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markcI'm on xenial, is there a theme package to make libreoffice fit in with a hidpi plasma desktop?04:54
DarinMillermarkc I am on xenial also and have a 15.6" 4K display; libre office looks very nice using default settings.04:58
markcDarinMiller: not here on a 1800p display, text is way too small and the gtk widgets are horrible.04:59
DarinMillermarkc By chance are you running dual monitor with mixed dpi?  Dpi per display won't be fixed until wayland is fully functional.05:00
markcDarinMiller: I'm hooked up to a TV part time but mostly a single monitor. My fonts DPI is 228.05:01
DarinMillermarkc I force my font dpi to 168 or 192.05:01
markcDarinMiller: firefox is mostly okay but if I go to 244 dpi then it seems to jump up to 3 times oversive instead of double size, which is bearable05:02
DarinMillermarkc hmmm.  Even on my not so hidpi 24in monitor, everything looks good there too.05:03
markcDarinMiller: you must have 20/20 vision :)05:03
DarinMillermarkc :) used too, but its fading slowly....05:03
markcDarinMiller: what theme packages do you have for gtk apps?05:03
markcI've got gtk3-engines-breeze on board and I think LO5 is gtk3 compat05:04
DarinMillermarkc on the hidpi laptop, I use Breeze for both GTK2/3.  On my desktop, I am using the "default" theme for gtk3/oxygen for gtk2.  I installed xenail on my desktop before the new and improve breeze gtk themes were finished and I have not changed them to breeze.05:07
DarinMillermarkc I think you are correct, LO5 is gtk3 compliant.05:08
markcDarinMiller argh! I didn't have libreoffice-kde installed... whew, that did the trick :)05:10
DarinMillermarkc good to know ... chekcing if it that's part of the default on the daily install...05:11
DarinMillerAs of Friday, lo-kde is auto included in the xenial daily iso.05:12
markcDarinMiller: I've been battling with xenial since about 15.11, goodness knows what state my desktop really is in, looking forward to a fresh install in a month05:12
markcDarinMiller: actually I did reinstall one alpha because it was too messed up to fix... brtfs is wonderful for that kind of thing05:14
DarinMillermarkc I am using the xenial landing ppa on multiple machines and it's working very nice.  One machine is dedicated to all testing all PPA's and those even fix the telepathy google account issue.  But I don't recmmend the testing PPA for a stable daily driver.05:14
markcDarinMiller: I could never figure out the right ppa to use so now I just stick to *-backports and *-proposed05:17
DarinMillerbackport does not apply to xenial since it is pre -release.   If you are adventerous enough to endure xenail alpha, I recommend the xenial landing PPA: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/ppa-landing05:20
DarinMillerThe complete list of Kubuntu PPA's can be found here, but some of them are purely for testing so be prepared with ppa-purge installed ahead of time if you attempt any other PPA's: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa05:23
markcDarinMiller: thank you. Hmm, NO_PUBKEY 2836CB0A8AC93F7A05:29
DarinMillermarkc Yes, some key changes are in progress across the repositories.  Known issue, assumed to be safe :)05:30
markcDarinMiller: I was going to say, maybe it's caught up in the weak rsa key business05:31
markcDarinMiller: updates... is therefore disabled by default... I'll comment out that line and wait a few days until the keys thing is sorted out05:34
DarinMillermarkc: good plan05:35
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QualityAddictWow! Thank you! I've tried Kubuntu 15.4/10 and always end up with a crashing Plasma.  Tried again tonight and so far no crashes!06:54
QualityAddictI'm happy as all hell!06:54
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lordievaderGood morning.09:05
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buntI rent a VPS and must install MT4 to kubuntu. There is manual for install MT4 to Ubuntu. Is there a difference between Kubuntu and Ubuntu?13:04
fionda08ciao a tutti13:18
fionda08dopo 7 anni di Ubuntu  , la prima volta su kde13:19
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DragginGood afternoon. I've been struggling for two days with an issue on a Kubuntu 15.10 machine. At first, after the installation, the machine wouldn't start up properly and would essentially "boot into sleep mode", if that makes sense. I figured it might be an ACPI issue (old computer), so I added the acpi=off switch to the linux startup command, which sorted that issue. But since then, rebooting and powering down are an issue15:15
DragginI've found other switches to add to the GRUB startup commands, one of which has allowed it to reboot (acpi=noirq), but thus far, nothing I've done can get it to shut down properly (including sudo shutdown -h now / sudo shutdown -P now). Any advice? Where else do I look?15:16
DarinMillerDraggin I can't think of anything except to review the dmesg file and google issues reported there-in15:20
DragginDarinMiller: What should I look for in dmesg though? I've scanned it as part of my initial troubleshooting on this machine, and it's a terribly long file :D15:21
DarinMillerDraggin yesterday I "fixed" an issue that turned out to be BIOS related and was affecting my shutdow and sleep.15:21
