:10
ahayzenyeah that is already in rc-proposed17:10
kenvandinenew silo50 :)17:10
kenvandinewith more fixes17:10
ahayzenkenvandine, could you do the same for music ? :-)17:10
kenvandineahayzen, done17:11
kenvandinesilo50 has a fix for Label from 0.117:11
ahayzenkenvandine, awesome thanks :-)17:11
nik90Oh man, I need to push out a new clock-app release to get this out...17:12
* nik90 prepares release-notes and checks if he can bundle in a few more planned fixes17:12
dobeyanyone know if there is a way to "clear" an Ubuntu.Web WebView widget?17:15
DanChapmandobey you can set the url to "about:blank"17:20
ogra_cheating :P17:21
dobeyDanChapman: that doesn't seem to really work; and it doesn't reset loadProgress to 0 either17:21
dobeyoh, maybe about:blank does give a blank page, but i am not sure how i can do that when hitting the big back button which pops the page from pagestack17:23
DanChapmandobey, You could override the back action of the PageHeader and set about:blank before popping it off the stack.17:28
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bzoltan_Something to read -> https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/blog/2016/03/16/planning-the-sdk-16-10/ Please comment!18:21
balloonsbzoltan_, lovely to see your specific mention to stay open. Thanks!18:26
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bzoltan_balloons: :) stick to the base values19:36
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nik90popey, balloons: Hey, I top-approved this MR https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/ubuntu-clock-app/lp1554621/+merge/289246 4 hrs ago. It hasn't been auto-merged by Jenkins. Can you take a look?21:34
balloonsnik90, hey, we're still stuck on trigger job issues21:35
balloonswe can land things by manually triggering, so feel free to do so if you wish21:35
balloonsif you aren't sure and need it to land, I can kick it off21:35
nik90balloons, I wasn't aware of the problem.21:35
balloonsnik90, :-) yea ,I didn't expect it to carry on so long21:36
nik90balloons, so I go to core-apps-jenkins.com and manually trigger it?21:36
balloonsyea, kick off a ubuntu-clock-app-autolanding job and fill in the parms21:36
balloonsit'll still have to pass the job of course21:37
nik90Hmm, I don't think our qml tests are passing at the moment.21:37
nik90I fixed all our AP tests to pass locally, didn't get to fixing qml tests yet21:37
balloonsnik90, they didn't pass for me locally now21:42
nik90balloons, qml or ap?21:42
balloonsI agree, they don't all pass. the qml tests21:42
nik90yeah they broke sometime back in the previous release.21:43
balloonsi give on jenkins for the night22:56
balloonssorry app devs :-(22:56

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