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abeatoMirv, hi, automated signoff is failing for https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/1109 , there is apparently some issue with i386 build: https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/static/britney/xenial/landing-006/excuses.html07:10
abeatoMirv, can I have access to the machine where the error happened? I cannot reproduce even in an i386 chroot07:11
Mirvabeato: no that's not possible but I can retry to see if it's flaky (it should be made non-flaky of course)07:13
Mirvexcept that there's a server error, I'll contact pitti07:14
abeatoMirv, that would be great thanks07:14
abeatoMirv, how can we debug this sort of stuff? what is it running? autopkg tests?07:14
abeatoMirv, even more, I do not see ofono has autopkg tests, no idea where it is getting them from07:15
Mirvabeato: autopkg tests, adt-run07:15
Mirvabeato: it's ofono-phonesim. so the page means that ofono has a reverse dependency of ofono-phonesim, so the autopkgtests for ofono-phonesim are executed07:16
abeatoMirv, aha, I see, thanks07:16
Mirvthere's debian/tests/script and debian/tests/scripts/sms.js07:17
Mirvabeato: ok pitti fixed disk space issue and it's now rerunning at http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/running.shtml - note that there will be a period of no knowledge after it disappears from there and before the excuses page is updated with the new result08:10
abeatoMirv, thanks... how did you notice there was an issue with space?08:10
Mirvabeato: it was not disk space error during the job, but disk space error when I tried to trigger a retry of the job.08:11
abeatoMirv, ah, ok08:11
Mirvabeato: it passed this time08:24
abeatoMirv, hmm, interesting... must be that the test is flaky I guess08:24
abeatoMirv, I'm giving it a try locally08:24
Mirvabeato: thanks. maybe file a bug to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ofono-phonesim too.08:26
abeatoMirv, ack, I'll do08:27
abeatoMirv, bug #155795808:38
ubot5bug 1557958 in ofono-phonesim (Ubuntu) "Flaky autostart autopkgtest" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/155795808:38
Mirvabeato: thanks!09:00
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morphissil2100: time to publish https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/1082 ?11:15
bzoltan_Mirv: two questions. 1) When I give ubuntu-ui-toolkit as PACKAGES_TO_REBUILD then why the gles package is attempted to build? Is there a too easy regular expression somewhere? 2) Why it does not even start to build the requested package in the silo?11:41
jhodappjibel, any chance of QA getting to test this story today? https://trello.com/c/cxgweD5V/2887-1100-ubuntu-landing-019-location-service-ssweeny12:39
Mirvbzoltan_: 1) probably due to twin packages magic by robert, 2) see 1) ...12:39
bzoltan_Mirv: :) kind of dead end with that silo... how to force to rebuild the main?12:41
Mirvbzoltan_: hey the gles rules file is being modified invalidly, taking away the get-orig-source part.12:47
Mirvbzoltan_: but I'm not sure why, gles-staging doesn't have such a change, your branch does12:48
bzoltan_Mirv: wut da hack???12:48
bzoltan_Mirv: should I sync my branch with the staging?12:48
Mirvbzoltan_: something went very wrong here http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bzoltan/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/OTA10-landing-2016-03-10-gles/revision/12712:49
Mirvbzoltan_: well just a sync may not be enough, I don't know what happened there but the changes there are not from gles-staging12:49
bzoltan_Mirv:  that is strange ... none of those changes are intentional12:50
Mirvbzoltan_: more you took debian/rules from normal UITK staging and committed that to your gles branch12:50
Mirvbzoltan_: looks like that12:50
bzoltan_Mirv:  that is horrible...So I better override with the staging rules12:50
Mirvbzoltan_: so rather copy the debian/rules from gles-staging back and add back just the new QT_SELECT line and commit that12:51
bzoltan_Mirv: +112:51
bzoltan_Mirv:  done12:53
Mirvbzoltan_: looks good now13:03
jgdxrvr, \o/ thanks13:07
rvrjgdx: :)13:07
rvrjgdx: I saw a strange thing that I haven't been able to reproduce, though13:08
