sakrecoerhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/15398537/ 00:19
sakrecoerjust to make sure i'm not doing it wrong this time..00:20
sakrecoeri removed -mono from desktop as zequence and kryten discussed eariler today (15th mar 2016)00:21
krytenWe did?00:21
sakrecoeryes 09:2200:23
sakrecoerin reply to zequence at 02:1500:24
sakrecoeror did i missunderstand, kryten ?00:28
krytenThat's basically to opposing statements, with a reference to an earlier one, with no follow-up - so it's not exactly that clear to me right now whether to include -mono there as well or not. :P00:29
sakrecoerok, how is the margin until the metas.. ehm "go through" again since the delicous ross commit?00:30
krytenSo we should probably clear that up properly before pushing any changes anywhere.00:30
sakrecoersure, of course!00:30
krytenAlso, we still have to patch up livecd-rootfs regarding the 'font-meta' → 'fonts' change anyway.00:33
kryten(For reference: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/livecd-rootfs/trunk/view/head:/live-build/auto/config#L350 )00:39
zequencesakrecoer: After adding the new font, I was told that Xubuntu only added -hinted. In our case, we also like to add extra fonts to our -fonts meta, so that is why the -mono font could be added there08:31
zequenceWe could even add the full thing to -fonts, if it makes sense for graphics people08:31
zequenceThat is the discussion we had a couple of weeks ago about the fonts.08:32
krytenzequence: But since -mono is really that small, and people might want to use it instead of the default mono font in other apps too, like the terminal and Mousepad...?08:44
zequencekryten: My policy has been not to make that kind of changes to desktop. Just stay synced with Xubuntu09:01
zequenceIf we change one little detail here or there - no big deal though09:02
zequenceI guess mostly it is the configuration of the XFCE specific stuff that I don't want to start messing with.09:02
zequenceThink I've said this in the past. If someone is willing to put a lot of time and energy on the desktop, we could have our own custom setup - but that will require more than just a change here or there.09:03
zequenceSomeone needs to be responsible for bug fixes and that sort of thing as well09:04
zequence..and there needs to be a well formed plan, first of all09:04
zequencedon't think the -mono font is going to hurt anyone09:04
zequenceI'm not as concerned about the font as I am about the size. We should be able to make a desktop for everyone, not just people with good eye sight09:05
zequenceI could take this up with Xubuntu. But, I need to do some testing first.09:06
krytenFtm, apart from at least leaving the user the option to easily choose the monospace font in line of the general one, I personally can't see the readability issues that made some in the Xubuntu team to decide against it as the default font for the mentioned apps - I've been using it without any issues on my old CRT even.09:16
zequenceI would have to agree that a mono font is probably not in everyones interest09:20
krytenUmm, those are monospace font apps.09:20
krytenSo they're using a monospace font anyway - just another one.09:21
zequenceAh, those two, right09:24
zequenceNo mono on those two?09:25
zequenceI haven't checked myself, tbh09:25
krytenThey're using DejaVu Sans Mono currently.09:30
krytenSo, I'm not arguing to set that as default for those as well, just to make it available by default.09:34
zequencekryten: Maybe you and sakrecoer can have a look at this stuff. For me, I don't really care about the specifics, as long as the people making the changes have good reason to do so09:40
zequenceAnd, as reference, there is a difference between what any individual would like as compared to what the studio users need and require09:42
sakrecoeri think its a very nice detail, to have terminal match the rest of the desktop. and since it is small and doesn't seem to be to much pain to achieve, i'd very much like to have it there09:53
zequenceI'll leave it up to you then09:54
sakrecoerkryten: looking at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/livecd-rootfs/trunk/view/head:/live-build/auto/config#L350 and feeling a mix of "bring it on!:)" and "wuuut" :D10:01
krytenWell, it's a tiny change anyway, only how best to approach it, and get the people responsible to change sometime soon it too. :P10:06
kryten* it sometime soon...10:07
krytenWe could start by prodding it to any of the still relevant members of the CD Image team ( https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/+members )in -release, before potentially going for an MP.10:10
krytenEither way, that's what makes the image builds fail currently.10:12
kryten(Of course, that'd be better any of you two.)10:15
sakrecoerprodding? producing? is the font making the image fail?10:20
krytenThe fonts seed rename, yes.  And by that I basically mean ask people - and infinity would be my first choice there.10:23
sakrecoer ok, prodding =  To jab or poke, as with a pointed object.10:23
sakrecoerhahaha.... i don't what is in my coffee today, but....? infinity?10:24
krytenLOL - I don't know either.  IRC nick of Adam Conrad.10:25
zequenceinfinity is the lead release manager for Ubuntu, working for Canonical10:31
zequencesakrecoer: Are you in #ubuntu-release, #ubuntu-devel?10:32
