chrismlis `sudo shutdown -r now` a safe way to reboot?00:12
k1lchrisml: yes00:14
chrismlk1l ty00:15
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Miahow can I create adnd attach to a screen session on startu ?00:20
dusan1134so how to get facebook working with empathy00:25
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jushurdusan1134: put in your login info? name/nick or mail or phone number and the password presumably.00:35
smellsLikeGoatSphello everyone! every time I access my external hd, which is encrypted, I run out of disk space and I cannot update the system. the error says to use sudo apt-get clean but that is not helping much00:37
smellsLikeGoatSpme1@me2:/boot$ ls abi-3.19.0-43-generic         memtest86+.bin abi-3.19.0-47-generic         memtest86+.elf abi-3.19.0-49-generic         memtest86+_multiboot.bin abi-3.19.0-51-generic         System.map-3.19.0-43-generic config-3.19.0-43-generic      System.map-3.19.0-47-generic config-3.19.0-47-generic      System.map-3.19.0-49-generic config-3.19.0-49-generic      System.map-3.19.0-51-generic config-3.19.0-51-generic    00:38
smellsLikeGoatSpdo I need to remove old releases?00:38
AciD`smellsLikeGoatSp -> do you have another disk with some free space, like /home?00:39
AciD`if so00:39
AciD`mkdir -p /home/user/archives00:39
AciD`then mv * /var/cache/apt/archives !$00:40
AciD`then mount --bind /var/cache/apt/archives /home/user/archives00:40
naccwhy would accessing an external hard drive cause you to run out of space? what does access mean in this case?00:40
AciD`then try to update00:40
AciD`nacc -> I think he meant that he has installed an OS on this external drive00:41
AciD`do you chroot to it smellsLikeGoatSp?00:41
naccAciD`: oh i see00:41
AciD`whoops, do mv /var/cache/apt/archives/* /home/user/archives instead of what I wrote00:42
smellsLikeGoatSpuhm I have switched from and hdd to a sdd and I am now using the old hdd as an external hard drive. I need to decrypt it every time but that is fine! the problem is that for some reason it will saturate my /boot I believe00:43
naccsmellsLikeGoatSp: that still doesn't make sense to me; what do you mean by "using as an external hard drive"? is your /boot on this external hard driver?00:44
naccsmellsLikeGoatSp: please be specific, when you say "use" do you mean you are mounting it somewhere? where?00:44
rchenprobably post /etc/fstab00:45
smellsLikeGoatSpnacc: I mount it in a directory in home.  /boot is on my machine00:46
smellsLikeGoatSpnacc: I mean that the hard drive that once was running on my laptop can be used as an external storage and it also retains all of the file I had and need00:47
k1lsmellsLikeGoatSp: what is the exact errors? can you show them in a pastebin?00:47
smellsLikeGoatSpk1l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15398733/00:49
k1lsmellsLikeGoatSp: ok, the chrome error is another issue but thats solvable00:51
k1lsmellsLikeGoatSp: "df -h" please00:51
smellsLikeGoatSpk1l: udev                         7.8G  4.0K  7.8G   1% /dev tmpfs                        1.6G  1.4M  1.6G   1% /run /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root  458G   76G  359G  18% / none                         4.0K     0  4.0K   0% /sys/fs/cgroup none                         5.0M     0  5.0M   0% /run/lock none                         7.8G   62M  7.8G   1% /run/shm none                         100M   64K  100M   1% /run/user /dev/sda200:51
smellsLikeGoatSpwait I ll pastebin00:51
k1lsmellsLikeGoatSp: your /boot partition /dev/sda2 is 88% full. making it 237MB large is not large enough00:53
k1lsmellsLikeGoatSp: for the chrome repo error run this:00:54
smellsLikeGoatSpk1l: OK, but see this problem occurred before and it was solved using sudo apt-get clean. also, it occurred after I mounted the sata hdd ( I am connecting it via USB) and I thought the problem was related00:54
k1l!chrome-repo | smellsLikeGoatSp00:54
ubottusmellsLikeGoatSp: Google recently deprecated 32-bit Chrome, which causes errors on 64-bit multiarch Ubuntu systems. To fix this, run:   sudo sed -i 's/deb http/deb [arch=amd64] http/' /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google-chrome.list /opt/google/chrome/cron/google-chrome00:54
k1lsmellsLikeGoatSp: that got nothing to do with the other disk00:54
smellsLikeGoatSpk1l: alright then. it did solve the problem at the time though00:56
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smellsLikeGoatSpubottu: that fixed it! thanks00:56
ubottusmellsLikeGoatSp: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:56
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ubottuGlad you made it! :-)00:57
smellsLikeGoatSpk1l: any chance I could remove former installations?01:01
Bashing-omsmellsLikeGoatSp: You mean old kernels ?01:01
smellsLikeGoatSpBashing-om: yup. http://paste.ubuntu.com/15398818/01:02
k1lsmellsLikeGoatSp: please pastebin a "ls -al /boot" and "dpkg -l | grep linux-image"01:02
smellsLikeGoatSpk1l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15398830/01:03
Bashing-omsmellsLikeGoatSp: Try ' sudo apt-get autoremove ' . If the package manager is in a consistent state, will also remove old kernels .01:03
k1lsmellsLikeGoatSp: you can remove old kernels.01:04
smellsLikeGoatSpBashing-om: autoremove did not work01:04
k1lsmellsLikeGoatSp: remove the linux-image-3.19...... packages from that not used kernels01:04
Bashing-omsmellsLikeGoatSp: Look'n  too.01:05
k1llinux-image-3.19.0-43-generic and linux-image-3.19.0-47-generic can go at least01:05
smellsLikeGoatSpk1l: do I just go rm on them?01:05
k1lsmellsLikeGoatSp: no. use apt remove01:05
smellsLikeGoatSpk1l: ok running it now01:08
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smellsLikeGoatSpk1l:http://paste.ubuntu.com/15398872/ 47% now01:11
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noobstraphas anyone ever succesfully used a twilio number to verify a google account?01:44
skitoxenoobstrap: never even heard about twilio so nope for me ^01:49
on3pkHey guys.  I have a VNC server running on Port 5901.  How do I block that port from outside connections and require a SSH tunnel?01:49
daniel_anyone here01:50
k1ldaniel_: yes. best is to just ask the support question :)01:50
k1lor just leave. :/01:50
noobstrapon3pk: you need to run the vnc program with the "local only" option. Then you do an ssh tunnel to that port01:51
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on3pknoobstrap, thanks01:53
noobstrapon3pk: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/tunneling-vnc-connections-over-ssh-howto.html01:54
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skinuxI found in FSTAB, SWAP line is commented out, below it is a cryptswap line. Can I just uncomment the line above to get SWAP working?02:16
eltdoghi i need a registratoin code please02:17
IdleOneeltdog: for what?02:17
xanguaeltdog: a registration code for...?02:17
eltdogi dont know i guess im registered02:18
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode02:18
k1lif you are talking about registering in here02:19
fox_i have a usb faxmodem of 56k02:19
fox_how to view if is working?02:20
fox_lsusb show me the modem02:22
fox_Bus 005 Device 007: ID 0572:1300 Conexant Systems (Rockwell), Inc. SoftK56 Data Fax Voice CARP02:22
fox_why gnome ppp not detecting the modem?02:22
fox_why gnome ppp is not detecting the modem?02:23
Bashing-omfox_: Driver loaded ' sudo lshw -C network ' ?02:25
Neytirihi i am having a issue zipping files wiht the zip command, i have folders with 2 files in each folder, i want to zip the contents of the folders into a zip archive with the folder name, i also need the zip archive to be windoes compitable02:32
skitoxezip -r <zipname> <folder1> <folder2>02:36
Neytirii want the contnts of folder, not the whole folder02:37
Neytirilike when i open the archive i just want to see the contesnts of the folder02:37
skitoxethen just type out the paths to the file02:38
skitoxezip /home/user/file1 /home/user/folder2/file202:38
Neytirithats it?02:38
Neytirilet me try it02:39
reisioevery time you use ZIP, raptor gebus kills a kitten02:40
reisiotar -cf foo.tar bar02:40
Neytirii dont have a choice with the program that is accessing the zip files02:40
skitoxeNeytiri: my bad u will still get the folders02:41
skitoxemove the files to the same folder temporarily is my best guess02:41
Neytirii got it to work02:42
skitoxeNeytiri: what did you do?02:44
Neytirizip zipname filenamr filename02:46
reisioI miss fmx558302:51
DirtyCajuncould 1 person with an init.d system and 1 person with an upstart system both type file /sbin/init so i can see what the output is?02:51
reisio7z from p7zip also does zip02:51
skitoxeDirtyCajun: /sbin/init: symbolic link to /lib/systemd/systemd02:54
DirtyCajunright. you are using systemd. thats me too. i need to test the other 2 options :(. thank you tho02:54
skitoxe:( no worries mate02:56
zhangchaohelp~~  Why can't I edit the wiki page after beta1?03:00
skitoxezhangchao: what?03:02
skitoxebetal ?03:02
bqhow to save the current workspace so that when rebooted it will autostart all apps with proper size and locations on the screen?03:03
skitoxebeta1 lol. my bad03:03
skitoxebq: hibernate/sleep the system ?03:03
zhangchaoI can't edit any wiki.ubuntu.com page after  1604 Beta 1 release.03:04
reisiozhangchao: why can't you03:05
marceloboa noite03:06
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Guest88491tudo blz03:06
reisioskitoxe: don't speaky der portugues?03:07
zhangchaoreisio: I don't konw.  I  log in and any page is read only .03:07
skitoxereisio: no habla deutsche por favore03:08
reisioskitoxe: heh03:09
reisiozhangchao: probably some infant is performing "maintenance" upon it03:09
Picizhangchao: I've been having some sporadic issues with that as well. Not from an Ubuntu machine either though.03:11
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picardaHi, anyone was able to use the caldav of iCloud?03:16
skitoxepicarda: what are you trying to do ?03:16
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picardaTrying to put my icloud calendar to my thunderbird...03:19
georgeowellpicarda, not sure about icloud but you'll need the Lightning extension in Thunderbird to do caldav.03:20
skitoxepicarda: im guessing it's possible. But i would highlt recommend porting your calendar to gmail that uses standardized format.03:20
bqskitoxe: yeah but i want to keep the session across restart03:21
bqskitoxe: is there a way to do this?03:21
skitoxei don't use caldav. so i don't know. sorry03:22
bqskitoxe: sometimes i have to reboot to solve the issue. then my session is lost. that is annoying03:23
tehgeekHi folks.  I'm trying to run a second X session on TTY 8.  I would simply like it to be identical to the one Ubuntu starts by default, with logging in and out via LightDM.  I've tried all kinds of invocations of X, startx, and lightdm and I can't seem to get it to happen.  Can anyone help me?  Thx!03:23
picardait's other way to have the calendar of iCloud in Thunderbird?03:23
prometI'm looking for a good app that simplifies rsync. I've been looking into some apps and "Sync" https://www.getsync.com/ seems to be a leader (also free for non-commercial use). Does anyone have any good reasons I shouldn't join the "cult of Sync"?03:25
reisiosimpliefies 'rsync foo bar'? Good luck with that03:25
prometreisio, no reason to reinvent the wheel. I could spend a couple of lost weekends writing scripts, or I could take advantage of a tool that some, apparently, very clever people have created.03:27
prometI'm not sure what's so unpalatable about that.03:27
reisiopalatability hasn't to do with it03:27
reisioyou can't do something simpler than executable source destination03:28
reisioit's quite impossible03:28
prometWell, thank you for your opinion.03:28
Rochvellonhihi, da will einer für eine 5 Jahre alte 1TB Platte noch 25 Euro haben xD03:34
skitoxeRochvellon: English only.03:35
Rochvellonups, sry, fx03:35
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chinesesausagehow are you?03:43
virtuosojvery good. yourself?03:43
chinesesausageI'm fine myself!03:43
virtuosojdoes anyone know a good virtual disc program for Ubuntu 15.10?03:44
virtuosojI need to mount a .iso into /media/virtual, then install it into virtual C:/Program Files with WINE03:44
virtuosojFurius ISO Mount and Gmount-iso are not working :(03:45
chinesesausageI do not have Ubuntu 15.10. I only use the built in disk image mounter in Peach OSI03:46
virtuosojFound one! It's called "CDemu" and there's a ppa for 15.1003:47
virtuosojI will try it now and report how it goes03:47
chinesesausageit is built on Ubuntu 14.10 though03:47
virtuosojchinesesausage, it is built into 15.10 as well, however with the built in tool I cannot mount to a specific drive03:47
virtuosojwhich won't work for me because for this program's install, it requires multiple CDs (Diablo 2: LOD)03:47
chinesesausageok. Good to know03:48
chinesesausagedo you use several Desktop Environments in Ubuntu 15.10?03:48
virtuosojnot currently, but I've tried them all03:48
virtuosojwhen I have Fedora installs, I usually keep GNOME3 but also install MATE or XFCE alongside it03:49
virtuosojright now I'm rolling with Ubuntu because the Unity DE is so convenient. I'm a hopper TBH though03:49
Trioxinto get the latest amd graphics driver on 15.10 should I add: ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa ? I saw a warning when adding the repo that it's compatible with wily 15.0403:49
TrioxinI'm having some trouble with the open source driver kubuntu installed and I'd like to try the proprietary driver03:50
chinesesausageI only hop between Peach OSI and Manjaro nowadays03:50
virtuosojPeach OSI?03:50
virtuosojwhat is that03:50
chinesesausageit's an Ubuntu (Xubuntu) based distro. Been around for some time03:51
bray90820tgm4883: Instead of making a folder couldn't I just use this code03:51
chinesesausageit is quite good03:52
chinesesausagespecially the BareBones Edition03:52
pctekhi i was wondering if anyone may know of a tutorial i can use to install Aion because i have googled it with little help provided, i am using ubuntu 15.10 playonlinux 4.2.10 and tried using wine version 1.7.22 ......1.7.47 and 1.9.1 along with this guide but i dont really understand it https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=30073&iTestingId=9226303:55
chinesesausagehave you already submitted it to the Wine authors?03:57
pctekno i was trying to figure out how to install it using wine 1.9.1 properly but didnt really understand how to on the page provided03:59
chinesesausagewell, most times Playonlinux installs automatically the wine version known to work with the selected app04:01
chinesesausageit seems Aion is still being tested04:01
virtuosojok got it to work: here was my method04:02
chinesesausageyesterday I was having issues installing Reason 5 with Playonlinux. It seems some apps still need a lot of work in wine04:02
virtuosojprogram: Furius ISO Mount. I mounted all 4 ISOs and using winecfg, set all of them as a separate drive04:03
virtuosojI believe I could have also done this using built in image mounter. Will do that next time around probably04:04
chinesesausagewhy did the default iso mounter not work?04:04
virtuosojat first I wanted to load the .iso into the directory /media/virtual04:05
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virtuosojbut no program in the repositories could do that, and the CDemu program I downloaded won't even boot04:06
virtuosojtherefore my solution was to mount all of them with Furius iso, which created folders in my home directory based on the iso name04:06
virtuosojthen I set each one of those isos to a separate drive in winecfg04:06
chinesesausageoh, you just wanted to control where the iso's mount?04:07
chinesesausagewere you out of disk space?04:08
virtuosojthey are virtual isos for the windows program Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction. Needed to install in WINE04:09
virtuosojyes I wanted to mount each one to the same drive and swap them, but mounting all at once was quite convenient04:10
Trioxinwould it be best to go with the fglrx-updates package or the installer from the amd site in terms of stability?04:11
chinesesausagedid Diablo 2 worked thru WIne?04:11
venkateshgood morning04:12
Trioxini see 45 open bugs for the ubuntu package04:12
chinesesausagegm venkatesh04:12
venkateshim new here04:13
chinesesausagewelcome venkatesh!04:13
venkateshwhat can we get here04:13
chinesesausagehere you can get answers to questions regarding Linux Ubuntu04:14
venkateshohh i c . im in linux mint04:14
systadmni 04:15
venkateshthnx chineslang...04:16
Trioxinyou'd think you can get answers04:16
venkateshkk waiting for mint chat04:16
chinesesausagelinux mint is an Ubuntu derivative, though you will probably get better answers in the #linuxmint-help channel04:16
virtuosojchinesesausage: yes I managed to update Diablo 2 to latest version and run it successfully!04:18
virtuosojhowever resolution is bugged for now, im installing D2SE04:18
chinesesausageI mostly play games thru Steam04:18
chinesesausagethough, sadly, have to switch to Win from time to time for win only based games :(04:19
zrneelyDoes anyone know how to disable notifications for charger plugged in/unplugged on a laptop? This is 15.0404:23
Trioxinthis doesn't make any sense. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/AMD?action=show&redirect=BinaryDriverHowto%2FATI says to backup your xorg.conf and then generate a new one. There is no xorg.conf anymore04:26
Trioxinwell, ppa drivers are downloading. I'll either quit and rejoin or be gona for quite some time04:41
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NetworkingProhello everyone05:02
NetworkingProIm running ubuntu server 14.04 with nginx - im having an issue where passwords are getting put into the access.log get requests.05:03
NetworkingProAnyone have any idea how t filter those out?05:03
=== ToneKnee_ is now known as ToneKnee
skitoxeone would think a networking pro would know perhaps?05:06
skitoxesorry, im just messing with you :P05:07
NetworkingProskitoxe: nah, its cool..  I would expect an NGINXPro to know though.  :)05:12
BananaPeal_so can i ask ddwrt questions here?05:12
BananaPeal_hello, is this thing on?05:13
kelvinellaHello, is there a program in ubuntu that allows me to recover my deleted files? Like Undelete or something?05:16
kelvinellaThe files are deleted in windows05:16
freakyyhi all.l if i do crontab -e the first tiem i can choose an editor. how do i rerun this?05:17
nomicyou can edit the crontable direcly05:20
nomicis just a file05:20
nomicfind its location, edit it05:20
nomiccron table05:20
nomicfreakyy  http://www.setuptips.com/unix/setting-ubuntu-default-crontab-editor/05:23
nomicSetting Ubuntu Default Crontab Editor  When you first invoke the crontab command in Ubuntu you are prompted for the default editor. If someone has already set this to nano and you are a vim-person this can be very annoying.  To change it to vim use the select-editor command05:23
nomiccommand "select-editor" freakyy05:23
* davido recently discovered "set -o vi"05:25
davido...and it's quite pleasing.05:25
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duanI am a newcomer05:45
duanAnyone here?05:45
davidomost productive is to ask the question that's on your mind. if someone can answer it, and happens to notice it, youll probably get an answer05:47
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duanok. thank u @davido! I was new, please take care of05:49
V7Hey all05:51
davidoyes V705:52
V7Just simple question: should we use Qt for dev. apps ? ( Actually for Ubuntu :) )05:53
V7I know it's quiet good !05:54
V7But ... your opinion ?05:55
freakyyok thanks i have another question. im in a screen and everytime i paste somethign it puts ~0 ~1 to front and back of pasted line. is there any way i can stop that cuz if i edit somethign it even cancels edit mode05:55
davidoV7 it's hard to answer that without more information, and then it becomes more on-topic for a programming forum or channel.05:55
V7freakyy: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/196098/copy-paste-in-xfce4-terminal-adds-0-and-105:56
davidowow, nice answer V7.05:56
freakyyV7:  thanks05:56
V7davido: Yeah I know .. but maybe here are some devs who are programmed a lot of time so ... I wanted to know their opinion :)05:57
V7freakyy: yw :D05:57
nuccunAnybody feel like helping a poor noob out with fixing some issues with dual booting Windows 10 and Ubuntu 14.04?05:57
V7nuccun: Do you have some ?05:58
nuccunThat I do05:58
nuccunI get stuck in a "Attempting Automatic Repair" loop when trying to boot into Windows 10 from GRUB05:59
V7nuccun: What was before ?05:59
V7nuccun: Maybe this is smth. with Windows ...05:59
nuccunIt very well could be05:59
V7nuccun: Have you tried fix Windows and boot it up ?06:00
davidoi stopped dual-booting a couple years ago. Now I just run Windows in a VM if I need it.06:00
V7davido: +06:00
nuccunWhat do you mean by "fix windows"?06:01
V7nuccun: Boot into it06:01
davidothere is no fixing it. ;)06:01
duanwin10 can not boot?06:01
nuccunI can't, that's the issue I'm having.  It says "Attempting Automatic Repair", goes to a "Diagnosing Your PC", then reboots to GRUB06:01
V7nuccun: I think that this's not a GRUB fault or smth. of Dual Booting ...06:02
V7nuccun: Smth. wrong with your Windows ..06:02
duanF8  may  boot into safe mode06:02
V7nuccun: Also .. you could mount a partition with ... wrong flags or smth. else, and didn't unmount which causes problem.06:03
davidoa few years ago i had one that wouldn't boot to safe mode, but it would boot to regular windows. it was a little inconvenient for those times when you really need the flexibility of bare-bones.06:03
V7nuccun: Try to boot into Linux then mount/remount hards of Windows and then reboot into it06:04
V7nuccun: Also ... There's a ton of possible reasons ...06:04
nuccunYea I know06:04
V7tons *06:05
nuccunWas hoping it was one of those "Oh, yea, everyone has that problem, just do this..." kind of issues06:05
nuccunSo trying to mount the Windows8_OS partition gives me an error06:06
V7nuccun: I hadn't xD ... cuz I don't like Windows and everything which it's contains ... except Games/Adobe/Office06:06
V7nuccun: Here it is ..06:06
V7Post an error by Pastebin06:07
nuccunYea, working on it06:07
nuccunSo here's what I'm getting06:10
V7nuccun:  No such file or directory O.O06:10
nuccunworries me06:10
V7Wow ...06:11
ouroumovThat is so weird06:11
V7nuccun: idk ... also you could send us result of "sudo lshw -C disk"06:12
ouroumovnuccun, what does lsblk says?06:12
V7lsblk would be better06:13
nuccunthat's what I get from lsblk06:16
nuccunsda5 would be the Windows 1006:16
V7nuccun: That's strange ..06:18
nuccunjust to interject here, I should share I ran "sudo ntfsfix /dev/sda5" originally when I noticed I was unable to access the Windows 10 partition from Ubuntu.  This made it accessible, but then when I restarted to go back to Windows 10 is when I started running into this issue06:19
V7You have, but mount saying that not06:19
V7nuccun: Gotcha ! I said you should tell us what you did before xD06:20
nuccunYea, kind of forgot I had ran that previously06:20
V7akhilesh: Hey m8 :)06:22
V7nuccun: sudo fdisk -l06:22
akhileshInstalled ubuntu 16.04(daily). It's great :)06:22
V7nuccun: I'm trying to get all info which I can :)06:23
V7akhilesh: Wow, I'm on 14.04 :D06:23
akhileshI have a question though06:23
akhileshI have manjaro on another hard disk, and on it, I have installed many steam games.06:23
akhileshIs it possible to install steam on this ubuntu partition and use the games on the manjaro partition?06:23
V7akhilesh: Some of them06:24
V7akhilesh: Look .. Steam install games which possible to launch under Linux...06:24
V7akhilesh: I think that ... 99% of them you won't start through Steam06:25
akhileshBut i've installed them on manjaro(linux) on the other partition06:25
nuccunV7:  Understood, I appreciate the help  http://pastebin.com/pta3U22806:25
V7akhilesh: If u'd look at Store, u'd find that there's smth. like SteamOS/Linux and this means that Games which you're installing on Windows you'll use only on it06:26
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V7akhilesh: ooh06:26
V7akhilesh: I they are from Linux then all should work06:26
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akhileshok, thanks06:26
V7Just copy all data from SteamPath/steamapps/common/* to new one06:27
V7akhilesh: I'll llok06:27
V7look *06:27
akhileshsteam is in the default ubuntu repos?06:27
V7nuccun: sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda06:28