DragginDarinMiller: I'm kind of worried about it being BIOS related. I actually think there's a pretty good chance that it is. That's how I initially thought of the ACPI issue - was an error message reporting that there's an issue in the BIOS, that some or other timer wasn't connected to ACPI or something along those lines15:23
DarinMillerDraggin possibly some hw component that won't initialize or respond.  On my laptop, I was had mouse that would prevent booting until I updated to the latest kernel.  But given you have old hw, I doubt new kernel would address your issue.15:23
DragginWhat was the issue that you were experiencing? And how did you "fix" it, DarinMiller?15:23
DragginKernel upgrade was the first thing I tried. Didn't solve any issues whatsoever. Computer was unresponsive.15:24
DarinMillerDraggin I downloaded the lasted BIOS update from Dell and that "fixed" my hardware init issues.15:25
DragginHmmm... Wonder if I shouldn't just do that... Could potentially save me hours... However - I've never flashed a BIOS from Linux. What tools do I need? Perhaps I should see if I can even find updated BIOS software first...15:26
DarinMillerDraggin only newer BIOS' from a limited number of manufactures support Linux BIOS updates.  My desktop (ASUS) supports direct dl to usb drive. For may laptop, I had to boot windows as Dell only supports a limited number of Linux BIOS updates.15:44
DragginI think I'm going to be out of luck...15:44
DragginThis is an extremely obscure machine. A Sansui Style Note M54SE. Pretty old too. Would guess at least 8-9 years old15:45
DarinMillerIn the past i have booted HW to a window install/repair CD and updated the BIOS from the repair command line. But, that has not worked for a couple of years.15:45
DragginDarinMiller: I think it might all be more effort than it's worth. No guarantee that it will even fix my actual problem15:49
dotblankWhoa, installing asciidoc wanted to pull over !Gb in packages15:52
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eehedHow to change domain(my ip)?16:12
soee_ask your provider if you have static IP or retard router for dynamic IP16:22
eehedNo. Some guys don't have IP in domain section16:25
eehede.g. em: unaffiliated/emma (em)16:25
eehedor Exagone313: elou.world (http://elou.world)16:26
D-rextrying to update, getting error: This operation cannot continue since proper authorization was not provided17:08
D-rexbut it never asks for password17:08
darrell_hi everybody17:42
darrell_are this the place where I can talk with kubuntu devs?17:43
soeeyou need help or want to help ? :)17:43
darrell_not exactly17:43
soeethis is support channel17:44
soee#kubuntu-devel is where devs are17:44
darrell_Is there in kubuntu something similar to Ubuntu MATE's forum category of developent discussion: A place to discus development related matters.17:45
soeewell Kubuntu just packaging KDE softwere for Ubuntu17:48
soeeif you want to talk about Plasma, Applications or Frameworks than they are KDE projects17:48
darrell_thank you17:49
telegram<Valoriez>: D-rex, look in your task-bar. Perhaps the permission window is hiding behind another window18:05
D-rextelegram: I checked earlier it definetley isnt, as soon as I click the update button the error pops up18:08
quade_anyone online18:18
quade_I am using lubuntu18:20
quade_wondered if there was a way to run part of kde18:20
quade_with openbox18:20
quade_low resource desktop18:20
quade_thinking of adding all of kde ontop of openbox18:21
quade_as a session option18:21
quade_might be too extreme to try to build that on openbox18:21
quade_do you think it is possible18:22
D-rexanythings possible if you just believe18:22
quade_kwin is not high resource, but wondering if some resources could be shaved18:22
D-rexnot sure man honestly18:22
quade_thought i would ask18:22
D-rexjust hang around omsone else might know18:23
quade_yeah liked kde18:23
quade_just killed my cpu cycles18:23
D-rexgo to their channel and ask18:23
quade_so I went to wm18:23
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D-rexthe kde channel18:24
quade_channel #kubuntu18:24
D-rextelegram: this is screencast of error https://media.giphy.com/media/l2R0d5hIyGYT2ms48/giphy.gif18:24
asadfWhen using testdisk is it writing sectors?18:31
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Bergie_anyone here that can help with fixing my graphics?18:47
Bergie_hi, I need help with my graphics.18:48
insidiousAnyone know how to auto hide the menu bar or disable it?20:18
insidiousRunning the latest version of "Kubuntu"20:18
insidiousDoes anyone know?20:22
insidiousgot it20:23
NovellHey, anyone else experience b0rkage in 16.04 ? Getting undefined symbol _ZN8KWayland6Server29ServerSideDecorationInterface16staticMetaObjectE when trying to start kwin20:41
telegram<lordievader>: Sounds a bit like you are starting the wayland Version of kwin.20:48
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valorieNovell: try asking in #plasma about that error message21:51
Novellvalorie: I was thinking something is wrong with the build (for kubuntu)22:05
Novelland a kubuntu specific problem22:05
valorieI've not seen that error message mentioned by anyone else.....22:08
valoriebut of course 16.04 is only in beta, so not actually supported here in this chan22:08
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telegram<athoneycutt>: I had kwin die on me but I applied some updates and rebooted to it working23:54

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