TheMusoseb128: Hey there. Mind subscribing the desktop team as a bug contact for valadoc? I missed it, and it needs main inclusion, MIR is bug 155670307:09
ubot5bug 1556703 in valadoc (Ubuntu) "[MIR] valadoc" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/155670307:09
seb128good morning desktopers07:47
seb128TheMuso, hey, does it really make sense to have to maintain another vala tool in the lts just for that? other projects build their html and include them in the tarball, no point to waste builder cycles rebuilding again and again something which is static for a fixed version07:48
seb128shrug, intel driver corruption after vt switch07:49
seb128need to reboot07:49
seb128k, back to working session07:59
pittibonjour seb12808:03
seb128salut pitti, ça va bien ?08:03
pittiseb128: oui, et toi ?08:03
seb128c'est comment votre v-sprint? c'est sur quel sujet ?08:03
pittierror tracker vsprint going on, nightshifts again :)08:03
seb128oh, nice08:03
seb128moi ça va bien !08:03
seb128what things are you guys working on?08:04
seb128the error tracker could really do with some work08:04
seb128so nice to see it getting some focus ;-)08:04
pittiseb128: so far it took all three of us quite a while to deploy it into canonistack, we found a lot of issues, documented the process now, and fixed some bits08:04
pittinow working on bugs08:04
pittias a warmup08:04
pittinot sure what Brian has planned for today and tmw08:04
pittiseb128: but for example https://bugs.launchpad.net/errors/+bug/106974308:05
ubot5Launchpad bug 1069743 in Errors "System page should be presented as a sorted table with more information" [Medium,Triaged]08:05
seb128that would be nice indeed08:05
pittiseb128: bug 1329779 approved -- that's just a sync? nice08:20
ubot5bug 1329779 in wxwidgets3.0 (Ubuntu) "[ffe] Sync from Debian Unstable | Migrate to gstreamer 1.0" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/132977908:20
seb128pitti, indeed, thanks!08:21
seb128see we manage to clean up some cruft ;-)08:23
pittiheh yes, I was also removing some old wx bits recently, currently looking at wxwidgets2.808:25
didrocksgood morning guys (late good morning compared to my start time :p)08:39
pittibonjour didrocks !08:40
didrockshey pitti!08:40
didrockspitti: systemd is driving me nuts btw :p08:40
pittididrocks: it does that to all of us, don't worry :)08:41
didrocksI really don't understand why vlc is acting differently on a network connection when running as a service08:41
pittierr, do we talk about vlc the video player?08:42
didrocksfor a snappy demo08:42
seb128lut didrocks08:42
didrocksI tried to change StandardOuput/Input/Error to a tty just in case that was what changes its behavior (as it did for Qt apps) but it's not this08:42
didrockssalut seb12808:42
didrocksI'm a little bit clueless of what's different on the systemd env now :/08:42
pittisome missing environment? no session dbus?08:43
pitti(or do you run it as a session service, not system service?)08:43
didrocksI do run it as a system service, in an ubuntu core environment08:43
didrocksI'm getting some network connection errors08:44
didrocks(when trying to fetch a live stream)08:44
didrocksthere is no session dbus for the user, so probably not this08:44
didrocksI'm just getting:08:45
didrocksMar 15 08:32:54 localhost ubuntu-core-launcher[858]: [00007f41c4000e48] core access error: connection failed: Network is unreachable08:45
didrocksMar 15 08:32:54 localhost ubuntu-core-launcher[858]: [00007f41c4000e48] http access error: cannot connect to www.youtube.com:8008:45
didrocks(same with https)08:45
didrocksthe exact same command, ran directly (even under root), works08:45
pittididrocks: snappy does some seccomp/apparmor/device restrictions etc stuff, any of that?08:46
didrockspitti: yeah, we ruled that out08:46
didrocksit's running unconfined08:46
didrocksfor the sake of testing08:46
didrocksand there is no denial08:46
didrocks(and both command and services are running the same command, generated by snappy)08:46
pittiwell, this sure does smell like a private network ns or so08:47