V7akhilesh: +, but I'd recomment download installer from offcial site06:28
akhileshV7: why so?06:29
akhileshisn't package manager supposed to be better?06:29
nuccunV7:  That gives me the same thing as the first part of the last pastebin06:29
V7nuccun: hmm06:29
V7nuccun: Wait ... you're on sdb now ? You linux dist installe on sdb ?06:30
V7installed  *06:30
nuccunV7: Possibly?  I'm not sure, how can I tell?06:31
nuccunV7: OH!  No06:33
V7GParted or "df"06:33
nuccunThat is my USB drive06:33
V7Which one ?06:33
nuccunThe /dev/sdb06:33
V7Yeah .. this;s a start point ...06:34
nuccunYea, just ejected it and only /dev/sda is showing up now when I dos fdisk06:35
V7nuccun: sudo mkdir /media/justin/test && sudo mount /dev/sda5 /media/justin/test06:36
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nuccunYea, that didn't work06:38
nuccunsaying /dev/sda5 No such file or directory06:38
nuccunlike it does when I try to mount the Windows8_OS drive06:38
birblHello, I've uninstalled the AMD drivers via the additional drivers menu. Now whenever I boot the OS I get an black screen after the splash screen06:38
birblxubuntu 15.1006:39
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V7nuccun: same operation with ntfsfix doesn't help ?06:40
V7birbl: Wow .. bad one :)06:41
birblv7: would it work if I delete the xorg.conf file via a live CD?06:41
nuccunV7: Nope.  However, same "no such file or directory" for everything, also it says "Volume is corrupt.  You should run chkdsk."06:42
nuccunwhich makes me uneasy06:42
nuccunis there a Ubuntu equivalent to chkdsk?06:43
lotuspsychjenuccun: fdisk or testdisk maybe06:44
birblyup that worked ;)06:45
V7nuccun: I think that you ... changed partition ..06:47
V7Idk how you did this ... but ... it is ...06:47
V7Smth corrupted ...06:47
V7See ...06:47
V7You executed ntfsfix on GPT disk06:47
V7nuccun: Is here any possibl wway to run: sudo fdisk /dev/sda ?06:49
V7When it executed then hit on "p" then Enter06:49
robotdevil1i know this isnt very ubuntu, but it is in a way for me, does minecraft only need java in  ubuntu/linux?06:50
robotdevil1or windows too?06:50
Myrttiwindows too.06:50
nuccunhmm, looks like I screwed the pooch on this one06:50
V7robotdevil1: http://pastebin.com/yzyMrg0L06:50
V7nuccun: ? :D06:51
nuccunGoing to try fdisk06:51
robotdevil1V7:  thanks for the repo, but I am trying to decide which side of my dual boot to install to06:52
V7robotdevil1: Em ... you're choosing waht to install for a minecraft ?06:52
V7I'm dead06:53
robotdevil1which os to install minecraft on06:53
nuccunV7: So it's telling me when I go to use fdisk  "WARNING: GPT (GUID Partition Table) detected on '/dev/sda'!  The util fdisk doesn't support GPT.  Use GNU Parted."06:53
V7You killed me twice06:53
V7nuccun: hmm06:54
robotdevil1I have read that minecraft doesnt need java anymore but this MAY omly be for windows06:54
V7nuccun: The warning is not a problem.06:54
robotdevil1well come prepackage with java06:54
V7robotdevil1: It may contain java reps inside minecraft dir, so ... this's not only for Windows06:55
V7nuccun: It's only warning you that the fdisk tool doesn't work on disks using GPT for partitions. It only works on disks using the older MBR (DOS style) partitions .06:56
V7nuccun: What gives "sudo parted /dev/sda"06:56
V7robotdevil1: Use this one: Cossacks: Back to war06:58
robotdevil1V7: so if that is true how do I install it in ubuntu? This is the problem Im having06:58
nuccunV7:  http://pastebin.com/fq8B3qC006:59
robotdevil1V7: every command is some way uses java07:00
nuccunIt confuses me how it knows the partition is there, but can't seem to do anything with it07:00
V7nuccun: cat /boot/con* | grep EFI07:02
V7nuccun: Yeah ... we're trying to do smth. with xD07:03
V7robotdevil1: You should know where is java in your minecraft folder ... then "./java -jar minecraft.jar"07:04
nuccunV7:  http://pastebin.com/mEckWuaA07:08
V7nuccun: I'm try to find smth to help you07:11
V7trying *07:11
nuccunV7:  I appreciate the help man07:11
V7nuccun: sudo gpt -r -vv show /dev/sda107:17
V7nuccun: Also you can try sudo gpt recover /dev/disk107:18
nuccunV7: gpt command not found07:18
V7sudo apt-get intsall gpt07:19
V7nuccun: Wait ... I'll reconnect now07:19
PrettyBoy2000sudo apt-get install update && apt-get install update naruto07:19
SourceyHello. I messed around with usergroups yesterday and managed to loose my root user. It seems to be listed under "users" and if I do sudo on my other account I'm getting sudo previliges. How to restore the root user?07:20
V7So ... result ?07:21
nuccunV7:  About to just start back at square one....running apt-get gives me "E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a"07:22
V7So then enter "sudo dpkg --configure -a"07:22
V7nuccun: You should be more careful with your OS :DDD07:22
nuccunV7:  I beginning to think me an Linux don't belong together, I run into these kinds of issues everytime I decide to play around with it again haha07:23
V7nuccun: Linux is like book of recipes ... you just need to imagine what do you want then you can do it07:24
V7Also ... Linux like women is very delicate, but simultaneously07:25
V7is very safe and strong !07:25
V7Did you install gpt :D ?07:26
nuccunOk, so, I installed gpt, but -r is not a recognized option07:26
nuccunalso, it appears to be in another language07:26
nuccunbesides english07:26
V7Then remove it :D07:26
V7I'm about -r :D07:26
Mafuihiji create a ubuntu file server where i can change the permissions from windows server active directory?07:27
Mafuihijcan i create a ubuntu file server where i can change the permissions from windows server active directory?07:27
V7Mafuihij: If you're about Windows files then they doesn't support any permision changes07:28
V7permission *07:28
V7If you're working with chmod07:28
nuccunso what is "gpt" package I'm trying to install?07:30
nuccunbecause apt-get gpt gets me what I had, but that's not right07:30
V7nuccun: default one07:30
V7what returns "sudo gpt" ?07:31
nuccunsudo: gpt: command not found07:31
V7You installed it ?07:32
Mafuihijv7: ok, if i auth the file server in AD can i use the AD users permission for administrate the ubuntu files?07:33
nuccunWhen I run "sudo apt-get install gpt" it installs something called "gpt" but that doesn't have a -r option when running07:33
nuccunand everything appears to be in Portuguese maybe?07:33
V7nuccun: ahah07:35
nuccunV7:  Ok, found something interesting...07:39
V7nuccun: https://sourceforge.net/projects/gptfdisk/files/gptfdisk/0.8.4/fixparts-binaries/ download last of deb package and install :)07:39
V7nuccun: This sayd that you should try: mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda107:41
V7But ... you can't access to /dev/sda107:41
V7coeg: Hey !07:46
coeganyone here ?07:46
V7coeg: All here07:46
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coeghow to change bootscreen backbox ?07:46
akhileshhey guys07:46
allenruhello there07:46
akhileshWhat's a good application for taking down notes that also syncs with owncloud?07:47
V7nuccun: result ?07:47
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nuccunhaven't gotten it downloaded yet07:47
nuccunsomehow I broke firefox07:47
nuccuni don't know man07:47
Guest67934I am on Ubuntu Mate -Raspberry Pi 207:48
Guest67934This works great!\07:48
V7nuccun: Waiting07:48
coeghow to change boot screen ?07:48
hateballakhilesh: check with #owncloud :)07:52
hateballoh they left07:52
V7coeg: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-change-your-boot-screen-in-linux/07:52
V7coeg: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/plymouth07:53
V7coeg: http://gnome-look.org/?xcontentmode=16007:53
V7coeg: https://www.google.ru/search?client=opera&q=linux+bootscreen&sourceid=opera&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-807:53
coegim use backbox.... no compatible when use bootscreen ubuntu ? any solution ?07:54
coegXface DE07:55
nuccunV7:  It won't install07:55
nuccunThink I'm going to call it quits for the night07:55
nuccuntry again tomorrow07:56
V7nuccun: Uhh07:56
V7nuccun: See you tomorrow ...07:56
V7Althought ...07:56
V7Something wrong with partitioning ...07:56
nuccunV7:  I really appreciate the help though, I don't know why this won't install pacakge manager just says "Errors were encountered while processing"07:57
V7coeg: https://forum.backbox.org/howtos/backbox-theme-pack/07:57
V7nuccun: sudo apt-get update workds well ?07:57
V7works (07:57
V7works *07:57
nuccunYea it updates fine07:59
V7Installs ?07:59
V7sudo apt-get install calc08:00
nuccununable to locate package calc08:01
V7nuccun: o.o08:02
V7nuccun: Which type of system do you have xD ?08:02
nuccunV7:  What do you mean?08:03
V7sudo apt-get install apcalc08:05
V7works ?08:05
nuccundidn't give any errors08:06
linociscohi all, I dont know how to install Canon MF 8580 CDW network printer on ubuntu 14.04 64 bit08:08
linociscocan anyone point me asap i need to print urgently?08:08
V7nuccun: So ... then tomorrow ?08:08
V7nuccun: You should know that smth. wrong with your partitions ...08:08
V7Espesially with sda508:09
nuccunV7:  Yea, I'm thinking about just running the recovery tool on my laptop here08:09
nuccunand starting with a clean slate08:09
nuccunobviously I've screwed something up with the Windows partition, as well as something on the Ubunutu side, because I can't even re-install firefox right now08:10
V7nuccun: sudo apt-get --purge remove firefox && sudo apt-get install firefox doesn't work >08:11
nuccunV7: I uninstalled through the package manager08:11
nuccunlike the gui08:11
nuccunV7:  Running it in terminal gives me errors as well08:14
nuccunlike I said, think I'm jsut going to start fresh08:14
nuccunI really appreciate all your help though08:14
V7yw !08:16
V7nuccun: I don't want you reinstall all ... but .. I think this would be more valuable way if you don't want to save data storied on you harddrives08:16
V7nuccun: The best simple way to install boths OS: Install windows on 1 partition ...08:17
V7Next install ubuntu to another partition with grub08:17
V7Always works08:17
nuccunV7:  Yea, same here, but I got all of the important files i need on a flash drive before I attempted this, so it won't be so bad.08:18
nuccunV7:  I'll keep that in mind08:18
V7nuccun: Saving all to flash is quiet smart !08:18
V7Nice job !08:18
Blakes5Hey all, not new to linux here but have always used linux in a utilitarian roll in a windows environment. Now I'm migrating to linux entirely. All of my experience until now has been file sharing from my media server using samba. I'm looking at finding the linux way of server client sharing as some programs in linux don't appear to allow directly opening files from a samba share in linux as they did in windows. Like I can't \\server\08:19
Blakes5dir\file or smb://server/dir/file. So I'm wondering if there isn't a better way. Would the prefer method in Linux being setting up NFS, which I've never used, to share between server/client?08:19
nuccunOh Yea, been down this path before haha  I made sure to backup all the stuff I needed08:19
linociscohi all, I dont know how to install Canon MF 8580 CDW network printer on ubuntu 14.04 64 bit08:20
nuccunV7:  Once again, thanks for all the help, have a good night. :)08:20
tushafter changing samba password unable to access samba shared folder... if i restart windows machine it works..08:20
Blakes5Tush did you also change the password for the user on the linux machine?08:21
V7nuccun: Thanks man ! Be healthy ! You'll recover all ! Be sure :)08:21
V7Blakes5: You have option in Nautilus08:21
V7Connect to server08:21
V7There you can type smb://ip/08:21
hateballBlakes5: NFS is quite simple, certainly if you use only linux systems. There is also the option of sshfs08:21
linociscohi all, I dont know how to install Canon MF 8580 CDW network printer on ubuntu 14.04 64 bit08:21
hateball!nfs | Blakes508:21
ubottuBlakes5: nfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.08:21
V7linocisco: Hey man .. I'd help, but I didn't work with it :(08:22
MyrttiBlakes5: it's more about how you mount that Samba share. if you do it from the commandline (either with a command or set it to mount in fstab) it'd show in all the software whether they understand nautilus/gnome mounts, or not08:22
V7linocisco: Someone should help08:22
MyrttiBlakes5: I'd do research on why the applications don't open the files first, though08:23
MyrttiBlakes5: just to make sure it won't occur with nfs or even samba mounted differently08:24
Blakes5V7 yes, but it doesn't mount the share in a way that some programs can utilize without copying the file to the client. Like VLC will play files in a playlist because it can't handle "smb:/server/file" style format that nautilus constructs when you drag/drop a bunch of files into the play list. And like password-gorilla.....I don't even know how to get password-gorilla to access the samba share directly without setting up a fstab moun08:25
Blakes5t for mount on boot whereas in windows I just formatted the location of the file to open as //server/file. That nor smb://server/file works in that program.08:25
tushwarning ignoring invalid value 'bain controller via the' for parameter 'map to guest'08:25
tushBlakes5, yes i did08:25
lightpriestHey guys, I've upgraded from 14.04 to 15.10 and the unity interface isn't showing when logging in. For a newly created user it works fine. How can I reset my home folder per unity?08:25
tushBlakes5, still no if i do windows system restart same password works08:26
tushBlakes5, just now im again changed password08:26
Blakes5Tush just making sure here but, there are two passwords on the linux machine when samba is involved. There is the machine account password and the samba server account password. Did you change both?08:26
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tushBlakes5, yes sir i did both password changed08:27
Blakes5hmmm, thats strange. I need to think about it.08:27
xoom_flashi just installed linux-4.5.0 on ubuntu14.04 but there is no wifi option. any  idea how to fix?08:27
tushBlakes5, now now i changed pass word08:27
tushBlakes5, [sudo] password for tush:08:28
tushWARNING: Ignoring invalid value 'bain controller via the' for parameter 'map to guest'08:28
tushBlakes5, what this error for08:28
Blakes5tush IDK, I've never seen it.08:28
tushBlakes5, im using webmin to control samba08:28
llutz!webmin | tush08:29
ubottutush: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.08:29
Blakes5tush I'm guessing webadmin is throwing the error, not samba.08:29
xoom_flashi just installed linux-4.5.0 on ubuntu14.04 but there is no wifi option. any  idea how to fix?08:29
tushBlakes5, but sir im using putty to change password08:29
tushBlakes5, sudo smbpasswd -a username08:30
Blakes5tush if you used passwd <user> and then smbpasswd <user> then I don't know why a share would no longer be visible to that user.08:31
boxmeinlightpriest: uhm, this here suggests you drop to a terminal and remove or just move your dconf directory (this contains all GNOME settings!)08:31
boxmeinlightpriest: alternatively, unity-tweak-tool --reset-unity apparently fixes that08:31
boxmeinlightpriest: see more in http://askubuntu.com/questions/453482/update-to-14-04-unity-is-not-loading-after-i-login-to-the-admin-profile-after08:31
Blakes5tush you could try /etc/init.d/samba restart and see if that clears it up08:32
lightpriestboxmein: thanks, I'm trying this08:32
tushBlakes5, No sir08:34
V7Blakes5: Linux will do all what you want from him08:34
tushBlakes5, just changed password for user still not working08:34
tushBlakes5, if i reboot my windows system it will work08:35
Blakes5tush then then my next step would be to go through /etc/samba/smb.conf and make sure my shares are still defined properly08:35
Blakes5Tush so when does it break?08:35
llutztush: "testparm" to check your smb.conf08:35
tushBlakes5, when i change password for user08:36
xoom_flashi just installed linux-4.5.0 on ubuntu14.04 but there is no wifi option. any  idea how to fix?08:37
tushllutz, u want dump08:37
llutztush: check the output08:37
tushllutz, yes everything is ok as before was08:38
Blakes5V7 Ok. That doesn't help me know or find out to know how to make it work. So, how would I link directly to a file on a samba share in password-gorilla when \\server\file nor smb://server/file works. This has been an issue I've been looking for an answer for a while. But I've been able to work around it by copying the database file. I'm looking to get away from that and open the file on the samba share directly with password-gorilla w08:38
Blakes5ithout having to mount a share. Is that possible or will it require a fstab mount for seemless integration?08:38
tushllutz, Blakes5 If i reboot my windows system it will work with new password..08:38
linociscoV7, nobody could help08:39
Blakes5Tush I don't understand if it works when you reboot.....when does it stop working?08:39
V7Blakes5: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/264950/using-samba-for-random-access-without-mounting-the-file-system08:39
V7Blakes5: http://askubuntu.com/questions/409411/authenticate-in-network-share-samba-without-having-to-mount-explicitly08:39
Blakes5V7 thanks I'm taking a look at that now.08:40
V7linocisco: http://supportdrivers.info/canon-imageclass-mf8580cdw-drivers-win8-1-mac-os-x-linux/ ?08:41
tushBlakes5, If change password now it will stop working , if i restart system after changing password it will work08:41
Blakes5Tush so when you change the password in Samba on the linux machine, windows stops working?08:42
boxmeinlightpriest: let me know if this fixes the issue for you, so I can know myself in the future :P08:42
tushBlakes5, sharing stop working throwing error you might not have permission08:44
lightpriestboxmein: sure thing :P08:45
Blakes5Sounds like the issue is in Windows, not Samba or Linux system. Windows caches the password for future use.08:46
tushBlakes5, im accessing using IP not server08:46
Blakes5tush So when you reboot Windows prompts you for the new password and then it works.08:46
tushBlakes5, yes yes08:47
Blakes5Tush \\\dir\file is that something like you're using or is it something else?08:47
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tushBlakes5, same u typed08:47
Blakes5tush ok08:47
Blakes5tush So when you reboot windows and the new password works it only breaks when you change the password on the samba server?08:48
tushBlakes5, Yes, and one more thing i just discovered if i use server name not by IP to aceess it work08:49
Blakes5V7 yeah it doesn't look like accessing a samba share in linux is as seemless as in windows.08:49
lightpriestboxmein: nothing works :( I've never felt so lost. I usually know my way around in these things08:49
lightpriestboxmein: do you know of some session log file of unity or the lightdm greeter that I can take a look at?08:50
V7linocisco: dmesg ?08:50
Blakes5Tush I don't know how to get windows to dynamically ask for the new password without a reboot. But I would not consider that a major hurdle....just reboot and the problem is fixed until next password change.08:50
boxmeinlightpriest: there's the X11 log, which is in /var/log/Xorg.0.log08:51
boxmeinlightpriest: LightDM works though, since the greeter is fine08:51
boxmeinlightpriest: the issue is unity-side, and you can probably use your account fine with a non-gnome window manager08:52
tushBlakes5, still not able to access my shared folder....08:52
lightpriestboxmein: yeah, it does, but maybe it tries to run unity and then unity decides not to load some other stuff08:53
linociscoV7, why dmesg?08:53
lightpriestboxmein: ohh well :/08:53
boxmeinlightpriest: that's probably the plan08:54
boxmeinlightpriest: issue*08:54
boxmeinlightpriest: but, the X11 logs are your best bet.08:54
Blakes5Tush IDK at this point.08:54
Blakes5Tush from what I'm getting from you is that it works/it doesn't work. I would need to have hands on to troubleshoot the problem.08:55
tushBlakes5,  password is change is working on both samba and unix but on share08:55
lightpriestboxmein: I couldn't find anything there. if I open up a gnome-terminal after I log in (from tty01) and run "setsid unity", unity comes up, but without the top right items (clock, logout, etc.)08:55
tushu want access08:55
tushBlakes5, i mean to u nees remote access08:56
Blakes5tush yes but I'm not asking for that. I'm just saying I don't know and in order to troubleshoot it I would have to examine it myself.08:56
boxmeinlightpriest: that specific panel issue is usually fixed by restarting the unity-panel-service08:57
tushBlakes5, looks like some password sync problem08:57
Blakes5tush I'm not getting the information I need here in order to actually see what is going on. From your descriptions I'm not sure what exactly is happening.08:57
boxmeinlightpriest: to be honest, I'm not that well-versed in unity internals, so I probably can't help you specifically08:57
tushBlakes5, do u want ubuntu access08:58
Blakes5tush no08:58
boxmeinlightpriest: I've had most issues with unity resolved by avoiding proprietary graphics drivers08:58
lightpriestboxmein: no problem, I think I'm getting somewhere :P08:58
tushBlakes5, what info u need SMB.conf08:58
Blakes5tush is it still allowing you to put in the new password on reboot and it works?08:58
tushBlakes5, after reboot it ask for password and it work08:59
Blakes5tush does it break on the next reboot?09:00
tushBlakes5, NO09:00
pumpk1nhey i need help with ufw, anyone ?09:01
Blakes5tush then I would settle for the reboot as being the solution. And instruct anyone affected that their password has been changed and they will need to reboot in order to access their shares.09:01
Triffid_Huntertush: "auth fail" -> "re-attempt auth" is too hard for windows :P09:02
tushBlakes5, Ok, but is there any problem with my smb.conf09:02
Blakes5tush it's a password caching problem with Windows.09:02
Blakes5Tush any solution you're looking for is going to come from the Windows side.09:02
Triffid_Huntertush: if rebooting windows fixes it, it's a windows problem09:02
tushBlakes5, Triffid_Hunter Ok09:03
tushBlakes5, Triffid_Hunter to change password for any user command is sudo smbpasswd -a username09:04
Blakes5tush there may be some commandline utility in windows to force it to ask for a password. If it exists it is going to be far beyond any users (hell I don't know what it is). So in this circumstance instructions to reboot would be appropriate.09:04
Blakes5tush -a adds a users09:05
tushBlakes5, Triffid_Hunter to reset09:05
Blakes5tush smbpasswd username will change the password.09:05
tushBlakes5, Triffid_Hunter ok just smbpasswd username will change any existing user09:06
Blakes5tush right09:06
tushBlakes5, Sir mostly i use webmin for sharing purpose09:06
Triffid_Huntertush: but then convincing windows that it should ask for a new password for the server apparently requires a reboot.. it can't work that out on its own when samba starts saying "wrong password, try again"09:07
lightpriestboxmein: I think I found the issue09:07
V7lightpriest: ?09:07
lightpriestboxmein: I mean, I found some difference in ~/.xsession-errors in different user sessions09:07
sworup182hello. i can't change the opacity of my terminal?09:08
sworup182Please help09:08
Blakes5tush I think someone posted earlier that it is not entirely compatable with debian linux.09:08
tushBlakes5, Triffid_Hunter i have to do  CHMOD 0777 to share any folder, then put valid user09:08
V7sworup182: ?!09:08
V7sworup182: Go to profiles settings09:08
V7Then background and change09:09
tushBlakes5, i know sir sorry for that09:09
Blakes5tush smb.conf tells you 0755 I believe.09:09
sworup182V7: thanks man.09:09
tushBlakes5, yes but no one able to write any or creat any folder09:09
tushBlakes5, just read09:10
tushBlakes5, if i do chmod 0777 allow specific user then flawlessly he can use09:10
Blakes5Tush I know little of linux permissions since I only use it for personal stuff so 777 will generally solve any problems for me but I'm fairly certain you don't want to use that as a solution in a multiuser environment.09:10
Triffid_Huntertush: I have 2777 on my samba uplink folder. personal homes (or other types of per-user share) should definitely be 755 or even 70009:11
tushBlakes5, Tri09:12
tushBlakes5, Triffid_Hunter if i keep 0755 only root can read write execute09:12
Triffid_Huntertush: 0755 means anyone can read execute, only owner (whoever that is) can write09:13
tushBlakes5, Triffid_Hunter but owner is root only09:13
Blakes5tush then change the owner if it is a personal share for a non-root user09:14
