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tjaaltonapw: the one on xenial is skl/kbl/bxt04:30
apwtjaalton, hmm i don't think i know what those three all are; skylate, erm08:56
smbIf one would not know better one would guess keyboard failure09:04
tjaaltonapw: heh, kabylake and broxton (aka apollo lake)09:13
apwtjaalton, those i have not even heard of09:26
apwtjaalton, ok so i am seeing lockups on resume in what feels like graphics and some visual corruption occasionally in icons in firefox, on broadwell09:27
apwtjaalton, with the xenial kernel -12 at least, i just upgraded to -13 and have not been on it long enough to know if it is sad too09:27
tjaaltonapw: ok, is the corruption right from the start, or only after a resume or such? check dmesg if so09:29
tjaaltonthere could be a gpu hang and recovery isn't complete09:30
apwtjaalton, you know how these bugs are you are never quite sure till they happen a few times, i currently feel, only after a resume09:30
apwbut i'd not want to swear to it in court.  i will check dmesg if i see such corruption again on -1309:30
* apw wonders if xnox has tested his second debug kernel yet09:52
xnoxapw, not yet11:38
xnoxapw, i did not hit any of those printk... http://paste.ubuntu.com/15400970/ unless i'm not collecting them at all.11:45
apwxnox, literally none of them, which is perplexing11:48
apwxnox, that is the generic kernel not an apw build11:48
apw[    0.008770] Linux version 4.4.0-13-generic (buildd@z13-012) (gcc version 5.3.1 20160225 (Ubuntu 5.3.1-10ubuntu2) ) #29-Ubuntu SMP Fri Mar 11 19:30:41 UTC 2016 (Ubuntu 4.4.0-13.29-generic 4.4.5)11:48
xnoxapw, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15400999/12:01
xnoxapw, btw the .debs are suspiciously the same as I tested yesterday, you didn't bump version number timestamp at all?12:02
apwxnox, yes, they would have had new times12:02
xnoxit downloaded for me as linux-image-4.4.0-14-generic_4.4.0-14.30lp1557250v201603151737_s390x.deb.1 hence i don't think so.12:03
xnoxhttp://people.canonical.com/~apw/lp1557250-xenial/ has timestamps 17:41 from yesterday, which is from before i left, no?!12:03
apwxnox, i mean i cannot make a build with the same time, so if it is the same time, that is not a new build, its is ... erm ... wrong12:04
apwxnox, ok something is screwey, the only safe thing for me to do is rebuild it12:04
apwxnox, oh i think i may have built a wrong branch and pushed binaries but useless ones for another bug, sigh, be 10m12:05
xnoxmore coffee12:09
apwxnox, ok some actually new binaries pushing, sigh, sorry about the confusion there, should be up in ... now12:10
xnoxapw, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15401110/12:25
xnox[    0.734265] Loading compiled-in X.509 certificates12:25
xnox[    0.734266] x509_cert_parse called12:25
xnox[    0.735100] x509_check_signature -> -44875494412:25
xnox[    0.735101] preparse -> ret=-7412:25
apwxnox, ta ...12:29
apwxnox, ... and again12:38
xnoxapw, 13:19
xnox[    0.715208] Loading compiled-in X.509 certificates13:19
xnox[    0.715209] x509_cert_parse called13:19
xnox[    0.715230] APW: crypto_shash_finup 013:19
xnox[    0.715231] APW: RSA_verify_signature called13:19
xnox[    0.716088] APW: public_key_verify_signature ret=-7413:19
xnox[    0.716089] x509_check_signature -> -7413:19
xnox[    0.716090] preparse -> ret=-7413:19
xnoxwrong paste.13:20
xnoxi mean13:20
xnox(yeah thats the 1234 build)13:20
apwxnox, ok making progress, its tricky to add all teh debug we need in one run14:17
apwxnox, as we jump through callbacks where there are 3-4 options14:17
apwRSA_verify_signature was one of those14:17
tyrogHi guys, do you think Kernel 4.5 is still coming as default for Ubuntu 16.04?15:24
tyrogogra_: I know for now it is on Kernel 4.4, can that decision change until Final?15:25
ogra_nope ... 4.4 is an LTS kernel ... 15:25
tyrogogra_: ok, tnx :)15:25
