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Mirvtsdgeos: did you get to testing 005? autopkgtests were running through the night (but needed manual probing in the morning to continue), seem ok so far08:27
tsdgeosMirv: yes, i commented on the bug08:27
Mirvtsdgeos: thanks! I've good e-mail bug filtering but it doesn't help if I mentally ignore it somehow.08:28
tsdgeosmzanetti: i had the fix for qmltestrunner.PreviewView::test_title yesterday but failed to push it ^_^08:31
mzanettiheh :)08:40
faenilSaviq: the non-selected indicators are almost invisible when the panel is open...is that intended?09:41
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Laneyhey mterry, looks like stgraber took care of that for you now10:23
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TheRealJohnGaltOn my ubuntu touch installation (15.04), I'm running into the following error while trying to run an app (hangups). I don't believe this is an app issue however: https://i.imgur.com/b2RgYJv.png11:07
TheRealJohnGaltIs there a different python package I should be installing, or a config I should edit to properly load the lib?11:07
lotuspsychjeTheRealJohnGalt: maybe file a new bug? the bug link is in the topic11:15
popeyTheRealJohnGalt: you shouldn't have to insatll python at all11:18
popeyTheRealJohnGalt: it should be inside the application11:18
TheRealJohnGalthm, okay11:19
popeyTheRealJohnGalt: I just told the developer11:19
TheRealJohnGaltoh wow, ty popey.11:20
oSoMoNhey all, I updated my phone to the latest rc-proposed earlier this morning, and dekko wasn’t there any longer, and I’d swear I didn’t uninstall it myself. known issue?11:22
TheRealJohnGaltoSoMoN: I just upgraded rc-proposed and had to reinstall it from the app store.11:25
popeyoSoMoN: it was mistakenly added to the image11:25
oSoMoNpopey, but that shouldn’t uninstall a version that was manually installed it the past, right?11:26
popeyoh, I'd hope not.11:26
DanChapmanoh! so Dekko's getting removed for everyone on rc-proposed. Surely that's a bug11:26
popeyYes, that would be a bug11:26
* popey checks his phone11:26
popeyYes, it's gone from mine.11:26
popeypaging sil210011:27
sil2100Oh oh11:27
popey"click-list | grep dekko" returns nothing11:27
sil2100Ok, so we have a bug - I removed it from the rootfs since it got added there by 'mistake' but that shouldn't uninstall all the manually installed ones11:28
popeywhat would _do_ that!?11:28
oSoMoNthat’s a nasty bug11:28
sil2100Very nasty11:28
popeyI'll file it now.11:28
sil2100We need to have a bug for that srsly11:28
sil2100popey: thanks11:29
sil2100eh, sorry about that, I had no idea something like that would happen, not sure WHY it would happen11:30
ubot5Launchpad bug 1558032 in Canonical System Image "Manually installed apps removed by new system image" [Undecided,New]11:31
popeythat should probably have a relatively high priority :)11:33
mcphailI've had this happen with the terminal app, when falshing different channels11:33
mcphailThought it was a "feature" ;)11:34
sil2100mcphail: ;p11:34
ogra_just sell it as a feature "we care about your diskspace" :)11:35
popeywe don't care about your bandwidth11:35
ogra_bandwith is cheap :P11:36
popeyYours might be :)11:40
aaribcan you tell what devices are supported by ubuntu touch?11:40
ubot5You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices11:40
aaribwhat exactly does emulator arm and emulator x86 mean11:41
popeythe emulator is basically qemu (software) for running ubuntu touch on your desktop in a window11:41
popeyarmhf means it emulates an arm cpu (so slow)11:41
popeyand x86 means it emulates an intel/amd cpu (so slightly less slow)11:42
aaribthank you11:43
krijn_When will the rc-proposed channel be based on xenial? (like the devel-proposed right now?)11:56
popeykrijn_: good question! some time after 16.04 is released I imagine12:01
krijn_I supposed so, but you never know ;)12:02
* ogra_ guesses rather around the 16.10 timeframe12:12
popeywill that be when we switch to snappy too?12:16
davmor2krijn_: iirc the plan is to get xenial out and upgrade depending on the amount of work and timing the ota after release or ota after that. but mostly will be played by ear after xenial is released.12:20
ogra_popey, for sure we'll be switching to the snappy packaging format by then ... wether the system will already be snappy i dont know (porting everything to systemd etc)12:26
ogra_with the next big iteration i think that click packages will definitely die12:27
krijn_the annoying thing is that it doens't seem to be possible to run things like play.spotify.com or google docs in the mobile browser12:30
krijn_Ubuntu Phone would be very useful if I could run stuff like that. Now it constantly thinks - also when using the browser full screen - that we're dealing with a mobile browser, so editing in google docs is not possible (anymore, it used to be possible) now it wants you to download the android app12:31
krijn_so, I was looking for a way to change the user agent, so I could fool those web apps.12:31
ogra_use the webapp-container then12:32
ogra_it is pretty easy to mangle the UA with it12:32
krijn_okI tried that, but it says there's no screen defined12:33
ogra_on the phone ?12:33
* ahayzen wonders if there are plans to be able to switch the UA from within the webbrowser itself12:34
krijn_jup, on the phone12:34
ogra_krijn_, where do you see that ? in the log of your click package ?12:34
krijn_it works on my computer though12:35
krijn_wait, I just switched it off ;)12:35
ogra_the click package should care for all this .... (or rather the ubuntu-app-launcher that execs the line from the .desktop file where you define the UA as option to the webapp container binary)12:37
krijn_I get: UbuntuClientIntegration: connection to Mir server failed. Check that a Mir server is running, and the correct socket is being used and is accessible. The shell may have rejected the incoming connection, so check its log file Aborted (core dumped)12:39