boxmeinlightpriest: hmm.. at least you'll get to google more specifically now09:14
tushBlakes5, Triffid_Hunter owner will be only single user right???09:14
Blakes5tush if the folder is for TUSH but you created the folder with root then it belongs to root. I believe the command is chown to change the owner to TUSH09:15
Triffid_Huntertush: yeah. if you set g+ws then you can put a group on the share and new files/folders in the share will get the new group.09:15
tushBlakes5, Triffid_Hunter yes all shared folder is root only09:16
Blakes5Tush then the question is "Who needs access to that folder"? If it's just one user then you want to chown it. If it's a group of users then use Triffid's suggestion.09:17
tushBlakes5, Triffid_Hunter in future if i want to change owner will i be able to ...09:17
Triffid_Huntertush: if you're using groups, the owner is basically irrelevant09:17
tushBlakes5, Triffid_Hunter i want tush to be full access but keeping root as the super root if something happens root can delete any files from it09:19
Blakes5Tush root has access to everything always.09:19
tushBlakes5, Triffid_Hunter You mean even i change owner of folder to tush09:19
Blakes5tush yes09:20
dannymichelwubi is done?09:20
tushBlakes5, Triffid_Hunter OK OK :)09:20
tushBlakes5, Triffid_Hunter i want 5 user to be read write and execute in that case09:21
Blakes5Tush then you want to create a group and use Triffid's suggestion09:22
tushBlakes5, Triffid_Hunter i must creat group and put all 5 user in that group right09:22
Blakes5tush right09:22
dannymichelThat's 10am my time https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/ACcr2SuH/14%3A00UTC09:23
tushBlakes5, Triffid_Hunter then what will be the sharing rules09:23
dannymichelyeah but is wubi done?09:23
tushBlakes5, Triffid_Hunter i mean permission09:23
Blakes5tush you create the group. you add users to group. you assign permissions for the group to access the folder/files.09:23
lotuspsychje!wubi | dannymichel09:24
ubottudannymichel: Wubi was a way to install Ubuntu from within Windows, but it is no longer supported in recent versions of Ubuntu and was never well maintained even for Ubuntu 12.04. Do not use Wubi. See !install for other options for installing Ubuntu.09:24
dannymicheli kinda liked wubi09:24
tushBlakes5, Triffid_Hunter permisson like chmod 0777 like this09:24
dannymicheli dont like partitioning and dual booting09:24
tushTriffid_Hunter, Blakes5 chwon 0777 group name09:25
Triffid_Huntertush: the numbers are for special flags, owner, group, everyone.09:25
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate09:25
tushTriffid_Hunter, Blakes5 chmod 0777 group name09:25
Triffid_Huntertush: 1 = execute, 2 = write, 4 = read09:25
lotuspsychjedannymichel: you can install, partition from a liveusb/cd also09:25
dannymichelyeah i know how. just dont like to09:25
dannymichelwubi was good for me09:25
Blakes5tush idk09:26
tushTriffid_Hunter, Sir what will be the command if i creat group called school and put 5 user in it09:27
lightpriestboxmein: phew. finally. it turns out I somehow ended up with the busybox binaries (ls, expr, ..) installed in my ~/bin folder (which is in the PATH) because of that all the scripts under /etc/X11/Xsession.d/ failed to load properly because of unsupported flags. After that unity loaded and I did the tweak-tool reset flag and everything went back to normal. Thanks!09:27
boxmeinlightpriest: eep. bet that was interesting to debug09:27
boxmeinlightpriest: thanks for the postmortem :D glad you fixed it09:28
tushTriffid_Hunter, Blakes5 permisson for group school i want full read write execute chmod 124 school09:29
Blakes5tush https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/an-introduction-to-linux-permissions09:30
duanI can not install flashplugin-installer09:31
duandoes anyone can solove it09:31
lotuspsychjeduan: adobe flash for linux is pretty dead mate09:31
lotuspsychjeduan: use freshplayer or chromium-browser with pepperflash09:32
Blakes5duan Flash is dead save a few legacy sites09:32
duanOk I'll try now09:32
DevAntoineI've got an issue with the time using xubuntu09:34
DevAntoineit show me 11:35 but in Paris it's 10:3509:34
DevAntoineI don't understand why, the time is sync with ntp09:35
DevAntoineyesterday I set it up manually but today when booting it's back to the wrong time09:35
Triffid_Hunterwrong timezone?09:35
DevAntoineTriffid_Hunter: I think my timezone is right09:35
DevAntoinehow can I check that?09:35
lotuspsychje!time | DevAntoine09:36
ubottuDevAntoine: Information about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)09:36
lotuspsychjeromano: welcome, what can we do for you?09:37
Hiro`Hey everyone. I recently upgraded from 15.04 to 15.10. Since then I've been getting a plymouthd error on startup. I searched google and found what looks like an easy solution, but I still get the same error whenever I logon.09:38
lotuspsychjeHiro`: what kind of error you havin mate?09:38
Hiro`It's described with the fix here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/407131/why-is-plymouthd-crashing-on-startup09:38
DevAntoineI've installed my system yesterday with a single account09:39
lotuspsychjeHiro`: how long have you been working on 15.04 before upgrading?09:39
DevAntoineyesterday I could use sudo as I want09:39
Hiro`lotuspsychje: I'm also getting this error, despite attempts to fix: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/03/fix-failed-to-fetch-google-chrome-apt-error-ubuntu09:40
DevAntoinetoday the system tells me I'm not in the sudoers09:40
DevAntoineso what, I'm fucked?09:40
lotuspsychje!chrome-repo | Hiro`09:40
ubottuHiro`: Google recently deprecated 32-bit Chrome, which causes errors on 64-bit multiarch Ubuntu systems. To fix this, run:   sudo sed -i 's/deb http/deb [arch=amd64] http/' /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google-chrome.list /opt/google/chrome/cron/google-chrome09:40
Hiro`lotuspsychje: right, so my issue is, why don't these fixes appear to do anything?09:41
DevAntoineis it because I've switch from bash to zsh (I don't think so)??09:41
Hiro`lotuspsychje: I'd been on 15.04 for 5 or 6 months.09:41
lotuspsychjeDevAntoine: please try to ask your issue all in one line, and be patient mate09:41
DevAntoinewhen installing the system yesterday I've only provided a password for my account but I can't use it to login with root09:41
lotuspsychjeHiro`: when did you upgrade to 15.10?09:42
DevAntoineApparently I'm not in the sudoers anymore. I've installed my system yesterday, I could use "sudo" with my account with any issue, but today I'm not in the sudoers anymore, the root's password seems not to be the same as my account. What can I do?09:43
Hiro`lotuspsychje: recently, last couple of weeks. I forget the exact day09:43
lotuspsychjeHiro`: ok, just be carefull you upgrade to the next version, before your current version is end of life, might be danger for security09:43
Hiro`lotuspsychje: I'm probably going to jump to LTS as soon as the next version is released.09:44
DevAntoineoh god, I know. I've messed with groups, I'm only in the "docker" group. How can I get back to all the initial groups? Can someone give me a list?09:44
Hiro`for now, I am puzzled by various strange bugs09:44
DevAntoinecan I even do something to get back to the sudo group without sudo?09:44
lotuspsychjeHiro`: maybe you should backup things while you can and start clean?09:45
Hiro`I also find that emacs takes an age to load when I'm at home. whereas at work, it's instantaneous09:45
Hiro`and when I try to bundle rails apps from within emacs, I'm refused because I lack permissions - even though there are no problems when bundling from the shell.09:46
DevAntoineI can't add my current user to other groups without sudo?09:47
Triffid_HunterDevAntoine: only administrator can put users into new groups09:47
Triffid_HunterDevAntoine: fire up a liveusb, mount your main disk and edit /etc/passwd as necessary09:48
DevAntoineyeah, I've seen I can boot in recovery09:48
DevAntoinewell, the day is starting well...09:49
DevAntoinesee you soon09:49
Triffid_HunterDevAntoine: alternatively, just pass init=/bin/bash on the kernel commandline via grub edit and fix it that way ;)09:49
devkuli am new to linux. how to install software by using sudo?09:51
lotuspsychjedevkul: sudo apt-get install yourpackage09:51
lotuspsychjedevkul: if you looking for an interesting package via terminal: apt-cache search yourkeyword09:52
devkulthank a lot..09:52
lotuspsychje!manual | devkul welcome to the ubuntu community09:53
ubottudevkul welcome to the ubuntu community: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/09:53
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lotuspsychje!ask | toomanyerrors10:01
ubottutoomanyerrors: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:01
toomanyerrorsi just installed higan/bsnes10:01
toomanyerrorsjust install higan/bsnes and it is not showing up on the dash10:02
toomanyerrorsubuntu 14.04.3 amd6410:02
lotuspsychjetoomanyerrors: update to latest first mate10:02
lotuspsychjetoomanyerrors: 14.04.410:03
toomanyerrorsok, then?10:03
toomanyerrorsi really cant update right now though10:03
lotuspsychjetoomanyerrors: not being up to date is a security risk10:03
toomanyerrorsi'm not fbi10:04
=== ara_ is now known as achia
toomanyerrorsdude seriously it's just not showing up on the dash what do i do10:04
MrokiiHello. I think it happened after updating to 15.10 that the window shade function (only showing a windows' titlebar when double clicking it) doesn't work anymore. Instead the bar is shown for a moment and then the whole window is hidden. Does somebody know what the problem could be or what setting I should check (possibly in the compif config manager)?10:04
Wugexploitation of linux machines is automated and distributed, if you have an ip address, you may be vulnerable10:04
Wugyou should update10:04
toomanyerrorsok i'll do it when my isp updates my speed again10:05
Wugthe same is true for all operating systems but linux is somewhat more exposed than others due to the general competence and greater degree of use than other operating systems, as well as the propensity for incomplete knowledge to be more dangerous10:06
lotuspsychjeMrokii: when did you upgrade to 15.10?10:06
Mrokiilotuspsychje: Not sure. Some weeks ago.10:06
lotuspsychjeMrokii: i would try a clean install or lts10:07
toomanyerrorsfor now what can i do10:07
lotuspsychjetoomanyerrors: update to latest10:07
ouroumov_toomanyerrors, you can start your program from the command line, probably10:08
toomanyerrorsmy speed is 12 KB/s10:08
Mrokiilotuspsychje: That's more than I want to do at the moment. And I don't want to go back to an older version.10:08
toomanyerrorsi cant do a 485 mb update right now10:09
lotuspsychjeMrokii: try to create another user and see if you got same issue there?10:09
toomanyerrorsbut my data cycle is restarted on 26th10:09
Mrokiilotuspsychje: That's something I could try. Thanks.10:09
lotuspsychjetoomanyerrors: we just warning you mate, your the boss of your system but not being up to date can get you in trouble like your in now..10:10
toomanyerrorsso my problem is because os is not up to date?10:10
lotuspsychjetoomanyerrors: i didnt say its related, but things get get fixxed by updating in some cases yes10:11
toomanyerrorsisn't there a way to manually create a dash entry10:11
toomanyerrorsbecause i obsessively close windows10:12
sirsharpestHey guys, was hoping that I could ask, how do I update the unity DE? I want to get the latest version of unity so that I can move the task bar to along the bottom? I tried installing unity 8 but it just gave me a load of mobile & ubuntu touch stuff10:12
toomanyerrorsso i may end up closing the terminal and losing my progress10:12
lotuspsychjesirsharpest: unity8 can be already tested but is still in developing right now10:12
linociscoV7, i use the same .deb10:13
linociscoV7, printer was installed. not ok yet10:13
sirsharpestYeah I tried to install it, but like I said, all I got was unity 8 mobile version? Didn't seem to have a desktop version in the repos?10:13
lotuspsychjesirsharpest: it looks indeed as an early ubuntu-touch version still, so wait until 16.04 comes out10:13
ppfwhen running cuda code, i occasionally get the error "irq 16: nobody cared (try booting with the "irqpoll" option)10:13
sirsharpestAh okay, thanks :)10:14
ppfhow can i circumvent that?10:14
lotuspsychje!unity8 | sirsharpest10:14
ubottusirsharpest: Unity8 is the next Unity Desktop running on Mir. It is already used on the smartphones running ubuntu-touch (!touch) and can be tested on the Desktop with https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity8inLXC10:14
toomanyerrorsinstalling unity8 with apt removes modemanager10:14
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DevAntoineI'm in the sudo group again10:15
sirsharpestthanks ubottu, just trying that now :)10:15
linociscohi all, I dont know how to install Canon MF 8580 CDW network printer on ubuntu 14.04 64 bit10:16
DevAntoinebut I fear I'm not in all the groups I should be...10:16
linociscoI tried all drivers 64 bit deb. not ok yet10:16
lotuspsychjesirsharpest: just keep in mind its still in developing mode, so if you find a bug, file it :p !bug10:16
linociscoprinter was installed but can't print10:16
toomanyerrorswhat does modemmanager do anyway?10:16
ppfmanage modems10:16
toomanyerrorsso why is it being removed?10:17
ppfbecause it's not compatible with unity 8, most likely10:17
toomanyerrorsthen what will manage modems?10:19
toomanyerrorswithout a modem manager wouldnt you lose internet?10:19
ppfare you using a modem?10:19
toomanyerrorsim using wifi10:20
toomanyerrorsso im guessing it isnt needed?10:20
ppfa hardware device that modulates digital data onto analog sognals10:20
ppfsignals, too10:20
toomanyerrorsok so ethernet is digital too10:21
toomanyerrorsso modem not required?10:21
toomanyerrorsethernet and wifi are the only comms i have10:21
k1l_toomanyerrors: unity8 is still i development for the desktop. its already used on smartphones and tablets. so maybe its a depency from that devices10:23
toomanyerrorswait so i will still have my unity 7 right10:24
toomanyerrorsit'll be a DE i can choose at login?10:24
k1l_https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity8inLXC  use this to test unity8 on a desktop10:24
V7linocisco: result ?10:28
linociscoV7, result=no print out10:28
ppfany thoughts about my IRQ problem?10:30
V7linocisco: : (10:30
canyerliikitürk varmı?10:31
k1l_!tr | canyerliiki10:31
ubottucanyerliiki: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.10:31
toomanyerrorsi just installed unity 8 from apt10:34
toomanyerrorsis that ok?10:35
DevAntoineI've got an issue with the time. It displays 12:39 but I'm in Paris and the time should be 11:39. The time is synchronized using NTP and when I'm right click the clock and go to properties the timezone is set to Europe/Paris. I don't understand10:39
Ben64DevAntoine: what is the output of "date"10:43
DevAntoineBen64: mercredi 16 mars 2016, 12:45:39 (UTC+0100)10:44
k1l_DevAntoine: dualbooting with win?10:45
DevAntoinek1l_: nop10:45
Ben64are you on some old ubuntu with outdated daylight savings times times?10:46
DevAntoineBen64: nop, fresh install of 15.10 yesterday10:47
DevAntoinebut it's xubuntu10:47
DevAntoinemaybe it has something to do with that issue10:47
Ben64looks like it actually isn't updating properly10:47
DevAntoinethat's lame10:48
DevAntoineI don't know what to do10:48
Ben64set a new server or do it manually10:48
Ben64Mar 16 2016 03:44:59 <DevAntoine>Ben64: mercredi 16 mars 2016, 12:45:39 (UTC+0100)10:48
Ben64my time is correct, yours is from the future10:48
EriC^^DevAntoine: france doesn't have daylight savings til last sunday of march10:49
DevAntoineyes, I know Ben64, one hour too far10:49
EriC^^like here i think ( lebanon )10:49
Ben64no look at the minute and second10:49
Ben64it didn't get time from the internet10:49
DevAntoineseriously what can I do?10:50
EriC^^oh nevermind10:50
Ben64DevAntoine: sudo killall ntpd && sudo ntpdate europe.pool.ntp.org10:50
DevAntoine16 Mar 12:53:43 ntpdate[7372]: no server suitable for synchronization found10:52
Ben64you typed it just how i had it there?10:53
Ben64DevAntoine: run "sudo ntpdate -d europe.pool.ntp.org" and paste the results to http://paste.ubuntu.com10:55
DevAntoinetimedatetcl shows this: RTC in local TZ: no10:55
DevAntoinemaybe it's related?10:55
DevAntoineBen64: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15400851/10:56
Ben64you've got some kind of firewall blocking it10:56
DevAntoinentp use a special port?10:57
=== Isla_de_Muerte is now known as NwS
DevAntoineyes, I've got the company firewall10:57
DevAntoine(which makes me sick)10:57
Ben64there you go10:57
DevAntoinebut why all my colleagues have the right time then?10:57
bezabanthey sync against ad/internal ntp server?10:57
DevAntoinethe one next to me is using ubuntu 15.10 with the correct time10:57
Ben64who knows, maybe they have an internal one10:58
Ben64you should ask your network guy10:58
DevAntoineport 123?10:58
kandinskihi, since a couple of days ago NetworkManager doesn't save the password for my VPN account. As a result, I can't use the VPN. Any idea what could that be?11:04
kandinskihi, since a couple of days ago NetworkManager doesn't save the password for my VPN account. As a result, I can't use the VPN. Any idea what could that be?11:15
anton___hi @all!11:16
AnticomHi all. I've got an µ sd card with some partitions written to it. I've got a script, that copies a new dev image to it and syncs it. However i still have to eject it using the unity bar using "Eject parent device" all the time. How do i do that via console so i can add it to my script?11:16
anton___I'm fighting with a connection to a bluetooth mouse, is anybody educated with these things?11:16
toomanyerrorsanton: just not connecting?11:17
anton___1st: hardware is ok, works on other device; 2nd: it worked on my linux machine before, but very unstable (used just the linux mint cinnamon-control-center) 3rd: then I tried to connect via the command-line-tools hidd/hcitool, this worked only once and now I get the following error messages:11:21
toomanyerrorsput it on paste.ubuntu.com if it's an error message11:22
Ben64anton___: are you on linux mint11:23
toomanyerrorshe is11:23
toomanyerrors[16:51] <anton___> 1st: hardware is ok, works on other device; 2nd: it worked on my linux machine before, but very unstable (used just the linux mint cinnamon-control-center) 3rd: then I tried to connect via the command-line-tools hidd/hcitool, this worked only once and now I get the following error messages:11:24
akikAnticom: "sudo umount mount_point"11:24
Ben64well the mint support channel is in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org11:24
Anticomakik: in this SO thread there are some differences mentioned: http://askubuntu.com/questions/5845/what-is-the-difference-between-unmount-eject-safely-remove-drive-and-the11:24
Anticomthought the eject thing wasn't a simple unmount11:24
toomanyerrorshey how do i find out which bluetooth adapter i have?11:24
toomanyerrorsbecause it doesnt work11:25
toomanyerrorsit hasnt worked since the day i installed11:25
akikAnticom: so you found the solution?11:25
toomanyerrorsneither has shutdown or rebooting11:25
Ben64toomanyerrors: lspci or lsusb, depending on how it's connected11:25
Anticomakik: No, otherwise i wouldn't ask. The SO top answer just points out some differences but not how to do it programatically11:26
akikAnticom: sync and then umount is safe11:27
toomanyerrorslspci has this result: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15400931/11:27
akikAnticom: is there only one partition on the stick that you have mounted?11:27
Anticomnope, it's 511:28
Anticombut can't i simply do umount /dev/sdx ?11:28
Anticomor do i have to unmount every single partition?11:28
akikAnticom: umount all the partitions that you have mounted, not the whole device11:29
Ben64toomanyerrors: don't see it there11:29
anton___sorry, the internet connection broke11:29
Anticomakik: why?11:29
anton___> are you on linux mint: yes11:29
toomanyerrorsbut there is a bluetooth adapter11:29
Ben64anton___: well the mint support channel is in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org11:29
akikAnticom: that's just how it works(tm)11:30
Ben64toomanyerrors: ok maybe its usb, or maybe it's not connected properly, or it has a hardware switch that is enabled11:30
akikAnticom: there's an option -t for umount which you can use if you want e.g. to umount all file system of certain type "sudo umount -t cifs -a"11:31
akikAnticom: then there's udisksctl which has an unmount command. i'm not sure how to use that, except for single partitions11:34
akikAnticom: this might be what you're looking for "sudo eject /dev/sdX"11:39
Anticomakik: Just tried that. However if i take out and insert the sd card again it won't mount. dmesg isn't showing anything interesting :/11:39
akikAnticom: strange, it works ok with a sandisk usb stick11:40
anton___sorry for this, there's no action in the linuxmint chat. Maybe it's not a linux-mint related problem anyways, since I'm trying to connect to the mouse via the commandline11:41
anton___.. ?11:41
Bitrixdoes anyone know why I don't have a inittab file?11:42
Anticomanton___: try this one: http://askubuntu.com/a/239982/38288311:43
bezabanBitrix: you are likely running systemd, which does not use that file11:43
akikBitrix: ubuntu has now moved to upstart & systemd. inittab was used earlier11:43
Bitrixok thanks alot11:44
emilspis it normal for my xorg to crash on ubuntu 14.04 with gnome ? The only thing in syslog that had any relevance was an entry about gnome-shell shutting down because of an io error wrt Xorg11:54
hicoleriWhy does my boot menu (F-10 menu) show only "ubuntu" as an option? I can't boot from usbs anymore because of that.11:55
akikemilsp: you can find more info in /var/log/Xorg.0.log and $HOME/.xsession-errors11:56
EDinNYI get a disk full error when apt-get dist-upgrade, even though partitions have lots of room.  There is no /boot partition, yet it seems to be full11:56
k1l_hicoleri: what is on that usb?11:56
k1l_EDinNY: can you provide a "df -h" and "df -i" in a pastebin like paste.ubuntu.com ?11:57
k1l_hicoleri: and if you choose ubuntu on that menu, does it boot the usb? is the usb working? tested on another pc or usb port?11:57
hicolerik1l_That happened after I installed linux mint on my computer11:57
hicoleriyes it does work on other pcs11:58
EDinNYk1l_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15401021/11:58
hicolerik1l:The boot order menu in my BIOS also shows only ubuntu as an option11:58
k1l_hicoleri: wait, is says "ubuntu" in the bios boot menu, but you got mint installed?11:59
hicolerik1l_:yep (and the LM guys werent answering me in their channel)11:59
emilspakik, there's nothng unuusual there :(12:00
k1l_EDinNY: and "df -i"?12:00
hicolerik1l_:this problem started from about half a year ago.12:00
akikemilsp: does it crash regularly? did you notice that the crashing started after installing a new gfx driver module?12:01
EDinNYWOW! k1l_: /dev/sda1       732960 724109    8851   99% /12:01
emilspakik, I did an upgrade recently, and whilst the system in general is buggy, my gnome session generally survives12:01
k1l_hicoleri: the OS cant interfer with the bios loading menu. so i guess the usb port is not recognizing the usb12:01
k1l_hicoleri: so its more a hardware issue.12:02
hicoleriI don't know about that...12:02
EDinNYk1l_: How can that be?  Too many files?  HUH?12:02
k1l_EDinNY: a lot of small files using all the inodes.12:03
emilspakik, I have a feeling this happened when I was switching inbetween tty's12:03
ouroumov_hicoleri, you've previously booted that particular stick? Have you tried another?12:03
emilspbecause lightdm and gnome-shell session interaction is weeeiiird12:03
k1l_EDinNY: start with "dpkg -l |grep linux-headers" and see what old kernel headers you can purge with apt-get12:03
hicolerik1l_:I've tried all of those on my desktop, they work perfectly fine.12:03
k1l_hicoleri: sounds like the usb port is damaged12:04
EDinNYk1l_: Must be some stupid error.  This machine is a router.  No real stored data.  No users12:04
ouroumov_hicoleri, some USB stick can be usable, yet unbootable.12:04
akikemilsp: i'm a bit concerned about your comment "system in general is buggy". maybe your upgrade failed somehow?12:04
hicoleriouroumov_:Thats fine, but shouldn't my boot order menu show my other hardware like my HDD and CD drive?12:05
ouroumov_Yes, unless those have been disabled in the bios12:06