didrocksmvo wrote: "ok, this took ages, I strongly doubt its a snappy problem, it looks like something strange with systemd. what happens is that the vlc/src/network/tcp.c module tries to connect to the youtube server via ipv4, then ipv6, gets ENETUNREACH, then ipv4 again (why?) then it gets a EINPROGRESS (which is correct). however it fails at this point and dies with network unreachable. I put a python308:47
didrocksdownloader into the script (just for fun) and that connects just fine to youtube. so I strongly suspect it is vlc (ENETUNREACH from ipv6, ipv4 gets an ok)08:47
didrockspitti: why would it get a private network under system (if we use curl, or any python server in the same script, it works)?08:48
pittiwell, it normally doesn't, unless you enable the option for it; but I'm not familiar with the restrictions that are otherwise present on a snapy system08:49
pittididrocks: if you run the service under ubuntu classic, does that work?08:49
didrockspitti: let me try quickly08:50
pittididrocks: nsenter might be an useful tool -- enter the namespaces of the vlc process, run a shell in it, and poke around08:50
pitti(in case you didn't try that yet)08:50
didrocksnever used nsenter, let me try first running vlc on my system08:50
pittididrocks: also, comparing /proc/<pid>/ns for your shell and for the vlc service process, to see if they are different08:51
willcookemorning desktoppers08:54
didrockshey willcooke08:55
didrockspitti: ok, so same on classic08:56
didrocksmars 16 09:55:42 tidus sh[8879]: [00007f6e6c000e48] core access error: connection failed: Network is unreachable08:56
didrocksmars 16 09:55:42 tidus sh[8879]: [00007f6e6c000e48] http access error: cannot connect to www.youtube.com:44308:56
mvodid you guys see what I wrote about connect() for ipv4/ipv6? that seems to be the crux08:56
didrocksjust starting /usr/bin/vlc <youtube-stream> in a .service file08:56
Trevinhowillcooke: morning!08:56
seb128hey willcooke Trevinho mvo08:57
seb128how are you?08:57
TrevinhoHi se08:57
didrockspitti: would nsenter influence what mvo wrote about the ipv4/ipv6 thingy?08:57
didrockshey Trevinho08:57
Trevinhodidrocks: bonjour Didier08:57
pittididrocks: nsenter doesn't affect the existing process at all, it just launches a new one in the same namespaces (mostly for debugging)08:57
TheMusoseb128: Yeah fair enough, will look into doing that tomorrow.08:57
pittididrocks: think of it as the generalization of lxc-attach08:57
pittilxc-attach is more or less nsenter08:58
didrockspitti: the issue is that the process stops and exits08:58
seb128TheMuso, thanks08:58
didrockshey Laney09:04
seb128hey Laney09:05
pittihey Laney, good morning09:05
didrockspitti: should I just add some long sleep() before vlc starts and look at what's different in the namespace that way?09:10
pittididrocks: nsenter to get a shell doesn't help?09:10
Laney3~3~3~what up09:10
didrockspitti: well, vlc exits immediatly09:10
pittididrocks: ah; well, then change the process to "ExecStart=/bin/sleep infinity", nsenter that, and run vlc  from a shell?09:11
pittithen you can strace/gdb/etc.09:11
* didrocks wonders how many services people will develop will have this kind of issues only as a systemd service09:13
pittifirst time I hear about an oddity like that09:17
didrockspitti: well, there is the one on stdout/stdin/stderr not being attached to real tty09:17
didrocks(some people spent 3 days because of this before I helped them :p)09:18
didrocksbut it's not the case here09:18
didrockspitti: I tried sudo nsenter --target <pid> --mount --uts --ipc --net --pid09:18
didrocksrun in it /usr/bin/vlc <https_stream_url>09:19
didrocksand it works09:19
didrocksis there anything else that I'm missing in nsenter parameter namespaces?09:19
davmor2willcooke, seb128: okay that was weird after the updates yesterday I fired up my machine this morning, external display worked on lightdm and plymouth but didn't in session, turns out it had been deactivated in screen settings09:19
* didrocks will add --user09:20
seb128davmor2, who is playing with your computer at night? ;-)09:20
willcookeLaney - is that ^ similar to your screen woes?09:20
seb128davmor2, can you re-activate it?09:21
didrockspitti: same without any parameter btw (only --target)09:21
seb128Laney, how was the quizz? did you win? ;-)09:21
davmor2seb128: yeap up and running now09:21
seb128you are sure you didn't play with the UI?09:21