krijn_By the way, I'm not a devver, just trying to search for ways to make Ubuntu phone more useful for everyday use without too many hassles12:40
ogra_krijn_, and wheer do you get that ? is that in the log of your click app ?12:41
krijn_text obviously from the terminal n the phone12:41
ogra_ah, that doesnt work12:41
krijn_ah, i was looking for a way around it already12:41
krijn_so i can stop searching apparently12:41
ogra_(well, it does ... there is some way to exec the app launcher manually so you get the right env set up ... but i forgot how)12:41
ogra_but rolling a click package is trivial for that12:42
ogra_(you need three text files and an icon in a dir ... then run "click build" inside that dir )12:44
krijn_but webapp-container https://play.spotify.com on the normal cli works like a charm12:44
ogra_on the phone ?12:44
krijn_no, on ubuntu desktop12:44
ogra_yeah, totally different setup12:44
krijn_butwait, now there are 2 things mixing up12:44
ogra_phone systemsd need to be way more restrictive12:45
ogra_try this12:46
krijn_thanks, i was just working through it ;)12:47
krijn_hmmm. unfortunately it doesn't work so simple12:56
krijn_like: spotify is in a container and if you want to login, it opens a web browser in which spotify has already logged in ,but because the app is sanboxed, it doesn't know.. anyway, this doesnt work unfortunately. Unless.. i can change the user agent from within the click-file12:59
ogra_thats a limitation of that webtool you used to create the package13:02
ogra_you can define proper pattern matching so that the pw request is inside the container13:03
ogra_but i think the web tool doesnt allow that13:03
krijn_I suppose thats something in the Desktop Entry part or apparmor?13:06
ogra_https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/web/ubuntu-webapps-guide/ ... see the "--webappUrlPatterns" option ... the generator only puts the website there by default ...13:06
ogra_but youz would want the password site there too13:07
krijn_and a different ua13:07
krijn_anyway, at work now ;) Although it s a bit part of my job finding out how things work.. I m not supposed to write apps during work hours :p13:08
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ogra_create three files like:13:10
ogra_and put an icon.png next to them ...13:10
ogra_then just run "click build" in that dir13:11
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krijn_hm... that is almost the same to what the online app builds13:26
ogra_krijn_, except that you can edit the webapp-container commandline in the .desktop file freely now13:33
ogra_(to add UA override and patterns)13:34
krijn_ah, ic :) well, next search: ua override and patterns ;)13:34
davidcallekrijn_: one thing that's not in the doc yet is the "--enable-media-hub-audio" option which will allow your webapp to play music even if it's not in the foregound13:43
krijn_THAT is good news! :)13:44
krijn_anyway, i should dive into this tonight or so :)13:45
davidcallekrijn_: that will be added to the online generator with other options in the near future. In any case, have fun :)13:45
krijn_thank you davidcalle and ogra_13:46
robin-herohey all14:08
robin-herowhere can I find the crash log on my device?14:08
dobeythere isn't a "crash log" exactly. crashes tend to dump output to /var/crash which whoopsie uploads though. you can go to the privacy settings in system-settings and it has a link to all the crashes your phone has uploaded14:15
robin-herodobey, thanks, i'm looking for the Here maps crash log14:23
popeythere's also ~/.cache/upstart where many applications spit out logs robin-hero14:31
faeniloops :)15:08
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dobeyoSoMoN: is there a way to clear the Ubuntu.Web Webview widget, so that it's blank and loadProgress is reset?17:07
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krijn_so, it turns out that when building web apps and assiging different user agent strings, you can do a lot more :)(17:29
krijn_unfortunately it turned out Spotify still silently uses flash somewhere... :(17:30
krijn_google drive works like a charm17:30
dobeyyeah, amazon music uses flash too i think :-/17:30
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krijn_I thought Spotify web stopped using it a while ago...17:31
krijn_the annoying thing is when you use convergence and a bt keyboard, the on screen keyboard pops up on the phone (not a big deal) and the spell correction starts to kick in, things don't work so smooth anymore17:32
krijn_after turning it off, google docs works really well on a Nexus 4, pretty amazed17:33
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krijn_and the --enable-media-hub-audio works good as well17:42
oSoMoNdobey, set url to "about:blank" ?17:48
dobeyoSoMoN: how can i do that when pushing the back button on a pagestack? also, doing that doesn't reset loadProgress to 0, which is also what i want to happen17:49
dobeyoSoMoN: basically what i want, is to reset all the state of the widget17:50
dobeyi guess there's no way to do that though?17:50
oSoMoNdobey, no, but why do you need loadProgress to be 0 ?17:51
oSoMoNdobey, if you’re displaying some sort of progress bar, you could make it conditionally visible on the "loading" property17:51
dobeybecause using the loading property doesn't seem to work right, so i changed it to use "loadProgress != 100"17:52
dobeybut the main issue is that the previously loaded page is still shwogn17:52
dobeyoSoMoN: this is pay-ui btw, not a webapp17:53
dobeyso trying to avoid having the "add a card" page being shown immediately before the paypal page, when certain actions are taken by the user17:53
dobeyand vice versa17:54
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oSoMoNdobey, how about setting the webview’s visible property to false?18:05
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mterrykenvandine: can you pop into #ubuntu-unity?20:18
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