Kilosmorning inetpro superfly theblazehen anton_may dlPhreak Private_User and all others06:18
Kiloshi jellie tot06:20
mazalMore oom06:23
Kiloshi mazal 06:23
Kiloshi thatgraemeguy 06:49
dlPhreakMorning Kilos 06:51
dlPhreakmazal, thatgraemeguy 06:51
mazalMorning thatgraemeguy , dlPhreak06:53
mazalOom Kilos did you check that bandwidth tool I linked yesterday ?06:54
Kilosjust read it mazal 06:54
Kiloswill look again, 06:55
mazalWorks nice , only issue I have is it doesn't update automatically , must update with a command. And it's a sudo command so dunno how to cron it06:55
mazalOh hang on , I can put it in root's cron can't I ?06:56
Kilosbut its going to keep a permanent record06:56
mazalGonna test that , but must find now how to run a cron job every hour06:56
anton_maymollo, mollo06:56
mazalMorning anton_may06:57
Kiloshi aquarat 06:57
thatgraemeguy0 * * * * /home/me/bin/myscript.sh06:57
thatgraemeguyman 5 crontab06:57
thatgraemeguy^^ mazal06:57
mazalThanx thatgraemeguy06:58
mazalDo I have to sudo in the command or not ( it will be in root's cron )06:58
thatgraemeguyif its root's cron, no sudo is needed, it runs as root06:58
mazalLemme test06:58
mazaldone , will check on it after 1007:02
mazalKilos: what I like about that tool is that it breaks up my usage per day , per week , per month and even per hour07:02
Kilosyes but you use lots07:05
Kilosi just need to know when data is nearly finished07:05
mazalYour with Telkom mobile ?07:05
Kilosand telkom sms me when its getting low07:05
mazalDo the mobile one have a website where one can see usage ?07:06
mazalI might need eventually when I get mine07:07
mazalCan I get link please oom07:07
Kilosactually it gives a balance when you login and you can buy more right there07:07
Kilosand you can refresh at anytime to see what is left07:08
Kilosand you can change sims with same link and it sees the new sim07:09
mazalIs one of the things I loved from ADSL is the awesome web client apps07:09
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inetprogood mornings07:35
Kiloshi inetpro 07:35
Kilosyou got it right07:35
Kilosgonna rain07:35
Kiloshee hee07:36
=== chesedo- is now known as chesedo
Kiloshi chesedo 07:44
chesedoHi Kilos and others07:45
Kilosstrange things happening there07:45
chesedoyea, i seem to be not identified automatically07:46
* inetpro running KUbuntu Xenial Xerus (development branch) 16.0407:46
Kiloshaha you couldnt wait hey inetpro 07:47
inetproKilos: yeah, I have to experience a bit of the bumpy ride before I can appreciate the smoothness of the next full release07:48
Kilosany excuse is better than none07:49
Private_Usermorning Kilos 08:03
inetprosuperfly: I love how KDE now smoothly supports multiple monitors by default09:20
inetproclose the laptop screen and all windows jump across to the external screen09:22
inetproor open the laptop and choose to have some windows on the laptop and others on the external09:22
inetproreally nice09:22
Kiloswhere do you plug an external scree into a laptop09:24
LangjanHi Kilos 09:32
Kiloshi Langjan wen jy oom?09:32
LangjanI went looking for you in xchat while you were sleeping to say thks and all is well09:32
LangjanBaie dankie09:32
Kilosek bly09:32
Kilosaltyd n plesier om jou te help09:33
inetpromost laptops still have a VGA port09:33
Kilosjy het sulke goeie maniere09:33
inetproor HDMI09:33
LangjanThere was a hitch with the hardware switch for wireless, you have to sort of push it half-way to activate 09:33
Kilosill look ty inetpro 09:33
Langjanwhhat is vga port?09:34
Langjanand hdmi?09:34
Kilosvga is wht tvs use09:34
Langjanoh ok09:34
Kiloshigh definition somethoing09:34
inetproVGA = Video Graphics Array09:35
LangjanAt one stage it looked like there could be electrical interaction between wireless switch and on/off switch, don't know if that could have had an influence09:35