ogra_there will be hwe kernels later ...  like you can alwas use newer kernels on ubuntu LTS releases... 15:26
tyrogogra_: 3.13 on 14.04 wasn't a LTS kernel too...15:26
ogra_yeah, that means that the ubuntu kernel team needs to maintain this version for 5 years themselves15:27
ogra_if you can have a kernel that is upstream maintained instead it means you free developers for other work15:28
tyrogI see15:28
tyrogyes, then probably the right decision is to keep 4.4 :D15:29
ogra_it will just make the 4.10 (or whatever will be current at 16.10 release) hwe kernel better ;)15:29
apwtyrog, yeah waht ogra said15:39
tyrogapw: Fine as 4.4 should be very stable when 16.04 Final is released ;)15:39
apwtyrog, yeah we try and hold back a bit for these lts' than we would in an interim one, and that upstream is doing stable for 4.4 is a major boon15:40
apwxnox, another test kernel for you, i hope15:47
xnoxtyrog, if you want things in 16.04 kernel, make those things to be backported to 4.4. into stable tree, or other trees. Backports of bits & pieces of 4.5 drivers are in our 4.4 kernel...15:50
xnoxor e.g. bugfixes should be taken into stable tree.15:51
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xnoxapw, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15402573/16:35
xnox1424 kernel16:35
apwxnox, another one uploading ...17:22
xnoxapw, off by one?! http://paste.ubuntu.com/15403281/18:04
apwxnox, hrm ... odd ... indeed18:04
xnoxthere is extra garbage on non-s390x? because it's using.... weird encoding?!18:05
xnoxanyway, i should stop guessing and go back in fixing something useful.18:05
apwi'll poke seom more indeed18:10
apwxnox, antoher kernel pushing, this one might work or it might explodes, that will be interesting18:58
xnoxapw, thank you for powerpc kernel?!19:34
apwxnox, the last s390x is the same one, that is for someone else :)19:34
apwis the same contents as the ppx19:34
xnoxwill test 1848 kernel19:34
xnoxmissing prefix, hence off-by-one?19:37
xnoxdid we check by the way that e.g. powerpc loads the cert fine?19:37
xnoxi guess we don't have powerpc (big endian) machines to test the kernels on, do we?19:38
apwyes, a powerpc BE also fails in the same way19:40
apwbah this is an endian issue, and i need to think about how to fix it ... prolly will punt it at anton :)19:40
xnoxbecause the cert is read in host-endian order, rather than little-endian order.19:42
xnoxwe should be able to find upstream regression too.19:42
xnoxcause we had powerpc forever.19:42
apwxnox, its not quite like that, its handled in an endian sensible way, its not handling the packing right it seems19:43
apwdebugging it is tricky19:43
ubot5Launchpad bug 1541151 in ubuntu-mate "16.04 PPC, unable to boot: "Problem Loading in-kernel X.509 Certificate (-74)"" [Undecided,New]19:43
apwwhy would that not be able to boot19:46
apwthat does not prevent booting19:46
apwi don't believe the mate issue is actually related, but ...19:47
xnoxit's a data point that in alpha the bug was present.19:47
apwi don't believe that is the reason the system does not boot19:47
apwbut it is clearly there for a long time19:47
xnoxshould i open kernel.org bug?19:48
apwwhich we would never notice because it is benign19:48
apwxnox, for the moment no, i am working on it19:48
infinityapw: antonb and benh should be around (and maybe even awake shortly) ... mpe might already be, I can never remember where he lives.19:56
apwxnox, another one pushing now for testing if you are about20:06
xnoxapw, patch looks plausible.20:09
apwxnox, yeah, plausible, but i bet wrong again :)20:11
apwxnox, fun ?20:25
xnoxapw, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15404387/21:09
xnoxnot sure about the size length reversion.21:09
apwxnox, so made no differance at all ?21:10
xnoxapw, well we don't know. you have reverted the size compare, so we don't know if a later [1] check succeeds or not.21:11
xnoxi'd like a kernel without the 0008 patch21:11
apwxnox, uploading now ...21:17
