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lordievaderGood morning.09:05
claydohgood evening09:06
lordievaderHey claydoh, how are you?09:06
claydohnot bad enjoying vacation lordievader im in Australia09:07
lordievaderAh, nice. Lots of sun?09:08
claydohtho my pc back home went offline so no quassel core lol\09:08
claydohyeah so far perfect temps09:08
lordievaderNice, nice :)09:09
soeei have 'fixed' the problem with panel always covering application windows :/09:50
acheron88what was the cause? or have you just worked around/fudged a 'fix'?09:56
soeeacheron88: no idea, i have to removed .local folder 10:24
=== soee changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly computing | Plasma 5.5.5: X/WIP, Plasma 5.5.4: X/archive, Apps 15.12.3: X/WIP, FW 5.18: X/archive | https://trello.com/kubuntu | http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ | Package Docs (WIP) https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-packaging
clivejoyofel: commited xenial version to kubuntu_xenial_archive and uploaded the package ( kdeconnect-plasma - 0.9+git20160315-0ubuntu1 ) to misc staging12:15
yofelwhat's the git url?12:16
yofelok, extras12:17
yofel(adopting upstream version number) ?12:17
clivejoIm not sure how upload works12:17
clivejoprevious archive version is 0.0+git12:18
clivejothis version is 0.912:18
yofelis this another git snapshot?12:18
clivejoI dont understand the upstream use of letters12:19
yofeldo you have a repacked tarball that includes translations?12:20
clivejoit goes 0.9, 0.9f and then 0.9g12:21
yofelright, so use the g one12:21
clivejonot the latest git?12:23
yofeldoes that include translations?12:23
clivejoI dont know12:23
clivejoapparently not12:25
clivejono po folder that I can see12:25
yofeltranslations usually don't include those, so it's better to use the last released version and apply whatever important patches the current git head has12:25
yofelerm, "git repos don't..."12:26
yofelunless that would be too much work. But you really need a good argument to use a git snapshot considering that non-english-speaking users won't be able to understand the UI12:26
clivejoI didnt know that git ommits translations12:27
* clivejo makes a note12:27
yofelkde keeps all translations separate. There's some release script that merges those into the tarball12:28
clivejois that not what sgclark is working on kde-l10n ?12:29
soeebtw. where are we now with  Apps, Frameworks and Plasma?12:30
yofel*that* only applies to "KDE SC", meaning kde4 and only for the offical source set. Not for anything kf5 based and not for anything from extragear12:30
yofelsoee: same as on friday12:30
soee15.12.3 are ready ? 12:31
yofellooks like it12:32
* soee tea time :)12:34
soeei have to 'fix' long loading time problem (the loading screen after sddm)12:35
soeeit started again after upgrade to 5.5.5 i think12:35
soeeif remove .config folder this problem is gone so it is something with setting inside it12:35
soee*inside of it12:36
clivejoyofel: changed to 0.9g in archive, used git-buildpackage-ppa to build source and uploaded to misc-staging12:46
clivejohave to go for a bit12:47
clivejoI assume there might be new files to be installed?12:48
yofelclivejo: you did not push12:48
yofelthe translations probably, I'll fix that12:48
clivejolet me, if it can wait12:49
clivejoneed to get this stuff into my brain12:49
clivejodo I need to get the FFE re-ack'ed?12:49
yofelit's also nice to close the launchpad bug with the upload, so please append "(LP: #1559538)" to the new upstream release line12:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1559538 in kdeconnect-plasma (Ubuntu) "[FFe] Update to latest upstream version" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/155953812:50
clivejowill do12:50
clivejoIll be back later12:50
soeeok i have tracked down file that makes loading screen waiting like 10-2- seconds13:01
soeeit is .config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc13:02
yofelthat would mean a config problem in one of the applets13:02
yofelany idea what that could be?13:03
yofelmaybe selectively removing sections from that file could narrow it down13:03
soeei will try to find out by testing each setting in that file :/13:03
yofelclivejo: if you're looking for stuff to do, could you maybe look at bug 1536169?13:05
ubottubug 1536169 in pkg-kde-tools (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu version missing the new tool pkgkde-mark-qt5-private-symbols" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153616913:05
soeeyofel: ping13:18
yofelsoee: hm?13:22
soeeyofel: removing this from mentioned file helps: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15436389/13:22
soeeprobably i will have to consult it with Plasma devs tomorrow13:23
yofelright, I *think* that's a kde plugin, but not sure right now13:24
soeeand under his path: [Containments][114] there are 4 more elements configured so maybe one of them is the problem13:28
soee[Containments][114][Applets][112]  for analog clock plugin13:29