inetproHDMI = High-Definition Multimedia Interface09:36
LangjanHi inetpro , thks09:36
inetprohi oom Langjan09:36
Langjanhoe gaan dit met jou inetpro 09:36
inetprogoed dankie en daar09:36
Kilosoh my goodness, i have one of them ports09:36
Langjanokk goed dankie09:36
Kilosbut only my tv uses that kind of port09:37
Langjandaai ports is soos die naald se oog, die kameel kan nie deur nie en jy weet ook nie waarvoor hy daar is nie...09:38
Kilosmaybe need a cable for monitors09:38
Kilosand my tv too stupid to even work with a dvd player09:38
LangjanI must get to the tv thing but first need a new tv09:39
inetproKilos: kry vir jou 'n 21" flat screen09:39
Kilosya mine also kinda old09:39
inetprobaie beter om op die groter skerm te  werk09:39
Kilosnee man dan kan ek nie hier half le nie09:39
Kilosen elke sent is vir OZ trip09:40
LangjanMine is 19" and a week after I bought it Game had a special on a 23" for R120009:40
LangjanI paid R1000...eish!09:41
Kiloswith a large screen like that my head will need to move more09:41
Kilosnow just eyes move09:41
Langjanexercise is good for neck09:41
LangjanMy dog kicked my adsl connection out of its socket, I thought lines were playing around again, fortunately I could push it back unharmed, sjoe!09:43
LangjanOk guys, will sign off now, thks again for your very able assistance, as usual09:44
LangjanViva Linu09:44
superflyinetpro: KDE and dual monitors has been sweet nectar for about 2 years now. Even 14.04 was good at it.09:45
Kilosbe good Langjan 09:48
LangjanYou also Kilos , take care and keep me posted...09:52
magespawngood afternoon12:14
Kilos-hi magespawn 12:23
magespawnhey Kilos- how things that side?12:46
Kilos-ooler thats all magespawn 12:51
Kilos-supposed to be heavy rain and chance of flooding12:51
magespawnwell the heavy rain will be welcom i am sure13:01
magespawnwelcome too13:01
Kilos-if it ever arrives ya'13:01
Kilos-might just wet inetpro on his way home but doesnt look like that even13:01
magespawncool Kilos- i have to be packing up, got tsome things to do before i can go13:18
magespawnjust waiting for a nmap scan to finish13:19
magespawngot about 30 seconds or so to go13:19
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
magespawntailess i see13:20
Kilosyeah its strange, my newer later model d-link modem dies before the earlier weaker version13:21
Kilosso i had them swopped but data min on other one13:21
magespawnjust swop the sim cards13:24
dlPhreakDoes anyone here know stuff about adobe CC?13:25
Kilosnono the new one is capable of 22mb/s and the old one 7mb/s13:25
dlPhreakIt's ungodly sluggish on an i7 with 8 gig ram.13:26
dlPhreakReinstalled it, nothing. Checked adobe forums, found nothing of use.13:26
dlPhreakwhy can't people just use gimp?13:30
magespawndlPhreak: good question13:36
magespawnKilos: is that the sim card od the modem?13:36
Kilosyes magespawn 13:36
Kilosi have 2 running13:36
Kilosthe 156 and the 15713:37
Kilosbut the internet is bad bad bad today13:37
Kilosjust foned telkom and complained13:37
Kilos.8 mb/s down and .9 mb/z p13:38
Kilosgot 8mb/s other afternoon13:38
thatgraemeguyMaaz: tell mazal sorry...... you were looking for me?13:40
Maazthatgraemeguy: Righto, I'll tell mazal on freenode13:40
Kilosoh sorry magespawn i have no idea if its the sim or the modem, they will get a technician to contact me13:44
Kilosthier prob not mine13:45
Kiloshere is a new command to remember if 16.04 boots to black screen13:46
Kilos'sudo service cgmanager start'13:46
Kiloshopefully fixed by release time13:47
magespawncool, chat later13:49
inetproKilos: what's that with cgmanager?14:02
Kilosthere seems to be a slight prob still with it not starting on boot14:09