=== vert0let|afk is now known as vert0let|train
k1l_hicoleri: we are long time out of the scope of this channel. see your hardware manual or ask in ##hardware about those issues.12:07
emilsp akik, it's the way we mount /home in the office (over the network) and the fact that gnome3 has never run nicely on ubuntu12:10
adrian_1908hello. Sorry this is not Ubuntu specific. I have noob questions about VPS (Virtual Private Server), can anyone recommend a freenode channel for that? (or maybe PM)12:10
phil42who are you thinking you might use for your vps?12:11
k1l_adrian_1908: i dont know your question so i would start in #ubuntu-offtopic12:11
adrian_1908k1l_: Ok, I'll try my luck there. Tried a few channel names that I could think of, but those didn't exist :)12:13
k1l_!alis | adrian_190812:14
ubottuadrian_1908: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http12:14
adrian_1908cool, thanks.12:14
=== shroud_ is now known as shroud
EDinNYk1l_: You recommended commands like "apt-get purge linux-headers-3.13.0-35 linux-headers-3.13.0-35-generi"?12:22
EDinNYI seem to be out of inodes in "/"  suggestions?12:25
emilspget #rekt12:25
emilspwhy are you storing so many files ?12:26
emilspI imagine there's a homogenous collection of loadsoffiles, right ?12:26
EDinNYemilsp: Don't know.  This is a 12.04 machine that is used as a router.  it has only been installed, and updated.  No users12:27
EDinNYYes, I have run autoremove12:27
EriC^^EDinNY: what's the problem exactly12:28
emilspcheck log files12:29
k1l_EDinNY: can you pastebin a "dpkg -l | grep linux-headers"?12:29
EDinNYEriC^^:  df -i returns /dev/sda1       732960 724110    8850   99% /12:29
EDinNYk1l_: there are 49 of them12:30
EriC^^EDinNY: well that sucks12:30
k1l_EDinNY: can you pastebin? and a "uname -a"?12:30
EriC^^the inodes are very low to begin with though12:30
EriC^^i have 6,000,000 and it's a 90gb filesystem12:31
k1l_EDinNY: thing is: you dont need the old kernel-headers from kernels you dont use anyway.12:31
EDinNYI knew that.  Purge does not seem to get rid of them12:31
EriC^^EDinNY: how big is that fs?12:31
resc_040b2_1369ERiC^^ are you available to assist or do you have a going on now? Sorry had to leave yesterday have more time to fix this drive today..12:31
EDinNY/dev/sda1        11G  4.9G  5.5G  47% /12:31
k1l_EriC^^: its only 11GB12:31
ozzzhello dear friends12:32
EriC^^resc_040b2_1369: yeah sure12:32
ozzzI'm trying to install ubuntu server12:32
ozzzand it tells me12:32
EDinNYDo I need to resize that partition?12:32
ozzzplease insert disc labeled: Ubuntu Server 14.04.4 LTS Trusty Tahr amd64 20160217.112:32
ozzzwhy I'm getting that message?12:32
k1l_EDinNY: stop12:32
ozzzor where can I download that image12:32
k1l_EDinNY: lets not get distracted here. what about the paste of the kernel headers and the uname -a?12:33
EriC^^resc_040b2_1369: remind me what you were up to yesterday and where you reached12:33
EDinNYLinux angel 3.13.0-79-generic #123-Ubuntu SMP Fri Feb 19 14:28:32 UTC 2016 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux12:33
EDinNYk1l_: This is a bunch of them...wc tells me there are 49. http://paste.ubuntu.com/15401144/12:35
=== daniel is now known as Guest88990
k1l_EDinNY: you can get rid of all those old kernels and headers. just remove the named packages with apt-get12:36
resc_040b2_1369what happened was attempted Win 7reinstall on  functioning dual boot 1TB.. Have 17.2 Rafaela an 14.04 on one extended part.. left a 210Gb section for this purpose, hoping to do a custom install an then reload Toshiba drivers.. Win 7 pretty much took Part table , cleared entries n took part of a swap part i had as a buffer.. Rescatux sees unalloc space, "disks" util in second drive 17.2 n 10.04 500Gb sees the 720+ Gb as unallo12:37
resc_040b2_1369c but still shows the parts., Gparted thinks it is unalloc..12:37
k1l_EDinNY: "sudo apt-get purge linux-headers-3.13.0-35 linux-headers-3.13.0-35-generic linux-headers-3.13.0-36 linux-headers-3.13.0-36-generic"12:37
EDinNYTried that, K1l12:38
EriC^^resc_040b2_1369: ok, do you have a live usb of ubuntu etc?12:38
k1l_EDinNY: ah ok. apt is still blocked.12:39
k1l_EDinNY: "sudo dpkg -r linux-headers-3.13.0-35 linux-headers-3.13.0-35-generic linux-headers-3.13.0-36 linux-headers-3.13.0-36-generic"12:39
resc_040b2_1369ERiC ^^, have a stick i made for 17.2.. Am still in rescatux shell.. Can go into 500 Gb 17.2 but would prob need reboot..12:39
EriC^^resc_040b2_1369: ok boot the 17.212:40
resc_040b2_1369ERiC^^, shut down n restart???12:40
EDinNYk1l_: thanks!12:40
EriC^^resc_040b2_1369: yes12:40
EriC^^boot the live usb12:40
k1l_EDinNY: now run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" to let apt run again12:41
resc_040b2_1369ERiC^^, how do i get back to this chat??12:41
EriC^^resc_040b2_1369: go to www.freenode.net and click on web12:41
EriC^^or install any irc client from the repos of the live usb12:41
hheeguys, which book or video tutorial or wiki can i recommended brand new linux user? ubuntu related or not12:41
Antares http://www.ptokax.org PtokaX Direct Connect Hub UTF-8 http://forum.ptokax.org/index.php?topic=8848.012:42
hheewith shell working too12:42
EDinNYk1l_: Thanks.  I will get rid of the other ones12:42
hhee(will be cool if not only english language there is)12:43
=== circ-user-FTpiO is now known as testingricky
resc_040b2_1369ERiC^^, as this is 2nd chat ever done in whole existence.. Guessing use #ubuntu as "channel"??12:43
k1l_EDinNY: after that we can run a bash one-line-script to let old kernels and headers be removed12:43
EDinNYThanks.  Easier than my plan to build a script file, k1l_12:43
k1l_EDinNY: dpkg --list | grep 'linux-headers' | awk '{ print $2 }' | sort -V | sed -n '/'"$(uname -r | sed "s/\([0-9.-]*\)-\([^0-9]\+\)/\1/")"'/q;p' | xargs sudo apt-get  purge12:43
k1l_thats for headers,12:43
resc_040b2_1369ERiC^^, THX(1138) back in few..12:44
k1l_dpkg --list | grep 'linux-image' | awk '{ print $2 }' | sort -V | sed -n '/'"$(uname -r | sed "s/\([0-9.-]*\)-\([^0-9]\+\)/\1/")"'/q;p' | xargs sudo apt-get purge12:44
k1l_thats for the old kernels12:44
=== xsilv is now known as aaari
EDinNYk1l_: run both of those?12:45
ubottuaaari: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».12:46
EDinNYOh, I see, k1l_, one for headers, one for kernels.12:48
=== ian is now known as Guest75917
Guest75917hi, not sure if i'm in the right place12:52
hateball!help | Guest7591712:53
ubottuGuest75917: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:53
EDinNYk1l_: that one-liner did not work12:53
Guest75917after a scheduled software update, touchpad doesn't work. Wondering if I can somehow restore to previous position?12:54
EriC^^EDinNY: what did it say12:55
=== kalen_not-here is now known as kalen
hateballGuest75917: What packages got updated? Read /var/log/apt/history*12:55
EDinNYExecuted too fast, and they did not go away12:55
EriC^^EDinNY: try adding a "-y" before purge12:55
hateballGuest75917: If it's a kernel regression, reboot and hold shift to get into grub menu, pick an older kernel and see if it works with that12:55
EriC^^apt-get -y purge12:55
EDinNYEriC^^: That did it!12:56
Guest75917thanks hateball, will try that12:56
Guest36154ERiC^^ the nick apparently changed from resc 0040031 to guest 36154.. have the install stick running system Gparted is functional do i have to rebuild Grub again? or how do I fix part framework to let Ubun n Linux become able to see my data that Win 7 Fr&&%&* up?12:57
EriC^^Guest36154: type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999912:58
Guest36154ERiC^^ , have done so comes up with http://termbin.com/qduk13:00
EDinNYThank you for your help, EriC^^ and k1l_.  Why weren't those removed during update?  They were on my laptop?  Same version.13:00
EriC^^Guest36154: so everything used to be on the 1tb?13:02
phil42after something has been posted to termbin how do you read it?13:07
Guest36154ERiC^^, not quite.. have 2 functioning satas that i transfer between 2 laptops n one tower.. Tower has XP an both satas  are able to boot tower n 2 laptops(other is old compaq..) Toshiba was the 1TB. Had win7 on originally.. broke it a few times putting 12.04 LTS, 10.04 LTS n then when 17.2 Broke it, F*%&#( this n just left Win 7 off.. Now need Win 7 to use LEAP Motion n VR interface.. Python is ok but 70-80% of apps use Win7.. So13:07
Guest36154oo Hey presto, missed parts of Win 7 process n Now 1TB 17.2 & 14.04 Parts are SL1gtLy 0Ff..any ideas sysadmin?13:07
BluesKajHi folks13:07
EriC^^*blinks twice*13:08
EriC^^Guest36154: so there's just 1 hdd, and it has all the stuff13:09
Guest36154EriC^^ the 1Tb has the 2 main parts Iuse (that did not get backed up(Guestis SHeepish..)) so am guessing data is still on 1TB but Win being the brainless wonder it is..decided to "Clean" the Part table(am hoping).. the stuff on 1 Tb is likely still there, ya think?? Did not choose "format" install on Win 7 attempt..13:12
=== ian is now known as Guest7020
Guest7020Hi, message for hateball13:13
hateballGuest7020: ?13:13
lotuspsychjeyouve got mail :p13:14
Guest7020hi hateball, I'm the guy with this software update. prob13:14
Guest7020I did what you said. Went to advanced options and boted from earlier os and it works fine13:15
Guest7020what's the next step please?13:15
EriC^^Guest36154: type sudo apt-get install testdisk13:15
hateballGuest7020: file a !bug against the kernel-version that brings you grief then13:15
Guest7020ok, can I find how to do that on the general forum/13:16
hateballGuest7020: well it depends how comfortable you are with making changes to your system. You could set the older/working kernel as default13:16
hateball!bug | Guest702013:16
ubottuGuest7020: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.13:16
hateball!who | Guest702013:17
ubottuGuest7020: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)13:17
Guest7020Hateball, how do I set earlier kernal to default?13:19
Guest36154ERiC^^ Hard typing in terminal an not seeing my typing.. the term says it got the package testdisk 6.14-2.. Not knowing much about IRC n INET comms.. is the termbin terminal command a "linkback" so you are able to see into this computer??13:20
=== de-facto_ is now known as de-facto
hateballGuest7020: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Setup#Specific_Entries13:23
obbhi, what do i have to do to sync my iphone with ubuntu?13:23
Guest7020Hateball, many thanks13:23
obbits not working out of the box13:23
EriC^^Guest36154: no it's just a pastebin site13:23
lotuspsychje!iphone | obb13:24
ubottuobb: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod13:24
EriC^^Guest36154: the command uploads the output to the pastebin13:24
EriC^^Guest36154: run sudo testdisk13:24
EriC^^it's a program to recover partitions, you're missing some in the extended partition13:24
EriC^^Guest36154: about 750gb13:24
ubottuInformation about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch13:25
k1lobb: iphonoes are not known for beeing working with all the other OS easily.13:26
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod13:26
MacroManWhat command can I run to find out what is listening on a port?13:27
hateballMacroMan: sudo netstat -untap13:27
EriC^^sudo lsof -i :<port>13:27
Guest36154ERiC^^, Ohh, ok thats cool.. Have been in an isolated world since starting with a PET in 82.. doing the sudo testdisk now.. that 750Gb is supposed to be, in oreder ion the Gparted screen: 18Gb swap space, then the 17.2 with 1Gb unalloc then the 14.04 with a 8Gb swap space at the end(or vice-versa on the 2 OS's, been a week or so since last check..here goes13:29
obbbanshee is throwing system.argumentnullexceptions when i connect my phone13:29
EriC^^Guest36154: ok, run the command13:30
Guest36154ERiC^^, do the Create option, correct?13:30
EriC^^no log13:30
Guest36154running no log now13:30
Guest36154returns 3 "sd"devices: sda= 1000 Gb, sdb=8053 Mb(17.2 Stick), sdc=500 GB Proceed on the 1000GB?13:32
Foosterif I install the 16.04 beta now how easy will it be to update once its officially released?13:36
Guest36154ERiC^^, Intel selected,use Analyse or Advanced??13:37
lotuspsychje!final | Fooster13:37
ubottuFooster: If you install a development version of Ubuntu Xenial and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 16.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade » in a terminal.13:37
lotuspsychjeFooster: #ubuntu+1 for more details :p13:37
iorialotuspsychje, i made another  Launcher http://imgur.com/delete/bFWlDfzz2YQl2FI13:38
wonderworldDoes somebody by any chance use Excel 2010 with wine? I'd like to know if it works nicely or if it creates problems? WineDB gives it "GOLD" status but I'd like to know from someone who actually uses it.13:40
DevAntoineI've downloaded phpstorm, a self exuecutable IDE, but I don't know where to store it. Should I put it inmy home or a directory like /usr/local/bin or /usr/lib or smoething else?13:40
Guest36154ERiC^^, info: At best friends in SC, USA.. He's been IT since 80;s when both parents were DEC higher ups.. Gave me a 10.04 kernel due to my "*issues*" with MS-DOS grandkid "WINDOWS",, never looked back unless had to (XP is best for MechWarrior3..) n now for my LEAP.. He just came in, congratted me on figurin out chat n getting some sysadmin type help.. He doen't use linux unless has to for a recovery or repair type stuff.. Agrees13:43
Guest36154with mt comment that you folks that can do this chat stuff like you do are like CraCked Super Sys SUDOers..13:43
SchrodingersScatGuest36154: enhance13:44
lotuspsychjewonderworld: any reason why not working with libreoffice?13:44
Guest36154ERiC, analyse option returns a slightly recignizable table.. think I used testdisk once before on a different tower.. does not have an "enhance" option or was that a comment on INFO: i gave you?? I have "Quick Search" or "Backup"13:47
lotuspsychjeGuest36154: use the TAB key for nickname highlight please13:48
Guest36154lotuspsychje, how?13:48
lotuspsychje!tab | Guest3615413:49
ubottuGuest36154: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.13:49
bozeEvery day when I turn on my computer it boots all the way up to the password screen, then freezes and I get a purple screen. If I reboot it works. Happens every day. I changed my grub. Any chance it's something I did wrong? I noticed when it boots correctly grub counts down from 30 which isn't what's in my grub file http://kopy.io/BoibC13:50
Guest36154ubottu & louspsychje.. Then type into the pop-up??13:51
ubottuGuest36154: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:51
nicomachusGuest36154: what pop-up...?13:52
EriC^^Guest36154: ok, you chose analyze?13:52
EriC^^Guest36154: did you choose Intel?13:52
FoosterI guess 16.04 is using systemd and not upstart?13:52
lotuspsychje!systemd | Fooster13:52
ubottuFooster: systemd is the default init system for Ubuntu 15.04 onwards. For information on transitioning from upstart to systemd, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers13:52
Foostersystemd is crap :( sucks13:53
lotuspsychjeFooster: please not in this channel13:53
Guest36154ubottu...unnnhuh..seein as yer here an able to do all this triplemutiltasking stuff with the rest of these 1800 +.. that shows a capability i would like to have but wound up living a different life..13:53
ubottuGuest36154: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:53
=== jsmaniac1 is now known as jsmaniac
EriC^^Guest36154: you pressed Intel, then analyze?13:55
Guest36154ERiC^^, chose Intel & Analyse.. have a invalid nNTFS or EXFAT boot table showing with 5 entries, sorry have slow fat fingers n got sidetracked at the speed of chatworld..13:55
EriC^^Guest36154: ok, press quick search13:59
Guest36154Doing Quick Search now13:59
Guest36154EriC^^, Quick Search returns 6 listings in the Partition, cycling thru, I recognize the sizes.of my partitions, so they are likely still functional,just way"LoBOTomized" by Win(the way Gates prefers Win users to be:???)14:03
Guest36154ERiC^^, do i Add the Partitions?? I have no Backups n do not think the T change type is correct? Right?14:04
=== isp_ is now known as isp
=== Granis` is now known as Granis
MonkeyDustGuest36154  calm down, make a backup, then continue ... backup is key14:08
EriC^^Guest36154: can you take a screenshot of it?14:09
Guest36154MonkeyDust: ha ah ha..Would have been smart, enh?14:09
Guest36154ERiC^^, how does screeenshot work?14:10
EriC^^Guest36154: dont add anything yet, the partition table has to all add up or you'll lose other partitions, that window actually writes a new partition table with whatever is selected ( it doesn't just add them )14:10
EriC^^Guest36154: try pressing printscreen14:10
EriC^^save it and go to imgur.com and uplaod14:10
bezabancan you upgrade ubuntu the 'debian way'; eg. updating sources.list and apt-get14:10
bezabanhaving some trouble with do-release-upgrade :)14:10
Guest36154ERic^^,OHHH KAY, NOT going to make it worse...14:10
EriC^^bezaban: no14:10
EriC^^bezaban: what trouble?14:11
Guest36154ERiC^^ going to write this info down then do tasks14:11
bezabanEriC^^: it's unsupported here, but it's getting precise.gz and then has no candidates for install14:11
MonkeyDustbezaban  do-release-upgrade from what to what?14:11
bezabanlucid -> precise. Which is why I'm asking on a general note wrt procedure. it's a legacy bare-metal thing. I've slurped it to a vm and testing different approaches14:12
EriC^^!eolupgrades | bezaban14:12
ubottubezaban: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:12
bezabanyeah. tried that14:13
EriC^^you put old-releases in the sources.list?14:13
bezabanmirrors seem up anyway14:13
EriC^^and then sudo do-release-upgrade ?14:13
Guest36154ERiC^^, wow(Guest36154 eys widen with realization) chat IS a Whole New World, isn't it???14:13
bezabanEriC^^: indeed14:13
EriC^^bezaban: what did it say?14:13
=== ara_ is now known as achia
bezabanEriC^^: sec14:14
Guest36154ERiC^^, the Printscreen must have worked, the screen blinked.. where do I find the snapshot it took?14:14
EriC^^Guest36154: look in ~/Pictures14:15
Guest36154ERiC^^, k trying now14:15
Guest36154ERiC^^,Cool, it's there. Do I have to have an IMGUR account14:15
EriC^^Guest36154: no14:16
Guest36154ERiC^^, so imgur.com in browser, then guessing, select upload n do same as if "attaching" a file in an email??14:17
nuccunV7, you around?14:17
bezabanbah. dev ds is full. Will finish trying the 'debian' upgrade then re-clone and try eol upgrade process again14:18
EriC^^Guest36154: yeah14:19
bezabanI'm suspecting some obsolete packages or general mismanagement. It was installed as 7 from the looks of it14:19
EriC^^bezaban: i dont think the debian upgrade works in ubuntu14:20
EriC^^what does do-release-upgrade say?14:20
Guest36154ERiC^^, have imgur, does it need an address?14:21
bezabanI can't remember, since I've had multiple attempts the past few days, I had the output logged to a file, but re-cloned the VM.14:22
MonkeyDustGuest36154  upload in imgur, then copy-paste the url here14:22
bezabanit was messages about No candidate ver:14:22
bezabanfor mostly every package14:22
Guest36154MonkeyDust, have the screenshot showin on the imgur screen where is the URL?? do14:23
bezabanbut it *did* get the next LTS version (precise.tar.gz) correctly14:23
bezabanand changed sources.list14:23
MonkeyDustGuest36154  the address, on top of the browser http:...14:23
Guest36154MonkeyDust you are assisting ERiC^^ in assisting Guest36154? So i finish start the upload?14:25
EriC^^Guest36154: yes press upload, and then give us the link at the top14:25
Guest36154ERiC^^,OHHHH Light breaks through Clouded Mind... sk3RwNW appears to be link?? Correct?14:27
Guest36154MonkeyDust, thank you for assist also14:28
EriC^^Guest36154: what's the full link?14:29
MonkeyDustGuest36154  have you never copy/pasted a link before?14:29
Guest36154ERiC^^, the browser bar says "imgur.com/sk3RwNW" Is that correct format?14:30
Guest36154 MonkeyDust, you are correct.14:30
EriC^^yeah it loads fine14:31
kevinburkeHi! I’m trying to set the system time to UTC such that when I log in and run “date”, or run programs that ask for the current time, they get UTC. Based on searching and http://askubuntu.com/a/524362, I expect that when I run sudo timedatectl set-timezone America/New_York, the system time will be set to UTC. The program exits with 0.14:31
kevinburkeHowever, when I log out and log back in, and run the `date`, command, I’m still shown a date in EDT.14:31
MonkeyDustGuest36154  next time, click 2 or 3 times on the link, so it gets colored, then right click on it and copy... then paste here, with right click14:31
zykotick9kevinburke: ahhh, UTC != America/New_York...14:32
kevinburkehere’s the output of timedatectl status: https://gist.github.com/kevinburke/a7fd77d97ceaedba8e0014:32
Guest36154MonkeyDust, that is timely advice.. appreciated but in many internet ways I am still a Commodore PET user..14:32
* lotuspsychje presses play on tape14:33
Guest36154ERiC^^, are you able to see the table?14:33
MonkeyDustGuest36154  i come from the sinclair zx spectrum times, when 48k was *huge*, so i'm patient14:33
kevinburkezykotick9: I’m a little confused… yes, those are not the same? where should I be overwriting America/New_York that I’m not14:33
EriC^^Guest36154: yeah14:34
EriC^^Guest36154: ok, first off, do you have everything backed up? you could back up this drive as it is, using dd in case it doesn't go right14:34
Guest36154lotuspchyje n MonkeyDust, I used to have "Miner49er", "NAB" n oine other ASCII games on the tapes.. Then learned how to "hack" the BASIC for "Miner" became the richest 7th grader around... LOOONG before bitcoin was a glimmer..14:35
Guest36154ERiC^^, can do back up how?14:35
EriC^^Guest36154: do you have another 1tb drive?14:36
kingxmodhello , i have a problem with the suspension of ubuntu-mate14:37
EriC^^Guest36154: do you have files you absolutely need?14:40
EriC^^you could get the files from the home dir and save them to another disk from testdisk before trying to recover the whole partition table14:41
Guest36154ERiC^^, no 1Tb but could probably fit parts of the data on the still Attached 500 Gb.. If oculd get linux to read it in the GUI.. Am not as good at Linux CLI as I once was with COMmand Line.. Getting 1Tb parts visible to Ubunt n Linux could enable me to take Win 7 disc with me back to NH(train leaves SC in 16 hours n still have another barn frame to help best friend take down) so getting the Parts functional again would allow a "C14:41
Guest36154lean Win7" install at later date then reinstall of 14.04 n 17.2(or 3), breaking Win 7 again prob.. Advice sysadmins??14:41
kevinburkeFYI, I posted that timezone question here: http://askubuntu.com/q/746736/27864314:41
EriC^^Guest36154: ok, go to one of the linux partitions at the bottom and press "p"14:41
EriC^^it should show the files14:41
pranhi drone14:43
lotuspsychjekevinburke: can this help? http://askubuntu.com/questions/3375/how-to-change-time-zone-settings-from-the-command-line14:45
exnihiloHi this is my first time here14:45
Guest36154ERiC^^, the parts showing in the upload from bottom up are: 8 Gb swap; 485 Gb 17.2; 245 Gb 14.04(had a 2 or 4 Gb swap or unalloc in here i think); then th 18 Gb swap "Buffer" so win 7 could have first 210 Gb f14:45
exnihiloJust found this channel thanks to google14:45
Guest36154of drive for itself(fat finger miss key..)14:46
exnihiloI was wondering if I could ask a couple of questions14:46
lotuspsychjeexnihilo: welcome to the ubuntu community, you can ask ubuntu questions here14:46
teward!ask | exnihilo14:46
ubottuexnihilo: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:46
EriC^^Guest36154: ok which partition has the data you need?14:46
exnihilook sorry and thanks for the advice14:46
EriC^^Guest36154: go to that partition and press "p" and see if the files are there14:47
Guest36154ubottu, very adroit a bot, you are.. high functioning in a 'bot, is good, yes?14:47
ubottuGuest36154: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:47
Guest36154ERiC^^ the most important is the 485 Part14:48
EriC^^you are french?14:48
Guest36154so do the P on it14:48
exnihiloThe speed parameter under connection information displays the speed of my ISP or my ethernet speed?14:49
yhousehello guys14:49
Guest36154ERiC^^, 485 Gb lists well, I can just get into the "home" from here to get to the desktop n my files??14:50
lotuspsychjeexnihilo: no thats the max speed your adapter can handle14:50
EriC^^Guest36154: yes, press right arrow to open a dir14:51
lotuspsychjeexnihilo: to know your isp speed, do an online speed test or an ubuntu iso download14:51