soeethe last one contains path to not existing wallpaper image13:29
soeebut i tried to remove it and it didn't help 13:30
soeeuhm one more test13:31
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clivejoyofel: using the 0.9g release tarball seems to lose quite a bit of functionality 15:48
clivejokdeconnect_notifications_config.so, kdeconnect_runcommand_config.so, kdeconnectfileitemaction.so plugins arent being built15:49
clivejothe whole idea of this FFE was to get the latest features into Xenial :/15:50
clivejois there any way to grab the translations and put them into the git tar?15:51
yofelprobably, but I don't know how. I've never manually touched translations15:54
yofelWhat we could do is ship without and later try to SRU the next fully released version15:55
clivejolooks like the last version was missing translations15:56
soee_ahoneybun: shouldn't his wiki be updated https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/PPAs#Weekly_Snapshot_.28pretty_stable.29 ? Weekly snapshots never existed i think, daily aren't updated for months15:57
yofelCan you put the git snapshot that you want uploaded somewhere? Or tell me the command to create it?15:59
clivejoI just dget the package from KCI unstable PPA16:00
clivejothe reason I grabbed it is because I know that package is installable and actually works16:00
clivejoIm using it and so is soee_16:00
clivejobut I wasnt aware that it was missing translations as my default and only language is English16:01
clivejosad I know16:01
yofelconsidering that the current package also doesn't have any it's not a regression, just meh16:03
yofeljust something to be aware of16:03
clivejobut I want to do it properly, so I know how16:04
yofelso CI has  0.9+git20160320.1502+16.04-016:08
yofeldoes *that* tarball work or do you still have the old one?16:08
yofelok, last commit was on the 7th, so it doesn't matter16:10
yofelclivejo: uploaded16:13
clivejoyeah I give it a poke yesterday16:13
clivejobut the i386 build it failing16:14
clivejouploaded to archive?16:14
soee_yofel: btw. i created new bug for the issue i talked about https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=36077716:31
ubottuKDE bug 360777 in General "Due to faulty configuration desktop loading time is ~20 seconds longer" [Normal,Unconfirmed]16:31
soee_what is /proc dir for ?16:34
soee_if i open Dolphin and move cursor around when listing / content than each time i hover this folder system lags16:34
yofelthat contains information about running processes16:37
yofelnot sure what dolphin tries to look up there...16:37
clivejoyofel: maybe I should open a bug for translations in kdeconnect-plasma17:01
clivejodoes anyone here use kdeconnect in a non-english system?17:03
soee_i'm using English but can install Polish17:03
soee_well in fact i have PL installed just EN set as primary17:03
clivejosoee_: what does kdeconnect do then your system is in Polish?17:04
soee_in English17:04
soee_as it is easier to post screenshot, take movies in English to present devs etc :)17:05
soee_but i have PL also installed just english is default one17:05
soee_give me few minutes i switch to PL and relogin17:06
clivejosoee: is there a Kubuntu Poland community?17:08
soeeclivejo:  dunno tbh. i doubt17:09
soeeclivejo: http://wstaw.org/m/2016/03/20/Screenshot_20160320_180756.png17:09
soeesome part is translated some strings are not17:09
clivejothats oddd17:09
clivejowhere is it getting the translation from, if we arent shipping it?17:10
soeemaybe they were not translated upstream17:10
clivejoI wonder is it rolled into kde-l10n?17:11
soeeclivejo: well i don not know how it works17:11
soeekdeconnect_0.8.orig.tar.xz contains po files17:11
soeewith translations for various languages17:11
clivejoso does the tar here - http://download.kde.org/unstable/kdeconnect/0.9/src/17:13
soeeso the .dev files does not contain them also and used based on system, locale ?17:14
clivejoKCI grabs the source code from KDE git17:14
clivejoand that doesnt have the translations apparently17:15
soeeso KDE maybe provides l10n packages for each language that contain translations for all KDE related apps ?17:16
clivejoI believe so, but I cant get my head around it17:16
clivejosome packages seem to have translations being installed17:17
soeeso if we upload new package than translation files will be automatically updated 17:17
clivejosoee: thats why I wanted you to do that test17:17
clivejoit is obviously getting Polish transations from somewhere17:18
clivejoand yo have the git (no translations) package installed17:18
soeeclivejo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15438849/17:18
soeeso i am on 15.12.1 and obiously it is a bit older than apps17:19
soeebut this is just a guess17:19
clivejono mention of kdeconnect here - http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/all/kde-l10n-pl/filelist17:26
yofelsoee, clivejo: no, in this case the translations are merged into the release tarball as part of the release tarball17:39
yofelthe translation packages are deprecated17:39