Kilosbut the clever peeps working on it14:11
Kilosmaybe storm coming at last, at least you home inetpro 14:58
Kilosinetpro die goed duur nuut ne15:19
inetprobit wet but am at home oom, thanks17:15
Kilosthey say heavy rain tonight and tomorrow17:26
Kiloswe have had a bit17:27
dlPhreakWe're having heavy rain down here right now.17:27
Kiloswhere are you dlPhreak 17:27
Kilosit always rains on the south coast17:28
Kilossouth wind for 2 hours and it rains17:28
dlPhreakNah we haven't had any good rain at all.17:28
Kilosits a bad year17:28
Kilosvery bad17:28
Kilosi worked at ramsgate many years ago17:29
nlsthznAs-salamu alaykum17:29
Kiloshi nlsthzn 17:30
nlsthznhey uncle Kilos , all :)17:30
Kilosyes i built the exchange buiding there 17:30
Kilosabout 40 years ago i think17:31
Kiloshows things nlsthzn ?17:31
dlPhreakEvnin nlsthzn 17:32
nlsthzno/ dlPhreak , still going uncle Kilos , you?17:32
Kilosneelsie did you disappear before or after the next child17:32
Kiloshave i just forgotten17:33
nlsthznafter, baby bear is now 13 months already :p17:33
nlsthznand growing like a bear :)17:34
Kilosdid i say congrats?17:34
nlsthznyup :) 17:34
Kilosforgive the memory17:35
nlsthznou toppie :p17:35
Kilosi dont have altzheimers thats a brain prob17:35
Kilossomeones wife was studying too17:36
nlsthzn:/ seems that the whole 16.04 range is going to make me rage quit again - can't seem to keep my alsamixer settings when I switch it to 5.1 surround sound :/17:36
nlsthznwell my wife is continuing her studies17:36
* nlsthzn decided not to17:36
nlsthznshe never did finish her teacher degree >.<17:36
Kilosi think mage as well17:36
Kilosthen encourage her more17:37
Kilosmissed you you arab17:37
nlsthzn:) I still haven't found what I am looking for, my best computing experience has bee coming thanks to Windows 10 but I just can't stomach using it with all the crap MS is pulling with it :(17:38
nlsthznI missed the "ZA" family a bunch too uncle Kilos 17:39
nlsthznUbuntu-africa still going strong?17:40
Kiloswhen we do something we do it properly17:41
nlsthznnice :)17:42
Kilosim busy with the bangalori peeps now too17:44
Kilospavlushka tell him17:44
pavlushkayeah, he is.17:45
pavlushkaand that's me.17:45
nlsthznsup pavlushka :)17:45
Kilosstrange place they get free facebook17:46
Kilosso 300 buntu members all on fb17:47
Kilossup=whats up17:47
Kilosubuntu users17:47
Kilosmembers min17:47
Kilosnlsthzn why you been so scarce17:48
pavlushkaI am great, nlsthzn17:49
nlsthznbit of a new position, hard stretch for a few weeks at work and then I took a few weeks off doing as little as possible for as long as possible... basically installing two to three different OS's daily and getting bugger all done17:49
nlsthznglad to hear pavlushka 17:49
nlsthznas soon as something goes sideways I distro-hop17:50
nlsthznlike I said, from pure usage perspective Win 10 currently winning >.<17:50
Kilosyou distro hop even when everything is working17:50
nlsthznnever had everything worked :p17:51
nlsthznbut even if is hasn't broken yet I will switch because it is going to :p17:51
Kilosyes you go out of your way to break things17:51
nlsthznI am on 16.04 mate at the moment and it is damn fine to be honest17:52
Kilosyou need to get into dv work or bug fixing so you dont have time to get bored17:52
nlsthznbut it seems there is some incompatibility between the current 16.04 underlying system and my sound :/17:53
Kilosthey working on alsa stuff now17:53
nlsthznI've been dreaming of being a programmer for more than 30 years, but then you need to actually  write code and it all falls apart 17:54
nlsthznwell that may be why I have the issue then17:54
nlsthznmy changes to alsamixer aren't sticking17:54
Kilosthey are working on a few things'17:55