Guest36154Have gotten to my "desktop" n my "User" home dir with ictures n music n all14:52
Guest36154HATE MISKEYING.....14:52
exnihiloBy adapter you mean network interface card?14:52
lotuspsychjeexnihilo: yes wifi or ethernet depends wich your on14:53
lotuspsychjeexnihilo: what speed does it show?14:53
exnihiloI'm pretty sure my mobo nic supports gigabyte speed and i have a cat 5e cable14:53
tgagreetings. any pointers for triggering actions on midi events? as far as I can tell xev doesn't see midi devices14:54
EriC^^Guest36154: ok you want the whole /home dir?14:54
exnihiloSo how come i only see 100 Mb/s14:54
lotuspsychjeexnihilo: you can also ask more network related questions in ##networking mate14:54
exnihiloSo you think i better head there14:54
exnihiloOk thanks for you information lotuspsychje14:55
lotuspsychjeexnihilo: well this channel is for specific ubuntu problems if you have any14:55
Guest36154ERiC^^, this "chat" stuff is cool n all that but i beat ADHD by purposely slowing my existence down, think it's cool that MonkeyDust, ubottu n lustopsycheje helped otu but Hiow do I change the screen so I can just read what you are saying.?? I am not a "Pakled", just have to be methodical so I don't F*&#( it up worse.."14:55
exnihiloOk I'll come back whenever I'got one thx14:55
lotuspsychje!manual | exnihilo start here and welcome to ubuntu14:56
ubottuexnihilo start here and welcome to ubuntu: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/14:56
Guest36154ERiC^^, also all the entries are in RED.. Does that signify how F^** up my Part is?14:56
EriC^^Guest36154: all?14:57
EriC^^/home/user is in red for instance?14:57
Guest36154ERiC^^ Have gotten down individual file names I recognize.. Whiole Screen is Red, every filename14:58
EriC^^Guest36154: is there a size next to them?14:59
EriC^^try to recover some files by pressing c14:59
Guest36154EriC^^, some have sizes, looks like some do not, likely FOLDERs that are DIR's on their own, am going to try n do "C"opy of selected files n see if can put them on the Desktop of the Linus Install shell from the stick15:00
Guest36154ERiC^^ chose a file n am now given option of /home/mint.. guessing the "Desktop" here is the "Desktop" of the shell I am in??15:03
MonkeyDustGuest36154  are you using Mint?15:05
Guest36154ERiC^^, have selected "Desktop" is now complaining of low disk space because the stick is only an 8GB right?? how do I force testdisk to see my 500Gb?15:05
EriC^^Guest36154: you have to mount it15:05
EriC^^Guest36154: and go to where it's mounted15:06
Guest36154MonkeyDust, am using my 17.2 USB to run the Toshiba with the 1Tb in the drive bay n the 500 Gb on external power via a usb15:06
Guest36154ERiC^^, how to mount from inside the 17.2 USB stick?15:07
EriC^^Guest36154: try sudo lsblk -f | nc termbin.com 999915:07
EriC^^and paste the link here15:07
ikoniahow is this an ubuntu issue ?15:08
ikoniaam I missing something with it ?15:08
EriC^^he has 14.04 and 17.215:09
Guest36154will try.. copying failed due to low disk space.. guessing the Install stick shell only has permission to use it's own "in stick" swap space??15:09
ikoniawhat do you mean "he has"15:09
Guest36154ERiC^^, am trying sudo etc now15:10
EriC^^i mean he has them installed15:10
ikoniaright - but how does "this" have anything to do with ubuntu15:10
ikoniaI'm not seeing anything to fix/manipulate ubuntu15:10
EriC^^he's trying to recover his ubuntu install15:10
EriC^^after installing windows and messing the partitions up15:10
cbarrettgood morning15:11
Guest36154ikonia Ihave a triple boot 1Tb.. ubuntu mate 14.04 n linux mate 17.3 w a Win 7 bollux on the Part table due to Win &idiocy15:11
cbarrettI've managed to overwrite /etc/shells with garbage, I'd like to reset it15:11
cbarrettis the default contents of that file available somewhere?15:11
ikoniacbarrett: just a list of valid shells15:12
cbarrettI understand15:12
cbarrettI'd just like to reset it to the default15:12
cbarrettThe default contents of that file should be available somewhere, right?15:12
ikoniacbarrett: it's just a list of valid shells15:13
ikoniajust put in the valid shells you want15:13
Guest36154ERiC^^, sudo lsblk etc returns this: http://termbin.com/pq6j15:13
cbarrettI understand. I use a non-standard shell, and I don't want to mess up any of the other software my company uses15:14
cbarrettnot sure which shells it depends on15:14
cbarrettSo I want to reset it back to the default15:15
cbarrettIf you don't know what that is, that's fine15:15
cbarrettMaybe someone else can help me15:15
cbarrettBut repeating the you already said comes across as rude15:15
Guest36154ERiC^^, had to open another TERM to do the sudo lsblk etc.. how does the Mount concept work to get the 500 Gb, via USB recognized by the 17.2 shell I am in???15:15
Guest36154ERiC^^, What is your Geographic location? is almost noon here in South Carolina..15:16
nacccbarrett: you could use `apt-file` to see what provides taht file and maybe reconfigure or reinstall that package? or just extract it and copy out the file?15:17
grapsGuest36154: Hello from San Diego ! It's almost 8:30AM here15:17
Guest36154graps am guessing all Assistors on this chat are global??15:18
cbarrett /etc/shells should be part of the operating system, it would surprise me if it was provided by a package15:18
nacccbarrett: i think it's generated at runtime,though, possibly15:18
cbarrettI'm not a linux user normally, I only use it at work15:18
lotuspsychjeGuest36154: we have users/volunteers all over the world indeed15:18
grapsGuest36154: Sure, it could be someone from Georgia in Russia, or Georgia, USA15:18
cbarrett(normalyl I use BSD)15:18
s_nanyone know where can i find debugging symbols for bash?15:19
nacccbarrett: it's part of the login shell setup, so it depends on what you mean by "operating system" :) just spin up a container or VM and copy the file out?15:19
kerneluscan someone help me? i downloaded tar.gz file and extracted it. then i made ./configure and more files appear but when i type make nothing happen15:19
cbarrettI don't know how to spin up a container or VM, but I will look into that. I know that's something that's done here15:19
s_n"apt-cache search bash | grep -i dbg" doesn't show anything useful15:19
cbarrettThank you nacc15:19
lotuspsychjekernelus: what are you trying to install exactly15:19
nacccbarrett: should be pretty easy to do, i'd think, depending on which ubuntu you're on15:20
kernelusim trying to install Qtractor15:20
naccs_n: what version of ubuntu?15:20
grapss_n: debugging symbols...try http://bashdb.sourceforge.net/bashdb.html ?15:20
Guest36154lotuspsychje, Cannot Emphasize How Seriously Appreciated Assistors are.. am not that much a noob.. just have "17" different Projects going on an Really Hate Win & idiocy F*$( my Part tables up...15:20
wang__hello,it's long time not float15:20
kernelusand i follow instructions on their website15:20
s_nDescription:Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS15:21
naccs_n: have you tried adding the ddebs repository? I'm not sure when that went into effect (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash)15:21
EriC^^Guest36154: 1 sec15:21
EriC^^eating and stuff15:21
lotuspsychjekernelus: its already in ubuntu repos15:21
lotuspsychje!info qtractor | kernelus15:22
ubottukernelus: qtractor (source: qtractor): MIDI/Audio multi-track sequencer application. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.7-1build1 (wily), package size 1265 kB, installed size 5295 kB (Only available for linux-any)15:22
grapsGuest36154: It's a pleasure to help someone15:22
lotuspsychjes_n: also, update to latest asap mate15:22
lotuspsychje!usn | s_n to stay secure15:22
ubottus_n to stay secure: Please see http://www.ubuntu.com/usn for information about recent Ubuntu security updates.15:22
mcphails_n: have a look at the information at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Debug%20Symbol%20Packages15:22
s_nubottu: sure. thanks15:23
grapss_n: You can also try github: http://gist.github.com/mikesart/1127412615:23
lotuspsychjekernelus: hydrogen is very recommended too15:23
s_nok, looks like i needs these ddebs repo15:23
Guest36154graps, thnks. Hence the question on Geo Location because being up a 3 am for someone local time to them to help us with "issues" is a serious, respectable committment..15:24
cbarrettnacc: I figured it out. Thank you very much for your help15:24
mcphails_n: however, bash is trivial to build manually if you want to make the debug symbols yourself15:24
kerneluslotuspsychje: i can edit mp3 files in that app?15:25
nacccbarrett: np, glad you got yourself up & running15:25
grapsGuest36154: If it's not an official Ubuntu admin/sysop that's assisting you, though, it may only be free advice...might not help per se15:25
Guest36154ERiC^^, can i do the "mount" trick in another shell to force the 17.2 install shell to recognize a storage devicec?15:25
lotuspsychjekernelus: not sure in wich format it saves the project, test out yourself perhaps15:25
s_nmcphail: true. but i've already have an instance i need to debug15:25
kerneluslotuspsychje: ok thank you15:26
Guest36154graps.. Understood, so this is help from knowlegable ones but the accumulated knowledge is the way it works, not the concentration thereof into one or a few brains..15:27
grapsGuest36154: Sure :)15:27
Guest36154ERiC^^, your skill level seems to be up to this task..15:28
EriC^^Guest36154: ok, imback15:28
EriC^^Guest36154: it's already mounted it seems at /media/mint/20115:29
Guest36154ERiC^^,am guessing that there is other steps I need to take.. hence the question of location to know if success is possible15:29
Guest36154 /Media/Mint/201 on my computer?15:29
EriC^^Guest36154: yeah15:30
EriC^^in testdisk first try to copy the important files you need to /media/mint/20115:30
EriC^^if that's the other big partition15:31
Guest36154ERiC^^, so what is way to force storage to go there?15:31
EriC^^Guest36154: in testdisk when you choose where to save15:31
EriC^^instead of /home/mint go to /media/.. with the arrows15:31
=== Stewart is now known as StewNT
Guest36154ERiC^^, OHHH use 201 as the location???15:31
EriC^^yes if that's the stuff15:31
EriC^^type df -h /media/mint/20115:32
EriC^^to see its size15:32
Guest36154ERiC^^, am going to try now15:32
grapsEriC^^: Guest36154 can also do a df /media/mint/201 to get k-blocks, and can sort it acc. to size15:33
Guest36154ERiC^^ n graps, appreciate the quick terms.. am not that up to speed on all the UNIverXe acronyms.. Do I use the df command in a diff term from the testdisk one?15:35
Guest36154because I tried to df in that term an it didn't recognoize it15:36
s_nthanks all15:36
EriC^^Guest36154: yeah dont type anything in the testdisk terminal15:37
grapsGuest36154: You can use df by itself to group partitions/disks according to k-block sizes with the sort command, like df /media/mnt/201 | sort -k <k-block position>15:37
grapsGuest36154: Or, df /media/mint/201 | sort -nk15:38
grapsGuest36154: Actually, if the k-block is position 5, then it would be: df /media/mnt/201 | sort -nk 515:38
EriC^^graps: /join #df15:39
grapsEriC^^: Hehe15:39
Guest36154ERiC^^ n graps, "df /media/mint/201" in other term returns "df: 'media/mint/201': No such file or directory". Is my syntax off? I know UNIveXrse is anal about spaces n punctuation marks..15:40
EriC^^Guest36154: you're missing the leading "/"15:40
EriC^^type df -h to make it easier to see the size15:40
grapsGuest36154: Yes, acc. to EriC^^15:40
Guest36154ERiC^^, so "/df/media/mint/201" no spaces??15:42
grapsGuest36154: Almost. "df -h /media/mint/201"15:42
Guest36154ERiC^^, trying that command now..15:43
k1lGuest36154: details matter! if someone already spoonfeeds the command to you dont change it. if it is " a -x /b/d" dont make it "a/x/b/d" that is not working that way.15:44
Guest36154ERiC^^, exact command used: df -h /media/mint/201 , as typed into other term returns the complaint that there is no such directory, but the term puts some colons in there.. What is "df" is should i check out the man page?15:46
grapsGuest36154: You might be mistyping "mnt" versus "mint"15:47
Guest36154ERiC^^, used "Q" to get back to original all RED files of the /home/toshibauser files.. am going to try an get to the 500 GB storage device..15:48
Guest36154graps. correct.. did that 2 of the first 5 tries15:49
Guest36154ERiC^^, n going to try the "C" multiple files..15:49
EriC^^Guest36154: choose some important file to test15:50
EriC^^and save it anywhere15:50
Guest36154ERiC^^, not sure which of you suggested arrow keys.. the scroll of the chat is pretty fast an re-reading takes fumble finger miskeys hence my request on how to fix the window previously to just see what was sent to me.. am going to try the selected file trick "C"opy now15:52
=== fox9hound is now known as santimendoza
Guest36154ERiC^^, have Mulitples Selected(turned Green).. Am trying to find the 500 Gb attached drive.. but it still stops at the "/mint" usb key directory hive15:56
grapsGuest36154: Did you try searching /media ?15:57
grapsKiazakiVagyok: Hi15:58
orionHi. When I run: "du -a . | sort -n -r | head -n 10" with bash I get this error: "sort: Illegal byte sequence" How do I fix this?15:58
grapsKiazakiVagyok: Are you Hungarian ?15:58
KiazakiVagyokazaz igen :)15:59
KiazakiVagyokAnd you?15:59
Guest36154graps n ERiC^^, when i use arrow keys to go down to the media selection of the "Directory /", it only gives me the options of".."." "mint" "cdrom"15:59
grapsKiazakiVagyok: Oh, okay. I studied the language a little bit...Magyar, that is15:59
KiazakiVagyokgraps: Hard language :)16:00
grapsKiazakiVagyok: Yes ! But the women are beautiful ;)16:01
KiazakiVagyokgraps: yes it's true16:01
EriC^^Guest36154: if you open the file manager can you see the 500gb in /media/mint?16:01
KiazakiVagyokgraps: where are you living?16:02
grapsKiazakiVagyok: I'm in San Diego, California. And you ?16:02
KiazakiVagyokHungary Békéscsaba16:02
lotuspsychje!ot | KiazakiVagyok graps16:02
ubottuKiazakiVagyok graps: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:02
s_nhey again. i followed http://linux-debugger-bits.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/bash-symbols.html to install these bash dbg symbols.16:02
grapsubottu: Sorry :)16:03
s_nunfortunately it failed to find symbols on sudo apt-get install bash-dbgsym=4.2-5ubuntu316:03
s_nof course i have changed the "4.2-5ubuntu3" bit16:03
s_nto the currently installed one16:03
KiazakiVagyokgraps: http://mail.bekescsaba.hu:8080/axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi?resolution=1024x768&compression=50&dummy=141905966442716:03
lotuspsychjeKiazakiVagyok: not here please, you can use the offtopic channel16:04
s_nany ideas how to check if/what symbols are for bash/other pkgs in these ddebs repos?16:04
Guest36154ERiC^^ YESS, opened it up an have both the 10.04 ised n the 17.2 side of the 500Gb available via the GUI.. How do I find them in the testdisk term, or do i go through the other term???16:04
s_nok. browser does just fine16:04
lotuspsychjes_n: you can use apt-cache search keyword to search packages if you like16:05
grapsKiazakiVagyok: Thanks, I'll check that out16:05
EriC^^Guest36154: ok, in testdisk press c then press left arrow twice16:05
EriC^^Guest36154: go to /media/ then the user etc16:05
grapskiazakiVagyok: Is it a .avi or .mov file ?16:06
s_nlotuspsychje: yes. nothing for bash these though16:06
Guest36154ERiC^^, the file manager also sees my 256 GB flash i put in to test if i could get to it.. going to do the "arrow twice " now16:06
KiazakiVagyokgraps: some kind of streaming format.16:06
valleycatjust tried to dual boot my new laptop with ubuntu and it's not showing up in the boot menu, what do I need to do for it to show up?16:06
grapsKiazakiVagyok: Okay. Do you have a question for the Ubuntu channel ?16:07
Guest36154ERiC^^, there they are!! but they are all in RED?? Is this how I get the selected files to be copied??16:07
EriC^^Guest36154: just highlight one file, and press "c" ( small case not capital )16:07
DevAntoineI'm lost with ACL. It's the first time I use LVM thus I don't know where to set my acl. I've found it's in /etc/mtab but there such a huge number of lines! I don't know how to read this file16:08
DevAntoineis it my root line?16:09
skinuxMy FSTAB has SWAP commented out, with another line indicating CryptSWAP. If I comment out Cryptswap line and uncomment normal SWAP, will my system use SWAP again?16:09
EriC^^skinux: it'll probably add another cryptswap entry16:09
EriC^^is it 15.10?16:09
DevAntoineor should I put my acl on fstab?16:10
Egyptian[Web]hi - will this command - sudo apt-get purge linux-image-x.x.x.x-generic - also remove the dependencies like headers ?16:10
EriC^^Egyptian[Web]: no16:10
Egyptian[Web]EriC^^: how do i tell it to remove dependencies too?16:11
k1lEgyptian[Web]: no. list the packages with "dpkg -l | grep linux-headers"16:11
Egyptian[Web]i am looking to write  (or find ) a script that will purge all old kernels16:12
EriC^^there was a script somebody posted today16:12
k1lEgyptian[Web]: you are too late. its already done :)16:12
k1lEgyptian[Web]: what ubuntu are you on?16:13
k1lEgyptian[Web]: this is a bash one-liner: dpkg --list | grep 'linux-headers' | awk '{ print $2 }' | sort -V | sed -n '/'"$(uname -r | sed "s/\([0-9.-]*\)-\([^0-9]\+\)/\1/")"'/q;p' | xargs sudo apt-get -y purge16:13
SCHAAP137anyone have issues updating libpam-runtime on 14.04? getting a dpkg error16:14
k1lwith changing linux-headers to linux-image it will work for kernels16:14
skinuxEriC^^: Then how do I get Ubuntu to start using SWAP again?16:14
jatin30I am having trouble running       sudo dpkg -i linux-image-3.0.0-rc3-xia_05_amd64.deb   I am getting this http://imgur.com/yiyjk8Z16:15
EriC^^skinux: why don't you get it working with the cryptswap?16:15
skinuxOnly because I don't know how.16:15
SCHAAP137ah, fixed the libpam-runtime package upgrade issue, by just doing sudo apt-get install -f16:15
toomanyerrorsjust installed unity 8 from apt on 14.04 how do i start using it16:15
SCHAAP137on 14.0416:15
k1ljatin30: any reason you install that with a .deb package?16:16
skinuxWhy does it even need to encrypt SWAP anyway?16:16
Guest36154ERiC^^, SERIOUS question.. In arrowing around i found my Music directory.. over 150 files.. BUT some are in RED, others are in WHITE.. If i cycle through other dir's on the 1 Tb,seeing RED or WHITE.. THE RED signifies files that are somehow harmed or questionable due to the Win 7 attempt?? Therefore the RED ones are still recoverable but A) have to find a place to put them(external or on the flash if I can force testdisk to see it16:16
Guest36154 AND B)can then work on an obvious(by now) reformat n "Clean install" of Win 7??16:16
jatin30kll: I am installing linux XIA for which its part of instructions16:16
Braybautskinux, you need encrypt swap partitions ?16:17
k1lskinux: because if you use swap it will be plaintext and could be used to decrypt your data.16:17
toomanyerrorshow do i start using unity8?16:17
EriC^^Guest36154: yeah red usually means they can't be recovered16:17
toomanyerrorsi installed using apt-get install unity816:17
k1ljatin30: does "ls -al" list those files?16:17
Egyptian[Web]k1l: so thats one liner is sufficient to purge kernel and dependencies? what about it picking up linux-generic ?16:18
toomanyerrorswith all the dependencies16:18
k1ltoomanyerrors: why didnt you use the lxc install i linked you?16:18
Guest36154ERiC^^. for REAL??????16:18
toomanyerrorsi tried16:18
EriC^^Guest36154: if you had a way of backing up the entire drive, it would be WAY easier just to let testdisk rewrite the extended partition stuff16:18
toomanyerrorsi didnt understand how to16:18
toomanyerrorsi dont even know what an lxc is16:19
EriC^^basically it will just say this partition is extended and has these 3 partitions in it, and then you can attempt to mount it as usual ( maybe that's all windows did was erase them from the partition table )16:19
Guest36154ERiC^^, is that the "dd" thing you mentioned a whilw age?16:19
Guest36154while ago16:19
EriC^^Guest36154: but i've never recovered an extended partition like that before and if you could backup that would be better16:19
EriC^^Guest36154: yes, exactly16:19
k1ljatin30: you need to specific the /path/to/the/kernel.deb or you need to go to the folder before with cd.16:19
EriC^^dd will copy the entire hdd bit for bit, so you can always get to where you're at right now in case testdisk doesn't work out16:19
k1ljatin30: it cant find the .deb files, that is the error16:19
Guest36154ERiC^^, so what does "dd" stand for and does it "image" the whole Drive or just the data??16:20
EriC^^it images the whole drive, from 0 sector to the last, ( mbr and partition table etc included ) and it doesn't understand data, it just copies at a very low level16:20
jatin30k1l: I just found those files in ls -al in red but just with a better version I'll try to fix that Thanks16:20
EriC^^i think it's disk dump or who knows i've heard other names16:21
=== shuduo is now known as shuduo-afk
ubuntu-matehey bros16:22
Egyptian[Web]k1l: official ubuntu docs says to use  dpkg -l | tail -n +6 | grep -E 'linux-image-[0-9]+' | grep -Fv $(uname -r) ;) https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/RemoveOldKernels#Safely_removing_old_kernels16:22
Guest36154ERiC^^, (miskey) so thats why the whole other 1 Tb idea could work..If the file is in RED is the "Entry" is still there but the Win 7 attempt may have harmed it somehow??16:23
k1lEgyptian[Web]: there are several different ways to script that.16:23
k1lEgyptian[Web]: there is also purge-old-kernels  in bikeshed. that is used since 15.04 as standard on new kernel installs16:24
EriC^^Guest36154: i dont know, it could just be a file you deleted long ago16:24
EriC^^Guest36154: i doubt windows did anything to the files, i think it just removed the 2 partitions16:24
Guest36154ERiC^^,(we were typing at the same time)no the files are current but i just looked through some other entries.. Songs that are definitely seriously different have the same "4096" length... Could that have been Win 7 making a whole bunch of sectors where it doesn't belong,n then trying to use Rescatux to attempt repair of "MBR"16:27
EriC^^Guest36154: i'll try to create an extended partition on my hdd and delete it and see if testdisk recovers it or can see it fine16:27
EriC^^oh i cant in gpt16:27
EriC^^maybe i'll try it in a vm16:28
skinuxOkay, well...how do I get cryptswap to work?16:28
skinuxI read about a bug that makes cryptswap not work after hibernation, which I'm guessing may have happened during the night after I had locked the desktop.16:29
skinuxHas that bug ever been fixed?16:29
crondmy swap is encrypted, works fine16:30
crondi can sleep, etc.16:30
EriC^^Guest36154: 4096 are usually the size of dirs16:31
grapsI'm back16:32
skinuxatop says there is 0 SWAP, so obviously it's not workign16:32
skinuxWait, even with CryptSWAP, shouldn't GPArted recognize the SWAP partition as SWAP?16:34
crondskinux, I didn't have to do anything but specify the partiton as swap and16:34
Guest36154ERiC^^, (typing at same time again, heheh) Yes that appears to be so because the 4096's have their songs in them, even if they are RED 4096's they still turn WHITE when i check them out.. THought: ubuntu mate n linux mate use different file structures don't they?? i think I used Gparted to make the Linux mate a ext4 n the Ubunt mate a ext3 type, if i remember correct.. I do not comprehend the vm or gpt comments..  are you going to16:34
Guest36154 do that now or just thinking aloud??16:34
EriC^^Guest36154: ok, i've booted a vm and made some extended partitions16:35
crondskinux, and have an fstab entry16:35
crond /dev/mapper/xubuntu--vg-swap_1 none            swap    sw              0       016:35
skinuxcrond: Well, that's usually how it works, but in my case it doesn't seem ot be working like that16:35
crondlike such16:35
zykotick9crond: you're using encrypted lvm though16:35
crondzykotick9, yes16:35
cronddid i misunderstand the issue? if so, apologies16:35
EriC^^Guest36154: ubuntu and mint can both use ext3 or ext416:36
skinuxHere's my FSTAB https://gist.github.com/skinuxgeek/a5dbcc34fd3de20ec8db16:36
k1lskinux: what is your actual issue?16:36
crondskinux, you have the type set to none in your fstab16:36
crondis that your intent?16:36
k1lskinux: i only see you asking about cryptswap since days. so waht is the issue at all?16:36
cronder mount point set to none16:37
crondi can't read16:37
zykotick9swap has no mount point!16:37
crondzykotick9, see comment about being unable to read :P16:37