apw... and done21:17
xnoxapw, so your fix didn't help as per previous stuff. it may have helped with something/somewhere else.21:27
apwxnox, ok i need to dump the thing en-toto21:29
xnoxapw, in the mean time, i win - LD [M]  /home/ubuntu/linux/debian/build/build-generic/zfs/module/zfs/zfs.ko21:37
apwxnox, heheh, if you have it building, we might have some tests somewhere21:38
xnoxapw, can you test-build s390x kernel proper for me with https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1519814 ?21:45
ubot5Launchpad bug 1519814 in linux (Ubuntu Xenial) "spl/zfs fails to build on s390x" [Medium,Triaged]21:45
apwxnox, yep in a few21:45
xnoxi only got it to do ./debian/rules build to complete. And i have tried to fake the patch to mimic other commits you people do in a strange way.21:46
apwas it is zfs i'llneed to upload it to a PPA21:54
xnoxi bet abi checker or some such will tell me to shove my zfs back were it was22:00
apwxnox, likely22:02
apwxnox, ok pushing a possible fix found for the signature problem ifyou could test22:04
apwand done22:04
xnoxi just don't want to even know anything about limbs in the kernel22:06
xnox[    0.678605] Loaded X.509 cert 'Build time autogenerated kernel key: 8d0653ca20551eb8f7822151a14011cc64a15ed4'22:09
xnoxwe are good.22:09
xnoxapw, ^22:09
apwxnox, sweet, i'll apply that then for the next upload22:10
apwxnox, and i'll upload your zfs to a ppa22:10
xnoxapw, cooling having that 509 and zfs fixed would be nice for the beta next week.22:11
xnoxapw, which / where is the ppa upload?22:12
xnoxor shall i call it a night22:12
apwxnox, i am uploading it now, will send you a link22:18
apwxnox, https://launchpad.net/~canonical-kernel-team/+archive/ubuntu/bootstrap/+packages22:23
apwshould be about 30m22:24
apwxnox, ok that sig fix now pushed to master-next for the upload, i'll wait on your testing for the zfs one22:28
apwxnox, ok its uploading binaries now22:52
apwxnox, well the linux-image has the .ko's you would want to find in there ...22:58
apwxnox, let me know if it explodes in your face or not22:58
xnoxwhy do we have zfs-dkms and zfs in the kernel?23:00
xnoxshouldn't we retire zfs-dkms package from zfsutils package?23:00
xnoxapw, the module loads23:03
apwxnox, we make the kernel modules from the dkms package23:04
apwand the kernel provides that package, so we can drop it from the kernel23:04
* xnox is confused.... anyway.23:05
xnoxthe module loads.23:05
apwxnox, we need to fix this in the -dkms package to do this right, and update the kernel from it23:05
apwbut that is all deatails, if it works that would be interesting to us23:06
xnoxwell, i have upstream pull request open too.23:06
apwyeah so that is good23:06
xnoxPackage zfsutils-linux is not available,23:06
apwyes, that will be a problem23:07
xnoxapw, do kernel people manage zfs-linux or may i upload it?23:08
apwxnox, cking nominally looks after the delta to debian23:09
apwxnox, bug i don't see any problem uploading a simple delta like enabling s390x for it23:09
xnoxwhy do we only compile on 64-bit arches?23:10
* xnox thought upstream totally supports 32bit arches....23:10
apwxnox, mostly for support coverage, if you are using zfs it is unlikely to be 32bit23:14
xnoxapw, well, the question did come up as to why it's not available on 32bit.23:15
xnoxuploaded into https://launchpad.net/~xnox/+archive/ubuntu/nonvirt/+packages23:15
xnoxwith arch:any, to see what happens.23:15
xnoxdkms module is arch:all, so no reason not to attempt to compile the user space tools.23:15
xnoxplus e.g. i hope that 32bit tools, can be used on 64bit kernel, for example.23:16
apwlets hope that23:16
apwxnox, kaboom23:20
xnoxapw, so..... this is not module building is it?23:21
xnoxbut tools exploading?!23:22
apwyep the tools going blammo, something about VTOCs23:22
xnoxoh i think i am meant to either define _SUNOS_VTOC_8 or _SUNOS_VTOC_1623:23

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