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cyphermoxnuclearbob: hey14:14
nuclearbobcyphermox: howdy14:14
cyphermoxI see the mark-pending-current job on platform-qa-jenkins hasn't successfully run in a while14:15
cyphermoxnow, looks like it hasn't been triggered at all in 2 days, but before that it was failing with weird permission errors:14:15
cyphermox(well, the underlying jobs did anyway) https://platform-qa-jenkins.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-xenial-desktop-amd64-smoke-default/62/console14:16
cyphermoxI'm guessing it's not getting run at all because there are no executors to run it: https://platform-qa-jenkins.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-xenial-desktop-amd64-iso-download/urltriggerPollLog/14:18
cyphermoxvenonat-desktop-iso is down14:19
jibelcyphermox, ah right, I restarted it14:19
nuclearbobcyphermox: we're also not getting any passes on the desktop install right now, I'll find the bug about that14:20
cyphermoxright, there were two issues14:20
cyphermoxjibel; I don't have access to do that, but could you add me to emails that may go out if that agent is down?14:21
jibelcyphermox, we don't receive emails14:21
cyphermoxor nuclearbob: ^14:21
jibelcyphermox, but given how often they go down we should probably add some14:22
nuclearbobjibel: I wonder if that's something that could be checked14:22
nuclearbobwhat's the name of that thing we use to monitor failures? we use version 3 of it and I'm forgetting right now14:22
balloonscyphermox, do you know anything about the ubiquity changes that were intended to come at one point this cycle?14:22
jibelnuclearbob, sounds easy with the API14:22
nuclearbobnagios, yes14:22
nuclearbobjibel: okay, I didn't know the api could send emails for nodes being down14:23
balloonsspecifically, I mean the proposed design changes, qt rewrite, etc14:23
cyphermoxyeah, the jenkins API might not be able to notify you for the agents, I'm not sure14:23
jibelnuclearbob, I mean a nagios check for example that would poll the status of the slaves14:23
nuclearbobjibel: right, I think that would be quite easy14:23
jibelnuclearbob, but really it shouldn't be our problem14:23
nuclearbobjibel: indeed14:23
cyphermoxballoons: some design changes happened for Secure Boot; qt rewrite I have no idea about14:23
cyphermoxjibel: whose problem should it be?14:24
jibelnuclearbob, I4d rather file an rt for plars14:24
nuclearbobjibel: makes sense to me14:24
jibelcyphermox, people managing the hardware, in this case the cert team14:24
cyphermoxoh ok14:24
balloonscyphermox, ack. Might I also bug you for a review at some point on https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/ubiquity/add-boot-to-installer-ap-test/+merge/288959? It's a new test for the AP ubiquity testing14:24
cyphermoxballoons: sure. I think I had looked at merges just before but it took some time to get things ready and tested14:25
cyphermoxballoons: it will have to land when we next have to land ubiquity though, I'm not going to make an upload just for this14:26
balloonsright, no worries. It just needs to hit trunk for Max to make use of it14:27
cyphermoxballoons: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-installer/ubiquity/trunk/revision/639214:30
balloonsnuclearbob, ^^ :-)14:31
nuclearbobballoons: all right14:31
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cyphermoxnuclearbob: did you find out anything about the image smoketests after all?22:23
nuclearbobcyphermox: desktop is currently blocked by this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openssh/+bug/155426622:24
ubot5Launchpad bug 1554266 in openssh (Ubuntu) "sshd does not start on newly installed desktop system" [Undecided,New]22:24
nuclearbobcyphermox: sshd won't start the first time on a newly rebooted system if it's installed via preseed. It is installed and will be started on a reboot, and can be started manually22:25
nuclearbobcyphermox: this doesn't affect the server images22:25
cyphermoxerr what?22:29
cyphermoxthat makes no sense22:29
nuclearbobcyphermox: the problem makes no sense, or it does not make sense for that to block promotions?22:31
nuclearbobcyphermox: the problem we run into is that we can't run automated tests if ssh never comes up22:32
cyphermoxI'm saying it makes no sense for ssh to behave differently on server than on desktop, or for it to matter whether it was a preseeded install22:33
cyphermox(especially not after a reboot)22:33
nuclearbobit's a pretty confusing problem22:33
nuclearbobbut not a difficult one for me to recreate22:33
cyphermoxplease file a bug about it22:36
nuclearbobdo I need to create a new task on the bug I linked?22:40
cyphermoxoh sorry, I derped.22:41
nuclearbobno problem :)22:42

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