superm1can someone accept fwupdate* out of unapproved?  the uefi binaries don't appear to be landing at http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/xenial-proposed/main/uefi/fwupdate-amd64/07:12
apwsuperm1, cirtainly if it is in unapproved for uefi bits they will not be in dists till they are approved09:29
cjwatsonsuperm1: done09:45
ginggswould someone look at firmware-extract in NEW please?  it's not really new, it was temporarily removed while python-support was being removed.10:04
zequenceHi. We did a rename of a meta package recently, which is unfortunately keeping our ISOs from building. Could someone please replace ubuntustudio-font-meta with ubuntustudio-fonts in the live-build config for us?10:39
cjwatsonzequence: done10:47
zequencecjwatson: Big thanks10:50
sakrecoerthank you very much cjwatson ! :)10:54
sakrecoerand also, hi all! as of now i wont say much since i'm still learning, but i will stick arround and try absorbe as much info as possible10:55
sakrecoersorry also perhaps i should write i'm the next ubuntu studio project-lead, holding the flame after zequence. doing my best to catch up on everything :)11:00
cyphermoxcould someone please review libcxl in xenial NEW ? it's been sitting there for a month ;)14:33
seb128cyphermox, so go stuff are sitting since decembre, you are lucky ;-)14:34
cyphermoxhaha ;)14:34
seb128cyphermox, how is the n-m ffe going btw?14:34
cyphermoxI review go if you review libcxl?14:34
cyphermoxmoving forward, at least the testing is getting done, it looks real solid so far14:35
cyphermoxlast night I ported the dnsmasq patch to work again, I needed some alcohol to get that done14:35
cyphermoxdown to fixing typos here and there, but the annoying part is done, so I'll get back to it tonight, or over lunch14:36
seb128cyphermox, I can try to have a look once I'm done with the nautilus changes I'm working on (if nobody beats me to it)14:37
cyphermoxseb128: i wouldn't be able to ack go anyway14:38
seb128cyphermox, don't bother about those, I was just pointing it out14:38
seb128seems like we lack archive admin reviews this cycle (and probably not only that)14:38
infinitycyphermox: I'll look at libwhosit.14:41
infinityseb128: Yeah, doko and I had a chat about that at Connect.  Might be time to reinstate AA day rotations to at least make sure some people are sometimes processing the queue.14:42
seb128unsure how well the rotations work with everybody been too busy, but people doing some work every now and then would be nice14:43
infinitycyphermox: I'm surprised that in all this time, you didn't get it into Debian and just sync. :P14:43
seb128I've been mostly trying to unblock people who asked about things/needed them to land features or other xenial work14:43
cyphermoxinfinity: not my call, it's in mentors waiting for review, and I'm not a DD14:43
infinityseb128: Rotations tend to lead to some people still slacking when super busy, but you get a bit more consistency (and a tiny bit of guilt).14:43
infinitycyphermox: Oh.  But you'd be maintaining it in Debian?14:44
infinitycyphermox: You could have asked me to sponsor it there. :)14:44
cyphermoxinfinity: no, frediz would, IIRC14:44
infinity(Or did you, and I failed?)14:44
cyphermoxI may have14:44
cyphermoxor I foolishly thought that since it was in mentors already it would get sponsored sooner14:45
infinitycyphermox: Yeah, mentors seems to be where a lot of packages go to die if you don't actively seek a sponsor.14:45
infinity        make VERS_SONAME=$(VERS_SONAME) VERS_LIB=$(VERS_LIB)14:46
infinityYou're kidding me.14:46
cyphermoxinfinity: I remember telling frediz he should ask around, I know he probably knows one or two DDs who could sponsor it14:46
infinityThat's not baked into the upstream makefiles?14:46
cyphermoxnope :/14:46
infinityIf I were you, I'd push back on them to fix that.  "make && make install" should Just Work.14:47
infinityHaving every distro declare the SOVER is asking for trouble. :P14:47
infinity(And, indeed, if you're declaring SOVER=1, how do you know that's "right"?)14:47
ogra_because ABIs are always backwards compatible indeed :P14:48
infinity  * Removed libcxl.a from files to ship.14:48
infinitycyphermox: ^-- Why?14:48
infinitycyphermox: Nothing wrong with shipping a static lib in -dev14:48
seb128the "current" daily image is from the 0714:49
seb128is anyone looking at that?14:49