teknologiskolenDecrypt this: uqNIonxP8TthvadBo/TC+TLhmpOSc0ONxGwNn37V4GpXPK7ZchqlwCVTepXNb+X716:37
EriC^^Guest36154: this is the extended partition i made http://termbin.com/0vv716:38
zykotick9crond: but i mean, swap isn't suppose to have a mount point.  none is normal.16:38
crondzykotick9, yeah i know, I misread16:38
V7I <3 Nmap16:38
skinuxI just noticed swap has no mount point. It should, I specified it during installation.16:38
V7Zenmap with Topology feature ...16:38
k1lskinux: no16:38
EriC^^Guest36154: i'll put some files there, and then delete the 2 partitions and leave the last one so it's like your setup, and see what testdisk finds16:38
crondI am unfamiliar with cryptswap, whatever that is, I assumed he meant lvm encrypted swap16:39
crondso I'm out16:39
skinuxk1l: No what?16:39
V7EriC^^: testdisk ...16:39
Guest36154ERiC^^, Apparently you are correct about RED being damaged.. testdisk will not allow a RED entry to turn GREEN.. A WHITE entry anywhere will turn GREEN..(GUEST36154 is now dealing with realization that DATA may really be unrecoverable, even though I can see it on my screen......)16:39
k1lskinux: swap is not mounted into the system. its used as swap. so "swap" is already the mountpoint16:39
V7EriC^^: This's a finnaly ... util which you can use ... you should use it only when nothing helps.16:39
crondyou generally just mkswap the swap partition and then swapon /dev/sdX16:39
V7finally *16:39
EdwardIIIhey, i've added a file containing the word 'manual' to /etc/init.d/mysql, but mysqld still starts at startup?16:40
EriC^^V7: like when somebody's partitions get deleted from the partition table?16:40
skinuxOkay, so shouldn't FSTAB list the mountpoint as swap then?16:40
zykotick9crond: <just for your info> encrypted-lvm has no problems with hibernate by default, trying to use an encrpted-swap without lvm breaks hibernation by default.16:40
V7EriC^^: Uuh ... like this one16:40
k1lskinux: there is no mount point for swap16:40
crondzykotick9, ahh interesting16:40
skinuxSo, then the SWAP line is correct?16:40
EriC^^V7: :D16:41
jatin30I was installing linux kernel with XIA stack and I compiled properly but while installing after reboot when I had to select the new kernel I could not find the option. Whats wrong?16:41
k1lskinux: yes. if that lvm partition is there, then its correct16:41
skinuxOkay, then why does atop say there is 0 swap16:41
k1ljatin30: run sudo update-grub16:41
jatin30k1l: and then reboot?16:42
zykotick9skinux: forget atop for a second, does "free" show numbers beside Swap?16:42
k1ljatin30: yes. but look at the output in terminal first if it added the kernel16:42
k1lskinux: "free -m " in a pastebin please16:42
k1lskinux: and did you create that yourself? or was it the ubuntu installer?16:43
jatin30it showed this    http://imgur.com/QKqoxSW . Is it fine ?16:43
k1ljatin30: it added a 4.5 xia kernel16:44
V7jatin30: Yup16:44
Guest36154ERiC^^ n V7; guessing you guys all know each other pretty well with other sysdamin types on this chat.. Talk about never even having a clue what another world is like.. I knew chat universe was different, but coming for a visit for help...wow... pastebin, imgur, termbin AN THIS IS ONLY UBUNTLINUNIX GEEK universe!?!?!?? ALL THE OTHER CHATS THAT EXIST???!??!? (Guest36154 quietly experiences a skull top removal moment....)16:44
zykotick9skinux: no swap right now 0 0 016:45
V7Guest36154: O.O16:45
k1l<k1l> skinux: and did you create that yourself? or was it the ubuntu installer?16:46
EriC^^Guest36154: i put some stuff, deleted them and trying testdisk now16:46
zykotick9skinux: could you paste "cat /etc/fstab" we can't see the vim output in your last paste.16:46
V7Guest36154: Also ... you could join #crypto : ) There guys will help you ;)16:46
k1lskinux: and please pastebin /etc/crypttab16:47
zykotick9skinux: oh, also could you paste "sudo blkid" as well.16:47
Guest36154V7, I thought i knew what technomagery was.... till i rolled a "00"....16:48
jatin30still not working No new option found on reboot16:49
k1ljatin30: the output you showed lists the 4.5 xia kernel.16:50
V7Guest36154: Look ... idk what the problem you have because I've looling in chat when you were here16:50
V7I haven't been looking *16:50
EdwardIIIlooling away16:50
jatin30k1l: but I also dont understand why its not showing a new option16:50
V7So .. I'll help with your trouble if I could, but know I have some troubles too :)16:51
V7I'd *16:51
V7help you *16:51
jatin30options are the usual ubuntu, advanced options for ubuntu, windows boot manager, system setup . like before16:51
k1ljatin30: please pastebin the output of "cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg"16:51
unix4linuxdoes ubuntu offer some cloud service that allows you to sync your $HOME env|profile across devices? For example, I have certain settings that i set in .vimrc or .bash_profile that are redundant across my pc's and laptops16:52
unix4linuxwondering if there is a simple way to keep things the same across them16:52
kamild1996Hello, I'd like to switch my graphics driver from fglrx to padoka's driver and I'm not sure how to do it properly. Could someone give me a hand?16:52
V7unix4linux: https://www.starryhope.com/online-backup-solutions-for-ubuntu-linux/16:53
V7unix4linux: Look at the last one16:53
Guest36154V7: have never used chat or imgur or anhy of the stuuf you guys all know so much about.. no hostility is in me.. just recognition of humbleness in the face of a vista through to another universe, that's all.. Oh an trying to recover really important data on two different partitions that I foolishly let Win 7 screw up, should have stayed away16:53
jatin30k1l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15402697/16:53
V7Guest36154: Did you format them ?16:54
unix4linuxV7: checking it out16:54
k1ljatin30: make a "uname -a" please16:54
EriC^^Guest36154: ok testdisk sees them, here's a screenshot16:55
V7I'll reconnect now16:55
Guest36154V7: no was trying to force Win 7 to stay in the first 210 Gb of a 1Tb multi boot16:55
k1ljatin30: on that machine you did all that16:55
EriC^^Guest36154: http://imgur.com/AZ6pqdk16:56
Guest36154EriC^^ will try to look at screenshot but not really sure what i will understand..16:56
EriC^^well i created an extended one, with a 900mb and 140mb and 240mb partitions, put data in them all, and deleted the 900 and 140mb one16:57
EriC^^so it's like yours exactly16:57
k1ljatin30: you see? its already running that xia kernel16:57
EriC^^i'm going to try to write the partition with testdisk now, let me see if stuff show in red like yours16:57
saltukjoin #vertx16:57
jatin30k1l: yeah16:57
EriC^^Guest36154: everything shows in red with 0 size16:58
EriC^^so that's a good thing16:58
EriC^^i'll try to rewrite the partition table now to what it was like16:58
EriC^^or best as i can16:58
jatin30what should I do now? I mean what are the possible reasons that option is not coming while rebooting16:58
k1ljatin30: it thinks that kernel is the regular ubuntu kernel. so it lists it as "ubuntu" now16:59
V7I'm here16:59
EriC^^Guest36154: another screenshot coming up16:59
k1ljatin30: it should name the kernel version when you use "other options" in grub16:59
EriC^^Guest36154: http://imgur.com/uVCMXQB17:00
EriC^^Guest36154: this is what i have right now, i used the right arrow to select which partitions to be written, you press right arrow and it switches between P * and L ( primary, primary bootable, logical )17:00
=== ara_ is now known as achia
EriC^^Guest36154: so in mine there's the primary at the top, and the 3 logical ones which are in the extended partition17:00
Guest36154ERiC^^, saw the AZ6pqdk scrnshot, what does it mean??17:01
bozeEvery day when I turn on my computer it boots all the way up to the password screen, then freezes and I get a purple screen. If I reboot it works. Happens every day. I changed my grub. Any chance it's something I did wrong? I noticed when it boots correctly grub counts down from 30 which isn't what's in my grub file http://kopy.io/BoibC17:01
unix4linuxV7: do you currently use Deja Dup?17:01
EriC^^Guest36154: that's what i first got in testdisk17:01
jushurjatin30: was your /boot mounted properly when you did update-grub17:01
EriC^^Guest36154: check the new screenshot, it's the same but with the partitions selected17:01
EriC^^i'm going to write it now17:02
skinuxOkay, those files are now on Gist https://gist.github.com/skinuxgeek/a5dbcc34fd3de20ec8db17:02
unix4linuxI am wondering if I can do "Deja Dup + Google Drive" instead of "Deja Dup + Dropbox" considering gnome 3.18 in Ubuntu 16 will support Google Drive right out of the box17:03
jatin30jushur: How do I check that because I dont know if it was17:03
tewardunix4linux: #ubuntu+1 i believe?17:03
EriC^^Guest36154: ok, i wrote it, it gave me a table with extended partition and them inside, pressed on write, then "y" and rebooting now17:03
Guest36154ERiC^^, See what looks similar to my screen is.. Have not been able to get to the flashdrive i inserted in case can't get to the 500 Gb for storage.. is noon here in SC Where are you?am starting to get logy in the brain but think I may have to try backing up when get to NH.. Best friend is burning me copy of Win 7 to take with me..17:03
unix4linuxteward: Yea, I can ask there to see if anyone has tried it yet17:04
EriC^^Guest36154: everything seems to be there17:06
EriC^^Guest36154: it worked17:06
Guest36154ERiC^^, chat is seriously fast.. Appreciate help n assistance.. trying to keep up with all that is going on n try to recover..feel like a 5th grader trying to keep up with 8th graders n high schoolers...17:06
EriC^^Guest36154: ok, if you can get a 1tb to backup the hdd that'd be great17:07
EriC^^your files are probably ok and easily recoverable though even if they were in red17:07
skinuxSo, do the files on the Gist give any idea as to why SWAP isn't working?17:07
EriC^^to recover them after you backup, you need to select the partitions with "P" and "L" next to them correctly17:08
Guest36154ERiC^^, so i ma guessing that the RED entries i will have to go into to get the WHITE files since only the WHITES turn GREEN n put them onto a different device INSIDE the testdisk shell???17:08
V7unix4linux: No, I'm not17:08
EriC^^Guest36154: no just backup the hdd in case it goes wrong17:09
EriC^^Guest36154: when you write the new partition table everything will just be there17:09
asteriasHello guys. I think my question is pretty basic. I want to do some troubleshooting on my Ubuntu 14.04 VM so I added 2 new network cards. How can I use them instead of the one that I use know. Basically, how to I make eth2 my primary card instead of eth0? Thanks17:09
EriC^^Guest36154: in the screenshot you put http://imgur.com/sk3RwNW17:09
ikoniaasterias: there is no such thing as primary card17:10
ikoniathe only thing you need to do is setup the IP's and the routing17:10
EriC^^Guest36154: the first 2 entries need to have a "P" next to them , skip linux swap, then the last 3 need to have a "L" next to them17:10
asteriasikonia: thanks. any how-to that you recommend?17:11
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skinuxzykotick9: I put that information on the Gist. Does it tell you anything? https://gist.github.com/skinuxgeek/a5dbcc34fd3de20ec8db17:13
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rdlf1024My system has been using too much bandwidth, but my Torrent client is not doing anything, just like Firefox! Is there any application that lets me know which app is consuming my bandwidth?17:13
Guest36154ERiC^^, how do I save the entries of this chat for offline use??? it keeps cycling an can't read all that you wrote to be able to do later..17:13
zykotick9skinux: yup ;)  was just replying.  so your crypttab has a UUID=3f5e7ccb-d3a1-49ab-84c1-50167483ba96 for swap, but we DON'T see that UUID in "blkid" output - i don't think it exists!17:14
EriC^^!irclogs | Guest3615417:14
ubottuGuest36154: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meeting logs from meetingology at http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/17:14
Guest36154ubottu is really a'bot????17:14
ubottuGuest36154: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:14
EriC^^Guest36154: yeah17:14
Guest36154ERiC^^, that !irCLOGS do i download it or how does that work?17:15
EriC^^Guest36154: it's a site17:16
skinuxWhy would UUID have been changed?17:17
Guest36154ERiC^^, ok is that what I type into the browser?17:17
zykotick9skinux: they didn't, you don't have a swap partition right now... just a lot of ntfs/vfat stuff and a ext4 partition...17:18
PiciGuest36154: look at what ubottu told you right after EriC^^ used that command.17:18
Guest36154Pici, thanks, just surprised a 'bot actually can respond in such a way..17:19
skinuxI don't understand. I had one during installation, but apparently after installation it disappeared...?17:19
Guest36154ERiC^^, Your guidance gives me hope I can do this.. Appreciate it.. be well17:20
EriC^^Guest36154: no problem17:24
darkfrogI'm running Ubuntu 14.04 server and trying to configure iptables to route port 80 for my 4 ip addresses to internal ports and it's not cooperating.  I've tried: "sudo iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp -i eth0:0 -d --dport 80 -j DNAT --to" but it doesn't seem to work.  If I just do it connects just fine17:24
Antareshow to open the admin port for wine ? how to run a wine by sudo17:25
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lotuspsychje!cookie | EriC^^17:26
ubottuEriC^^: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!17:26
zykotick9Antares: i'd very much caution against using sudo and wine together :|17:26
MultbrelchHi all. I do a X11 redirection (forwaring) from a SPARC Solaris 2.5 box to a lubuntu box. I use Xephyr and fvwm as a window manager. For some applications on the SUN, the lucida-sans-bold font is needed, otherwise they do not start. I got the fonts from the SUN, but where to install on Ubuntu?17:26
Antareszykotick9, http://i.imgur.com/fW5dZWr.png17:26
Antareswine: /home/hacker/.wine is not owned by you17:27
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EriC^^lotuspsychje: :D17:27
zykotick9Antares: sorry i'm in a fbterm session right now, can't see images at the moment...17:27
Fenix_PegrinoGuys can someone tell me what is the best way to add python libraries on Ubuntu 15.1 LTS?17:29
PiciFenix_Pegrino: Ones that aren't provided within our package repositories? Create a virtualenv and install them with pip.17:30
Fenix_PegrinoPici: yes, mmm. How do I create the virtualenv?17:31
Fenix_PegrinoPici: Ive heard of pip, but I have never manage to install it :(17:32
PiciFenix_Pegrino: install the python-virtualenv package first, and see a tutorial like: http://docs.python-guide.org/en/latest/dev/virtualenvs/  (personally I use virtualenvwrapper to take care of this stuff for me)17:33
skinuxWell, I see blkid doesn't even see the SWAP partition.17:33
PiciFenix_Pegrino: if you're using python3, you should already have venv, but honestly I'm not that familiar with its usage.  The folks in #python can provide some more help with that.17:34
Fenix_PegrinoPici: Ill try it, thank you very much!. Perfect Ill connect to that channel also :)17:34
skinuxSo, what do I do about blkid not seeing SWAP partition???17:36
ren0v0Hi, i've just connected a USB DAC, and ubuntu shows an additional option "Analogue Output (device name) in sound settings. Now if i click it, it does output through my speakers connected to USB DAC. But 1) i have intermittent cracking noises, seemingly when i do more CPU intensive tasks. 2) Why is it called "Analogue", if its connected to USB??17:37
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHi.. since yesterday the update manager (12.04) has been very slow in downloading. About 1/5th of my normal speed. and even visiting ubuntu.com from the browser is very slow. My other downloads have normal speed, howerver. Is something wrong with Canonical's servers? Has anyone else experienced this?17:38
Kevin`how can I add an input rule to ufw that specified a source address? the wiki and manpage has examples without any addresses for input, and examples with source and destination for forward17:38
frostschutzskinux, is it encrypted swap?17:38
vin_anyone online?17:39
le_pigvin_: If you have a support question, just ask.17:41
vin_how to enable ecn support in ubuntu 14.0417:41
le_pigipv4 or ipv6?17:42
le_pigvin_: sorry. ipv4 or ipv6?17:42
vin_I tried adding net.ipv4.tcp_ecn=1 in /etc/sysctl.conf file and then running sysctl -p on my host and guest OS. However when I ping between the two and check using wireshark I'm still seeing Non-ECN transport.17:42
vin_For ipv417:42
le_pigvin_: I believe you can modify that in /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_ecn17:43
le_pigvin_: try the following:  echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_ecn17:44
vin_I tried echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_ecn but dint work17:44
le_pigvin_: In that case, I'm not sure.  Let's wait and see if someone else has an idea.17:45
q-_-phi, i'm having a weird problem with my mouse in ubuntu, it is randomly generating clicks/releases, i have tried leaving the mouse untouched in XEV and it's generating EnterNotify, KeymapNotify, ButtonPress, ButtonRelease, and LeaveNotify events on its own17:46
q-_-pdoes not have any issues on windows, does not happen with other mice that i have17:46
q-_-pseems to get worse the longer the system has been booted17:47
vin_le_pig: Ok.. But is it all that you need to do ? because all over the internet I could find only these two methods. I tried both restarted my systems and tried and also tried without restarting. I'm really not able to figure out what's wrong. Let's wait.17:47
ren0v0Can anyone help with this USB DAC issue?  >  http://pastebin.com/Ez2trXTz17:47
vin_lle_pig: Is there any basic kernel requirement for it? I'm using 3.13.0-83-generic.17:49
q-_-palso happens on debian17:49
skinuxfrostschutz: Yes, I believe it is encrypted SWAP17:50
frostschutzskinux, what's in /etc/crypttab?17:50
zykotick9frostschutz: re-skinux a UUID for swap that isn't seen in "sudo blkid" output :|17:51
skinux https://gist.github.com/skinuxgeek/a5dbcc34fd3de20ec8db17:52
mark____are there any problems with security.ubuntu.com ?17:52
mark____having issues running apt-get update for the last two days17:52
mark____just with that mirror17:52
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamark____ I seem to have the same kind of issues17:52
mark____ugh, config management runs an apt-get update before every run and it's stalling all my config management17:53
mark____going to have to remove the mirror for now17:53
Dworfhow to enable special scandic chars terminal -> ssh -> ubuntu server irssi17:53
EriC^^skinux: you have to prepare the swap partition17:53
frostschutzskinux, that can't work... parted -l, do you know which partition is supposed to be swap?17:53
Dworfi think i have utc 8 both17:53
Dworfand its only with irssi17:54
Dworfbut works with putty -> ssh -> irssi17:54
V7Dworf: Maybe #irssi ?17:54
EriC^^skinux: there's some bug in the new ubuntu's that keeps erasing the swap's luks header info and there's a fix involving adding an offset=1024 to /etc/crypttab, something along those lines17:54
V7I'm using irssi too :)17:54
V7Right now17:54
V7<3 it17:54
reisioDworf: with putty as opposed to another ssh client, you mean?17:54
EriC^^skinux: try sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999917:55
Dworfit works with putty -> openssh server -> irssi. but it wont work with ubuntu terminal -> openssh server -> irssi17:55
frostschutzskinux, if you know which partition should be swap, you can apply this method (its archlinux wiki but should work similar in ubuntu) https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Dm-crypt/Swap_encryption#UUID_and_LABEL17:55
PiciDworf: change your encoding in ubuntu terminal to utf-817:55
skinuxI do know which partition..should be sda817:56
zykotick9frostschutz: i _believe_ skinux's issue is that there isn't a swap partition.17:56
reisioDworf: using what, ordinary Ubuntu with Unity?17:56
skinuxzykotick9: Yes there is, I specified it during installation, and the partition exists, it's just not recognized by Ubuntu17:56
Dworfreisio: yup default ubuntu desktop 15...17:57
frostschutzzykotick9, nah, ubuntu installer is just buggy if it creates crypttab swap like that. the entry shown by skinux can not work. (it will work on the first re-boot after install and then not anymore because mkswap destroyed the uuid it was using)17:57
skinuxOkay. So the question is how do I fix the missing UUID17:58
zykotick9skinux: your previous paste https://gist.github.com/skinuxgeek/a5dbcc34fd3de20ec8db seems to contratict what you think.  /dev/sda8 doesn't seem to exist.  frostschutz17:58
skinuxUbuntu Disks tool shows it17:59
frostschutzzykotick9, it does not exist in blkid output if it has no uuid and nothing (plain encrypted random data)17:59
ShutterBCI really want to debug why upgraded chrome hangs constantly, but I'm no good at identifying which thread is stuck17:59
zykotick9frostschutz: my lvm encrypted swap shows up, but you're right that does have a UUID... that cryptswap does break - so i guess you're right... /dev/mapper/jen--vg-swap_1: UUID="6c2af170-ee5d-4b29-a17f-e2ab14295328" TYPE="swap"18:00
EriC^^skinux: it should show up in sudo parted -l , can you paste its output?18:01
q-_-pi did some more diggign and it seems to be "button 10" which does not exist on the mouse, afaict, how would i go about disabling button 10 specifically?18:01
skinuxOkay, it's on the Gist now https://gist.github.com/skinuxgeek/a5dbcc34fd3de20ec8db18:01
reisioDworf: what's 'locale' say?18:01
skinuxparted -l doesn't see sda8, but it's ther18:02
frostschutzskinux, 5000MB size as shown in your output?18:02
skinuxYes, that would be the size of SWAP18:03
frostschutzskinux, ok... well, with GPT, you can use PARTUUID/PARTLABEL (you'd have to set the label/name with parted). Or you can give it a genuine UUID/LABEL with the method shown in the wiki link I gave you, it should work18:03
skinuxHow am I supposed to set a UUID on something it doesn't see?18:04
zykotick9skinux: so i was mistaken, sorry.  there is a sda8...  i suspect frostschutz's explanation above might explain why it's not working anymore... best of luck.  sidenote, next time you _might_ want to look into encrypted-lvm at install time...18:04
Earloif I have a file in /path/to/my/file/thefile, how do I make it so, that when I write thefile to console, no matter what dir I am in , it will run thefile?18:04
frostschutzskinux, as shown here https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Dm-crypt/Swap_encryption#UUID_and_LABEL18:04
ren0v0Can anyone help with this USB DAC issue?  >  http://pastebin.com/Ez2trXTz18:04
frostschutzskinux, (don't do it if you don't understand what it does)18:04
EriC^^skinux: the 5gb sda8 is the swap?18:05
EriC^^skinux: sudo cryptsetup -d /dev/urandom create cryptswap /dev/sda818:05
EriC^^run that18:05
pppatrickI am trying to install via usb to a thinkpad x220 but when I boot I get a blank screen with a blinking cursor.18:05
EriC^^skinux: then sudo mkswap -f /dev/mapper/cryptswap -v118:05
EriC^^then it should have a uuid18:06
pppatrickI have tried rewriting the iso to different usbs and used ddrescue and unetbootin18:06
frostschutzEriC^^, /dev/mapper/cryptswap would have an uuid, but /dev/sda8 not (because encrypted), so after reboot there will still be - no swap18:06
pppatrickI get a different error when I use unetbootin18:06
skinuxError: /dev/mapper/cryptswap: unrecognized disk label18:06
BluesKajpppatrick, enable the usb to boot in th euefi/bios for starters18:07
skinuxOkay. Now I just update it in FSTAB?18:07
ph88_hey guys i'm using ubunti 14.04  how can i get package  libre2-dev ?18:08
EriC^^skinux: did you run the first cryptsetup command?18:08
naccph88_: not available for 14.04, afaict.18:09
mljmacErarlo: If it is a program you can put the file in /usr/sbin then can you run your file18:09
ph88_nacc is there any way to make it available ?18:10
naccph88_: not officially, maybe someone has put it in a PPA or something, but tha twould be unsupported. Why do you need it?18:13
ph88_it's a dependency for a python thing18:13
ph88_perhaps just compile from source ?18:13
EriC^^skinux: type ls -ld /dev/mapper/cryptswap18:13
EriC^^is it there?18:13
naccph88_: presumably not a python thing supported in 14.0418:13
naccph88_: so you should talk to the maintainer of that python thing18:14
ph88_nacc, what ?18:14
