dholbachgood morning07:33
davidcalleMorning o/08:24
dholbachsalut davidcalle08:27
davidcalleHey dholbach, happy deployment day! ;-)08:33
dholbachooooh... it's deployment day again? :-)08:33
davidcalledholbach: it is, I need to check one thing with mike (specifically about the branch we want to use for the dpeloyment, yesterday he told me production was used last time, and I've found the RT and it was staging, I'd like to clear it out)08:41
dholbachone day we'll figure out which branches we use :-)08:43
davidcalledholbach: all of them! Until it works! :)08:44
davidcalle_Branching will continue until moral improves_08:45
dholbachI still don't think I understand why we use 3 different branches :)08:46
dholbachwhy couldn't we always land stuff in trunk (with code reviews) and deploy certain revisions of trunk to staging (for testing) and then merge changes after they were approved on staging into production?08:46
dholbachthat way we'd have one branch we focus on and one "release" (production) branch08:47
dholbachI feel like I have asked that question a couple of times already, but I feel like that's the setup I'd somehow expect08:47
davidcalledholbach: that was supposed to be smart, and ended up conflicting with the spec, I think we'll move it the way you are suggesting after today08:55
dholbachwhich spec? is this something which IS/webops require?08:55
davidcalledholbach: one thing to note is that we *need* to use the same branch for both staging and prod deployments, which why my solution ended up conflicting with out mojo spec.08:56
dholbachoh ok08:56
davidcalledholbach: I think we'll have one trunk that we deploy to staging and prod, and one "production" that is not deployed, but represents the release actually in prod.08:58
dholbachgive everything else, I feel that makes sense08:58
dholbachgiven everything else, I feel that makes sense08:58
davidcalledholbach: let's hangout about it the three of us today/tomorrow08:58
* dpm got the unity8 session to work for the first time \o/11:27
dholbachdpm, nice... I'll try again later on11:36
dholbachfor now I can't get past lightdm - I get a black screen11:36
dpmdholbach, tip: before you enter the unity8 session, go to tty1, 'sudo service cgmanager start'11:36
dholbachdo you know why is this necessary?11:37
dholbachdo you know why this is necessary?11:37
dpmdholbach, I don't quite understand why, but it's a workaround for bug 1535058 for me11:41
dpmcgmanager should automatically start, but it does not seem to do it11:41
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davidcalledpm: is everything working as expected (app launching)?13:40
dpmdavidcalle, yeah, that workaround fixed the issue for me. The web browser does crash after a few seconds of having started, though13:45
popeydpm: dholbach is unity8-desktop-session-mir the only thing you have to install?13:46
dpmpopey, I had to manually install cgmanager too, seems to be a bug in the dependencies13:47
popeyand it brings in the dash/scopes you need?13:47
dpmyep, they are contained in the scopes "app"13:47
dpmso no dash per se13:48
popeyright, yeah, that's what I meant sorry13:48
popeyenough "stuff" to get going13:48
dpmyeah, terminal and dekko work great. These are the ones I installed from the PPA. I've got them running both in unity7/813:49
balloonsglad it's still working, although bumpy14:03
popeyhm, i get an empty "Scopes" window on start14:04
popeyand no way to add an ubuntu one account 😖14:05
dholbachpopey, I think I installed a few other things likes app and stuff, but I installed them ages ago14:12
dholbachunity8 crashes for me on login (bug 1558095)14:21
svijdpm: heya, can you setup an recurring ubucon-eu-meeting call (this time with correct e-mail addressses :))? I thought that there was a call without me yesterday, but as I heard, there wasn't.14:55
dpmsvij, yep. Afaik, the addresses were correct, though?14:58
svijdpm: marius' mail was wrong last time14:58
dpmsvij, hm, I think he sorted it out. I added both his addresses14:58
dpmand he managed to join the hangout14:59
svijno, you suck at copy-pasting :P quabeck, not quackbeck ;)14:59
dpmI wonder how he got in, though :)14:59
svijI've send him the URL to the hangout15:00
svijand I think you had to accept him as a guest last time15:00
dpmanyway, I'll make sure everyone is on the list with the right address15:00
svijgreat. :)15:00
svijoh and also, I thought of doing a quick "What do you want to hear/know hat ubucon eu?" through social media, so we might have a few more ideas before we are going to talk about the schedule. What do you think?15:01
dpmsvij, on the phone, so I will not be too responsive in the next few hours, but sounds like a great idea15:02
svijok good15:02
popeydholbach: could you do a "dpkg -l *scope*" or something and see if you have any debs I don't?15:02
popeydholbach: or some other package if you know what it might be?15:03
dholbachpopey, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15401923/15:03
popeythanks dholbach15:03
dholbachwhat kind of package are you looking for?15:03
popeyactually I can diff between desktop and phone15:04
popeysuspect I'm missing a few bits :)15:04
dholbachI can't even login15:05
dholbachso I'm not sure I'm the right person to ask :)15:05
popeyI am sshing in to fiddle with packages15:05
dholbachI installed media-hub, a bunch of core apps15:05
popeyamusingly, while you can't login, I can't logout :)15:06
dholbachshall we move to #ubuntu-unity?15:08
popeyno, I'm gonna defer this to when I have more time, friday I think :)15:08
popeydpm: my laptop has freaked out, I'm no longer on the hangout16:50
dpmI was wondering why you were looking so still :)16:51
jcastropopey: https://obsproject.com/16:51
popeyyeah, i have played with that16:52
popeyyou can also use simplescreenrecorder16:52
popey(to stream to twitch) (I think)16:52
jcastrowith this you can stream to twitch and youtube at the same time it seems16:52
dholbachall right ... need to run - see you all tomorrow! :-)17:08

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