Kiloswhen its actually released it will work17:55
inetprowb nlsthzn17:55
inetprogood to see you back here for a change17:55
Kilostell him inetpro 17:56
Kilosand listen to the feeble excuses17:56
inetpronlsthzn: I just switched to kubuntu 16.04 today from 12.0417:56
nlsthznhey inetpro ... I worry about kubuntu... was on 16.04 a few hours ago (or it might have been yesterday :p) - with riddel now focusing on kde neon I wonder if the others will cope17:57
nlsthznthey where the only flavour not to release a beta with the others the last round17:57
nlsthznthe best kde 5 experience I have had is with openSUSE tumbleweed...17:58
Kilosoh my17:58
nlsthznbut they have some muck-up with file associations so gwenview tries to open everything you click :p17:59
inetprokde is a fine desktop no matter the distro17:59
nlsthznkde 5 on 15.10 isn't that hot... the newer releases of KDE 5 seems to be getting better17:59
nlsthznso the more bleeding edge the better the experience yes18:00
nlsthznwas on KDE 3.5 today also...18:01
nlsthznwonder is someone will keep KDE 4 alive too... it became so stable 18:01
pavlushkayes, Kilos will.18:02
Kilosi love it18:03
Kiloswill use it till well into 2016 i think18:04
nlsthznwell 14.04 is LTS to up to 2019 if you wanted too :)18:04
Kilosyeah but i also get nosy about whats next18:04
Kilosbut ill stay with kde i think18:05
nlsthznwhat i like is the restrictions on LTS have been made less strigent so even LTS releases can get more up to date everything now from 16.0418:06
nlsthzn*stringent 18:06
nlsthznthe latest rounds of KDE have become much better18:06
nlsthzninetpro, what DE where you using on 12.04 before the upgrade?18:09
Kiloshes always been a kde guy18:09
* inetpro has been a KDE fan since the turn of the century18:10
nlsthznkde 4.8 or where their backports available to 4.12.x18:11
Kilosand got upset with me before i started kde, when i told him its for children18:11
inetprobefore KDE I was on CDE on Solaris in the late 90ties18:12
Kilosnow im a children as well18:12
nlsthznfirst time for me on KDE was early KDE 4... *shudder* then 4.4 dropped and it was stable, and I think around 4.10 came I believed it to be the best out there18:14
inetproin between I tried GNOME and other desktops for short periods of time and then Unity but I always go back to KDE18:16
Kilosinetpro why didnt you help me last night with oom jan18:17
inetproKilos: with what?18:17
Kilosi have no idea how a system can lose internet mouse and dvd18:17
Kilosdidnt you even read18:17
Kilosusb ports saw flash drives but not the mouse18:18
Kiloswifi and eth connections didnt work and dvd was missing18:20
inetproKilos: I gave up reading everything long ago18:21
Kilosall i could think of was make a live stick and see if they worked then clean install system18:21
Kilosthats no good man18:21
Kiloshow must i know when im leading someone along the wrong path18:22
Kilosai! ek sukkel18:22
inetproyou have many peers here who can help you man, just need to shake them up from time to time else they fall asleep18:28
Kilosjust tell me who is mr fixit18:30
Kilosshirking your duties is a govt ploy18:30
nlsthzndunno if free tech support is exactly a duty :p18:33
Kilosnlsthzn what ever happened to that loco there18:38
nlsthznzero support from the loco council resulted in those that are using the label of "Ubuntu Loco" for there own means and ends to keep it and the guys trying to do it correctly gave up and started other things18:41
Kilosyou still belong with us so never mind18:43
Kilosi go sleep now18:44
Kilosdont be such a stranger nlsthzn 18:44
Kiloslook after your familt18:45
Kiloshi superfly 18:45
nlsthznwill do and good night uncle Kilos 18:45
Kilosnight all sleep tight18:45

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