ngreen28i have a problem18:14
skinuxlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 7 Mar 16 11:07 /dev/mapper/cryptswap -> ../dm-018:14
naccph88_: "it's a dependency for a python thing" ... what python thing?18:14
ngreen28i overwrite a file and i need to recover it how can i do that?18:14
ph88_nacc, https://github.com/scrapinghub/portia18:14
ph88_somewhere deep down in the dependency tree18:14
EriC^^skinux: ok, try sudo mkswap -f /dev/mapper/cryptswap18:14
reisiongreen28: what file? Overwrote how?18:15
ngreen28i made a cp __init__.py from one folder to another that already have another __init__.py18:15
ngreen28and i want to roll back18:16
naccph88_: are you using vagrant to build it, as suggested?18:16
frostschutzngreen28, that __init__.py was written by you? you have no backup copies, versioning system, ...?18:16
skinuxThe command worked, but again, do I need to update FSTAB?18:16
ngreen28im using odoo18:16
ph88_nacc, no because vagrant requires virtualbox and i think it's overkill for my raspberry pi18:16
ngreen28i think that is generated18:16
naccph88_: what version of ubuntu does their vagrant spawn to build?18:16
ph88_nacc, i don't know i didn't try their vagrant18:17
EriC^^skinux: ok, what's in fstab right now?18:17
skinuxThe same thing it had before18:17
ngreen28i made a cp to a wrong path18:17
EriC^^skinux: it's not on the gist18:18
mljmacngreen28: an overwrote file can't be recalled18:18
skinuxIT is now18:18
EriC^^skinux: ok, leave it as is18:19
ngreen28is imposible to roll back an cp18:19
naccph88_: i'm not sure i follow. that pacakge doesn't exist in trusty, so i don't know how a package that is in trusty could depend on it. so presumably it (vagrant) installs alternative sources for packages or something18:19
EriC^^skinux: type sudo blkid and get the cryptswap UUID and put it in /etc/crypttab18:19
naccph88_: e.g., they install the nginx repository18:19
naccph88_: and they use pip to install a bunch of stuff18:20
naccph88_: you should just do what they do in their vagrant file, i'd think18:20
EriC^^skinux: also add at the end of the line after sha256,offset=102418:20
naccph88_: but that has nothing to do with ubuntu at this point18:20
jatin30I am trying to downgrade my subversion from 1.8.3 to 1.718:20
ph88_nacc, i don't know, i skipped vagrant and used virtualenv debian installation instructions https://portia.readthedocs.org/en/latest/installation.html#debian18:20
naccph88_: did you run their provision.sh script? again, this is no longer an ubuntu question, really ...18:21
skinuxOkay, FSTAB is updated. So, will it automatically start using SWAP?18:21
jatin30I found an ans on askubuntu to edit the file /etc/apt/sources.list but its a read only file. how do I edit that18:21
ph88_nacc, yes of course .. it exited on error because libre2-dev could not be found by apt-get18:21
frostschutzskinux, no, it won't.18:21
EriC^^skinux: you mean crypttab?18:21
skinuxIt doesn't have sha25618:22
EriC^^it does in the gist18:22
skinuxOr do I need to add that part too?18:22
frostschutzskinux, read the link I gave you, that's how it works. what eric told you is not how it works. good luck ;)18:22
EriC^^frostschutz: lolz18:22
moonerHas anyone determined how to run 192khz sampled audio? Currently maxed at 48khz.18:22
skinuxfrostschutz: You gave me a link for ARch18:22
EriC^^frostschutz: it's a very well-known bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ecryptfs-utils/+bug/95387518:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 953875 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Trusty) "Encrypted swap no longer mounted at bootup" [High,Triaged]18:22
naccph88_: ph88_ sorry, i don't see it ... i don't see how that's possible with ubuntu sources18:23
naccph88_: if you can reproduce that with just ubuntu sources, you can get help here18:23
frostschutzEriC^^, yes, I know. but the (encrypted) UUID still won't be there after reboot so crypttab will still not create a (new) swap with new uuid. you have to put the uuid on the unencrypted device, if anything18:23
skinuxOkay, FSTAB is updated on GIst https://gist.github.com/skinuxgeek/a5dbcc34fd3de20ec8db18:23
anigmahaving some difficulties understanding how to integrate quota with NFS. Basically, I have a directory located at /NFS/users on my server which is auto mounted on my client - now, quota works with filesystems, right? Should I make a partition (virtual perhaps?) and mount it to /NFS/users ?18:23
EriC^^frostschutz: http://askubuntu.com/questions/463661/encrypted-swap-partition-for-14-0418:24
ph88_nacc, what do you mean ubuntu sources ?18:24
naccph88_: official ubuntu repositories18:24
naccph88_: given that package is not in the ubuntu repositories for trusty, i don't know what package you are trying to install that is asking for it; as nothing in the official repositories can be depending on it18:25
frostschutzEriC^^, that works by changing UUID= to /dev/sda8 in crypttab. if you ever have another device as sda it might format the wrong thing18:25
EriC^^frostschutz: he'll have though the uuid generated by mkswap though in crypttab, won't he?18:25
frostschutzEriC^^, after reboot that uuid won't exist anymore, it's encrypted18:26
EriC^^cryptsetup > then mkswap on /dev/mapper/cryptswap18:26
BluesKajmooner, probly because your soundcard can't process 192khz, most can't ...that's the realm of specialty soundcards like the m-audio audiophile 192 pci18:26
EriC^^frostschutz: what usually would decrypt it then?18:26
frostschutzEriC^^, it's swap, encrypted with a random key, you don't decrypt it after reboot, you create a new one every time you boot18:27
pppatrick@BluesKaj I did enable the usb as first choice in the bios. Why is it booting to a blank screen?18:27
jatin30I am trying to downgrade my subversion from 1.8.3 to 1.7 I found an ans on askubuntu to edit the file /etc/apt/sources.list but its a read only file. how do I edit that18:27
EriC^^frostschutz: ok, so you're saying crypttab uses the uuid of sda8 to make it at boot18:28
frostschutzEriC^^, you just need a way to identify the correct partition before you create it, for that you can use the device name (dangerous since device names may change), PARTUUID (dangerous if you reuse partition for something else), or find some other way to put an UUID/LABEL on it as shown https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Dm-crypt/Swap_encryption#UUID_and_LABEL18:28
naccjatin30: what version of ubuntu?18:28
zykotick9jatin30: note, downgrading with apt-based packages is never supported, they are one direction only.  things could go wrong with this...18:29
naccjatin30: 15.10 has 1.8.1318:29
skinuxWhat is a LUKS partition?18:29
naccjatin30: and no support for anything else18:29
jatin30nacc : yeah sorry I have that18:29
BluesKajpppatrick, unetbootin is not a reliable app for iso boot images, try something like startup-disk-creator18:29
jatin30but I really need to downgrade18:29
jatin30what to do18:29
naccjatin30: sorry, not supported in 15.1018:30
frostschutzskinux, an encrypted partition with a header that stores the encryption method, a master key used for the actual encryption, and up to 8 passphrases to unlock that master key18:30
EriC^^frostschutz: i think it works18:30
jatin30nacc: I cant downgrade in 15.10 ?18:30
EriC^^frostschutz: "By default that does not work because dm-crypt and mkswap would simply overwrite any content on that partition; however, it is possible to specify an offset."18:30
skinuxHow do I create a LUKS partition?18:30
ph88_nacc, perhaps the package was requested directly ?18:30
EriC^^frostschutz: if mkswap made the uuid right now, then next time with crypttab when it uses it, it won't be destroyed?18:31
naccjatin30: no, not if you want support18:31
jushurskinux: man cryptsetup18:31
frostschutzEriC^^, ... try it yourself and you will see18:31
zykotick9skinux: i think you pretty much have to start from stratch if you want to use LUKS...18:31
naccph88_: i took a quick look at the provision.sh script and didn't see it mentioned. Sorry, don't know why it's happening and it's not supported in Ubuntu (or you should contact the portia folks, as it's not an ubuntu problem, afaics)18:31
skinuxOfcourse I want LUKS, I want SWAP to work after coming back from suspend, since I'm pretty sure Ubuntu automatically suspends after a while.18:32
zykotick9skinux: there is some way (using keys) to get what you currently have, working.... but i honestly don't know the details...18:33
frostschutzskinux, for suspend to ram it does not matter; for hibernate (suspend to disk) it's indeed, cryptsetup luksFormat18:33
EriC^^skinux: comment out the UUID=e2e3...... swap line in fstab18:34
skinuxWell, which is default?18:34
frostschutzskinux, the LUKS header will also have an UUID and thus solve your random key swap issue18:34
frostschutzskinux, but it will require you to enter passphrase on boot and resume18:34
EriC^^skinux: and in /etc/crypttab add offset=1024 after sha25618:34
skinuxIt would help if there weren't two different people trying to tell me to solve it two different ways18:35
reisiothree? :)18:35
jatin30http://imgur.com/HAR0sZn I am getting this as I did not knew that I cant downgrade in 15.10 . So I cant even install subversion now18:36
jushurskinux: free tip, document what you want to do. and learn to understand the different ways, before you start.18:36
ph88_ok thx nacc18:38
skinuxI don't know if suspend saves to SWAP or disk...whatever is default. Other then that, I want SWAP to work regardless of suspension or rebooting.18:40
jatin30http://imgur.com/HAR0sZn I am getting this as I did not knew that I cant downgrade in 15.10 . So I cant even install subversion now18:40
EriC^^comment out the line in fstab with uuid=.... swap18:42
EriC^^and add offset=1024 after sha256 in /etc/crypttab18:42
skinuxYeah, I just did that18:42
EriC^^ok, type cat /etc/crypttab | nc termbin.com 999918:43
EriC^^and sudo blkid | nc termbin.com 999918:43
skinuxBoth are now updated on Gist https://gist.github.com/skinuxgeek/a5dbcc34fd3de20ec8db18:44
jatin30Can someone help me fix this http://imgur.com/qG7Eghp18:45
willwhhi guys - is anyone using i3 as a wm?18:46
reisiowillwh: I'm sure some one is...18:46
willwhI have a weird problem, on boot, when I start chrome, it's using some weird ALSA plugin18:46
reisiowhoiam: hi18:46
reisiowillwh: weird?18:46
willwhclose chrome and restart, and it's using pulse, kinda18:47
willwhreisio: it is rather18:47
FoosterI'm getting total OS hangs/crashes with 16.04 :(18:47
EriC^^skinux: ok, type sudo nano /etc/crypttab18:47
reisiowillwh: how's that weird18:47
reisioFooster: #ubuntu+118:47
EriC^^skinux: put UUID=e2e3f0a1-9dc2-41ae-8256-ac03ef2ce662 instead of what it has there18:47
lightpriestjatin30: are you intentionally using backports repo?18:48
EriC^^skinux: and make the offset without a space, put a comma18:48
EriC^^skinux: swap,cipher=aes-cbc-essiv:sha256,offset=102418:48
willwhreisio: on boot; when I start chrome I get this in syslog:18:48
=== andrea is now known as Guest92942
willwhafter closing chrome, and reopening, it works fine from then on18:49
willwh(and I don't see those alsa msgs in syslog)18:49
reisiowhat works fine?18:49
oo7cati can’t use ubuntu server with ubuntu Desktop?18:50
compdocoo7cat, you probably can18:50
oo7catoh thanks18:50
willwhreisio: my sound... see that gist agaib18:50
willwhI dropped some screenshots18:51
jatin30lightpriest: I didnt get you sorry, can you elaborate18:51
compdocoo7cat, I use the MAte desktop because I like to remote to a desktop sometimes18:51
skinux OKay, I've made the changes18:51
willwhI thought initially, I'd just need like; `exec /usr/bin/start-pulseaudio-x11` in my ~./xinitrc18:51
willwhbut no joy18:51
oo7catcompdoc: what is it?18:51
EriC^^skinux: ok, try rebooting18:51
le_pigoo7cat: You want to install ubuntu server and use the unity desktop environment?  If so, that's easy to do.18:51
skinuxI knew you were gonna say that.18:51
oo7cati want install ubuntu on laptop with usb18:52
MrJonnyHi Guys, Can anyone help me with mounting my CIFS shares via AutoFS18:52
oo7catso i don’t know which must i install between server and desktop18:53
lightpriestjatin30: in the previous command output (apt update) it shows that it downloads from backport repositories18:53
le_pigoo7cat: You can use the server or desktop ISOs to install, but you should consider which is most appropriate on laptop hardware.18:53
oo7cati don’t know18:53
le_pigoo7cat: Most likely, you want desktop.18:53
jatin30lightpriest: No I am not. I am trying to build ASCEND on my system for which svn is required as they are still using it18:53
oo7catok thanks le_pig :)18:53
lightpriestjatin30: ok, can you open up Software & Updates and check under Updates tab to see if "Unsupported updates" is checked?18:54
jatin30lightpriest: Yes its already checked18:54
lightpriestjatin30: ok, if you're not sure what it is, I suggest you uncheck it. It's really unnecessary unless you know you need a specific package from these repos18:55
jatin30lightpriest: Thanks a lot18:56
lightpriestjatin30: I would also uncheck "Pre-release updates"18:56
lightpriestjatin30: is it working?18:56
oo7catOpen the dash and search for Startup Disk Creator.   <—— i don’t know what is ‘dash'?18:57
skinuxRebooted, free -m still says 0 swap18:57
jatin30lightpriest: pre-realeased updates is already unchecked18:57
lightpriestjatin30: cool18:57
zykotick9skinux: if you check "blkid" or "parted -l" has the swap partition disappeared again?18:58
skinuxYup. SWAP is gone again18:59
zykotick9skinux: figured...18:59
skinuxHow the hell coudl they release a system with this kind of bug18:59
oo7catwho know ‘dash’?18:59
skinux007cat: press the damn Windows key18:59
le_pigoo7cat: In this context, "dash" is like a "start menu." Click the "swirl" icon at the top of the dock.19:00
oo7cati have no windows key19:00
skinuxAre you using Unity?19:00
le_pigoo7cat: are you installing on a mac??19:00
jatin30lightpriest: Its still not working . Same error19:00
le_pigoo7cat: god help you19:00
oo7catbut i want install it to laptop directly19:00
jatin30lightpriest: I am not able to install subversion (any version of it) now. What do I do?19:00
skinux07cat: Dash is the very top square thing on the left in Unity19:01
lightpriestjatin30: ok, it's probably some dependency mixup that apt can't handle. I usually give aptitude a go at it. do you know it?19:01
jatin30lightpriest: NO19:01
oo7catsearch your computer and online source is ‘dash19:02
le_pigoo7cat: which operating system are you using right now?19:02
skinux007cat: Yes...you type in the name of whatever program you want.19:03
jatin30lightpriest: Can you tell me how to do it now?19:03
oo7catthanks skinux :)19:03
EriC^^skinux: do you have an encrypted home dir?19:03
lightpriestjatin30: do what? use aptitude?19:03
skinux007cat Google "Ubuntu Dash" and don't come back until you have the first clue.19:04
zykotick9EriC^^: i bet skinux does... ;)19:04
lightpriestjatin30: you need to install it first, "apt install aptitude"19:04
skinuxYes, it encrypts home directory.19:04
* skinux honestly...searched for information about Unity before he installed the damn thing19:05
i90rrhi, how do I instruct apt/dpkg to keep only two linux images installed?19:05
EriC^^i90rr: sudo apt-get autoremove19:05
nornorI'm on trusty and I just upgraded to 3.13.0-83-generic.  When I now try to join a VPN, I get "Not authorized to control networking".  Also, 'Enable Networking' and 'Enable WiFi' are now grey.  They worked yesterday.  Does anyone know how to fix this?19:05
jatin30lightpriest: http://imgur.com/4oIg0ZB this is the issue, *while i am installing aptitude*19:05
Fenix_PegrinoHow can I install virtualenv in Ubuntu 15.1 I lost the chat :(19:06
i90rrEriC^^: o/ I mean how to configure apt to do that automatically19:06
jatin30lightpriest: done. Now how do I install subversion 1.7 version by aptitude19:06
EriC^^i90rr: i dont think you can, unless you run a cron job to run the command, it'll also remove other stuff that aren't needed anymore19:07
lightpriestjatin30: "sudo aptitude install subversion"19:07
lightpriestjatin30: don't go right ahead with the installation, let me know if it requests too much stuff to change19:07
i90rrEriC^^: that's unexpected. Most other distro let you specify how many kernel images you want installed at the same time19:08
i90rrthanks anyway19:08
skinuxEriC^^: So, do I need to create the LUKS partition and all that?19:08
jatin30lightpriest: I need version 1.7 to install when the latest one for my 15.10 ubuntu is 1.8.1319:08
lightpriestjatin30: ohh, you need an earlier version?19:09
jatin30lightpriest: yes19:09
lightpriestjatin30: ok, just a sec19:09
fuzzybear3965Is anyone here familiar with overlay(fs)?19:10
fuzzybear3965It seems that overlay(fs) allows me to take some directory tree and merge it with another directory tree.19:10
fuzzybear3965But, consider the case when I have drive A and drive B and I want to merge those.19:10
fuzzybear3965When I save some file to the shared mount point, /mnt/C, does this file get saved to drive A or drive b?19:11
fuzzybear3965s/drive b/drive B19:11
lightpriestjatin30: are you positive it won't work with 1.8?19:11
lightpriestjatin30: it's just that 1.7 is quite old, even older then 14.04's repositories19:11
jatin30lightpriest: yes I had 1.8.13 initially and it failed and I am positive it works with 1.7 as this is a very known problem with 1.819:12
lightpriestjatin30: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=subversion&exact=1 no version includes 1.7, I guess you'll have to download it from apache's site19:13
skinuxIs a LUKS partition an additional partition, or just a way to have the SWAP partition?19:13
nornorI also cannot unlock things in system preferences19:15
nornorsudo still works fine19:15
zykotick9skinux: ahhh, i use LUKS for both my regular partitions, like / and for swap...  luks is a kernel level encryption system, not swap specific at all.19:15
skinuxAre you telling me I'd have to reinstall my system completely?19:15
zykotick9skinux: i'm not sure... properly for sure (as whiping the current drive is suggested)...  i'm not sure if you can switch/sub-divide a drive with part LUKS or not...  good luck!19:16
skinuxScrew that19:16
skinuxI'll wait until next LTS comes out, should have the bug fixed19:17
zykotick9skinux: note, encrypted home is still going to break hibernation...19:17
skinuxEven with next LTS? Seriously...they haven't fixed the bug YET?19:18
zykotick9skinux: it's not really a "bug" i don't think - it's working as designed...  i think encrypted-home is a very poor choice myself...  you might have differenet results?!?!19:19
skinuxHell...can I just turn encrypted home off? I mean, I don't need it that bad.19:19
zykotick9skinux: i have no idea...19:20
zykotick9skinux: fyi, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedHome in the Caveats section at the bottom discusses the hibernation/swap issue... says there is a work-around, but doesn't say what that is?!?!19:22
Jordan_Uskinux: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnableHibernateWithEncryptedSwap Note that guide is quite old though (for 12.04) and I haven't used or thouroughly checked it myself.19:24
skinuxWell, it's pretty retarded to say there is a work-around but not tell what it is.19:24
BrokenCoghellos.  I've had this perenial prolbem with version 13, 14 and now 15.  Description:  Install from ISO (VM or physical); sudo apt-get update ; reboot ; login -> desktop kicks me out.  It feels like .Xauthority is chown'd wrong or with wrong perms, this is not the case - rm .Xauthority and login will recreate it but still kick me out.  I've removed/reinstaled lightdm, gdm, and gnome-desktop.  Are there a19:26
BrokenCogny working suggestions to fix this?  Usually I have to cahnge the customization to login on boot, but I forgot this time ...19:26
BrokenCogand it's all users.19:27
BrokenCogany help would be great.19:27
skinuxI found a tutorial..I'm just gonna turn it off.19:27
fuzzybear3965Does anyone know how to install unionfs?19:28
fuzzybear3965I tried apt-get install unionfs.... nothing.19:29
fuzzybear3965I don't want unionfs-fuse.19:29
fuzzybear3965I'm having problems with FUSE filesystems.19:29
mikeymophey all, can anyone answer some questions I have on my NAT network to a kvm guest?19:34
BrokenCogfuzzybear3965: try downloading the source from here: http://unionfs.filesystems.org/19:34
fuzzybear3965BrokenCog, it seems that I'll be using aufs: http://old.slax.org/forum.php?action=view&parentID=70101 .19:35
fuzzybear3965There is a package for it in the main repository.19:35
fuzzybear3965If that doesn't make me happy, though, then I'll compile it from source.19:35
nornorHow does ubuntu determine who can unlock system settings?  it is calling me an admin, but won't let me19:42
nornorbreaking this stuff on a normal update is pretty messed up19:42
mikeymopits just asking you to unlock your keyring if you have a password prompt19:43
xxooam i online /19:44
AEL-HMy Ubuntu laptop keeps crashing and I am not sure why. It is dualbooting with win10, crashes seem to be related to logout/shutdown/restart19:44
nornorit doesn't prompt me19:44
Jordan_Ufuzzybear3965: Generally for aufa (primarily used for Live environments in the real world, though also somewhat by rkt) you have an upper dir and a lower dir, where the lower dir is read only and all writes are made to the upper dir.19:44
Jordan_Ufuzzybear3965: What is your end goal?19:45
oo7cati can enlarge text because it is too small19:47
nornorI just created a new admin user, and it also can't change network settings19:48
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Eberghows it going19:54
craptalktalking to who?19:54
Ebergim trying to set up a ts3 server using Qemu anyone know how? im kinda a noob19:55
Ebergim trying to set up a ts3 server using Qemu anyone know how? im kinda a noob19:56
Gnukmanhi folks19:56
Gnukmananybody here use Ubuntu mate19:57
Spideri use it on a pi219:57
Ebergi just got my pi 319:57
Ebergim trying to set up a ts3 server using Qemu anyone know how? im kinda a noob19:57
Gnukmani just recently startedusing Mate and its slight variation to Ubuntu is annoying.19:58
GnukmanI notice that synaptic package manager is not present19:58
Ebergsudo apt-get install synaptic19:58
nacc!patience | Eberg19:58
ubottuEberg: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/19:58
Gnukmanlol, I thought maybe there would be a different application for Mate but duh!19:59
Gnukmanty Eberg19:59
Eberganyone know how to use qemu19:59
Ebergim trying to run a ts3 server20:00
Gnukmanyea, im using Mate on odroid XU4, is it better than Pi? IDK20:00
Ebergidk this ive had my pi for 3 days, never used any linux b420:00
Ebergim trying to set up a ts3 server using Qemu anyone know how? im kinda a noob20:01
Olotilahow do i copy images from camera and keep original date?20:01
naccEberg: please dont' ignore ubottu's advice.20:01
Ebergim trying to set up a ts3 server using Qemu anyone know how? kinda a noob20:02
naccEberg: stop it.20:02
Leverquini need help. i just start program thunderbird and i got little icon next to my sound on top right conrner. and i can't delete it because  i do not use this thunderbird. how to remove it/20:02
minimecEberg: http://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/4296/can-i-emulate-x86-cpu-to-run-teamspeak-3-server20:02
Ebergi saw the article but i don't understand it20:03
GnukmanLever try looking in your startup programs20:04
Leverquinhow to do that?20:04
Gnukmanand disable the thunderbird from starting up with OS20:04
Gnukmanlever do you use Mate?20:05
Leverquini know to do that on win i am not sure how to find that in ubuntu20:05
Leverquinno its unity ubuntu20:05
minimecEberg: Well... I guess there will not be an easy answer. That tutorial looks rather well done and documented.20:05
Gnukman... i dont remember off top of my head20:05
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Gnukmanlook for system settings or control center20:05
Gnukmanyou will find it to be alot like control panel20:06
Leverquini am looking in system settings but cant find it :D20:06
Prettyboy2000what best IDE for ubuntu guys?20:07
Leverquinfor c/c++ codeblocks20:07
bpromptLeverquin:   hmmm install -> sysv-rc-conf <-  then run it from the console, with sudo, it needs sudo anyway, and then you enable/disable services from there, per runlevel, chances are, your runlevel is 2, so, disable it there20:07
DavidFromBEhello, i've just added a 5th gpu to my ubuntu 15.04 rig, lspci sees it, but amdconfig --list-adapters don't. Also, amdconfig --od-* commands won't work, any clue ?20:08