jgdxrvr, tell me13:08
rvrjgdx: After installing the packages and reboot, there were no icons for Data and Hotspot13:08
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rvrjgdx: I rebooted and everything is fine. And there are no crash files.13:09
jgdxrvr, Data? As in the indicator?13:09
rvrjgdx: No mobile options in the indicator and no mobile icon in Settings13:10
rvrMaybe it didn't recognize the SIM card in that reboot13:11
jgdxrvr, do you still have ~/.cache/upstart/indicator-network.log* ?13:11
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Mirvubuntu-qa: https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/1106 is ready if you want to fasttrack it, autopkgtests take ages (12h+) and it's only modifying things for turbo (and potentially arale regression if the logic has a mistake, I'm not sure about that version string)13:55
davmor2Mirv: that's all lies there no such thing as only changes on if it lands everywhere :P13:56
davmor2Mirv: we'd still need a ticket for it to get fast tracked13:57
Mirvdavmor2: sure if the logic would be totally broken it also disables bgra on all devices and not just where it should be (arale+turbo)13:58
Mirvdavmor2: I can't help with the ticket, I don't have other than commenting rights on your trello board13:58
davmor2jibel: ^ I'll leave this one to you and go back to the silo I'm testing13:59
jibeldavmor2, Mirv it'll be in the queue when it'll be in the queue. let the system do its job14:00
Mirvjibel: ok, if the system is broken then it'll be days, but I assume then there's no hurry with that turbo fix14:00
Mirvso it's 12h minimum but it's looking like there might be KDE breakage in release pocket looking from other silo's results, which would mean it will not get to the queue14:01
morphissil2100: can you publish https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/1082 ?14:33
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morphissil2100: ping15:58
sil2100morphis: pong15:58
morphissil2100: you saw my message above?15:58
sil2100morphis: yes, published it then :)15:58
morphissil2100: awesome! thanks15:58
sil2100morphis: btw. yay for removal of the gcc-4.7 requirement \o/15:59
morphissil2100: not for vivid15:59
morphissil2100: I would say we will try to fix that issue once we move to xenial16:00
morphisand leave things as is for vivid16:00
sil2100abeato: hey! I was looking into silo 6 and saw that you guys added a new build-dep of libsystemd-dev that's not documented in the changelog - what is it used for?16:04
abeatosil2100, it is used to track the user at seat0 (always phablet user for the moment)16:05
rvrKaleo: Hi. Silo 30... It says it fixes "camera viewfinder is black when attaching video from messaging-app". Almost. In krillin, if I open the camera-app, set the 4:3 ratio, go back to messaging app and attach the video, the video feed is blurred.16:30
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dbarth_hey guys, i have silo 013 and 003 which are technically approved according to the Trello board, but silos not fully landed yet17:38
dbarth_is there anything you need me for?17:38
dbarth_rvr maybe if you can check ^^ ?17:38
jibeldbarth_, I reapproved silo 13, not sure why it's been rebuilt after approval17:41
jibeldbarth_, I think you can publish 3, there is nothing left to do on our side17:41
dbarth_jibel: thank you17:44
dbarth_jibel: however, i don't have published rights, but i think that's automatic afaict once siloes are fully approved17:44
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rvrKaleo: I have failed silo 3018:42
rvrKaleo: I reproduced the problem in arale18:42
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robrukenvandine: mterry can somebody publish silos 3 and 13? Thanks19:41
* mterry is a bit busy, but poke me later if no one does it19:42
kenvandinerobru, i'll look19:55
robrukenvandine: thanks20:18
mterrymzanetti: oh whoops my fault, uses silo 41 as pre req21:27
mterrynot sure can be fixed before 41 lands21:27
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mzanettimterry, yeah, we *could* copy over the ppa, like saviq did with 64 -> 41... but not sure if it's worth it21:57

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