TrustInAllahI will post a video of a series of lectures on the Hereafter on what happens to us after this life, I know you're all busy with your works and this might be irrelevant to your interests but this is  extremely important. Please pause whatever is you're doing and put it on hold as death is a reality which none of us can escape, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6POzsLaKP4&list=PLyIDfFGMrsvtUiDND0b05:12
lamertjehi all, how do I expose a port on a unit (service) which was not defined in the charm?15:20
lamertjeWINDOW LEVEL -CRAP15:26
magicaltroutlamertje: there's actually a charm in the charm store that lets you open arbitrary ports17:33
lazyPowerlamertje - oneliner hack is juju run --service <myservice> "open-port ##"17:38
lazyPowero/ magicaltrout17:38
lazyPowermagicaltrout - i have something i want you to see17:38
lazyPowerhttp://i.imgur.com/ABw9G9r.png  - for starters17:41
magicaltrouthey lazyPower17:43
magicaltrouthehe what you hacking together?17:43
lazyPowerThats the running dashboard for TopBeat - which is like distributed HTOP for anything juju deployed (bonus!)17:44
lazyPowerits also collecting packet data, logs, and docker metrics17:44
lazyPowerare you interested in having a go with these charms? :)17:44
magicaltroutsure am!17:45
lazyPowergive me a min to tweak perms and upload the core bundle17:45
lazyPowerI'm going to send something to the list on Monday about this :D17:46
magicaltroutit'll be cool for my apachecon demo17:46
lazyPowermagicaltrout - https://jujucharms.com/u/containers/17:51
lazyPowerbeats-core bundle, and all the charms should be there. lmk if you have an issue getting to them17:51
lazyPowerthey are terribly documented, and hot out of a spike, so i'm certain theres dragons in there17:52
lazyPowerbut feedback welcome, if you deploy the kibana out of ~containers, there's an action to deploy the demo dashboard that you see in the screenshot. All the agents self-register upon joining the relationship with elasticsearch17:52
lazyPoweroh, and i had ot relate them via CLI, as the juju-info relationship thats being used there, isn't represented in the GUI presently. so juju add-relation filebeat:beats-host myservice   and you'll be g2g17:53
* lazyPower will set aside some time this evening to clean them up and get some proper readme's written17:54
magicaltroutokay, i've got 2.something trunkish running with an LXD, lets see how this goes then17:58
magicaltroutlazyPower: do you know what the juju 2.0 command to deploy a bundle from the CS outside of the recommended charms is?18:10
magicaltrouti tried last week and failed miserably to work it out18:11
lazyPowerjuju deploy ~containers/development/bundle/beats-core18:11
magicaltroutI got the first bit and the last bit18:11
lazyPowerwell its devel series :)18:11
magicaltroutwouldn't have guessed the middle :)18:11
lazyPowerwhen its deemed good enough, i'll pubish it and it wont be devel18:12
magicaltroutwell i needed to know for my own stuff as well, i couldn't find it written down anywhere18:12
lazyPowernavigate to one of your store listings and its in teh top right corner18:12
magicaltroutyeah but thats juju quickstart with a different url18:13
lazyPowerah, right18:13
magicaltroutlazyPower: kibana failed18:43
lazyPowermagicaltrout - can you shoot me the unit log?18:44
magicaltroutyeah 2 secs18:44
magicaltroutlooks tivial18:44
lazyPowerweird, thats new18:46
magicaltroutdodgy LXD image? ;)18:47
magicaltroutnext question. I'm in an AirBnB, can you tell me how their TV works? ;)18:48
lazyPowerMost of the AirBnB's i've been to have a guide for stuff like that by the door.18:49
magicaltroutyeah i've heard that rumour18:49
* magicaltrout looks blankly at the door18:49
lazyPowerpure schenanigans huh?18:50
magicaltroutwell, AirBnB charge me £50 for using their service, but they use Saiku Analytics for free, so I'm tempted to email them to see if i can get a deduction as I'm using their service which uses my service ;)18:50
magicaltroutmore time for hacking anyway18:58
magicaltroutembedding a bunch more card stuff in various websites tonight18:58
magicaltrouttrying to advocate juju as the best saiku deployment method18:59
magicaltrouti'm looking forward to when you guys get the very top-not secret store stuff done19:01
magicaltroutso it handles license purchases for us19:01
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magicaltroutlazyPower: ping21:32
magicaltroutoh well. There is a kibana bug open but the guy submitted a patch which is wrong21:36
magicaltroutthere is a 1 line LXD fix: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/1539806/comments/621:36
mupBug #1539806: [ARM64][LXD Provider][ 2.0-alpha1-0ubuntu1~16.04.1~juju1] kibana 'hook failed: "install"' <juju-core:Invalid> <kibana (Juju Charms Collection):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1539806>21:36
mupBug #1539806: [ARM64][LXD Provider][ 2.0-alpha1-0ubuntu1~16.04.1~juju1] kibana 'hook failed: "install"' <juju-core:Invalid> <kibana (Juju Charms Collection):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1539806>22:09
aisrael   022:26
magicaltrout0 indeed!22:28
aisraelthe hazards of spring cleaning22:30
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