davmor2seb128: it's like that one setting got reverted, but sticky edges stayed turned off09:22
seb128davmor2, did you change anything in your monitors setup, like port they are connected on, number, etc?09:22
seb128davmor2, it looks like it maybe failed to restore the written config, or though that you setup didn't match a known one09:22
davmor2seb128: nope, not touched screen settings at all since I got it the way I wanted it09:23
seb128davmor2, is there any error in ~/.cache/upstart/unity-settings-daemon.log?09:23
pittididrocks: does the vlc process started from the .service have different namespaces in the first place?09:24
davmor2davmor2@davmor2-XPS-13-9343:~⟫ cat .cache/upstart/unity-settings-daemon.log09:24
davmor2** (unity-settings-daemon:2595): WARNING **: Unable to register client: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.gnome.SessionManager was not provided by any .service files09:25
davmor2Gtk-Message: GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent. This is discouraged.09:25
davmor2(unity-settings-daemon:2595): color-plugin-WARNING **: failed to connect to device: Failed to connect to missing device /org/freedesktop/ColorManager/devices/cups_HP_Photosmart_5520_series09:25
seb128mvo, hey, could you have a look to https://code.launchpad.net/~seb128/software-properties/security-update-tweaks/+merge/289151 ? it fixes the unattendee-upgrade issue I think (works for me at least)09:25
davmor2seb128: ^09:25
seb128davmor2, yeah, those are "normal/known", not due to your issue09:25
didrockspitti: I'm not sure be skilled enough to answer. I didn't put anything in my .service file to change namespace at least09:26
pittididrocks: most services don't, so if there's any difference to /proc/1/ns/ that would be a surprise09:26
* seb128 tries to sync wxwidgets3 and notice that pitti already did09:26
pittididrocks: but if there's no difference, then nsenter also won't make much difference09:26
seb128pitti, thanks!09:26
pittiseb128: ah, I noticed that you didn't and then just went aheaad09:26
Laneywillcooke: I couldn't reactivate it09:26
Laneyseb128: no!09:26
seb128pitti, I was in the middle of something else and it was next on my list, I was getting to it now .... no worry, it's done which is what matters ;-)09:27
Laneyit was hard09:27
didrockspitti: hum… so, it's something else that systemd does preventing it to access the network apparently09:27
seb128Laney, well, at least you know you can do better next time ;-)09:27
pittididrocks: answer to different namespaces> just start vlc.service, get the pid, and compare "sudo ls -l /proc/<that pid>/ns" with "sudo ls -l /proc/1/ns"09:28
didrockspitti: I did check the sleep() (as I can't check vlc when not working, as it's exiting), but yeah, it's the same namespace09:29
pittididrocks: ok, so that's confirming what we expect; so nsenter, namespaces etc. are not involved here the09:29
didrockshence why vlc is working as expected from this shell…09:30
pittiand if wget or some python downloader is working and can access the net, then it's hardly something in the environment of that process that prevents it?09:30
didrockspitti: exactly…09:31
didrocks(meaning, yeah, tried that)09:31
pittithe only ways how you actually could prevent net access for an invidivual process are either MAC (apparmor), putting it into a different network namespace, or do syscall filtering with seccomp09:31
didrocksbut there is none of that in classic for my service, right?09:32
didrocks(and we would have denials in logs)09:32
pittiyou don't get denials for seccomp or namespacing, just with apparmor09:32
didrocksah ok, but anyway, it's not that. So, there is something in the env under systemd that vlc doesn't like and triggering it into this mode09:33
pittibut with namespacing wget would fail as well, and we don't apply seccomp restrictions in  classic09:33
pittididrocks: does strace give any insights?09:33
pittiI think you already identified the part of the code that fails (but I don't know the details there)09:33
didrockspitti: strace is what mvo used for the above comment ^ (and the ipv4 which gets an ok, then ipv6 switch getting ENETUNREACH, then ipv4 again, then EINPROGRESS)09:35
ksamakhi all09:39
ksamakTrevinho: hi.09:39
