brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:12
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brobostigonmorning moo08:36
diploMorning all08:39
brobostigonmorning diplo08:41
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diploMornin' brobostigon :)09:09
davmor2Morning all09:20
zmoylan-pisylvia anderson dies... so long lady penelope... http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-3581853009:36
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Wednesday, and happy Freedom of Information Day! 😃10:02
zmoylan-pii'd tell you more about it but you haven't signed the nda...10:04
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)11:57
bigcalmStop ... Pebble Time11:57
bigcalmpopey: yus11:59
bigcalmQuite like it11:59
bigcalmThe strap is much nicer than I expected it to be11:59
popeyI replaced the rubbery watch strap with a 12 quid one I bought at a combined shoe repair / key maker / watch repair shop11:59
popeynice leather one.11:59
popeythe rubbery one tended to make me a bit sweaty on the wrist and I got some marks on my wrist after a few days of wearing it.11:59
bigcalmI might invest in a leather one at some point12:00
popeyI just stumbled up to the bloke in sainsburys and said "hey, can you put a replacement strap on this?"12:00
popey"Sure, pick one"12:00
popey5 mins later, walked away done.12:00
bigcalmAh, Timpsons12:00
popeythat special leather and iron filings smell12:01
bigcalmIt's certainly more noticeable on my wrist than the Garmin Vivosmart I was using12:02
bigcalmMy guess is that it'll become less noticeable over time12:02
diploI really must buy one of these!12:02
awilkinsTimpsons are great12:03
zmoylan-piif god had wanted us to wear rubber straps we'd all have been born german... :-P12:03
bigcalmThe interface reminds me of the 1st phone I had with a colour screen.12:03
awilkinsWent in for a new watch battery12:03
awilkinsBloke opens my watch, tests the battery, announces that it's fine, puts it back in and doesn't charge me a cent - it was just jostled loose.12:03
awilkinsIf you're out of work and need a clean suit for an interview, they'll dry clean it for free.12:04
zmoylan-pithat's a little worrying, wouldn't have thought there was enough space for it to be jostled loose...12:04
awilkinszmoylan-pi, I was surprised by the size of it - it's one of the big CR ones, it occupies most of the back of the watch12:04
awilkinsTimex Explorer ; really nice, understated, functional watch12:05
davmor2JamesTait: considering Edward Snowden and Julian Assange I think this is appropriate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exScXXcZ7V812:05
popeybigcalm: yeah, i barely notice it now12:09
popeythe previous watch I had was a Casio F91-W (which Sam now wears and loves) - the watch face I have is called 91 dub, and looks like this https://github.com/orviwan/91-Dub-v2.0 :)12:11
popeyI have it blue like the casio12:11
* zmoylan-pi adds popey to the suspicious list... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casio_F-91W#Claimed_use_in_terrorism12:12
bigcalmThat is cool :)12:12
bigcalmI have a couple of F91-W knocking around the house12:12
bigcalmIt was a great watch12:13
zmoylan-pi10,000 jihadis can't be wrong... :-P12:13
popeyzmoylan-pi: that is precisely why I bought it :)12:14
popeyI have 3 of them :)12:15
popeywell, 2 now sam has one :)12:15
bigcalmJust added the v3 watch face12:47
bigcalmIt really is the best one12:47
popeythere's a v3?13:06
* popey looks13:06
popeyooh, new pebble version13:06
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popeyoh, I'm already using 91 dub v3.013:15
popeybrobostigon: yeah, that's what mine is running now13:16
gebbionelast 14.04 kernel update has broken my install, i had to set grub to start ubuntu with nomodeset instead of quiet splash13:46
gebbioneand now my monitors are not detected13:46
gebbioneit sees only one13:47
gebbioneis there a way to undo the last updates? it was a kernel update but when i tried to boot with the older kernel didnt make a difference, it still gave me a black screen13:48
popeyI think i need this http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B006537B2Q18:00
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zmoylan-pia new version should have ski free yeti on the back... :-)18:03
gebbionehas anyone had monitors/ati radeon problems since the last kernel install on 14.04#18:42
davmor2popey: nice18:56
daftykinsno thanks!21:33

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