zequenceIf not, you should be10:32
sakrecoerok :)10:32
zequenceI think we should fix the problem ourselves if we can10:33
zequenceI haven't looked closely on the build failure, but if it is because of problems in our metas or seeds, we can fix that pretty easily ourselves10:33
sakrecoerok, thats good. with a little help from our good kryten, i should be able to resolve this. so you can focus on those rocks you have rolling zequence 10:35
krytenzequence: Well, we could only fix it ourselves by renaming the fonts seed back. :P10:35
zequencekryten: Why is that?10:36
krytenDid you have a look at the link I posted earlier?10:36
krytenStill says "font-meta".10:36
zequenceAh, right10:37
zequenceLet me ask someone at -release about that, then10:37
zequenceBut, the ubuntustudio-font-meta should still work though, shouldn't it?10:40
zequenceAnyway, I'll be back later10:41
krytenThe package yes, the task not.10:41
zequenceI knew that changing names would mean a lot of work. Didn't realize this though.10:42
zequenceIn many situations, you just want to go with the original name, no matter how pedantic you are :)10:43
krytenWell, it's still trivial enough though.10:43
krytenIt's just a bit more effort if it involves other people/teams too, of course.10:44
zequencekryten: You want to continue helping out with studio development? I could add you to the dev team, if you want10:45
krytenYes, I'd very much love that. :)10:45
zequencekryten: Ok. You seem to know your way around the sources. Just don't make changes unless: 1) it's a clear bug fix 2) it's in a feature definition 3) me or sakrecoer are informed (I should write this down somewhere as a guide line for developers)10:47
zequencesakrecoer: cjwatson fixed the live build config for us10:48
krytenYes, of course - I'm not that crazy. :D10:48
zequencesakrecoer: cjwatson is an extremely helpful guy who has had a bit too much to do, and for that reason I try not to bother him10:49
krytenzequence: Awesome, that was quick indeed. \o/10:49
zequenceI think cjwatson wrote ubiquity, originally. He's a maintainer of GRUB and stuff like that.10:49
zequenceAlso works for Canonical10:49
sakrecoerdouble yay \:D/ 10:50
sakrecoerwelcome to team kryten!! 10:50
krytenThanks. :)10:50
sakrecoerand great the cjwatson input!10:51
zequenceinfinity is also very, very helpful. But, I generally don't ask people directly these days. I put out a question on a channel, and wait10:52
sakrecoerjust let me get clear on what is what: cjwatson, fixed the things needed to be fixed due to that name-change?.... (.. )?10:52
zequenceyes, he changed the configs in the file that kryten posted before http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/livecd-rootfs/trunk/view/head:/live-build/auto/config#L35010:53
sakrecoeri understand zequence . respect for other people priorities is something i'd be peaky on too...10:53
zequencekryten: This is your LP page, right? https://launchpad.net/~krytarik10:57
zequencekryten: you're in. I sent a short welcome to the team post on the mail list as well, to inform others11:01
krytenThanks - yes, ok. :311:02
zequencekryten: Have you tried making your own image builds?11:04
krytenWow, nope. :D11:04
zequenceI was trying to replicate the Ubuntu method a couple of years ago. Would be good to have in place when experimenting with ubiquity plugins and additional DE support11:05
krytenNot really feasible with an ancient machine like mine either. :P11:05
zequenceDon't think you need so much power. But, a server is nice to have.11:05
sakrecoeri often recieve doubles of bug repports. and i just got this ML brought to my attention by kryten: https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntustudio-dev/16:46
zequencesakrecoer: Yes, it was created at some point. If you set up a mail list filter, you should get those in a different mail box16:52
krytenThat is to say, any team member that's subscribed to that ML not only gets the LP notifications sent to it individually, due to being in the team, but also via the ML - and there doesn't seem to be anything else sent to it than those LP notifications.  And since we have the usual ubuntu-studio-devel ML anyway, I think it'd make sense to just close that one.16:53
OvenWerk1kryten: I think the reason the ML was set up was to allert us to a bug in one of the packages we include that was created by someone outside of our team so we did not miss it.16:55
zequenceWe now have ubuntustudio-bugs team for bug notifications16:55
zequenceI deactivated it16:56
kryten\o/ - thanks.16:57
sakrecoer:) great! i already had a filter, but it wouldn't remove doubles...16:58
sakrecoer*have even16:58
zequenceMight be a good idea to make the -dev team subscribed to our packages in launchpad16:58
zequenceWas going to have a look at that, but LP is not responding suddenly16:58
zequenceAbout the bug 42750016:59
ubottubug 427500 in ubuntustudio-meta (Ubuntu) "package should depend on 'pd' rather than 'puredata'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42750016:59
zequenceDon't think there is a pd package16:59
zequenceI'd mark it invalid, but LP seems to have choked16:59
zequenceThey really wanted to keep our ML17:01
zequencebb later this evening17:03

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