ksamakTrevinho: just so i know, is there any planned delay for publishing of compiz09:39
ksamakthanks for announcing btw09:40
TrevinhoSo, I'm quite busy with some stuff, but I'm going to do that after next landing09:40
ksamakno problem.09:41
ksamaki just wanted to know to also plan09:41
ksamakbtw, i'm preparing a better focus tracking, with new plugin focuspoll, and ezoom modified in consequence.09:42
ksamakthat's quite necessary for impaired people. that'll definitely benefit ubuntu's impaired users.09:42
didrockspitti: I did run a screen session as a system service09:45
didrockspitti: starting vlc from it reading a youtube stream, and it works09:46
pittiindeed -- sensitive to stdout/stderr being pipes? looking at $TERM? not having a PAM session?09:47
didrockspitti: as I said, I tried to set StandardOut/Err/In to tty09:48
didrockslet's see if $TERM can play something09:48
Trevinhoksamak: awesome09:49
Trevinhoksamak: also, hikiko would work in improving the ezoom experience with unity. So you two might sync09:50
* hikiko saw a highlight09:51
hikikoksamak, hi09:51
hikikoare you preparing a change for the ezoom?09:52
didrockshikiko: I hope you are enjoying your new laptop, I spent too much time of my life for this shipment :p09:53
hikikothanks didrocks :D09:53
hikikoIt's GREAT :)09:53
hikikodid you see the pic on telegram?09:53
didrockspitti: nope, no progress. Any way I can give it a PAM session?09:55
hikikocompiling is super fast :D09:55
pittididrocks: you can start it as root through su -c 'vlc' someuser ; but at that point it's probably easier to look at the particular network code that's failing09:57
pittisu - starts a PAM session09:57
pittididrocks: did you compare the process environment already?09:58
pittididrocks: screen, shells, etc. all read /etc/environment, set $HOME, etc.09:58
pittia .service normally doesn't have any $HOME09:58
didrockspitti: let me run it as my user (as it fails the same way) and inject my whole env09:59
pittididrocks: or rather, start vlc from a shell through env -i10:00
didrockspitti: other kind of errors without any env10:01
didrocks> [00007f94c0000e48] http access error: error: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found10:01
didrocksfor instance10:01
pittiinteresting -- isn't that very similar to what you see?10:01
pittilike, it won't have a ~/.config/vlc, nor can it create one10:01
didrocksyeah, can be a side effect of this10:02
didrocksso trying to run the service as my user10:02
pittididrocks: so, what happens if you add Environment=HOME=/tmp/foo to the service?10:02
didrocksand injecting my all env10:02
pitti(and create /tmp/foo)10:02
didrockspitti: no, same issue (and not a different log)10:04
* pitti doit faire les courses, à plus tard10:04
didrocksà tout à l'heure10:04
ksamakTrevinho: hikiko okay, sure. i modified things in ezoom, that are probably worth discussing.10:10
ksamakincluding the zoomarea center calculation.10:10
ksamakthis'll probably have to change, with your input.10:10
ksamakhikiko: but let's talk about that when the patch is out.10:11
hikikoksamak, I am using only the final zTransform for my unity changes10:11
hikikoI guess that whatever the changes are you ll still pass a zTransform to compiz right?10:12
ksamakhikiko: yep, i just changed the maths a little.10:13
mvoseb128: on the phone, will look in a bit10:13
seb128mvo, thanks10:13
didrocksmvo: pitti: ok, dumping my whole user's env make it works, I need know just to bisect on which ones are needed10:14
hikikothen your changes probably wont affect unity at all :)10:14
mvodidrocks: its the env? woah, can't wait to hear which one it is10:17
mvoseb128: looks good10:18
seb128mvo, thanks!10:18
seb128mvo, let me upload that then ;-)10:18
mvogo go10:19
didrocksmvo: argh it's the XAUTHORITY apparently on my classic system… which is weird, because when running the command on a headless snappy system, we don't have it and it works…10:22
didrocksmvo: but it gives the same error, so I really think the network error is a side effect of something else failing10:22
chrisccoulsonIs the lock screen meant to scale correctly on high DPI screens?10:26
Laneychrisccoulson: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/155182010:28