xnoxinfinity, until broken cmake fails to use a perfect .so and goes into staticly linking all the things.14:49
infinityseb128: I guess smoketesting exploded again.  Poke jibel, perhaps?14:49
seb128jibel, ^14:49
infinityxnox: cmake sucking won't stop me from shipping static libc. :P14:50
infinitycyphermox: debian/outfile looks like a copy of debian/source/format for no discernable reason.14:51
cyphermoxoutfile would be wrong, I may have messed up the building + rebuilding14:51
infinitycyphermox: And yell at frediz for the license on debian/* not matching /*, the implied license that places on patches makes things awkward.14:52
xnoxinfinity, "debian/outfile" is dh_make bug i think.14:53
cyphermoxwell, it's a catch I didn't notice, anyway14:54
infinityxnox: Might be, but dh_make also tells you to look through debian/ and delete what you don't need. ;)14:54
infinitycyphermox: If he really cares about the license on debian/* (despite it being mostly uncopyrightable) being GPL-2+, he should probably also have a stanza for debian/patches/* as Apache-2.0, IMO.14:55
infinityBut that's nitpicking.14:55
infinityHah.  And no working "make install" either?14:56
infinityMan, you need to kick IBM for the state of this project upstream being terribad.14:56
* cyphermox updates the bug14:57
cyphermoxinfinity: thanks for the review14:58
infinitycyphermox: So, other than all the above rant, the one thing I might insist on changing would be that they set the VER/SOVER to 0.3/0 until upstream actually bakes a proper SONAME in and agrees to track ABI properly.14:58
infinitycyphermox: Cause SOVER 1 implies tracking and consistency across distros, and if we have to set it externally, I don't see how we can promise that.14:58
cyphermoxinfinity: mind if I copy-pasta this verbatim?14:59
infinitycyphermox: By all means.14:59
jibelseb128, cyphermox was looking into it with max15:01
seb128jibel, thanks15:01
infinityjibel: current/ seems to break a lot.  Is it that we're producing a crappy distro for you to test, or is the infra a bit brittle and needs someone to actually give it some love?15:04
infinity(Willing to believe either, or a mix of both, but I'm betting it's mostly the latter)15:04
cyphermoxinfinity: it oscillates between the two. sometimes it's that we make a crappy distro, sometimes it's that the infra fails in marvelous ways15:13
cyphermoxthis time it looks like it's the latter, and we're looking into it15:13
infinitycyphermox: Ta.15:13
cyphermoxfwiw, I played with the image enough yesterday to know it probably should have automatically transitioned15:14
cyphermoxand I'm about to start with today's15:14
infinityRight, the smoketests aren't particularly deep IIRC, so if it boots/installs/reboots, the fault is in the infra.15:14
cyphermoxthere are also some limited LVM tests IIRC15:16
cyphermoxbut I installed with LVM anyway ;)15:16
lamontinfinity: (et al): I'm planning (unless you scream) on uploading postfix-3.1.0 as part of my postifx 3 cleanup, since it's (1) minor changes from a very cautious upstream, that (2) we want all of which (3) has had a blanket approval for such things before it loosened up to be general21:47
lamontinfinity: in other news, bind 9.10.3-P2 ==> -P4 sometime soonish21:47
lamontbut first Imma fix 155617521:48
infinityLP: #155617521:48
ubot5Launchpad bug 1556175 in isc-dhcp (Ubuntu) "networking.service hangs on shutdown -- killing dhclient has no effect any more" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/155617521:48
infinitylamont: Oh, yes.  Please fix that. :P21:48
lamontinfinity: you do not want to read what I did to fix it.21:48
lamontupstream dropped the --enable-exportlib support from configure, since you know, dhcp is going to be "just fin"e21:48
lamontjust fineā„¢, only dhcp isn't there yet.21:49
infinitylamont: I don't know postfix upstream well enough to know what I'd expect 3.0.4->3.1.0 to contain, but if it's not featureful and you're sure it's all things we really, really want, I'll trust your judgement.  Be prepared to fix it if it sucks.21:49
lamontinfinity: yep21:49
lamontthat won't be before mid-next week though.21:50
* lamont consults the schedule21:50
* lamont cries a little. I guess it'll be Sunday afternoon21:50
lamontonce I review it more21:50
lamontinfinity: bind9 is building now (locally) at which point I'm tossing it at a PPA and getting isc-dhcp behind it, and then it'll hit xenial21:51

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