dholbachgood morning07:34
dpmdholbach, davidcalle, I followed the conversation on the community team channel, and this is something I actually wanted to discuss a while ago - could we document the way we use branches (and the deployment procedure) somewhere in a doc? Perhaps in a README.md file on the spec branch or on the d.u.c branches09:05
davidcalledpm: the current - actually impossible to do - way is documented in deploy.md09:09
davidcalledpm: so yeah, this will be replaced09:10
dpmawesome, thanks davidcalle09:14
mhall119davidcalle: what info do you need from me?13:18
davidcalleHey mhall119 :) I've found the RT from january and it was revno 162 (hence the staging branch), so I guess we should keep it this way and request a deployment of the same branch, what do you think?13:38
davidcalle(which is actually what is deployed on staging: (lp:staging/164)13:39
mhall119davidcalle: we don't deploy to production from branches, only from the tarball in swift13:41
davidcallemhall119: we don't pull anything at all?13:44
mhall119they just do a `juju set build_label=$version` and it pulls the tarball out of swift13:45
davidcallemhall119: I was expecting something to be pulled when this config is changed :) Great13:46
mhall119so the production branch should be identical to what's in production, but it's not the source of production deployments itself13:47
davidcalleOk then. /me starts to file the RT13:50
davidcallemhall119: does the following steps seem clear to you for an RT?  (end of doc) http://pad.ubuntu.com/zdvmD4Ekb614:18
mhall119starting at line 68?14:19
davidcallemhall119: yes14:20
mhall119hmmm, does piping yes to a manage.py command work? Does it terminate when the manage.py command exits?14:21
davidcallemhall119: it returns "yes: write error" but actually works14:23
mhall119otherwise it looks fine, just make sure they have a db backup of the last stuff before starting on this14:24
davidcallemhall119: that's the first step ;) Maybe I should make step 2: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE BACKED UP THE DATABASE14:25
davidcalleAlright, let's explode prod ;)14:26
mhall119burn it down!14:31
* dholbach crosses fingers14:44
davidcalledpm: mhall119: dholbach: you are CCed on the RT ;)14:47
* davidcalle throws RT over the wall and runs14:47
dholbachyep, saw it :)14:47
mhall119just saw it14:47
mhall119now run!14:47
mhall119just kidding, it'll probably take a few days before anybody tries to run it14:47
davidcallemhall119: too late I've wished a happy deployment day to Daniel this morning, they don't have a choice :)14:48

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