ubot5Launchpad bug 1551820 in unity (Ubuntu) "Lock screen password box is unscaled" [Undecided,New]10:28
chrisccoulsonLaney, thanks10:29
Laneyit used to work10:29
seb128when did it regress?10:30
seb128is that happening all the time?10:30
Laneylook at the date I filed the bug10:31
seb128yeah, the report says "in many weeks" :p10:31
seb128I guess chrisccoulson has a new laptop so doesn't have more data :-/10:31
seb128Trevinho, ^ do you have any clue when that might have regressed?10:31
chrisccoulsonYeah, I've only had a high DPI screen for a few days :)10:31
Laneynot sure that 'when' is super important to know if you know the code already10:32
Laneycan probably blame/log the file or just look at the code10:32
seb128it helps to be able to find somebody to ping saying "that change of yours broke it" :p10:33
seb128otherwise it sits there as it current does :-/10:33
chrisccoulsonAlso, the online-accounts sign-in doesn't scale either. With http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~oxide-developers/oxide/oxide.trunk/revision/1365, the webengine will scale correctly as long as Qt indicates the device scale, but that's not hooked in Qt anywhere :(10:33
Laneythat's not a matter of 'when'10:34
seb128if I would have to guess10:34
seb128  [ handsome_feng ]10:34
seb128  * Extend the lockscreen theme for kylin.10:34
Laneyit's a matter of you have to ping people to get bugs attention10:34
Laneybut I did post it on telegram at the time10:34
seb128but that I tried10:34
seb128if you ping without a change to point at you don't get much pong10:34
seb128true story :-/10:34
caribouHello, I'm investigating a bug in Xenial with my external screen on VGA, is this a good place to ask ?10:35
seb128caribou, not really, it's not a support forum, try #ubuntu for user questions10:35
caribouseb128: on Xenial, not sure #ubuntu is the proper forum10:36
seb128caribou, what Laney said10:36
seb128Laney, Trevinho, I'm going to have to bet it's the kylin changes for their custom greeter10:36
caribouhmm, didn't know about this one10:36
TrevinhoMh, yeah it might have happened there10:36
Trevinholet me check10:36
caribouseb128: Laney: thanks!10:36
seb128Trevinho, thanks10:36
LaneyTrevinho: grazie10:38
TrevinhoLaney: di niente...10:38
TrevinhoIt's time to teach some more italian here... :)10:38
* Laney wants a coffee10:41
TrevinhoLaney: ok I think i've fixed it...10:42
* Trevinho compiles10:42
* Trevinho is just sooo lazy in making new branches + MPs... :-P10:42
Laneygimme a deb10:42
TrevinhoLaney: I can give you diff, maximum :P10:43
Laneyyou're compiling :(10:43
hikikoI love compiling today :p with ssd + i710:43
Laneythink of the environment man10:43
pittididrocks: ah, so it still tries to talk to X?10:43
didrockspitti: well, but that's running in a X session, so it seems so. However, I can run it on ubuntu core headlessly (by executing the command)10:44
didrockspitti: so I guess the error is just a side effect of errno not being empty10:44
didrocksand the error is actually somewhere else10:44
didrockspitti: mvo: exporting the sudo env (where the commands directly run) to the wrapper doesn't work in the ubuntu core service :/10:47
TrevinhoLaney: here you are https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/unity/lockscreen-promptview-scaling-fix/+register-merge10:48
LaneyTrevinho: blink10:49
TrevinhoLaney: well uri is wrong, but well, you got it ;-)10:52
* Laney spanks Trevinho 11:03
Laneyfix your tests!11:04
LaneyTrevinho: it works11:35
TrevinhoLaney: of course, it does ;-)11:36
Laneyunlike your testsuite11:38
willcooke:D burn11:39
willcookeadded a task to Trello11:40
* Laney attaches a log11:41
willcookethanks Laney11:48
mvodidrocks: so it still does not work even with all the env?11:53
=== hikiko is now known as hikiko|ln
didrocksmvo: no, no progress (when running on Ubuntu Core). The only progress I got is that comparing their output is that in the successful case, there is "core access debug: connection succeeded (socket = 6)"11:56
didrocksmvo: looking at fd (if they are still the same after this read), it's /dev/urandom11:56
didrocksand I'm completely stuck then11:56
didrocksstill working like clockword when using the command line version11:57
didrocks(even with sudo)11:57
desrtgood morning all12:26