Prettyboy2000codeblock ?20:08
Prettyboy2000or neatbeans?20:08
bpromptPrettyboy2000:    depends on what language you're writing20:08
GnukmanLeverquin check this out http://askubuntu.com/questions/452661/where-is-start-up-applications-in-14-04-unity20:08
In33dt0kn0weric for Python ^_^20:08
Prettyboy2000what best ide C++ for linux?20:08
In33dt0kn0wAlso JetBrain IDEs is Good20:08
naccDavidFromBE: 15.04 is no longer supported20:08
naccDavidFromBE: currently supported ubuntu are 12.04, 14.04, 15.1020:09
baizonPrettyboy2000: eclipse C++20:09
GnukmanLeverquin: http://www.howtogeek.com/189995/how-to-manage-startup-applications-in-ubuntu-14.04/20:09
Leverquincodeblocks the easiest the fastes.20:09
Prettyboy2000baizon : thanks20:09
naccPrettyboy2000: that doesn't seem like an ubuntu support question20:09
naccPrettyboy2000: it's an opinion question, better suited for #ubuntu-offtopic20:09
DavidFromBEnacc: i'll upgrade then, brb20:10
Leverquinhm... weirdo20:10
naccDavidFromBE: yep, minimally you need to to ensure you're still getting secuirty fixes20:10
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bpromptPrettyboy2000:   hmmm depends I don't do C+, do others, I've used Anjuta, http://i1-news.softpedia-static.com/images/news2/Anjuta-IDE-3-9-5-Is-Available-for-Download-and-Testing-373104-2.png , which is C/C++ IDE, it looked alrite, but Komodo IDE I think has C+ tools as well20:13
bpromptPrettyboy2000:  as others pointed out, tis offtopic, so bear that in mind20:14
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skitoxeGood evening everyone!20:17
Jordan_Ufuzzybear3965: Did you get my message to you about aufs?20:19
Ebergim getting an error20:20
TiberSeptumHello, everyone.20:20
Ebergwhen i do this20:20
fuzzybear3965Jordan_U, No, I didn't.20:20
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scalper_i'm having a windows host, i installed virtualbox, i made a ubuntu guest inside the windows host, can i installed another virtualbox inside the guest, to install windows again?20:21
DavidFromBEi was being optimistic when i said brb20:21
Ebergcan someone help me with qemu20:21
BrokenCogscalper_: you want to something which has no value, but yes you can nest VMs.20:21
k1lEberg: the more details, the more help :)20:23
bray90820Can i put a folder on my sudoers file so any script in the folder doesn't ask for a sudo password20:23
bray90820Or does that only work with files20:23
Ebergim trying to run a ts3 server of a RPi 3, using qemu20:23
Ebergusing this tutorial im stick at the second step20:23
Eberggiving me this error (wget
Eberg--2016-03-16 16:19:56--
EbergConnecting to failed: Connection refused.20:24
BrokenCogbray90820: add a group to the sudoer's list of no-passwords, and put the group as the owner of the directory20:24
minimecEberg: looks that the server ( is no longer available20:24
BrokenCogbray90820: i think that is sufficient.  If not, you'll have to add your user to that group.20:24
Eberghow can i do it also20:24
Eberghow can i do it then*20:25
bray90820BrokenCog: I'll prob just add the file instead then if I can't do the entire directory20:25
Ebergdoes anyone know of a more recent tutorial??20:25
gotchain ubuntu server 14 LTS, should the dns server b in /etc/resolver or /etc/network/interfaces ?20:26
k1lEberg: https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=29806&p=40277520:26
hypturbMagizian Underground Login (free accees) http://magizian.net:808020:27
Ebergthats still 2013 k1l it is 404: not found20:28
BrokenCogLet me ask one more time:  I've had this perenial prolbem with version 13, 14 and now 15.  Description:  Install from ISO (VM or physical); sudo apt-get update ; reboot ; login -> desktop kicks me out.  It feels like .Xauthority is chown'd wrong or with wrong perms, this is not the case - rm .Xauthority and login will recreate it but still kick me out.  I've removed/reinstaled lightdm, gdm, and gnome-des20:28
BrokenCogktop.  Are there any working suggestions to fix this?  Usually I have to cahnge the customization to login on boot, but I forgot this time ...20:28
k1lEberg: you rely on some 3rd party stuff. we cant really do something about it :/20:28
Ebergyea i know, im just looking for somone who know how to do it or has updated guides20:29
fuzzybear3965What does defaults mean in fstab?20:30
k1lEberg: and 2013 seems like rpi1, which is a total different arm architecture and will not work on rpi2/320:30
fuzzybear3965man fstab20:30
k1lfuzzybear3965: if you really want to know, man command is always a good way :)20:30
Ebergi found something20:32
Ebergeltechs exagear desktop20:32
Ebergcosts 30$ tho20:32
fuzzybear3965I'm using mergerfs to mount a FUSE fs with fstab on boot.20:33
fuzzybear3965Does anyone know why this mount point doesn't show up with `df`?20:33
andrewgkHi, I've been fighting for the last couple of hours with my ubuntu install. I'm trying to install latest LTS version on MSI Apache Ge60 2pe with nvidia 860m. After installing I can't do much. I'm unable to install nvidia/bumblebee drivers as the system crashers before I get anywhere. I suspect nouveau to be the culprit. Most of the time system boots without mousepad/keyboard working and just20:38
andrewgkshows a windows about running in low-graphics mode. Please advice.20:38
Jordan_Ufuzzybear3965: Generally for aufs (primarily used for Live environments in the real world, though also somewhat by rkt) you have an upper dir and a lower dir, where the lower dir is read only and all writes are made to the upper dir. What is your end goal?20:41
MrJonnyandrewgk, you need to stop nouveau or20:42
Gnjuraccan somone help me can i somhow undo todays or yesterdays system updates it just broke my Unity3d cant build webgl builds no more?20:42
MrJonnyandrewgk, "nouveau.modeset=0" add that to the boot parameters. Then install bumblebee20:43
DavidFromBEno more ssh access after upgrade to 15.10 but sshd is running, any idea ?20:44
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k1lDavidFromBE: you are not trying root login, are you?20:44
DavidFromBEk1l: ofc not20:44
DavidFromBEi don't get any error20:45
DavidFromBEjust a time out connecting from another machine20:45
k1lDavidFromBE: look at the auth.log on server. and use ssh -v on client20:45
DavidFromBEk1l: kex protocol error: type 30 seq 1 (in auth.log)20:47
skinuxI created a second administrator account and logged into it. I had a backup of primary account outside of primary's home directory. But, using the second admin account, I can't access primary admin account home directory.20:48
exnihiloHi guys. Do groups work only within a single machine , or it's possible to set them also between different  computers?20:48
DesetudeHello, i have just tried to change gnome back to unity but now my pc is stuck on the gnome loading screen when i rebooted20:49
k1lDavidFromBE: using putty?20:49
DesetudeShould i force shut down?20:49
DavidFromBEok, found a fix here : https://blog.nytsoi.net/2015/07/13/putty-kex-error20:49
DavidFromBEk1l: kitty, but same applies20:49
k1lDavidFromBE: make sure you get the latest version. they made a security patch last days20:49
DesetudeMy PC is stuck in gnome loading screen is the only thing i can do force shut down?20:50
BrokenCogexnihilo: in *nix perms are local.  you need something else for distributed systems.  LDAP for instance.  You can make the user/group Id values be the same, and things should "just work."20:51
ph88_when i do  sudo apt-get update  i get  W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/beineri/opt-qt551-trusty/ubuntu/dists/wily/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found      what can i do about this ?20:51
naccph88_: you should contact the PPA owner; and/or that PPA doesn't make packages for wily20:51
DavidFromBEk1l: thanks. on to the next 15.10 upgrade issue now...20:51
k1lph88_: that PPA doesnt have wily packages20:52
DesetudeHello all, after attempting to uninstall gnome and restarting my PC now always gets sick on a gnome loading screen20:52
skinuxOkay. I've gotten rid of home directory encryption. So, SWAP should work now.20:53
jayjocan I switch the key mappings to a mac bluetooth keyboard so I can switch back and forth between ubuntu and mac?20:54
jayjomeaning like so cmd + c is copy, etc20:54
exnihiloBrokenCog: thx a lot I'll look into that. I suppose alternatives for sharing would be samba or NFS20:54
skinuxWell, it says no SWAP again, so obviously I'm gonna have to set it up before it's gonna be working again.20:54
andrewgkHow would I got about setting nouveau.modeset=0 before installing from USB?20:54
bray90820What would be the correct syntax for something like this21:02
bray90820if [ mount | grep /dev/mapper/server-data] && [mount | grep /media/aaron/backup ]; then21:02
Jordan_Ubray90820: Just get rid of the '[' ']' characters.21:03
Jordan_Ubray90820: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashPitfalls#if_.5Bgrep_foo_myfile.5D21:04
zykotick9skinux: see the "How do I add more swap" at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq21:06
bobby_hi does anyone know how to close a port from the command line?21:07
popeybobby_: close the program holding it open21:08
bray90820Jordan_U: Thanks that worked21:08
Jordan_Ubray90820: You're welcome. Do you understand why it worked?21:09
bray90820Not really21:09
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bobby_popey: no it's always open21:09
=== habeeb is now known as tocard
k1lbobby_: open ports are not an issue if there is no program listening on a port.21:10
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest72343
bobby_k1l: do you know if there are any good gui programs that handle the internal firewall?21:11
k1lbobby_: most people have a wrong idea about what ports and a firewall do, due to the crappy private firewalls and antivirus software from windows.21:11
Jordan_Ubray90820: Did you look at the link I sent you? If not, please do and I can then clarify anything that you still don't understand.21:11
k1lbobby_: so you have a program and want to restrict its net access? or what is the usecase?21:12
bobby_k1l: just wanted to close the default smtp port because I don't use it and was wondering if it could be a potential security hazard21:12
rokusaniAny SPF incomming spam blocking experts here?21:13
rokusaniI've done everything here21:13
k1lbobby_: no need to close ports if you dont have a program listening there.21:13
bekksbobby_: If you dont use that port, there is no program listening on it - no need to close it.21:13
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bray90820Jordan_U: Now I get it21:14
rokusanibut mydomain mails doesn't get picked by policy where as Google spoofs get picked by policy but either case spoofed mails are coming into inbox :(21:14
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bobby_ok, so what you guys are saying on ubuntu there is no need to close a port if you're sure a program isn't listening on it, and no need to run any other type of security program to protect yourself from intrustions?21:14
k1lbobby_: yes. if no program is using the smtp port the other end feels like sending against a wall, anyway.21:15
LuckyTuxhey, anyone got working cracked minecraft? :)21:15
k1lLuckyTux: wrong channel for that21:16
jushur!warez | LuckyTux21:16
ubottuLuckyTux: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o21:16
PiciLuckyTux: wrong network for that21:16
skinuxIs there a way to get UUID without waiting for GParted to finish searching for everything?21:16
bekksskinux: take a look at "sudo blkid".21:16
skinuxYeah, it doesn't say anything about SWAP21:18
bekksBEcause swap isnt a filesystem.21:18
skinuxI think now that I've removed home directory encryption, I think I need to reactivate SWAP or whatever.21:19
popeybobby_: you could install a firewall like gufw which can block access to the port21:19
bekksskinux: home encryption doesnt encrypt swap, by default.21:19
bekkspopey: gufw is a frontend for ufw is a frontend for iptables.21:19
bekkspopey: And blocking an unused port is quite pointless.21:20
jushuractually not21:21
jushurvery much not..21:21
skinuxOne of these days, I might make a forum post of specifics and try to get someone to provide me with a good and strong iptables configuration.21:21
bekksskinux: that iptabes configuration is to be built upon your secific requirements.21:22
skinuxOfcourse, issue is I don't think there is any IPTables tools that will make life as easy as any Firewall for Windows.21:22
DavidFromBEok, ubuntu 15.10, sudo amdconfig --adapter=all --od-getclocks works only for gpu 1, other return "ERROR - Get clocks failed for Adapter X"21:22
bekksskinux: So did you try ufw or gufw yet?21:23
skinuxI just opened up GUFW21:26
skinuxIt had IPTables status as disabled.21:27
blackbeardhey guys i m new here21:28
popeybekks: thanks. i know.21:28
skinuxI'm guessing there are no software add-ons which would pop-up a permission dialog upon incoming/outgoing connection attempts allowing to either allow or deny it from happening?21:29
bekksskinux: Correct assumption.21:29
blackbeardanyone heard middle by dj snake?21:29
skinuxI'm also curious how easily intruders could hack through IPTables when incoming connections are set to deny.21:30
blackbeardfuck off21:30
jushurblackbeard: /quit21:30
fuzzybear3965skinux, when you set your incoming connections to 'deny' then no one can contact your machine on those ports.21:31
fuzzybear3965So, how easily? Impossible.21:31
fuzzybear3965The only way you're vulnerable is if you are exposing a service with an *open* port and that service is exploitable.21:32
skinuxWell, connections would still receive if they were initiated as outgoing connections...is does still work that way on Linux right?21:32
fuzzybear3965That's true, yeah.21:32
boreihi all21:32
bekksskinux: depending on your rules.21:32
fuzzybear3965NAT will make sure they can reach you if you first reach out to them.21:32
skinuxWell, currently there are no rules21:33
boreineed some headsup - can't find package name contains pcs (pacemaker/corosync related)21:33
fuzzybear3965But, uninitiated contact won't expose you to any danger.21:34
fuzzybear3965Of course, if you go to givemavirus.com, you can get hacked, but don't go there.21:34
jushuractually i know of atleast 2 ways to hack a remote host that is not running any services at all, and one of them includes harware manipulation (at isp level).21:35
jushurnot saying linux is vuln atm to that tho.21:35
skinuxbekks: I have incoming set to deny with no "rules" applied. This isn't going to cause issues with Router itself is it?21:38
jushurwhat i find kinda funny, is the fact that usability trumps security conserns nowdays. especialy when we know for a fact that there is attacks from states on any connections made between ppl on the internet.21:38
skinuxfuzzybear3965: I use a browser extension which uses all of the safety and reputation services to keep me from going to bad sites.21:39
jushurdont bother to /msg me, i will not answer to anything then a public channel message. also i do not educate ppl in how to perform exploits.21:42
bekksskinux: denying traffic without fuurther rules will cause issues.21:42
blackbeardhi guys21:43
hwpplayer1hi friends do you know how to install sasm assembly ide21:43
jushurblackbeard: hi, you got any support question? if not #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chat.21:44
blackbeardim newbie here21:45
Myrttiborei: did you search with just 'pacemaker'21:45
boreiwell, yes, i have pacemaker installed21:45
boreibut i don't see any signes that point me that particular package contain pcs21:46
skinuxAnyway. I need to get back to getting SWAP setup again21:46
bekksskinux: mkswap, swapon.21:46
skinuxI uswed mkswap command earlier I think, but that was for cryptswap. Right now, I can't even find a UUID21:47
bekksyou dont need a UUID, since swap you need to use mkswap for creating a UUID on the swap area.21:47
skinuxOkay. Well, I don't know the command for doing it.21:48
bekksskinux: I just told you the two commands.21:48
skinuxI know SWAP is sda8...how do I use mkswap with sda821:48
bekksskinux: mkswap --help will tell you.21:49
skinuxI don't know what options I might need, and not sure how to specify size21:50
bekksskinux: you dont need to specify a size.21:50
skinuxSo just mkswap /dev/sda8 ?21:51
bekksskinux: And you dont need any options. You may want -U forget defining a UUID, if you arent happy with the autogenerated one.21:51
skinux-u for specifying my own UUID? I don't care what the UUID is21:52
bekks -U21:52
bekksIf you dont care about the UUID, you dont need any options at all.21:52
arno_hi there. I am using 14.04. Many packages are out of date and I need more recent versions for my work21:53
arno_I'm thinking of updating to 16.04, but I'm a bit unsure about it21:53
arno_I'm also thinking of updating to 15.10, but somehow, this doesn't seem possible21:53
bekksarno_: you would need to upgrade to 14.10 then 15.04 then 15.10, while 14.10 and 15.04 are EOL already.21:54
arno_When trying to update to 14.10 first, I get a warning saying that this version isn't suppored anymore, and then the download fails21:54
NivFreakAre older packages kept on any of the mirrors? I need to track down a specific verison of chromium-browser21:54
arno_maybe the download error is because of something else though21:55
bekks!eolupdate | NivFreak21:55
arno_WARNING:root:can not import unity GI cannot import name Unity, introspection typelib not found21:55
bekks!eolupgrade | NivFreak21:55
ubottuNivFreak: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades21:55
arno_(I'm using xubuntu, not ubuntu)21:55
arno_what ways do I have to update, other than update-manager -d21:55
skinuxOkay. I have SWAP back.21:55
bekksarno_: which doesnt matter actually - I'd just what for 16.04.1, and update from 14.04 to 16.04.121:55
NivFreakbekks: I'm specifically looking for an older package for 14.04 that was superceeded21:55
k1larno_: never ever user -d21:55
arno_k1l: thanks21:55
jushurarno_: do "man apt" in a terminal21:56
arno_I just copied it from the internet :-)21:56
arno_jushur: apt-get dist-upgrade works fine?21:56
k1larno_: since 14.10 is shut down since some time (and 15.04 is too) you need to change the source.list to be able to upgrade to them.21:56
jushurarno_: and dont follow guides blindly.21:56
k1larno_: stop21:56
k1larno_: stop making your situation worse.21:56
k1larno_: so why do you want to upgrade to 15.10 right now?21:57
arno_k1l: I need more recent version of many libraries21:58
k1larno_: thing is: you need to do manual changing twice to get to 14.10 and 15.04 and then upgrade to 15.10 since 14.10 and 15.04 are dead already. so IMHO if you waited until now you can wait for july for the 14.04 to 16.04.1 upgrade.21:58
arno_k1l: I can ask my boss to wait until july to start working on the new project21:59
arno_But I'm kind of pretty sure he won't really like that idea21:59
bekksarno_: Then you are better off with cleanly reinstalling 15.1021:59
arno_finally, update-manager lets me update directly to 15.1022:00
arno_I'll see how it goesa22:00
bekksarno_: A direct upgrade from 14.04 to 15.10 is NOT supported.22:00
bekksarno_: It WILL break your system.22:00
k1l!eolupgrade | arno_ see this howto to change  the sources.list to be able to upgrade to 14.10. then do the same for the 15.04 upgrade.22:00
ubottuarno_ see this howto to change  the sources.list to be able to upgrade to 14.10. then do the same for the 15.04 upgrade.: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades22:00
arno_So, why does update-manager suggests me to do it?22:01
bekksarno_: Because you messed with some settings.22:01
bekksarno_: by default, the update-manager suggests LTS releases only.22:01
arno_I have not setup anything22:02
arno_I have just run update-manage -p, as is suggested in the manual22:02
k1larno_: because 15.10 is the next release that is supported right now. you waited quite a bit long now to leave the LTS path22:02
arno_what's the file /etc/apt/sources.list.distUpgrade about?22:06
k1lits a backup22:06
arno_should I reboot between the different installs (14.10, 15.04 etc)?22:11
bekksarno_: you have to.22:11
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sine0hey folks, i need an option where i can share a view of my desktop with a windows user to go over some work, i would like to be able to serve it in a browser perhaps? is this possible what options do i have22:23
sine0one at a time please, your spam flooding me.22:24
reisiosine0: what browser do you use?22:24
sine0um, I use firefox22:24
bekksUSing Chrome, there is a Browser App for sharing content.22:25
Surendilsine0, skype let you share your desktop view22:25
sine0Surendil: I thought I had left skype behind! that would be a last resort but thanks for the suggestion!22:25
bekkssine0: You can use teamviewer.22:25
sine0hmm is their an apt-get package22:25
bekkssine0: Just check on their website.22:26
reisiosine0: https://talky.io/help/screensharing22:26
sine0ok im trying that one reisio22:30
=== Bnaya_ is now known as Bnaya
sine0talky.io is borked22:39
borisetoIs there a way to edit the Unity7 wobbly icon behavior? At the moment it wobbles for a while and then it stops, is there way to make it wobble until focused?22:39
randoWhat determines if a filesystem is "local" or not when I execute df -l?22:39
bekkssine0: so just use https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/chrome-remote-desktop/gbchcmhmhahfdphkhkmpfmihenigjmpp?hl=en e.g.22:41
bekkssine0: Or this short link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/chrome-remote-desktop22:41
DblGateHello all.22:42
HaddonHi Steve, My cousin (background in OpenCL and heterogenous computing) worked on this product. Audio player that stimulates the vagus nerve and releases dopamine while you listen to music. (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nervana-changing-the-way-you-feel-music/x/10592608#/funders)22:42
HaddonMsg me and I can share the whitepaper22:43
k1lHaddon: no advertising in the ubuntu channels22:43
sine0ok bekks22:44
=== y0sh_ is now known as y0sh
Anonymous1Good night, I would like to ask for help to anonymous support in protest in Brazil , but I lost the channel on the irc them22:49
k1l!alis | Anonymous122:49
ubottuAnonymous1: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http22:49
jlemsJOIN <cuckoosandbox>23:05
jlemsJOIN cuckoosandbox23:05
stripehi all, just doing a fresh install of wily and tmux is no longer in the software centre, has it been replaced by another terminal multiplexer?23:10
terratomathats debian right ?23:11
terratomaoh nevermind23:11
popeystripe: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=tmux suggests it's not missing23:11
popeystripe: what happens if you "sudo apt install tmux" on the command line?23:11
stripethanks popey, just done a apt search and its in the repos, so have installed it from the cli23:12
popeyby default software centre doesn't show command line tools23:12
popeyyou have to enable "Technical items" I think it calls them23:12
stripeits there so I am happy :-)23:12
jushuryou better of using cli for apt then the software centre (personal belif..)23:21
maddawg3anyone in here using ubuntu on a mobile device?23:28
maddawg3like a phone?23:28
ubottuInformation about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch23:31
maddawg3yes i know where it is and what it is23:33
maddawg3i'm asking if anyone has used it and if it's any good23:33
squintymaddawg3,  and that is the channel you should be asking in  not here  :)23:34
backnforthAfter using apt-get install im getting a FATAL -> Failed to fork23:36
user_What is this?23:37
backnforthIt's a quesiton23:37
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic23:38
backnforthsort of.. a problem I'm looking to solve that I didn't feel needed stackoverflow23:38
user_I understand23:38
user_Best of luck to you sir23:38
naccbacknforth: 'apt-get install' isn't a command ... what did you install?23:38
backnforthHmm, I'm seeing (obsolete version) when using apt-cache search autoconf23:42
naccbacknforth: sorry, need more details. So you did `apt-get install autoconf`? And immediately after you get a "Failed to fork" errro?23:43
naccbacknforth: please be detailed and pastebin outputs, etc23:43
=== Bray90820_ is now known as bray90820
backnforthAh, I'm sorry for using your time23:46
backnforthIts working now.23:46
backnforthi simply ran 'sudo apt-get install autoconf' again23:48
CQhello, what do I need to do to start the installer manually from grub?23:50

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