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xubuntu74dhello, i have discovered a bug in Xubuntu 16.04 beta 1, but it's a bug with a package, and only happens when I use btrfs, and I don't know how to report it09:52
xubuntu38whi friends09:57
xubuntu38wtoday i change password and do resume09:58
xubuntu38wafter xubuntu cant login09:58
xubuntu38wjust show guest sesıon09:58
xubuntu38wguest sessıon ask password09:59
xubuntu38wi try something but can login09:59
xubuntu38whow i can fix that09:59
xubuntu38wanyone have some idea10:00
akxwi-davexubuntu74d, heres a good link showing how to report the bug https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs10:00
xubuntu74dakxwi-dave: already tried it, but there seems to be no clear way to report a bug that isn't happening through one of the 'accepted' paths...10:01
akxwi-davexubuntu74d, also you may want to join channel #xubuntu-devel that where  most of the team are regarding bugs.10:02
akxwi-daveyou can advise what the bug is there and the QA team can report it for you if your having probs10:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1557989 in intel-microcode (Ubuntu) "having btrfs installed as the fs is causing a crash when trying to install the intel-microcode package" [Undecided,New]10:11
sleehello, what's the best/preferd app for doing a complete image backup of your current OS/setup?14:57
sleei've found this sBackup...wondering if any of you use it14:58
akxwi-davepersoanlly for backups I use Dejadup  but complete imaging I use Clonezilla15:08
dkesselslee: i'd use clonezilla for complete images, just as akxwi-dave15:08
sleesweet, thanks15:09
dreamonhow do I switch off standby in amount of time15:37
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sleehello, a friend is using an ssd for xubuntu box, is there anything special that she needs to do to maintain an ssd? like conditioning(or whatever the term is called)?17:00
sleeshe said it's multi layered cell....if that helps17:01
akxwi-daveI use my ssd as a regular drive, I don't do anything special with it or for it. *buntus run trim automatically once a week to keep it in check17:03
akxwi-daveinfact its the best thing I have ever done.. my SSD and Lenovo thinkpad boot to logon scenn in aroudn 2-3 secoonds17:04
sleeakxwi-dave, so xubuntu acknowledges the ssd and auto does trim, or does trim need to be activated via a cron job?17:13
akxwi-daveauto does it..17:14
flocculantI've got fstrim in /etc/cron.weekly/ by default17:16
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ROPAHi, running xubuntu 14.04, I deleted my lower panel (panel 0), because I prefer an added (vertical) side panel instead. But, the upper panel disappeared instead, so no clock, open application listings, workspace switcher etc. The software still displays the lower horizontal panel even though I deleted it!!!! Can I restore the upper panel without reinstalling the OS?20:30
ROPAIs there a way to restore the original settings with regard to the panel(s)??20:31
thenewoneguys i tryed to restart the network but didn't work20:37
thenewonehow can i force to stop it20:37
flocculantROPA: you can just rebuild it - add panel, then add the things to it you want20:37
thenewoneand thanks20:37
thenewonei wanna stop it20:37
thenewonei did service networking stop didn't work20:38
ROPAflocculant, I thought about rebuilding it, but it would take me hours to get everything just right.20:39
flocculantROPA: why? what did you have in it?20:39
flocculantrather what had you done to the default one - that would take less than 5 minutes to redo :)20:40
ROPAflocculant, I had just the stock upper panel, with a modified clock to show seconds...20:40
ROPAI am not familiar enough with the panel options, so it would take me MUCH longer.20:41
ROPAflocculant, I am not familiar enough with the panel options, so it would take me MUCH longer.20:41
flocculantok ... so that's not going to take hours :) go to settings - panel - at the top the plus button will add the panel20:41
ROPAdid it.20:41
ROPAflocculant, if that's my only option, I'20:42
flocculantcan't remember what's in the default 14.04 panel - can check in a vm for you20:42
flocculantunless someone'#s watching with a default panel of course20:42
thenewonewhen i kill NetworkManager it back to run a gain20:43
ROPAflocculant, a list of what's in the stock panel would be very helpful!!!20:43
flocculantROPA: yea - won't take long to get that20:43
thenewoneok guys have a nice day20:44
ROPAmany thanks my friend.....if not for a list, I suspect I could reinstall the whole OS quicker!!20:44
ROPAthenewone, wish I could help u!20:44
flocculantROPA: ok - 3 screenshots of the setups > http://i.imgur.com/m1dChH4.png http://i.imgur.com/BURGNGK.png and http://i.imgur.com/Zw8zxxT.png20:46
ROPAflocculant, l nice, many thanks my friend!!20:47
flocculantthe last one to get them - click the + icon on the right hand side20:47
flocculantgives you a list to choose from20:47
ROPAflocculant, I have built custom panels using mostly shortcuts to existing features and software. I guess i learned a lesson.....DO NOT DELETE THE STOCK DEFAULT PANEL!!!!20:49
ROPAflocculant, one question....what do I add to have the programs currently running???20:51
flocculantROPA: post 15.10 we have xfpanel-switch - a backup and restore panel tool :) http://i.imgur.com/9zobQah.png20:51
flocculantit has some presets too20:51
knomeROPA, window buttons20:51
* flocculant deletes what he'd typed ... 20:52
flocculantI never remember that - just that I delete it :p20:52
ROPAflocculant, ok, thanks again!!! I almost installed 15.10....but decided to stick with the LTS version!!!20:52
knomeflocculant, i use it without labels, good enough for me20:52
ROPAGonna go see if I can make it work, again, thanks!!!!20:53
ROPAflocculant, a big +++ thanks to you for the help. As it turns out, the stock panel isn't as good as it could be!! I ended up making a custom panel anyway and it's better than it has ever been!!! It took lots 'o diddling, but it was time well spent!!!21:33
knomehe went to bed but will read your message tomorrow21:34
knomeand glad you got stuff working better for you21:34
knomethat's one of the main ideas in xubuntu21:35
ROPAknome, ok, great!!! Only thing I cant figure out is how to get the clock to also display the day of the week and the date.21:35
knomethere are a few different applets that show the clock21:35
ROPAknome, I tried orage clock and the stock clock.21:35
knomebut generally speaking, right-click the clock applet and go to properties21:36
ROPAknome, I can live without it however:>21:36
knomeyou can definitely get the week and date showing on all of them21:36
ROPAkn, yep, did that. The configuration appears to show that date and day of the week are enabled, but nothing in the display.21:37
knomeare you sure you aren't looking at the tooltip dropdown?21:37
ROPAknome, the tooltip isn't the correct option to edit???21:37
knomethe tooltip is what you see when you hover over the clock applet21:38
knomeyou need to change the format under clock options21:38
knome(that is, on the clock applet)21:38
ROPAknome, I was trying to edit the tooltip, back to the drawing board, tnx nudge in the right direction.21:38
ROPAknome ok, I cant locate the 'clock options'........21:40
ROPAknome,  I right click on the clock applet and then click properties.....21:41
knomewhich xubuntu version are you running again?21:41
knomeright, maybe it's added later21:41
knomemy favorite clock applet is the "DateTime" applet21:41
ROPAok, that's possible.21:42
ROPAknome, ok, DateTime applet not available for 14.04.21:44
ROPAknome, I expect I'll survive::> Tnx so much!21:45
knomeROPA, sudo apt-get install xfce4-datetime-plugin21:47
ROPAknome,  neat, didn't even realize there were applets for download!!!!21:51
ROPAknome, got it set up now! NICE AP!\21:55
Ellsworther wrong channel22:39

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