desrthey didrocks :)12:26
didrockshey desrt12:27
seb128hey desrt12:39
=== hikiko|ln is now known as hikiko
desrtmorning, seb12:48
desrtgot my fitbit :)12:48
ogra_so you can share your fat with your friends now !12:49
desrtfat with friends!12:50
desrtit's stupid, but this thing is already causing me to get more exercise12:51
desrtit shames you into moving12:52
desrtif you didn't take 250 steps in an hour, it vibrates and shows you a frown and says "time to move!"12:52
seb128I'm looking forward seeing that one in Prague12:52
seb128oh, nice12:52
desrtand then if you do it it vibrates again and gives you some rewarding message like "you did it!"12:52
seb128mine didn't do that!12:52
desrtit's basically the "stop being a sedentary software developer" feature12:53
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
didrockspitti: waitpipe: already dying is another difference I can notice, I tried to set Ignore SIGPIPE to False in the service, but doesn't change…13:28
didrockspitti: if you have time for it (I'm really stuck at it now), I have a very simple .service file and a script runner for an adt cloud image machine14:12
didrockspitti: basically, running the script by hand works14:12
didrockshaving the service starting doesn't14:12
didrocksexporting all env that the user have when the script runs by end fails as well14:12
didrocks(and I'm running the service as the "ubuntu" user to ensure we don't have issues due to running as root)14:14
seb128attente, hey, thanks for the nautilus discussion yesterday ... I've a patch that is easy enough and works, want to have a look and tell me if you think it looks fine? (the _cb changes are mostly a copy of what upstream did)14:19
attenteseb128: sure, glad it worked out for you14:20
attenteseb128: where is the patch?14:35
seb128attente, grah, sorry, I though I had copied the pastebin url, which apparently I didn't :p14:36
seb128attente, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15401688/14:36
attentehehe, no worries14:36
attenteseb128: hey, is there a reason you switched to using selected_file instead of gtk_places_sidebar_get_location()?15:37
seb128attente, I basically backported https://git.gnome.org/browse/nautilus/commit/src/nautilus-window.c?id=52e4774e9942043739c1594a72e0ffb96694632b15:39
seb128attente, the bug hint they did that way because of gtkplacesidebar issues15:39
seb128like the selection isn't changing when you right click15:40
seb128(that looks a bit weird btw)15:40
attenteseb128: the indentation is a bit weird at src/nautilus-window.c:88015:40
seb128I'm not surprised15:41
seb128upstream is weird15:41
seb128they decided they don't like tab indent which nautilus was using15:41
seb128so every change/new commit uses space indent15:41
seb128but they don't want to change existing code to now screw git blame&co15:41
seb128so nautilus sources are mix of style15:41
seb128eventually when all code is rewritten it's going to be consistent again :p15:42
seb128but yeah, seems like I forgot to fix that chunk when I copied it15:43
seb128attente, thanks for pointing it out!15:43
attenteseb128: yeah, no worries. i think selected_(file|volume) might need to be cleared on destroy or finalize15:43
attenteseb128: minor nit also, the added separator is a bit wider than the other ones15:44
seb128oh, right15:44
seb128I wonder if upstream has the issue/why15:45
seb128going to look at that15:45
attenteyeah. i guess every time you pop up the popover it adds a ref, and only clears it when you actually click on that item15:45
seb128good catch15:46
seb128upstream fixed it it seems15:46
seb128attente, https://git.gnome.org/browse/nautilus/commit/src/nautilus-window.c?id=40a709cc11f60a47a0d956ea39af15e45d4339e315:47
* seb128 backports that as well15:47
attenteseb128: not sure why the separators are a different size, but it's the same issue upstream as well15:52
seb128good, which means I can report it there ;-)15:52
seb128attente, they pack a GtkSeparator manually in the popover with bottom/top margins, I guess they also need some left/right ones16:01
attentesounds about right16:03
seb128looks right with left/right at 1216:04
seb128attente, reported with a patch as https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=76376816:11
