xnoxi have a new #ubuntu-* channel that needs logging and bug bot enabled.13:59
xnoxhow do i do that?13:59
Picixnox: I can provide a bot, but logging requests need to go through rt14:00
k1la mail to rt@ubuntu.com iirc14:00
Picixnox: whats the channel?14:00
xnoxPici, the channel is #ubuntu-s390x14:01
xnoxack, will file RT for logging.14:02
Picixnox: I'm going to work with freenode to get that channel registered too, I'll throw a bunch of access your way.14:03
xnoxPici, tah.14:05
xnoxPici, it should be a normal channel, with regular powers granted to Ubuntu IRC team et.al. it's something between the #ubuntu+1 & #ubuntu-devel, essentially for anybody who uses that port.14:06
Picixnox: I figured as much :)14:06
Picixnox: you should be good on the bot side, and you have full access in the channel flags too15:00
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