clivejoyofel: but how is soee seeing it partly translated?17:39
clivejohes installed the git version17:40
yofelpossibly re-used frameworks / plasma components that have their own translations?17:40
soeewell if some strings aren't translated thn english one is used probably17:40
yofelwell, dunno17:40
soeeergh, i have kdeconnect 0.8 and kdeconnect-plasma 0.917:41
soeecani just remove kdeconnect ?17:42
clivejothey seem to be linked17:48
clivejoRecommends: kdeconnect17:49
soeelinked ?17:50
clivejoinstalling kdeconnect-plasma wants to also install kdeconnect17:51
soeeand their versions do not match ?17:51
clivejowell I thought kdeconnect was old pre KF517:52
clivejobut debian package kdeconnect is build with KF5 - http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/kde-extras/kdeconnect.git/tree/debian/control17:53
clivejowe seem to have branched off ?17:53
clivejoIm soooo confused!17:54
clivejowe really should follow Debian :/18:13
clivejoif they jump off a cliff, we do too :P18:13
telegram<athoneycutt>: is that apt bug still there?18:24
clivejoits not really a bug :/18:24
telegram<athoneycutt>: it breaks the system no?18:25
clivejodidnt break mine, just throws warnings18:25
clivejomaybe if you are using 3rd party repos18:25
telegram<athoneycutt>: I have that staging repo on tam18:26
telegram<athoneycutt>: *atm18:26
clivejoI think they are just warnings, I seem to be able to still install from them18:27
telegram<athoneycutt>: mm18:28
clivejoyofel: what are your thoughts?  do we continue with kdeconnect-plasma, or go back with Debian?18:35
yofelask me tomorrow18:42
clivejobad day?18:43
yofeljust tired18:45
clivejoyofel: regarding bug 1536169 : this is git diff between xenial_archive and master - https://paste.kde.org/pzga15byy20:59
ubottubug 1536169 in pkg-kde-tools (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu version missing the new tool pkgkde-mark-qt5-private-symbols" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153616921:00
clivejoneed to cherry pick that pkgkde-mark-qt5-private-symbols stuff for kubuntu?21:01
* soee says again that Plasma hates him ...21:06
ahoneybunsoee, about that wiki page I don't have much knowledge about those CI builds21:08
valorieclaus_chr: nice to see you21:08
soeeahoneybun: i think they were once created by Riddell and since he is working now on Neosn, nobody uses this 2 i mentioned21:09
soeeKubuntu uses only unstable but sgclark might have better knowledge about it21:09
telegram<athoneycutt>: I think your right about Riddell making it21:10
valoriewould be good to ask sitter and Riddell too21:10
soeewell they could stay as thei are but those informations on wiki might be misleading and pointing to outdated packages (in unstable daily for example)21:13
clivejoyofel: I attempted that cherrypick, but I removed some git stuff from the rules file as it looked to be KDE4 stuff21:50
clivejostarting to think I shouldnt have done that!21:50
clivejoI uploaded it to my PPA - https://launchpad.net/~clivejo/+archive/ubuntu/xenial/+packages21:51
* clivejo wanders off to find some headache tablets21:53
mitya57clivejo, why not do a proper merge of 0.15.21? :)21:56
clivejonot sure if that is allowed without a FFE21:57
clivejothis would be a bug fix, so should be allowed in21:58
mitya57I would say it doesn't need an exception21:58
clivejoI have no idea21:59
clivejoI dont even know how to test that package I hacked21:59
clivejoway over my head21:59
mitya57clivejo, also, you probably want to close bug 1536169 in the changelog22:00
ubottubug 1536169 in pkg-kde-tools (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu version missing the new tool pkgkde-mark-qt5-private-symbols" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153616922:00
mitya57Maybe instead of the other bug, that one doesn't seem related22:00
clivejoI dont even know if it fixes it!22:01
clivejohow do I test it?22:01
mitya57If the tool is present, it's probably fixed :)22:02
mitya57To really test it you would need to get a Qt 5.6 packaging22:02
mitya57I.e. http://paste.ubuntu.com/15442127/22:05
clivejodoes it?22:06
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yofelclivejo: I'm not quite sure what you tried to do yet, but the bug was really just to not delete the 2 related files22:25
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yofelclivejo: hm, you didn't commit your changes?22:26
clivejoI dunno what Im doing22:32
clivejowould a debian merge not be better with 0.15.21?22:33
yofellooking at the diff, everything other than removing the kde4 stuff looks good22:33
yofelyeah, looks to be just bugfixes from the log, so do that22:33
clivejothe git stuff in rules?22:33
clivejowhat is that doing?22:34
clivejoand why doesnt Debian do it?22:34
yofelno idea, some l10n magic. We have a lot of kubuntu-specific l10n handling in our tooling. So lets not remove potentially important stuff days before final beta22:35
yofelwe DO still ship kde4 pieces22:36
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