ubot5Gnome bug 763768 in Sidebar "Wrong margin used for the sidebar separator" [Normal,New]16:11
seb128attente, thanks for the review! (unsure if you are done?)16:11
attenteseb128: nice! yeah, can't see any other real issues, it actually works pretty great as is. good job!16:12
seb128attente, great, thanks again for putting me back in the correct direction, unsure why I had discarted a partial port to gaction, and for the review!16:13
seb128attente, gnome-software stays as a service again after starting it from the dash and closing it, is that wanted/a known issue?16:39
attenteseb128: yeah, apparently running from the dash dbus-activates it, which always runs it with the --gapplication-service flag16:40
seb128does it?16:40
attenteso i'm not sure what to do there exactly. i could try to strip out the flag but that seems really hacky16:42
attenteit would work though i guess16:42
seb128I don't know on the code side, I guess you asked desrt what she thinks?16:43
desrtattente: we already discussed this...16:43
seb128but from an user experience, I just had it have an outdated update list because it didn't pick up/refresh after I apt-get installed some things16:43
desrtattente: the thing you ought to be doing is ignoring the flag entirely16:43
desrtif you want it to quit, let it quit16:43
Laneyunity does dbus activation?16:44
seb128and it displays non-notify-osd friendly notificaitons16:44
desrtjust get rid of the hold() irrespective of flag16:44
desrtLaney: anything that uses GIO does16:44
desrtattente: or did i miss something and there is some other case where you want the hold?16:44
attentedesrt: i'm pretty sure i tried removing the g_application_hold() but it still stuck around16:45
desrtbecause of the inactivity timeout and because of the hidden (not destroyed) main window16:45
desrtwe solved those things, no?16:45
attentei don't remember, but i'll try it again16:46
seb128attente, thanks16:46
desrtyou started destroying the main window, which led to the gs_application_activate -> gtk_widget_show() on destroyed window bug16:46
desrtafter that, there are only two things that can keep the application around: hold() and inactivity timeouts16:47
chrisccoulsonIs anyone else seeing compiz gobble up memory in xenial? http://paste.ubuntu.com/15402706/16:56
seb128 2586 seb128    20   0  418612 194572  31764 S   0,0  4,9  15:11.12 compiz16:57
seb128pitti, what do you think about disabling the pygi warnings about using "require_version" for the lts? we still have quite some code not doing that, it's not a priority to fix now and spamming logs17:04
pittiseb128: seems fine to me; maybe two weeks before release?17:17
seb128ok, time for some exercice, have a nice evening everyone17:32
seb128well, at least for those off before I'm back17:32
willcookerighty, school meeting tonight. *That* is how much I like meetings.17:59
willcookenigth all18:00
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Sweet5harkgot postgresql stuff in the libreoffice snap to build. snap is now at 2GB bundling all of postgres (not that we currently have an alternative) ...18:21
seb128robert_ancell, hey, is there a git branch where we should commit/push trivial fixes? is that wip/ubuntu-changes?22:11
robert_ancellseb128, eys22:11
seb128uri = g_strdup_printf ("http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/binary/%s/%s/%s/changelog", source_prefix, source, update_version);22:11
seb128I think the "source" there should be "binary_source"22:12
seb128I'm mentioning it in case you edit things around and want to change it22:12
seb128I'm going to do that tomorrow otherwise22:12
robert_ancellseb128, that change would be in wip/rancell/apt22:13
robert_ancelloh, right. I was confused when you pointed that out before22:14
seb128I didn't manage to check that today22:16
seb128but I think that's why language-selector-gnome's changelog is not showing22:16
robert_ancellyou emailed me that a while ago, and I thought we needed to pass the source package to the URL, but now it clearly needs to be the binary name22:17
seb128I commented about that on some of the bugs22:17
seb128ok, I was just passing by22:25
seb128good day/night everyone22:25

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